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•^ jmtfR,^ West Dormitory i^MPfV 

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HK University community was saddened in the 
summer of 1956 by the death of a most popuhir 
and prominent member — Dean Lanier W. Pratt. 
After a hngering illness, Dean Pratt passed aw a\' 
June 4, 1956, leaving to the University the memory of 
high ideals coupled with warm friendship and subtle humor. 
Dean Pratt received his Bachelor of Arts degree C>um 
Laude from Davidson College in 1934. In 1936 he entered 
the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Duke, earning 
his Master of Arts degree in French. After a brief absence, 
he returned in 1940 to begin building a life which centered 
about the University until his death. World War II and the 
Korean conflict brought brief interruptions in his educational 
career with active duty in the United States Naval Reserve. 
His second military assignment ended in 1952, and he 
resumed duties as instructor of French in the Romance 
Languages Department. In addition, he became Assistant 
Dean of Trinity College. An active Durham citizen as 
well as a valuable part of the University, he was an F.ider 
in the First Presbyterian Church. 

Dean Pratt's personality pervaded the life of under- 
graduates, bringing aid and counsel born of religious prin- 
ciples and realistic understanding. As dean of freshmen 
and sophomores, he had the particular task of launching 
Duke men on their college careers. He possessed a rare 
talent in human relations that insured success. OfHcial 
status left him unafiected, and his keen wit transformed 
business into pleasure. Retaining his teaching activities 
along with his administrative position, he carried the same 
qualities into the classroom. Moulding lives and furthering 
knowledge were his life 

U E ^ I ^ /\ I I Q ^ gotten, for too many tributes 

to his ability remain; tributes 

not ol words but of noble 


To Dean Lanier W. Pratt the student body gratefully 

dedicates the nineteen hundred and fifty-seven Chanticleer. 



DUKE 1956- 1957 




Board of Trustees 


James B. Duke Professors 

Department Heads 

Alumni Department 

House Counselors 


mm \')) 


1 ki^"*^'' 



^- '1 

Student Government 1 


R ]^| 

Religious U 

Kf A^^^l 

Publications } 


Engineering ^ 



Student Activities 4 

Militnrv ?' 

L'lK^ ^B 1 


H^^H^IHI i^^^^^^H 

Beauty Queens 
Shoe 'n' Slipper 
Joe College 



Major Sports 

Minor Sports 

Men's Intramural Sports 

Women's Sports 

Women's Intramural Sports 


All Campus 


The TiniesI Freshman! 



A look into the past iisks, "How much have we changed'.' 


The Silent Reminder of J. B. Duke 
Our Generous and Endless Provider. 

Free (;if»s 

Kxciting Stores 

The Rest at Washington Duke 

This is the Cheapest Day in Durham 

Yell! Dammit. Yell! 






Duke 85 
Kentucky 84 






Duke rjlK responsible for lUc s \ ic 

The Most . . 



. Pamiliar, 


Homecoming displays reach new heights! 



¥' '^P 



Duke flags Oyster Bowl. 

Coeds present homecoming entertainment. 






Anna Maria's pizza is the best in the South. 

Even Carolina students 
' come »)ver to share . . . 

. . (he pleasant atmosphere, an 
ipportunily tor relaxation . . . 

. . . and enjoyable meals eaten 
to the tune of Bat's guitar. 

Big Bill . . . 


The symbol of Duke's dining halls. 




^' ^ 








For Dave Simc's new track record . . . 

All indcscrilKihle reward. 




f ^ 


""**^^ y 


Track meet sunshine . 



And then Ihc Democrats came to Duke 

Eleanor Roosevelt 


The Order of Ihe Chair's 


'\ ORDER or 


*v--Vv;.r.. •, vj^ 





By popular vole these men were 
selected the ugliest on campus. 

\ir A 


The equipment and coaching for these future All-Americans was provided by the A.R.O.T.C. 

is a long way off. 




The Scl 

00/ of 






President and Trustees 




James B. Duke Professors 


Deportment Heads 




House Counselors 




he earned 


LECTED President of 
1948 and inaugurated 
A. Hollis Edens has 
Duke's educational 
Edens graduated 
his B.Ph. and M.A 
Ph.D. degree at Harvard. He has 
Davidson, the University of North 
Roanoke, and the American Ur 
Eisenhower appointed President 
mittee on Education Beyond the 
serves on the Committee on the Uti 
which is sponsored by the P^ord Fo 
chairman of the U.S. Advisor\' 
Exchange. A former president of 
Accrediting, he is now a member 
mittee. Although he travels thou 
heading the University's develop 
still maintains a close contact witl 
to his office is always open to ail st 

the Universir\' in November, 

even months later, Dr. 

nee worked diligently to raise 

sitandards and to improve its 



Emory University where 
degrees. He completed his 
received LL.D. degrees from 
'arolina, Wake Forest, Emory, 
iversiry. In 1956, President 
ens to the President's Com- 
4igh School. President F'dens 
ization of Teaching Resources, 
indation. He is presently vice- 
('ommission on I'dueational 
the National C'onimission on 
:>t that body's e.\eeuti\e eom- 
;ands ot miles yearly spear- 
it campaign. President Edens 
the student bod\-. The door 
ents desirino- to talk with him. 

^ / 




Norman A. C^ocke 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

The managcmcnr of the linancial ati'airs of Duke 
University is a large and difficult job. This task is ably 
carried out by a group ot well-qualified men, the Board 
of Trustees. Among other duties, the Board confirms 
the selection of deans, issues the diplomas, and approves 
such activities as the erection of new buildings. Nor- 
man A. Cocke has served as chairman of the Board since 

.fthc Irustcxsofrhc Duke 







SixTctjry of the UnivL-rsity, 
N'icc-Prcsidint in tlu- Division of PuMic Re 


the University 

Ai.KREo S. Browkr 

Business Manager. 


Comptroller of the University 

Ai AN K. Manchester 
Dean of Trinity College 

Ar the hc;id of rhc luiniin- 
isrrarivc branch ot Duke L'ni- 
vL'rsit\' arc a small group ot 
(]ualihL'd iiK-n who arc consisr- 
ciitK' trying to answer rhc 
arising problems of rhc school 
aiul better the student and 
administrative relations. Paul M. 
Ciross, dean ot the L'nivcrsit>' 
anil \'icc-Prcsidcnr in rhc I)i- 
\ ision ot I'.ducation, artcntlcd 
CitN College of New ^orl<, 
Columbia L'ni\crsir\' ami the 
University of Lcip/.ig. lie is a 
former President of the Oak 
Ridge Institute. Charles V.. Jor- 
dan serves as Secretary ot the 
L'ni\crsir\ and \'icc-Presidcnt 
in the DiMsion of Public Rela- 
tions. I le attended Duke Law- 
School and received his 1.1..D. 
from flon College. Herbert j. 

L. T. McNuRLEN- 

Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

Miss Margaret L, Coleman, Central Record Supervisor, and Mi: 
bolt. Recorder for the University. 

Herring, Vice-President of rhc 
University in the Division of 
Student Life, obtained degrees 
from Duke and Columbia Uni- 
versity and an honorary L.L.D. 
from Juanita College. Wil- 
liam H. Wannamaker, V^ice- 
Chancellor of the University, 
studied at Harvard Graduate 
School and abroad. Alfred S. 
Brower, Business Manager and 
Treasurer of the University, 
supervises the University's fi- 
nancial and business operations. 
R. L. Tuthill, University Reg- 
istrar, received his A.B. and 
E.D.D. from Columbia Uni- 
versity. C. E. Hend rick son. 
Comptroller and Assistant 
Treasurer of the University, 
obtained his A.B. from the Uni- 
versitv of Richmond, his Al.A. 

BAR^^^ 1,. Joms 

Dean onnnity Collctic 

Charles B. Johnson 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 

from rhc Uni\crsiry ot \'irgini;i and his 
C.P.A. from the University ot" North 
Carolina and the University of Virginia. 
Alan K. Manchester, Dean of Trinity 
College, received his A.B. from \ander- 
bilt and Ph.D. from Duke. Lewis J. 
McNurlen, Assistant Dean of Trinity 
College, holds A.B. and M.S. degrees 
from Drake University and a Ph.D. 
from Duke. Robert B. Cox, Dean of 
Men, did graduate work at the Uni- 
versity of North (/arolina and at Duke 
alter receiving his A.B. trom the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee and; M.A. from 
Peabody. Miss Margaret L. (Coleman 
serves as the Ontral Records Super- 
visor. Miss Louise Seabolt is the Re- 
corder for the University. I',. B. Weather- 
spoon has ser\ed as Director of Admis- 
sions for the Universir\- since I'Hy. lie 
also represents the University on the 
(College l''ntrance Ivxamination Board. 
Howard A. Strobel, the newly appointed 
Assistant Dean of Trinity Clollege, re- 
ceived his B.S. from the State Oillege of 
Washington and his Ph.D. from Brown. 
Barne\- L. Jones, .Assistant Dean of 
Trinity College, obtained his .A.B. degree 
at Duke and his B.D. from ^'ale Divinity 
School, diaries B. Johnson, Assistant 
Dean of Irinitv CollJoe, holds his A.B., 
ALA., and I'd:!), froni Duke. 


( HARllsR \ Ml 

Icctrital I nginccring 

John N. McDlfi 
Mechanical [''nginccring 

Dean nfthe College o 


Behind the (Chapel at the end of the well-worn path 
leading from the main quadrangle is found the (College 
of Engineering. Walter J. Seelc>-, who is the Dean of 
the College of Engineering, supcr\ises the o\er-all 
administration. He received his degree from the Uni- 
versit}' ot Pennsylvania, and since 192 A has worked as 
a consultant with the Duke Pow er C^ompany of (Char- 
lotte. Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering 
is Robert Seaman Rowe, who holds degrees from the 
University of Delaware, Yale University and Columbia 
University. Charles R. Vail, Chairman of the Electrical 
Engineering Department, holds degrees from Duke and 
the University- of Michigan and is a former consultant 
with the U. S. Naval Research Eaboratorw John N. 
Macduff, (Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering 
Department, obtained degrees from Webb Institute of 
Naval Architecture and Marine I'.ngineering and New 
York UniversitN . 



Dr. Roberta I'loancc Biinklcx, in 
Ikt renrli \car as Dean of rlic Woman's 
(iolkiic- and professor of luiglish, holds 
a Ph.D. degree from Vale University. 
Miss iMarianna Jenkins, xA.ssociate Dean 
of Undergraduate Instruction, is advisor 
to junior and senior women; she received 
her M..A. and Ph.D. from Hryn Mawr. 
Mrs. VV. S. Persons, Dean of Admissions, 
obtained her A.l^ and M.A. degrees 
from Duke Lniversirv. Mrs. K. S. 
Whiiaker, uho hokis an A.B. from 

W'liithrop and an M.A. from (^)lumbia, 
served as House (Counselor m Brown 
before becoming .Assistant Dean of Un- 
dergraduate Women. Miss I'dlen I lucka- 
bee. Dean of Undergraduate Instruction, 
received her .A.B. and M..A. degrees 
from Duke, where she was a member 
of Phi Beta Kappa. Miss Mar\ (irace 
Wilson, Dean of Undergraduate Women, 
directs the non-academic aflairs ot stu- 
dent hfe. Dean Wilson studied at Win- 
throp College and at Columbia. 

Kkancis .M. Whitaker 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Women 

Dean oi Underg 

Mary Grace Wilson 
Dean of Undergraduate Women 


Diilvc L'ni\crsir\'s six graduate 
schools rank among rhc best in the 
country. The School of Arts and Sciences 
uives live detzrees to i]uahhed students, 
bean of the School is Marcus I".. I lobhs, 
who came to Duke in i'^v^" and later 
served as head of the ('heniistr\ Depart- 
nienr. 'I "he School of l''orestr\' provides 
training leading to professional degrees. 
C;iarenee I'. Korstian, Dean of the 
School since 1938, is co-editor of "The 
Naturalist's (iuide to America." The 
Divinity School, rhe oldest of the gradu- 
ate schools, which trains students to 


WuiiiRi C. DwrsoN 
Dean of the School of \1«1 

DALE 1". SlANSni'RY 


enter the (Christian ininistr\', is headed 
by James Cannon. Ann M. Jaeobansk\-, 
Dean of the School of Nursing, repre- 
sents the school on the Committee of 
Health Affairs. The School of Medicine, 
established in 1930, has a high rating 
and reputation. W'ilburt C. Davison, 
Dean of the School, holds degrees from 
Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and O.xtord 
Universities. Dale F. Stansbury, Pro- 
fessor of Law at Duke since 1946, is 
Dean of the School of Law, a member 
of the Association of American Law 






WillU K, <:. DVMSON 

l'r..k.sM,r .>! IVeh.itric 

Lionel Stevenson 
Professor of English 

Professor of Anatomy 

Duke Uni\crsir\ csrablishcd the James B. Duke Professorships 
in 1952 to give kirrher recognition to a few of the more noted mem- 
bers of its faculty and to bring to the University other distinguished 
scholars and scientists. VV^ilburt C. Davison, Professor of Pediatries, 
serves as Dean of the School of Aledicine. Lionel Stevenson, Pro- 
fessor of English, is a specialist in nineteenth-century English litera- 
ture. Joseph F*",. Alarkee, Professor of Anatomy, has done extensive 
research in the held ot polio. James 1. C^leland, Professor of Preaching 
and Dean of the Chapel, has served Duke since 1945. H. Shelton 
Smith, Professor of American Religious Thought, held the Hrst 
chair of its kind in an American theological seminary. Oalvin B. 
Hoover, Professor of Economics, is a former Dean of the Graduate 
School of Arts and Sciences and was a member of the President's 
Advisory Committee on Foreign Aid in 1947. Walter J. Scelcy, 
Professor of E^lectrical Engineering, is Dean of the College of Engi- 
neering and conducted research for the Navy during both wars, 
serving as president of the Navy Ordnance Laboratory 'lechnical 
Reserve in 1945. 

^lessor of American Religious Thought 

\\m ii;rJ. Ski-hv 

ir ot I Icctrical I'ngiiieenng 


Cmakms 1.. li 




I'. M.MCOl.M C'aRROI 1 

Professor of History 

Professor of Political Sc-i 

I>\M1) T. S.MllH 

.lessor o( Bncrcrin 

Charles L. B. Lowndes, Professor of Law, is an expert in the 
field of taxation law. E. Malcolm Carroll, Professor of History, 
has written books on the diplomatic history of France and Germany 
and received the Guggenhiem Memorial Fellowship. R. Taylor 
C>ole, Professor of Political Science, has made an intensive study of 
fascist governments in Germany and Italy and served as President 
of the Southern Political Science Association in 1950. Walter AL 
Nielsen, Professor of Physics, was a member of a special committee 
to investigate Oak Ridge facilities for training universit\- staffs in 
atomic energy research in 1945 and has been chairman of the Physics 
Department since 1938. David T. Smith, Professor of Bacteriology, 
is an associate professor of medicine at the Medical School. Paul J. 
Kramer, Professor of Botany, is a specialist in the fields of plant- 
water relationships and forest-tree physiology. Joseph J. Spengler, 
Professor of Economics, is the author or co-author of a number of 
books and contributor to technical journals ol many articles on 
social and economic theory, and is director ol graduate studies in 


x\t the head of each department at Duke Uni- 
versity is a man of abihty and renown in his 
major held of study. Charles E. Ward, I'nglish, 
A.B. from Baker, M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke; 
James N. Truesdale, Greek, A.B., A1.A., and 
Ph.D. from Duke; Thomas M. Aycock, physical 
education, B.S. from Oklahoma A and M and 
M.A. from the University of Iowa; Brady R. 
Jordan, romance languages, L.T.B. from Princeton 
and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin; 
Colonel Raymond P. Todd, air science, B.S. 
from Northwestern University; Walter M. Niel- 
sen, physics, B.S. and Ph.D. from the Universit\' 
of Minnesota. Hiram K. Alvers, religion, .^.B. 


from Trinity College, S.T.B. and S.T.M. from 
Boston College, and D.D. from Elon College; 
Robert S. Rankin, political science, A.B. from 
Tusculum College, M.A. and Ph.D. from Prince- 
ton; Henry J. Oosting, botany, A.B. from Hope 
College, M.S. from Michigan State College and 
Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota; Capt. 
Robert V. R. Basset, Naval ROTC, B.S. from 
The United States Naval Academy; Robert S. 
Rogers, Latin, A.B. from the University of 
Pennsylvania, M.A. and Ph.D. Princeton; John H. 
Saylor, chemistry, A.B. from Southern Methodist 
Universitv, M.A. and Ph.D. from Duke University. 

Henry J. ()<>,' 

John J. Ger<j 

Howard K. Jensen, sociology and anrhropology, 
A.B. and Al.B. from the Univcrsit\- of Kansas, 
B.D. and Ph.D. from the University of C'hicago; 
C'harles Baylis, philosophy, A.B. and M.A. from 
the University of Washington, Ph.D. from Har- 
vard; Herman Salinger, German, A.B. from 
Princeton, M.A. from Stanford, Ph.D. from 
Yale; Julia R. Grout, women's physical education, 
B.A. from Mound Holyokc College and M.S. 
from Wellesley College; John J. Gergen, Mathe- 
matics, M.A. and B.A. from the University of 
Minnesota, Ph.D. from Rice Institute; Ranson R. 
Patrick, aesthetics, art and music, M.F.A. from 
Princeton; William H. Gartw right, education, 
B.S., Al.A. and Ph.D. from the' Universir\' of 

Eliot H. Rodnick 


Kliot H. Rodnick, Chairman of the Department 
of Psychology, B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from 
Yale University; E. Malcolm Carroll, history, 
A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from the Uni- 
versity of Michigan; Calvin B. Hoover, economics, 
A.B. from Monmouth and Ph.D. from the Uni- 
versity of Michigan; Karl M. Wilbur, Zoology, 
B.A. and M.A. degrees from Ohio State Uni- 
versity and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsyl- 
vania and is the former President of the American 
Economic Association; Henry M. Nebel, Russian, 
A.B. from Columbia College and M.A. from 
Columbia University; and E. Willard Berry, 
geology, A.B. and Ph.D. degrees from Johns 
Hopkins University; thus rounding out the un- 
pressive list of Department heads. 


I Carroll 

Calvin B. Hoover 

Henry M. Nebel 

K. Willard Berry 

K\Ri M. Wilbur 



I lomccoinings, reunions, class ortiani/arions and 
local alumni associations arc all acri\irics which 
arc directed and supported 1)\ the Alumni Depart- 
ment of Duke University. At the head of this 
service organization are Charles Dukes, director, 
and Anne Garrard, Assistant Director. The Depart- 
ment not onh' keeps former students in contact 
with their school by publications such as the Alumni 
Rciiistn; a magazine published ten times a >'car, 
and the Aliwini News, but it also compiles a com- 
plete personal record of every student v\ ho attends 
Duke from the time he enrolls until he dies. The 
Department established, in 1946, the Duke Uni- 
versity National Cxnincil, whose purpose it is to 
institute a program to inform alumni and friends of 
the Uni\ersit\ of the needs of the institution and to 
institute a program of annual donations by alumni 
atui triends. 

A I Juki- ;iluriimis rct'ist<.T 
Ho.ncconuni; Week I rul. 

C;harii;s DiKts 
Director ottlic Alumni Oepa 

Annc. Garrard 
Aliitnni Secretary 


Patricia B. Sanderford 

In every donniroiN' on Ivasr 
(Campus there lives a House 
(Counselor who serves as a source 
of personal aid for the Woman's 
(>)llege students. Without impo- 
sition, these persons are eager to 
discuss in confidence any prob- 
lems or opinions felt by the 
girls. In connection with House 
(Council, they serve in an advisory 
capacity in regard to house 
actions and responsibilities. Stu- 
dent organizations also receive 
the benefit of their advisory abil- 
ity. Through professional train- 
ing in counseling and guidance 
and a sincere interest in the 
students, the counselors are able 
to contribute to the general hap- 
piness and growing maturity of 
every girl. They will be a great 
assistance in formulating the poli- 
cies of the new dormitory next 

Betty C. Morrow 

Maxine J. Westphal 



Class Officers 












Senior class ofticcrs arc 
R. I: G. Bryant (Treas ) 
R. 2: T. Vandyke (Sec.) 
M. Chcssnn (Treas.). 
A. Atkinson (Sec). R. "' 
E. Yost (Arh. Rep.). 
IVcnch (Pres.). W. Penny 
(Pres.), R. 4: J. Glass 

The classes on I'asr and 
West (Campuses operate as 
separate units, although there 
is much co-operation be- 
tween the classes on each 

As their chief project, the 
Senior class jointK' spon- 
sored the annual Homecom- 
int: Dance in the fall. The 
traditional tree was pre- 
sented to the L'niversit\' on 
I'ounder's l)a\', and the prin- 
ciple Senior gift was given 
by the graduating class in 
the spring. 

I he junior classes have 
worked separate!)' to raise 
hinds. I'or their projects, 
the wf)men have had car- 
washes and a bake sale. The 
junior men sprmsored a 
talent show second semes- 

Junior (-lass officers arc: 
Row 1: C. Mott (Sec.), 
T. Walkley (Treas.), 
K. Black (Pres.). Row Z 
I). Burton (Athletic Rep.). 
I". .Strickland (Treas.), 
B. Sparks (Vice-Pres.). 
Row J: R.Morgan (Pres). 




Siiiihoiiiorc orticers: 
K. I ; I). Strawthcr (Pres.), 
|{. Quillian (Pres,). R. 2: 
r. Calhoun (Ath. Rep.), 
S. Davidson (Treas.). R. 
i: S. Hammer (Sec.), 
1. Benson (Treas.), 
M.SluiUr (Sec), B.Grant 
(\.l'.), H. Rankin, (\^P.). 

Plans tor rhc Sophomore 
class's joint projccr, !)inl<- 
Bow Day, were- upset hy 
rain, but in the spring the 
Sophomore women carried 
out plans for a Saturday 
afternoon Jazz Concert. 

The Freshman classes 
sponsored a "Sweater Swing" 
at the end of first semester. 
The spring projects of the 
Freshman women were 
monthly "Work Weeks" to 
raise money. 

Many of the class projects 
arc sponsored in order to 
raise money for class activi- 
ties, service projects, and 
the gifts which the Senior 
class leaves to the Uni- 
versity. Working together 
on these activities adds much 
to class unit\' and en- 

Ircshman class officers: 
Row 1 : R. Lyons (Pres.), 
S. Knappenbcrger (Vice- 
Prcs.). Row 2: J. Morris 
(Pres.), P, Beddoe 
(Ircas,), D, Regan (Sec). 
Row 3: J, Herring 


C^ (Tl O 1^. 

r-> .C C^ 

ADAMS, I'l-IZABFTH L.. Plcasantvillc, 
\. ^•., l'»litiail Sanur. IIB't'; Al.HIRl- 
SON, RONALD C, High Poinr, N. C. 
/■:iri!ru\il Eiiiiimrriiig: AI.BRI-.CH 1, 
KIWIIH I... Bclvidcrc, 111., I'oliliajl 
Scu-mr: ALMOND, JOMvS L., Lexington, 
N. (!., Mcchaiihal 'Eii<j,uurr'iii\:,, KA. 

Second roil-: 

ALSTON, NORA G., Littleton, N. C:., 
C.i-iwml; ANDl'RSON, PHKBI', L., Bronx- 
villc, N. v., EiirIisIk KKP; ANDRKWS, 
R., Rio df Janeiro, Brazil, 
Havana, C^iba, Maliaii'nal 


Bl RIO L, 


Thini roll- 

ARMSIRONCi, Jl RRV ()., I.incolnton, 
N. C, Hi/siiirss Adi)niiisti\itioii: ARM- 
SIRONCi, LOUIS \\., Stanley, N. C, 
nimnc^s Admuintratwn, IWL; ARNOLD, 
I Rl 1)1 RICK C, St. Petersburg, Fla., 
/)VM7//r>v Admummtwii: ASHWORTH, 
I Rl I .\L\N L., Heuvelton, N. Y., Psy- 


Fniirtk roil-: 

A I HIRHOLT, GLORGL 1., Norwood, 
Pa., Bii^iinc^^ Adiinnistriinnii, Kil; A'l KIN- 
SON, GLORGL B., Northheid, III., 
///v/r/n, AILi; A LKINSON, \IR- 
GINIA S., Northheid, 111., ElciiicnUv\ 
Education, KKL; A\'IZON!S, PL I - 
RUS \'., Bav Shore, N. V, Qienmtry. 

El/Ill nrw: 

AVSCUL, NANCY L., W ilminLMon. Del., 
Accountiiifi; BADLR, WILLIAM .\., 
Ihurniont, Md., Einilish; BAKLR, 
GI'ORGI'. B., Spnnirheld, Pa., Mcclhvikal 
E„ii,,iccni,ii; BAKIR, PHILIP B., Balti- 
more, Md., Mcclhvnad Eimiiicrnim, BHil. 

.V;,v/// roll-: 

B.\KIR, RALI'IGH |., Ahoskie, N. C., 
Rrlii^ion, KA; BAKI'R, .SII'PIII N D., 
N. C., /V/vv/cv; BARBI R, RICHARD L.. 
Durham, N. C, Accoun/iiisi: BARHAAl, 
IIARRII in A., Raleigh, N. C.. Ele- 
ment,! i\ luliiCiitio/i, AAA. 


HARKl'R, ROBl R 1 B., Rochester. N. Y., 
Hn<iiir<f Adimiiisiratwii, A'l'A; BAR'l- 
l.Kl 1. P11YI,1,1S ,\1., Caldwdl, N. |., 
/fowwv,- BA rCHKLOR, LINDA A., Nash- 
ville.' N. C, EnglialK KA; BA II'S, 
ANN S., Chevy Chase, Md., Pniiuvy 
Education, ZTA. 

Secoihi rou-: 

BAUMKR, r,R\\lN H., Atlanta, 
Ca.. History, IIK(^; BKACHAM, 
C;I',()R(;K C, jr., Miami, Fla., Accoimt- 
uni, IIKA; BKAC:HER, JOAN D., Frack- 
\illc. Pa., Niiniii'i Education; BKALI-:, 
I.LOVI) 1,., Portsmouth, \'a.. Electrical 
Entiiiurrini^, K^. 

Third roil': 

BKASLKV, FRED J., Henderson, N. C, 
Business Administration, KA; BECK, 
lOHN R., I'.ast Palestine, Ohio, Electrical 
'Enflinecrinv., ATA; BI'DELL, |OAN E., 
Ne\\- York, N. Y, Spamsh; "BEESON, 
WILLARD H., Miami, Fla., History, 

Fourth row: 

BEIDEER, CHARLES F., Sinking Spring, 
Pa., Pre-Med, OK*; BELL, BARBARA, 
Atlanta, Ga., Spanish, AAA; BELL, 
JOHN H., JR., Ridgchcid, N. J., 
Civil Engineering., nK<i>; BENSON, 
ROBERT J., JR., Durham, N. C, Art. 

Fifth rou-: 

BERRY, EDWARD L., Durham, N. C, 
Geoloav; BlvST, MRGINIA C, Norfolk, 
\^a.. Mathematics, KA; BETTS, RICH- 
ARD L., CIcndale, Mo., Sociology, <I>KZ; 
Beach, Fla., History, HB*. 

Sixth roiv: 

BISHOP, LWICE R., Raleigh, N. C, 
History, \'^, BLACKBURN, EMILYS., 
Durham, N. C, English, KA; BLANEY, 
BERNARD F., Durham, N. C, Edu- 
cation; BLUEHDORN, BOB W, Wash- 
ington, D. C, Business Adviinistration. 


























I / / ' / 

w^ ^ 






i t, ■ 

Inst am: 

IK)i;ii:, KI'NXinU C, I.ontr Island. 
\, ^■., Bimiins Ad//iimstnHmi/; HOOKl'R, 
I NOMAS I., Big Island, \-i., CVW^i^v; 
B( )() I 1 1, rklCl A A., ( ;r<.xnsl)oro, \. C, 
( IIH'1>; B( )( ) IHKOYI ), ID- 
WIN J., Durham, N. C. Elcctmal Eii^-i- 

Scioiid roiv: 

BOUSK, Gl'ORCl. I., |R., L.-uisvilk, 
Kv., Ck'il Fnniiiceriiiii, :^AI'.; BOWl.llS, 
NANCY L., Ciardcn Citv, N. V., hv- 
clmloKr, KAW; BOYLE, ROSA C, San- 
lord. ■ I'la., Sociolo^v. AAA; BRADY, 
JAMi;S O., Charlotte, N. C., FJntrnal 

11,1 lei mzi- 

BRAUCHKR, jANI'. I',., Durham, N. C., 
.\/iisi,ii^ Ediuatwn; BRI'.NNI'.R, Ai.AN, 
Silver Spring, i\ld.. Political Scicmr, ZBT; 
BRKUKR, \'IR(;iNIA 1.., Charlotte, 
N. C, RelinioiK KAW; BRlIKiW A I IR, 
SL'SAN L., Peninsula, Ohio, SpiV/ish, 



Sprinu, Md., rolitual Scii-mr. Z lA; 
lield, N. |., Historv. i^N; BROOKS, 
\1AR( ,AR"1:T I',., Durham, N. C„ (;,;irn,l. 
ville Centre, N. Y., Histon\ KKl'. 

lyili nru:- 

BROW N, I'RI'DIRIC, Brooklvn, N. Y., 
Mahamcal luniiiircrinii. ZBT; BROWN, 
Kl RMir l„ Asheville, N. C., Ihisiiirss 
Adwim^iralwn; BROWNI'., NOR- 
W I I.I. B.. Pitrslnirch, Pa., /■.//tjfo//, IIKA; 
BROW NIN(i, R()BI'Rr R., (ireenvdle, 
N. C., I'olitual Scu-mr, \\\. 

Six/li rrnv: 

BRLBAKIR, )OIIN R„ Beaver I alls. 
Pa., I'olitual .S(7<//<v, IIKA; BRUION, 
l)A\ll) A., Charlotte. N. C., Ihisiwss 
-idmumtnitwn; BRUTON, I'.MMA I'... 
Lexington, N. C.. \Lulifiihrtia; BRYAN, 
Bl I I'Y R., Coldshoro, N. C., .SV/«/«i;v 
and Psychology. 

First row: 

BYRANT. JO ANN, Charleston, VV. 
X'irginia, Pmhologv, AXU; BYRANT, 
WILLIAM ■(;., JR., CJrcensboro, N. C, 
Bitsiness Admin'utratwii; BUCHANAN, 
|()HN VV', Circcnsboro, N. C, Biniiiess 
'Ad miimt ration, KA; BURNS, NANCY C:., 
Liiiiiberron, N. C., Elfiiieiitar\ F.diicatioii, 

Second roir: 

BURQUI-.Sr, BRI'.r ()., Sarasota, Fla., 
l'n-.\Ud. IIKa>; BYRD, C:AR()L, Ft. 
Lauderdale, Kla., French, KKT; BYRNF, 
I'.DW'ARD B., Riverside, Calif"., Eco- 
notiiics, BWO; CAREY, EDWARD J., 
Bellaire, Ohio, Mechanidil Engineering. 

Third roiv: 

ville, N. C; Mechanical Ennineerins., KA; 
CARRICK, ;\L\R(ilLYN P.,' East 
Orange, N. |., Spanish, KAH; CARROLL, 
NOI'L, Anchorage, Kv., (kneral; CAR- 
ROLL, WILLIAM R., Norcross, (;a.. 
History, <I>A(-). 

Fourth rcw: 

CARTER, MARY E., Raleigh, N. C, 
Sociology, A4>; CAR! VVRIGH'F, TOM, 
Amarillo, Texas, History; CASON, LU- 
CINDA, Thomaston, CJa., Sociology, iK^, 
C:ASTERLIN, harry R., Plainfield, 
N. J., Fre-Denistrv. 

Fifth rozv: 

N. C, English, KA; CELL, JOHN V\'., 
Raleiffh, N. C, History, ATLl, CHAL- 
LENGER, JOHN H., Maplcwood, N. J., 
Business Administration, Kil; CHAPMAN, 
EDWIN T., JR., Quinton, V^a., Political 

Sixth rou-: 

CHAPPELLE, JANET, El Paso, Texas, 
Religion, AT; CHERRY, WILLIAM, H. 
JR., Durham, N. C, Electrical Engineering, 
Al^*; CHESSON, MARION R., Raleigh, 
N. C, Accounting; CHIAYNINC;, OS- 
CAR C, JR., Lilesviile, N. C., Accounting. 



/VnY roiv: 

Cl.APP, |()HN S., Sr. Paul, Minn., 
History. <I>A(-); CLARK, KAIHRVN I ., 
F.lizabcthroun, N. C, Friinarx EdiiauioiK 
Cl.ARK, KKNNI'IH, KlmiVa, \. V., 
Cliamstrx, ATA; CIJFIOX, ROB- 
I:RT, C:., Churksron, W. \a.. Electrical 
Em-tiurniio. (I'Kl'. 

Sfcniiii roll': 

COBB, DOROTHY l".., i;nc-. III., Rcliaion; 
COHBI.I,, HKRBKRT D., Lupton City, 
Icmi., Accmmtiiig, ilN; GOFER, 
,\1AR^ L., Tucker, C;a.. Ene.lhh: 
COCiAN, JOHN P., Oxford, Ohio, 
Civil Eiiii^iiiccriiio, ATA. 

Third nnv: 

COKIR, BETSY W, Columbia, 
S. C:., Education. AAA; COLMEY, 
rHOi\L\S G., River Forest, 111., I'rc- 

St. Petershure, Fla., Spaiiisii; COWOR, 
WILLIAM 'G., Ormond Beach, Fla., 
Elrctrnal Eif-unrnii<^. IIK'l'. 


Fourth roiv: 

COOK, CARLISLE F., JR., Laurel, Md., 
Civil Ein!,im'ring. IlKA; COOPI'.R, 
BRAINARI), |R., Chattanooua, lenn., 
En^lnh. 'i>K»r"; GOPELANI), ll(n\- 
ARl) L., Miami Beach, F'la., Economics. 
AXA; CORPENINCi, ANNE 1 1., ( .ramtc 
Falls, N. C, Esychology. 

Fifth row: 

cor ION, SIMI'.ON H., JR., Clear- 
water Beach, I'la., Electrical Eimiiurriiifi, 
Dalla.s, lexas, Elr/iiciitar\ Education; 
Newport News, \'a., hr-.\lrd. <I>Ki:; 
GOWLI'S, AI.IGI' 1.., Hirmumhani, Ala., 
/W»yv, A.XLJ. 

Sixth row: 

GO.X, DAN III, B., Durham, N. G., 
rsycholov.v, <I'AH, CRADDOCK, AR- 
lIllR B., Mt. Airv, N. G., Mathcnatics, 
Kl', GRAI' I, PAL'L I., JR., Durham, 
N. G.. /Vnwv; GROGKl 1 I, WIL- 
LIAM (;., W \ntiewood. Pa., .Unjiiiltiil^. 

First roiv: 

Ga., Zooloiry; CUMMINCuS, lASFlsR R., 
JR., Louisville, Kv., Eii^lhlu ^<1>K; DAL- 
TON, W'lLLlAiM L., Bcthcsda, Md., 
Accounting, K^- DARLING, Jl",- 
ROMl". \\'., Madison, Conn., Accounting^, 

Second rouK 

Fla., Civil En^incrrins, 
BETH J., Durham, 
SpMi^sii; DA\'IS, AL^R'FHA C 
N. C., A'//rw'«t; Education 

G., lacksonvilk', 
N. C., English; 
Durham, N. C., 

Third roiv: 

DA\'IS, RUTH E., Shaker Heights, 
Ohio, Business- Adniinistnrtion, x'\XQ; 
DA\MS, SHIRLEY A., Durham, N. C., 
English; DI.AN, JANET i\L, i:asr North- 
held, Mass., Political Science, A*; DEANS, 
WILLIAM R., Red Oak, N. C., Eco- 

Fourth TOW. 

DECKER, LARRY D., East Orange, 
N. J., Mechanical Engineering^, K-; DE- 
LOATCH, MAHLON W'., JR., Tarboro, 
N. C, English; DICKENS, CHARLES H., 
Thomasville, N. C, Zoology; DILLIE, 
CHARLES W., JR., Washington, Pa., 
Political Science, AXA. 

Fifth row. 

DIXON, ANNE, Evanston, III., Art 
History, ^M, DOUGLAS, ADDII', |., 
Columbia, S. C, French, A<I>; DOW- 
ING, MARY ANN, York, Pa., English; 
DUFFEY, DONALD D., Glen Ellyn, 
III., Business Administration, <t>K'l'. 

Sixth rou-: 

DUNNING, PETER B., Brooklyn, Conn., 
Business Administration, I..\\., E.ARLF, 
JOAN P., Newport, R. I., General; 
EATON, JAMES W, JR., Durham, 
N. C, Accounting, SAE; EDGAR, 
JEAN B., Ellicott City, Md., English. 











^ ^ ^ y 

. ftki.j ma 


^ iS ^ 

>o ^-' 

First roiv: 

I IKil RION, S. SUE, Ashcvillc, N. C. 
Siwnsh, <I>M; ELLISON, ANNE R.. 
( lovcrnors Lsland, N. Y., Socinloe,\\ Afl>; 
I I. MORE, C;E0RGE R., Durham", N. C. 
Eiiv^unrruiv.; ERWIN, SUSAN A., Fair 
lax, \'a., .-Icroitiitiiii^, KA. 

I'ALL, BOYD E., Ashcvillc, N. C, 
Krlmmi/, KA; EALLAW, \\'ALE1'.R R.,, N. C, Historv; EARMI'.R, 
(,ARY C;., Lakeland, Ela., "6Vww/, IlK'I'; 
FARMER, LARRY 1.., Lvnchhuro, \'a., 

Third roir: 

sauqua. Pa., Geology, SX; FAYI',, S'EAN- 
l.l-A- l'„, Bcechursr,' N. Y, PnUtiail Scinia; 
■/.WW EELSON, DOROIHY A., jack- 
s,.nvillc, Ela., Eiiiilish, A1'.(J>; El'.RRi'LL, 
CI'CIL I., |R., Durham, N. C. Enimmic^. 


/'/III r til r/ni-: 

MNOL, HUGO I., Maracaibo, \ciK/.ucla, Eiifiiiurriiifi; ElSHl'.R, !■ D- 
(;AR H., Burlington, N. G., History. 
Mil- EISHI'R, LEON H., Marshhckl, 
Wis., Amiiiiitiiii!,; EO.ARD, B.\R- 
B\K \ R., Lenoir, N. G., Ili^iorv, AAll. 

Fiflli rinv: 

N. G., .-hroiiiniufi; IRI'.NGIl, MARY 
ANN, Washinuton, I). G., I' Scirinr 
and rjiiaitioii, KKE; ERIZZI'LL, BI'.N .\1., 
|R., Bristol, Icnn., I'Jirtrual^iiurriiii!,. 
"A I A; I'ULGO.MI'R, JA.MI S .\1., .\lonr- 
ilair, N. J., i'.ioiiiiiiius, 'I'KT. 

Sixth nnv: 

(,A\ I I, W ll.l.lAM W., Durham, N.G., 
.laoiiiiiiii^. KA; GARDNI'.R, Ll'.D- 
^ .\RI) D., JR., Einchurst, N. G., Ihisiiwss 
.idtiniintratwii, IIKA; GARDNI R, .Sli'- 
EIII'N G., Orlando, I'la.. I'olilu:,/ Sarmr. 
lanta, Ga., I'sM-hohivx. 

First roiv: 

C;AY, MARIORH: a., Chicago, 111., 
Hiswrv, AAII; (iKRMAN, RICH- 
ARD T., Baltimore, Md., Political Science, 
Mavsville, N. C, ZWoijv; GIBSON, 
J'N'FI.IJ'. S., Bcnnerrsvilie, S. C, Zoology, 

Second roiv: 

GIBSON, MARGARET B., Sandy Ridge, 
N. C, Sociology; GILBERT, JAMES H., 
JR., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Business Ad- 
nnnistmtion, ^\E, GINSBURG, ROB- 
ERT S., Baltimore, Md., Vulitical Science, 
Conn., History, TE<I\ 

Third row: 

GLASS, JOE D., Kannapolis, ' N. C, 
Econoviics, :!]N; GLENN, DORIS E., 
Durham, N. C, Eni-lish, KA; GOD- 
DARD, EUGENE E., |R., Waldorf, Md., 
Economics, a'Ki:; GODFRJ-V, DA\1DB., 
JR., Lowell, Mass., Electrical Engineering, 

Fourth roiv: 

Mechanical En^ineerini;;; GOODALL, 
JOHN C, JR.; Chicago, 111., History, 
Canton, N. C, Economics, 1\\; GORDON, 
PATRICIA ()., Burlington, N. C:., .W;- 

Fifth row: 

GOUDY, ROBERT S., Wilson, N. C, 
Civil Engineering; GRADY, ANNE J., 
Four Oaks, N. C., Political Science, A4>; 
GRANT, SALLY L., New Orleans, La., 
Zoology, ZTA; CiRAPI R, ROBERT M., 
Upper Montclair, N. J., Hnsmess Ad- 
ministration, <i'Ki;. 

Sixth row: 

GREEN, MARILYN H., Lima, Pa., 
Education, OB*; (;REENI'„ JUDITH, 
Statesville, N. C, Psychology; GREENI',, 
SANDRA A., l-ast Orange, N. J., Ac- 
counting; (iRI'.I'.NE, WALTER I'.., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Engineering. 


f^ p ^. 

<^* P 1^ 


f^ f^ 0^ 

T^ ^ Pi. k'^ 

First roil-: 

(IRII.I.S, lOK, San Antonio, Texas, 
HiisiHfSi Adiininstratwn, <I>KM"; (!RIM- 
SON, Kl'.nn, Kvanston. III., Pre-Dnitai 
IIKA; (iRISSr.n, PRISC:il.l.A a., Ktw 
(Kirdcns, N. ^'., rolitiail Scinnr; HADLKV, 
ANN C, Danville, Ind., Malhnmtia, IV. 

Second roiv: 

HACilK, WILLIAM J., Llizahethton, 
lenn., Biisiiifss AdiiiiiiUtratioii; HALL, 
li.l ANOR IL, Damaseus, \a., /'/n.w,;/ 
F.diif.itmii and Biology- HAAIM'ILL, 
I l:RR^ L., Concord, N. C, Pre-Mum- 

Third row: 

I IAR(;RA\'I:, FAA H., Lexington, N. C, 
.//•/, AAH; HARLl'.Y, NLIL H., Wash- 
ington, 1). C,., Civil En^iiitrriim:, IIKA; 

ilerson, N. C, Biisiiifss Adiiiiiiistratioii: 
IIARRIN(il()\, S. lANL, Marietta, 

Ohio, I'sxrlwloiiv and Sociology, '1>,\L 


Fourth roiv: 

den, N, C, /mMv; HARRIS, I'.C- 
( .I:NI'. S., Pine Hlutr, Ark., roFitia,/ Scinia: 
Kl'; HARRIS, lAMLS F., Seranton, Pa., 
I'rr-Miiintni.d. A II J; HARRIS, MAR- 
IIIA RAI\ Albemarle, N. C, Freiuh, 

Fifth row: 

HARRIS, WILLIAM I., Swarthmore. 
Pa., F.coimiiiu^. IlK'l'; IIAR I , ROM- 
I R I !,., Che.stnur Hill, .Ma.s.s., Froiiomns: 
IIAICIII LL, RALPH I ., |R., Floreiue, 
S. C, /'vvWW./iiv,- IIAlCillR, MAR- 
11 N \., IR., Hamlet, N. ( :.. K A. 

Sixth row: 

ll\l ILI R, MRACK (!., Panama Citv. 
P.inama, Frniih, ^\; ILVWKINS, 
\l.l\ Al„ Hampton, \a., Fiinlish. AAA; 
HAN, DAXID M.. Durham, \. C, 
l\xrhohj^v; III AR\, FRI 1)1 RICK W., 
Baltimore, Md., //;v/mv, lAI. 


First nni". 

HKIL, ALAN 1,., |R., Upper Monr- 
clair, N. |., Eiii^iulu Ai:<t>; HI'.IM, 
DONALD "H., Montoiirsyillc, Fa., .\U- 
chaiiical EiHiiiitrrins;, A-il>; HI'.IZI'.R, 
SIDNI'V L, Durham, N. C, Sp:Viisb, 
ton, N. ('., B/iui/rss Admhinli\it\(iii. 

Second ron:: 

HF.RNDON, A. CAROL, Durham, N. C, 
Music Kducatwn; HI.RR, URSULA S., 
Warcrburv, Conn., lliswrx; HKSTKR, 
iNL^RlHA i:., Macon, (ia.', Libenl Am, 
mingron, Del., Relifiioii, AXLl 

Third row: 

HOADLKY, PRTFR G., Durham, N. C, 
Civil Kini'imrriiis., fl'K^'; HOCK, AU- 
(iUSL \\'., Maplc\\ood, N. J., History, 
SN; HOD(ii:S, SARAH |., Asheville, 
N. C, Sociolo^ry, AAO; HOFFMAN, 
LARRY \\'., Frankhn, Pa., Mechanical 

Fourth row: 

HOHNFR, ROBERT A., Decatur, Cia., 
History, OK*; HOLBFN, CARL F., 
JR., Durham, N. C, Business Administra- 
tion; HOLLAND, \\'ILLL\M L., St. 
Petersburs, Fla.,, <I>A(-); HOLT- 
GREN, BARBARA ,\L, \Mstheld, N. J., 

Fifth row: 

HOOVT.R, GEORGE O., Verona, N. J., 
Business Adviinistration, KH; HOUSl',, 
DAY^ID W, Monroe, N. C, Accounting, 
<J)A(-); HOUSION, lOHN T, Beaver 
Falls, Pa., Business Adniinistration; HOW- 
LETT, .MARGARET A., Fancy Gap, 
\'a., English. 

Six til roiv: 

HUBBARD, JERRY C,., Clastonia, N. C, 
Accounting, Ki]; HUBI'.RT, RICH- 
ARD N., Marietta, Ga., Business Adminis- 
tration, ATQ; HUEY, iNL^RION \., Ft. 
Lauderdale, Fla., Art, KAH; HUFFMAN, 
DA\'ID 1.. Ravenna, Ohio, Psychology, 

'^ <%!>% ^ "«5r F 


Q^ Qt^ 

First miv: 

HUNSLKV, LLOYD A., |R., Phila- 
IXIpha, Pa., Pre-Ministeruil; HL'Nll'.R, 
ANN, Clrccnsboro, N. C, Ri'linioii; 
HUNTLLY, RFID D., Charlortc, N. C, 
History. I1K<1>; HURM, WAL'ri'.R 1)., 
Newark, Del., Mnhaiiual Eim^ineeriii^^, 


Sfcond rtnc: 

chanicslniru. Pa., Fsxclioloiix; IIVLDAHL, 
BRUCI', (f., Clark, N. |., Bt,sii,css Adtmiiis- 
tratwii. 'I'KX; IKI'NBI'RRV, LYNN I)., 
I larri,s(ml)uru, \a., Chcmhtrx; INMAN, 
IL'DI 111 A^ Sourh Miaiiii, l-la., ///vto/v, 

IhirJ rrnv: 

l\ I.Y, THOMAS N., Hickory, N. C, 
Pn-Med.. UK*; IZAGUIRRK, Sl- 
.\10N A., Caracas, Wnczucla, C.hil 
Eiiiiimrruifi; |ACKSON, MICILAI.L H., 
I'.tmicwood, C:olo., EcoiKJima- |ACO\l'.S, 
RICHARD H., Hempstead, N.■^., I' 
Sania; 7 WW 


Ff/iirtli rrnv: 

lAIXilR, BOI |., Pittsburgh, Pa., C-ohnv, 
"ilKA; IKSSKK, AUDRIA I)., I.vnch- 
buru, \a., Ediuatmii. Z lA; |OHNSON, 
AI.1CI' ( ;., Talladcea, Ala,, E,i<j,l,slu AAA; 
JOI INSON, CAR()I,YN, Lookout Al.iun- 
laui, L-mi., Ei/i^li'di, KA. 

/•■(/■/// ran- 

lOIINSON, ClLARLi'.S, Durham, N. C, 
Snurhlickl, N. C'., Siic/nY Edin\itioii; 
jONIS, COLIN M., Aicxaiuina, \a., 
'Elatncal Eit^iiurnii^: |()RI)AN, 

ANNI R., Cedar {■alls, N. C., EdiiiMioii, 
k \H. 

Six/h ;y/;;-; 

lOKDAN, III NR^ II., IK., Cedar Falls, 
'N. C., liihiiirs^- Adiiinnstrjtwii, KA; |()R- 
l)\N, LYNDON K., Mt. Olive, N. C., 
/V,-\/n/. 'I-KT; lONNI'R, I'. HILTON, 
IK., Slier Cirv, N. C., /•■//u//s7/; ILSIICi:, 
III NK^ A., \sheville, N." C, I'r.- 


/■■//•AY wir: 

KA.MSIJ'.R, l.l.ONARI) \\., Raleigh, 
N. (-., Biniiicss .■hiiiiii/istiiitioi/; KAT- 
ZINSKI, |()H\, West Hempstead, N. Y., 
Ck-i! Ijniiinrniia, ^Kt^; KA^'LI'.R, 
Cl.AL'DI I li: T., (uistonia, N. C, 
I'hilosophy: KI-.ARNS, ADALVN S., High 
Point, N. C;., Frciuli. 

Snoihi rotv: 

KI'.KNAN, i:\i:i.VN 1,., Washington. 
1). C, History: KI'IM, W ALIKR H., 
Washington, I). C:„ Politual Snnicc, (Mv^l'"; 
KI'iniLl V, (il ORCI I'., :\lt. Prospect, 
III., Pol,th\il Sacmr, A'112; KI'.LLI'R, 
AW B., Shaker Mights, Ohio, Iltston; 

llnrd row: 

KEMPLKR, DONALD, South Orange, 
N. |., Mechanical En^imeriii'j,, ZBl; 
KKNASTON, |AMKS H., Cocoa, Fla., 
(;ado<ix, A TLi; KI'RSTI'TTKR, NKD M., 
Louisville, Ohio, SocuAni^y, IlKA; KET- 
NLR, CAROLYN D., Sahsbury, N. C„ 
Sociology, AAA. 

Fourth roic: 

KI'VKS, JI'.ROMI, W., JR., Alexandria, 
\a.. Business Admiiiistratwii, AXA; 
KIKNLK, RICHARD W., Charlotte, 
N. C, History, KA; KING, AR- 
THUR \V., Durham, N. C, Bitsitms 
Administration, <^AH; KIRBY, MIL- 
TON R., Durham, N. C, General, AXA. 

Fifth roil- 

KLAI I, FRANCLS I',., Laurel, Del., 
Xiirsiufi Fducatwi,;^ KLIN!',, ROBI'.R T L., 
|R., Norrhport, N. Y, Electrical Ent^ineer- 
'iiig; KOHLKR, RIKA D., Toledo, Ohio, 
Psychology, KKL; KONICLK, MIL- 
TON Ci., Durham, N. C, History. 

Sixth roir: 

KURLBAUM, SUSAN, Broadalbin, 
N. Y, English, HB*; LaBOON, 
SARAH L., Arlington, \a., Education; 
LAND, CAROL |., Bradenton, Fla., 
Ecmmnics; LANDIS," RUTH (i., Raleigh, 
N. C, Nursing Ediuation. 

JL^ ^H 

% f> f^ ^ 

P P P 

Il!_^.\- -- ^ 



/•"/>aY /o-u,-; 

I.AM:, WILLIAM C. Belleville, N. }.. 
l'rr-.\U-d.; LARI.SI',, I'DDII', |.. Kimh.ill, 
W. \;i.. Aaouiituii-, lA'; LaRL'K, ]{)\ 
AW, \\luiclnil.i, Fla., Eduaitwn, A'l'; 
LASSniR, ( ;A1L, Winston-Salem, N. (;., 
Eniilish, KAH. 

Second roiv: 

LAI HAM, SUZANNi:, Washington, 
\. C., Eiifilhli; LA\'I\1:R, FSLHF.R M., 
Wagram, N. C, Siiniiin Ediicat'uiii; Ll'.l', 
WILLL^M S., MiddletON\n. Del., History, 
i:X; LF.ONARIX R. WI'BB, Lexington, 
X. C, GV«, •/•,(/, Al'l>. 

lliird row: 

LFRRO, AL\RC;ARFT A., Davton, 
Ohio, Zoolov,v; LINDQUIST, SHIR- 
LIA' I., All.anv, X. Y., /V;>mr/ Scinia; 

Washington, 1). C, Ciz'il Eiie.iiH'i'riii^, 
'I'AH; LIXIKI'R, SIDXFV (;., JR., Falls 
Church, \a., Elatru\il Ei/i:.iii(rriiii:,, Kl'. 


Eointh roil-: 

Beach, S. (.'... Mcclhviual EiHiii/rcriiHi; 
LODI X, (il'ORCiF B., JR., Atlanta, (ia., 
\L,rhr/ihrtns. IlK<f'; l-OIB. IllIX)- 
DORl, F., JR., Wilhrahain, .Mass., liiis,- 
i/fss- Adiiiin'ntralioii, l^AF; LOMAX, 
PHILLIP A.. Xorth Wilkcsboro, X. C, 
Riisiiicss Adniiiitstratwii. 

Fifth rou-: 

i.oNc, |()ll^x^ L., Shell. V, x. c. 

Socioloiir, KA; L()\i:i I, CAROL |.. 
Dixon, III., Eiiiilish, KA; l.OWF. 
IIIOMAS v.. Baltimore. Md., MakviirM 
Einiiiirniiiv.. BHII; LYBASS, III.l.IXC- 
I IAS I (,., laeUnnville, lla., frr-Mi'd. 

Sixth roll-: 

\.\()\, MARIAXXA I'.. Durham, X. C, 
EdiuMion. I'K; McARDI.I',. SHAUN, 
Sae Paulo, Bra/il, Uistorx, HX; .\1c- 
CLAIX, l)A\II) IF, .Sarasota, Fla., 
Eawoinits, BWli; .\1( Cl.l'.MI X I . Ill, 
Bron.xvillc, X. V., Socioloirx, AAII. 


First rn-^-: 

.\I(:CX)R.\U(:k, MARY 1,., Muikic, Ind., 
Eii'^lhb, KA; McDOW Kl.l., HI RMA L., 
Washingron, D. (]., Clic/i/is/rx; Mc 
CJAUCiHI.V, ROBI'RI" 1., Kitranning, 
Pa., Business Adiiiiiiislration, Kl'; Mo 
ILUKNNV, JOHN B., Lanikai, Hawaii, 
Political Scifiur, Kl\ 

Second wiv: 

McINTOSH, SALLY W., Savannah, Ca., 
En^^nsh, KA; McLAlN, LKL \\'., |R., 
Sarasota, Fla., Pre-Med, BWR; McLl'OD, 
DON i:.. Chew Chase, Md., Economics, 
OjIvS; McMAN, WILLIAM D., Llyria, 
Ohio, Engineering, DAL. 

Third roll-. 

.\lcTAi\lMANY, JOHN R., Orange 
Park, Fla., Pre-Med, ^K.Z, M.^cKENZIE, 
CHARLFS F., Lancaster, Pa., Zoology, 
H.\; .\L\HANFS, ,\L\RFHA ANN, 
Charlottesville, \'a., Zoabx^x; MAHANS, 
HFNRY L., Neptune, N. j.. Engineering. 

Fourth roir: 

AIAINSEL, DL\NA R., Clarksburg, \\-. 
\a.. Art, A*; AL\LONE, ROBFR F S., 
Pensacola, Fla., Psychology; AL-YNNING, 
DONALD F., W illsevvi'lie, N. Y., Me- 
clhvncal En^uiecrum; MARKS. i\L\R- 
VIN L., Baltimore, Aid., Business Ad- 
ministration, TE$. 

Fifth row: 

burg, S. C, General, *KS; MARTIN, 
CiRACI' J., Tenaflv, N. I., Music Edu- 
cation; MARTIN, ■ ROBERT L., JR., 
Birmineham, Ala., Physics; ,\L\RVIN, 
HELEN' R., Beaver, Pa., Sociology, AAA. 

Sixth row: 

.MASIUS, ALFRED C, IR., Baltimore, 
.\ld., .Sociology. DAI-,; MASON, EDNA C, 
Charlotte, N. C, Relnrion, KA; MASON, 
R1C:HARD F., Lakeland, Fla., Mechanical 
Eniiineerine:, <i)KS; MATHIS, S^L- 
\1A D., Athens, Ga., English, AAA. 

r""f n'^ J^ P^ 


Firs/ /Y/i;-; 

MAXWI.I.l,. SHI'.RRV S., St. Pttcrs- 
l)ur^^ Ila., I'r,'-Lra-; MI'.Al). AI.I.KN, 
l.cKind, Mich., Mcchanicil luniiiiceriiiii, 
Charleston, W. \'a., Prc-Med iirnl >>«- 
//w;/;,v, IIKA; .Mll.IZKR, SIKFU.V 
Mi: W., Durham, N. C, hyclioloiiy. 

Scmnd rrnv: 

.MKRKDllH, HOWARD P., JR., Pitts- 
hury:h. Pa., Electr'iGil EiHiiiirrriiHi, A-<1>; 
MI.RRI I 1", REPTON H., Raleigh, N. C, 
l-j/iilish; Mi:i"CALF, lADII'. R., Brad- 

cnron, Fia., (ifiifml; MI'W'BORX, 
llll.INi:, Atlanta, Cia., lunilish. 

rinrd nr^:- 

Ml WBORNK, lON/.KNNMK, Hampton. 
\a.. History, ' AAII; MlI.KWSKl, 
I'MII, F., Philadelphia, Pa., Historx; 
Mll.FFR, BRUCF W., Carden Citv, 
\. ^'., l'olitic\il Sciemr; MIl.l.l'.R, 
C:ARL a., |R., Louisville, Ohio, Zooloiix, 


Iwrth roiL-: 

Mil, 111 R, DOROim 1.. Nortolk, 
\a., Hisrorv: MIlCHI-l.l., MAR^ M., 
MattheNvs, \. C, Rcli^iw,,, AAII; MOF- 
FIVI I, DANIFF B., Uashinszfon, I). C, 
1,N\ 1)., Ckndale, Mo., ElcmciUvy 
I'.diicMinii, k.AH. 

///>// roii-. 

\1()()R1\ JOAN S., Baltimore. \ld., 
/,//(i//v//, MOORi:, ROBI'.RI I... Rurher- 
iordron, \. C, rrc-Ministcrial; MOORI',, 
ROY i:., |R., C:anaan, \. V., ,Ww/«i;v, 
A I A, M(")ORF., TOMMY |., Ciastonia, 
\. v.. , Hisrorv. 

Sixih ron: 

MORI NO, AFIRIO j.,, \en- 
e/.uela, l-.iin'uurrui'i; MOR- 
(lAN, llll.l'N H., Marion, Va., Politual 
Scirinr: MORCAN, WILSON A., Hen- 
dersonville, N. C, Soaoloi^v: MORRIS, 
\1 \R\ R.. Burhntrron, N. (:.. Ekmniuny 



Fust nnv: 

,\K)Y, D.WID, Cimdcn, \. |., Clicm- 
istrv; MUKSKR, ROBl.Rl R.." Durham, 
N.'C, Civil Eiiiiiiurruiii, AX A; MULL, 
LAURA L, Morganton, N. C, «//Hwm 
Admiimtnitwii, ZTA; AtULL, WIL- 
LL\.\1 H., Bailsman, Pa., Acaniiitiiii^, H.\. 

Second rinv: 

i\lULLINS,JKRRY K,, Madison, W. Va., 
Biis'iiH'fs Administration, K—; MUNC^H, 
CHARLi:S H., Asluvillc, \. C, ecology, 
IIK«^; NALL, .\L\R UN F., |R., (irecns- 
boro, \. C, Fmuh; NI.KL^■. ROB- 
F.RT P., Port Washington, \. V., Binjm^ 

riiird row: 

NELSON, DONALD N., Tuckahoc, 
N. Y., Historv, BX; NEWTH, LEE C, 
Barrington, R. L, Himrv, ZTA; NICH- 
OLS, CRI'ICiTON R., "Brattleboro, \'t., 
Biisiiirss Adniiiiistmtion; NEILSON, 
PI'.ri'R T., Durham, N. C, Plixsia. 

Fourth row: 

NIESS, OLl\ER K., Denver, Colo., 
Historv, BHO; OWEN, i\L\RY JEAN, 
Lago Colony. Arul)a, N. W. L, Spmish; 
PAC;i:, PATRICIA C, Orlando, Fla., 
Fufilish. A<J>; PALLANCJE, JEAN E., 
()uaker Hill, Conn,, Business Administra- 
tion, KKF. 

Fiftli row: 

PAPE, WILLIAM R., JR., Wilmington, 
N. C, Cn-tl Fnirin,rrinv.,'^K^; PARKI'.R, 
FHI'.ORDORE M., Washington, D. C, 
Electrical EnfiineerinK; PARSONS, 
DONALD T, W'illiamston, N. C, Ac- 
coiintinii, UK<i>; PASCAL, NANCY W, 
Miami, Fla., History, OB*. 

Sixth row: 

PA I ION. CHARLI'S T, Morganton, 
N. C., i'olitical Science: PAUL, PI'.CCY S.. 
W'inston-Sakm, N. C, Primary Education, 
AAII; PENNY, WADEH., |R., Durham, 
N. C, History, 4>Ki:; PERRIN, PATRI- 
CIA E., Warwick, \a., English, A*. 

Cf% T" 



. - p P c^ 

Drst ran-: 

PI RRlNi:, (JKORGE A., JR., Miami, 
I la.. History, ^X, PFTKR, ROBFR T H., 
Rockvillc Centre, N. Y., Zoology, \TL1, 
1^1 r riT, lOHN W., D. C. 
I'olinnil 'Science, B(-)I1; Pl-.VTON, 
JOHN 1)., Sewanee, Tenn., Electrical 

Sccmid roll-: 

PURCV, ARMIN lA P., Weldon. N. C, 
Socmloiiv, KA; POlNDl.Xri'R, ANN L., 
Vhcrdcen, N. C, SocioloiiV. ZTA; POOF, 
ROY R., Rakigin, N. C, Zoolot^v. ATil- 
POPK, WILLIAM S., JR., Little Roek, 
S. C, Business Administration. 

Third ro-a-: 

P()R(ii:S, (iLORCa: W., Forest Hills, 
N. ^•., Cheniistrx, II^F; PRFWFIF, 
RICHARD A., Briarelirt" Manor, N. Y., 
History; PRICI',, POLLY A.. I'lkin, N. C, 
(ienmn; QL'BFIN, FUAD R., Beit Jala, 
Ionian, (jvil l-jii^iiieerinf^. 


Fourth roiv: 

RABY, CFAUDF L., JR., Hui-ory. N. C, 
Prc-Dentah 'FKX; ' RAILIA', .\LAR- 
CARI'l A., I.ieksonville. Fla., En^-lish, 
iiellmore, N. ^., Accoiintun-. 'FKl'; RAM- 
SFY, CFYDF IF, JR., l,ynehlnirt;, \a.. 
Business Adniinistration, KA. 

Fifth lym-: 

RAU, RONAFI) C.. Winston-Salem, 
N. C^, Business- Administration, AiJ'F; 
RAY, RliZ C:., |R., West leflerson, 
N. C, I're-Med, IIKA; RI'ANN , FF- 
FANl) 1'.., Falls Church. \'a., Bolitiail 
Science: RWCV. \.\\V. S., Fineolnton, 
N. C., Sinvnsh, ZFA. 

,V;.v/// roil-: 

ri:(;i;n()FI), iridirick a., ir., 

Memphis. leiin., Fconomics; RICHARDS, 
ROBIRl I'., FIKvood Cit\. Pa., Chem- 
istry. Alli; RK:iIARI)S, SUSAN IF, 
AlexaiHlna, \a., I'olhicil Science, AAA; 
Beaeh, I' la.. .Mechanical Fiif^ineering, I'AI*". 

RIDKR. ROBKR 1 1'.., (irccnshon., N. C, 
Political Science, A TA; RIDI.I'A , lACK A., 
Summit, N. )., Eii^lislu AlLi; RISHI'.R, 
PAUL I)., Muntinpron, W. \'a., Mcclhvi- 
ical Eiiiiimrriiiii, 'I'AW; ROBI'.RSON, 
I'.ARL L., Coiutoc, N. C, hc-Deiihil, 

Second roiv: 

ROBl'.RVS, SALLY L., New Haven, 
Conn., Eiifilish; RODCFRS, DLANNI-: L., 
lackson Heights, N. Y., Education, W\ 
"ROIX;i:RS, KDWARD C, Arlington, 
\a.. Electrical Engineering, AI'l'; ROHLI', 
HKNRY C, Kirkwooci, Mo.. Ec 

Third row: 

RONLY, ROBERT K., Union City, 
Tcnn., Fre-Ministerial; RONKANKN, 
GF.ORGK A., Glens Falls, N. Y, Me- 
chanical Engineering; ROSF', ALLEN J., 
Mt. Gilead, N. C, Psvchologv, T\i<t>; 
Hills, N. Y, Historv, TE4>. 

Fourth row: 

ROTHERMEL, ROBFRI 1)., Reading, 
Pa., Biisines!: Administration. l"<t>l',; RO'I- 
NER, ARNOLD H., Spring \allev, 
N, Y, English, TE*; RUBLE, AL^RK I., 
W'oodmere, N. Y, Accoi/ntinu., ZBT; 
Sociology, OB*. 

Fifth row: 

RUEFER, VYARREN A., Ridgefield, 
N. I., Civil Engineering; RUSSI'LL, PAR- 
\'1N ,\L, |R., Maplcwood, N. |., Me- 
chanical Engineering; SAMOJi',, FRI'.D L., 
Lima, Peru, Business Administration; 
SA.MPLE, JAMES P., Charlotte, N. C, 

Sixth row: 

SANDERS, NANCY \:, Durham, N. C, 
Waterrown, Conn., Pre-Law; SCHARPS, 
ANDRI'.W, |R., Scarsdale, N. Y, History; 
SCH.MIDT," ARLENE R.. Greenville, 
N. C, Business Administration, AT. 

(^ <p Q ^ 


Fust nnv: 

N. C, aencral, AT; SCHW ARZ, 
I.OL'IS A., Bcr^a-nhL-ld, N. |., Eaumiiiics^ 
A.\A; SI DLACK, DONAU) (:.. Iklri- 
morc Mil., F.coiioDiics, <1'KV; SI.N I - 
LOW 117, MICHAIL 1., Vonkcrs, N. Y., 
.lao/iiini/ii. ^l■'.'^. 

Snoiui mv.-: 

SIAl.RSON, PI.IIR P., Pal.. Alto, 
Cilif., I'rc-l.iu: A TA; SCJROSSO, \1N- 
Cl'M L., Hohokus. N. )., Ri/siiicss 
Adniummtwiu Kl; SHARPI',, WIL- 
LIAM G.. i:im Citv, \. C:., I'niitual 
Sacnce; SHAVER, ROBI.R 1 \'., Albe- 
marle, N. C, General. 

Ilnrd rn-a-: 

SHI PPARI), FRI'DI RICK ( ;., \\ashin!:- 
ton, I), i... Civil F.ii[iiiieeri//i^. k-; 
SHIPPLi:, HAMILION, Rumson, N. |., 
Famnmm, BWII; SHUK, RAY (i., (ireens- 
huri:. Pa., Business Aii/ninistnrtion. K^; 
Sl( i\U)N, ROBLR r L., Charlotte, N. C, 


I'oiirtli lym: 

SIMMONS, HI.LKN \., Opp. Ala., 
Fdueatwn, 'I>M; Sli\L\U)NS, LLI, H., 
(■ardeii Citv, N. Y., Env.lisli, IIKA; 
SIMMONS,' RUTH |., Staten Lslaml, 
N. ^., Siwnslu \VA>\ SIMPSON, 
JOHN N., Durham, \. ('.., IFiston, 

/■■//>// ro-.i-. 

SINCLAIR, \ IRCINI \ II., W.ishinuton, 
1). C., SiirsuKi F.dn(\>non; SLL'SSI'R, 
ANNI', Lexiiifrton, \a., Sorifiloi-\\ <^M; 
SMIIH, I'RANCrS i:., Durham', N. C, 
Miiue FJiiaition. ZTA; S.MLIH, 
MARY B., Winston-Salem, N. C., /\V- 

Sixth roii-: 

SMIIH, ROBI'.RI 11., Atlanta. Ca. 
History. IIK'I>; SMIIH. SANDRA J. 
( ilailstone, N. |., Religion ,ind Snii'tlo[i\ 
SMIl 1 1, SKO r I ()\\ K W., Clover, S. C. 
Sonoloiix. A1L2; SMIIH, WILLIAM A. 
Coral Cal.les, I'la., History. 11K<I>. 

First roii.-: 

SMITH, WILLIAM |.. HcrlK-l, N. C, 
Pre-Mni. ^t>K^; SMLllI, WILLIAM R., 
Toronto, Ont., Biisiiirss Adni'uintnitioii, 
IWK; SNVDKR, JAMLS .\L, Louisville, 
Kv., Biis'uifss Adinimstnitwii, <1>A(-); 
SPANACLL, |()H\ I)., C;hagrin Falls, 
Ohio, EIntruM Fjiuui,rriii<j„ AXA. 

Second ro\i-: 



nooga, Tcnn., Eii^IuIk i^N; SPLNCI-., 
1 1 LI. B., Rochester, N. Y., Editcatwii, 
Bethesda, Md., GniemI; S'LKPHI'.NSON, 
RUTH L., Coral Cables, Kla., 7Moh^^x. 

Third mil-: 

STt:\ ENS, NELSON C, Westerville, 
Ohio, Business Administration, (-)X; 
STE\T.S, JOAN L., Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Folitiicil Science, AAA; STI'AVART, 
JULL\N H., Monroe, Ga., Geneml, i:N; 
STOKES, ,\L SHARON, Washington, 
I). C, Ceneml, KKP. 

Fourth rou\ 

STONE, LEANNE, Peoria, III., Sp.mish, 
liamsport, Pa., Accnuntins,, i^AE; 
STUART, ROBERT D., Savlesville, R. 1., 
Political Science, BWO; ' STUCKI'V, 
HENRY |., Bishopvillc, S. C, Pre-Med. 

Fifth roiv: 

STUTZ, CAROLYN F., Palmcrton, Pa., 
Zoology, AXQ; SUITS, BETTY J., New 
York," N. Y, Pre-Med; SUSKIND, 
STUART P., Binghamton, N. Y, Chem- 
istry, TE4>; SWEAT, ROBERT E., 
Mulberrv, Fla., Che//iistr\. 

Sixth row. 

SW1:E.T, RICHARD P., Akron, Ohio, 
Sociolofi,y, l^N; TALMAN, WESLEY F., 
Asheville, N. C, Accounting., nK.\; 
TARLTON, JAMES W., Mobile, Ala,, 
Pre-Law, Z\, TATEM, ROCI.R W., 
Norfolk, Va., Electrical Engineering. 



/■"irsV row. 

lA 1 L.\l, SHF.RARD A., IR., Homer, 
I.;i., r,Vvyfc(,'v, KA; TAVLOR." SARAH I'.., 
(irecnvillc, N. C, I'syclwlo^y, AT; 
n.NNKV, RICHARD 1.., Princeton, 
\. J., English; I I.RRY, RANDALL B., 
Hieli Point, N. C, Business Adm'uiisti\ilwii, 

Snoihi roiv: 

LH{).\L\S, CAROLYN M., West 
Chester, Pa., History, A*; THO.\L-\S, 

(;i:{)R{;k t., PittstoVd, n. y., Psvchoio^v, 

:^.\; IHO.VIPSON, |()HN C", Dunn, 
N. C, Sodoloe:v, K.\; THOMPSON, 
Li:0 C, Roxboro, N. C., Fre-.\liiiisteri,il. 

Third roil- 

I HORN, STUART V., Tampa, Fla., 
l-awoNiics, AXA; THUKALMKL, ROB- 
I.RI W'., |R., I'.merson, N. |., Biisiiirss 
Adiniiiistrmin; TIPION, KAY, Madison, 
(;a., /-j/ii/n/;, AAU; LODD, KA I H- 
I'.RINl', L., San Francisco, Cal., Zoolov^y, 


Fourth vnv: 

'IAL.\L\CH, DAX'ID .\L, Lvnhrook, 
N. V, Vrc-Mcd, ZBF; TORCil'SI'.N, 
BARRY W"., C;iari<sron, (ia.. History; 
lOWNSl'.ND, ROBFR'F S., Newark, 
Del,, Cu-ncraK lA'; TRACY, FRANK W'., 
|R., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, /•://i^/;v//, ^N. 

/■■//>// roll:: 

IRAPP, .\L\RT1N \'. K., Bradenton, 
I'ia., I.M/fj,iiirKrs; IRICh, THO,\T\S W., 
Baltimore, Md., Hiisiiicss Adiiiiiiislr^Uioih 
IN; TROY, BALLARD I.., |R., Dur- 
ham, N. C., /V/v.wv, K^2\ ICRLINC- 
TON, \.\\\V!> i:., Dunn, N. C., liiisuifss 
A dniuiisi ration, Kl\ 

Sixth roll-: 

TIR1LI\ TWIIS W., Baia-C\n\xvd, 
Pa., Arroti/iiuiK, Kl'; TL' 1 I I.F, Bl'.TTY 
lANi:, Hiuh Point, N. C, F.diii\ilioii; 

lARFI', \'., Miami .Shores, 
111., l-rnnh. 11B-I-; I'l.RICIi, RICH- 

\KI) (... Sr. IVtersbur-, M.i., Aaoiniiiiiii, 


First mw: 

UNDKRWOOl), Kl.l/.AHK in C, Ask- 
l)„ro, N. C, Ediicatwiu :^K; UR()UIRA, 
l)()l,()Ri:S, Kinusport, Tcnn., /%vy/n-, 
<I>\1; \AN DVkl, F. IHKOlXiRA, 
Newark, \. I., Caienil- \'AU(iHAN, 
JA.MI-S W., JR., Durham, \. C, EInlncal 
Fjiiiiiifrriiii^, <t>K— . 

Sfivihi row: 

\lRl)i:\, CYNTHIA, W^ishington, 
1). C:., Relifrwn; MRGIN, HRRBKRT W'., 
Ill, Miami, Fla., Zoolo^ry, SX; \MR(;i\, 
I IAN K., V^idalia, Ga., Chemistry; 
\1\()NA, Philip A., Irvington, N. j., 
Biishifss Adi)iinistratioii. 

Third row: 

Fla., History, SAF;' WACJNFR, BAR- 
BARA A.," Durham, N. C, Education, 
AT; WAGNFR, PHILIP M., Ill, Point 
Plca.sant Beach, N. J., Sociology, DN; 
WALKFR, WILLIAM C., Asheville, 
N. C, C:hemisrrv, I^^E. 






WALTON, ROBERT A., Fcrnandina 
Beach, Fla., Psychology, BWO; W'ARI'., 
DONALD .\L, Arlington, \a., Mnhanical 
Enguurnng, AXA; WARl,, Hl'NRV H., 
Atlanta, Cra., History, Alii; W'ASFR, 
ROBERT H., Winston-Saltm, N. C, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Fifth rou^: 

N. J., General, TE<t>, WAY, JOHN E., 
JR., Hanover, Pa., Economics, HKit; 
■\\I:BB, ELIZABETH A., Asheville, 
N. C:., Education, AAO; W EBB, FRED, 
JR., Hinton, W. \a.. Geology. 

Sixth ro-c:: 

WEBSTER, DONALD K., Ridgewood, 
N. J., Philosophy; Wll'.DMAN, RICH- 
ARD R., Rosemont, Pa., History, ilAE; 
WEIIZ.MAN, ROBERl W, Bayville, 
N. Y, General, IIKA; WELLS, 
HENRY H., Athens, Ga., Psychology, 




F\nt ww: 

\\I:LSH, PATRICIA D., Philadelphia, 
Pa., History, KKP; WKSCOTT, ANN L., 
Mountainside, N. J., Business Adntiinstra- 
IKR \'., Roanoke, \a., Fhysics; TAL- 
land, Ohio, FsVclloloirX. 

Second row: 

Wmr.MR, THADDKUS A., |R,, Dur- 
ham, N. C., Econof/iics, Mil-' \MIH- 
ACRi:, ROBKRT E., Knglex\ood, N. J., 
Mtrlhviiail EiK^imrri/iir, K^; WHITE, 
RI'.BA, LiiiinKron, N. C, Enfilish; 
Wnni'NI R, 'SL'SAN A., Alexandria, 
\'a., Soao/otiv, KKI". 


Third roil': 

WmnEl), MARCiARFT A., Char- 
lorre. N. C, Frr/ich, AAA; WILLIAMS, 
CAROL A„ \ero Heaeh, Fla., Kiiiilish, 
Ik; WILLIS, ROBERI W., Morehead 
Cirv, N. C, Hi^forr. 


First row: 

W'lLSOX, C:0\S'rAN(:K D., Atlanta, 
Ga., Spannb, AAII; WILSON, DOUG- 
LAS N., CIcmson, S. C. English, i]N; 
Puerto Rico, Aaoiiiitimi; WOODWARD, 
AW A., Ralcitrh, N. C., General, 4>M. 

Second row: 

WOOTLN, FRANK T„ lU, Chadbourn, 
N. C., Electrical En^uieeruir. WRIGHT, 
CATHERINE A., Norfolk, \a., Eco- 
nmuics; YATES, CHARLOl Li:, H., 
Washington, D. C, Psycliolov.Y and Soci- 
ology, AXU; YOST, ILMER D., JR., 
Greensboro, N. C., Business Administration, 

Third row: 

YOUNG, ROBERT L., |R., Morristown, 
Tenn., Fre-Med, *K"l'; ZI'.K.LI'.R, 
KATHKRINI- L., lacksonv.lle, Fia., Edn- 
cation, AAII; /I\l.\ll R, JOHN W., 
Niles, Mich., Eni^lish, AFA." 




/ / 




.1 , 











1^ P n 

/■■//•y/ TO-.;-; 

ABI.R, \hirv 1)., KA, Pitrshurtih, Pa.; 
ABRI.I.L, |ohn W., MartinshurL'. W. 
\a.; AKKRS, William M., Al Li, West 
Palm Beach, Fla.; ALKXANDIR, 
lohn M., AI4>, I.cavcnworrh, Ka.; Al.l X- 
ANDKR, Richard B., AXA, Kmsr.m, 
\. C. 

Sfaiiid ri)\v: 

Al.l'.XANDI.R, Sallv M., KAH, India- 
napolis, Ind.; ALLKN, Polly W'., AXL2, 
Kalamazoo, Mich.; ALSTKR, Lawrence |., 
ZBT, Washington, D. C; ALTXAIKR, 
Kathleen B., KA©, Denver, Colo.; 
AMAN, John R., Clinton, N. C. 

Third rou- 

AMI'.Nl), Kiizabeth C, <^.\l, Creenville, 
Del.; AMOROSO, Lawrence j., I'or- 
riniiton, C'onn.; AW'IS, |ere W'., Ill, 
Lakeland, Kla.; APPLLBI L, Marszie A., 
'I'M, Richmond, \'a.; AR\, Shirlev 
Jo, AAA, Dayton, Ohio. 

i'oiirth mu\ 

AUTRY, George B., Wilmington, X. C; 
AX'I'RA, Patricia A., Orlando, Fla.; 
BACCiS, Beverly E., Jacksonville, 
11a.; BAILl'.Y, ludith A., Roanoke, Va.; 
BAILI'.V, Lloyd" R., Burnsville, N. C. 


/■■;/■/// nii-: 

BAIN, Richard C, |r.. Falls Church, 
\a.; BAKI'R, WilhamA., Raleigh, \. C.; 
BALLARD, |ohn F., Charlotte, \. C; 
BANKI'.R F, ion C, jr., .\XA, Baltimore, 
\\d.; BANTON, Thomas J., Jr., .AFLi, 
Madison Heights, \'a. 

Sixth nni-: 

BARKFR, lames D., |r„ Al^I', Atlanta, 
(ia.; BARKSDALF, Barbara A., KKF, 
Decatur, Ca.; BARNFS, Ralph W., |r., 
-I'K^, Garden City, N. Y.; BARNHAR 1 , 
William C., HX; Orlando, lla.; BAR- 
RINCl'R, Katherine C., AF, Huntington, 
W. \a. 

Sriri/fh nni-: 

B \RR^ , lames R., South Windsor, Conn.; 
BAR ION, Alexander C., Newt'oundland, 
\. |.; BAY, lulia .\L, Z'FA, Dover, Ohio; 
B\"M,1S, ihomas A., Durham, N. C:.; 
Bl ARD, John ()., Irwin, N. C. 

l-Kji/h nm- 

BICKIR, Barbara I'.., Washington, 
I). C.; BFI.L, Robert B., Durham, N. C; 
B1R(;1R, Idward P., Passaic, \. |.; 
BIRMW, ilouard IF, ZB I. Silver 
Spring, Md.; Bl \- \\S, Sue M., KA, 
Arlington, \'.\. 

First row: 

HICKI'.TT, P., AAII, Raleiuh, 
N. C- Hir.RBALM, lanicc R., KKP, 
Miami Shores, I'la.; BISHOP, Bettx C, 
BluchclJ, W. \a.; BlS\\i:i.I„ Charles I)., 
A:i:<1>, Woodstoun, \. I.; BLACK, Cvn- 
rhia, KKT, Revm-kishurt;, Ohi... 

Sriwni row: 

BLACKBURN, Harry L., Jr., Highland 
Springs, \'a.; BLECHMAN, Barrv K., 
/BL,' W'ashinston, I). C; BLEVINS, 
James I... Norfolk, \a.; BOAZ, Katha- 
rine S., AAA, Corpus Christi, Texas; 
BOCCS, William \\'., West I'nglew ood, 

77/in/ row: 

BOLINCiKR, Donald S., OKA, Day- 
ton, Ohio; BOLL,\L\N, Paul W., |r., 
Shillinsjton, Pa.; BONCZEK, Lon P., 
|r., Webster, Mass.; BONHAM Ar- 
thur K., Kinston, N. C; BOOZI'.R, 
Frank \;, <I>KS, Norfolk, \a. 

l-ourlh row: 

BORDLAL'X, lli/.abeth A., 1:K, W'il- 
mmuron, N. C.; BOSW'OR 1 H, Anthony, 
IIKA, Searsdale, N. Y.; BO 1 lOMS, Al- 
ton B., B(-)IL Canton, N. C; BOURNE, 
Elliott C;., Reidsville, N. C; BOWDEN, 
.Mary E., AAEI, Portsmouth, Va. 

Fifth row: 

BOWERS, Alfred C., ATU, Princeton, 
N. J.; BOWERSOX, Carolvn J., 
KKE, Washington, D. C; BOWLES, 
Charles P., Jr., (ireensboro, N. C; 
BOYER, William M., OK*, \\'inston- 
Salem, N. C; BRAC^FY, Frances L., 
Salisbury, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

BRADLEY, Ellen, Alexandria, \a.; 
BRADLEY, Josephine S., Medford, 
Mass.; BRANDON, Craig A., Stanley, 
N. C; BRAUN, Harvey H., Red 
Bank, N. |.; BRliXiES, Benjamin, Jr., 
Leesburg, \a. 

Si-zriith row: 

BRIM LEY, Carolvn M., Durham, N. C; 
BRINCHURST, Elizabeth, AF, Green- 
ville, S. C; BRODHEAD, Robert E., 
<I'A(-), Kittannini:, Pa.; BROOKS, Caro- 
lvn, AF, Palm 'Beach, Ela.; BROWN, 
(;ary H., Randleman, N. C. 

FAii^htli row: 

BROWNFLL, Robert B., Morristown, 
Tenn.; BRUF(,(;I:A1ANN, Peeiiv L. 
KKF, Cmcmnan, Ohio; BRUCH, |ud- 
ith E., Z'FA, White Plain.s, N. Y.; BRU- 
TON, Alice B., Lexineton, N. C; 
BRYSON, Edwin C, KA, Durham, N. C. 



^^ f!^ O 

^ - f r^^S f^-f h'^j T"*^-* 










^ ^ 































First roil-: 

BUl.LARI), l.,uvancc D., Wilmington. 
\. C; BLl.l.OCK. |nhn A.. <l'Kr, Sum- 
mit. N. |.; BURDICK, Donald S.. A1'<1>. 
Huntington. W. \:k; BL'RCiKR. |oscph C, 
IIKA. Camp lAicune, \. C.;" BURNS, 
PatrRi.i I... AT, MKlJlctovvn, Oiiio, 

Second TOu.'.- 

BUFITON. Nancv. Charlotte, X. C; 
BUR TON. Richard (;.. B(-)II. Providence, 
R. I.; CAI.LACiHAX. Nan, Richmond. 
\a., C;A1.I.C()TT, Tom A.. HK*. 
Columbia. S. C.; CAMP, T. Frank, A TA, 
Atlanta, Cia. 

Third ro-^: 

CAMPBKl.L, Sheila P.. AT, CImton. 
N. C.; CARM;, Carol M.. 'I>.\1. Wantagh. 
\. Y.; CARLISLI:. James M., XX, West- 
held, N. J.; CARLYLI:, Marv I., KA, 
Win.ston-Salem. N. C; KKMP, Mrs., 
David, 4>M. Tillahassee, Kla. 

Fourth rozv: 

CAROUL, (;ordon S., College Park, 
Md.; CARROLL, Herman C., HK*, 
Nashville, lenn.; CAR'IKR. Alan B., 
A^'l'. Clarendon Llills, 111.; ClAVINLSS, 
Leuis L.. Raleigh. N. C.; CHAMBKRS, 
Sally A., New York, N. Y. 


/■■;/■/// roil-: 

ciil.DLSLI'R. N. Lvnn. AAU. Alex- 
andria. \a.; C1,APP. Julia !•.. Siler Citv, 
N. C; CLARK. Anthony W'.. A LA. Ar- 
lington, \'a.; CLARK, Nancv S., Wash- 
ington, D. C; CLARK, N\A\ton L., 
1IK'I>. Sjvartanburg, S. i.. 

Sixth roiL- 

CLAYION. lerrv W'.. Kl\ Roxhoro. 
N. C.; CLAYION. loseph C.. KA. 
Haw River, N. C; Cll.AY LON, I ho- 
iiias \V., (Chattanooga, 'lenn.; (CLI'AN'I'.- 
LAND, Clifton R., 1IK<!>. Columbia. 
S. C.; CLI.MI'NI. Donald II.. KA. 
Ne\v Bern, N. C. 

Sciri/th roll': 

(;LL\L1,ANI). Lee C.. IIKA. ClkKvell. 
N. I.; C:OLLINS. Harold A.. Southern 
Pines, N. C.; COI.LIN.S, Jeanne C. 
AXLi. CVdartown. (la.; COLWILL. 
Samuel C.. BWll. .Soiithport, Conn.; 
CONI'. Juha Ann. Saluda, S. C. 

Fn-hth ron: 

CONSIAN I IN!",, \ictor S., leheran. 
Irin, COOPI R. Carol A., ZlA, Nutlev, 
N. !., COOP! R, lamra L, Norfolk, \a.; 
COKNIA, I li/al.erh B., South Orange. 
\ 1 , COUCH, |..n W.. 'I'AH. Durham, 
N. C. 


First rtra-: 

COUNCIL, lohn Cn.m.irtK-, |r.. K.\, 
Sumter, S. C; COWIi:, |.iiiks' Donald, 
OKA, Tuckahoc, N. V.; COZAR 1', Wil- 
liam Hovt, |r., <I>A(-), Durham, \. C; 
CRACKNl'.r.L, Terry Alfred, ^N, Al- 
liance, Ohio; CRAiN, Barl)ara lean, 
AAA, Washington, 1). C. 

Second roiv: 

CRA\T,N, Faith, AAA, l.exumton, N. C; 
CRA\'EN, Jesse Clarence, d'KM", Ram- 
scur, N. C; CRAWFORD, Robert C, 
Atlanta, Ga.; CRFASV, Albert II., Wil- 
mington, N. C; CRFWS, Robert J.. 
ATA, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Third mil': 

CRINFIFLD, Glenn S., iJX, ( .reensboro, 
N. C; CRINKLFY, Mildred S., War- 
renton, X. C; CUITON, (iladvs C, 
Charlotte, \. C; CURRAN, Rollin T, 
Reidsville, \. C.; CURRIINCF, 
Nancy W., Marlinton, W, \a. 

Four til roil': 

CUTLFR, Richard I'.., Preston, Minn.; 

CUTTINO, Sarah H., Arlington, Xa.; 

CUYAR, Robert A., Staten Island, N. ^■.; 

DALLY, Carolvn, AAA, .Monroe, \. >.; 

D'ANGELO, |ohn .\1., Kl\ Oradell. 


Fifth roiv: 

DA\'IS, i:iizabeth B., ZTA, Chew C:hase, 
Md.; DA\1S, lack R., Ashcville; N. C; 
DA\1S, Keith F., ( iuilFord College, N. C; 
DAWSON, Ferdinand D., Ill, Port 
Neches, lex.; DiHAR'F, Jane S., Z'l A, 
Bryson City, N. C. 

Sixth roiv: 

DFLL1C;FR, CIvde |., charlotte, N. C; 
DFPUY, Robert W.,' IlKA, Miami, Fla.; 
D'HUY, Gerard J., Bethlehem, Pa.; 
DICKINSON, lean, *,\1, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla.; DIETRICH, Carl P., 4>K:^, 
Akron, Ohio. 

Scvrnth roil-: 

DILLARD, Guv J., AI Li, Columbus, 
Cia.; DILWORTH, Richard L., Ki], 
Winston-Salem, N. C; DOANl', Sara E., 
AXy, Longmcadow, Mass.; DODD, Wil- 
liam F. G., Henderson, N. C; DOM- 
HOFF, George W., Jr., fi>KS, Rocky 
River, Ohio. 

Eighth row: 

DONOVAN, Fcrald, F., X'alhalla, N. X.; 
DOUGHTON, Jo C, ^M North 
Wilkcsboro, N. C; DRAKE, David A., 
Little Neck, L. I., N. Y; DUDLEY, 
Alden W., |r., Staten Island 14, N. Y; 
DUPLER, "Phil J., .i>A(-), Frankfort, 



lb ks ' i^ 

p f^ p (*» J? 



mk J^MLi^i^Ji 


First roir: 

DL'SI-K, Lou til M., iI'A(-), Alliance, 
Ohio; DWKiCINS, Lattic R., Jr., AIM-, 
W inston-Salem. N. C; I'.BSARN', Pa- 
tricia L., Coral Cables, Fla.; I'.DMUND- 
SON. Ronald C., Stantonsburg, N. C; 
I'.DWARDS, John V\'., Burlington. N. C. 

Second row: 

EDWARDS, R.ihcrt C., |r., KA. Clcm- 
son, S. C; Kl.l.lOri, r)ianc S., Forest 
City, N. C; I'l.I.IS, Martha L., nB<l>, 
Wcstficid, N. |.; I MBI.I'.V, Roger L., 
AXA, Irenton, N. J.; K.MBRV, John H., 
Lexington, K\-. 

'I'liini row: 

LURK, Milliard AL, Hi, Morehead Citv, 
N. C; K\-ANS, David L., <l'k'l', Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; i:\-LR 1-:LT, Ronald W, 
Durham, N. C; FACCiAR'L, Jimmy R., 
China Crovc, N. C; FAIRCiRlEVE, 
Nancy J., RAW, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Four til row: 

lARMl'.R, Wayne P., N. Augusta, S. C; 
KARRIS, Robert L., ATA, Charlotte, 
N. C; FAULKNER, Frances J., KAM, 
Henderson, N. C; FERNANDO, 
Marion B., Aruba, West Indies; FER- 
RALL, Thomas R., *KV, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


/■)//// row: 

liDDLI.R, Paul P., ATA, Augu.sta, Ga.; 
KINNIXiAN, Dorothy A., Alexandria, 
\a.; FLANACiAN, Latham, |r., IN, 
Alexandria, Xa.; FLANNl'RY, "lllen I'., 
KAW, Coral (iables, Fla.; KLI \ll\(i. 
Bill, Kl\ Henderson, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

lORD, Ihonias 11., Rome. Cia.; KOR- 
Ri:SK, lerome B., -KAH, Clearwater, 
Kla.; KORRI'SII R, Shern R., Wil- 
mington, N. C; KOSITR, luha A., Korr 
Lauderdale, I'la.; I Rl NCl'l, Anna M.. 
KA, Birmingham, .Ma. 

Srvruth row: 

I'RI'UND, Curtis A.. New York, N. V.; 
I RI'UND, Peter A., New Xork, N. V.; 
I'UR.\L\N, Sherwood M., BWII, Jackson, 
Mich.; CAIAIN, Shirlev M., i'. (irand 
I'orks, Minn.; CARRISON, William C, 
III, I'hl', Oak Ridge, lean. 

F.iiihtli row: 

(;AR\'IN, lav I., 'I'Ki:. (;ivensl»Mn, 
N. C.; CAIRI I.I., lanie.s II., Kinu.s- 
port. Tcnn.; CAULD,' Idwin S., 'I'K'K, 
Sea Clirt", N. v.; CiAULAK, Alverr |., 
Jr., Cleveland, Ohio; CKNl RY, Paul C., 
Maxton, N. C]. 


Fust mil-: 

(il'.ORCii:, IcrcncL- I)., London, 1 nuhind; 
(iKRARl), Kan, AAIl, Roxhoro, N. C; 
(;iBB()NS."Klizabcth L., Harrisonburg, 
\-a.; (IIBSON, Alice 1)., Charlotte-, N. C; 
GIBSON, Jeanne C, AAA, Roanoke 
Rapids, N. C. 

Second roiv: 

GILBERT, Ernest P., Ir., i:\, Durham, 
N. C; GILL, Joanne \\.. AXLi, Ehza- 
bcth Citv, N. C; GIXENS, Harrison C, 
IWE, Chappaqua, N. Y.; tiOlsBltL, 
iMarjoric L., KAW, Kilbcn, Texas; 
GOING, Ann, Eort Myers, Ela. 

Third row: 

GOLDSTEIN, Bernard, ZBI, Atlanta, 
Ga.; GOLDSTEIN, Richard !.., /B 1, 
Great Neck, N. Y.; ( K )1 .1)S 1 1 IN, Suz- 
anne B., AEflJ, Hampton, \a.; GON- 
ZALES, Serge, Ki], Westricld, N. J.; 
GONZALEZ, Antonio C., Lares, Puerto 

Fourth row. 

GOTTHARDT, Eorrest E., |r., ^<M;, 
Miami, Fla.; GOW, Alexander, III, 
Marathon Shores, Ela.; CiRANDT, Mari- 
lyn A., KAW, Garden City, N. Y.; 
GRANT, George R., Jr., Eaycttcville, 
N. C.; GRANT, Thomas W, III, O'Ki], 
Eairfield, Conn. 

Fijth row. 

GRAY, Elizabeth D., Laurens, S. C; 
GREENE, Robert H., Arlington, Va.; 
GREGERSEN, Norman C, A'EA, Coral 
Gables, Ela.; GRIFEIN, |immv W., 
Albemarle, N. C; GRIEEIN, John T, 
Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

GROTH, Karolyn J., A'l', Bethlehem, 
Pa.; GUEST, Eranklin K., Anderson, 
S. C; GUNN, Ann N., IK, Ymce\'ville, 
N. C; HALE, C. Kathervne, KA. 
Washington, D. C; HULL, CJrace A., 
KKE, \\allaston, Alass. 

Seventh row: 

HANEORD, Mary Elizabeth, AAA, Salis- 
bury, N. C; HARRELL, Havwood H., 
Roanoke Rapids, N. C; HARRIS, Bohbv 
Joe, KA, Durham, N. C; HARRISON, 
James Y, KA, Columbia, S. C.; HAR E, 
Elizabeth E., ZTA, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

HEATH, Paul E., Jr., *K>r, Norfolk, 
Va.; HEMINGV\AY, John A., KA, 
Elizabethtown, N. C; HENION, Alan M., 
Ramsey, N. J.; HENSLEY, (ieorge L., 
Jr., <|)K5:, Burnsville, N. C; HERB, 
Barbara A., ZTA, West Lawn, Pa. 

(^ o o 






^ 1 




















Hi;SS. Carol ,\1., Z lA, Washingion, 
I). C:.; HI'SIKR, Betty 1... Colorado 
Springs, Colo.; HICKS, Margaret A., 
KA, Rockwood, Tenn.; HIl.l,, |ohn I).. 
(^K:;:, Karle, Ark.; UlLl., Jnlinny F., 
Alurfrccsboro, N. C". 

.SVrw/,/ nni-: 

Hli.l,, R. Susan, Cineinnati, Ohio, lil\- 
Kl'I,, |a\ I',., larpon Springs, I'la.; 
HOBMS, |ohn !■■.., B<MI, Clavton, Mo.; 
IK )1, LI 1 II ■.1.1), Henrv C., Norfolk, \a.; 
HOl.l.OMAX, Riehard \'., Ahoskie. 
\. C. 

Thini nnv: 

H()1,S1\C;I:R, CaroUn R., Ir. Me- 
Fherson, (ia.; HOl.i; |ennie 1.., AAA, 
Atlanta, (ia.; HOOD," Klizabeth, Ft. 
Houst.m, le.xas; HO'FFLLING, Wil- 
liam I'., Chapel Hill, N. C; HUFF, 
Phihp A., (iathnluirg. lenn. 

I'oiir/li r/nv: 

IIK.CIN, Flizabeth A., KA, Gastonia, 
\. (.; HUNT, Ruskin H., |r., AXA, 
(.niton, N. C; HUSS, |ohn D., Spartan- 
burg, S. C.; I'ANSON, Lawrence \\'., 
Jr., i:N^ Portsmouth, V'a.; JACKSON, 
Albert C, Jr., Jasper, Ala. 


/■;/•/// rrrw: 

lACKSON. lames, <^A(-), Kinu.stree, S. C.; 
"lARRFLL, "Ronald I,., Durham, N. C.; 
"IINKINS, j. i'.dxxard, Charlotte, N. C.; 
"IFNNF.FFF, David L., <PK^. I h/.abeth 
"Citv, N. C; lOHNSON, Fdward C„ 
<I>kU", Jacksonville, Fla. 

Six/h rini-: 

lOHNSON, I li/aheth \>.. Norfolk, \a.; 
lOHNSON, Herbert M., l'.\, Bron.x- 
'ville, N. v.; lOHNSON. lames F.., Jr., 
KA, Liimberron, N. C.;" |()IINSON, 
Robert !,., |r., lliekor\ , N. "C; jOLLS, 
Kenneth R.," Durham. N. C. 

Sciriitli rtnv: 

lONFS, Anne II., Z FA, Carbon, W. 
■\a.; JONi:S, Frederick ()"N., BHII, Char- 
lotte, N. C\ jONI'S, jiidv, Cineinnati, 
Ohio; J()NF,S," Leonida.s J.; Al^'l', War- 
renton," N. (".; JONl',S, Margaret \'., 
Durham, N. C. 

I.K^Iiili mil': 

JORDAN, IJizabeth L., AAII, Durham, 
\. C., |()VCF„ lames B., Loiian, W. \a.; 
Kl ARNS, Amos R., |r., KA, High 
P,.int, N. C.; Kl'.IFFR, R<.bert B., 'I'AH, 
Dunbar, W. \a.; Kl MP, David I ., 1"\. 
Dastona Beach, Fla. 


First row: 

KKTNKR, lanct S., KA, CoikorI, N. C; 
KKVSl.R, "lames R., <1>A(-), Lvnchburg, 
\'.i.; KIM.Kun H., Seoul. Korea; KIM- 
MICH, Walter C, IN, Brooklyn, N. V.; 
KIMZF.Y, Patricia A., Z lA, Brevard, 
N. C. 

Second row: 

KING, Charles C, Crockett, \a.; KINC, 
loseph W., IN, Kings Mills, Ohio, 
klRKI.ANI), Frankie, Scotland Neck, 
N. C; KNAPP, John F., Al'«t>, Hopewell, 
\a.; KRAMFR," Richard \'., A 1 Li, Dur- 
ham, N. C. 

Third row: 

LALIBERTE, Leila M., ZIA, Miami 
Beach, Fla.; LAMMERT, |ohn FF, AXA, 
Miami, Fla.; LONG, Ciordon R., <l>K»l', 
Rochester, N. Y.; LARI'SF, Ricci J., 
IN, Kimball, \\. \'a.; LASSFFFR, Ken- 
neth R., Richmond, \a. 

Fourth row: 

LEAGUE, Elizabeth A., A<J), Warrenton, 
N. C; LEE, Mary F., IK, Durham, 
N. C; LEWIS, Clavton \\'., A FU, Rux- 
ton, Md.; LEWIS, Frank S., Chapel Hill; 
N. C; LIBBV, Bruce J., I<t)E, River 
Forest, III. 

Fifth row: 

LJDZ, Eduard, ZB I, Woodmere, N. Y.; 
LINK, James D., Cullman, Ala.; LOCKE, 
Margaret |., High Point, N. C; LONG, 
George t, <i>KI, Rock Hill, S. C; 
LONG, William M., Durham, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

LONGSWORTH, Robert -\L, Cirrolton, 
Ohio; LOOPER, Shelia |., Charleston, 
W. \'a.; LoSASSO, Alvin,'l<J>E, Youngs- 
town, Ohio; LUNDMARK, Karen F., 
Birmingham, Ala.; LYMAN, David, TF^F, 
Bangkok, Thailand. 

Seventh row: 

LYNCH, John C., B(-)II, Beaufort, 
N. C; LYON, Marilyn J., KKF, 
Beaconsfield W, Quebec; McANALLY 
Wanna M., ZTA, High Point, N. C; 
McCALL, Dorothy R., ZTA, Lookout 
Mountain, Tenn.; McCONNALL, 
Aminda L., AT, Greensboro, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

McCORMACK, |. Newton, Spindale, 
N. C; McDERMOTT, Thomas J., 
<I>KV, Allentown, Pa.; McDORMAN, 
Clarence L., FIKA, Birmingham, Ala.; Mc- 
DOUGAL, Charlotte A., Spindale, N. C; 
McFLHANFY, Harold N., <FA(-), Bur- 
gettstown. Pa. 


'WW^ ^ « 

T^^ ^ r^^ JP' P 

* ni( '- « 

F\yst ivw: 

.\1( 1 ADDI \, Don C, |r.. -tKI, Alt. 
Sterling, Kv.; McFI'K, Charles B.. Ill, 
'I'K1\ Richmond, \a.; McCIRANAHAN, 
juha I-,.. Durham, X. C; McINTYRli, 
Susan ,\1., IIB'l', Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 
,\lc:KI',K, Alice, KA(-). Ft. Lauderdale, 

Second roiv: 

McLAWnORN, |o Anne, 'I'M, W mter- 
villc, N. C; MALPHFRSON, Doug- 
las H., Largo, Fla.; AL\NN, Beverly D., 
Durham, N. C; AL^iRSFLALL, Ann, 
AAn, Jacksonville, Fla.; .\L\R11\, 
Miles H., Jr., Oakhill, W. \a. 

Third nm: 

MASON, Ann 1., Charlotte, N. C.; 
,\L\SSIA, William |., Ill, A FO. Smith- 
held, \. C:.; .\1FFFI:R'F, William G., 
'FK'l", Cedar Rapids, Iowa; MFNFFEE, 
Samuel W'., Ill, Lanca.ster, Pa.; MFW- 
BORM:, William B., |r., AiO. Roxboro, 
N. C. 

l-'oiirth r/nv: 

MEYER, Cordon B., IIKA, Sands Point, 
N. v.; ME^ER, Herbert F., Pearl River, 
\. v.; MILLER. Ihomas O., <i>KT, 
Miami, Fla.; MILLW'EE, Emilv A., Little 
Rock, Arkansas; MOCEL, Ron D., ZBT, 
Balnmore, Md. 


/■'//'/// iviv: 

.\i()NEVMAKER, Tommy A., |r., f^KM^ 
Arlington, Va.; M()NF(";OMERY, 
David P., |r., ATU, Durham, N. C; 
MOODY, Thomas \\'., Durham, N. C; 
AlOORl, Alton \'., IIKA, Columbus, 
(ia.; MOORF, lames E., K:^, Creen- 
\\ood, S. C. 
Sixth roTi-: 

MOORF, |ohn F., 15(-)I1, Winter Park, 
Fla.; MO()Ri; Katharine C., A'l', Win- 
ter Park, Fla.; AlORCAN, Richard W'., 
<l'AH, Durham, \. C.; MORRIS, lohn F., 
K^, Hertford, \. C; MORRIS, Wil- 
liam C:., Jr., l''l-l\ Cleveland, Ohio. 

Srvnith nm: 

AIOIF, Carlese C., AAA, Sarasota, 

Fla.; MO 11, Ceorge I'., \irginia Beach, 

\'a.; MOIII'RSHEAD, Cheston W, 

Tarawa lerrace, N. C.; NACHMAN, 

Charlene \., AI'.'F, Newport News, \'a.; 

NI'.AL, Rodney I)., IN, Little Rock, 


l-i^hth mv: 

N1•.AL^■, David L., IIKA. Sara.sota, Fla.; 

NI'LSON, Barbara L., <1'M, Stamford, 

Conn.; NI'.WCOMBi:, Barbara S., AAA, 

Coral Cables, Fla.; Nl'.Wl'.LL, Sylvia |., 

Lake Junahiska, N. C.; NlCKEL, 

Laura !■"., .\<I», .\vondale I'states, Ca. 


First roll-: 

NOBLK, Marv |anc, AAA, (iRxiiNMch, 
Conn.; NOBLK," Robcrr I.., A I A, (kl- 
wein, Iowa; NOLAN. Patricia \\\, IIB<I', 
Rutledgc, C,a.; NORDLII',, Rnhvn S., 
Ardslfv, N. v.; NORRIS, kav, Arul)a, 
Netherlands West Indies. 

Second rwu:: 

OBKRHOFKR, Andrew O'l)., W inston- 
Salem, N. C; OI.INCIR, R. |., Spring- 
field, Ohio; ()1.I\I:R, Margaret K., -I'M, 
K.^rt Mill, S. C; OWI'N, Robert K., 
Baltimore. Md.; OWKNS. Carolyn P., 
AT, North Charleston, S. C. 

Third roiv: 

PACi:, I'.mmett H., |r., I,\E, Wheeling, 
W. \'a.; PAIX;1T1, Douglas M., KS, 
Spindale, N. C; PAGE, Diana I., Spring- 
field, N. |.; PAGE, Frances ).., AMI, 
Durham, N. C; PARSONS. William I,., 
Jr., Lynn, Mass. 

Fourth roiv: 

PARI LOW, Xirumia A., KKL, High- 
land Park, III.; PATRICK, Rambert W., 
|r., Gainesville, Fla.; PATTON, Mat- 
thew H., «t>A(-), Carrollton, (ia.; PEARL, 
David \\„ 'I>K^, Ithaca, N. V.; PEN- 
FIELD, Laura L., RAW, West Hartford, 

Fifth roiv: 

PERKINS, Gail I.., A*, Thomaston, 
Ga.; Pl'.RRV, i:. lane, Durham, N. C; 
PERR^, lerrv .\1., Bailey, N. C; 
PELERS, Carolyn, Winston-Salem. N. C; 
PETERSON, Norman D., :L.<i>\\ Hallan- 
dale, Fla. 

Sixth row: 

PHILLIPS, John P., «}>A(-), Hazleton, 
Pa.; PHlLLiPS, Richard C, Cheston, 
\'a.; PICKENS, lames E., <t>Ki], Fort 
Myers, Fla.; POLLOCK, Linda L., 
KKF, Port Washington, N. Y.; POPE, 
Richard.!,, A I A, Dunn, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

PRAEL, Charles O., AXA, Arlington, 
\'a.; PRIZZI, Anthony R., IIKA, Nor- 
folk, Va.; QUATTLEBAUM, David A., 
HK*, Bishopville, S. C; RATCLIFF, 
Sandra, IIB*, River Forest, III.; RATTS, 
N. Sue, KKF, 0,sgood, Ind. 

Eig,hth row: 

RAU, L. laniee, KA, Amityville, N. Y.; 
REDDINC";, Marshall S., Gibsonville, 
N. C; REDMOND, James W., IN, 
Taylors, S. C; RI'.ED, Henrietta H., 
AAn, Greensboro, N. C; REESE, Sid- 
ney W., Jr., <i>A(-), Birmingham, Ala. 

,9 © <? ^ J^ 



































Insr nr^-. 

RIXilSriR, l.con H., |r., Durham. \. C; 
RHODKS, Helen K.. IIB'I', Dravosburg, 
Pa.; RICHARDSON. |amcs W.. AI4>. 
(irecnville, S. C; RII.KV. Penelope, 
Norfolk. \a.; ROBBINS, Alan C. Dur- 
ham, N. v.. 

Snoiid mu-: 

ROHI'RIS. Michael |., (-).\. .Salisburv, 
Md.; ROBI'R rSON, Ihoma.s L., A 112, 
Havertown, Pa.; ROBFRTSON, \ir- 
giniu.s Orville, III, IlKA, Lynchburg, 
\a.; ROBINS, Herbert T., OK*, Rome, 
Ga.; RODHOUSE, Nancy A., ^B'^, 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

'H/ird roiv: 

RODWKLI., Rov ()., KA. Henderson. 
N. C.; ROCKRS. Russell |.. |r., KA. 
Atlanta. Cia.; ROLI.INSON. Nlark, '^K^. 
C^hattanooga. Tenn.; ROMIIILI. Don- 
aid W.. lerrace Park. Ohio; ROOKKR, 
I'dwina. AAA. Warrenton, N. C. 

Fniirth mil': 

ROSSI'R. (iordon H., jr.. Durham, N. C; 
RUDD. Robert N.. " Kl\ (ireensboro. 
N. C.; RUSHTON. Edward VV., Jr., 
KA. Roanoke. \'a.; RUSSELL. Thomas E., 
*K:i;. Montclair. N. |.; RUSTA, Doug- 
las W'.. New York, N.'V. 


Fif/h roiv: 

SCAIEE. William ().. |r.. I'N. lackson- 
viile. Fla.; SCHLAC, Nincv C. 
ZTA. (ireen.sboro. N. C.; SC:H\iriT. 
riielnia S.. Rio dc Janeiro. Brazil; 
SCIIOEB. |ohn W'.. Pctcrsburii, \'a.; 
SCIIL'LM.AN, Ahb)tt J., Miami, Ela. 

Snrh nru-: 

SECAL. Arlene l„ AE'I'. leineck. \, !,; 
SEIEI'RT. Patricia B., Sparrmbuni. S. C.; 
SI'.LBV. lames E., Ki:. Ro.-kv 'Mount. 
N. C.; SENEE. Diani (i.. AT. Eoledo. 
Ohio; SHANN()N, Ihoinis H., KA. 
Wilmington, N. C. 

Srvciirh roic: 

SIIJIIEI'X. I red R.. C;imlen. S. C; 

SIIIRI'R, ludv I.., KA. Roek Hill, S. C.; 

SHLOSSBERC. Harnett |., Halifax, Nova 

Scotia; SHIRKI'Y. John A.. Wa.shington. 

I). C.; SHOE, lanet A.. AE, Portsmouth, 


Ei<ihili nnv: 

SHORE, llu.nias I).. B(-)1I, Celina. 
Ohio; SIMPSON. William R.. |r.. Kl'. 
Rock Hill. S. C.; SKII.LIN. Carol E. 
AT. Natick.; S.NEM.EW'OOi). 
Dick. Washinuton. 1). C; SMA EHERS, 
Robert I E. iJX. Matthew s. N. C. 


First row: 

SMITH, Carv, Ft. Thomas. Kv.; SMllI 1, 

Joyce v., Camden, S. C; SMITH, 

Robert C, ^KI,, Washington, D. C; 

SMITH, VVilHam |. H., i;\. Washington. 

D. C; SMITH. \Viiham P., Birminuham. 


Snuiid row. 

SNOW, Joanne B., ZTA. (irccnshon.. 
N. C; SOTO, Irene C, Ciuatemala, 
Guatemala; SPARROW. Robert W., 
ATA, Pittsburgh, Pa.; SPI'.AR, Frances C, 
A*. Wavcross, Ca.; SPFNCl'.R. Wil- 
ham C. Jr.. Rocky Mount. \. C. 

Third row: 

SPRINSTON, Wendell Lee, i]X, Wil- 
sons, \'a.; SPROTTE, Robert M., Long 
Island, N. Y.; STAATS, Ann F., Charles- 
ton, W. Va.; STAHLEKER, Carl, III, 
ATA, Wellesley, Mass.; STANBACK, 
N. Jean. KA. Salisbury, N. C. 

Four! 1 1 row: 

S I APLI.SFORD. 1 homas C. Woodburv, 
N. J.; S IF WAR!. Kay. AAO, Dayton, 
Ohio; SIFW ART. Robert W., ATA, 
Raleigh, \. C; STEWART, Wilber C, 
Williamston. N. C; STINFSPRING, 
John A.. Durham, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

STITELY, Dennis B., l(i>F, Felton, Pa.; 
STONE, Sarah E., Raleigh, N. C; 
STAUS, Benjamin (i., AS<1>. Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y; STRICKLAND, Marv F., 
KA, Burlington, N. C; SUDDUTH, 
William D., Montgomery, .Ala. 

Sixth row: 

SUITER, William O.. Jr.. Raleigh. N. C; 
SWAIN. Nancy E.. Riverside. Conn.; 
SZEKELY, Ruth E., Garden C:itv, 
N. Y; TAFT, William H., Jr., 4>A(-), 
Greenville, N. C; TAYLOR, James A., 
Jr., i:.\. Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Seventh row: 

TAYLOR, Joseph M.. Pelzer. S. C; 
TAYLOR, Marv \'., AXU, Poplar Hill. 
Va.; TAYLOR. Thomas R.. Neu Bern. 
N. C; TEMKO. Michael H., ZBl. 
Greensboro. N. C; THOMAS, Sarah J., 
Westfield, N. J. 

Eighth row: 

THOMPSON, Dan Stuart. Burgaw. 
N. C; TILLFY, Nancv T, Durham, 
N. C; TIMBERLAKE. Bvron B., New 
Canton. Ohio; TIPTON.' Donald C, 
<I>KS, Petersburg. Va.; TOTH, Daniel, 
New York, N. Y. 







£ r-> 













»■ - 








. , r C^ P n 

n ^ ^ 

l-inl miv: 

rURNBULL, \ancv M., AAA; Clmm- 
nooga, linn.; lURNl R, I IcnrN H., 
\\\ WLsthcld, X. J.; IVSON, Bruce C. 
|r., Crccnvillc, \. C; UNDKRWOOD, 
"I,., Tvson, Salisbury, N. C; \A1.1 \- 
UNT; Heath E., DKA, Akron, Oln,.. 

Sirnihi miv: 

\A1.K\TINK, Patricia A., A'j>, Martins- 
ville, \. I.; \AN CURKN, CJcnc U 
A lA, \alhalla, N. V.; VAN SCHOICK, 
(iarv L., Durham, N. C; \'AN WYCK, 
Paul R., X.\, WVcknff, \. j.; \-AR\EY, 
Judith A., KKr, kcuancc, 111. 

riiinl rtnv: 

\AL'(iHAN, [anct M., Bradford, R. I.; 
NICrOR, lack R„ Sprinuhdd, Mo.; 
X'INSON, Virginia K., '1>.\1, kicksonvillc, 
1-1,1.; \'()ECn"LK\, Roherr S., |r., Leba- 
non, N. J.; W'ADSWORIH, (irace A., 
AAA, W'estport, Conn. 

l-ointh ,<ni-. 

WACiM.R, Bettv L. AAA, Statesville, 
N. C; W Al.KEV, Thoma.s M., :^AE, 
West Hartford, Conn.; WALTON, 
Benton IL, Chadbourn, N. C; WANG- 
LI I., X'orawcc, Bangkok, Thailand; 
W \RI), Otis B., Jr., Amelis, X'.i. 


WARD, Susan, AE*, Atlanta, Ga.; 
W ARREN, Glenn L., Gib.son, N. C; 
WASSON, Don G., i;N, Dhahran, Saudi 
Arabia; WATSON, Herbert i.., IlKA, 
Port Washington, N. V; WLAXi'R, 
Ann A., cI>iM, Asheville, N. C. 

Sixth mii-: 

Wl A\IR, Robert I., BHll, 
ville, Fla.; W I IMS. W.ule S.. -I'K T, 
Waynesboro, Vi.; \M IR, Anrhonv, B(-)||, 
l.anuhorne, l^a. 

Srirnlli ifni-: 
WELLS. Henrv 
Hill, S. C. 

A., J I 

<1'K1', Rock 


First roiv: 

WELLS, loan C, l\.lls Church, \a.; 
VVLLLS, 'Mars- A.. A*, ,\laplc«ood, 
N. J.; WKLT, Deborah, KKL, Iowa 
City, Iowa; VVKNDORF, Charles |., 
BWn, Mcdforcl Lakes, \. ).; WI Il.i-.LLR, 
Sally C, nB^I', Washin-ton, I). C, 

Second row: 

WHiri'.Hi'AI), Kenneth L., BWO, 
Winter Park, Lki., W HIl KHURST, 
Frances C, IIB<t>, Houston, Texas; 
W'HYTK, (George K., Jr., 6*0, Webster, 
Alo.; WHVTi:, Leiia N., Ai; Kvanston, 
Ilk; WILKINSON, 1 homas C, Durham, 
N. C, 

Thini row: 

WILLIAMS, L. Neil, Jr., Charlotte, 
N. C; WILSON, Beverly V\'., Lenoir, 
N. C; WILSON, Peter F., Rowavton, 
Conn.; WOLFF, Mary A., OB*, Iron- 
ton, Ohio; WOOD, Barrie T., Port 
Washington, N. Y. 

Fourth row: 

WOOD, Peggy A., KA, Raleigh, N. C; 
WOODALL, Joan F., nB*, Hampton, 
\'a.; WOOFFN, Chris G., AT, White- 
viile, N. C; WOOTFN, |ohn C, 
Graham, N. C; WRIGHl , Shirley F., 
Crundy, \'a. 

Fifth row: 

WRIGHT, Thomas T, <I>X, Brooklyn, 
N. v.; WLFNSCH, Richard D., Paterson, 
N. ).; \()ARS, Peter W., Chappaqua, 
N. Y.; YOH, Hin.ld I.., |r., l^N, Radnor, 
Pa.; YORK, Richard F., AS-J^, Eliza- 
beth, N. I. 

Sixth row: 

YOUNG, Stephen G., ATU, Buckhannon, 
W. Va.; ZAFFIRO, William R., B.ntj- 
hamton, N. Y.; ZOLLER, Bernard U., Jr., 
HX, Bradenron, Fla. 


h- F^ ^ 



P r» ^ P 


tt n P p :^ £-) 

^ik^ik life 

First nr^-. 

ADAMS, Alarioric A.; ADCOCK, 
Kenneth D., KA; ADDINCHON, 
Sandra 1)., HB*; AlKKN, Ann, ZTA; 
AKI.RS, Douglas \.; ALEXANDER, 
I- rank H., Al*. 

Sfaiiiii roii.-: 

AI.l.EN, (krald, ATA; ANDERSON, 
IVvcrlcv A., IV, ANDERSON, Doug- 
las (i.;' ANDERSON, Earnest E.; AP- 
Pl.FrON, Riehard E.; ARMEIEED, 
\ iruinia Anne, / 1 A. 

'I'liini mil-: 

lames W., <t)A(-);; ATKINS, James M.; 
AEKINSON, William \\.- AUMAN, 
Jason R.; BABB, Donna K., <I>.\1. 

Fourth row: 

BACH! EEE, Clifton M., Jr., iJX; BAC- 
1.1 V, Martha M.; BAKER, Ardis A., 
AXLi; BALEAN lYNE. Bruce \l.. AXA; 
BAl.EARD, lames E.; BAl.l.OW, Ed- 
Nvard B., Jr., Ki;. 

/■■;/■/// rozf: 

BARKEEV, Erank E.; BARNES, Mar- 
vin E., '1>K^; BARRINCnON, .\lar- 
jorie C, AAA; BASSETT, Charles E.; 
BEAEE, Anthony E.; BEAMER, 
Harold E. 


Sixth row: 

Bl.AlT li:, Margiret E., AXU; BEAEY, 
Roherr C;.; BECK, Donald E.; BEEKER. 
W illiam A.; BEDEORD, Jerrcll S.; BELL, 
lohn M., Ki:. 

Sciriith row: 

BELL, Luther I'., |r., KA; BENNETl, 
Barbara A., KAH;" BENSON, lohn E., 
IIKA; BERCESEN, Richard N., 
BIRECH, lames E., IIKA; Bl S 1 , Wil- 
liam I., A lli. 

Fii^hth row: 

BIAIRLV, (ieorue W.; BKill.OW, 
Marv I.; 1:K; BKiCM'RS. Helen P., 
•I'M; BKiCS, Charles T, <I'K1"; Bl,\ll - 
SlIEIR, lohn !)., H(-M1, BLACK. 
lh<.masC.,"|r., I'N. 

Xiiith row: 


David 1.; BLAI r, Daniel II,, ZB I; 

BLAIINIR, Peter W.. |r., B()(i(iS, 

lames P., 'I-AH, HOI. I, l.auni Nireinia, 



First row: 

BOLT, Stanley K.; BOMN. William N.; 
BOOHKR, lames A., |r., UK A; BOS- 
WF.LL, Lorerta G.; BOURNl', Rieh- 
mond \V., Jr., ATii; BOWDh.N, 
Anne M., KA. 

Snomi r/nv: 

(ilenn W'., |r.. A! A; BRADFORD, 
William H.,' AlA; BRAL DW FI.I., 
Marv A., AT; BRESLOW , Marrv 1.., 
'/B I; BRIAN, Betsy B., KA. 

Third row: 

BRL\N, Lota L., ZTA; BRIFF, Alton A.; 
BROOKS, Laura L.; BROOKS, Lin- 
ton F., 0X; BROOKS, W illiam W., SN. 

Fourth row: 

BROWN, Constanee Ann, OB*; 
James W., Jr.; BROWNSON, Fred O., 
Rosalie B. 

BUGGELN, Linda A., <t>.\l; BULLOCK, W^SL .^fc^^ i^^ ^ ^^ J * y^ 

David O.; BUNCH, Ruth Dveann, AAO; ^H^ flH^H Hf f^ AI^H D 7 ^ /i 

BUNN, Jaek C; BURNS, Robert E.; H^B ^^^^M&MM&i ^H^H 1/ V / IF 

BUTEAU, Bernard F., Jr., ATA. ^^^- ^^^. ^^^ ^^^ .^». ^1^ 

Sixth row: 

BYERS, Robert .\L, 4>KS; BYRNE, 
William D., Jr., SAE; CALDWELL, 
Norman D.; CALHOUN, Thomas A., 
<1>A(-); CANNEY, Frank D., AXA; CAN- 
NON, Laura L. 

Seventh row: 

CARLSON, Clifford A.; CARMl- 
CHAEL, Judith; CARR, Richard, IIK*; 
CARTER, Charles F., ^KiP; CAR'I I.R, 
David M.; CASHW ELL, Dava A., KA. 

Eighth row: 

CASH, William T; CHAFIN, Rob- 
ert N.; CHAMBERLAIN, Margoc, KAH; 
VViiloughby C;., Jr.; CHILD, .Mary Alice, 

Xiiith row: 

Lewis R., Ill, B(-)n; CLEAX'F, Carol A., 
KAB; COBB, Curtis E., *K4'; COF- 
FEY, John H., SN; COHEN, Peter E. 


^ ^t^£i£^ 


9 ^ 

^ ■■' fi 1^ f ■ 

(ft o P f^ n 

p> n ^ 1^ P- c^ 


First roiv: 

com:, lames I,.; COM., Gimlvn \.. 
•I'M; C()NNOR. Bruce A.; COPI LAND, 
Kiiward Al., :i:\; CORNWI 1,1., Ken- 
neth !.., AlA; COl riNCIlAM, An- 
drew J., Jr.. KA. 

Stroiui lynv: 

Ahirsaret P., KA; CRAW FORD, Nara- 
LecCllB4>; CRFADICK, Anne F., A*; 
CRFWS, Lyen C; CROSS, .Melissa. 

I III 111 roir: 

CROWILL, William C; CULP, 
Charles 11.; CULP, Julian .\1., AlA; 
Ilenrv L., (FAH; DANI'HOW FR, Bar- 
l.ara L. 

fourth rozv: 

DANll.L, James W.C., jr., KA; 1)A\1D- 
SON, Ronald I'..; DAX'JDSON, Sallv A., 
AAIl; DAN'IS, Jean G., AAA; DA\1S, 
Keith T.; DA\-1S, W'ilda Ann. 

Fifth roll-: 

DAN'IS, Willene C., I1B<F; DFAN, 
Norman VV., <1>KH-; DFBROXNFR, 
Steven H., TF*; DFCKFR F, Deanna \'.; 
DJ-.LONC;, Nancy K..; DFNISi:, Rob- 
ert P., OK.*. 


Sixth rim-: 

DI.NFON, Donald IF, |r.; DiRllN/O, 
1 leanor R., DFSCHIJ'R, Ralph ).; 
DICKFV, Crawford .\F; DOBSON, 
|ohn .\F; DOSS, Don C. 

Sririith nm: 

DOWFINC, W illiam 1.., HHll, DOM. I 
lamie; DRAW BAU( ill, Harriet J.: 
"DUKI, Charles B.; DUNCAN, David G.: 
DUNFAP, I'linor R., <I',\F 

l'.ii!,hth row: 

DUNN, .Musette K., KA; I \(.FF, 
I lien W'., ,\AII, I ACI.r, I. Amra; 
1 DSON, Priseilla !.; IDWARl), Oli- 
ver I., |r., 'I'K'F, I l)\\ \Ri)S, Ro.jer N 

Siiitli rinv: 

I DW ARDS. Sidnev I ., 1 FDI R. |on C. 

I.\; IFI)RII)(,I\ ll.nv.inl S., B(-»ll, 

IRN IN, l),u-,itlu Diani, IRWIN, 

Divid I'... IlK'l', ISkRllH.l, Marv 
Fois, IIIM'. 


First ro-ir: 

FA'ANS, Alarv Ann, A.XLi; I'AI51AN^ 
v.. Larrv, AXA; FAN I', lulic H., AAll; 
FARMFR, Georgia A., Al\ FARMl.R, 
Joseph C. Jr., KA; FI'ATHl'.RSFONi:, 
Robert D. 

Second row: 

Charles J.; FERGUSON, John C., AI<I); 
FISHER, Earl E., Jr., nK<J>; FISHER, 
Howard T; FISHER, Zane H., AXA. 

Third row: 

Clara, AAA; FLETCHER, Frank U., 
Jr.; FLETCHER, Lindsay C; FLOUN- 
DERS, Hannah E., AP; FLYNN, Doug- 
las S., BHIL 

Fourth row: 

FLYNN, Kathleen E., AAA; FOLKMAN, 
Betty A., ZTA; FORD, Richard L.; 
FORTE, Sarah F., I IB*; FOULER, 
Frances E.; FRIED.MAX, Ira S., TE<I>. 

Fifth row: 

FRIEND, Susan R.; FRY, Donald K., 
Jr., ^KS; FYE, Charles C, Ki]; 
GAIERO, Francis E., Jr.; ClAMBLE, 
Robert O.; GARRATT, Joan, nB*. 

Sixth row: 

tha H.; GERBER, Norman A., TE*; 
GERDEL, David H., 4)A(-); GIFFHORN, 
Ann, KAB; GILES, Judith \., AT. 

Seventh row: 

lard M.; GILLILAND, Elizabeth, AAH; 
Joel S., ZBT; GLEASON, Joan M., KKF. 

Eighth row: 

Fredric R., ZBT; GRAHAM, Susan E., 
KA(-); GRAHAM, Thomas P., Jr., ATQ; 
GRANOFF, Paul D., TE<i>; GRANT, 
Elizabeth C, OB*. 

Ninth row: 

GRANT, Robert N., ATQ; GREEN, 
David L.; GREGORY, Jacquelvn, KAH; 
GRIMM, E. Anthony; "GRUBBS, Wil- 
liam D., <i>A0; GRUBER, Janet S., <^\\. 


51 ^ ^'f^ 


illl t^t 

.a p Pi 


f^ p if % (^ 

£^«^,v p. g) ^ 

First row: 

CRLKXIXCiF.R, Susana B.. AT; GRV- 
HOWSKI, Kirk R.; HAA(i, I'.ugcnc P.; 
11A(,I V, Kinu A.; HACI.IR, Sarah S., 
IIH'I>; HAHN, Klizabcrh B., <t>.\l. 

Snoiid roil': 

HALF, Wanda I..; HAMMIR, Steven 1.., 
A I A; HANCOCK, Sue 1.; HAMV, 
Anna K., 'I'M; HANKINS, Charles S., 
HARM V, (iregory N., A.\A. 

■/■//;/</ /y/ir; 

HARPl.R, lames W.; HARRKLSON, 
Wallace C.,' AXA; HARRILL, Patsv; 
HARRINCrON, Paul |., jr.; HARRIS, 
Jessie ,\1.; HARRISON; \\ illiani ll„ Jr. 

l-oiirth row: 

HARRISON, Wilham !.., Kl]; HAR 1 , 
Ihnor, KKF; HARVKY, Miles H.; 
David R., S4>E; HAYES, Michael Ci. 

Fifth row: 

HAYKS, Thomas F.., <1>K1; HAYNF.S, 
Ronald A.; HFBFRFFIN, (iustav VV., 
A:^<1>; HFINFKl.N, Fheodorc S.; HEL- 
Ml.R, l.hzabeth R., KKF; HELMS, 
Roy C!., KA. 


Sixth row: 

Harrier W'., AAA; HFNDRIX, Muriel L.. 
IIB'I'; HI NRY, Arthur R., Ai:<l>; HERN- 
DON, Elaine, AAU; HESS, Walter E., 

Sririith row: 

HI SI I R, Carl E.; HU illSMII II. 
Linda W.; HILL, David S., ALA; HILL, 
lames W., AXA; HILL, Nanev K., 
"k \H, HIE FY, Robert B., «l'A(->. 

r.mhth row: 

HINNANI, ludiih A., KA(-', IIIN- 
Donald B., HISS, Nanev 1.., 1;K; HOCH- 
MAN, Richard P. 

\iiilh row: 

HOLLOW \^, jninna M., IIB-F, HOL- 
LOW ILL, I.iiuuhkI, B.. Jr., AILJ, 
HOLM, Roberta, KA, II()L.\L\N, 
Bilhe |., HOI.SCLAW, l.vnn 1.., KKL, 
IIOI.SINCI R. .\L Paul. 

First row: 

HOOKS, lames C; HOWARD, Kav, 
\^, HO\\ARD, Hcnrv 1..; HOWIR, 
Tom R.; HUCKABKF, G.irmon H.; 
HUDSON, George C, Jr„ 'I'K^. 

Second rmc: 

HUC;HF,S, lohn I., |r., HUMPHRIV, 

Christian C," A*; HUSTKR, RichirLi H.; 

HUTCHINSON, Thomas P., ilX; 

HVMAN, Carol A.; IRONS, Marian F., 


Third row: 

IRVIN, Henrv C; IRWIN, 1 homis B., 
4>KS; 1\T,Y, (ieorgc F.; |ACK, 
Claude K., SAF; |AMFS, Marilyn M.; 
JARNIS, Fhomas A. 

Fourth row: 

JASPERT, George H., Ill; JEFFERS, 

Carl M., (-)X; JOHNSON, Charles A., 

nK4>; lOHNSON, Frances F., ZTA; 



Fifth row: 

William M.; |ONES, James M.; JONES, 
Juanita N., ZTA; JONES, Mary E.; 
JORDAN, Frank. 

Sixth row: 

JORDAN, Gladys M.; jUDFI.L, 
Anne M.; KARCiON, Robert H., ZBT; 
KAUFFMAN, Fdward S., Jr.; KAUFF- 
.\1ANN, Richard K., <I>K'r; KAUTZ, 
Peter E. 

Scirnth row: 

Seymour J., TE4>; KFIM, C;harlotte S.; 
KEIM, Robert M., HX; KELLEY, 
Sarah C; KENDALL, Shirley ,\L, A*. 

Eighth row: 

KENNERLY, Anne R., IIB*; Kl R(TI- 
NER, [ohn F.; KERNS, Patricia A., 
KKF; KEYES, Harriet L.. A*; KING, 
LeRov H., BHO; KING, Phillip M. 

Ninth row: 

Nancy L., KKE; KNOW LES, Joan B., 
KIN, Michael P., TE*; KRAMER, 
Robert A. 


> i^ p 

p p f^ ^ f* -? 

iL L- 


£ i MM 

(ft r> ^ f> ei (^. 

KRI PS, Arthur I-.. IN; KRLSl., | C, 
\\A; l.AMFil Rl, Ihomas K.; LANCi, 
l.nin I., AAA; LANMNC, lohn T, 
''I'M-), LASH ri.R, Jen w., \m<\K 

Scidiid rinv: 

I.AXl.R rV, Robert C)., <1>A(-); LAYSON, 
y.vd C. <I>AH; LKA, Roberta I'..; 
1,1 AMI R, \ivan C, AAIl; LKK, Caro- 
Ivn P.; LI.ISIKR, Hovxard J. 

riind ///li'.- 

1,1 A IN, lames S., ZBT; LKlBRKCm, 
Claudia .A., KKF; LINDFN. John 1.; 
LINDSAY, Sarah A.; LINSI'.RI, Mar- 
guerite ll„ AT; LINION, William R., 
Jr., UK A. 

ImntI, mii-: 

1,1 1 ILL, Frcderiek B.; LOCiAN, Leon- 
ard (;., Jr.; L()\1LI, Ronald, ZBT; 
LOWER, David A.; LUCAS, Alice C, 
AXU; LUCE, William P., <I>K1\ 

/•■;/>/; nni-: 

lohn D., |r.; LYON, Edwin R.; ,\lc- 
ANALLY," William L, 2AE; McCON- 
Jessie, AAn. 


Sixth rrjiv: 

McFADDIN, ludith \'., KA(-); Mc- 
FARLAND, Robert B.; Mt (IRECiOR, 
Frank H., |r., ^'I-F; MclNFYRE, 
Fred H., |r.; NlcMILLAN, William A\'., 
IIKA; .\Lu.FW EN, Richard A., IIK<I'. 

,S,-;v///// nm-: 

\K(I\()R. \irpima C., KKF, MA- 
FONl. Michael '!.; MANNINC, 
Marir |.; .XLARCUI.ll'.S, Karen L, X^ll^l^, 
M.\RSHALI„ \irmnia H., AXS.,J; iNLAR- 
IIN, I li/aberh P., KA. 

r.inhlli rinr. 

MASSIA, Anne A., 'I'M. M AUNZ, 
Don 1.., IIKA; ,\L\M RS, Judith D., 
KKF; MAZZOI 1 1, Richard R.; MER- 
CIIANI, Mariraret A., KKF; MES- 
SICK, Ardis M.; AAA. 

Ml LIS. Ruthie ,\L. AAIL MICH. ML 
Man S.; MIDCI'.I 1, .Martha 1., AF 
MII.LIR, Don I.; .MILLI'R, Fred II. 
KA; .MIFI.IR, James E., ALU. 

Fint nm-: 

MILI.KR, lohn ,\1.; Mil. I .IK, 

sarct |., AXil, Mll.l-l'R, William K.; 

\11I.1.H.\L'S1R, Rokrr 1... /.WW MH.- 

LIKKN, .\nnc, Z 1 A; Alll.US, Mary M., 


SeciJiid roil-: 

Louis M., ZBI"; MOODY, |ohn A.; 
MOODY, .\larv I.., AAA; MOON! R, 
Timothy C, ATA; .\100RI', Margaret 
Jo, ZTA. 

Thini mix: 

MOORMAN, lames W'., AlA; MOR- 
GAN, Anne \\„ AAIl; MORGAN, 
Walter C; MORIN, Ma.x, IlKA; MOR- 
RIS, Marion L.; MORSl',, Carolyn V. 

Fourth row: 

Deana |., AXLi; MOTLEY, Sandra J.; 
MULLHOLAND, Alfred D., i:N; 
NASH, James D., :;:N; NEELS, 
Howard E. 

Fifth row: 

NELKEN, Leona J.; NEWELL, Kath- 
leen B., AF; NEWMAN, Karil L., ^M; 
NEWTON, Margery J., ZTA; NEY, 
Edward A., ZBT; NICHOLAS, James H., 

Sixth row: 

LER, Leslie A., 06$; NORRIS, |esse A.; 
Sarah J.; NUTTER, Nancy A., A*. 

Seventh row: 

OLEJAR, Peter P., (-1X; OLMSl KD, 
Mary i\L, AT; OSBORNE, Harry A., 
2X; OTSTOT, Roberta M.; OVER- 
MAN, Donald E.; PAGE, David A. 

Eighth row: 

PAGE, Richard C; PARKS, Linda A.; 
COCK, lames L., i:AE; PENNY, 
Donald M"., 4>Kr; PEPPER, Jack E. 

Nimh row: 

Helen M.; PETERS, William T; PFEIF- 
FER, Carl J.; PHIL, Leonard F.; PHIL- 
LIPS, Russell A. 

n jp. p (!->■ T> fi 

ic> p ^ a ^ 

e% y' p. ^ ^ 

.V J 

-^ p ^ 

O f^ p p 

l-nst miL- 

PICKI r 1, Harriet M.; PINNKLL, Shel- 
don R., ATA; PL ATT, Jane H.; PLKSS, 
lohn (i., SX; POOLE, James VV.; 
"POORL, Rav V. 

Snnnd iviv: 

himcs I).; PRIA'OSr, Stephen M.; 
PRICHARl), lohn A.; PRINCE, 
PROBKRT, lames L. 

Bessie A., KA; 

Third mzr: 

PRUETTF-:, Marilyn C; PUETT, 
Amy K.; PUGH, George \\'.; PUGH, 
ALircus VV., Jr.; QUILLIAN, Betty E., 
KKi\ RAEBURN, Sandra B. 

/■ointh mzi-: 

RANDOLPH, Belden; RANKIN, Doro- 
thy B., KA; RAO, Carl D.; RAPKR, 
Marilyn ).; RATHMKLL. |ick l,.; RAT- 
LIFF; Norman B., Jr., ATLi. 

////// un. 

RI ADI , Rhodncy B., |r.; READING, 
limes L, |r, REASOR, Carolyn S.; 
1 \w iJK rh S ^k, REINHARDT, Mary J. 


Sixth roiv: 

REISE, Naney |., A\<>; RIDDICK. 
1. 11., |r,; RllSriR. Wdham R.. .\.\A; 
RnClIll',. Mirvm B., |r.; ROBERTS, 
Dayid B.; R( )BER 1 SON, Marion 1)., Jr. 

,Sriy7//// niv: 

ROIK ,I:RS, Rebecea H.; R( )1„ Charles B. 
KA; ROSINBLAl I. |. Leonard. I E'l-; 
RLSCII, Kurr B., 1:"AI', RL'SHING 
.Shade M., RLSI, HenrN. 

Ij(>hth wu'.- 

RLniSFT\USI.R, Richard G.; RYAN, 
Rosemary; SAARI, |ohn W.; SAI RH, 
llenr\ E., Alii; S.-\LI\ lane 1.., Zl A; 
SANi), Robert I'., .\.\A. 

.\';////; r/ni: 

SAI TERFII'LD, W mnie I)., KA, SA\ - 
AGE, Robert B.. |r., UK-I', SAVRI', 
Robert B.; SCHAI I R, Conrad B., Jr., 
IN; SCI I AIM AN. Melba S., AT; 
SCHII.KI\ Herman E., |r. 

First rniv: 

SCHIJ'.i;, Fadcnck A.; SCUULI.R, 
Hubert C:.; SCHUl.I., Kdwin CI., *AH; 
Stephen R.; SHAM R, Robert L. 

Second rniv: 

SHAXK, Cieoree F.; SHANKLIN, Rich- 
ard \'., IlKA^ SHARP, Eleanor CI., 
<1>.\1; SHFHADI, Florence G., KA; 
SHORI', Betty J., IV, SHORT, Sylvia !. 

-riiird ro-^'i 

SHULI'.R, Melissa B.; SIDEROWF, Rich- 
ard L., BWO; SIEGLING, Magdalen M., 
GluI J.; SIMS, David M., ATU. 

Fourth roiv: 

SINK, loseph S., KA; SINK, Robert C., 
SKEEL, Jay E., OK*; SLADF, Arthur E., 
ATA; SMITH, Barabara H. 

Fifth rmr: 

SMILEY, Karl, :iX; SMI'EH, Bernard R.; 
SMITH, Dorothy L.; SMITH, Eliza- 
beth A., ZTA; SA1ITH, |ohn M , <i)A(-); 
SMITH, Lynn A., ATA." 

Sixth row: 

SMITH, Powell S., <i>M-); SMITH, 
Ray S., KA; SNOW, Peter D., (-)X; 
SNYDER, lohn N.; SNYDER, Susanne C.; 
SOUTHARD, I'lizabcth L., ZTA. 

Seventh row: 

Warren R., HKA; SPIKES, Etta B.; 
SPILL AR, Robert L; SPITLER, Dave R., 
^KS; SPRUNT, Alice H., AXQ. 

Fifihth row: 

S'EAL1:Y, William C.; STARNES, Wal- 
ter B., KA; STEINMETZ, William J., 
A'lA; S'IFNNIS, Margaret |., ZTA; 
Phvll.s, AXii. 

S'inth row: 

STILES, Lawrence W; STRAUB, 
Karl D.; STRAYHORN, Carl V.; 
Claudia T; S I UCKEY, Lewis N. 

^ ^ ^^ '^■ 

la H^ d^iL iii.\ I i 

.-. i 


/•■//•v/ roiv: 

SILMPF, Karl |.; SI URI)I\A\T. 
Susie M.. AI^ SCl.l.l\A\, l.uta B.; 
SL.\l.\ir.RS, \irf;inia (i., AAA; SWAN, 
Htkn H., AXL2; SWl.NSON, Kdwin A. 

Saoini nm-: 

S\\ 1X1)1,1. 1., William H., ATU; 


Ka\ van; TABOR, (iarv R.. BHH; TAFF., 

Patricia IX, KAH; FASLOR, Herbert A., 


rinrd WU-: 

I AMOR, Thomas W., IN; TAYLOR, 
W illiam M., ^KH"; TFLLER, Donald F.., 
'l>Kr; TFMPLF, jim |.; TF.MPI.F, 
Peter !.., AXA; FHOMAS, John B. 

l-minh roil': 

Charles A., AXA; THOMPSON, Rob- 
ert K.; THOMPSON, Ihomas M.; 

Randolph H., HX. 

Nfih ion: 

IHLSS. Robert W., <FA(-), FIBBI FTS, 
John W., BHII; IIFBURV, C.eorjre R., 
■'^K1^ FIFFOV, Dana K.; FODKIl.L, 
Burton J.; TOD'F, Nancv W., Al". 


Sixth row: 

TOTTFY, Alfred (i.; FOWl , Roltl F, 
B(-)II; TSCHINKFL, Heinrich M.; 
I L'CKI R, Susan A., IIB<^; 1 URNFR, 
John ,\F; FURNFR, Mcbanc E. 

Sri-n/rh row: 

I URNFR, W ilham IF, ATA; TL'F'FFF, 
Marcia F., AX«>; lAI.i'R, Bobbie J., 
AAII; UPMFMR, I rnst A., AFU; 
URBAN. Nancv 1... KA(-); \ANDFR- 
Hl I K, Randall B., IIKA. 

h'.i^-hth row: 

XanMIFN, lohn I.., \ ALCdIN, 
Charles S.; \RI I lAM), jav S., Al A; 
WACO, Ihomas l„ KA. " 

First wii': 

WAGNKR, Nick, K^; W ARD. lolin R.; 
VVATKRS. Annette; WAISON, Rich- 
ard F., BWII; WATSON, Theron P.; 
WATSON, \\ illiani T, KA. 

Siroihi roiv: 

\\AVS, Diana |., IK; WIBI R, (icorge, 
<i>KT, Wr.KD, Richard 1,.; WI'.ISS, 
Sandra |.; WKLCH, Hertrand C, A\A; 
W KNBI.RCi, Juha 1.., KA. 

Thini roii-: 

WERNI.R, Barbara |., KKl'; W I.SLIA", 
Robert |.; \\ TST, "William K., IlKA; 
WKSTMORKl-AND, Donald R., ^Ki]; 
WKTZI.IR, Philip H.; W HKl-.LKR, 
Fredrick J. 

Fourth iV'U\- 

WHITAKFR, Cecil F., ATli; W HIT- 
AKFR, Eleanor G., KA; Willi IN(i, 
lean C; WHITESIDF, Mildred K,; 
Alexander E. 

Fifth row: 


\'irginia E., KA; WINDLEY, David C- 

•tKI; WINE, Charles J.; WINTON, 

Elizabeth L., KKP; WOLFSON, Carl S., 


Sixth roir: 

WOOD, Gavlord A., Ai:4>; WOOD, 

Richard A., ffcKi]; WOOD, Richard J.; 


Richard A., i:N; WRIGHT, Winter, 


Seventh row: 

W ^ANT, Everett W.; WYNN, John D., 

BWO; YARGER, Noel H., SN; 

YELTON, William W., YENGST, 

Charles R., AI*; YOUNG, John W., 


Eighth row: 


liam A.; YURA, Joseph A. 

■-' S f^ p P r 

1 1 .^ ^M 


f ^1^ 

P P v^ « 


Firsl miv: 

ADAMS, DnlphO,; ADAMS, Kmiiiic M., 

ADAMS, lohn C, AINSIJI," ludith A.; 

AKIN, Pc.llv \-.; AI.IXAXDIR, Susan |.; 


Sn-oiid nra-: 

ALKRIKND, I'.srlur R.; AlXiKR, l-liza- 

hcth A.; AM.F.N. Rac I'.; AXDI.RSON, 

Fnrris F.; AXDFRSON, Richard P.; 

ANDI'RSON, Robcrr D.; ANDI'S, 

Alice M. 

IVini ro-^- 


Ircdcrick F.;' AXDRFWS. Ncill P.; 


Hcnrv 1..; ARCHFR, Fee L.; ARFN- 

DFFF, Helen M. 

l-oinrh ivii-: 


Nancv P.; ASHLFY, Martha L.; ASH- 

LFY; Roger T; ATKINS, Claire S.; 


Gail \; 

Fifth rou': 


Charles B.; BACHFS, Pete |.; BALDFR- 

ACCHF Arthur F.; BAFDWIN. Tom A.; 

BAFFOWi:, Fdmr C; BANDRI'.. 

CJeoree, 111. 


Sixth mu\ 

Dorothv A.; BARRll.R, Robert C.; 
I5AR1()N, lames N.; BASS, Fhomas 1,.; 
BAFll'.N, "11a K.; BA FY, Fanlee. 
Sririith nm-. 

BAXFFR, Kathleen \F; BAZI MORI', 
Ihomas R., |r.; BFARD, |ohn N.; 
Bl'.DDOF, MaVv F; BFFF, Flovd A.; 
BFNDFR, Nathan |.; BFRNI'Y, De- 
borah B. 

I'.i^hth row: 

BIGGI'R, lohn F., jr.; BIGCil'.RS, Rob- 
ert P.; BFACKARD, Ohivne; BFACH- 
BURN, Alexander M., Ill; BFACKl'RBY, 
I.Hida F.; BFACKWIFF, Billv R.; 
BLACKWOOD, Walser A., Jr. 

A'////// r/m-: 

HFWDFORD, 1 li/.abeth A.; HI.WK- 
INSlllP, lean W.; BFOOD, Fred \1.; 
HFOIM; Florence N.; BFY 1 1 I. jon R.; 
BOGGS, John IF, BOFl S, Steven 11. 
7r///// roii-: 

BOFI\(,, 1 nulv G.; BOOKIR, Mar- 
GARl F A.; BOOMIR, Walter I.; 
BOOM, Ann 1'.; BOOM. Stephen C; 
BOOllIBY, Herbert S.. |r.; BOO Ill- 
ROM), Gail A. 
l-ynriirh rim-: 

BORBl'FY, lert'rev .\.; BOSIFW, 
Ronald 1.; BOURN, lames I)., BOWl RS. 
Ih.iddeus R.; BO\\\\lAN, lack B., |r.; 
BOW \1.\N, Richard G., BOYD, h'hn'W. 


First nnv: 

BOYD. losL-ph L.; HOYl), Philip H.; 
BOYS, \VillKim W.; HRACl'Y, Danid ( ;., 
BRADI,!^, \hir-arcr; HRADSIIIR, 
riiorsnm 1.; HRKiMl, Arnold P. 

Second nm: 

William .\1.; BRINN, Marjoric ().; 
BRin, Harrv C; BROADKOO'l, 
Helen C; BR:0CKKTT, Belmont S.; 
BROCKKIT, William H. 

ThirJ mil-: 

Joseph ().; BROWN, lames R.; 
BROWNING, Arthur L.; BRYAN, Ed- 
ward L.; BUCKLKY, Peter Al.; BUDER, 
Carol L. 

Fourth roil': 


Arthur Dwitiht; BURDICK, Susan C; 

BURTON, Kathleen I.; BL' T 1 , Alarv A.; 

Bm TRY, Alton N., Ir.; B> Rl). Carl L., 


Fifth roll-: 

CAISON, Christopher H.; CALDWELL, 

Ann VV.; CALDWELL, Elizabeth B.; 


John T; CAMPBELL, |ulie L.; C:AMP- 

BELL, Nancy L. 

Sixth row: 

Jean L.; CARLTON, Terry S.; CAR- 
LYN, Robert H.; CARSWELL, Wil- 
liam A., Jr.; CARTER, Charles B., Jr.; 
CARTER, James A. 

Seventh row: 

CARTER, John T; CARTER, Robert, E.; 
CARTER, William A.; CART- 
WRIGHT, Eleanor W.; GARY, Allan P.; 
CASES, Hector J.; CASEY, Stephen H. 

Eighth row: 

liam F.; CHANEY, Jane E.; CHANG, 
Wallace; CHIiRlN, Arnold R.; CHILDS, 
Judith A.; CHU, Daniel J. 
Sliith row: 

CHURCH, Malcolm E.; CLARK, 
Adri .\L; CLARK, Catherine B.; CLARK, 
Richard E.; CLAYTON, Joseph E.; 
Joseph B. 

Tenth row: 

Gerald T; COHEN, Barrv M.; COHEN, 
Richard L.; COLE, Janice C; COLLEY, 
Roger J.; COLTRANE, Mary E. 

Eleventh row: 

COMP, Heinrich O.; CONNELLY, 
James J.; CONSTABLE, Thomas F., 
Jr.; COOKF:, Cecil E.; COOKE, (nven- 
dolvn D.; COOPER, William ]., |r.; 
CdPELAND, Earl L. 

IS.M ^ " 




r D a f> :^ CT r 

ll£^^A£ M 


*^ !5 P ^ Iv^ P 

First row: 

lorn B.; COX, Patricia A.; COX, 
Ihaddeus C.; CRANFORD, William E.; 
Robert C:. 

CRI I 1., Sallic R.; CROCCO, Charles A.; 
Robert A.; CRUAl, Rokct 1).; CRL'M- 
MIE, Robert (;.; CUl.P, Harry R., Jr. 

Tliirii row: 

Ben N.; DALi:, Richard P.; DANFORD, 
lerrv L.; DARLINCi, Alfred K.; DAR- 
RAH, Frances; DAL'CUIRTV, Her- 
bert H., Jr. 

Fourth row: 

DAVID, John P.; DAX'IS, Shellev, C; 
DAY, Lee F.; DECKER, )ohn P.; 
Frederick; DfPI'RSIO, Cierard J. 

Fifth row: 

DI.RI-CKI, |. Jertrev; DFWEV, ( icorge, 
|r.; DICK), Dan ' A.; DICKINSON, 
"(iarv VV.; DICKSON, |ames ,\1.; DIEF- 
Ri.v A., |r. 


.S';'.v//? row: 

DILL, Diane P.; DOBBS, Larrv iVl.; 
Frank AL; DODD, Dennis i\.- DODGE, 
Darlene R.; DORRIFY, Floyd (). 

SfiY/ith row: 

DORSI'.V, lames B.; DOSH, Sidney P.. 
|r.; DOW ."Stuart I .; DOXI V, .\Iarv F.; 
DRL \1.\10NI), David I)., |r.; DRLM- 
MOND, William K., l)RVi\ Carl A. 

Fii^hth row: 

DUC:K\\'0R1II, IXmiel A.; DLNI- 
CiAN, Patricia A.; DUNNlNCi, Mar- 
eia S.; DURNER, |ohn A., ill; 
JoanM.; DU\AL', Allen I'. 

\iiith row: 

DVFR, Carol I'.; I'.ARLEV, Georce |.; 
lAION, Georue F.; FAION, Stan- 
lev B., IDGIRFON, Sandra M.; FD- 
MONDSON, Michael W., I DW'ARDS, 
James A., Jr. 

I'riilh row: 

I DWARDS, Robert I..; ELLIS, |udv; 
ILI.IS, Louise F.; I'.LLISON, Floyd E., 
|r.; I LSFV. I'dvvard C.; EPPLEV, Rich- 
ard \1., I RW IN, Marion F. 

FJriYiilh row: 

I SPY, Chris I'..; I IHIRIIX;!, Ran- 
som W.; i:\ANS, Daniel I..; ENANS, 
|ohn P.; FARIS, lames |.; FAR.MER, 
"lean S., FXRMlR. Phillip W. 

First nii-: 

FKLL. I'dward L.; Fl'.NNKLL, Nancy i\l.; 
FIDLKR, Willmni K.; FIELDS, Clau- 
dine I .; FIFI. Srcplun K.; FISCHKR, 
Fred Paul, Jr.; FISHl'.R, Joan F. 

Second i-f/iv: 

FISlll'.R, William II., |r.; FISKF, Ciif- 
tord 13.; FLORl.NCi:, jane C, FLUDE, 
Susan; FOLCFR, William II.; FOOTE, 
l^anici I).; FORBIS, Fired W. 

Third row: 

FORTUNE, Barbara 1..; FOSCUE, 
Ellen v., FOSTER, C'.ail I..; FOSTER, 
Michael |.; FOUSE, Ramon P.; FOX, 
Wayne R.; FRAHM, Barry H. 

Fourth row. 

FRALEY, Frances P.; FRANKLIN, Ar- 
thur H.; FRANKLIN, William E.; 
liam F.; FREDERKINC;, Richard D.; 
FRi:V, James H. 

Fifth row: 

Lance H.; FUQUA, Flora L.; FUQUA, 
William D.; FUTRELL, Patricia A.; 
CABEL, Frederick D.; GALT, Wil- 
liam W 

Sixth row: 

(iAMBLE, William C; GANT, Bar- 
bara J.; GARRISON, Robert M.; (iAS- 
TON, Sarah R.; GATTIS, I homas II., 
GAULD, Diana E.; GAXTI 1, JoAnn. 
Seventh row: 

GAY, Wilham C.; GAY, William |.; 
GEER, James D.; GERCKEN, Sharon iVl.; 
GERGEN, Stephen L.; GERLEIN, Ro- 
berto \^.; GERWE, Roderick D. 
Eighth row: 

Walter H., Jr.; (JILLF.Y, William R.; 
GILLK;AN, Patricia A.; C;L.\SS, Mary 
Anna; GLASS, Simon D.; GLEASON, 
Jack A. 
Ninth row: 

Susin T; GNUSE, Harmon T; GOD- 
WIN, Homer C.; GOHRBAND, Al- 
lan L.; GOLDMAN, Herbert P.; GOLD- 
MAN, Ralph R. 
Tenth row: 

Timothy C.; GORHAM, Lewis A.; 
Margaret C.; GRAHAM, Leonard S., 
Jr.; C;RANT, Carroll D. 
Eleienth row: 

GRANT, \^irKinia B.; GREASON, 
Evelyn D.; GREEN, Edward G.; GREEN, 
Hiram S.; GREENE, Edmund B.; 
Stuart P. 

P D n « Ci •'' <!' 

£^1 p /^ (^ 3 p 






(iRIlR, Charles L.; (iRIM.1,1., 
Rohcrt 1..; (iROXIRl, Roucr A.; 
(iR()().\lI\ Hcnrv H., |r.; (IROXI:, 
Willuim 1),; (;R()\I:R, ■l-rLacnck 1..; 
(iRUHH. John H., jr. 
SmwJ miv: 

(iRLHl , lariKs R.; (lUlXilR, .\hinc T.; 
HAHN, "Richard A.; HAINI.S, How- 
ard P.; HAMll.rON. Martin C; HAM- 
MOM), Martha W., HAM), Huuh 
Walton, |r. 
Third nni-. 

HANKY, lames I'..; HANSI.N, Ra- 
tricia A.;" HANSKN, Richard I.; 
Margarer K.; HARDVXlAN, (den B.; 
HAIUii'ir, John I. 
l-mirtli roil-: 

HARKKY, i'rskine L., |r.; HARRl.1.1.. 
Herbert H.; HARRIS, Benjamin S. H., 
Ill; HARRIS, lacob Ci.; HARRIS, 
jovce A.; HARRIS, Larrv K.; HARRIS, 
Fifth nni-: 

Charles B.; HASTINGS, jane ().; 
Judith A.; HKFKLFINGKR, David C; 
"HKFFELFINGER, Thomas B., Jr. 


Sixth roll;: 

Hi'FNKR, Joseph W'.; HFINFK, Gwen- 
tred R.; HI'LMS, Hueh W.; HKNRY, 
Hector FT; HFRMAN, |eromc S.; 
Herbert, J., Jr. 

Seventh ro-ii': 

III \\ Hi, C. Dianne; HF.YSK, Karol A.; 
IIICKI Y, Carl R.; HICKS, l.ou K.; 
HIGH I, Bcrnice B., |r.; HILL, Zeb B.; 
HIFLARD, Jerry W. ' 

F.iiihtli roii\- 

HINi:, Patricia A.; HINITY, IJliott P.; 
IIIM'S, Geneva A.; HINKS, Ralph I'.; 
1IINI.S, Wilhs C., |r.; HOCKIRI, 
Lorance; I lOI'l.l'.R. Hetirv I). 

Xmth rail-: 

HOI, Ml. lav, HOI, MIS. I ll.ert C.; 
IIOLI, Idwin C.; IIOI.I. John W'.. 
HOI, I, Susan; HOOK. William (... |r.; 
HOPKINS, Alton 11. 

tenth roii-: 

HOPKINS, lames R.; HORM'. Flora G.; 
IIORWII7", Norns I,.; IIOL'CK. 
Charksl .., IIOL'GH.Srevenll.; IIOWI'. 
I.vmun II.. Ill, IIOGI.I', Faurence I. 

/•:/,•:■,■///// r,ni-: 

1ILP.I5I l,l„ Phihp II., IILCk. ludith A.; 
lll'FIMAN, Anita ,\1.; IIL'GGIN, 
Gerald C; HL'MPHRFY, |ames S., |r.; 
Maruaret l- . 


First mil': 

HUNTI'.R. Sarah II.; IIURD, I'rcd 1,.; 
HURRY, Robert ().; HUSKINS, Mil- 
dred A.; HUTCHINSON, Ferrell 1..; 
IKINHI'RRV, lean K.; INCRAM, I li/.a- 
berh R. 

Second mil': 

IRWIN, Charles P.; ISAMAS, Andro- 
nike C; I\'EV, Barbara L.; I\'KV, 
David P.; IVEY, lames P., Ir.; JACOB- 
SON, I.yn F.; JACOBUS, Dxvlghr \V. 

Tliini nnc: 

JAMES, Sandra H.; JARMAN, Pa- 
tricia C; JENKINS, John T.; JEl E, 
George W.; JIBILIAN, Gerald A.; 
C. Gordon, Jr. 

Fdiirtli rozv: 

JONES, Carroll E.; JONES, Herbert W.; 
JONES, Nancv A.; JONES, Robert A.; 
JONES, Thomas A.; |ORI)AN, 
Macon T; JORV, William H., 111. 

Fifth roii-: 

JOSEPH, lohn B.; JOYCI',, |ohnie L.; 
JOYCE, iViartin J.; lUS'EICE, "james M.; 
JUSTUS, Jerry T; KAGANOV, Alan L.; 
KANN, Herb E. 

Sixth row: 

KAPP, John P.; KATZ, Richard I.; 
Peter C; KEARNS, Ann E.; KEENY, 
Linda L.; KEITH, John M. 

Seventh row: 

KELLY, Jeanne A.; KENDALL, Wil- 
liam T; KENERICK, Karen J.; KERN, 
Kathryn; KETNER, Glenn E., Jr.; 
KIEHLE, George A.; KINCAID, Kay D. 

Eighth row: 

KING, George H., Jr.; KINC;, lames E.; 
KING, Karen W.; KING, Larrv, B.; 
KING, William W^ ]v.; KIRKMAN, 
Caroline E.; KIRKMAN, Robert C. 

Xiiith row: 

TRI'LL, Winifred E.; KLEIN, |ohn F.; 
Harold H.; KNAPPENBFRGI'R, Sue C; 
KNIGHT, Mary E. 

Tenth row: 

KOOP, Fred W; KOPF, Hildegard G.; 
Donald F..; KRETCHMAN, Graham B.; 
KRUPP, Carl E.; KULLMAN, Joe L. 

Eleventh row: 

James P.; LANE, Robert G.; LANCJ- 
WORTHY, Gladys J.; LANIER, Wal- 
ter G.; LANNING, |oseph R.; LAN- 
PHER, Jean A. 



Fint r<rci-. 

I,A\ 17„ lames S.; LARABI'.K, John E.; 

l.ASSin.R, Billic F.; LAUGHINC- 
^. j^ ^ y^ .JTA. HOL'SI , Idward L.; LKADK, Crav- 

^M^ M^I^dHr^^tfrr^ ''"" '^'' Li.BAUI'.R, I'tmcnc S.; li'.- 

BAL'I'.R, Sam M. 

Snoiid roir: 

1.1,1., John D., Jr.; LEE, Jo.seph 1)., 
Ill; I.IONARD, Kathcrina D.; l.EO- 
Ml.l.l, Frederick; LEYENS, |on F.; 
I.IP.MAN, Millard R.; LIFAKER, 
Daniel .\1. 

Third nni-. 

1.1 11 I.I', Ihoma.s F.; LOCKE, CIvde R.; 
I.OCKF, Helen; LOCKE, Marjorie; 
I.OFF, Sanford A.; LONGDON, Rob- 
erts.; LOTT, Nean. 

Fourth row: 

L()\'E, James T; LO\'F.JOV, |ohn F., 
|r.; LOY, Diane E.; LU\'l)BI.R(i, 
Gail K.; LYONS, Robin; McBEE, 
Michael J.; McCAMMON, Ck-orge A. 

Fifth row: 

.NicCLAlN, Philip VV.; McCOMAS, Rob- 
err .\1.; McCONCHlE, John L.; \\c- 
COXM'.LL, Daniel E.; McCULLA, Ran; 
.McDonald, \\arrenR.; McDOUGLF, 


A ^KMmk 


Sixth row: 

McELILANEY, |amcs \V.; iMcELROY, 
|ohn H.; .McF.VRLANE, Margaret A.; 
■.McGI'.i:, Gerald .\l.; .\lcGEE, Louise E.; 
.\l(:(ii:i., .Michael B.; McGRAN, Ralph. 
Sririnh row: 

.MdNlIRi:, Diane R.; McINTYRE, 
Maruarer |.; ,\1<:KAY, Judith L.; Mc- 
Kl li„ Bersv A.; .McKNkiHT, jame.s S.; 
M.l.WiN, .\larv A.; .M'cl.EAN, 
Welkn B. 
F.iiih/h row: 

.McNABB, William R.; ,\1( Nl ARY, 
|ohn ,\1.; ,\1<:N1:I:LY, Robert !..; 
M(()L'1LK1N, .Maruuerite; .\lc RAF., 
Donald I.; \1( W I l( )R1I ,R. Neil I'.; 
MuARIIILR, William J., Jr. 
.\'////// row: 

MvclSSAC, Carol |., Mx.KIN/.ll. 
Duncan A., |r.; ,\lu:KFN/ll', William B.; 
MuKlXNON. William B.; .MADRY, 
Marv .\.; MAGI l\ David A.; .\IAK1, 
Wilma I.. 
/;■///// row: 

MAI.LONII', Patricia !..; .MALONI'., 
Maix II., M ALOOF, I homas .\1.; 
MAKCLS, I llinr I,.; MARKWARDl, 
(.ivielun, M \KI IN, Barbara K.; MAR- 
I IN, \\Us \ . 
F.lririilli row: 

loseph M.; MARIIN, Sophie M.; 
\l\k.\, David C; .MAIIIiFWS, 
lamee A.; MA1IIII.\S, Paul U'.; 
W \ 1 ISON, lames I'. 


First row: 

MAUCH, Jcaninc M.; MAUNKV, 
Harold C, Jr.; MAY, iMichacl M.; 
lanicc; MF.Il'R, William D.; MI'.NAKl'.R, 
j. riionias. 

Seaiiid roiv: 

All'.SSl'.R, lames E.; MESTA, Edward H.; 
MIKESKl.l,. Michael P.; Mil.BY, Wil- 
liam E.; MILD, Marcia E.; MIEEER, 
Eeland W.; MIEEER, Michael C. 

Third nv:: 

MIEEER, Sallv E.; MISEK)!, Billv; 
MEECHEEE, William R.; Ml/.E, jan E.; 
Lynne E.; MONTGOMERY, Charles J. 

Fourth roiv: 

MOORI', Bradford L.; MOORE, Eliza- 
beth P.; MOORE, James H.; MOORE, 
I line IE; MOORE, Pamela ).; MOORE, 
Richard E; AlOORI., Robert T. 

Fifth row: 

MOORE, Terry C; MORGAN, Mer- 
rill S.; MORGAN, Ron D.; MORRIS, 
Anne C.; MORRIS, John D.; MORRIS, 
Eeon H., Jr.; MORROW, Sue B. 

Sixth row: 

MOSF5, Judith A.; MULFORD, 

Thomas W; MULLINS, Carol E.; MUL- 

LIS, Oscar L.; MUNSON, Charles T; 

MURDOCH, Elizabeth P.; MURRAY, 


Seventh row: 

J- .-^ r> » {r<i t 

PV t^- A P) (3. 

<? r. ri CI t? J 


MURRAY, Guy MURRAY, ^BA ^H^ M^^ AIH^K^ i T \ 

tricia A.; MUSSEEWHITE, Marvin D., i^^*- mtl^^ ^^^ ^^^M^^^^ ^ I' \ 

Jr.; MYERS, Sarah A.; NASH, Ann W.; 

NASH, Martin A.; NASSER, Yvonne. 

Eighth row: 

NEAL, David B.; NEWTTE, Roger C; 


Judith E.; NICKEY, Samuel M.; NIGHT- ^i^ JIHii \ 1 1 i 

INGALE, William O.; NlTSBI.RCi, " 

Bruce J. 

\liith row: 

NOE, James R.; NOGGEE, Carol A.; 
NOEAN, Charlie C; NORBY, Nancv A.; 
William E., Jr.; ODO.M, Guy E. 

Tenth row: 

OEBEN, Rudolph W.; OEDHAM, 
George E., Ill; OEIVIA, Philip B.; 
O'NEAE, Robert M.; OPPOEZER. Rob- 
ert; OUDSHOFF, Judith Eee; 0\l R- 
ING, Joanna A. 

Eleventh row: 

0\'EREEY, H. Clark; OWENS, 
E. Di.xon; OWENS, James C; OXNER 
Glenn R.; PABST, Robert W.; PAGE, 
John G., Jr.; PAGE, Richard G., III. 

^ t - ^ ^ 
































f f 













FARklR, Charles H.; PARROl 1, 
Anne T.; PARSONS, Susan P.; PALI. 
|ohn R.; PAULSON, David L,; PiA- 
COCK, Alhcrr; PI'.ACOCK, Jack Baxar, 

Sccniid rij-js: 

PI ARSON, Wright L.; PI'KLl'R, 
Susan L.; PI RKINS, Robert I .; PLR- 
RINI. Kenneth P.; PKRRY, .NLartraret F.; 
PI.ILRSON, Laurence I.; PiflLLIPS, 
( ieorge W. 

Thud roil': 

PIPLR, Michael L.; POL, Wilham ,\L; 
PON'IZ, Jack B.; POOR, Bennett ().; 
POPi:, .\Largaret C; POPI'., Nancv I'..; 
PORLI'.R, Hugh O., Jr. 

Fourth roiv: 

PORILR, John AL; POW LLL. Ike (i.; 
P()\\I.LL,"Larrv \-.; POW LLL, Rich- 
ard AL; POWLLL, Robert C, 111; 
POWLLL, Ciarrett; PRA L I, Janme. 

/■'///// ro^i-: 

PRA'L'L, Alichael B.; PRLACHLR 
Charles V..- PRLSTON, Robert I.; PRLI- 
LVALAN, William L.; PRIDDV.S. Anne; 
PROBKS, Harold B., Jr.; PROC I OR, 
Patricia \'. 


Sixth roiv: 

PL'RDV, ludith A.; QUIGLKY, Allan S.; 
RAINI Y," Reuben AL; RAAIBIN. Bee; 
Samuel 1).; RAW LINOS, Ann B. 

Sti-aith roil-: 

RAY, Diana K.; RAYNLS, William |.; 
Rl DMOND, Wilham (i.; RLLD, Mar- 
tea IL; Rl I 1), Ikllulah I'..; RI'.I'.SL, 
Herbert S.; RICAN, Dorothv I). 

I-Ji^hth roii-: 

Alarv I.; RHODLS, Sallv IL; RlCi'., 
Marian R.; RICHARDS, Lheodore 1.; 
Carol A. 

Xiitlh roni': 

RIDOU'I, I'dward AL, Rll Ll.l\ Kav 1..; 
RILIA, |ohn I).; RIZOS, Alartha W.; 
Russel C., Jr.; ROC.HI l.I.I , \ernon II. 

Ir/nh ron': 

ROCKWI'LL, Pamela j.; KODIS, 
Ceorue ().; ROCIRSON, Bert\ A., 
ROSS, |ohn B., |r., ROSS, I hurman ].■ 
ROM I,' l.vnn J."; R()WI\ David I' . 

I-Jrvriitli ron: 

ROYSIIR, lames B., |r., RL Bl N, 
I rederick I.., ■RLBLND.VLL, Linda D., 
RLDD, lames L.; RULLNLR, B. W in- 
tred, jr.;" RLNDLL. Allen (i.; RU I- 
Ll IXil . lohn 11, III. 

First rou-: 

SAINT-AMANl), Nathan I'.; SAMP- 
SON, Martha; SANDI'.RS. I'.lcanor B.; 
Philip S.; SANTO, Domiimo A.; 

Second roiv: 

SAPP, Marearct A.; SAPP, Mairan 1.., 
SARCiOl.lNI, Fred A.; SAWVKR, 
l-lovd I).; SCHAAK, William I',.; 
SCHEPF-R, George L.; SCHHA(;, Jay H. 

Third row: 

SCHULTZ, Andv j.; SCHUl/lZ, 
Tcrrv E.; SCHULTZK, Richard (i.; 
SCHWARTZ, Diane R.; SCHWl.Rl- 
FKGKR, Ann F.; S(T1\\()FBi:i., 
Louis H.; SCOTT, Charles 11. 

Fourth roiv: 

SCOTT, lohn McI)., |r.; SCXXFT, 
Shuping A.; SCOTT, Warner C; 
SFBFCK, George F.; SFLL, William 
J. B., Jr.; SFRAFIN, Donald; SFXTON, 
Elaine M. 
Fifth row: 

SHACKFORD, loseph T, |r.; SIFAN- 
NON, Russell l").; SIFARPF, |ohn 1..; 
SHARPF, Ralph .\lcD., jr.; SHl'PARD, 
■Marv C; SHIELDS, Malcolm K.; 
SHL\1M, Stephen j. 

Sixth row: 

SHOCKFY, Howard H., Jr.; SHULTZ, 
Elizabeth L.; SHUTT, Cicorge H. C, 
111; SIEGEL, Stephen R.; SILBFR, Alan; 
SIMMONS, John M.; SIMMONS, Sally. 

Seventh row: 

SIMON, Carl G.; SFMS, Alice F.; 
Charles M.; SKINNER, Alton, III; 
SLANE, Patsy V.; SLOCUM, Richard VV 

Eighth row: 

SMITH, Emcrv, 111; S.MITH, lames (i., 
jr.; SMITH, Laura [.; SMl'FH, Linden B.; 
SMITH, Robert U'., SMrill, Ronald H.; 
SMITH, Roswcll E. 

Xiiith row: 

SMITH, Sarah L.; SOKOL, Ronald P., 
SPADA, Robert J.; SPANN, George K.; 
SPARKS, Edward Del..; SPI'.l'D, Lois A.; 
SPIEKER, Webster S. 

Tenth row: 

SPRUILL, .Mvrla D.; SPL'RRll'R, 
Carol S.; STABELL, Richard N.; 
STACEY, John R.; STAC^NER, How- 
ard R.; STALEY, Judith J.; S'FAPLF- 
FORD, Richard W. 

Eleventh row: 

STAPLES, Suzanne O.; STARR, 
Virginia J.; STATTENFIELD, David B.; 
Joseph F.; STEELE, Robert G.; STEI'R, 
Michael L. 

n :j f^ r% 


f. ? f ^JmSL& 

SI I IN, Bcniamin (i.; SllPIII NS, Laur- 
ence A.; STKRBA, CharlciK- B.; 
SIIA'I'.NS, Samuel S.; STI'Al XSON, 
I dith P.; STOBKR, Cynthia A.; S lOKIS, 
(^nrliia A. 
Siroiid mil-: 

1 red H.; S I RAXGF, |ohn H.; SIRAUB, 
Sallv A.; SIRAAW" Paula; STRICK- 
LAND, Anthony R. 
ander |ames, jr. 
SIAIRS, Ihomas 
BACm R. Charles 
(■eort^e Perry; SUAIAIF.R, 
SW ANSON, Robert A. 

SlUPPLK, Alex- 


|r.; SULZ- 


Sandra |., 

; SW AN^, 

Miriam A.; SW'LLT, Joan \\. 
I- (III nil rau-: 

S^K1•■,S, W-averlv I'..; lANNI.R, 
Joseph W'.; TAYLOR, |udith L.; TAY- 
LOR, Willie AL, >.; TKNNTY, 

Thomas H.; Ti'.W, William A.; THE- 
BAUT, Anthony S. 
Fifth mil-: 

THLLLN, Cilbert C, |r., THTRIOT, 
I'dward I)., |r.; THIISSl N, Brian I).; 

THOMAS, Tdward M., |r.; THOMAS, 
l.mily C; THOAIPSON, Anne B., 


,S'(.v7/; roiv: 

THL'NBTRCi, Rudolf; TILLKY, Diana; 
TILl.l Y, (ieoriie; 11 MBl'Rl.AKi:, lliza- 
l)eth M.; TOI)D, Alerwin A.; TOWN- 
SLND, Ruth C; TRAMMTLL, Johanna. 
Seiriitli row: 

1 RICKKY, laniceAL; TROY, MiehaelC, 
Ciarv T.; TUNSTALL, AXilliam H., |r.; 
TL'RLlNC;TON,\iruiniaO.; TL'RNl R, 
James W., Jr. 
I-Jiihlli ivm: 

lANDALL, Margaret 1).; lANDAl.L, 
Robert W.; TYRI'L, Fred 1..; TY.SON, 
Patricia lane; \'ANCI', Richard A.; 
\AN lAl'RY, William IT, |r.; 
XALCHAN, Rosuell T., 111. 
.\'////// rim: 

\1N.\B1,I.. lohn IT, \IRMILL10N, 
Stephen T; Nil', TH, Charles I ., \1R- 
(,1N, Charles K.; \ISC(), Linda B.; 
\Ri.l LAND, Tleanor L.; W ACI Tl LR, 
Sara A. 
7Vw/// miiK 

WADDILL, lames I.; W ADL'SKY, 
(ieorgeS.; W .VCMAN, Louisel.; WA(i- 
NIR, David W.; W ALKIR, David F. 


f;>yf roiv: 

WALKER, Iiklith 1..; W Al.KI R, Kath- 
arine B.; WALKl.R, Alarv L.; W ALL, 
Emerson D.; WALLACI',, |amcs B.; 
\\ALLACi:, Terry P.; \VALTON, 
Thomas i\L 
Simmi roiv: 

WALZ, Kenneth P.; W ARBLR ION. 
Frederiek B.; WARD, Mitchell i„; 
WARK, Craig B.; WARNKR, David J,; 
\\AT()\', Kenneth; WAISON, An- 
drew A. 
Thini mii-: 

WATSON, ludson D.; WA III .RS, 
Clara (i.; WATTS, David -\L; WAY- 
AXD, Robert F.; WEAXF.R, Robert O., 
iMorris C. 
Fourth roil': 

WEITONS, Jesse D.. Ill; WELSH, 
\'aleric D.; " Wl L'EHI'.R, Fred L.; 
WELTHER, Janet L.; \\'ERNER, 
Susan E.; V\TS EAIORELAND, Rich- 
ard G.; WHITSTONE, Arthur I". 
P'ifth roiv: 

WHITE, Miram N.; WHI'EFORD, W il- 
liam E., Jr.; WHITINCi, Peter D.; 
WHITLEY, R. Irene; WHmOW, 
Weldon A,, WIirrTII'R. Arthur A.; 
WiCKI RSHAM, Wanrn ( ,. 

Sixth row: 

MAN, George R.; WILKES, Richard P.; 
George AL; WILKS, Jay F.; WIL- 
LIAMS, Jack D. 
Seventh row: 

John L.; WILLIAMS," Paul R.; WIL- 
George A.; WILSON, Charles AL; 
WILSON, Tommy. 
Eighth roiv: 

\\'INGERTFR, David L.; WOLFE, 
Lawrence E.; WOL'FZ, Alarv ].; 
WOOD, David AL; WOOTTENi Rob- 
ert L.; WRIC;HT, G. Fredrick; 
WRIGHT, Alary Lu. 
Ninth roiv: 

John E.; YARBROUGH, Cecil AL, Jr.; 
YEAKEL, Paul N.; YOUNG, Joan E.; 
roll \\'. 
Tenth row: 

ZAIENTZ, loseph R.; ZIA1A1ERAL\N, 
Robert F.; ZOOKE, Jon L.; ZUCKER, 

O ri p p p n r 

kdt-^ LS* f£ 


r> "^ ''^^ 







'1 :il/ 







c's Ia 

■cutiVL- Council : (fnini left t( 

riglir) Suirk, Kinti, 


Judicial Hoard: (tro„ 

1 to r) 

lerdt. III 

1, Smith 


, A Ik 
, ( :r.ul 

n. Rjughr, Ihain, IX-ichriK 
inck, Spr;iK>ic, Braj.'K'.-nv.inn. 

nn, Drake, I'.dcns, 


Raughr. Iha.n, I'dc 
Rotter, Drake. 

IS. Chairman. 


, Redell 

Bc'causL- rhc luir.sing school is coniplcrcly 
Sflf-govcrncd, members of the I lonor (Coun- 
cil, Kxecutivc Council, and Judicial Board 
are kept busy with many meetings in ad- 
dition to their usual school curriculum. 
Dean Jacobansky, believing in a progressive 
school, encourages student government and 
participation in activities, making tor a 
better prepared and more mature student. 
The Student Government Association is 
constantK' striving to meet the needs oi 
the e\cr growing and changing student 
body of the nursing school. The Honor 
( Council with the aiil ot its adxisors is 
responsible tor trying serious eases, having 
the power ot expulsion. 1 he l'',.\ecutive 
(Council, composed of the officers of Hanes 
House and the chairmen of the \arious 
standing committees, sets up rules antl 
standards for the house. 

Besides the respoiisibilit) of making rules 
and regulations tor the school, studying, 
and caring for patients, the Duke nurse 
has campus obligations and a need lor 

social life. Somewhere they find rune to 
include in their schedules daring, concerts, 
campus socials, and dormitory parties, ac- 
tivities which fill four well-rounded years. 

Nurse's Honor Council: (from 1 to r) Finn, Raincy, Mcldaard, 
(Campbell, standing; Wilkinson, Sricht, Thain, C'hr.; Kngel, 
Mason, Ramusser, standing; Bransford, Anthony, Deichniann. 


Ann Leggctr, Qucun ..Irlu < i 


Nurse's Beauties: 1st row: G. Jessup. A. Lcggctt, A. Lindgreii. K. Mitchell. 2nd row: S. Davie, B. Marston, A. Rush, B. F.ld. 



^lHlIlt: p.iticm IS given friciuily help by snulcnt 

An .uKstlusist prepares .\ patient tor opcrat 

hows proper way to hold a new born baby. 

Nurses have a practice session w ith "Sally C^hasc.' 

The nurses nf Hanes House make tuckc for their dates. 

The w idc-cycd, cnrhusiasric freshman, hv- 
ing with her classmates in the Annex, spends 
most of her time adjusting to a nurse's schedule, 
while she looks forward to the day when she 
can wear a uniform and put her knowledge 
into practice. However, even after concen- 
trated practice on "Sally Chase," the Sopho- 
more nurse, answering the patient's call, 
forgets her role and says, "Wait, let me get 
a nurse!" Leaving the orientation classes, the 
anatomy labs, and closely supervised ward 
practice behind, the uniform becomes the 
easiest dress to don, and the student becomes 
just a little more conhdent, for there are new 
skills to master and a generous supply of 
classes to keep her busy. 

Special services beginning in the Junior year 
scatter friends to various sections of the 
hospital. Roommates find it difficult to spend 
much time together because of conflicting 
working hours, and "getting the gang to- 
gether" becomes a real treat. At last, the 
Senior year arrives, bringing charge duty 
and night dut)', the end of classes, and long 
hours spent in talking about graduation and 
wonderint: "W hat do wc do next vcar?" 


/3fv' 'A'^ii 

First r/rd:: 

BAU(;HAN, JO A., Princess Amu, 

Md.; BI'DKLL, PHYLLIS M., West- __ 

Hdd, \. |.; BLACK, MARCL\ C:., .^ek. ^ ^_ ^'^ 


Wlndtll, N. C; BRADY, CAROL A., Ta- 

k(ima Park, Md. 

Semiid roiv: 

N. C; BROWN, lOANN C, Dunbar, 
W. \a.; CHANDLER, lANI. Sumter, 
A.shcvillc, N. C; CHANIS, |0 A., Char- 
lotte N. C. 

Third rov.-. 

CHURCHILL, Y\()NNI„ RockvMount, 
ford, Pa.; CONANT, LINDA, A., Dur- 
ham, N. C; CUL\'ER, SARAH A., 
Wilmitmron, N. C; CURL, MICKEY E., 
Nkbanc, N. C. 

I'oiirtli r/iii: 

ham, N. C; DEW'EIN, SUE A., Frccburg, 
ill.; E13ENS, MARY A., Durham, N. C; 
Canton, N. C. 

Si.uh rov.-: 

HOW'I.LL, NANCY L., Wadtsboro, 
N. C.; HUN I, CHRISEIA E., Durham, 
N. C.; I\(;ALLS, MAR^- |., Rocku,-- 
ham, N. C.; JE..SSUP, \IR(,iNl A, Pii;,r 
Mountain, N. C; JOHNS ION, MAR- 
SEl-LA C;., Charleston, W. \a. 

Seventh rou': 


R. I.; ki:lli:r, k.viherine a,, 

Staunton, Va.; LaRUE, PA'I RICIA P.. 

Raleigh, N. C.; I,AVVH0N, I'MMA |., 
rmnnnnsvilk-, S. C; LINIXiREN, P.\- 
LRIC1\ ANNE, Sea Cirt, N.J. 

.f» C CH A C) 

p f> ^ p (vj 

n/lh roii-: 

(iRI.COR^, \\.\R\ K., L.rrle- Silver, 

N. J.; CRII R, SHIRLIA M., Martluus, 

N.C.; HA(,I R, DONNA \„ Hurhnuron, 

N. C.; HI:AI), SUI'. (.., Charlorrc, ' 

N. C; HOFFMAN, BARBARA |., k^ ^.^ 

Naples, I'la. Aay , ff^ 

Ml. ik A ll\' 


3?' f f^ f^ ^ 

r* f f f f 

Mil '^w 




Senior Class officer 
Ingalls, Pres.; P. 

First nnv: 

AIacXARV, SUI-, A., (Jardcn Cirv, 
N. ^.; A1I.VI:R, (iLORIA I,., KIkins, W. 
\a.; MVI;RS,MARJ()RI|', H., Burlington, 
N. C; PARDUi:, ;V1AR\- A., Durham 
V (..; RARKI-R, JOAN C, Camden 

Second nrcc: 

PECK, JOYCK, Fairnionr, W. Va • 
RAINF.Y, F.RLIKXE, Warwick, Va.'! 
\A^^\';^J.''. C- CYNTHIA, Lewes 
l)ci.; RKI-.CK, BFA'ERLY |., Miami 
Beach, Ma.; RI'FI), DAWN f., Durham, 

Third voir: 

RFICH, A1AR^ F., BLirlm^ton, N. C ■ 
RUSH, CAROLYN A., Camden, S. c! 
tona Beach, Fla.; SMITH, FRANCES M 
Burhngton, N. C; SPEAKER, Sharon! 
W ihningron, N. C. 

Foiirtli row: 

STARK, MARY ANN, Crecnville N C • 
THOMAS, KATHLEEN, Beverly Hills' 
Gil.; TILLETT, TANYA D., K,tr; 
Haw k, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

WAYT, CAROL E., Morganton, N C • 
WEED, FRANCES S., Alexandria, Va'. 

Sixth row: 

WHITLEY, ANNE L., Concord N C • 

WOOTEN, LOIS G., Worcester; 


Seventh row: 


YOUNC;, MARY ANNE, Washmgton', 

; (from left to right); B. Hoffman, Treas.; J\l. J. 
Bedell, Vicc-Prcs.; K. Thompson, Secretary. 

First roir: 

ALLEN, Marv F.., Dayron, Ohio; APPLI"., 
Nancv L., Burlington, N. C; BIXM, 
Judvl., Baltimore, Md.; BOND, Har- 
riet' i:.. Princess Anne, Md.; BRAD^, 
Nancv A., MacDiil A.l-'.B., Fia. 

Second roll': 

BREDENBFRCi, Bnta M., Fair Faun, 
N. J.; BRFNNAN, i'lora F., Cincinnati, 
Ohio; BROWN, Beverly A., Hickor\ , 
N. C; BRFL'(i(;FMANN, Ann B., 
Cincinnati, Ohio; CANNON, h'.liza- 
beth A., Lake Wldes, Fla. 

'I'hirii roir: 

CLE\-ENGFR, Sue F., Berryville, \a.: 
CROOKS, Martha S., College Park 
Md.; CURRAN, Nancv A., Ashebon. 
N. C; DA\'IS, Nancv R., Columbia 
S. C; DRAKE, Patricia R., Raleigh, N. C 

Fourth row: 

ELD, Barbara J., Hopewell, \a.; FEN- 
NELL, Molly R., Newberry, S. C; 
FREEMAN, Elizabeth A., Henderson- 
ville, N. C. 

/•■////; row: 

HANGER, Barbara R., Jacksonville, Fla.; 
HENRY, Marylyn L., Eliazbeth, N. J. 

HENSLEY, S. T\Ann, .\Farion, N. C; 
HILLOW, Ciail L,, Washington, D. C. 

Seventh row: 

HUTCHISON, |oe A., (ireensboro, 

N. C; KI-.RR, Rachel J., Durham, N. C. 

N. Brady, Sec 

^ ^ p ?\ 

n A yr^ <i r> 


First iv-lv: 

KERSEY, Linda R., Bluefield, W. \^a.; 
K0RNE(;AY, Margaret A., Donna. 
Texas; KUHRT, Harriet J., Balboa, 
Canal Zone; LAMBERT, Barbara L., 
Washington, D. C; LAMBERT, loan C, 
Mchane, \ .C. 

Second row: 

LOGAN, Agnes V\'., Sumter, S. C; 
LOVE, Joyce A., Laurinburg, N. C; 
MANUEL, Patricia C, Warwick, Va.; 
MITCHELL, Katherine L., Mt. Olive, 
N. C; MULLIS, Carol A., Midland, 
N. C. 

Third roiv: 

PAUL, Ellen J., Sarasota, Ela.; PEN- 
NINGTON, Nancv L., Mount Hope, 

W. \'a.; PFEIFFER; Frances A., Quincy, 

■IPIP"««^ " "' III-; REGISTER, Margaret R., Clinton, 

»^.*i». ^.iffi.. N. C; REGISTER, Sandra J., Wil- 

mington, N. C. 

f <? f* ^-^ <** 

C^> /TV ^ <^ A 

^ ^ f^ f> 

^^ \v. ^^ ^ Fourth row: 

RIDDICK, Sarah E., Elizabeth Citv, 
N. C; ROBERTSON, Barbara (i., Dur- 
ham, N. C; ROPER, Carol A., Wash- 
ington, D. C; SCHOLDERER, Nancv, 
Glen Ridge, N. J.; SHEFFEV, Nancy E., 
Lynchburg, Va. 

Fifth row: 

SHELOR, Marv A., Sumter, S. C; 
SHEPHERD, Kay L., Winston-Salem, 
N. C; SMITH, Millicent C, Greens- 
boro, N. C; SMITHWICK, |o ,\L, 
Jamesville, N. C; SPEIGHT, Martha R., 
Suffolk, Va. 

Sixth row: 

SPRACiUi:, Dale P., Parksley, Va.; 
TAM.OR, Terry L., Brooklyn, N. J.; 
TI.MPLEEON, Marv E., Matthews, 
N. C; THOMPSON, Bettv F., Roxboro, 
N. C; TUCK WOOD, ' Gwvnne E., 
Maryland, N. Y. 

Seventh row: 

X'anMETRE, Nance L., Charlestown, 
W. y^.-, WHITLEY, Elizabeth G., Siler 
Citv, N. C; WILSON, Lucv E., Chap- 
paqua, N. Y; WILSON, Roberta E., 
Brandywine, Md.; YONTZ, Beth, Chris- 
man, 111. 



First roiv: 

AN'DKRSON. I.inct .Nhinc, Pitrslniruli, 
Pa.; AX'lllONV, ludirh, Charlcsmn, 
\\'. \a.; APPLi:, Parsv 1.., Burlinonni, 
\. C; BARCV, loan L. Arlington 
\a.; BASSI-ORI), Anne W., Dunn, N. C:" 

Second roil-: 

BIDLK, l.cilani \.. Raleigh, N. C; 
MOCCS, I'lizabcth D., Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
BRAYB()^, l.lowvn N., Pembroke, 
\. C; BROADWAY, Patricia B., W' 
(:(>lumbia, S. C; BUHl.lR, Jeannette, 
Miami, Fla. 

Third row: 

BYL, Constance L., (ilen Ridte, N. 1.; 
CARNEY, Eleanor A., I't. Eauderdale, 
Fla.; CHAPMAN, Joyce A., Rochester, 
N. ¥.; CHESHIRE, Nancy C, Char- 
lotte, N. C; COLGLAZIER, Sarah J., 
Washington, D. C. 

Fourth row: 

COELINS, Doris E., Arlmgton, \a.; 
COX, Suella, Favctteville, N. C; DA\1S, 
Anne W., Odessa, Del.; DAY, Jane \„ 
Westheld, N. J.; DEN'OE, Frances !'., 
Dayton, Ohio. 

Fifth row: 

DURI tAM, Jean G., Mcrchantville, N. J.; 
I \1BR1 1. Eleanor J., Matthews, N. C; 
llR(,LSON, Virginia L., Philadelphia, 
Pa.; I'lJ'.MING, IJIen >„ Herndon, 
\'a.; FR0NEBER(;1:R, Rebecca D., ( ius- 
tonia, N. C. 

,S/.v/// row: 

FRYI,, Dons E., Charlotte, N. C.; 
(,AM()N, Helen ;\1„ Pen.sacola, Fla.; 
GUSTAVSON, Dulcie C., Jacksonville, 
Fla.; HI'.DRICK, Betty |., Winston- 
Salem, N. C.; HI',Sri;R, juli'a ( ;., ( Ireens- 
boro, N. C^. 

Srvfiith row: 

IIOUCK, Doris E., Wyomissing, 

IILNSCm:, Susan M., Cincinnati, Ohio 
IJLNSICKI'.R, Nancy I'.., Drexel Hill, 
Pa.; JACOBS', Gem R., Port Washington, 
N. J.; lERAWKO, Marv B., Clarks- 
burg, \V. \\i. 

Fi^lilli row: 

KlNWORIll, Edith B„ North Au- 
gusta, S. C; KINSER, Patricia I,., 
Danville, \a.; KEJNGI'NSMI 1 1 1, 
Louise M., Merion Station, l^a.; 
1,\RIS(A-, Sn/.;inne, Svlvania, Ga.; I.IX,- 
(.111, Minim A., leinandina i'KMch, 

.\i„!h row: 

1.1 MP! KM, Bette 1... Niitkv, \. ].. 
I.IPPI 1< 1, Norma N., Wilmington, \\\.- 
McCACHRI'N, Betsy 1., Charlotte, 
N. C; McDONAED, Anne M., Charles- 
ton, S. C.; MxtNlCOE, Margaret I'.., 
WilmiMi^ton, Del. 



., '^ £ 





ii . 








i A 














' 1 











p ^ fn 

\1ALI.AR13, Carolyn, Raleigh, N. C; 
\1 \RriN, Lytla S.', Ridgcwood, N. J.; 
\1 \ ITINGLY, Marv M., Washington, 
1). C:.; MAZZA, Norma Ci., Dclray 
Beach, Fla.; MEACHAM, Carolyn S., 
Durham, N. C. 
Siroini row: 

MlI.DCAARl), Ciail M., Racine, Wis.; 
Nl \\(X),\1B, (iavle B., Spartanburg, 
S. C.; NICHOLS, Ruth, Oxford, N. C; 
OI.SI'N, I'ranees, |amaica, N. Y.; OTT, 
Dorothv A., Princeton, N. |. 
riiinl nnr: 

FABI',R/S, D.mniara, Forest City, N. C; 
FAlXii: I 1, Cordia K., Havcsville, N. C; 
PARKi'R, Anne l',., Ormond Beach, 
Fla.; PHELPS, Rebecca L, Gary, N. C; 
POTTER, Jacqueline, Winston-Saleni, 
N. C. 
Fourth row: 

FVLi:, Martha B., Lexington, Mass.; 
RASML'SSl'.N, Marilee, Danbury, Conn.; 
RlXil-.N, Margot A., Durham, N. C; 
RI'.YNOLDS, Ruth E., New Castle, 
Del.; RISSLER, Nancy, Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. 
Fiftli row: 

RITCHIE, Virginia 1., Washington, D. C; 
ROBERTSON, Mary E.. Ruthcrfordton, 
N. C; ROHRHURST, Barbara L., 
Bound Brook, N. j.; ROSS, Carol J., 
Charlotte, N. C; SAYRE, Mary F., 
Hampton, Va. 
Sixth row: 

SCHAIBERGER, Anne C, Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Fla.; STARLING, Nancy R., Mt. 
Ulla, N. C; STEHMEYER, Lillian C, 
Augusta, Ga. 
Seventh row: 

STEINFELDT, Sally A., Rochester, 
N. Y; SYDOW, Patricia A., Shaker 
Heights, Ohio; THAIN, Alma M., Ashe- 
ville, N. C. 
Eighth row: 

VURGASON, June L., Baldwin, N. Y; 
WAGONER, Loretta M., I.lon College, 
N. C; WALDECK, Gail M., South 
Charleston, W Va. 
Ninth row: 

WALKER, Nancy E., Port Washington, 
N. Y; WEATHERFORD, Rosalie, South 
Boston, Va.; WINFIELD, Frances A., 
Pinctown, N. C. 

Sophomore officers (Ictr to right): \'. Rithie, Iroas., B. Krone- 
berger, Pres.; N. Hun.sickcr, Sec, S. Ahirtin, \ice-Fres. 

First rov:: 

Al.BlX, Joan, Columbus, Ohio; AL- 
PKRT, Bctrv E., West Orange, N. J.; 
ANI)1:RS0N, Lola L., Silver Spring, 
Md.; ANDERSON, VMndv S.. Er,ng- 
meadow, Mass.; BAKER. Ain,ind;i 1... 
Shelby, N. C. 

Second rov:: 

BALDWIN, i:. Bcverlv, Westtield, N. |.; 
BARBER, Deanna C!., Davtona Beach, 
Ela.; BENDER, Sallv A., College Park, 
Md.; BERRY, Carolyn A., W'airerhorn, 
S. C.; Bll.l.ARl), Sherry L., Avondale 
Estates, (ia. 

'lliird row: 

BLACK, Dixie J., Thomasville, N. C; 
BLAKE, Sara L., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
BORCHERDT, Margaret L., Nexvark, 
Del.; BOWl.lNC, Patricia J., Naples, 
I la.; BOWSER, Beverly A., Orlando, Ela. 

Fourth row: 

BRANDON, I'lizaheth \'., McDonouyh, 
(ia.; BRANSEORD, Judith 11., Cohasser, 
\a.; BROWN, Lee A., Arlinuron, \a.; 
BUl'CHl'.R, Carol !.., PerruK, 1 la.; 
COLE, Lynne W'., Ealls Church, \a. 

Fifth row: 

DANIELSON, Harriet C., Windham, 
Conn.; DA\'EV, Sandra Y.. Lake Wortli, 
Ell.; Dl-.MAREST, Helen 11., .Metuchen, 
N. J. 

Sixth row: 

ELLIOTT, Anita M., Washington, D. C; 
ENCiEL, Katherine A., Cleveland, 
Ohio; FABIAN, Shirley E., Winston- 
Salem, N. C. 

Sfveiith row: 

EALLS, Nancy J., Shelby, N. C; EINK, 
Alary A., Crossnore, N. C; ERICK, 
.Anna ("., (jreenville, S. C. 

Eighth row: 

CREASIT.V, |o A., Bilrmiore, Md.; 

CRI'.EN,'il i:., B.ilnmcire, Md.; 

llAECll, P.itncia 1,., la\erreville, 

\. c:. 

~^ ^^^ ^ 

f^ 4^ §^ ^ 

^ B C> 'T^' G 




\., Rakiuh, N. C; 
Cleveland, Ohio; 
Hn.nxvillc, N. Y.; 
A., Thomasville, 
j., Fannvillc, 


I'u-st r>ni-. 
HRUH^, Marcia |., 
IVKY, Khzahcrh I)., 
lARRI n, Harhaia 
\. C, lO^NIR, |,,| 
\. C. " 

Scatiid nzLK 

KAMMKRLOHR, Diana Al., Por 
ington, N. Y.; KON'DUR, /oc I'.., 
Chicago, III.; Lx\NI'., Kadurinc S., Camp 
Hill, Pa.; LKK, Martha J., ( ioodlcttsvillc, 
Tcnn.; LOSAW, Bctte R., Baskingridge, 

TliinI nnv: 

LUSK, l.inda J., Norfolk, \a.; Mc- 
CRF.ADY, Margaret F., Winchester, Kn .; 
McDONAFD, Jean P., Alexandria, Va.; 
McDonald, Marv C, Alexandria, 
\'a.; MARSTON, Elizabeth A., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Foiiitli mzv: 

MASON, Kathryn B., Cheverly, Md.; 
Mll.l.l R, Nancy J., Hampstead, Md.; 
MORCAN, Audrey L., Mt. Kisco, 
N. V; MUHL, Kathleen |., Wiimette, 
III.; PAINTFR, Katherine I.. Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

/'';//// row: 

PAIITSON, Canilvn l.„ Mr. Hope, 
W. \a.; PI NNIA, Chn.snne A., Ridge- 
uood, N. I., PI OPI.I'S, lerrv A., Fliza- 
beth Citv, N. C; RISCH, lanie S., 
l^ogan, Ohio; SAUNDl'RS, |udirh B., 
Mapiewood, N. J. 

Sixth roiv: 

SCHOENLY, Betsy M., Highland Park, 
N. J.; SCHUBKFGFL, Kav 1... Bcile- 
ville. III.; SFCHRIST, Audrey W., Pin- 
nacle, N. C; SFTTFI''., Nancv I'., (ilen 
Ridee, N. |.; SHORROCK, Cladvs R., 
Nichol.s, C("mn. 

Sev filth row: 

SMITH, Margaret I.., Palmetto, Fla.; 
STROUD, Margaret I".., Pittsboro, N. C;.; 
STUMP, I'.laine \'., Red Lion, Pa.; \'RFF- 
LAND, Maria 1.., Columbia, S. C; 
WALSH, Sandra M., Win.ston-Salem, 
N. C. 

Eif^hth row: 

VVFDDINCJTON, Jeanne D., Concord, 
N. C; WILBUR, Charlotte J., Plant 
City, Fla.; WILSON, Florence J., C;iad- 
wvne. Pa.; WISLF.R, Ciayle S., Reading, 
Pa.; WYMAN, Catherine H., Hende'r- 
sonville, N. C. 






^^^^HP^^ ,: ' 






I Ik- Akn's Student ( iov- 
(.Tiimciit Association com- 
pleted a broad program of 
activities for 1956-57. The 
projects rtu\' promoted in- 
cluded a re\ision of the election law s tor stu- 
dent offices and a new pre-registration system, 
which prevented the long lines that ha\e 
occurred in the past during that time. '1 he 
members also introduced a new system ot 
legislative committees into the organization ot 
the association. These committees, composed 
of members of the legislature of M.S.C.A., 
initiate all legislation, replacing the cabinet in 
this function. 

Not neglecting material improvements ot 
campus facilities, the M.S.C.A. improved ear- 
washing sites, installed a bench for rulers, and 
was instrumental in uettiim the steps built 





d to 

r 11 





behind the independi. 


The Associ 

resolutions foi 

parking lots ai 
ling telephones in the traternit)' 
then followed these actions thn 

In carr\ing out the activities of the \ear, 
the group constantly kept the high example of 
the purpose and objectives of A1.S.(!.A. fore- 
most in their mmds. "To promote the best 
interests ot Duke L'nixersity; to advance the 
welfare of the individual students; to regulate 
matters pertaining to the conduct of male under- 
graduates; to co-operate with the administration 
relations." Ihese are the goals the Alen's Student 
( lov eriiment .Association has strived to achieve. 
()ruani/eil similarlv to our national uovern- 

mcnr. iM.S.Ci.A. is com- 
posed of ;i Ictrislarivc, 
judicial, and an executive 
branch . 

The Lcgislarure, com- 
posed of campus rcpre- 
senrari\es, meers to con- 
sider all marrers ot" cam- 
pus-wide inreresr. Power 
to regulate, supervise, 
charter, and determine the 
status of all men's organi- 
zations is vested in this 
l)od\-. The Legislature also 
has power to enact an\' 
necessary rules or regula- 
tions in order to carry on 
its program effectively. 

Km.vR l-isH 
President of Men's Snidc 

The judiciary balance 
of M.S.Ci.A. IS provided 
by Judicial Board, which 
also serves as the campus 
disciplinary organ. 

The Executive Branch, 
headed by the Association 
president, carries on the 
administrative duties and 
enforces legislative policy. 
The president has a eaf)i- 
net and a sub-cabinet 
which aid him in this 

The Men's Student 
( iovernment Association 
is an effectively operating 
bod\' through the inter- 
action of these branches. 

Meeting once a week, the Icgi; 


The Woman's Student Government Assoei- 
ation, under the leadership of President PolK' 
Price, this year, as in the past, endeavored 
to reahze student needs, to direct activities, 
and to legislate for the student body of the 
\\'oman's (-ollege. One of the busiest of 
the Duke organizations, W'.S.Ci.A. promotes 
Woman's Cxillege activities and strives to make 
the women's voice heard in campus poHcy. 

The National Student Association, which 
W.S.G.A. rejoined in order to be a parr of 
the nation-wide student audience, functioned 
effectivcK- on campus 
through the efforts of an 

N.S.A. co-ordinator and W S 

committee. By a constitu- 
tional amendment the co- 

ordinator was made the Association parlia- 

W'.S.Ci.A. was instrumental in organizing 
and contributing to the Hungarian Student 
Relief Drive that will bring two Hungarian 
students to the Duke campus next fall. 

Working through the I'.ast Oampus repre- 
sentative on the TrafHc (>)mnussion, W'.S.Ci.A. 
obtained five additional parking places for 
w omen students on West. 

W.S.G.A. and Judicial Board held meetings 
with the Deans, interested faculty members, 
and West Campus repre- 
sentatives to investigate and 
/^ A to revitalize the drinking 

rule, the honor code, and 
academic standards. As a 

er^ r^ 

" / ... 


gathered in the auditnriiin 

tage President Polly Price calls a W.S.G.A. meeting to ord< 

result of the investigation, 
W.S.G.A. passed a reso- 
lution which would create 
a standardized classroom 
policy by maintaining a 
classroom honor system 
or a stricter proctor sys- 

Composed of the en- 
tire student body of 
the W'oman's College, 
the Association holds 
nionrhK' meetings at 
which many matters of 
importance and concern 
are brought up and 
discussed. Much of 
W.S.Ci.A.'s work is done 
through a council and au- 
xiliaries, which play a 
large part in administra- 
tive activities. 

Polly Pi 
Women's St 

An executive council 
was made an effective ad- 
dition to the Council's 
program by drawing up 
assembly agendas, doing 
investigator)' work, and 
making recommendations 
to the C>)uncil. 

W.S.G.A. auxiliaries 
carry on many activities 
and programs that are vital 
to the operation of the 
W'bman's College. 

A large part of the 
CvOunciTs activities were 
concentrated in planning 
for the opening of the 
new dormitory, Gilbert- 
Addoms, and the inte- 
gration of the increased 
number of women stu- 
dents next fall. 


Upholding the rules and regulations of Duke 
I'niversity, the Men's Judicial Board handles 
cases ot misconduct and violation involving under- 
graduates in Trinity Oillegc and the (/)llege ot 

The Board, composed ot three juniors and six 
seniors, is appointed by the president of M.S. G. A. 
and is approved b\' the Legislature. 

(]ases are submitted to the Board by the Deans 
office, the Maintenance Department, or the C/am- 
pus Police. An investigation of the case is made 
and a hearing held. If the defendant is tound 
guilty, the Board's decision and the proposed 
penalty are reviewed by the Deans. 

Judicial Board also handled questions of consti- 
tutionality, when requested to do so, ot an\' bill 
passed by the Legislature, and reviews decisions 
of LF.C, Court of Appeals, and Tratlic Court. 

Bill AUI .MM 
Chairman of Men's Judicial B" 



11k- rnaiili<.Ts „f ilic \Kn's .lu.luial Bo 
Bill Mculiornc, Bob l..mKsu.irtli, Hill Mel. .1111 (< 

I the as I..II..WS. Jrnn, h-jl In n^hl: I 
Duk llulnrt, DaM- ( liiatikl.aniii, I larUit: 


Functioning to serve and guide Duke women. 
Judicial Board's purposes are to clarit\' regu- 
lations, deal with rule violation.' and honor code 
oftcnses, recommend changes in regulations ,inJ 
the W'.S.G.A. constitution, and ser\e a;; a court 
of appeals in cases arising from Traffic (>ourt 
and the House Judicial Committees. These com- 
mittees were n w i • :iis':iruted by Judicial Board 
to deal with n mor rule violations. Beyond these 
duties, its ideals and objectives include insuring 
harmony among students and working for closer 
co-operation between the administration and the 
student body. 

The Board is composed of an elected repre- 
sentative from each of the dormitories and the 
Town Girls. The president of the Women's 
Student Government Association is also in at- 
tendance as an ex-officio member. 

Nancy W'hangcr Talman 
Chajrman of Women '.s Judicial Board 



(he meiiibers of the Judicial Board of the W'cnian's C'ollcgc arc. as 
Bcvani;. .\1. Carlyle. N. Talinan (chairman), P. Price. S. Ratchfrc, 

ted fr, 

left to riKhl: I. 
1. N. ("urrcncc. 

Bradley, A. Roinl.erg, 
and S. Davis. 



■ ' 


- A 



I he iiiLinber.s ol riK Men;, Krcshiiun Ad\ usciry C:<)i]tkiI .irc, /,;// w rifilit, first mn-: BIcchman, Bell. Vcngst, Girand, Wmslow, 
Robertson, Jacobson, TcmUo, Hollowcll, Bachtell, Colmey, Richards, Dusek, Kicnie. SeconJ raw: Clcaveland, Hcnslcy, We-st- 
inorland. Wood, VVcenis, Wcbcr, Blanchard, Smith, Warden, Fabian, Young, Banton, Ivcy, Cole. Third row. Fry, Shchccn, 
Harstine, (lopciand, Terry, Yoh, Hudson, Hobbs, Srrauther, Watson, Dowling, Milhauscr, Smith, Sink. Fourth roir: Lewis, 
lievis. Marks, Blackstone, F.nibley, .Alexander. Clcrman, Breslow. Hammer, Turner. Clinsburg, Jules. Neal. Calhoun. Grant. ( loodman. 

Aiding each freshman individualK' in his adjustmcnr 
to college hfe ar Dul<e is the chief purpose ot the Men's 
Freshman Advisory ('ouncil. 

I'.ach (x)uncil member is assigned a group of si\ or 
seven freshmen ro ati\ise, and assumes the rcsponsibihty 
of checking with rlie freshmen in their dormitories 
regularly, and of helping them with the many problems 
that arise in the first few months of college. I*".A.CL men 
provide an invaluable aid to the freshmen in soKing 
problems ranging from learning how to press trousers 
to getting dates on l"",ast campus. They provide helpful 
hints on extra-curricular activities, and assume the 
hopeless tasl< of encouraging the freshmen to keep 
abreast in college studies. B\' pro\iding constant ami 
mature guidance for each freshman, the I'.A.C^. helps 
them adjust to Duke life without awkward blunders. 

'The rev\ards of this counselling are shown l)\- the large 
number of men that desire to help the freshmen b\ 
becoming K..'\.(^ men. \e\r \ear the I'.A.C will (all 
under the supervision of the ^.M.(;..•\. 


\ f^t^.O' 

I r.iii Smith. Bess Hart. Iiin Mull, Dot Fclsnn. Marty 
Chcsson, Helen Ruddle, Jndy Doughton, Kay I ipron. Mam L-ay. 2nd re-u'.' Jennie Hoir, Merle Brower. Dot MeCall, Aliee Ciowle.s, 
Nancy Rudolph, Peggy Wood, Margie Appleby, Audrey Jessee, Polly Allen. 3ni row: Liddy Hanford, Maggie Hicks, Sarah Taylor, 
Linda Batchelor, Sue Ratts, Barbara Barksdalc, Dolly Cobb, Marilyn Montgomery, Peggy Paul, Bee Ford, Mary Frances Bowdcn 

Dot Felson, Chairman 
Women's Freshman Advisory Council 

Regarded as mother, sisrer, pal, teacher, guide, and 
an endless source of information, the F.A.C'. greatly 
influences and aids the freshmen's adjustment to, enjo)-- 
mcnt of, and participation in college lite. 

The Women's Freshman Advisory Council is one of 
Duke's most indispensable organizations and operates 
as an au.xiliary of VV.S.G.A. 

During Orientation Week these forty junior and 
senior women give individual assistance to the freshmen 
girls in orientating them to the rules, customs, traditions, 
and life at Duke. Throughout the year the F.A.C]. helps 
and assists the freshmen to make those scholastic and 
social adjustments which will provide for a happy and 
profitable college career. 

Appointed the spring before they are to serve, the 
F.A.C'.'s are chosen for having displa\ed outstanding 
qualities of leadership, service, character, scholarship, 
and ability to get along with others. A training program 
in the spring on the theory of counseling acquaints the 
F.A.C. with her work. 



I lit Board ot Governors ot the Student Union, 
seated from left to right: W. Penny, D. Uuffev, 
M. Black, S. Heizer, D. McC:alI, M. Jackson, 
B. Altvater, C. Cleveland, T. Robertson. 

The Student Union Comniittee Chairmen, fruni 
left to right: B. Beachani, J. Johnson, J. Cara- 
cristi, N. Kredich, J. Cole, B. Spann, I.. Chcd- 
ester, P. Avera, A. Brockwcll, and C. McKec. 


Chainiianot tl 
Student Union Hoard i 

Stimulating, promoting, and de- 
veloping the social, recreational, 
cultural, educational, and spiritual 
activities of the student body, 
the Student Union has become 
one of the most vital and active 
ot the Duke organizations. Stu- 
dent Union provides a center for 
the activities of all students and 
offers a balanced program which 
meets the interests and needs of 

A Board of Governors, com- 
posed at campus representatives 
and the director, serves as the 
Union's administrative body. 
\ arious committees carry on the 
Union's activities. 

Included in the Union's pro- 
gram were art and photography 
exhibits, "C^andlelite Cabarets," 
bridge tournaments, and a per- 
formance by the Canadian Players 
with the Student Forum. A policy 
of bringing nationally known per- 
sons to the campus was instituted 
and, as a result, students heard 
and met Bruce Catton, Dr. Carl 
Gruber, William Douglas, Dr. 
Ralph Bunche, Walter Kronkite, 
Senator Hubert Humphrey, 
Harold Stassen and James 

Noted Historian Will Durant was 
greeted by Bill Griffith and Buddy 
Beecham on behalf of the Student Union. 


Created to respond to the attitudes and needs 
of the Duke campus, the Student C"o-ordinate 
Board provides a medium for discussing and 
solving problems concerning various groups around 
campus. Its purposes are to intermediate and 
promote harmony between students, faculty, and 
administration; and to handle all suggestions from 
these sources on general welfare and impro\emenr 
of the Woman's College. 

Members, representing the dorms, classes, and 
Town Girls, are chosen for having displayed a 
sense of responsibility, interest, and dependa- 
bility. This year the Board was busy with many 
and various projects, which included a tutoring 
system, homemaking course, commercial course, 
and several coed dinners. In addition the board 
published a pamphlet to aid rush orientation and 
reorganized the registration system, (^io-ordinate 
Board was instrumental in formulating and carry- 
ing out plans for the opening of the new w omen's 
dormitory next fall. 


The nicmbcrs of East C^ainpus's Co-ordinate Board, a W.S.G.A. auxiliary, arc, seiiteJ from left to rif>ht on llie first roiv: V. Oliver, 
I). Welt, S. Mathis (chairman), ,\1. Childs, and C. l.ucas. On the second rov.-. M. (irecn, M. Boaz, C:. McDougal. and J. BrauKh. 

^ ^ a 

TUl- incnilicrs iit the Student Forum t 
/««• Merchant. BiMic Jean H. 


Claire Marconi 
Chairman, Student Forum 

Each year the Student Forum presents a full 
schedule of varied and entertaining programs 
designed to cultivate artistic appreciation and in- 
terest among the members of the university 
community. These programs, which feature fam- 
ous people and groups from all over the world, 
are stimulating as well as enjoyable to collegiate 
minds, even to those who are skeptical about 
the value of "high brow" entertainment. 

The highlight of this year's Student Forum 
schedule of activities was their Arts Week con- 
cerned with Japanese culture. The events of this 
week included outstanding lecturers and a wood- 
cut exhibit. The committee also brought to the 
Duke C]ampus the Jose Limon dance Company 
and the (/anadian Players' presentation of "Peer 
Gynt." A lecture by Caroline Gordon Tate and 
an informal political debate by two Duke pro- 
fessors from the Department of Political Science, 
Dr. Ellis and Dr. Leach, completed the program 
led bv chairman C^laire Alarcom. 



The Social Standards Commirree, an auxiliary 
of XV.S.CJ.A., attempts to establish a high tone of 
social behavior on Fast Clanipus. At the beginning of 
each \ear. Social Standards works with the Fresh- 
man Advisor) (Council in giving freshmen advice 
and guidance. 'Fhe Committee's main projects 
included revising the rules and constitution, pro- 
moting band concerts on Ivast Campus, publishing 
a pictorial calendar of Duke, and sending incoming 

Jrman of Social Standards 

freshmen a pamphlet, I)t'siu,>i for j Diulias, con- 
cerning regulations and liinrs about manners, dress, 
and customs on Fast. 

'Ivvo traditional events sponsored l)\ Social SiiikI- 
ards are the ( loed Balls. These dances leature, ni 
the fall, the [ireseiuation of the ( ai \m i<;i i:i' k 
beaut\ court, .\\\<.\, in the spring, the coronation ot 
the Mas ()ueen. 

riic Social Standards C'oniinittcc, / to 
r, 1st ro-iv: K. Barringcr, K. Ronson, 
R. Metts. G. Lassiter, B. V\ilson, 
C. Groth, I). Hewitt. 2iiJ rov.:' B. Bic- 
kctr, S. \lntlcv, M. Rinchart. J. Medley, 
II kiid. J. (;cr.ird, C;. Partlow, 
I . l)iKitii/i>r. •'/,/ ;«:•; P. Brucggmaiin. 
M. Iskndyc. M. Newton, J. Mclau 
horn, C. Humphrey, 11. Cii>tl>i.l. 
C. Brown, K. Tipton, T. Booili. .1 RkIi, 
C. Cooper. 



" A 

..^^^■■^^'MiiiyBii- z 



Representatives from all the fratcrnincs jnd doriiiit(iri( 
The Traditions Board: W. Penny, R. Morgan, N. 

s on West form a body whieh meets regularly as the l.egislalure ot M.S.C i.A. 
Williams, D. Durt'ey, K. Albrecht, R. Phillips, R. Barnes, W. Wright. 


In order ro achieve its ob- 
jeerives of acquainting and de- 
veloping an awareness of Duke traditions and history among the students, the I raditions 
Board distributes dinks to the freshmen and encourages the learning of school songs, customs, 
and facts about campus organizations. 

Increased efforts were made by the Board this year to get upperclassmen interested in 
supporting the traditions program. Under the leadership ot Ken Albrecht, the Board also 
gave freshmen the traditions test and sponsored a Dink-Bow Day with Fast campus. 


The Court of Appeals, form- 
erly the Court of (claims, was 
established as a subsidiar\ to the Judicial Board to hear appeals involving student violations 
of University traffic regulations, student liabilities for damage to the dormitors' propertx , 
and delinquency in the payment of Men's Student Government Association tees. 

The Court is now in its second year of successful operation and has proved itselt to be a 
valuable addition to the judicial system of student government. Meeting weekly to review 
cases, the Court is usually able to reach a fair decision on most ot the appeals w ithout the 
appearance of the defendent. The Court has been a worthy asset to the student hod\ and 
should continue to be a vital part of Duke's judicial system. 

of Appeals are the follouing: Jim Jaekson, Keith Davis. Joe Gril! 

alicth Springstciri, I'.ast C^atiip' 


Whinng. 2 r: Barriniiroii. Welt, Hill, Pciihcld. Sranback. 



C/anipus C^hcst was organized as a 
single charity drive at Duke from which 
money is distributed to charities through- 
out the campus, state, and world. 

On Kast Campus this year, pledges 
were collected November 5 through 7, 
following a publicir\- drive which in- 
cluded presentation of Oampus ("best in 
VV.S.G.A. Assembly and a banciuet in 
the Union for Campus ('hcsr repre- 

Januar\ 14 through 16, money was 
collected on West Campus in a drive 
headed 1)\- Dick Jacoves. The chairman 
of Campus (Ihesr on I'.ast was Bun 
Springsron and the advisor was Miss 
Wesrphal. Campus Chest funds this 
Near w eiu to the .Mice \\. Baldw ui 
Scholarship l'\iiid, World L'nn ersir\- Ser- 
vice, i'oreign Student i'und, ^.\\'.("..\. 
work at l''.dgemont, the North Carolina 
SocietN- for Crippled (^hiklren and 
Adults, the Stuilenr I'niergencx' fund, 
the Durham Needlework (iuild, and 
several other worth-while oruani/ations. 

Alphii Phi Omega, one of the newer 
organizations on the Duke campus, is 
a national service fraterniry whose goals 
are to develop friendship, leadership, 
and fellowship among Scout-trained men 
and to promote service to the student 
body, faculty, community, and nation. 

In its third year of activity on the 
Duke campus, the chapter's annual pro- 
gram included another successful Student 
Furnishing Sale and continued its orien- 
tation program designed to help foreign 
graduate students. In addition, the fra- 
ternity rendered services to the com- 
munity by helping at the Methodist 
Retirement Home, the Durham Chil- 
dren's Museum, and the Child Cuiidance 

While Alpha Phi Omega is still one 
ot the )'oungest organizations in the 
D.ike Community, it is rapidly becom- 
ing recognized as one which serves the 
campus and the campus sponsored pro- 
grams most effectively. 


A<1>Q:, Sell, Kendall, Fisher, Thiesson, Davis, Schultz, Church, Shockcy. 2 r: Norton, Page, Schulnian, Barnes, Wells, Zaffiro, (lanihlc, 
Blaekistone, Wadiisky. 3 r: Graper, Iranthani, King, Starncs, Las.siter,, McCormick, Deas. -t r: Duke, Joiner, Tilbery, Moody, 
Jennette, Gentry, Wolfson, Dawson, Libhy, Siinimers. 

Y. M.C. A. 

Although it is one of the oldest organizations on the 
Duke campus, the Young Men's (christian Association 
remains one of the most active. Man>' and varied are the 
services provided by this (christian fellowship. 

During Orientation Week, "Y" men help the freshmen 
adjust to campus life by effectively introducing and acquaint- 
ing them with the customs and life on Duke campus. To 
help transfer students in their adjustment to the Duke 
campus, the Y.Al.C.A. sponsors the Transfer Advisory 

"Dad's Da>-," an important event among the "Y's" 
activities, provides an opportunity for fathers and sons 

A I Whcclcr 
President of Young Men's Chris 

V\1.(:,\.Suni..r ( :atmKt. /,>.(/ r«-u; N., T. Kol.crtM.n, N. Uilli.Hiis. B. NUuIhtmc. I). IVvis, A. W lucUr. li. r.ivL.r, B. Cozart, 
J J.Kkson, (i. Warren, 15. Dudley. Sfcond rov.-: B. Longswortli, I), kraincr, K. Morgan, Rev. Harvey lloy.!, B. Speiuer, C. Mcl'cc. 


Members of the V.M.C.A. Junior 
Cabinet, sealed: Bell, Biggs, V.M- 
cott, Hollowell, Bevis, Sink. 
Aiimon, l'"ry, Schickc. StandivR: 
W'il.son, Goodman, Penny, Smith, 

to attend classes together and to par- 
ticipate in special week-end events. 

Besides aiding Edgemont and Wright's 
Refuge, "Y" members conduct campus 
tours, visit hospitalized students, and 
keep the bulletin board up to date. 

The "Y" worship committee sponsors 
study groups, vesper services, retreats, 
and the Sunda}' "Candlelight" Service. 

A Freshman Dance, "Twilight Time," 
and a Duke Ambassador's (>)ncert are 
among the "Y" sponsored campus social 
events. Publishing the Freshman Hand- 
book, the Student Director)-, and the 
Y.M.C.A. Annual Report arc also in- 
cluded in the "Y's" projects. 

This year the Y.M.C.A. proposed a 
plan for the building of a retreat center 
which would be used by the denomi- 
national groups, the "Y's," and other 
organizations which plan retreats. Such 
a center would eliminate transportation 
problems and would provide camp facili- 
ties tor retreats. 

\'.M.C.A. cabinet members repre- 
sented the Duke association at con- 
ferences held this year in Georgia, 
X'ireinia, and North (>arolina. 

During the hrst day of Y.M.C.A. .sponsored Orientation Week, ' •^ ' 
Men issue "dinks" of naturally the wrong size to the Ireshiiien 


Y. W.C. A. 

As old as rhe Woman's CJ)llct'c and w irh 
a membership of approximate!)- '>6' , of 
the coeds, the Duke Universir\ \oung 
Women's (Christian Association's e\tensi\e 
program serves all aspects ot college lite. 

The "Vs" numerous projects and ser- 
vices are planned and pertormed through 
various committees. A vSoeial Service (Com- 
mittee recruits and trains volunteer workers 
for such agencies as l''dgcmont, Durham 
Day Nurserw and Duke Ilospital. A cam- 
pus carol sing, vesper services, Lenten 
booklets, and inter-taith discussions are 
projects of the "Y's" Worship ('ommittec. 
.A Projects (Committee held an annual 
clothing drive and built a nativit\' scene 
for the (Christmas display. "^" sponsored 
projects ineludeii a i()\- Workshop, 

IVsiiknt of ^MimL' WniTKM-s A 


rrcshnun V.W.C.A., R I: A. Parrotr, K. Doxcy, L. \'rccland, M. L. Wright, S. Mornnv, \'. Turlington. R 2: S. Martin, C. Cordcr, 
C;. Goodnun, S. Werner, O. Blackard, C Stokes. R S: B. Brinklcy, K. Cartwright, C. Atkins, C. Stcrba, j\l. Maddry, C. Bycr, B. Smith. 

iMothcr-Daughrer Week I'"nd, the formation 
of a freshman "Y," and the publication of 
a Meet-Yoiir-Facidty booklet and "]'"' 
Newsletters. A Race Relations (Committee 
and a Senior Seminar, to discuss seniors' 
problems, were added to the "Y" cabinet. 

The active freshman "^'" carried out 
numerous projects of their own, a major 
one being the creation of a summer job 
Hlc, which contained information about 
employment in many fields. This group 
also distributed current news bulletins to 
the Fast dorms. 

Delegates from the Duke "Y" attended 
regional and area conterences, leadership 
training schools, and a national "Y" U.N. 

Ably led by president C'arol Herndon, 
Freshman "Y" president Mary Lu Wright, 
and advised by Miss Barbara Benedict, the 
"Y's" were successful in carrying out the 
purpose and objectives of the national 

JiKSt one of the many evcnt.s sponsored annually by the Y.W.C.A. 
is this Spring banquet whieh was held in the East Campus Union, 

1 he University Religious Council consists of 
the presidents of all student religious organ- 
izations, elected student representatives, faulty 
and administration members, the Dean of the 
C;hapel, the Associate Directors of Religious 
l.ifc, and the Chaplain of the University. 

The University Religious Council is the 
srudent-faculty group whose concern is rhe 
rotal rcHgious Hfe of the University including 
the University Chapel and its various activities. 

Through its various committees the Council 
is related to every aspect of the religious pro- 
gram: arranging for the (>hapel communion 
services, ushering and collecting, and invitinsz 


guest preachers tor the worship ser\ ices. I',\enrs 
such as the International Tea and the Interfairh 
Dinner are sponsored by the Cxnincil to stimu- 
late fellowship activity among students ot 
diverse religious, racial, and national hack- 
grounds. The Council prcnidcs the L'ni\ersit\' 
with a \aried opportunit\ tor rchgioiis tcllow- 
ship, growth, and serxice. 


When Mr. Duke estab- 
lished the University (Chapel, 
he did so with the thought 
in mind that the chapel would 
become the heart and hub 
of all university life. The 
heart in that it would pro- 
vide a pulse that would give 
new and wholesome life to 
the campus at large; and the 
hub, in that around the Duke 
University Church, all re- 
ligious activities would re- 

The support of Edgemont 
Community Center and the 
sponsorship of Religious Em- 
phasis Week are but two of 
its major activities. More- 
over, the ('hurch Board goes 
to great lengths to see to it 
that only the best speakers 
are engaged to preach in 
the chapel on Sunday morn- 
ings, one of the most popu- 
lar being the dean of the 
chapel himself. Dr. James T. 
Cleland. Often tabbed the 
Peter Marshall of the Duke 
community. Dr. Cleland's 
sermons have had a tre- 
mendous impact upon stu- 
dent thinking as has the 
friendly advice of Chaplain 

he RevcTcTui Fn.lcs.sor Janics T. Cleland 
l) of the Chapel 


"Exploration-Faith" was the 
theme ot Religious Kmphasis Week, 
held February 1 7-20, whieh featured 
Dr. B. David Napier, associate 
professor of Old Testament at Yale 
and Duke's Dr. Waldo Beach and 
Dr. James Cleland. 

The Week's program included 
panel discussions, luncheons, \ esper 
services, private conferences, and 
closed with a communion service. 
'Fhis inspirational week pro\ ides 
an opportunity tor students as well 
as facult}' members to rc-e\amme 
and strengthen their faith. 

Ur. B. David Napier. Vale University professor, speaks at student lunche 


Dot Finncgan and Carl Stewert 
Co-chairmen of Rcligimis fniphasis Week 


Mcthcidist Student Fellowship 


An important part of Duke's religious 
life revolves around the many denomina- 
tional groups that enables members of the 
university community to remain closely 
identified with the church of their choice. 
These groups hold discussions, religious 
services, and social events which provide 
fellowship and stimulate taith. 

Presbyterian Westniinsrer Fellowship 

The Duke Baptist Student Union, one 
of the largest of the religious groups, 
holds worship services in local Baptist 
churches and sponsors interesting discus- 
sions at a weekly Baptist forum. 

Through stud\' groups and weekly ser- 
vices, the Hille! Society promotes Jewish 
culture and provides a closer relationship 
among Jewish students. 

The Westminster Fellowship for Pres- 
byterians provides a varied program of 
worship, and social functions. Study groups 
and vesper ser\ices, retreats, service ac- 
tivities at various hospitals, and bi-monthlv 
supper meetings comprise the man\' ac- 
tivities of this group. 

Serving as a local church group as well 
as a university religious organization, the 
Society of Friends holds worship services 
and social gatherings at their new meeting 
house. The (Christian Science group holds 
weekly services which include testimonials 
b\' members of the congregation on the 
healing power of (Christian Science. 

Interested primarily in guiding the Catholic student in 
developing his faith, the Newman Club provides discussions, 
interesting speakers, social activities, and communion break- 
fasts. Promoting the aims of the Lutheran Student Association 
of America, the Duke L.S.A.'s programs featured speakers, 
projects, suppers, panel discussions, and worship services. They 
also met with other L.S.A.'s in the state and the Southeast for 
leadership training and Bible stud\ . 

Society of Friends 


Helping students develop a meaningful and intelligent faith, 
the Methodist Student Fellowship sponsors Sunday morning 
study classes and evening vespers. Spring and fall retreats held 
a few miles outside of Durham are highlights tor Methodist 
students. Dr. Waldo Beach and Congressman C. B. David 
were featured speakers this year. Construction began in No- 
vember on a Methodist Student Center off Myrtle Drive. 
Evening prayer and communion, social service activities, and 
retreats comprise the program of the Episcopal Student Fellow- 



Christian Science Orga 

Uuke Christian Fellowshi] 

Lutheran Student Association 

ship. l',vcr\' attLTiiooii in the 
Memorial C^hapcl, there are 
srudenr-led services of Kvening- 
Prayer. For the more con- 
cerned christians, the fellow- 
ship sponsored a three da\- 
school of prayer led by Father 
Lee Stephens. The scientific 
and modern approach to re- 
ligion was pro\ ided tor 
Unitarian students throutih 
speakers and panel discussions. 
'Fhe United Student I'ellow- 
shifi \aried their program w ith 
worship services and social 
service projects. I he Duke 
(liristian Fellow shifi empha- 
si/ed the ('hurch's afiproach 
to the teachings ot Jesus in 
their meetings e\ er\ Fruia\ 
night 111 the Womairs (College 


Seeking to aid the pre-ministerial student 
through an extensive program of worship, 
fellowship, and service, Zeta chapter of national 
Kappa ('hi helps him gain a greater under- 
standing ot the work ot the Christian ministry. 
The Chapter also seeks to achieve a closer 
co-operation among the various denominations 
of the (christian Church. 

Organized in 1943, Zeta chapter has con- 
tinued to grow and has become an integral 
part of the university life ot many students 
who are preparing for a lite ot (Christian 

Kappa (^hi provides tor its members excellent 
programs by many of the outstanding men in 
the field of religion. Besides sponsoring a 
vesper service each Thursday evening and a 
devotional each Tuesday morning in the (>hapel, 
the Fellowship contributes its service to Edge- 
mont and the \eterans Hospital. 

Kappa Chi: «»i; /; L. Speed, F. Harduick, S. Strauti, J. Chappclle, G. Lundhcrt;. D, Cobb. Ron J. R. Huntley, G. Br.nvn. J. Knapp. 
E. Mustian, H. Harrell, D. Clark, C. Hickev. Ro-u.- i: R. Bell, J. Sams, Hammill, D. Sims, J. Johnson, J. Martin, D. Wells. J. Starnes. 



I Ik- Tiicinticrs of tlu- Publications Board arc, uatni fwni left to ri^ht: A. McKec, T. Weir, A. Nicliols,.n, S. Mcintosh, B. Iracc; 
M. Lyon, Dean Herring, B. Talman, B. Donihorf, S. Haninier, F. Sheheen, Dr. Truesdalc, Or. Wcathcrby, Or. .\coinb, and S. Stoke 
Standnii-: V,. Bouse, J. W'agenvoord, J. Zininicr, Mr. Hendrickson, B. Goudy, B. Hyldahl, B. Young, H. Johnson, and B. Kduard 


rs .Sallv Mclnt.ish ot the Clir 


Hubliciuions Hoard i.s a .srudcnr-facultx' 
organi/.arion which protects and 
.snidciu puhHcation.s, dctcrinininti pohcics, 
regulating commercial advertisint"' and sal- 
aries, and selecting personnel. The voting 
members of the Board include four mem- 
bers of the Woman's (College, four members 
of Trinity C'ollege, two members ot the 
(College of I'.ngineering, and rive faculty 
and administration members. The editors 
and business managers ot student pul)li- 
cations and represeiitari\ es of \\'.S.(i..A. 
and M.S.(i..\. are e\-otiicin, non-\()fing 
members. Dean Herring was chairman ot 
the l^oard this year, and ManKn I, yon 
was secrerarw 

I'or rhc university student who enjoys 
creative writing, layout work ot year- 
hooks and magazines, photography, and 
the development of thoughts and ideas, 
Fuhlieations Row can serve as his medium 
of self expression. With the help ot 
hanging typewriters and student voices 
echoing up and down Pub Row, the 
"Tower of C>ampus Thought and Action," 
enabled student opinion to be heard. The 
yearbook staff produced a "record of the 
year at Duke as seen through the eyes of 
a camera." For the Archive, the Peer, and 
the DukEngineer, students wrote both light 
stories, and cultural articles. Playhilh 
was also published b\- Bob Young and 

,ity ("omptrollcr Ci. (',. He- 
Advisor to all publii 


The Pub Rdu c-ditors and business managers /rew /,// li, nnht.fint roiv: P. Coga 
H. R.irhtcdLT. HnonJ roiv: M. Picrry, J. \\agcnvoord, B Talnian, H. Johnson. 

, J. /-.I 

H. Young, 

^ ^^ 

The Dukc-bluc CHAMiciKtK of 1956-57, edited 
by Buck Talman, arrempred ro portray every 
phase of Duke life in a colorful fashion. As a 
result of a Publications Board decision, ad\ ertising 
was noticeably absent in the yearbook. 

Throughout the year, the clatter of typewriters 
originating from the third Hoor of Flowers Build- 
ing, was an indication of the yearbook's progress. 
The F.ditorial staff composed nuiiiiK of freshmen 


Buck Talman 
I'Jitor ot the Chantkxeer 

THE C H / 

IIU ( IHMKIIIR Kill rid Ikuh 
ifL as follows IM rn SI uk Hil- 

ilrctli 1 von Holt Niwman Seatttr. 
'// / ro^ Holnian Biy 1 inton, 

Prtisslt Robbinb Siars (■, 

Hok Moore 

KR I'dil 
L-th, "N 

'.■ Sun II 

I Stall' arc, 
y." >V,/ ru- 

St rou-. Lyon, Talman, Holt. 
1 rankl.n, Wattcr.s, Newman, 
inner, Jones, Miirdock, Ada 

lolman, Bo 
Smitli, K) 

Bay, C;ok 
,.e, Rolihin: 

Bruce Hvd.ilil 
Business .\h,n..L'cr r.ftl.cC 

T I C L E E R 

was organized under section heads. Tlic Rditorial 
Board consisted of Marilyn Lyon, (]oed luiitor, 
Jennie Holt, Assistant Kditor, and Marilyn llil- 
dreth. Associate I'"ditor. 

Bruce I lydahl. Business Alanagcr, w as aided 
l)\ two Assistant Business Managers, Barry 
Blechnian and John Bullock, Coed Business Man- 
ager, Lidd\' Hanford, and an able staff in the 
direction ot \earbook finances. 

Chantici EER Business Manager Hyldahl is sur- 
rounded by other heads ot the business start : 
lejl 10 nfihl, Bullock, Hanford, and Blechman. 

ess Start", /row 
ni. ««!;■ 5; Telle 

/,■ Blechman, Hanfo 

, Hyldahl, Bullock. Roil- 2: Peterson, Sturdevant, 
s, Heisle, Foot. Roiv -t: Irvvui, Singer, \\ ilson. West, 



d -g^ 


^f t- 


V % 


"^^1— IZzn 





)rial Start of tlif Uukt Chromcle in:. J low l,jl lu nnhl. ,„, ih, Ji,M i,,-^. \\ . I l.irMiiK, N. NiiiiLf. t .. ( ii.ul> , I . Si 
i. Robinson, B. Bickett, and K. Toia. Second ww: ]. Young, M. Church, J. Hargett, B. Stagncr, 1". Multonl, H. Scott, and H. Cioldiiian. ilin 
V . Andrews, R. Knapp, S. Hammer, H. Martin, B. Harrison, G. Eaton, and S. Livingstone. 


Indited b>' Sally Mcintosh during the 
year, the C.hronide continued its tradition with 
extensive coverage of campus news and its 
timely editorials. Twice each week editorial 
start' members could be seen writing and rew rit- 
ing furiously, and laying out copy. 

Smiv McIntosi. 
I'ditor of the Chnmuk 

Business manager, John Zimmer, and his 
staff were also kept busy getting ads for two 
issues each week. Sally and John were assisted 
by Ruth Szekely, coed editor, and Sandy 
Greene, coed business manager. 

A successful student drive, originated and 

directed by the Chronicle, to collect 110,000 
on the campus in order to bring two Hungarian 
students to Duke next year was the main 
project of the '5 6-' 5 7 Chronicle. Another project 
of the Chronicle's, a bookstore, materialized 
this vear. 

1 he Cliranuh Biisincs.s St.iH", »■,» 
C. Choatc, A. Mason, and B. Jolinsoi 

.S>.(//,///;i;: J. Ba 

he- Archive Business Staff: J. U'agenvi 
sincss manager; B. Byrne and D. Stout. 


riic Archive is a student 
literary magazine which pre- 
sents student creative work in 
the arts, being the oldest maga- 
zine of this t\pe in the South. 
It was originally published as 
a newsletter and later de\el- 
opeil into a feature magazine, 
(iradually, however, it again 
became a fine arts publication 
with the appearance ot the 
Chronliic ami the Duke 'if 
Duchess, included in the maga- 
zine are student sketches as 
well as student stories and 

This Near the .Irchive etiitor 
was Anne Nicholson antl the 
Business Manager, Jnn Wag- 
en voord. 


Ann Ni 

Staff, / r: Potter, Mcintosh, McConnell. Traccy, KcithK 
Aiken. 2 r: Springston, Sokel, Browne, Sproles, ? r: I)o\vd> 
Applewhite, Pcnticid, Warren, Noble, Carter. 


IWr start", first rrr^-: T IhcimLis, A. McKcc. Second rox::- 
M. Jcranko, S, Clark, N. U hytc, I). Schwartz. Third 
roii-. M. Picrry, B. Tracy, J. \\agcnv<».rd, B. Brooks. 

Mike Pierrv. Jr. and Hi rr Ji 
Editor ami Bimtms M.mjfi 


The Kail issue of rhc Peer 
attempted to satisfy the campus 
desire for a modified humor- 
feature magazine. After a Pub 
Board meeting and a confer- 
ence with the Administration, 
the Peer was reminded ot its 
original purpose, that of f)eing 
a feature magazine, and further, 
jokes were prohibited. 

Cognizant that a great deal 
of the sales appeal of the Peer 
lay in the jokes, the staff and 
editors used many photographs, 
photo-stories and cartoons in 
an endeavor to keep the easy 
reading that the campus seemed 
to enjoy. The staff of the 
Peer has grown with the aid 
of many freshmen and boasts 
more contributors than ever 

Herb Johnson. Business Manager. .SV.i/f: 
D. Watson. B. Losec. and J. \ 

Organized for the purpose of publishing playbills for 
several campus organizations, the Flaybill is one of the 
most widely-read Duke publications. FhtybUh were printed 
during the past year for the All-Star ("oncert Series, Duke 
Players productions. Hoof 'n' Horn, Student Forum presen- 
tations, and the Men's Glee Club concert. Bob Young, this 
year's editor, was assisted by Howard Rothfeder, business 
manager; Bud Siler, assistant editor; and Bob Kargon, 
assistant business manager. Though one of the smallest 
publications on Pub Row, the Playbill is of much service 
to the campus. 


Howard Rothtcdcr, Business 
Manager and Bob Young, 
Editor, The Phyhill. 

riie I'Liyhill start", Ir/t to 
riv.l:t: B. Kargon, H. Bce- 
nian, B. Young, H. Rothfeder. 

Mcmhcrs of Start. sraU.i: \'.in 
Ciircn, Cogan, Bouse. StiUiJ- 
/«k; Givins, I'dwards. Bas- 
sctt, Hoadly. Cornucll. 
Roberts. Staplelord. W.ilrcth. 

Pat Cogan, Editor, and 


Business .Manager 

The DukEiifiineer 


The DukEvgineer is 
1 campus publication 
unique in several re- 
speers. Published by 
engineering students four times a year, it is designed to 
give them an opportunity to express themselves in a scien- 
tific manner. This publication is the only one which receives 
no financial aid from the University. The Engineering 
Publications Advisory Committee offers editorial sugges- 
tions to the DukEngineer, which first appeared in its present 
form in 1946 and has expanded each year. This year, the 
DiikEngineer was edited by Pat Cogan, while George 
Bouse was Business Manager. 


Kd Corey 
Fri'sidcnt nf the F'nginccr's Student ( >iunci 

Guiding and governing the activities of 
engineering students is the main function 
of the l'"ngineer's Student (Council. By 
helping the faculty of the ("ollege of 
iMigineering solve prohlenis related to the 
students and b\- co-ordinating the class 
activities, the l'..S.(;. plays a \ital role in 
the C>)llege. 

(^Miiposed of class officers and repre- 
sentatives from the organizations in the 
(College, the I'.ngineers' Student ( Council 
supervises the I'.ngineers' Show, the I'.ngi- 
neers' Ball, and the I lomecoming disphns. 
The (xHincil was instrumeiual m the 
organization of the I'.ngineers' (;uidance 
('ouncil this >ear, which was created to 
ad\ise and guide the freshmen engineers 
in rlieir aduisrmenr to the College. 

The IXikc chapter of rhc American 
S()cier\- ot (a\il I'.iitiineers was esral)li,she(.i 
ro help civil engineering students enrich 
their college courses h\' beginning pro- 
fessional contacts and associations so valu- 
able to the practicing engineer. Through 
the wide variety of activities, movies, 
discussions and featured speakers sponsored 
by A.S.C.E. the student more fully pre- 
pares himself to enter into the profession 
ot civil engineering. 

A.S.C>.M. highlighted the year's activities 
by held trips to special interest areas. A 
spring picnic and banquet were added 
program features. Under the leadership of 
Pete Hoadley, the A.S.C.E. continued its 
purpose of helping the student become 
better accjuainted w ith the profession. 


■ the A.S.C.K. arc, kjl to rif,hr: Hctc H< 
nd Don Bolinger, secretary-treasurer. 


the first roTi-from left to nv.lit: Papc, Izaguirre, Hoaille 
and Speller. The tinrd rir^-. Miicscr. Boges, Blackhiirn 

("ook, and House. The seceimi ro:, Mstcr, and \an SchoiU. 

■ G.lticrt, Cogan. Bolinyer, K. 

»^. i 

tc of KIcctrical Knginocrs. 
/ r: J. Redmond, I'. V.^\x. 

A.I.E. E. 

I'uncrioning to foster and culri\afc 
those qualities which are not fully 
developed in the classroom, but arc 
needed by the engineer, the Duke branch 
of the American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers serves to acquaint the student 
with the engineering world. The wide 
variety ot activities and functions ot the 
organization increases and strengthens 
the student's knowledge and compre- 
hension of the engineering field, more 
fully prepares him to take his place in 
the profession, and gives recognition to 
his technical developments and ideas. 

This year's program included held 
trips, lectures, demonstrations, an area 
A.LI'.E. meeting, and a senior banquet. 
One of the A.EE.E.'s major contri- 
butions to the Duke campus is the 
Engineers' Show, which is held annually 
in March. 

A.I.F..I'..,yirir rooi'.J. Redmond, S. Edwards, C;. Fletcher, H. Meredith, B. Cherry, F. Egh. Second roiv: D. Lyman, D. Copeland, L. Cavincss, 
F. Rodgers, S. McKnight, R. Barnes, L. Derrick. Third tow: J. Vaughan, E. Jenkins, T. Moody, R. Brownell, L. Phil, W. Steinmetz, 
(". Vcngst, D. Lower, B. Peters, S. Cotton, C. Jones, S. Linekcr. Fourth row: L. Jones, H. A. Owen (advisor), R. Helton. D. Tipton, T. 
Stapleford, K. \lntt. W. Stewart, B. McFarland, G. VanCuren. B. Fnzzel, W. Peters, E. Boothroyd, R. York. 


A.S. M. E. 

Keeping its members informed of the 
hitesr advancements in die theory and 
practice of mechanical engineering and 
stimulating interest in mechanical proj- 
ects within the engineering school arc 
the main purposes ot the Duke Branch 
of the American Society of Mechanical 

Alonthly meetings of the A.S.M.I^. 
feature speakers, motion pictures, and 
the reading of student papers which 
give the members of the society a more 
realistic view of their future profession. 
Field trips, planned by the society, for 
the mechanical engineering students to 
near by places of interest prove to be 
educational and broadened the student's 
concept of the field. The A.S.M.E. 
provides its members with a monthly 
publication, which keeps them informed 
as to the latest developments in me- 
chanical engineering. 

OliKxrs (.1 tlu- A.S.M. 
J. Ncal, .md P. Richer. 



1 he tiKMiilicrs (.r rhc Prc-Mcd S.. 
gethcr rcgiiLirU' to cnioy xancLl , 
progranis rc-Linng to their thus 

The functions of the Prc-Mcd Society on 
the Duke campus arc: to provide a means tor 
students interested in making medicine their 
profession to acquire information concerning 

the requirements and 
Medical Schools, and 
to better integrate the 
Duke Medical School 
and undergraduate 
pre-medical students. 
I his \ear, the organ- 
ization under the able 
leadership of Bol) 
Mc lamany, tried to 
carry f)ut these pur- 
poses in their bi- 
monthly meetings 
liekl in the ZoologN' 

One of the pro- 
grams featured Drs. 

standards ot various 

Markcc and Penrod of the Duke Medical 
School who set forth their ideas concernuig 
the quality of undergraduates sought by the 
Medical Schools. Dr. Penrod was the sponsor 
of the group this year. A very worth-while 
function pertormed 
b\ the Pre-Aled So- 
ciety each year are 
the chest X-ray units 
brought to both luist 
and West ('ampuses 
each spring. .Any un- 
dergraduate, exclud- 
ing freshmen, who is 
interested in medicine 
as a career, is eligble 
to become a member 
and participate in the 
varied programs and 
discussions m the tuKl 
of medicine. 


The Duke Bench and Bar Society was 
organized for the purpose of providing the 
types of programs which will give the under- 
graduate student an opportunity to decide it 
he will want to study law atter his Duke 
graduation. Mcmber- 

and Mock Trials put on by members of the 
Society and open to the public. Doctor Bradway 
of the Duke Law School Faculty is sponsor of 
the Bench and Bar Society and student officers 
for the past year were George Keithley, 
president; Joe Smith, 

ship is open to any 

vice-president; and 

undergraduate stu- 
dent interested in the 

George Keithley 
President of Bench and Bar 

Roger Embley, treas- 

law profession. Three ^^ 

The man\' Bench 

main types of pro- ^H 

and Bar members 

grams were carried ^H 

I^^^^^^B^^ 'c^k l^^^l 

who enter law schools 

on this year : Speakers ^M 

are evidence of this 

from the law pro- ^M 

organization's success 

fession, such as law ^M 

in carrying out its 

professors, judges, ^M 

purpose and objec- 

and lawyers; movies ^M 


such as those made ^^ 

Such an organiza- 

at the Kefauver In- ■■ 

tion IS invaluable to 

vestigations and the • 

the undergraduate in 

Nurremburg Trials; ^g 

deciding his life's ca- 

Kngmccr's (iiiidancc Council, 1st row: Crislip, Russell, \'anCuren, Braun, Mason, Knsscll, t^opeland, Peyton, Ncal. 2ihi roii': Boycr, 
Moreno, ("ook, Barnes, Mead, Bouse, Cogan, Hammond. Srd roii-: Jenkins, W'ingfield, Godwin, Arcocha, Little, Kinol, Bankcrt, 
Givcns, Buckley, Starr, Beck, Murray. 4th row: X'alentine, Ructer, Bell. Goudy, Risner, Clifton, Cherry, Tipton, Montgomery, Foster, 


ri.c nculv trcMlid h rigMKcrs ( luKl.incc Cnuncil rs licadcd hv 
R.ilph W.nms. Presidcnr. .aid .\llcn \K-,i>l, .Sccret.irv. 

One of rliL' newest organizations on the 
Duke eampus, the P'ngineers' (iuidanee (louneil 
was formed early last fall h\- the I'.ngineers' 
Student Council. By guiding the freshman 
engineers in their studies, by advising them 
concerning their choice of extra-curricular ac- 
tivities, and by helping them select a major 
from the three main fields of engineering, the 
(Iuidanee (-ouncil helps the new students feel 
at home in the School of Kngineering. 

At himonthK meerings the C'ouneil meinl)ers 
discuss freshman problems and work out soUi- 
tions that will meet the individual needs. 

(Chosen on the basis of scholastic ability and 
personality, the I'.ngineers" (iuidanee (Council 
IS selected through inter\ iew s l)\- the P'.S.C. 

The ("ouncil this \ear was lieaileil 1)\ Ralph 

The Duke University Debate Council, en- 
courages participation in inter-collegiate de- 
hates, discussion tournaments, and sponsors 
torsenic activities and puhlic debates on the 

Duke debaters this year participated in 
tournaments and debates at numerous colleges 
and universities along the East C-oast from the 
University of Miami to West Point. A high- 
light was an international debate on the Duke 
campus with British students. The Council also 
participated in the A.C.C. tournament held in 
the spring at Wake F"orest. 

The University can be proud of its debate 
reams, which have consistently won more than 
half the debates at tournaments, and conse- 
quently enjoy an excellent debating reputation 
in this area. 

Joseph <;.\\ctlxTl,V 

Advisor to the Debating Omiici 


The men 


-.f the Del 

■ sm»hl ro' 

■ Council are, seated on the first roir: R. Townsend, H. Havens, J. \\etherl)y (director), C. .Stewart, R. Lc 
R. Weed, J. Juergensmcycr, K. Brownson, C. Newburg, J. .Snnth, C. Crocco, L. Hollowell, R. I hra.shc 

Ruth Davis 
President of Hoof 'n' Horn 


Producing completely stiidcnr written 
and directed musical comedies, Hoof 'n' 
Horn is now in its 20th year of activity 
on the Duke campus. Originating in 
1936, this well known organization has 
produced outstanding stage shows that 
in recent years have become a highlight 
of Joe College Week-ends. 

This year's show, "I'm Emir Here," 
took place in a small Eastern Medi- 
terranean kingdom in the year 9'il . 
Unusual and amusing incidents arose 
when all the characters were trans- 
formed to present day Lebanon. 

To be eligible for membership in 
Hoot 'n' \ lorn one must participate 
actively in one show. The (Hub's execu- 
tive council chooses the director, pro- 
ducer, and the manuscript for the year's 
show . 

Ruth Davis served as Hoof "n" 1 lorn 
president and also as director of this 
year's show. 

Arlick Brockwell, star of the m" Hoof -n' Horn production "I'm Kmir Here" sings 

)f the songs which highlighted the show. 

Talented Polly Price found time in her busy schedule as President 
of W.S.G.A. to play the female lead in the Hoof 'n' Horn show which 
ran for two nights as part of a fabulous Joe Oillegc Week End. 

■J he singing and dancing of this glamorous chorus 
line helped make 'Tm Kmir Here' one of 
the best musicals the organization has produced. 

I '"^Q 

■9|1 '1H 

• *M^^^| 

■B " S 


* '**^K^^ 

I^HI ..^.m^M 




* fc^ 





Above is a scene from the performance ot "The 
Rechning l-'iyiire." Below arc Tunmoorc. Rege- 
tioia, liske aiiJ Cofcr in rehearsal of the play. 

Duke Players, organized since 
1931, acts as a producing agenr tor 
rhe university conimunir\' and 
fosters an understanding ot, and 
high standards for the theater arts 
in the college. 

Talent is the basis for selecting 
cast members, but anyone interested 
may work behind the scenes. After 
working fifty hours on productions 
during a season and attending a 
majority of the Players general 
meetings, a student may become a 
member of the organization. 

Sponsored b\- the iMiglish depart- 
ment of the university and headed 
by president Fred Regenold, the 
Players presented readings ot (loc- 
teau's The Infernal .\Uuhlne, Stein's 
Yes is For a I V/v )'w////y .\Lv!, 
and a porseenium production ot 
Kurmtz's Keclininir Fii>_ure. .Xn arena 
pr(xluction of Strindberg's The 
Father, Shaw's Misallianee, and stu- 
dent directed laborator>' productions 
of one-act phns completed a full 
Near for the Pla\ers. 

Ron I.mctt and Mariic 
Linsm starred in -I he 
Father" which was given 
in Branson. 


During Shoe 'n" Slipper and Joe C>ollege week-ends, 
Duke Students enjoyed two of the nation's top bands. 
After much planning by president. Buzz Browne, and 
the Shoe n' Slipper C'lub, Richard Maltby and his 
orchestra entertained the campus during the Fall week- 
end, aixi Woody Herman and his band pro\ided the 
rh\rhm for the Spring festivities. 

Since its organization in 194H, the Shoe 'n' Slipper 
(;iub has consistently brought outstanding concert and 
dance hands to the Duke campus for its two "big week- 

Bruce Browne 

President of the 

Shoe 'n' Slipper Clul) 

The members of the Shoe n' Shpper Club are pictured, Jmm left to right, im the first row: Hanson, Towe, Green, Winslow, Sprottc, 
Mattson, Center, and Mullholand. On the second row: Alster, Furman, Pertit, Browne, Fulcomer, X'alentine, and Farris. On the third 
row: l.arabce, Boggs, McAnally, Nelson, Rodgers, Moore, Lipman, Marks, Turner, Cherry, Suiter, Blackburn, and Baraban. 



Organi/xd to create a friendly relationship among 
graduate-nurse students, and between the members and 
other students of Duke, the Nursing Education Chub's 
activities are designed to prepare qualified graduate 
nurses for administrative, teaching, and supervisory 
positions in nursing schools and service agencies. 

Led by Alartha Davis, the Club's program included 
business discussions, a Christmas party and dance, a 
spring picnic, and dinner meetings with guest speakers, 
among whom were Otto liuminada, who spoke on family 
life in the Philippines, and Miss Thelma Inglis, who 
showed slides ot Europe. 

Brnckucll. Norns. :nd moiv Morgan, Sigin.iii, Diuilc; 
Hunslcy. 3rd rmi-: Todkill, Wbolsley, Goodson, Nortlirup, 


L'niicr rlu' dirtcnoii of Paul ^()lmL;, rhr \kn\s 
Glc'c (Hub cn)(nL-d an)rhcr year crowded w irh 
campus and tour appearances. Irxours tor rhe 
club were held early in rhe tall, and r\\ ice 
\\eekl\- rehearsals conrinued rhroughour rhe 

The (ilee (Club's triple quarter appeared on 
campus several times during Orientation Week 
and Dad's Week Knd. In February the club 
gave its first concert of the year on the Duke 
campus. During Spring X'acation, the men of 
the (ilee (]lub en)oycd a tour to numerous 
cities in I'lorida and throughout rhe South, in 
.April the group traveled to Washington and 
Philadelphia for several concerts. The \ear's 
activities were clima.xcd in May with another 
Duke concert, showing the campus wh\ they 
have achieved national acclaim. 

The Mcn'.s Glee Club. 

-isu'^ w :'^_'--^ -ju*- 

and Ted Parker. 

after many rehearsals 

Emma Bruton 
President, Women's Glee Club 



The WoiiK-ns (ilcc (Hub, under rhc able 
direction n\ Dr. Paul Young, provides an op- 
portunit\' tor Woman's C'ollege students who 
arc interested in developing their musical talent 
in that field to participate collectively in various 
concerts on the Duke campus. Any Woman's 
College student is eligible for membership in the 
organization if she passes the auditions given by 
the director in the fall. The \\t)man's Cilee 
('lub not only gives a concert in early April, 
but also sponsors a formal dance for both (Jlee 
(Hubs after the men's spring concert. 

The Glee Club participates in activities 
such as singing at chapel services and the 
\etcran's Hospital, and serving as ushers for 
the Concert Series. The Triple Trio sings 
at various organizations' meetings in Durham. 

Two afternoons a week cast eanipus co-eds practiced ddigently on iieu nuisic preparing lor tlie spring concert 

SJI B f^^^i^ '^ e fi f^ ^ 

pilsi B PO^ POD Aaf) fi 



)lc Trio; Dr. Ydiing (director), Bruton, Buggeln, Schmidt, Satterficld. Prince, Mcl.awhorn, Kuqua, Millikcn, Andress, Hildreth. 

rh its extensive musical training. Women's Glee Club members are prepared for entry into chapel choir. 


Sclc-ctcd from members of the Alcn's (Jlec CHub and the Women's CJlee (Hub, rhe Duke University 
Chapel Choir is composed of approximately 200 hundred voices. 

Under the direction of Professor Paul Sbung, rhe choir instilled in C^hapel congregations a new 
sense of musical appreciation of choral music. The large repctoire of sacred music which they sang 
at Sunda\- morning C'hapcl services added much ro these impressive and inspirational services. 

Highlights of the >'ear for the choir were 
special performances of Handel's "Messiah" at 
('hristmas time and Mendelossohn's "Klijah" in 
the ispring, both ot which received much praise 
and appreciation in the university community. 

Noted far and wide tor its outstanding musical 
quality and excellent direction, the C^hapel Choir 
provides an opportunity for students to serve the 
University as well as to participate in religious 
services and to learn and appreciate noted sacred 


The C'hapel Choir, which incUides members of both the 
men's and women's glee clubs, takes part in the Chapel 
Service every Sunday, under the direction of Dr. Younff. 


Under the direction of Mr. Allan H. Bone, the Duke Symphon\' Orchestra completed another 

successful year of concerts and performances on the Duke campus. Composed ot approximately 65 

pieces, the orchestra includes members of the student body, faculty, and townspeople from Durham, 

Raleigh, and Chapel Hill. These members are chosen in auditions and tryouts held early in the fall. 

An outstanding- performance of the Orchestra was given in January which featured Anshel Brusilow, 

\iolinsr and assistant concert master of the 
C^leveland Symphonx' Orchestra. 

The spring concert in April featured l.orne 
Munroe, \iolin-celloist and soloist with the Phila- 
delphia Orchestra. 

Throughout the year, the Department of Aes- 
thetics, Art, and Music sponsors recitals by 
various members of the student body and faculty 
for the enjoyment of the College community. 


Bill Papc' 
Leader. Duke Anilias 


Ambassadors in reality as well as in name, 
this prominent group of Duke musicians was 
enthusiastically received in appearances in 
the Azores and Bermuda last summer. 

But these overseas appearances comprise 
only a fragment of the Ambassadors' two 
decade history on the bandstand for major 
Duke dances. Spring lawn concerts and 
annual special appearances by the band have 
become a campus tradition. Thousands of 
students at other colleges and universities 
have danced to the Ambassadors' original 
arrangements. This year the musicians were 
selected for the second time to pla\' for the 
North Carolina Governor's Ball. 

Led by Bill Pape, the Ambassadors this 
spring wound up one of their most successful 
seasons and are now looking forward to a 
third entertainment mission overseas. It's a 
sure bet that wherever they appear, the 
Ambassadors will give out with the same 
top quality music that has established their 
reputation as one of the nation's outstanding 
college dance bands. 

One of Duke's best ki 

adnrs which plays for numerous dances both on the Duke 



Emphasizing a variety of music and featur- 
ing in their programs classical, semi-classical, 
and novelty numbers, the Duke University 
Concert Band presents outstanding musical 
concerts on campus. Directed by Dr. Paul 
Bryan, the Band of approximately 70 mem- 
bers performs at lawn concerts and in con- 
certs on both campuses. 

A highlight among these performances 
featured David Bar-IUan, Israeli pianist, as 
soloist in a concert in April. 

During the Band's third annual spring 
tour from March 19-22, the group performed 
in five North Carolina cities. 

Fifteen members of the Duke Band were 
honored in January b\' being chosen to play 
in an All State Collegiate Band. 

Special performances of the Concert Band 
included concerts on Dad's Week End, 
High School Music Day, and at commence- 

Pep Board, 1st tow: C. Parrish, L. Nickol, R. Mogel, P. Paul, B. Stuart, 
M. Gay, B. Crews, L. Fabian. 2mi wu:: T. Heinekcn, A. Milliken, 
D. Wood, C. Lusby, J. Durstein, S. Kraus, J. Levin, J. Moore. H. Jordan. 
}rj wo:: H. Probes, Z. l.ayson, B. Hester, U. Watson, G. Summers, M. Hendrix, 
(.. Noggle, I.. V'isco, H. Siegcl. 4l}i ru-u:: S. Hankin, G. Dan, G. Thomas, 
B. Miller. T. Wright. J. Hopkins, B. Wilernan, T. Taylor, I). Stitely. 

A Duke Blue Devil, com- 
posed of hundreds of royal 
blue cardboard squares, grins 
menacingly out on the opposing 
cheering section during the 
half time of a fall football 
game. This and other card 
tricks, presented at most ot 
the home games, were the 
resuh ot one of j-'ep Boards 
man)- projects. 

Seeking to encourage and to 
foster school spirit, Pep Board 
also sent telegrams to the team 
at away football games, adver- 
tised both major and minor 
sports events, sponsored vari- 

Gu-t:h.iirnicn, IVn lio.uJ 


iiiffnffr''nnirinr 7T-'--r ■ ••■ n 

A R D 

ous pep rallies and a street 
dance, tried generally to boost 
spirit, and successfulh' guarded 
the victor)' bell from eager 

Working closely with the 
cheerleaders, the Pep Board 
was headed by co-chairmen 
Bob Stuart and Peggy Paul this 
year. Composed of representa- 
tives from each freshman house, 
fraternity, and Kast ('ampus 
dormitorv, the Board was again 
instrumental in leading and 
encouraging support and en- 
thusiasm for the fighting blue 
and white. 

Head^chccrleadir Boh Crews, surrounded by M. Harris, S. Ratts, D. Wood, 
D. Felson, and G. Partlow, raises a cheer to lead Dulce to another victory. 


Ill DiiU NLirchiiig Band is shown iDrrnmg i>nc of [nany interesting I'ormations ilnring tlic half-time shou' ot a Saturday toothall ga 


Adding color, spirit, and song to all 
Duke home football games, the Marching 
Band is a traditional sight on the field. 
The striking blue and white uniforms and 
the band's snappy stepping herald the 
beginning of every game. 

During halftime the Band's clever and 
original routines prf)vide delightful enter- 
tainmenr lor the crowd. 

One of Duke's most enthusiastic sup- 
porters, the Band leads "Fight Songs" in 
the cheering section and at pep rallies. 

Led by (Charles Beidler and directed 
by Mr. Paul Bryan, the Band rehearses 
three times weekly in preparation tor their 
performances. Members are chosen in fall 
tryouts for their outstanding musical 
ability. The Band's activities also includeil 
trips to and performances at several a\\a\ 
foorball games. 

A l)an(|uer and dinner-tlanee concluded 
the Ncar's activities for this well-known 
and outstanding musical organization. 

Paul R. Bryan 
Director of the Marching Band 




The Radio C'ouncil of Duke L'ni\crsir\ 
supervises, maintains, and handles all broad 
governing powers of VVDBS. This group 
supervises the election of officers for WDBS, 
the appropriation of funds for large expendi- 
tures, and the formulation of station policy 
toward major issues. 

The Radio C'ouncil is composed of members 
of both student body and faculty. Facult\- 
members on the Council include an advisor 
appointed by Doctor Edcns, the Dean of Men, 
the Dean of Women, and the Director of Stu- 
dent Activities. Student members of the Council 

include elected representatives from I rinit\ 
C>ollege, the (College of Kngineering, and the 
Woman's College, and appointed representati\es 
from W.S.G.A. and M.S.G.A. 

During the past \'ear, in addition to their 
regular duties, the members of the Radio 
(Council appro\ed several improvements in 
Station \\'l)BS\s facilities. These changes in- 
cluded broadcasting to a larger campus audience, 
purchasing new equipment, increasing broad- 
casting time, and improving program presen- 
tations. Radio ("ouncil again proved a vital 
and beneficial part ot the WDBS family. 

The members of the Radio Council, which governs the policies of VV'BDS. are shown seated around the table from left tn ng,ht: 
B. DcFuy, K. Harris. Mr. Griffith, P. Voars, M. Boaz, Mr. Wetherbce, Dean Cox, B. BrubaUer, Dean V\'il,son, S. Clark, and J. l.intzenich 



I J ll.irris, liuMtR,>.s \\.m.ii:cv .nul Bol, Hrnl.,,krr, iIk Si,,ii..ii 
Aljriager, look through the account ledgers of W DBS. 

Offering to its staft practical train- 
ing, experience, and an opportunity 
to serve the iiniversit\', the Duke 
Broadcasting System provides radio 
entertainment and hstening enjoyment 
tor the University community. 

In operation since 1949, VVDBS is 
entirely operated and run by students. 
Through tryouts in the tall announcers 
and engineers are selected and trained 
to operate a station. 

A selt-supporting concern, through 
local and national advertisers, the 
station is represented by the College 
Radio (Corporation in New York ("ity, 
and is connected with the National 
Association ot ("oUege Broadcasters. 

Managed by Bob Brubaker, WDBS 
was on the air 14^2 hours a da>- this 
\ear and again rated with the nation's 
top ten college radio stations. The 
stati' of A\'DBS worked together to 


The men who manage Duke's radio station WDBS, keeping it on the air fourteen and one-half hours a day are: Fngineering Manager Joe l.i 
zenich. Production Manager Pete Yoars, Station Manager Boli Bruli.iker. Business -Manager I'd Harris. Public Relations Manager Bob Depi 



bring rlu'ir listeners the best m class- 
ical, popular, and "srud\"" nuisic, 
new s every hour via the United Press, 
featiMcs with top campus personalities, 
and coverage ot all Duke basketball 
games and the home baseball games. 
Popular shows included Mcrrinhu\ 
which became famous for its take- 
offs on various aspects of Duke life; 
the Sunda\' afternoon Opera Hull of 
the Air; Flying Saucers, which featured 
the nation's weekh' top ten hits 
according to Billboard magazine, and 
the Ui/iirrsity Hw/r of classical music. 
WDBS piped dinner music daih' to 
the West (>ampus Union. Progress 
was made regarding the proposed 
lines to the new dorms, and other 
dormitories were rewired tor better 
reception. New furnishings and equip- 
ment were added to the WDBS 

The famous Merrimac team of Tom Ferrall, Dick Wasscrmau and 
Terry George are shown in earnest preparation for their WDBS show. 

WDBS Staff. / t: H. Godwin. T. (icorgc. D. Wasserman, P. Grawford. 2 r: P. Rockwell. 
\\. Divis, G. \lott, S. Clark. R. W ickcrshain. i r: P. Whiting, B. Agncw. J. Moore. B. Gha 

Gone. J. Ghilds. M. Bn 
;rs, T. WUIton. B. Iliehr. 

I. Davis. 





The mission of the Air Force 
R.O.T.C. program is to prepare 
students, through a plan ot instruc- 
tion at civihan educational institu- 
tions, to serve as officers in the 
regular and reserve components of 
the United States Air Force, and 
to assist in discharging, where 
necessary, any institutional obliga- 
tions to otter instruction in military 

The Duke University Air I'orce 
Reserve Otticers Training Corps 
was organized in July, 1949. The 
unit grew rapidly in size, in quality, 
and in prestige from the original 
class of forty-four cadets to a 
strength of more than six hundred 
cadets shortly after the beginning 
of the Korean conflict. Since the 

The Cadet Wing Staff", /mm hfl lo r,nhl. on rhe first rrr^-. Wheeler, Wing 
Commander Ulrich, and Chcwning. Second row: Kcmpler, McLeod, Dcan.s, and (^ulp. 


The officers of the Detachment Staff', on the first roii-: Captam Knox. Maior Barnhill. Colonel Todd, Captam 
Knglish, Captain Canheld. Second ro-u.-. M. .Sgt. Baxley, T. Sgt. Hull, S. Sgt. Norvell, T Sgt. Lewis, S. Sgt. 
Burns, M. Sgt. F.ure. 

Squadron A. / -. Suff: In// 
Drckinv.n. Miller. O.hcn. Be 
lord. McDonald. X'rccland. 4 

II. Ware. Crdls. Parish. Arnold. Ruetcr. 2 r: 

idcr, Hcuard. J r: SprinL-ston. Hurchins.m, Harnharr. McNrarv. Kudd. 

r: Slocvini, Bowman. Krcider. Benson, Marcoveechin. Kichle, Bovd. San 

kshank, \li/.. ( k^ 
lankins. Weed. ()< 
iiore. Kaufman, Bla 

I I. I spy, LaBonc, 
or. ( iarvin, Swof- 
r. Shannon, V'oar.s. 

end of the Korean War, enrollment in the 
cadet corps has decreased until there arc now 
approximately two hundred cadets in the Wing. 
It is a select, compact unit — one that is pro- 
ducing officers worthy ot the United States 
Air Force. 

The activities available to the .Air I'orcc 
R.O.T.C]. cadets are varied and numerous. 
Whether the cadet's free hours arc few or 
many, there arc opportunities for participation 
open to him. In addition to just being a member 
of the cadet wing, the cadet who exhibits his 

Drill Team of the .^ir Force ROTC, the first rou- frnni left lo right: Team Commander ('. 

Rutishauser. On the secnmi ro\i: .Austin, 

Wallace, Hahn, Boles, Friday, Church, and Fisher. Third ro-u:: Wilson, Probes, Fisher. Girand. Tiinstall, Caldwell, and Sand. Fourth roii:: De- 
.Angelis, Sell, Foster, MacKenzie, Kendall, Boys, and Shutt. Fifth roii-: Koncfall. Wcisner, Smith, Edwards, Yodt. and .Moore. 


lailron B, / r. Staff': P^ggleston, Pcttit. Squadron (^mdr. Mnnrc, Mcnefee, Meredith, Schaffer. 2 r: Layson, Schaeffer, Little, Dillie, 
riiic, I'cldnian. Alstcr. Goldstein. Hnmphrcy, Young, JclVcrs, Cardcn. ? r: Robertson, Wayand, Weaver, Spicker, Page, Gnuse, Candler, 
rue-, llininpson, Grccr, HctiKT. Boinzc. -I r: Kcinplcr, Hockcrt. Wells, Garrison, Hamilton, Skcel, Whittncr, Fife, \'an\\yk, Spada, Siniiiis. 

interest and enthusiasm through superior performance on 
the drill field and in the classroom will soon find himself 
in a position of leadership. Although regular Air F'orce 
officers and non-commissioned officers are assigned to ad- 
minister and to instruct, it is the cadets themselves who 
see to it that the cadet wing runs smoothly and efficiently. 
The Precision Drill Team and the Air Force R. ().!.('. 
Band offer membership to those cadets who are e.\- 

.^ir l-orte RO I C Band. / r: Band C:oi 
Poe, Mclntyrc, F.vans, Welcli, C:hatl 
Wright, Victor, (barter, -f r: Schulti 

Wyrick, Copeland. 2 r: Baldwin 
r: Peacock, Whitstone, C-anney 
Duke, Souder, Overman. \Mird 

perienced or interested in precision 
drill or in band work. These tw o proud 
organizations exist not onl\' to pertorm 
at parades and reviews bur also tor 
the enjoyment of their members. 

The cadets are extremely fortunate 
in having the MARS amateur radio 
station as ir is the onl\- means by 
which ham radio operators can con- 
tinue their hobby while at Duke. The 
MARS station has a training program 
and is available to any cadet who 
wishes to participate. Among addi- 
tional activities in which the cadet 
ma\' participate arc the Annual Mili- 
rar\' Ball, unit parries, orientation 
Hying and field trips, and lor those 
cadets interested in administration, 
photography, and writing there are the 
Personnel, Operations, and Photog- 
raphy vSeetions and the (ladet Office 
ot Information Services. 

The \956-]')5: school \ear was a 
bus\' and interesting one for the cadets 
of the A.K.R.O.r.C. V\ing. Many 
projects were undertaken; many goals 
rcali/ed. IweKe issues of the 
\.l' .R. ().!.( '. newspaper (jDHact were 
printed. I'ield trips were taken to 
Wright-Patterson .\ir force Base, 
Dayton, Ohio and to I'.llington Air 
force Base, Houston, lexas. The 
('adet Oorps sponsored and e(]uipped 


% ^'^< ^x 

Squadron C, / rov:: Staff: Avizonis, Peyton, Boothroyd, Squadron Cdr. McMan, Farris, Seltzer. Harley. 2 row: Jory, Carlyn, Wendorf, Faey, 
Krcidler, Coffey, Dosh, Askin, Herndon, Smith, Rasbcrry, Weaver. 5 rou-: Norton, Holt, Thie.ssen. Irvin. Cleaveland. Blyth. \'alcntine. Hubbcll, 
Wright, Fuqua, W'adusl<y, Harrington, -t row: Snow, McComa.s, McGcc, Gillcy, Padgett, Cranford, Bonhani, Krupp, C'layton, Hollcngrccn, 

a ream in the Durham Alidgcr Foorball League. 
The enrirc Wing journeyed over to Raleigh 
and parricipated in the inaugural parade ot 
North Carolina's Governor Luther Hodges. 
The Drill Team won the Crack-Drill award at 
a tri-school competition among the Air P'orce 

R.O.T.C. Detachments ot Duke University, 
The University of North Carolina, and North 
Carolina State College. The Drill Team also 
performed in the Durham Merchant's Associ- 
ation parade and between the halves of the 
Duke-\"irainia basketball srame. 

Air Force KOTC cade 
shown operating the A 

Pete Avizonis and Charles Duke, are 
Force amateur radio station. M.\RS. 

Wing ( 'onimand 

I Ik (|ikti \K()I( P.,ut,ili..n is f;n.u|Ka cm the held m tlic tolldwini; ni.iniKr: On lli,- hit :irc Alph.i ( ..mpiiu .iiul iIk li.iiHi, 
///,■ (ititn arc the Battalion Start, Bravo Company, and the Colorguard, and on the right arc Clliarlic Company and tlic Drill Ic 


KOK Stall l\is..nncl. / >: \la| 
M, ,,.,,„, ( ,1.. \l.ihn,isk\. ( apr lias- 
n. ( d,. KImk, ( dr^ l!arr\. ; - la 
.ucn. Chid Komig, la, Maicvkv 
hul \hilkcv. ; ,: (nil I'aiursoi, 
\ll Sutton. T.Sgi. lirodigan. Ski 


r I 

Hartjlion Bnnd. 

)hn \lurra\', pljycd 

The United States Navy and the 
Marine Corps require, as docs an\' 
mihtary organization, capable and 
efficient leadership from its officers. 
It is this need that has lead to the 
formation ot NROTC> units in man\' 
civilian universities throughout the 

The primary purpose ot the 
NROTC: unit, then, is to train the 
members for their future role as 
officers. Every activity ot the unit 
is in that direction. The first need 
of the capable otficer is a high level 
of technical proticiency. The second 
need is for pride in the Navy which 
gives rise to discipline and the 
effective utilization of the skills he 
possesses. These needs are met first 
b\' the tormal instruction in the 
classroom and on the drill held, and 
also by the collateral projects which 
are sponsored by the unit. Examples 
ot these are the Drill Team, the 
Ritle Team, the Band, and the unit 
newspaper, the Dolpliifi. Each of 

The 1957 Navy Queen of the .MiHtary Ball was Marion Huey, 
who was crowned by C'aprain Robert \'. R. Bassett, U.S.N. 

TIk- Battulion Start' of the NROTC: arc, on the ht r.: House, 2nd r.: Wooten, 
HaccUlcr, Havens, Hurni. ^rd r.: Mason, Ware, Crockett, Marshall. 

these has rhe purpose of eonrribiirinu; 
to the skills, or to the utili/.ation of 
those skills. 

The summer cruise pro\ ides the 
opportunity for the practical appli- 
cation of the knowledge the future 
naval ofHccr has acquired in the 
classroom, on the drill held, and in 
his extra-curricular activities. Upon 
graduation the midshipman receives 
his commission in the United States 
Navy or the Naval Reserve, and 
goes on active duty, serving along 
beside his contemporaries trom the 
United States Naval Academy. 

The NROTC unit is an integral 
part of the University and the Navy. 
As such it plays a dual role, supply- 
ing the officer needs of the navy 
and at the same time supplementing 
the educational processes of the 
University by providing the tech- 
nical training necessary tor a tuture 

Uuke can be proud of" its Navy ROIC Drill Team, coniinanded by Pat Cogan. 


MM fHPffM 

^^^^r A ^tm ^H H> ^^^^^ I^^^^B^^H 


^n^^i flr- yJf V"^A ^^^^^^^K. 



^^^^^^^^. ^9 --->^^5 |V 

\ nt'rhc Rifle- Tcim, iTC. first roic: Moore, Strickland, \'icth, and Gaiero. Second roic: Kdvvards, KIdrcdgc, Hensley, Grybowski, and Raync 

Start" of the Dolphin, the NROTC newspaper, from left to riv,ht on the first ron- Marshall (editor), Franklin, Watson, W'aid, and 1 laag. 
The second ro-^-: Wright, Stapleford, Ayeoek, Deeker, Long, Hopkins, Little, Brooks, C lainhle. Cox, Shank, Schlag, Clark. 


Established primarily to prepare college and 
universit}' students as officers in the United 
States Marine C^orps, the Semper Fidelis Society 
is made up of officers, reserves and former 
Marines, and those who plan for future careers 
in the Marines. The objectives of the Societ\- 
are to create 
a better under- 
standing of the 
future respon- 
sibilities, tra- 
ditions, and 

ideals of the (/)rps through intormati\e lectures, 
movies, and discussions, and to promote good 
fellowship among its members. 

Since its founding on the Duke campus in 
1952, Semper Fidelis has sponsored such annual 
projects as the Red Cross Blood Drive and the 


(from I to r) fi 
)miii^indant; German, 7 
St;t. Brodigan, House, 

ley, Soe. Chr.; Sanders, 

Mcllhcnny, Chaplain. SeconJ roil-: 

Master at Anns; Ala], Morrison. 




clothing drive for Ko- 
rean orphans. This 
year rhe Society was 
instrumental in con- 
tributions to the Hun- 
garian Student Fund. 
Another highlight of 
this year's program 
was the annual Ma- 
rine Corps Birthday 
Ball held in Novem- 

With a future in 
the Marines as the 
objective to mem- 
bership, this group 
proudly bears on 
campus the Leather- 
necks' famous motto, 
"Always Faithful." 
A national society, 
the local chapter was 
the second in the na- 
tion to be formed. 

Beta Chapter of 
Semper P idelis moved 
through 1955-56 un- 
der the command 
of president Charles 
Sanders, vice-presi- 
dent William Beaty, 
Treasurer Richard 
German, secretary 
Robert Pettitt, and 
chaplain John Mcll- 
henny. Major Clar- 
ence L. Morrison and 
Sgt. David E. Brodi- 
gan are the group's 

Major C. L. Morrison had tlic honor ol cutting the cake- at the birthday party. 




\ ^^f^^^\ 


Striking rwenty-year-old Marion Hucy 
of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, smiled pleas- 
antly and stepped forth from among the 
half-circle ot campus beauties at the Fall 
Coed Ball to accept her crown as the 1957 
(^HANTici.KER Beautv (^ueeu from Bruce 
Hydahl, Cjiantici.ker Business Manager. 
Marion, a senior, is a member ot Kappa 
Alpha Theta sorority. This year marks 
her third appearance in the Beauty (lourt. 

The selection of this year's court was 
made from photographs submitted to Steve 
Allen, well-known host and comedian. In 
addition to selecting the queen, Mr. .-KUen 
was asked to choose two honor attendants 
and eight other members of the Queen's 


Marion Huey 
Beauty Queen 

Marjoric Barrington 


Dartha Brookcnshirc 


Elciinc HcriKlon 

Durham, N. C. 

Betsy n<i.v 

Charleston, W. \a. 



Sue Kndppi'nbci'Si'r 

Dearborn, Mich. 




Retty Oiiillicin 

Birmingham, Mich. 

Ruth Metts 

Savannah, Ga. 


Piobin Lyons 

Pliiladclphia, Fa. 

Carol Va]\\\vv 

Atlanta, Ga. 



Marilyn Giranclt 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Dor Fch 

Hl-Il-ii Arcnilcl 

laninc Pratr 










N:iiK\ Wan 

Anne Rombt 

CHara Flanatjan 







Sue Hancock 

Susan Dav\' 


hursilay nfri-riioon until Satiirtlay nicirning a steady stream of alumni from far and wide signed in for the liomeeoniiTig week 

The college football season, like 
an exuberant guest who ani\es a 
little too early while the host is 
still in the shower, caught Duke 
unaware. A pair of" early setbacks 
had the alumni a little hedge)' about 
how much they would be able to 
celebrate on this Homecoming 
AVeek-end. But for all that, the>' 
arrived in droves, setting much of 
the social tone of the week end. 
There were the Homecoming dis- 
plays, alumni barbecue, fraternity 
parties, and the Homecoming Show. 

The crowds of returning alumni 
beat their way to the stadium that 
Saturday to worship vocalK' at the 
shrine and die a thousand deaths if 
the score was wrong when Duke's 
blue and white clad warriors left 
the turf. 

The first crack of band music, 
and the sustained roar from the 
packed stadium heralded another 
Homecoming, another wonderful 
time, and another victory as the 
Blue Devils downed the Mustangs 
of Southern Methodist University. 
No time of year holds the flavor as 
does a traditional Duke Home- 

. .^. ..„,^... , .-.^..^ ..iitti. N ( ind Fcgr nil House is crowiKcJ 

the 19?6 HoiiKcoming Queen by football team captain Buddy Bass 
at the annual homecoming show held in the university indoor stadium. 

I Ik- music t..r the annual Shot- 'n' Slinix-r Week I'nJ was provuieil bv Richara Malrliv, nrule ct the N..rth ( ;ar..hna State Debutante Ball. 

es erouxKJ the Moor tor the Saturday ni{;ht f.irnial Janee rnunchnt.' out the ninth annual Sh<ie "n" Slip|Kr u eek 


I'or the first rime since Slioe 'n' 
Slipper was originated in 1947, a 
football game added to the week- 
end festivities. The Engineers from 
(leorgia Tech combined with Rich- 
ard Maltby and his orchestra to 
produce an exciting and en)oyable 
week end for the Duke Campus. 
The Duke Players with their first 
presentation of the "Reclining 
I'igure" on Thursday evening 
launched the round of parties and 

At the afternoon concert and 
informal dance Friday evening, the 
students had their first opportunity 
to hear the strange notes issuing 
from Maltby's unusual instrument. 
The perennial rain and the Blue 
Devil loss on Saturday did not 
dim the success of the Ninth Fall 
Week F{nd which ended with a 
formal dance that evening. 

The crowd looks on while Ahltby conducts his orchestra. 

I.ivcK car|Kt cutting Jt Friday night's inloriiuil dai 

FcsriMtic. licgin uitli rhc Joe College parade 

Short pants and high soeks mi the style for the week end. 

The Shoe 'n' Slipper ( 

Several days prior to the annual parade 

sororities and fraternities jlikc surted constructing their floats. 

He in Forbes entertained with several tunes 


Hoof 'n' Horn's production of "Top 
Secret" opened the 1956 Joe (College 
week end by transporting Duke students 
and imports to a tropical island in the 
South Pacific, inhabited by beautiful 
women. The writer and producer was 
Allen Lacy, the co-producer, Ruth l)a\is, 
and the director, King Rimbach. 

Fraternities and sororities built Hoats 
representing their individual ideas ol "Joe 
College's Utopia," the theme for the 
week end. Alpha Tau Omega with its pirate 
ship float and Kappa Alpha with its repre- 
sentation of a jail containing deans and a 
money tree won top honors in the parade, 
the ATO's receiving the award h)r the 
most beautiful float, and the KA's tor the 
most original float. 

Les Klgart furnished his music of "So- 
phisticated Swing" for the evening dances 
and the Bermuda Lawn Concert. The 
week end was brought to a close Sunday 
with (jreek cabin parties and picnics. 


>^ '^ 

m ^Sm 



W Ikti Jol- College conics to the Duke campus, he is remembered not 
so imieh tor the tuo lii^: dances as he is lor the tremendous . . . 




arK' Saturda) morning students and 
i«n folks alike begin to spread our their . . . 

)rniit()rics people arc lounging 
SIC, playing various card gani( 

he lawn listening to the 
sippnig on N'odk.i or . . . 

Santa, what a curly 
beard you have! 


Tri Delts revive "flap 
per" era. 


:^S^I .K- t 





With the rush program taking placv during the 
spring semester, the Intcrfraternit\' ("nuncil found 
itself extremeh' busy again this year in overseeing 
the rushing program. The single abrogation of the 
rush rules was met with disciplinar\' action meted 
out by the I.F.C. Besides directing the perennial rush 
procedure the I.F.C. continuously worked tor better 
coordination between the administration, independents, 
and Greek organizations. I.F.C. was also instru- 
mental in the re-evaluation of the Universit\' drinking 
code. During the Spring semester I.F.(]. planned and 
carried out (ireek Week which brought all traternities 
together on a worth-while project, and also held a 
wheel-barrow race which gave all the fraternities an 
opportunit\- to meet for comedy and competition. As 
a whole, it was another outstanding >ear tor the 
(Council so abl\- led by Jim \aughn. 

The Inccrf'ratcrnity Council, ht roil-: D. Quattlchaum, B. Edwards, J. \auglun, B. Cozart, M. Tciiiko, B. Bcaiic. J//,/ miv: L. Bcniutt, 
B. Beaty. VV. Bourne, J. Grills, B. Klonian, R. Towe, P. Baker. 3rd row: H. Wells, A. Lo.sasso, C. Yengst, A. Hcil. B. Smith, 
D. Bevis, M. Roberts. 4-th roiv: A. Hock, L. I'Anson, J. Amslcr, J. Matthews, N. Latturd, J. Donley, J. Johnson. Ith row: L. Decker, 
1,. Sinunons, T Cnlmcv, ] ( nlhrrr I \\ru:,]\r S hunhson. rr,vc: H, Miim,,,^ A. Rose. M. Korotkin, D. Wo.xl. 11. ( :<.pekind. 


rhc nicnihcrs of the Pan-Hcllcnlc Council, on the first ro-u- from Icjt to riKht. arc as tollous: F. K. 
H. Kloundcrs. Sejtrd o,i the second ro-u.-: V. Spear, J. Stanback, J. Dcati, P., 15. Herb, N. Bloom, 
St.uhiutR on the third roii-: M. Bcnnctr, N. Bowles, J. Gibson, S. Kraus, S. Taylor, N. Schlag, L. Ada 

iron. S. Ratcliflfc-, and 
Motr. and K. Sharpe. 
and i\l. McCoriiiick. 

Phoebe Anderson 
President, Pan-Hellenic Council 


I he Fan-Hellenic Council is a representative body 
of two members from each of the thirteen sororities. 
It handles the enormous task of co-ordinating the 
sorority program and serving as a representative of 
National Pan-Hellenic on campus. 

This year the council has been inxolved in the 
elaborate planning necessary for the introduction of 
a second semester rush program next year. In a similar 
vein, much work was done on revising the membership 
quotas with regard to the future enrollment expansion. 
Other activities include: the publication ot a hand- 
book tor freshmen, a rush evaluation program, and 
pledge swaps with West. Pan-Hellenic also joined 
I.F.C. in sponsoring the annual Greek Week activities. 

In addition to its duties among the sororities, Pan- 
Hellenic sponsors an overseas orphan and awards 



President, Alpha Chi Omega 

The sound of hammers, the smell 
of fresh painr, and the sight of upset 
chairs and lamps greeted returning 
Alpha Chi's in September. Order was 
soon restored, however, and we 
proudly entered our newly decorated 
room in time for rush. Chot wielded 
the gavel, Ruth and JoAnn planned 
gala rush parties, and soon we wel- 
comed our twenty favorite rushees as 
pledges. Fun and fellowship continued 
at unique parties planned by Polly 
and Marilyn, including coflees, pic- 
nics, banquets and a part)' at the 
Cerebral Palsy Hospital. 

Second semester activities were 
highlighted by a Valentine dinner 
dance for our pledges at the Carolina 
Inn, Cheerful Cherub Day, Mar- 
garet's miraculous transformation oi 
our second room, and the annual Joe 
College festivities. 

Our wonderful >'ear in Alpha ('hi 
Omega ended w irh a flurrv of planning 
tor our convention in Pasadena. 

Satwiial l-Oniidiiin IXtlc ISS^ 

l.(H\il Foiiiiiiiuu. Date l'H2 

Siiiiihcr of ('.hapten; S 1 

Satwihil . \ IcDihership 4( ). 5 >0 

Local Me/i/hnsliip >> 

Colors Scarlet and (ilivc izrccn 

Alpha Chi Omega | 
K. Riffle, L. Speed. 
B. North, 1. Fisher. 


. S. Miller, A. Andes, S. Straub, 
ngtcm, I,. McQuilkin, J. Ha.sting.s, 
I'. .Stephens, N. Kcnnell, R. Co.x. 

All.ha Ch) ())iRg.i,./;/-j/ nnijrom h'ft ta ri'Jit: 15. Ivcy. P. Stevens 
J. Gill, J. Kills, R. Dunlap, F. Cox. Second roil-. J. Collins, I-. Page 
S. Doane, A. Cowles, C. Stutz, R. Davis, C. Yates, K. Todd 
V. Taylor, P. Allen, J. Edgar. Third row: A. Baker, M. Beattie 
G. Bole, N. Reise, A. Thompson, H. Swan, M. Miller, A. Spnint 
M. Evans, G. Marshall, M. Tuttle, M. Hildreth, C. Lucas 
J. Minder. Fourth row: S. Greene, B. North, A. Andes, \'. Tur 
lington. B. Love, N. Fennel, P. F.ason, J. Fisher, K. Riffle 
S. Straiil), C;. Hines. I.. Speed, A. Weston, J. Hastings 

\l|i|ii I), 111 I'l Mfoni^, lint n,-..J,lll„ n-Jit. \ 1 . \ 1 u Ik II, I'. \\ J .1 1, 
L Kuh, L \lr( Icincru, J. Ncwl.nrm-. Snond ™u. S. I Ic./ci , 
k. I i|.inn, \1, ( ,.u, v.. Hargravc, K. Zk-glcr, J. Inniaii, H. h..,,-.!, 
C. W il-nii. \'. I'.ail. 'I'liird row: V. l-camc-r, N. (irccii, J. I'.ini, 
K. Stewart, 1. (nllilaiid, D. Butich, J. McDowell, S. l)av.ds..i., 
B. Day, R. AUtrs. h,iirlh rou-: B. Bickt-tt, J. Clcrard, A. Ronibtrg, 
H. Reed, 1.. ( aicJcsicr, K. Kaglc, M. Hochreitcr, K. Jordati. 
M. Hnuduii. I'.. 'IVIiT. S'ol slwaii jre S. Hodges, A. Marshall. 


Scprcmbcr arrived, and rhc ADPi's 
returned to Duke. Rushing was the 
highhght of our fall semester with 19 
pledges joining the Alpha Delt clan. 
Our Saturday afternoons were spent 
with the children at Durham's (Cere- 
bral Palsy Hospital. Our fall beauties 
included four sisters in the Ohanticleer 
Beauty Cx)urt and Bets\- and Peg 
in the Homecoming CCourt. (Christmas 
brought many parties with U.N.C.'s 
Zetes and the Duke KA's, which 
were given for underprivileged chil- 

With the new year came the ex- 
citement of our pledge dance at the 
(Carolina Inn and Friendship Wtek 
which followed. Ellen was chosen as 
the Duke KA Rose. Before we knew 
it, we found ourselves devoting our 
time to the Joe (College Float. Then 
once again it was e.xam time, and 
we said our goodbyes to the Seniors, 
especially to our Kay. But we were 
looking forward to another wonderful 
year of campus life. 

Sat'wiidl Fouiidiiig Date 


Local Founding Date 


N limber of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 



Ji;hr blue 

anJ white 

Kav Zeigler 
President, Alpha Delta Pi 

Alpha Delta Pi pledges are, I r, I to r: H. Arendell, J. Wuhz, 
I". Herndon, B. Buening, C. Burton. 2 r: E. Foscue, S. Gaston, 
,\I. May, R. Lyon, D. Dodge, A. Huskins. 3 r: K. Kincaid, L. Visco, 
L. C:oltrane, C. Noggle, N. Blount, S. Creel, O. Blackard, A. Ke 


This year brought the return of 
our Al'.Phi's with Bunny presiding. 
After a hectic three week rush period, 
seven new pledges were the wonder- 
ful reward. The pledges did themselves 
proud with their party for the ac- 
ti\es. During the fall we joined in 
open houses with fraternities at both 
Duke and Carolina, conducted Hillel 
services, and ended up the semester 
on a cheerful note with our own 
pre-exam pizza party. 

The climax of second semester was 
the night we crowned our pledges 
"Queen for a Night" at our dinner 
dance in the Washington Duke Hotel. 
Along came spring, and Al'Phi had 
a well-spent atternoon when it gave 
a party tor orphans where a good 
time was had by all. This year Alpha 
Epsilon Phi can boast as notables 
many girls on house council, some 
Sunday School teachers, and, saving 
the best for the last. Dot, our campus- 
w ide chairman ot the l^ACTs. 

Bunny Leib 
President, Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Wiliniuil l-'ijuiidiiii^ IXitc 


Local /■'oiiiidiiin Datf 


Siiiiihfy (if Clitipters 


XatifjiMl Mfinhenhip 


I Mill Ml' III her ship 



( irccn atui \\ liitc 

The A1:PIu's aiul tiK-ir ruslKc-s (.-nioy rc-trcsli 
thin at J foriiul party iliirin;; oin.- ot the tin 

The niciiibcrs of" Alpha Kpsilon Phi sorority arc, seated on ill,- JJnor. 
from left to rijiht: D. Schwartz and G. /.uckcr. Secomi rniv: S. Gold- 
stein, S. Ward, D. Felson, B. Leibowitz, R. Simons, (".. Nachnian. 
Third row: K. Margulies, L. VVagman, B. Meyers, L. Roth, A. Segal 
C. Anspach, N. Bloom, J. Nichols was not present for the picture 


Mc-inlK-rs (.t \!i4i. I'd, ..„.„«'.. .,ai,.I „n ,/„■ /n.i m,. \ I II 
J. Dr.m, K. WuuiL. J. ai.shup, Al. C:.irur, ( :.,s. S. I ,> 
I'. N.iUi.tiiR-, A. C.rady. Second row: V. Pcrnn, \1, \. V 
W Miluv, II. Kc-ycs, M.Kendall, M.Siegling.S W rit;lu. ( 1 
l.lnL), .N. Xiitttr, A. J. Douglas. Third rou-: L. Nickel, I. Spcir, 
K. Howard, A. Creadick, J. La Rue, (.'.. ( lason, G. Perkins, K. Groth, 
S. Ihomas. S'ot pictured u-ere P. Page, D. Mainsel, A. League 


The start of a new year and here 
we are again in jolly Alpha Fhi. Mueh 
of our time was spent in trolieking. 
Scholarship picnics, pledge banquet at 
the (x)lonial Inn, dinner dance at the 
Wash-Duke, holiday parties with our 
alumnae, Monday bridge coflees. Initi- 
ation banquet at the Carolina Inn, a 
tea in honor of our national president, 
Mrs. Keys, showers, firewell party 
for the seniors, and the climax ot the 
year, our annual mitjration to Myrtle 

In addition, we also gave several 
parties for others. December found 
us caroling at the VA Hospital and 
joining the Kappa Sigs in entertaining 
children from the Methodist Orpha- 
nage. Later in the year we sponsored 
a benefit bridge party for our national 
philanthropy. Cardiac Aid. 

Despite this social calendar. Beta 
Nu gained third place scholastically 
and turned out three Phi Bete's, along 
with other campus leaders. 

Siitional Foiiiidiii;^ Dan- 


Local I'uuiid'uiii, Date 


Xiiwlvr of Chapters 


Sational Meiiilvrship 


Local Membership 


President, Alpha Phi 

Alpha Phi pledges are, first ro-u-: M. Giddings, P. Hine, N. Jones, 
R. Alien, \V. Maki. Second row. M. Locke, J. Lanpher, J. Young, 
L. I'llis. G. Boothroyd, J. Sweet. Third row: J. Andress, J. Florence, 
J. AIcCAilla, F. Darrah, C:. Grady, T. Schniitt. AhseM: Y. Nasser. 

In a uinrer wonderland, Ali^h.. Plus cnimani fresh- 
men dnrnig rush with a loniul "Meigh UlII" party. 

President, Ucltj Delta Delta 

Tri Delta celebrated its 25th \ear 
at Duke — 18 pledges joined the ranks. 
Remember: U.N.C. hostesses for 
Founders' Day dinner, Tri Delta 
Tasties for our scholarship fund, PiKA 
and Tri Delt joining forces to play 
Santa Claus at Christmas. Meanwhile 
our illustrious ones were engaged in 
their campus roles. Martha Rae, our 
president. Phi Beta Kappa, cheer- 
leader — Sylvia, head of Co-ordinate 
Board — Barbara, Jennie, Susie, P ACs 
— ^Jennie, Chanticleer Assistant Edi- 
tor — Lynn, Judy Rep — Margie on 
beauty court — Alix, Co-author ot 
Hoof 'n Horn show. After Christmas 
and exams came the initiation doings 
— a pledge dance at the Hope Valley 
Country Club and a week of fes- 
tivities from which emerged new 
actives. Spring officially began with 
the Tri Delt Fashion Show — it pro- 
gressed rapidly into a work day on 
the Joe C>ollege float and terminated 
w ith yraduation and summer holida\'S. 

Sati/Jiuil ii)i(iidiii{i. IXitr 


l.iiail Fonihiiiii^ IXitc 

19:; 1 

Siiiiibcr of Chapters 


Satloihil . \ liiiihershlp 


ljH\d Ma/ilvrship 



S.IVCT. g, 

id ;liui i)luc 

Ihe Tri-Delt pledges are, Jirst r/r^; from lift to rifihr: I'. Akin- 
\K McKarlane, J. Attwood. K. Grcason, J. Taylor. SecoiiJ rau\ 
\1. Shepard, G. Suninicrs, J. Smith, J. Pratt, L. Rubendall, C. Dyer. 
Ihinl row: D. Berncy, J. Farmer, B. Caldwell, J. Gant, J. Whiting. 


S^V vivy,i/l 

1 Delt.i siiic,rit\-. left to right, first roic: 
A. Hau kiM.-, J. Gil.Mm. ( :. Alott, 1.. Wagner. S. Mathis, G. iVlorck. 
Second roiv: S. VVhitted, R. Boylc, B. Grain, L. Hanford, B. Bell, 
M. Harris, E. Rooker, C. Ketner, J. Steves, B. Cokcr. Third roiv: 
J. Holt, M. Noble, J. Doyle, M. Boaz, S. Arn, C. Flanagan, 
G. Wadsvvorth, S. Long, A. Messick, L. Dally. Fourth row: K. Bo- 
wen, M. Moody, M. Barrington, J. Lang, B. Ncwcombe, M. Mc- 
Camey, K. Flynn. D. Craven. H. Henderson. X. Tnrnt.iill. K. Bell. 



l)clt.i (;.iinni.i,/™// /,///.. u/,/ h! ur.. i; \,„!trs..n, II. IK.iiiul.Ts 
Is. Harniigcr, O. Scnii, \\. \.m.^vx. :,iJ iv^: 1). Rodgcr.s, A. H.ui 
Icy. C. .Skillan, P. Urook.s, P. Burn.s, A. McConncll, S. Taylor 
J. Cliappillc, A. Schmidt. 3rd totx: C Owcii.s, M. Scliauman 
\. Wlivrc, K. Newell. C:. Woorcn, H. McC:onncll, S. I'Vicnd 
\1. W.ulc. -fill roii:- S. Rives, S. Sturdivant. J. CJilcs. M, Braiidwcll 
( .. I ..rriKT, N. Todt, J. Short, J. Shoe. MissitiR: H. l-ishcr, /. Bring 
hurst. \1, Olmsrcl. M. Midpctr, I,. Brooks, K. Ronson. S. Schii 
mlkIkt, \1. Stone, B. \\:if;ner, S. Cunplicll. S. (irucnuisicr 


Sand grains began falling in Beta 
Thcta's hour glass last suninicr w hrn 
President Pat Burns met with dele- 
gates trnni 84 IX i chapters in {)uebec. 
In October we started rush, which 
culminated in the reception and pledg- 
ing of 14 girls. Then began the round 
of campus activities. Peggy, ("oed 
Manager of Duke Pla\ers and Tow n 
(iirls" veep . . . Amanda, (]o-editor ot 
.■iirl/ivc . . . \an, (>)-editor oi Peer . . . 
Nereidian prew and secretary- Kit- 
ten and Nan . . . Barb, lown (iirls' 
president . . . W'AA pre\\- and \ eep- 
Arhne and Mnnia . . . FAC . . . 1 rans- 
fer Advisor, lime passed. In Decem- 
ber we took our adopted blind girl 
to the Messiiih. Although it seemed 
only a short time, the hour glass was 
half tilled when our pledge dance, 
initiation, and I'ounders' Day came. 
In April, we returned from Province 
convention to newly redecorated 
rooms. May brought our retreat tor 
planning the coming year and house 
party. The last grain. 

Satuiihil Foiiiidiim Ihti 
Local Fo/ii/diiifi Date 
Sniubcr of Chapters 
Xatioiial Mciiibenlup 
Local Mcinbcnhip 



4 5. ()()() 

Bronze, pink, and hli 

c Delta Gaimn.1 

I), (iauld, ( 

W hitc, K. Kinn. 

Prcsidciir, Delta G 

edycs arc. first rem; Jrnni Irfl to ntiht: 
Rickard, S, Myers. Srcomi r«i;-; P. 
n. C. BiKier. C. Mailsaac. A. Butt. V. C 

A. Alor- 

riic i:)clta GaniTiia version of Joe College's Utopia wai 
a straw-tilled float for an old-fashioned hayride 


Prt-sidcnt, Kapt« A 

I'Ollow ing iin carl\- October morn- 
ing indoctrination of twenty pledges, 
the new Thctas gave a breakfast at 
the Wash-Duke and party at the 
( :astle. 

White I)uch\' member, (iinn\-, was 
crowned Homecoming Queen. In De- 
cember, Theta and several fraternities 
indulged in prc-Christmas parties for 
orphans, and provided clothes, food, 
and presents for a nccd>- family. 

Honors accumulated: Marion 
reigned as Chanticleer Queen with 
Marilyn in the court; Jean was a Maid 
of Cotton finalist; Nancy, Nonie, and 
Margie became Phi Betc's; Lassie was 
Social Standards Chairman; KB was 
junior class president; FAC's were 
Barric, Marilyn, and Alice. The Triad 
followed a farewell to Haze and wel- 
come to new prcxy Anne. Initiation 
preceded our combination Founders' 
Day and initiation banquet. District 
conventions and Joe College floats 
kept us active. The seniors were 
given a party then — graduation. 

Satmiial r'oiiiidiiK' Ihtr 


I.aCiil l-'oiiiidiiiv, Ihtr 


Suiiiher iif <',7/j/)/c/\ 


Satioiial . \ Ifiiibcrship 


Local Mciiil'crship 



Hhick ,.nd -old 

Alpha Ihcta pkdgcs, /,/ r: P. Jarinan. J. WalUcr, W. Sampson, 
bsiin, J. Wclthcr, J. C^hilds. 2mi r: M. Kirkpatrick, J. Cantcy, 
iiistiiTi, (I. I.angworthy, I.. Vrccland, P. Ty.son. 3rd r: B. Hull, 
\1. Walker, S. Broomfitld, B. Hardcastlc, S. Sinimons. 

Members of Kappa Alpha llicra snr<irir> are, sr\itej nn ihf flnor, 
reading from left to right: A. .McKee, J. Faulkner, and N. Fairgrievc. 
Second row: N. Bowles, M. Carrick, M. Montgomery, A. Jordan, 
S. Hazen, E. Flannery, N. Alston, G. Lassiter, and K. Black. 
Third row: S. Graham, M. Bennett, S. Hatcher, N. Urban, B. Bab- 
cock, H. Goebel, J. McFaddin, J. Gregory, and T. Tafe. Fourth 
row: C. Lusby, S. Alexander, A. GifFhorn, M. Chamberlain, 
G. Alston, L. Penfield, M. Irons, C. Cleave, and G. Cooper. 


Mcnilicrs <it Kappa IX-lt.i arc, .//>.</ nnv. Icfl lo rinhl: 1). Cashwcll, 
J. Shtrcr, W. Sattcrriild, J. Kctncr, \'. Wilson, M. Carlylc. Secoihl 
row: K. Schneider, M. McCormick, J. Rau, D. Glenn, K. Pierce, 
M. Cathcy, B. Hiigjjins, S. F'.rwin, V. Gibbon.s. Third row: 

B. Rankin, A. Prince, A. Bowdcn, G. Sheliadi, P. Wood, M. Hicks, 
A. I-Vench, V. Best, R. Holm, J. Knowles. Fourth row: P. Oawford, 

C. C;rosz, J. VVcnbcrf, D. Aher, F. Beanian, I".. VV'hitaker, 
M. Dunn, P. Martin, S. Bevins, F. Strickland, J. Stanback. 


In the fall a lonely little red devil 
named Mephistopholcs hit I'ast (Cam- 
pus. He found the way to the Hades 
of the KD's diirintr rush and liked 
it so well he stayed all year. 

A\'hen Christmas came he went to 
C^hapel Hill to party with the KD's 
and a fraternity there, but finding 
that he had more in common with the 
Blue Devils, he rounded off his holi- 
day festivities with a Delt parr>'. 

With many apologies, he finally 
invited the (Chapel Hill chapter over, 
and they swapped suppressed desires. 

After coaching all the girls through 
exams, Aleph sighed with relief, put 
up the white roses for the pledge 
dance at the Wash Duke and then 
initiated our pledges. 

As the sisters walked off into the 
sunset at graduation, Meph looked 
in a mirror to congratulate himself 
and discovered that he, too, could be 
a success. He had green and white 
teeth, also. 

XatwimI Foimdiiii^ Date 


Local Foiiiidin<i Date 


Nimiher of Chapters 


National Meiiihership 


Local Membership 




ve green 

and w hite 

FoY Pierce 
President, Kappa Delta 

The pledges of Kappa Delta are, / to r. first row: E. Boling, D. Hewitt, 
.M. Tvndall, P. Murdock, G. Heinle, B. Brinkley. Second roiv: 
T. Glidewell, S. Hunter, L. Oudshoff, E. Moore, J. Huck. Thnd 
row. N. Lotte, J. .\Iauck, J. Kelly, M. Glass, B. Lassiter, L. Keeny. 

The Kappa Delta's climax an cxcitinp nisli pcrmd with 
their last turiiial patty, "The Garden of Dreams." 

The Kappas were reunited in Sep- 
tember when Duke opened its doors 
once again for the school year. Rush 
came in October followed by a cabin 
part\' for the new pledges. In No- 
\ ember, ATO and Kappa jointly 
sponsored a Thanksgiving party tor 
l''dgemont children. December tea- 
tured several events: a spaghetti din- 
ner with the Alums, a jaunt to the 
Planetarium and dinner in ("hapel 
Hill, and a (Christmas party with the 
SAI-'/s for underprivileged children. 

After the opening of the new year 
a coflee was held with the Zetas. 
The Cioldcn Triad Dance was held 
in Februar\' along with a big and 
little sister \'alentine Party. Time for 
initiation arrived, and in March the 
Kappas sponsored an ice cream social. 

With Joe College Week End in store 
tor April, work began on the float 
for the parade. The year closed with 
the senior banquet in Alay and a last 
Hing at the Myrtle Beach part\-. 

Anne Wescott 
President, Kappa Kappa Cianima 

Witioiial r'li/iiuiii/ii IXi/r 


Local Founding IXrtr 


Ntivibcr of (.'liiip/fis 


National Mf/nl>rislii[J 

45, ()()() 

Local .Wciiihcrsh'ip 


Colors l.iglit 

blue and I 

1;irk tiluc 

Ihc Kappa Kappa Garnina pledges are, Irft to right, first rrra': S. Williams, 
M. McLaren, \'. Welsh, G. Goodman, S. Knappcnberger. Second 
row: G. Atwood, S. Sumner, S. Martin, M. Sanders, A. Nash. Third 
rou- S. Morrow, I.. McCJec, J. Ainslic. A. Clark, J. Campbell. 

'Cinderella School" rides on a 
iKin for the Kappa's Joe College Hoat. 

t^FI t f f , 

Kappa Kappa Gamma, ^"nr ri/\v: ,\I. Persons, M. ('Iiild, M. Ciiiycr, 
P. Kerns, L. Pollack, L. A. Brown, B. Barksdalc, S. Knight. 2>hi 
row: E. Hart, V. Atkinson, P. Welsh, L. Stone, M. Brower, A. V\ts- 
cott, R. Kohler, P. Anderson, J. Pallange, M. A. French. 3rJ row: 
C. Bowcrsox, M. Lyon, P. Merchant, G. Maclver, J. Varney, 
P. Brueggenian, S. Ratts, J. Mayers, J. Bierbaum, S. Stokes, 
S. VVhitener, B. Werner. 4th row: M. Church, C. Licbrcchr, B. Hel- 
met, D. Brokenshirc, B. Quillian, G. Partlow, C. Holsclaw, E. Win- 
ton, J. Gleason, C. Black, D. Welt, G. Hall, S. Bridgcwatcr. 


IIr- iiKiiilurs of Phi Mil siiriirity arc, oil llie Jirsl mii-. /w/,i left h 
n^hf: H. McDowell, J. Dougliton, A. Slus.scr, M. Applcbce 
L. Amend. Second row: D. Urqui/.a, M. Potter, P. Biggers, S. Edgcr- 
ton, A. Dixon, C. Cane, P. Oliver, H. Sinitnons, J. Harrington 
Third row: J. Dic-kinson, J. Blanton, A. Haney, A. Massey, J. Mc 
l.awhorn, A. Weaver, J. Gruber, M. (^arraway, M. Nicholson 
Fourth row: M. Hitternhort', V. Vinson, B, Duniap, K. Sharp 
K. Newman, G. Crossicy, B. Nelson, L. Buggein, C. Carl, D. Babb 




September, we rcrurncd in style 
Greeting our sisters witii a smile 
We prepared for starting rush 
With its parties gay aiui plush. 

Our fine pledge class of 18 girls 
Began its davs of work and whirls 
"Wl- really love them one and all" 
Joanne said with her Dixie drawl. 

A pledge banquet at the (>astle, 
A meal the union can't excell. 
At Hope \'alley, a dancing spree 
A night for our pledges' jubilee. 

On to the Cerebral Palsy Hospital 
We were due for a pleasant thrill 
Teaching the children their ABC's 
Made us love brave ones as these. 

We've had a very wonderful \ear 
Full of friendship and good cheer 
But next September, we will renew 
Another \'ear of fun in Phi Mu. 

Witioihil Faii/hiiiiii Date 


IjjCliI F(jiiiidiiii> Date 


Xiiiiiher of Chapters 


Xatioiial Meiiihership 

3 1 ,000 

Loeal Mei/ilvrship 






Anne Slusser 
President, Phi Mu 

Phi Mu pledges, 1st r: 1. Robinson, A. Priddy, J. Staley, K. Hcyse, 
B. Timberlake. 2nd r: B. McKeel, N. Norby, G. Foster, A. Barnt- 
housc. M. Wright, M. Hammond, B. Hundley. 3rd r: D. Dieffen- 
K. Kittrcll, C. Markwardt, A. Huffman, J. Purdy, P. Pope. 



n , ■^ 

tieiks (,r Phi \lu rhink that lilV in the Old South, 
shown on their lloat, «a,s close to Utopia. 

Pi Phi has been busier than ever 
this year. Upon returning to sehool 
and our completely redecorated room, 
we immediately plunged into plans 
tor rush. Social functions were many. 
We again sponsored our annual C'hrist- 
mas party for the children of I".dge- 
mont with the Beta's. The highlight 
of the season was the CJolden Triad 
pledge dance at the Washington-Duke 
and our initiation banquet at the 
Ranch House. As a project for the 
\ear we conducted a survey among 
Durham residents for the Durham 
Cx)unty C/ancer Organization and 
sponsored a lecture given on East 
Campus by medical members ot the 
local Cancer Society. Julia Mart was 
elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Barbara 
Bickhart to Who's Who, and many 
other Pi Phi's received campus honors. 
The year ended with our Senior 
Banquet and each of us stopped to 
remember the parties and work that 
had gone into making this one ot the 
best vears for Pi Phi. 

Skip Kurlbal m 
President, Pi Beta Phi 

National Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Niiniber of Chapters 
National . \ leiiibership 
Local Membership 



60, 'ids 


Wine and silver blue 

Pi Beta Phi pledges are, / to r, first row: A. Swany, C. Murray, 
S, Gercken, A. Boone, P. Beddoc, J. Durstinc. Second row: J. Hecl<- 
roth, M. UeLcgal, M. Mclntyre, S. Sexton, P. Straw, J. Medkv. 
Thircl row: B. Ranihin, 11. l.ockc, M. Rhamstinc, J. Trainincil, 1. Whitney. 

H. Rhudcs, S. Haglc-r, J. Scatter. SaonJ ruu: li. liKklun, C. W luic- 
hurst, M. Green, M. Railey, L. Williams, S. Kurlbaum, S. Mcln- 
tyre, M. Ellis, S. Tyree, L. Adams. Third row: E. l.atimer, 
C. Brown, P. Nolan, N. Crawford, M. Mosteller, H. Ruddle, 
S. Herr, T. Booth, S. Saunders, J. Holloway, N. Rothaus, JV1. Wolfe, 

A. Kennerly. Fourth roir: M. Eskridge, I.. Noller, J. Garrett, 
S. Addington, J. Woodall, S. Ratcliff, S. Tucker, S. Wheeler, 

B. Grant, K. Dav.s, P. Lee. J. Lassltcr, S. Forte, N. Ware. 


I Ik- MaiiiliiTs ot Sit;iii.i Kapp.i .sororiry ,irc, on llir Jirsi mvj. sc.ili; 
hjl 10 nuhl: C. Williams, B. Bordeaux, M. l.yoii, L. Uiulcru.xul 
N. Hiss, and D. Ways. SecofiJ row: \.. Blackerby, C. Miillins, I), l.oy 
N. Northrop. N. Wrighr, F. Fuqua. and N. .Arthur, 'riiir,/ ron 
F". Lcc, A. Gunn. J. Mn-cs, P. .Stccnkcn. B. Jones, and B. Kcgistcr 

Tlic Sigma Kappas garlicrcd prior 
ro riu- opening of fall semester tor a 
pre-school planning and tun session at 
Marianna's Durham home. After re- 
calling the June beach parry the sisters 
discussed the coming Saturday's cabin 
party which would initiate the social 
season. Rush soon occupied us and 
saw the establishment of the "Hot 
Pot" tradition with its disrinuuished 

W ith the excitement ot rush over, 
actives and newly acquired pledges 
occupied themselves with a Halloween 
parry in appropriate setting, present- 
ing an evenings entertainment at the 
Methodist Retirement Home, a picnic 
in Duke Park, a pledge banquet and 
(Christmas party and numerous in- 
tormal gatherings. 

After exams the Sigmas returned to 
begin second semester with pizza 
parties, pledge dance at the \Vash- 
ington-Duke, initiation, spring picnics, 
Joe (College tloat, and a beach party. 

Witioihil Foiindliiii^ Date 
Local F/M/idiii<J Date 
Xiimlvr of Chapters 
Xational Meniberslup 
Local Meiiihership 
Colors- 1. 




! 5,000 




President, Sigma Kappa 

Sigma Kappa pledges are, left to niihl: N. Arthur, B. Jones, J. Moses, 
D. Loy, N. Wnght. Ahsem: C. Mullins, F. Kui)ua, L. Blackaby. 

S.r) o f> 


[ilcdgc class. 

Rcrurning ro a newly decorated 
room, rhe Zetas made plans for their 
new rush party. The "Zetanese" in 
Oriental kimonos and the sisters in 
white formals at the formal parties 
drew a tine pledge class. Soon after 
rush we had a pizza party and dinner 
with the alumnae. We- always look 
forward to our "bean-steak" dinner, 
senior banquet, and annual dinner 
dance for the pledges. 

S()ciall\- speaking, our open house 
with the FhiKaps and serenade and 
party with the PiKA's were fun. 
But the Zetas remember many other 
things they've done together work- 
ing at Durham Day Nursery, enter- 
taining children at O.xford Orpha- 
nage with the PhiKaps, and slaving 
on the Joe College Float. Individual 
Zetas have done their share on cam- 
pus, too — Ann, our president — Fran, 
PhiKap Queen — Margery and Mar- 
garet, Ivv — 6 FACs — Bobbie, secre- 
tar\' of PanI lei and Joanne, ^•.\\'.(;.A. 


President, ZetLi Tan Alpli; 

Wit'toihil Foiiiuiui'i Datf 


LiHiil I'Miihiiiia^ Date 


Niiiiihcr of chapters 


National Mnnhenhip 


Local Mciiil'crship 


Colors Ilirquoi 

<(.■ blue ;inJ 

.stc-fl STL-y 

The pledges of Zeta Tau Alpha are, first row: S. Hoir, C. Waiters, 
T Reed, P. Fraley, K. Kenerick. Seco/id row: A. Blandford, S. James, 
.1. Harris, M. Brinn, C. Atkins. Third row: S. VV'achter, T. Gud- 
ger, B. Martin, V. Grant, K. King, P. Murray. Absent: N. Pope. 

r> o r» ooQ. 


Members of Zcta Tau Alpha sorority, on the first rim; from left 
to right: S. Brockwell, N. Jones, J. DcHart, VV. McAnally, J. Recce, 
P. Kimzey. Second row: A. Keller, J. Spenee, N. Burns, L. Nevvth, 
A. Jessee, A. Poindcrer, K. Smith, S. Grant, A. Bates, T, Mull. 
Third row: D. McCall, A. Milliken, N. Schlag, A. Aiken, M. New- 
ton, F. Johnson, B. Caveness, B. Southard, 1,. Brian, B. H;irt, 
M. Stennis, N. Talcott. Fourth roiv: A. Armfield, I.. Smith, 
J. Snow, J. Sale, J. Bay, J. Moore, H. Jones, C. Cooper, 
C. Hess, L. Davis, B. Inlkman, M., B. Herh. 


Alpha Tai] On,^ v , IiiNimiu. Ju.I ;„;. \ I'.ov^u 

U. Ratlifl'. 1.. I.HiiiKM \\. l',.,uriK. W. Win.slou, i. licll, 

H. Johnson, 15. Masscy, B. Swiiulcll, J. Kcnaston. Second toil-: 
\. Banton. V . Caswell, A. U heeler, J. (inodall, C. Atkinson, 
N. Krcdich, B. Bcaty, B. Richards, B. Stewart, J. Jordan, J. Michaud, 
B. Martin. Thtrtt rniv: J. Harris, J. Peter, (i. Barrett, Y. Coble, 
B. I'orwood, V. Wall, R. Pool, D. Sims, C;. Lewis. B. Alexander, 
S. Young, T. Robertson, I). Montgomery, J. Hubert, I',. Kishcr, 

B. Sink, J. Robertson, l-oiirth rov:: B. Best, B. Baldwin, I'. Vy- 
Mieyer, H. Rohlf. J. (ioodman, T. Graham, J. Cell, H. Saint. 

C. VVhitaker, I . Ilnllouell, J. lohnson, S. Smith, (i. Dillard, 
D.Jones, R. Kr.mier. H. IVtnit, \\. Akers. 

Alpha Tau Onicpa, led by president 
Bill Beaty, onee again cnjoNed an 
extremely suecessful year. Both the 
M.S.G.A. and Y.M.C.A. took giant 
strides under the able leadership of 
Edgar Fisher and Al Wheeler. 

ATO, while maintaining a high 
scholastic average, was vcr>' active 
socially, with parties and informal 
get-togethers dotting the calendar. The 
highlight of the fall season was a 
unique Roman Toga Party, complete 
with horses, chariots, suits of armor 
and the inevitable rain. Setting oft 
the spring was the annual ATO 
Sweetheart Ball, which was only one 
event among the many parties and 
occasional trips to the beach. 

The trophy case is rapidly becom- 
ing overcrowded. Early in the fall, 
ATO was awarded the Fraternity 
Citizenship Trophy. The Homecom- 
ing Display and John (JoodalTs ugly 
face brought the "Taus" two more. 

X.itir/ihil Foii/hiiiie. Diite 


Local Founding Date 


Siiniber of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 



Azure and (lold 

Prcsulciit, Alpha Tan Omega 

Alpha Tau Omega pledges are, frnni left to niiht. ht r: D. Ivey, S. Casey, 
F. \\'arburton, B. Kmg, B. Clme, B. Wilcman, J. Rutlcdge. 2nd r: J. Herring, 
B. Watson, P. Yeakei, B. Taylor, P. Buckley, J. Owens, ir,/ r; B. Ritchie, 
B. Drummond, M, Sharp, J. Swafford, G. Thelcn, D. Paulson, L. Schwoebel, 
N. Saint-Amand, C. Weisigcr. 

On September 20 House H came 
to lite with such noises as "deal 'em" 
and "let's make it to Baileys." Again 
the Betas were returning from vaca- 
tion to the college life of Dear ol'c 
Duke. Plans were made for an active 
social program which included open 
houses after football games, dinner- 
dances, and an occasional cabin party. 

As the year progressed, Betas were 
found in almost all phases ot Duke's 
extra-curricular life. Brothers held 
positions on the Judicial Board, Shoe 
and Slipper Council, Student Union 
Board of Directors, and Pep Board, 
while Beta athletes participated in 
varsitv and intramural sports. Spring 
X'acation and Joe (-ollege brought to 
a close another year ot festivities. 
Under the leadership of president 
Phil Baker the Beta Stars continued 
to shine brightlv on (iamma Rho. 

Pmi Baker 
President, Beta Theta Pi 

WitiDihil l'i)iiiid'iii'i Ihtc 


Ijh\iI Foiiiid'uiii, Date 


Number of Chapters 


Nat'wml Membership 

65, ()()() 

l.ociil Membership 


(.1)1 (irs 

I'mk ami Blue 

he pledges of Beta Theta Pi ire, first row: J. Farris, J. Barton, T. Greer, 

. W'allace, C. Grant, D. Warner. Secorat rois: B. Boys, D. Karz, D. Singer, 

Faton, T. Reynolds, D. VVingcrtcr, F. Mclntyre, and H. Kahn. 

Ikt.. Ihcta Pr, hi r,ni-: 1). Risky, I). W'.irson, B. I.oscc, C. W h; 
V\'. Sparrow, B. Bottoms, N. Jones, U. Cornwcll. liiJ ro-^:]. Ell 

A. Mead, B. Walton, T. Wier, T. Taylor, P. Baker, M. Jackson. 
J. Cole, J. Lynch, D. Burton, S. Furman, W. Hagen. 3rd nir 
T. Ellis, R. Clarke, 1.. King, D. Strawther, R. Towe, T. Lowe, 

B. Stuart, B. Weaver, J. Hobbs, S. Colwell, T. Short, B. Miller, 
R. Kohl, H. Rouse, J. Moore, K. Whitehead. 4th tow: B. Byrne, 
D. McClain, P. Jones, D. Bimestefer, G. Tabor, H. Paterson. 
J. Pettit, H. Eldredge, L. Parsons, C. Miller, O. K. Niess, B. Dowl- 
ing, C. Wills, C. Wendorf, K. Peterson. 


The members of Del 1 J SiL'm.i Tin Irjtiniin .in, //./;; /'•;,' /- :;...• 
on the first TO-w: Vi'A Wu, \ , K. I auard-, ( , K,.ht.m-., (, IKh^rUin, 
\V. Cook, C. Fletcher, L. Bassctt, R. Dwiggins. On the seamj wu.-: 
v.. Smith, H. Meredith, D. Biswell, J. Barker, A. Heil, VV. Cherry, 
I). Burdick. K. Rodgcrs, J. Ferguson. On the third roiv: (i. Wood, 
R. Rau, S. Cox, C. Moore, J. Simpson, J. Williams, C. Mngsr, 

A. Henry, I'.. Doughtic, F. Buohl. On th,- fdiirth roii-: 

B. Straus, K. Allen, R. York, J. Shinn, I.. Jcmks, J. Rich- 
ardson, I). llcHii, !•■. Alcv.iTuicr, R. Succt, and A. Carter. 


AchicNcmcnr has been rhc by-word 
in another great year for Delta Sigma 
Phi. Under the able leadership ot 
Brother Al Heil, the chapter has 
added many "firsts" to its list of 

The highlights ot the year included 
the state-wide Founder's Day Banquet 
and Dance, the selection ot our S\\ eet- 
heart, and the annual vSailors Ball in 
the spring. The Founder's Day pro- 
gram was sponsored by this chapter 
and included all Delta Sig chapters 
and colonies in North ('arolina. 
Among other events of the chapter 
were serenades, rushing, pledge train- 
ing, and initiations, as well as intra- 
mural sports and other campus activi- 
ties throughout the academic year. 

It was a good year for Delta Sigma 
Phi ... a year pervaded by that 
genuine traternal spirit which comes 
of belonging to and working for a 
common cause. 


Wnioiial I-'olliidui<^ IXitc 
Local Founding Date 
Siiiiiher of Chapters 
Sat'wiial Mciiihership 
Local Mciiihersliip 

Nile (Jrccn anc 







Al Hkii. 
Prcsidc-nt, Delta Sigma Phi 

The pledges 
Poore, Ho«c 

of Delta Sigma Phi are, Fi 
■. Second ru'^-: Knapp, ^\•olt■, 

nt roii-: Stoops, Barkley, Kramer, 
.-, Pteirter, Wnable, and Summers. 



i 1 



I J 


^^B '' 



A 111 




Tlu- Delrs startLxl the school year 
with ;i tull hst of social activities, 
inckiding cabin parties, smorgasbords 
before football games, an annual 
Christmas dance, and our formal Rain- 
bow Ball. \Vc also enjoyed several 
parries with fraternities and sororities 
from (Chapel Hill. Our rush season 
culminated with a banquet at the 
Ranch House and a pledge dance at 
the C^arolina Inn. in the Homecoming 
displays, a wild mustang "doughnut" 
of S.iM.U. was dunked to the tune 
'KM DO-NUr." \\b were well repre- 
sented on the sports field, as well as 
in campus publications, including the 
('l/ro/i!cli\ Chanticleer, and Duk- 
K/iiiiiicrr. All in all, Delta Tau Delta 
enjoyed one of its most successful 
years. Agzin having one of the largest 
pledge classes on campus, we look 
forward to another prosperous \ear 
in 1957-58. 

JiM AlA 

President, Delta Tau Delta 

Xatinihil i'htindiim IXitc 


Lotal lujinidiim 1^^''' 


Siiiiihcy (if Clhipti'is 


Wnioihil Mciiihcrship 

SO, ()()() 

Ijjcal Mciiibcrship 


Colors l^urp 

le. White, 

;UhI (ic.ld 

llie n.enil.LTs of the Delt.i Tau Delta pledge elass are, lal r,n 
H. Turner, B. Innberlake, K. Cireene, C. Nolan, B. rranklin, J. Lai 
ning. 2mi row: R. Stagner, S. Hankins, D. Suddith, T. Bazemore, G. Powc 
R. Dicffcnbach, C. Singleton, S. Prevost. 3rd ro 
G. Dickinson, J. Pontz, K. Kl.sey, D. Lower, P. Karr 

D. Kvans, 
P. Parker. 

Take care that yon don't get entangled 
aclcs of the D ID octopus who is reaching 

IXlta Tau Delta tVatLrnity,>>sr toxi-; B. Crc-ws, D. Page, L.. Logan, 
L. Ferns, R. Moore, D. Matthews, P. Scvcrson, D. Keffer, K. Al- 
vord, A. Harper. Snomi rotv: S. Hammer, P. Cogan, K. Clark, 
F. LcPage, B. Barker. J. Matthews, T. Clark, F. Camp, J. Beck, 
S. Pinnell, D. Kreidlcr, B. Stewart, ThirJ roiv: B. Bradford, 
D. Hill, T. Mooney, G. \'anCuren, J. Allen, B. Frizell, B. Bureau, 
J. Hicks, R. Stahleker, B. Steinmetz, C. Weinberg, J. Moor- 
man. Fourth row: L. Slade, D. Stempic, P. Fidler, J. Vree- 
land, B. Sparrow, J. Amslcr, K. Pittman, L. Smith, R. Rider, 
T. Tate, N. Gregerson, J. Zimmer, S. Hinkle, K. Cornwall. 


MuiihcTS nf K;,ppa Alpha arc as follows, /„,/ ,„-„ | I),„,k1, 
15. Starni-s, Ci. Lane, J. Karmcr, G. Helms, A. lkiningu.i>, 1'. Lyon, 
R. Rodwcll, 1). Langston, T. Shannon. Sectmd row: V. Miller, 
R. Hankins, R. Kienle, H. Jordan, R. F-"alls, L. Bell, L. Yost, 
I'. Beaslcy, O. .Suiter, J. Almond, J. Council, B. Gantr, I). Adcock. 
Third row: V.. Rushron, T. VVagg, B. Kails. M. Hatcher, B. Hord. 
R. Phillips, A. Cottingham, !■:. Bryson, \). Maynard, H. Caldwell, 
J. Oavis, i;. Hardin, R. Smith. I". Pliillips. l-oiirth row: 
J. Harri.son, B. Wat.son, R. Terry, R. I'.dwards, D. Knotrs, 
B. Thompson, S. Jurgenscn, R. I lord. B. Allen, J. Woodall, 
H. Clement. J. Buchanan, 1". Royal, C. Clayton, C. Roe. 

This was a \car for rlic (irand 
Old Cjang' ro rciiicmbcr. In football, 
basketball, and intraniurals \vc won 
glory for the University and honor for 
the fraternity. Above all, a new and 
still finer KA era began. .\ great 
traternity grew superior in e\ery wa\', 
and a eoniradeship of true manhood 
beeame the most outstanding brother- 
hood in the chapter's history. Under 
Di.xic's Stars and Bars men rose 
courageously to meet threats to the 
life they cherish, becoming a group 
Cieneral Lee would have proudly 
enlisted in the best of his sacred 
Southern ranks. The year, climaxed 
by our traditional Old South Ball, 
ended with the graduation ot many 
fine Southern gentlemen. With those 
leaving we send our best: the great 
heritage oi Kappa Alpha of which we 
are so proud. With ideals such as 
these inspiring her men, the South 
shall surely rise again. 

Kat'wiial Fo/nidiiiii Date 
Local Foiiihiiiifr Date 
Niiinber of Chapters 
National Membership 
Local Mcmhership 





CriiiHon and Old Cold 



Bob Edwards 

Prcsuic-nt of Kap," Alph. 

KA pledges are. on tht finr ro-u J \lizt, B \lli<.. J Gardner, 
J. Leister. 0>, the uwmi roi^ B Cdlcv, B Bell I) linker. 
C. Caison, II. Crc.niL W Hincs, \1 \Uissduhitc I \ ^<m R Host, in 

etiiring the perteet Utopia, tile KA' 
>l a pretty girl and tlie nievitalile 

"O, rub a dub dub, three men in 
a rub, out on the ocean blue. . . . 
These Kappa Sigs have made big 
strides and added lots that's new." 

Kxperiencing one oi its greatest 
years, Kappa Sigma moved to still 
greater prominence in its national 
family and on the Duke campus. A 
big birthday party, rushing, remodel- 
ing and individual excellence on the 
parr of the brothers were all ingredi- 
ents of a successful year. 

The first semester was filled with 
week-end parties following the foot- 
ball games. In November the brothers 
were guests of the Wake Forest 
chapter for the Duke-Wake game. 
Rushing was number one on the 
agenda for second semester and a host 
of fine neophytes were added to the 
chapter scroll. Socially, the year was 
highlighted by the annual Stardust 
Week I'.nd, w hich centered around the 
Black and White Ball. 

WiixiAM 1.. Damon 
President, Kappa Sigm; 

Witioihil FoKiid'uiji Date 


Local [•'oundiiig Date 

1«7 3 

Number of Chapters 


National Meinbership 


Local Meinbership 



Scarlet, White, ;uui (Irctn 

Mcnihers ot the Kappa Sigma pledge elass are, first mii:: J. Stiipple, 
B. Oowell, \'. Vivons, VV. Yclton, D. Starr. Second roir: S. Sandtnorc, 
1). Hratt, B. MacKinnon, M. Hamilton, M. Wcisncr. Third rov.': 
\\. hru.n, J. UeAngelis, J. Capello, T. Watson, P. Matthias, R. Colley, 
Pnucll, .1. Clemmons, B. (uiy, ^\'. Byrd, S. Morey, B. Riggers. 

Kappa Sigiiia's featured action shots of all the playc 

Kappa Sigma, Jsl roii:- R. Rudd, W. l-lcnung, J. Moore, T. Kktchcr 
J. Mullins, J. Morris, J. Challc-nger. 2mi roir: B. Craddock 
M. Spencer, R. Krueger, J. Clayton, B. Troy, W. Dalton, R. Whit 
acre, J. Dilworth, W. Harrison, J. D'Angelo, \. Sgrosso. ird roiv 
J. Fox, R. McGaughey, S. Lineker, D. Tierney, N. Wagner, 
J. Hubbard, W. Simpson, F. Sheppard, R. Patterson, M. Lippencott, 
D. Pratt, J. Mcllhenny. 4tfi roir: S. Holcombe, J. Turtle, W. Byrd, 
D. Padgett, G. Atherholt, R. Shue, B. Harris, F. Rude 
J. Bell, E. Ballow, E. Turlington, J. Shelby, R. Ihuemmel 


I.iimI.I.i ( hi \lph... ///,/ /Y/i.. 1,. H. AlL-xandcr. B. B,il 
Lintyiic, J. llill. Saoihl nr^: /.. !■ i.sIkt, W. Harrclson, L. Kabian 
M. Kirby, C. Dillic, H. Copeland, J. ligglcston, B. Ford, D. Gcr 
man, R. I'.niblcy, C^ Thompson. Third row: B. Sand, D. Ware 
J. Krusc, A. Tyndall, J. Keycs, VV. Martin, J. Sinkway, P. Tcmpk- 
J. l.ammcrt, I-'. Canncy, R. Morgan. Faiirth row: B. Wllcli 
W. Uavi.s, B. Kricdcl, B. Rclstcr. G. Harney, J. Bankerr, R. W ickcr 
sham. J. Nieholas, (.'.. Pratt, I,. I-ineberry, S. Thorn, R. Ilimt 


Duke's Lambda C'hi's returned in 
September to enjoy another sueeesstul 
year. I''ootball week ends, parties, in- 
tramuraks as well as studies oceupied 
the brothers during the year. At 
Homecoming, the "pole-sitter" dis- 
play was one of the most talked about 
on campus. After regular football 
season, another mighty battle was 
waged between the Duke and (Caro- 
lina Lambda Chi's in the annual Schlitz 
Bowl. At Christmas time, the brothers 
gave the annual party for the Edge- 
mont children. The Christmas formal 
climaxed the fall semester. 

With second semester Lambda Chi 
had a most successful rush season. 
When rush was over. Lambda Chi had 
added a group of outstanding pledges. 
The spring semester also brought the 
Inter-Zeta Dance at Myrtle Beach, 
The Joe College Week End, and beach 
parties to finish an eventful and en- 
joyable year. 

Xdt'wiial Fintiidiiin D.itc 
L(H\il Fijiiihi'uig Date 
Sill 11 her of Chapters 
Xatioiial . \ Iciiihership 
Ij/ial Membership 
Colors Fur 

l.anilida ( hi Alph.! plcdtris, fi 
Al. Wilkins S H.iugh R 
T. Bass, D F,..,a 

1 9()y 




d Cold 

Jack McKkiim 

Presidents, l,ambda Chi Alpha 


The Phi's pulled into campus last 
fall and prepared to beat heads against 
Gothic walls for another year. Due 
to lack of scholastic interest we had 
to hnd some way to utilize time. 
Kosack found a hsh . . . Ranger 
escaped from iMe>er . . . Scuderi had 
tire trouble . . . C^alhoun and Boggs 
won the safe driving award . . . 
Forrest peddled sweaters . . . LaHurd 
left for the Gaza Strip . . . Carroll 
made his average . . . (^ouch pla\ed 
with the kiddies . . . Kiefer came in 
second . . . Gulp tried for thirds . . . 
Bass got locked in the phone booth 
. . . Thus passed a quiz . . . Kersey 
made a voodoo doll . . . Nearly 
finally graduated . . . The Three 
Musketeers in 201 got married . . . 
and the fraternity average actually 
went up. The year is almost gone; 
the old standbys will graduate, but 
they have worthy successors, most 
of whom will be seen at Bailey's from 
now on. 

Dif:K Ui KicH AND Lang Holland 
Prcsuknts of Phi IXIta Iheta 

Witioihil l-'oiiiidiiKj^ Date 


Liical l-'i,tiiidiii'i IXuc 


Siimbi-r of (.'Ihiprcrs 


\iitioih)l Ml ///Ivrsi/ip 


ImcM Maiihnslnp 





.■ ;U1 

d W hire 

Phi Delta I hcta pledges, /.(/ r: 1). CoMins, H. Blackburn, P. I lolt, P. 
B. PaUst, C. Oartcr, H. Ind r: J. VV illiaiiis, R. AlcDonali 
J. Jibilian, G. jVlcCanimon, B. Powell, M. Holmes. 3rJ r: .S. Vermi 
lion, K. VValz, J. Collins, C. Cramford, J. Clayton, B. Sell. 4th 
\1. .\pplct(.n. J. Simmons, G. Beverly, B. AMyand, B. Johnsoi 

■ - " 

vita I luia's dream (il L'iii|)ia show s Joe sur- 
ith lots of pretty girls around the clock 


The brothers of Phi Ddt.. 1 lRt,i,./;n/ ,.,i;; J. I ,,rrLst. k. Me \l,,th, 
Z. Layson, L. HolUnJ. J. Clapp, J. R.itclilie, H. c:i.tturn, B. lali, 
J. Donley, J. Girand, J. Saltz. Second rou: }. Lindcnmeycr, B. Kcifcr, 
T. Lindsay, B. Tore, B. Soulc, T. C^alhoun, B. Hilty, N. LaHurd, 
L. Dusek, H. Custer, W. King, R. Morgan, B. Grubbs. Third 
roiv: D. Ulrich, D. Girdel, J. .Smith, S. Ballard, J. Kocourek, 
J. Boggs, H. McElhaney, J. Newcomc, J. Aston, J. Snyder, J. Spence, 
B. Cozart, P. Scudcri, A. Wilson, P. Smith, B. Carroll, S. Reese. 
Fourth roir: B. Buchholtz, I. Brooks, J. Bartal, P. Risher, G. Schull, 
B. Laverty, B. Thuss, J. Kersey, J. Jackson, J. Culp, B. Couch, 
T. Sherman. P. Duplcr. J. Phillips, B. Biggcrs, and T. tanning. 

'.UcrnitN' arc, mi llif Jirsr rrm-. Ir/t tr. 
nnht: J., I). Kvans, I). DiiHcy, I). Scill.ick, J. CrilU, 
J. I'ulcomer, T. Miller, V.. Johnson, V.. Gauld, E. Heath, VV. Kcini. 
Second toiv: R. Hildrcth, J. Harrington, T. Moneymaker, 1-. Jor- 
dan, K. Kauffinan, G. VVcbcr, G. Kvans, C. C:ol)b, B. Meffert, 
W. Weems. C:. CJrigg, B. Taylor, J. Craven. Third ww: C. Carter, 
R. Glaubinger, C;. Lang, S. Boris, P. Yoars, N. Dean, P. Hoad- 
ley, T. Russell, T. Grimm, B. Klonian, T. McDermott, S. Gebel 


September ot "56 saw the return ot 
the Phi Psi's to the (>ity of Exciting- 
Stores, anticipating another year of 
fraternal activity. 

Phi Psi contributed men to varsity 
soccer, wrcstHng, and traei<; campus 
publications; \\ BDS; Phi Beta Kappa; 
and HV/o'.v Who. Open houses and 
cabin parties filled the fall football 
afternoons and, when the weather 
grew colder, the Brothers found suit- 
able indoor activities tor leisure time. 
For the annual Christmas party at the 
Cerebral Palsy Hospital, North C>aro- 
lina Alpha joined U.N.C.'s Alpha 
Delta Pi sorority. Early in January 
the Jacqueminot Rose Ball, held at 
the Washington Duke Hotel, finished 
the first semester's socializing. Atter 
a brief vacation, the Brothers returned 
for rush and emerged with an ex- 
tremely promising pledge class, as 
an all-too-short \'ear drew to a close. 


Xatwihil l-)miid,ii'i Date 


Locil Fiiiiiidiiiij, Date 


Xnmlvr of Cluprm 


S\iti(iiidl Mr/ulvrsliip 


Local Mcmbndup 



Circcn and Red 

Don Sm)I Mk.Joi (ir<ii[s 
Presidents. Phi K.inn.i Psi 

Phi Kappa Psi pledges, / r: R. Smith, J. McElhaney, J. Gay, L. Peterson, 
T. Baldwin, C. Overley. 2 r: J. Hopkins, B. Thiessen, L. Dobbs, J. Blyth, 
B. lane. I.. Cinrhani, .\1. McBee, J. Hughes, K. Cannon. T. Mulford. 

^ I 




The Pill K,i|.|..i I'si-. xMtli .ill ilu\ r,ieili- 
tics, dre.ini iil rouL'hiiiL' ii n2,(i(h> inikv Iroiii Durham 

Returning in September to a com- 
pletely new section big enough to 
house the largest fraternity on cam- 
pus, the reunited Phi Kappa Sigmas 
began another successful year. With 
first and second semester presidents 
Harris Marshall and Byrd (x)urtne\- 
at the helm, an outstanding Phi Kap 
social program was launched. High- 
lights ot the tall semester were Home- 
coming, which celebrated our 
Twentieth universary, and the winter 
formal at Hope \'alley. Other events 
included "informals" at Smith's Lake, 
and, climaxing the year, the spring 
Black and Gold Week End. 

In addition to social functions. Phi 
Kappa Sigma participated in man\' 
other areas of campus activit\-. Win- 
ning the intramural Softball champion- 
ship and contributing leaders to several 
organizations. Nu ('hapter continued 
its tradition of leadership and service 
on Duke campus. 

Phi Kappa Sijfma 

Witioiiiil Fo/i/hiiiiii IXitf 

IS 50 

l.oial i'ouiidun^ IXitc 


Siiiiihcr of CJmpten 


Wilioihll Mc/il/'crsiiip 

1<M 17 

Loail Maiihcrslnp 




.vk\ i ;old 

Phi Kappa Sigma pledges are, / r: L. Hoylc, E. Harkcy, J. I'llwanls. 
2 t: K. Andrews, B. Hight, B. Staley, F. Ruben. 3 r: J. TuriK-r, 
T. Goodman, D., B. Anderson, G. Keener, -f r: O. Weed, 
B. King, B. Young, J. l.arabee, B. Ravenel, D. Hansen, T. Coulter. 

Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, yi>.i7 miv left to right: T. Irwin, T. Grant, 
R. Crant, M. Barnes. N. Fortescue, G. Ramaindo, B. Silcr, C. Die- 
trick, R. Zcllcrs, C. Black, R. Savage, N. Hudson. Second rou-: 

B. Ddinhotf, VV. Penny, J. Smith, D. Penny, J. Bullock, D. Mason, 
H. Marshall, W. Wright, D. Bctts, J. V^aughan, J. Ciarvin, R. Barnes, 
P. Raby. Thini row: D. Jeanettc, \' Boozer, B. Courtney, D. Spit- 
ler, U. \\'estmoreland, H. Taylor, D. Kry, D. McFaddin, B. Hyl- 
dahl, P. Luce, T. Biggs, D. Teller, B. Glenn, I). Wood, H. Hurt, 
P. Blazer, J. Linder. Fourth roir: C. Windlcy, B. Young, G. Hensley, 

C. McFce, B. Smith, G. Tilbury, D. Tipton, B. McTammany, 
M. Rollinson, G. Long, F. Robcrson, D. Hill, B. Bvcrs, J. Young, 
and H. Wells. 


I Ir hrntiicrs cif I'l Kappa Alpha arc, on the first mil-: R. Vanderbeek, 
I). Hohnycr, J. UuVall, M. Morin, D. Ncaly, F. Dobbs, W. West, 
I). Askin. J. Ucn.son, VV. McMillan. Second row: R. Brubakcr, 
1). nutrman. K. Yarborough, N. Kcrstctter, J. Meador, L. Simmons, 
R. Ray, V. Moore, L. Gardner, K. Crimson, ('. C'ook. Third roiv: 
R. DePuy, R. Clark, J. Booher, VV. Spielman, B. Bcacham, J. Dar- 
ling, N. Harley, H. Kimball. R. VV'eitzman, C;. McDorman, 
R. Shanklin, J. VVoolery, VV. Linton, J. Sears, A. Bjonte- 
gard. Fourth row: J. Wells, R. Beanc, J. Burger, J. Cowic, 
A. Booray, A. Bosworth, VV. Zenda, (i. Meyer, A. Prizzi, 
H. Valentine, I.. Cleveland, H. Watson, W. Radcker, D. Maun/,. 


September . . . the PiKA shield 
looked good coming through the arch- 
way . . . then classes . . . except for 
the third floor . . . Parties . . . and 
more parties. 

A good year . . . W'eitz MCTd the 
TV^ room . . . Siph hanged ga\el and 
piano . . . Shake shook, and finally 
got caught . . . Huff" left, but Brownie 
stayed ... on and on . . . laughs and 
songs . . . led by Group, of course . . . 
Barley and Cook in the molehole . . . 
emerging from the depths . . . j.D. 
drafted and supporting Tyke . . . 
Flowers for a fourth . . . Ned for a 

BiMOCrs . . . humans, too . . . 
Buddy, five places at once and still 
smiling . . . Buz/.y Shoe 'n Slippering 
Hartman parties . . . Buck and "It's 
a lot better than getting up and look- 
ing at Shake" . . . Brew and his PiKA 
network. . . . 

A good year . . . Spring and Florida 
and the beach and Dream Girl and 
J.C]. . . . and graduation . . . Still 
would sa\' we showed class. 

Bl'I)[)\' Bkacham and I.kk Simmi 
PrcsKicnts of Pi Kappa Alpha 

Niit'wiml Foiii/iiiiiii Date 


Local Founding Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 



Garnet and (Jold 

The pledges of Pi Kappa Alpha are, first roii-: R. Sokel, P. Kautz, 
J. Bertch, W. Milby, R. Fousc, C. Aycock, M. Powell. Second row: 
B. Riiffncr, D. Banta. J. Marth, H. Fi.scher, G. Huggins, J. Bourn. 

At xW- j.K- College parade the Pi Kappa Alpha's pre- 
sent Pharoah's dream of Utopia—catching the girls. 


sooner were ;ill the hrotliers 
)n campus last fall than things 

began to happen. Five home football 
games meant rive open houses and 
ri\e big week ends. We won't forget 
all the midnight oil consumed in 
raising the Homecoming display nor 
the Tech game and the week end at 
Blowing Rock which accompanied it. 
Then there was the 1956 Rose Ball 
at the ('arolina C-ountr\- C'lub in 
Raleigh, tollowed by a ('hristmas 
part\ with the KA'F's. Meanwhile 
there were uiteresting developments 
in intramurals. Armed with a speed\' 
back held and a beefy line, we swept 
to a division championship in football 
and hnished strong in basketball, bad- 
minton, and volleyball. 

Spring social events included a 
cabin party at Hartman's, the spring 
formal, and a week end at Nellie Ci's 
in Myrtle Beach, rounding out a 
banner year for Pi Kappa Phi. 

Bii I Smith 
President, Pi Kappa Phi 

SiHuiiial i'liiiiidun:, IXitc 


l.onil I'oiiihiuiii IXitc 


Sunihcr of (Jhi[Jtcn 


Witioihil Me/iil'crsliilJ 

IS, 000 

Loail Mr/)ihnsliip 




.xnd White 

The Pi Kappa Phi pledges arc, on the first roiu: L. Miller, 15. \1, 
t;an, M. Piper, J. D. Wellons, S. Boles, B. Edwards, 11. M.ui.k 
J. Marcovecchio. On the second row: E. King, C. Jones. 11. Uri 
I). Erederk-ini;, T. .Miinson, 1''.. l.aiifihinghousc, B. Harrison. 1). .Andersi 


P n ^ C 

■3 P 9 





; ■'4i-''*:"Uf" j^cS^wV^ 

Ihc- hn.thcTS of Fi Kappa Phi arc Jirst ro'^ kjl to riv.Ut: R. I)i\..n, 
W. Harris, J. Mcrritt, VV. Johnson, R. Hohner, VV. Smith, T. Ivcy, 
C. Cleaveland, T. Robins, D. Quattlebaum, L. Baumer, K. Wit- 
tenstein. Secimd rov:: G. Farmer, B. Burquest, G. Lodcn, J. Staples, 

B. Robertson, VV. Spencer, C. Beidler, R. Bcvis, R. Clayton, 

C. Munch, R. Huntley, N. Clark, H. Stuckey, M. Bender. Third 
row: D. Parsons, \V. Boyer, G. Esposito, E. Skeel, A. Gor- 
ham, N. Couric, L. Turner, D. Lewis, J. Bruton, W. Allis,.n, 
V. BroNviiMin, (;., W. Connor, R. Smith, and T. ( 


riia Alpha h.psiloii trarcrnity ,irc, on tlir fint 
row from left to right: R. Frascr, R. Wcidnv.m, \\. McMan, 
C;. Bouse, J. Gilbert, R. Smith, L. Armstrong, W. Richardson, 
A. Masius. Sm/nd row. V.. Pace, VV. Byrne, C. Dan, H. Givens, 
I). Hiirni, !•■. Hearn, VV. Hess, A. Taggart, P. Maynard, R. Martin, 
T. Walkley. Third row: M. Stout, P. Dunning, J. VVagcnvoord, 
T. I.oel., C. Jacl<, C. Abbott, K. Pollack, K. Rusch, R. Rippd, 
..ndj. \UAnallv. 


The fall semester got off to a 
roaring start with the usual parties 
and beer drownings at the beach. 
After football games, the section 
area was packed with brothers, their 
dates, and spectators, all w arching the 
combo playing jaz/. under the gaiK 
colored awning. 

The Christmas part\- at Wright's 
Refuge and the C^hristmas I'ormal at 
the Washington Duke excmplihed the 
spirit of the winter season. 

Needless to say, much time and 
money was necessary to keep I.eo, II 
in his gold armour, thanks to many 
buckets of paint which were poured 
over his head. All those who tried to 
paint, paint no more. 

As spring came, cabin and beach 
parties predominated. A serious part 
of the semester was the celebration of 
the 101st anniversary of S.A.K.'s 

Yet, the SAF/s still had time for 
all extra-curricular activities. 

Wnwiial Founding Date 
Local Founding Date 
Number of Chapters 
National ^ lei/i her ship 
Local Membership 







and ( iold 

HucK GivENS, J. Gilbert 
Presidents, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

SAE pledges are, first row: J. Klein, W. Jacobus, J. Leyons, A. Rundle, 
T. Jones. Second row: V. Rodes, E. Messer, P. Hubbell, D. Dewey, 
T. Cederstrand. Third row: L. Bennett (pledge trainer), S. Boone, 
R. Wilkes. D. ^\bod, J. Prey, F. Wclthcr, C. Sulzbacher. 

President, Sigma (^hi 

The tall initiated another successful 
\ear for the brothers of Sigma (]hi. 
i\lan\' upperclass pledges were added 
to swell the ranks and to help build 
the winning Homecoming displa\'. 
Our spirit was kept high with strong 
intramural teams, a week end at Pine- 
hurst, and our annual C^hristmas part\' 
for underprivileged children. 

With a marked improvement in 
scholarship, we began the spring se- 
mester. Rushing brought another out- 
standing freshman pledge class whose 
members contributed their varied in- 
terests and talents to the fraternit>'. 
A year of fine social activit\' was 
clima.xcd by our Sweetheart Dance. 
Sportswise, we participated in all 
major activities, with the captains of 
swimming and soccer and an All- 
American coming from our ranks. 
In short, Sigma Chi has again com- 
pleted a successful year of leadership 
on campus. 

Natiiiihil Foiiiiiiiiin IXiti' 


Ijjcal Foiiihiiiiv, Date 


Niiniher of Chapters 


Xatioiial . \ lent he rsh ip 

S5, ()()() 

Local Mei/ihership 




IKl ( lold 

Sigiiui Chi pkilgcs, / r: Al. IJrulcnb.iugh, \'., J. Cirul.c. 
B. Hurry, J. Knpp, A. W iKtstonc, .1. Sh,ickt..rcl. 2 r: II. I Klnis, 
1.. Stuckcy, j. l..iTiihcrt, I',. Fnrbis, ( !. Xirgm, H. 1 ..iwrciax', 1.. ( :..iKl.Ukl. 


#N Wi f--\ ?* ri r< rv rn »« r-\ i^ ^isf ^ 

Sigma CM'i. first row: D. Dcnne, W. Springstim, I ), Kcusi, li. /nlltr, 
D. Kemp, J. Lintzenich, R. West, K. Davis, H. Osborne. 2iiJ roii-: 
J. Tindall, B. Miller, G. Perrine, M. Smiley, W. Beeson, T. Colmey, 
R. Otter, H. Fatzinger, R. Rcsenthal, J. Tarlton, R. Goodson. 3rd 
roiv: B. Lattimore, J. Carlisle, J. Taylor, M. McNally, S. Menefcr, 
J. Roberts, P. Vanwyck, E. Simms, R. Royal, H. Johnson, 
R. Kay, C. Jamison, K. Bachtell, S. Crihficld. -fth roiv: 
B. Smathers, T. Thomas, C. Sadler, T. Hutehinson, T Tomp- 
kins, B. Anderson, J. Pless, H. Northrop, V,. Mitsehelc. 
K. Smiley, B. Reid, C. Stewart, J. Klder, J. Smith. 


Sigin.i Nu, Isl roii-: 1), W.isson. J. Stewart, D. Mulholland, B. 
J. Nash, D. Sweet, B. Brooks, M. Carter, J. Coffey, B. Townsend 
I'!. Larcse, T. Sprolcs. 2nd rou-: J. Redmond, D. Wilson, S. Cotton 
I.. I'Anson, W. Harstinc, D. ('opeland, A. Hock, F. Speakman 
T. Trice, A. Mosrie, D. Cobble, G. Brooks, R. l-arcsc. 3rd row. 
C. Wright, N. Yarger, I". Sehafer, S. Scaife, J. Seltzer, I). Wright, 
J. Dean, T. Oipeland, C. Lewis, J. Bosch, H. Yoh, W. Kiinmich, 
(;. Sowder, A. Kreps, T. Taylor, I.. Flanagan, R. Neal, 
I-. Terry, B. Tracy. 4th roiv: P. Wagner, R. Azar, J. King, 
T. Cracknel!, D. Kreps, B. Hattlcr, D. Pickett, J. Murray. 
T. Johnson, C. Kimble, N. Stamey, J. Hayne, T. Black 


Full — ('al)in parries beyond the Kno 
River . . . the sound of Hooded motors 
and drowning dates. "()ueen ot 
Hearts" Open House tor I'reshnian 
girls. Homecoming . . . an "under- 
water" Huorescenr displax . I'oorball 
. . . dates and "old tonimalers" cheer 
Junior and Senior teams to a ()-() 
playott tor championship. 

Winter — The (Christmas "Winter- 
leaf Formal" at the Carolina Inn. 
Battle-scarred black and gold Sigma 
Nu rock on Myrtle Drive . . . stand- 
ing in the rain all day showing it for 
the Durham Heart Fund. The Spring 
Cotillion in Raleigh . . . presentation 
of the great pledge class. 

Spring — Pinnings and serenades . . . 
Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Duke Gar- 
dens. The Fraternity Sing in minor 
key, Dr. Neal's health club in prepara- 
tion for Myrtle Beach . . . the \Vhite 
Star Triad, Joe College, Hoot 'n' 
Horn. Apache Party . . . French 
underground at O'Brians. Ca'cIc com- 


Xiitioj/,rl i'oiiiidiiig Date 


Local Foiiiidiiifr Date 


Xiiiiiber of Chapters 


Xatioiial Menibersb'ip 


Local Meiiibersbip 


Autiusr Hock 
President, Sigma Nu 


Black, Gold, and Whirc 

Sigma Nu pledges are, on the first row: J. Strange, A. Carter, W. Redmond, 
J. Schlagg, M. Carter. Second row: R. Preston, S. Dow, C. Epsy, M. Brooks, 
N. Garden. Tliini row: K. Darling, D. Drummond, L. I'Anson (pledge 
master), W. Hoch, J. Bigger, C. Montgomery. 

SigTna Ni] s and dates crowd this tropic paradi: 
u Inch contanis a warert'all. volcano, and pahn tret 


1956-57 v\as an outsranding year 
academically and socially tor the 
Sig Eps of X. C^ (ianinia. A high 
point ot the \ear"s activities was the 
renovation ot our chapter and card 
rooms, providing the brothers with 
more attractive surroundings for their 
many open houses and smokers. 
Homecoming, with its "Rack SMU" 
display and an informal dance at the 
Plantation ("luh, was a welcomed 
change from the usual cabin and dinner 

The Sig I'.ps enjoxed a winning 
intramural record, leading the league 
in football most of the season. The 
fall semester was brought to a close 
w ith the annual Christmas caroling on 
Hast and a spirited eggnog party. This 
Spring the "fraternity with a heart" 
entertained themselves and dates at 
the annual Sig F-p Ball in Winston- 
Salem and the traditional "(Charlie's 
Day" at Hogan's Lake. 

HlKl) \\'ki 1 s 

Prc'Mdenr, Sigma Phi Kpsil 

.jz53 E * 

Wiiioihil i'Diiiidiiii!, IXitf 


Local F(iimdiii<j_ Date 


Xiiiiibcr (if Qiaptcn 


Salioiml . \ If/z/bn-sliij) 


Loral Mciiilvrsli'ij) 




c ;uul Red 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, fint ro-a- from left to nghl: A. LoSasso, 
B. Rothcrmel, H. \\'ells, D. Stover. D. Stitcly, R. Moore. 
Second row: W. Kinyon. D. Hayes. F. McGregor, N. Pct- 
enson, M. Redding. Third row: B. Garrison. L. Brown. 
F. Gotthardr. P. Hansen, B. l.ihl,y, I). Ruber. D. Cumniings. 


I-- ft 

y Jh. ^ ^^ ^ a> %^ 

\W bnithcTs oCT.ui I'psilon Fhi fraternity, lef! to r:v.hl, first r/nj 
I). Wisscrman, (!. Forges, H. (il:is.s, S. Kohlinann, M. Marks 
A. Rose, I.. Specter, J. Friedman, M. Scntlowitz, and A. Rotner. 
Second roiv: S. Dcbrovncr, L. Rosenblatt, N. Cierber, L. Moriber, 
A. {;ohen, A. Rosenfeld, H. Siegcl, S. Suskind, and J. Flicker. 
Third r>nL-: I). I.ynian, B. I lorin, S. Kaniin, J. Finke, H. Walderinai 
1. Friedman, M. Korotkin, S. Siegel, P. CiranotV, and 11. I5I.h1 


To celebrate our sixth birthda\- on 
the Duke Oanipus, we of Tl^P nioxed 
into our new section in the "Fra- 
ternity Quadrangle." This was onl\- 
the first of many progressi\e steps 
taken by TEP this year. 

Our social calendar was rilled w ith 
cabin parties, dinner-dances, and 
toppx'd by our annual Christmas party 
for underprivileged children. TKP's 
brothers also participated widely in 
extra-curricular activities by taking 
part in Duke Players productions, 
announcing over WDBS, writing for 
the Peer and Chronicle, managing the 
tennis team, playing varsity goU and 
lacross, and participating in many 
intramural sports. 

Our pledging program helped to 
complete TKP's most successful year 
because it was at this time that our 
fraternity was able to show that it 
has truly become an integral part ot 
the Duke Communit\'. 

^^^m ^^^' 

Xiitioihil Foiindimr IXnc 


Local Fuundiiig Date 


Number of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local Membership 


Colors Lav 

■ndcr and White 

Ai Rosi 
PresKk-nt of Tuu I'p.silun Phi 

^ ^■ 1 m 


•| he hill of ".^6 tnund rhc hrorhcrs 
ot I hcra i'.h\ w irh tond iiK-niorK-s of 
our uiXiU ccnrcnnial year, bur these 
were soon overshadowed as the year 
got under way. First came football 
w eek ends, w ith the brothers polishing 
trophies, door knobs, and social graces 
tor 1 louse U open houses. The cabin 
party at Oabtrcc capped of! Shoe 'n' 
Slipper week end. Christmas found us 
caroling on I"'ast and at Hanes and 
treating the children in the Pediatrics 
Ward to a party. The new semester 
brought rushing and the big Mason- 
Dixon Jubilee, while Joe College was 
highlighted by a cabin party and the 
big parade. The brothers climaxed the 
year formally with our traditional 
Dream Girl dinner-dance, and in- 
formally with the salt spray and 
sand ol Wrightsville beach, leaving us 
content that our second century was 
off to a fine start. 

UN-,, Don \i |. 
cuts, riict.i ( 'hi 

)r. iiiul Mrs. (;ch- 

Satiiiiial idimdiim Date 


l.iHiil i'liiiiidtiin Ihic 


Siiinhrr of ('Inip/rrs 

1 1'' 

Witi/iihrl Mci/i/hTship 


Local Mcinhnship 


(mIhis .\lilit;ir\ 


md WiiiK- 



, - J iTf'U' f^ nm\ i«r* |*r- f If-H 1»^"* K^^ 

The members of Thcta Chi, / to r, 1st roir: P. Mitchell. C. Jeffers, 
C. Choate, V\'. Mull. N. Stevens, D. Nelson. M. Roberts. C. Hut- 
chins. 2nd roir: S. McArdle. J. Purdy. D. Charneco. I,. Brooks 
C. MacKenzie, W. Barnhart, C. Corn. T. Wright. ?r,/ rov.': V. Swof- 
ford, R. Thrasher, M. Pugh, T. Pickett. S. Kocrnncr. P. Bli/ard. 
B. de Alontericc. 

1^ * 

Y ^ ^4^ ^ -""^ -^ r 

l. ■ II • I*- 

r«~! ~'="^' 

1 1k' riKfiilKTs nt'thi- /t-ra Beta Tan fraternity arc,./m/« /,// /« r;,i;/;/, 
«H //;;■ Jirst roll-: M. Riil)cl, R. (iinsbiirg, A. Brenner, S. Kayc. 
S. Jacohson, R. Jacovcs, K. Brown, S. Abrahams, H. Rothfeder, 
and 1. Boro. Second rniv: H. Bcrnian, M. Codt, B. Blcchiiian, 
P. Schweitzer, R. Keniplcr, I). Blatt, A. Jules, I'. Ncy, C. Wolfson, 
B. Goldstein, K. Lidz, R. Goldstein, H. Baraban. Third roiv: 
M. Teniko, J. I.evin, K. Grac, H. Brcslow, R. Milhauscr, 1,. Alstcr, 
S. Sehaeffer, I,. Moj;,,!, J. Glaser, R. K.,r^.nn, R. Bon,/e 


Rushing eagerly back to Duke, 
I-Like-Durham burrons fastened se- 
curcK', the men ot Zeta Beta lau 
returned with high hopes for another 
successful year. We were not disap- 

The semester's events went by 
quickly: parties, open houses, study- 
ing, get-togethers at the .S.uldle ('lub, 
goof-ort" sessions, and more stud\ing. 
For future nostalgia, there was the 
Homecoming blast at the W^ash Duke 
and a successful Christmas party tor 
the Edgemont children. The tall se- 
mester was a tremendous achievement 
both academically and socially. Al- 
most one-third of Zeia Beta Tau 
were placed on Dean's list. 

The spring semester brought good 
cheer, new pledges, lots ot sun, shorts, 
cabin parties, and raincoats. With Joe 
College and the fabulous May Affair, 
we ended another successtul year. 

Xatioiml Fonudins. Date 


Local FiiiDhi'tng Date 


XiiDiber of Chapters 


National Membership 


Local MeDibership 



Blue and White 

President, Zeta Beta Tau 

Zeta Beta Tau pledges, / r. R. Cnhn, N. Horuitz. B. Frahm, S. Greenspon, 
A. Silbcr. 2 r: J. Wilks, M. Steer, R. Lipman, I". Marcus, T. Menaker. 

Partisanship runs high as the elephant approvingly 
watches the nuisical ZBTs have a (irand Old Party. 


After t\venty-t«<3 years as a football and basketball coach, personable Kddie Cameron was appointed director ot athletics in 19.^ 

. . . 1956 . . . 5-4-1 . . . the worst record since 
Smilin" Bill Murray's first year . . . the despair 
at watching Hal McElhaney crunch into the 
South Carolina line which just wouldn't back up 
past its own goal . . . the "this can't be true 
feeling" as the gun went off . . . Big Bert Latti- 
more scoring twice ... 40 points against \'ir- 
ginia . . . Johnny "Drum" iMajors slicing through 
the Devil line for two touchdowns . . . little Bob 
Hone\cutt dashing into the end zone like he was 
hot on the trail of a 9.1 100 .. . then it was 
Homecoming . . . Sonn\' Jurgensen came oti the 
bench twice . . . and we scored twice . . . first 
Homecoming win in many years . . . Jurgy 
looked like an AU-American that day . . . Bunny 
Blaney streaking 97 yards for a touchdow n against 

Pitt on the opening kickoff . . . and Eddie Rushton 
going 77 yards for another on a crazy, impossible 
interception . . . rain at Duke as we placed State 
. . . everybody looked like an All-American that 
day . . . 42-0 . . . poor State! . . . Eddie Rushton 
going deep back into his own territory to pull 
down two Tech passes . . . but Alattison scored . . . 
the number two team was not to be denied . . . 
penalties and tumbles as Duke fought Na\ >■ to a 
draw . . . Wake Eorest . . . how could it rain so 
much in one da\- . . . George Dutrow smashing 
over twice . . . Kenan Stadium . . . snow . . . seven 
in a row over U.N.C. . . . the names . . . Jurgensen 
. . . Deloatch . . . Bass . . . they're gone . . . but 
Mac . . . Hord . . . Rushton . . . Dutrow . . . 
Carlton . . . Brodhead . . . they're back. 




^5 : 

I hi.- iy?6 l;uki- toottnill team: /rw« /V/f /o rmhl. Jirsr ro-u.-: () Boyle, Ln.i.n, ILigicr, o.acn. Riiav, Ixiilcy, Dainc. 
Topping, Dutrow, Abbott, Bachtell, Hoch, Bartal, J. Clayton, Harrison, Kredich, Jamison, Hagie, Millncr, Montford, 
asst. trainer. Second roiv: Caldwell, coach; Lee, manager; Hurm, Benson, McElhaney, Thompson, Long, Blaney, Jurgenscn, 
Dcloatch, Konicek, Klinger, Harris, D. Cox, Beasley, McGaughey, Bruton, Chambers, trainer. Third roiv: Parker, 
coach; B. Cox, coach; C.ulp, Davis, B. Hord, C. Clayton, Rushton, Keyser, Lattimore, Guy. Padgett, Kersey, R. Hord, 
Atherholt, Stanley, Duplet, Brodhead, Scudieri, Recinella', Pierson, coach; Falcone, coach. Fourth row: ,Sobocinski, 
i;berdt. Cutler, Fctsko, Sink, Cottingham, Grccnuood, Ritchie, Royal. Plcss. Bradford, Sucirt'ord, Byrd, Gardner, Langs- 
ton, Weigerink, Carlton, and coach Smilin' Bill Murray. 




Ciptain Buddy Bass 
Atlalilc- Tid Mann lias Ijicii director ot atlilctii 

Sonny Jurgensen looks off into the distance as Hal McKlhaney (he's under there some 
where) is stopped inches short ot the USC" goal line in the second period 


For the first time since 1946 the Blue Devils got ofi on 
the wrong foot in their season opener, dropping a rough 
defensive battle to the Gamecocks ot South Carolina, 0-7. 
It was also the first time since 1931 that Duke had lost to 
South Carolina. The '31 game was similar to this year's — 
season opener, and b\' a 0-7 

Duke kicked ofi, and 
promptly got possession ot the 

irtnarioii here since 1927. l ii ' ^u r T o /''* iZC^ 

ball on the U.S.C. htteen, 
when an errant pass from cen- 
ter flew over the head of 
Mackie Prickett. But, on the 
next pla\', Duke fullback I lal 
i\IcKlhane\' tumbled and 
L'.S.C^ recovered. Never again 
would the Ciamecocks give up 
the ball so easily. 

The game's onl\- touchdow n 
came in the second quarter. 
Climaxing a sustained K 1-yard 
drive which consumed 19 pla\'s, 
U.S.C. halfback King Dixon 
plunged over trom the one. 

Duke came back on the 
kickoti" and rolled down the 
tield to the 1-foot line, but 
couldn't score. .A dropped pass 
in the end-/.one ended their 
onU other scoriniz chance. 






Srung- by rhcir surprising dc- 
fear by South Carolina, rhc in- 
experienced Blue Devils came 
of age at Charlottesville, 
trouncing the Cavaliers o\ Vir- 
ginia, 40-7. Fourteen Duke 
backs took part in the rout, 
with halfback Bunny Blaney 
leading the offense with S4 
yards in 13 carries. 

Sonny Jurgenscn bucked over 
from the one in the hrst quarter 
to start the scoring. Jurgy 
passed to Buddy Bass for 23 
yards and a touchdown in the 
second period. Before the quar- 
ter was over, end Bert Latti- 
more had scored on a 36-yard 

return of an interception. V^irginia's only score came at the 
start of the second half. A pass from Bob Brodhead to Eddie 
Rushton gave Duke its fourth touchdown. Number five came 
on another pass, this one going from Pryor Millner to Latti- 
more. Center Johnny Long ended the fireworks with a 37- 
yard dash into paydirt on an intercepted pass. 

rdJie Rusht.,n .ncr the line atrcr citchinf; 

Snnny Jurgensen 

Dave Hunii sclmiis to lie saying, "Hey, boy, you're not going any- 
c- l;ut liatkuards," to Tennessee's hard-charging Tommy Bronson. 

On the rain-soaked green 
ot I3uke Stadium, Tennessee 
unleashed a powerful single 
wing artaek which smoth- 
ered the Blue Devils, 3 3-20, 
leaving the Murra\'men with 
a 1-2 record. 

The tremendous running 
of All-American tailback 
Johnn\' Alajors got the Vols 
ort" to a 19-7 lead after only 
four minutes of the second 
quarter. Majors left the game 
with an injured shoulder in 
the second quarter, but the 
V^ols never relinquished the 
lead his dazzling broken- 
held running gave them. 

Duke broke into the scor- 
ing column in the first period 
when quarterback Bob Brod- 
head plunged over from the 
one after engineering a 62- 
yard drive. Just before the 
end of the half, speedy Bob 
Honcycutt slashed over from 
the seven to cut the score 
to 19-13. 

Tennessee wrapped it up 
with two quick touchdowns 
in the third quarter. 



S. M. U. 


Quarterback Sonny Jur- 
gcnscn, still nursing his in- 
jured legs, came off the 
bench twice to spark the 
Blue Devils to a 14-6 win 
over the Alustangs of 

After S.M.U. quarterback 
Charlie Arnold had scored 
in the second quarter, Duke 
took the kickoff and pro- 
ceeded to march 9H yards 
to go ahead. Jurgensen sat 
out the advance until, with 
one and a half minutes left 
and the ball on the S.M.U. 
35, he came in and hred two 
quick passes to set the ball 
on the one. He bucked once 
and didn't score, and then, 
without using a huddle, sent 
Eddie Rushton over with no 
time left on the clock. 

In the third quarter, Bunn)' 
Blancy intercepted a pass 
and ran it back to the S.M.U. 
46. A few plays later, Jur- 
gensen sent I lal McKlhaney 
22 yards up the middle for 
the final score. 

Low-flyini; Fddic Rushton is caught in Hight by an S.M.U. hncman. 

Halfl)acl< Bunny Blancy is ahiiost tripped by one of his blockers 
as he attempts to right out of a high tackle by an S.M.U. lineman. 



Ambrose Bagamery goes up to block a pass headed tor Bunny Blaney. 

Bunn\- Blanc\- rook the 
opening kickoft and raced 
97 yards for a touchdown, 
bur Duke could nor conrain 
Firrs Panthers, losing rhe 
()\'ster Bowl game, 27-14. 
Blaney's run stunned Pitt for 
a quarter, but that was all. 

\\'ithin six minutes in the 
second quarter, Pitt collected 
three touchdowns to ice the 
game. Panther end Joe Wal- 
ton scored twice on pass 
plays covering 38 and 5S 
yards to lead the Pitt attack. 

Duke fought back gamely 
in the last half, but could 
never manage to push over 
a sustained drive. F,ddie 
Rushton scored the only 
other Duke touchdown with 
a 77-yard return of an inter- 
cepted Pitt lateral. Pitt got 
the game's Hnal score when 
DiPasquale went over from 
inches out with onl\ 10 
seconds showing on the 

Deloatch (74) and Kersey squash a Panther back as Buzz Guy (61) watches. 

Ch.irhe KImilh- 

DUKE 42 


Unleashing a record-shat- 
tering offense, Duke smoth- 
ered State's multiple offense 
on the rain-soaked Duke 
Stadium, 42-0. The Devils 
set new A.C.C. records for 
most rushing plays and most 
offensive plays. 

Boh Brodhcad started 
things off in the first quarter 
by sneaking over from the 
three, after Buddy Bass had 
recovered a Woltpack fum- 
ble on the 21. In the second 
quarter, Wray Carlton 
scored from one yard out, 
and Sonny Jurgensen tossed 
seven yards to Eddie Rush- 
ton for the third touchdown. 

Carlton scored again in 
the third quarter, this time 
on a 14-yard dash. Phil 
Dupler also scored in this 
quarter, bucking over from 
the one. In the final period, 
Pryor Millncr passed 15 
yards to Dave Hurm to end 
the scoring for the day. 

George Marinkov (20) stops a Duke runner as Pryor Millncr ( U.) 

Duke's George Dutrou grimaces as he is about to he thrnun to the gr 




■ ^»:«-.:-ni*-.!..»;,ri.-;- w'k-.a: .^^.v;-;^ 

The Blue Devil dctcnse 
cracked only once, bur it 
was all that Georgia Tech's 
second-ranked Yellow Jack- 
ets needed to srop Duke, 7-0. 
I he one touchdown of the 
game came in the rinal (]uar- 
ter wirh 9:20 reniaming to 
pla)'. Climaxing a 62-yard 
drive which started on an 
interception by Paul Rotcn- 
berry. Tech's Dick Alattison 
plunged over from the one 
to give the Ramblin' Wreck 
the victory. 

The Engineers started off 
as it they meant to make a 
run-away ot the game, but 
twice in the first quarter 
Duke's F''ddie Rushton inter- 
cepted Tech passes deep in 
Blue Devil territory to stifle 
scoring drives. 

Despite out-pla>ing the 
Wreck statistically, Duke 
could never quite make pay 
dirt. The closest the\' came 
was the five yard line in 
the second quarter. 

(i.lV (^i) ,.,hI \l.,tt,so„ (41 

Tcfli's Johnny Mtngir (10 
l)utr..« (4-) .IS krrv N.iIm 



Playing at home the Duke 
eleven battled the highly 
ranked .Middies from An- 
napolis to a 7-7 tie. The 
hard-fought contest was 
marred by a total ot IH 
penalties and eight fumbles. 

Navy drew first blood in 
the second quarter on an 
83-yard touchdown drive. 
The Middies held onto their 
lead until midway in the 
last quarter. Pass interfer- 
ence was called on a Navy 
defender attempting to break 
up a Sonn\' Jurgensen to Bob 
Benson pass, and the Blue 
Devils got the ball on Navy's 
one-yard line. Prom there 
jurgensen sneaked the ball 
over for the score. 

With the pressure on, 
Bunn\' Blane\' booted a per- 
fect placement to knot the 
score and give Duke a tie. 
Both teams attempted field 
goals later on in the fading 
moments of the game, but 
failed. This was the third 
time in the last four >ears 
that the two clubs have 
battled to a tie. 

nhnny Long (52) is too late as Navy's Paul Ciober. dragging George 
Diitrow (47), plunges across the goal for Navy's lone score. 


t liut that' 

■s. W.ikc 


. s<., 


I'ddic Rushton 
I he Deacon's Charlie Carpenter tlinnvs 


icarcst tliinti to ii swiiinp that Duke has ever pla\ed 
liaine on, the Blue Devils shut out Wake Forest, 

ihoinore halfback Cleorgc Dutrow personally took 

out ot the Deacons h\' scoring twice in the first half. 

St touchdown, which was enough to bring Duke's 
season record up to the .500 
mark, was scored on a long 
52-)ard dash alter a handotf 
(roni quarterback Sonny Jur- 

ieorgc Dmrou. gciiscn. This oHc Came in the 

hrst (]uarter. Then, in the 
second quarter, Dutrow scored 
aeain, this time on a short 10- 
\ard dash. As the halt" ended, 
Duke led !>-(). 

I'A'cn the torrential rain 
couldn't stop the De\ils troni 
piling up the score in the last 
halt". Wake had to punt the 
lirst time they got the ball, and 
Jurgensen returned it to the 
Wake twent\-h\e. Halfback 
I'.ddie Rushton took it o\er, 
from the six, three pla\ s later. 
( 'enter Jolinin Long reeo\ered 
a Deacon fumble on their 
i\\ent\-fwo to set the stage 
tor the da\'s tinal touchdown. 
1 i\e |)la>s after the recovery, 
speed\' halfback Bunny Blaney 
legged it o\er from the three. 



(losinti out rhcir worst year 
in the won-losr column since 
Bill AUirra\' Hrsr came here as 
head coach, the Blue Devils 
stopped U.N.C;., 21-6. It was 
the se\enth straight win for 
Duke over the larheels. 

There was never much doubt 
that Duke would \\ in, but 
C'arolina stayed on even terms 
\\ith the Blue Devils until the 
closing minutes of the second 
quarter. After having a touch- 
down called back because of 
an ineligible receiver, Duke 
marched 88 yards to score on 
an 1 1-yard dash b\' W'ray 
Carlton. Carolina's only touch- 
down came minutes later, helped by two 15-yard penalties. 
Then, as the first snow of the year drifted slowly down into 
Kenan Stadium, Bunny Blaney slipped over from the seven to 
give Duke a 14-6 half time edge. After missing two scoring 
opportunities in the third quarter, Sonny Jurgensen led the 
Devils on a 72-\ard dri\e, rakiny- it o\er from the 1-vard line. 


Haves Clement 

Jim Newcome (3?) goes high up into the air to block a layiip 
attempt by Alabama's best scorer, Jack Kiibiszn (II). 

B..l,l,v Jo.- Harr 

Jerry Robertson 

Hayes Clement (U) 
and West \'a.'s Llo' 

As rhc l)askcrl)dll season 
rolled around, the Blue 
Devil's future looked an\- 
thing but bright. Graduation 
had hit the team hard and 
four members of last year's 
team failed to return be- 
cause of scholastic difficul- 
ties. There were no seniors 
on the roster. 

With onl)' lour lettermen 
returning, coach Hal Bradley 
and his assistant, Tony 
Drago, turned to the tre- 
mendous task ot rebuilding 
the team. The results were 
surprising. Duke was a team 
which gave every club in 
the A. ('.(;. a hard time. It 
was a hot-and-cold-team, 
which was capable of beat- 
ing a nationally ranked op- 
ponent on one night, and 
then lose to a cellar-dweller 
the next time out. The 13-11 
overall record included some 
of the best and some ot the 
worst games that a Duke 
team has ever played. 

Two of the four lettermen 
were guards. Bucky Allen 
and Bobby Joe Harris 
brought experience and speed 
to the '.'i6-'57 team. Like the 
team, the\' were hot and 













I ^ 

"^B f ^^^^^^^^H 






^^E '^^^^f^ 


Jolmny Cox (4^) :,ml I'.iul Sd.inult (I?) omvcrgc fn.rn 
opiHisitc sides ;is Biifky Allen (40) drives in for ;i shot 
usinj; rlie li.ick of a Kcnriicky player for a springboard. 


GcnrKc B 

cold. They were joined by Boh Wrnon, a cool 
junior transfer from ('anipbell (>)lleg'e, who 
had the deadliest jump shot on the team. 

Forwards Jim Newcome and Paul Schmidt 
were the other two experienced players that 
Bradle\' had to work with. Newcome led the 
team in scorine and rehoundinu', and showed 

promise of becoming a great star next year, 
if he tries. Schmidt did not play as otten as 
Newcome, but when he did play, he was a 
terror under the boards and showed a good eye. 
He was second to Newcombc in rebounds 
He was a real hustler who should make a good 
show inu' his senior Near. 

Hayes Clement (M) outjumps Grai 

fts his size 13's to get 

Clemson's Vince Yocic 

id Uuke's Jerry Robertson practice picking apples. 

Anorher junior, incx- 
pcriciK-cd 1 laxc's Clciiicnr, 
ruriK-d in a hnu job ar 
ccnrcr. He needed season- 
ing ar the start of rhe 
\ear, and progressed rap- 
idl\' ro heeonie a top re- 
boinuler and seorer, hur 
didn'r (]uire learn rhe 
seerer ot n!)r touling. 

Iwo sophomores gave 
eonsiderahle support to the 
six juniors. They were 
Jerry Robertson and Don 
Miller. Both played in all 
ot the games, and had 
improxed considerably at 
the end of the season. 
Robertson looked espe- 
cially good in the last 
few games, and Miller 
sparked Duke scoring 
punch against Wake 
Forest and South (Caro- 
lina, that last game com- 
ing in the tournament. 

Duke started off fast 
before Christmas vacation, 
losing to West X'irginia 
in rhe finals of the Birm- 
ingham C>lassic, and then 
bumping oft" Kentucky by 
one point in a thriller at 

j£» *^ 


Althmgh It looks hkf he's jud 
tioning for the- paratroopers, Jirn 
Newcoriie (a>) is really attempt- 
ing to block Jim Gilley's layup. 

I)..M \lillcr (2i) 
jii easy lijskcr. 

hoiiic. Then, after gcrrinu- rc- 
NC'iigc on West X'irtiinia in the 
opening round of the l)i\:e 
( Classic, the Devils finished our 
rhe season w irhour another w in 
a\\a\- from home. I',\en rhe 
lowly X'irginia (Cavaliers 
whipped Duke awa\- from rhe 
Indoor Stadium. 

Among those awa\' from 
home defeats were a 72-79 loss 
ro State, a 69-71 overtime 
defeat at the hands of Nav\-, 
and the "big game," a heart- 
breaking, last-seeond loss to 
North (Carolina, the nation's 
number one team, 7S-75. 

Bur the Devils made up for 
these away game setbacks 1)\- 
not losing a home game until 
the hnal one ot the year. 

Perhaps rhe most notable of 
the home victories was the 
75-64 defeat of Wake i'oresr. 
It was a revenge match, since 
the Deacons were rhe only 
ream to bear rhe Blue Devils 
in rhe Indoor Stadium last 
year. The final game was 
against (Carolina, and, after 
having come from behind, 
Duke losr in the last two 

Don Miller (2?) 
goes up to help Jerry 
Robertson block a 
driving layup by 
North (Carolina's 
T-inimy Kearns 


watc-hc's uhilf Gc-orgt- Atkinson tags out a runner oH" 

riccr swing, a Blue Devil hatter smashes ou 


Afrcr losino eight of their 
rirsf nine games, the Duke 
baseball elub did an abour- 
hiee and went on to beeoine 
the "Cinderella"" team ot the 
l'^^6 season. The Blue 
l)e\ils won 12 of their next 
13 games to win the A.C^C". 
championship and a berth in 
the N.C.A.A. District III 
TourncN', where rhe\ finalK 
lost to Ole Miss in the 

Third baseman And) Cloc- 
krell led the Devils at bat 
with a .360 average, and 
right behind him was second 
sacker Dub P>sperman with 
a .3 57 mark. Centcrrteldcr 
Bunny Blaney was the third 
regular in the charmed circle 
with a .i2() percentage. 

The 1956 Duke baseball team, /«/« Ufi 
la right, first row: B. Smith, Challenger, 
Burton, Sniallwood, I'atzinger. SnunJ 
riiiv: Smith, Ihuemmel, Weitzman, 

Reliable Lon Bonzck hit 
.291 and fielded smoothly at 
shortstop, George Atkinson 
and George Dutrow pla- 
tooned at first base, Steve 
(j-ihheld and Bob Weitznian 
shared the eatching, while 
R.B.I, man Buddy Bass pa- 
trolled right field and speed v 
leadofi" man Bill Domhoff 
held the fort in left. 

Dick Smallwood and Dick 
Burton, both lehies, won 1 1 
oi Duke's 16 victories. 
Smallwood finishing 6-3 and 
Burton 5-3. Dependable 
righthanded starters were 
Harleigh Fatzinger and Tom 
Blackburn. Ready in relief 
were Bob Thuemmel, Dale 
Bovd, John Challenger and 
().' K. Niess. 

Morris, J. Smith, DomhofF, Moynihar. 
Thirii wiv: Montford, cnach Parker, 
Bass, Nciss, Atkinson, Bonczck, 
CrihHcM, Dutrow, Cockrell, BIy. 

Ail opposing batter yets set to lay down a tiiint against the Cliallcnger, (:.>ekerell, B. Smith, and Hoover 

% % il 



. v' 

WhiU iM.Kh l?nl, ( :i,,riil,ir.s u.iicho. 
I, I.Ik- Cinur,,,, priMfils Miintlur tn.phv 
to IJukc-'s D;ivi' Sink-. iImiij; rc.l 
feet made him tla- Mns;iiiiin nl ilic Wi 
track season. 


Ronnie Mayer, a 

over the [high bar trying 

crowd of ?,()()() spectators was the large 


Tutored b\' coaches Lewis, 
Chambers and Buehlcr, and led by 
the record-shattering Dave Sime, 
the 1956 thinclads bulled their way 
to an undefeated record in dual 
meets and second place in the 
conference meet. Although Sime 
was the individual standout, the 
Blue's fine record, best in Duke 
histor\', must be attributed to a 
combined team effort. 

The Blue Devils, espeeialK 
strong in the sprints and weight 
events, rolled over South (Carolina, 
Navy, Wake Forest, Virginia, N. C 
State, and Carolina in compiling 
their perfect record. The top meet 
of the season saw Duke edge Navy 
67-64, in a duel which was not 
decided until the final event. The 
78-53 romp over Cvarohna hnished 
off the year. 

Carl James is an in 
team's great weigh 

.s nu.scular Larrv Spec, 
Ills after throning the 

Juiiipinp the gun. 
IS off to a st.irt in 
the finals of the conference 
220-yard dash. Needless to 
say, the redhead won the 
race and set a new conference 
record in doing it. The 
s at the Duke track. 

During the season Sinic 
broke world records in the 
220, 220 low hurdles, and the 
indoor 100, besides tying sev- 
eral others. At the Drake 
Relays he outran Olympic 
champion Bobby Morrow in 
the rain and sleet with a time 
of AWA. 

Other outstanding perform- 
ers included weightmen I.arry 
Spear and Phd Dupler, quartcr- 
miler Boh Kline, haif-miler 
Jess Peter, hurdler Bob Spar- 
row, and distance runner Bill 
Hotel ling. 

\'ital to the young team's 
cause were its only seniors, 
Ron Mayer, Junior Morgan, 
and Bill Anderson, along with 
letter winners Hank Wells, Bob 
Honeycutt, Bob Johnson, John 
Jordan, Bob Noble, Nick 
Kredich, Charles Pratt, Curt 
Cobb, Phil Scudieri, and Andy 

('aught by our 
of form after h.i 

flying ov 

time Mayer makes a 

the high bar for an easy victory. 

Over 3,000 spectators thronged in 
annual A.C.C. track meet, which 

Duke Stadium to watch the action in the 
s won by Maryland, with Duke runnerup. 


;ich Persons. Caught in the 
Persons, Mathews, and Berger. 

A pass downticid nioiiicnrarily slows down the action in the Duke— Maryland 
game. The only identifiable I51ue Devil is Skip Hearn C?) on the right. 


riic Blue Devil lacrosse team 
cliiiiiixed its 1956 season by 
sending captain and All-Ameri- 
can Dick Saunders to the annual 
North-South game in Geneva, 
New York. In that game 
Saunders, who had been 
plagued b>- injuries all year, 
put on the biggest one-man 
scoring show in the history of 
the game. The two records 
which he set were for the 
most goals in one game, seven, 
and for the most goals in one 
quarter, six. That last record 
will probably never be 

Aside from that one bright 
spot, the Blue Devils, who had 
never before fallen below 
seventh in the nation, suffered 
eight defeats, and were ranked 
twelfth in the nation at the 
close of the season. The 
closest the stickmen came to 
winning was in their defeats 
at the hands of Washington 
and Lee and Colgate. The 
majorit)- of their losses were 
pinned on them by teams 
ranked within the fop nine in 

Several seniors, a fair num- 
ber of juniors, and some very 
promising sophomores make 
prospects for the I^."?? season 
appear (juite encouraging. 
Coach "Jack" Persons has al- 
ready found se\en likel\ look- 
ing freshmen read\ to mo\e 
up to the \95H team, so the 
hiture h)r Duke lacrosse is 
beginmnu fi) look bnohtcr. 

The referee's outstrcti iuJ 

)(.m1 stickmen are Davis (32), Mascius, and Mathews (37). 

Coaching gets so ted'mus— Left ro rinlit: Pt-rsons, Roberts, Anderson, Padgett, Caldwell, Davis, Stout, Carticr, Hcarn, M.ithcu 



(>)acli jim BIy combined rhc ralcnrs 
ot nine returning k-rtL-rmcn, plus reserves 
trom last \ear and tour newcomers to 
come up w ith one of the finest teams in 
the short histor\' ot" soccer at F)ukc. 
(Captained by All-American halfback, 
Ibm (Colmey, the hooters opened the 
season l)\' defeating a mediocre Davidson 
s(]uad ^)-(). Playing a\\a\' trom home the 
Blue Devils lost their next two games; 
to Maryland, the conference champion, 
b\' a 3-1 score, and to Virginia 2-0. 
The BIymen then caught fire Mul jmo- 
cecded to win all of then- reinanung 
games. (Combining the high scoring 
talents ot .Simon I/,a(]uire and l'".d (iauld 
with the sparkling defensive work of 
Don Sedlack and led l.oeb the hooters 
ran over \V and L, Roanoke, U.N.C. 
and N. (;. State. 

I'he 1956 Duke soccer team. Frmn left to, first rniv: McElhenny, 
Colmey, I.ang, Years, Breslow, Jack, Annis. Mathews, Fry. Second 
row: Coach Jim Bly, Gregg, I.. Sadler, C. Sadler. Kreidler, Gauld, 
Sedlack, Kcphart, Michclc, Connor, rh.ilandcr. Kidlcv. |ordan. 
Brooks. McPhcrson. ,Schnll. l.ocb. Stcu.irt. .uul ir.Angclo. 

The hlindmg sui 

untied shoelaces arc all part of the game. 


^BMl^\\\\ HP^H 



'56 cross country: J rum IfJ't to nght, first row, Barnt-s, Hotelling, 
Blackistone, Posthumus, Noble, Atkins, Jordan. Second row: 
Al Buehler, Beeker, Rutishauser, Byers, Kershner, and Dobson. 

Frosh stars Cji 

\Icntkcr Linlimber their legs. 


C>oach Al Buchler's building program, 
in its second year, began to show results 
as the harriers posted their best record 
in recent campaigns v\'ith a mark of 
three wins and five losses. Prospects tor 
the future are especially bright, since 
all the team were underclassmen, 
not one man will be lost through gradu- 
ation. And, besides that, the freshmen 
team was the finest to run at Duke for 
more than a decade. 

Pacing the thin-clads to their \ ietor\ 
over C>iemson, Wake Forest, and South 
(Carolina v\as little Bill Hotelling. Run- 
ning second was Bob Noble, followed 
by Henry Wells and Bob Posthumus. 
John Jordan, Dave Blackistone, Murrey 
Atkins, and Alarv Barnes fought for 
the other positions. 

I Ik- V wrtstlcrs. 
Imm lijl III niihr. 
Jim r/r,!-: Cirimin. 
Carr, Davidson, 

Bergcson, Ksposito, 
Girand. Second wil:- 
Harrison, Meffcrt, 
Dillie, McElhaney, 
Mcncfcc, Martin, 
and I'alconc. 


\A ith captain 1 lal Alclilhancy rctainiiit: his 
191-pound title in the A.C.C (Championship 
Tourney and the Blue Devil squad recapturing 
the third-place slot in the same e\ent, (/)ach 
Carmen l'"alcone's matmen hnished out the 
season on an even 3-3 record. 

taking- decisive victories from Wake I oresr 
and U.N.C. in home matches, the grapplers 
were beaten with similar decisiveness l)\- 
Maryland's A.(-.(^ champs on the same mats. 
In a\\a\- contests rhe\- took State hut lost to 
\irginia and Washington and 

Outstanding throughout the season along 
with ,\lel'lhane\ were Bill MeHert in the 
l47-p()uiul class, who went undeteateii until 
the l()uriie\, and Sam Alenetee and ( leorge 
Isposito who also took runner-up spots in the 
ehamnionship matches. 

( .ipl.nri \kl lli.i 
piiimd ili.iiTipMin, is 

.ti.ind .111.1 A.< 



In his 25rh \car as swimming coach, "Jack" 
Persons produced another diird place finish tor 
Duke mermen. W'idi a 4-2 conference record, 
Duke again placed behind rhe two perennial 
A.C.C. powerhouses, Oarolina and State. 

The '5 6-' 5 7 season was an odd one tor the 
Blue Devils. They started off by losing Hve 
meets in a row: to State, Carolina, Georgia 
Tech, Army, and Navy. Then, they did a 
complete about face and won their last six 
meets, beating Maryland, C'lemson, Wake For- 
est, South C]arolina, The Citadel, and Virginia. 
A third place hnish in the A.C.C. meet at 
Chapel Hill ended the year for Duke. 

Losing only co-captains Jack Roberts and 
Don Kempler, Duke should be strong in '5S. 

riic sui.nnK-rs: Uft 
to nulil. first 

f./i;;, l-ishc-r, 
KiKlikr, Dcpuy, 
Lower, Morgan, 
Aiinijii. Snund i 
\\ hitncy, Pace, 

Wctzler, .Soule, By- 
R.ihctts, kcnipliT, 
Wcavir, Hattlcr, 
llirscli. I'/iiirth row: 
Russell, Fabst, 

HiiKs, l.ovejoy, 

Thompson, "Jack" 
Persons, Miller. 
Fifth row: Dickin- 
son. I'.lsey, Kichle, 
Nitsherg. Uilson, 
Hough, Hopkins. 


Facing a rough sixteen game schedule, 
rhe Duke tennis team posted a 9-7 record. 
Only one oi the defeats was suHered in 
A .(;.(]. competition, that one coming at 
rhe hands ot (Carolina, the conlerence 
champion. The team's 6-1 .-X.Cl.Cl. record 
was good tor second place, (laptain Bol)l)\ 
(ireen rook indi\idual singles honors in 
the .A.(].(". championships at the end ot 
the year. 

(ireen and John Kopt were the onl\ 
seniors on coach Whir ( !ol)l)"s Noung 
S(|uad, but their loss l)\ grailuation is a 
definite handicap to the "57 team. Hie 
remaining tour places on the '56 st|uad 
were tilled 1)\ I.eif Beck, Don Romhilt, 
lack W dliams, and Ben I'ew . 



With only Bob Rutfini and 
Terry Thomas returning as 
lettermen, Cloach "Dunip\ "' 
Hagler's golt squad had a hard 
rime keeping its head above 
water in the won-lost depart- 
ment, w ith match results rang- 
ing from a 23-4 victory over 
Maryland to a close 15-12 
defeat in Tarheel hands, al- 
though some Hne individual 
playing sparked the season, 
and the linksmen closed the 
\ear capturing third place m 
A.C.C-. ranks through the an- 
nual conference tournament. 

Thomas, a junior, continued 
as number one man throughout 
most of the season and came 
through with a 14S for 36 
holes in the A.C>.C>. tourna- 
ment, while senior Reggie 
(>hapman tied for seventh place 
in this event with 147. Round- 
ing out the sextet for most of 
the Spring were senior RufHni 
— who chanced to collect a 
hole-in-one along his way — 
juniors Bill Beeson and Ward 
King, and ace sophomore Dick 

Dressed for the warm weather, coach 
i:. P. "DuTiipy" Haglcr talks ever a match. 


Intramural iManagc 


'I his year, us always, inrramural 
competition in thirteen sports played 
a major role in Duke's athletic pro- 
gram. The contests between fra- 
ternity, independent, and freshmen 
teams, although they lacked skill and 
finesse, were just as hard fought and 
as exciting as varsity games. 

Under the direction of senior Jim 
Gilbert, the intramural program pro- 
vided an outlet for the sports ability 
of all Duke students, undergraduate 
and graduate. 

In the '55-'56 season, the KA's 
won the coveted high point trophy, 
and the Beta's W^irren Hagen won the 
individual troph\'. The Phi Delts were 
'56 football champs, and the KA's 
took the '57 basketball honors. 

iRil right a.ih in xUl- MiuMIc 
.f tia- TKt. 







Willeyball, as played Ux rh, 

if'rhf favorirc of spnrif; irirraiiiiirals 


11a /^ 


I- row left to nnht. hi ran-: Miss SpaiigiLT (a 
Johnson, Giles, Riese, Hyman. Srd ro-j.-: Pu. 

Nickel, Wade, SL-hmidt, Girthorn, S. Moore, Monahan. JhJ 
ins, Grubcr, K. Moore, Hanson, Jones, Bond. 

Stone, B. Smitli, Stoite, 

Aki INF SfHMinr 
President, W.A.A. Board 


The Board of the Woman's Arlilcric 
As.sociarion, composed of the clccrcd 
executive council, representatives of the 
dormitories and I lanes House, the sport 
heads and ckib presidents, organized the 
athletic program on I'.ast ('ampus and 
promoted enthusiasm in its \aried activi- 
ties. Beginning its duties Ireshman 
Week, the Board sponsored a pienie to 
introduce the physical education depart- 
ment and the W'..-\..A. to incoming stu- 
dents. .\side from scheduhng dormitor\-, 
sororit)', and indi\idual tournaments, the 
-Association arranged sports da\ s with 
other colleges, a high school [ila\\ , 
an intercampus swimming meet, and the 
Iriiiay night o|ien houses. 


Headed by President Karhcrine Bar- 
ringer, rhe Nereidian C^lub presented its 
annual water ballet on F"ebruary 28 and 
March 2. After selecting new members 
in November through competitive tr\- 
outs, the girls practiced each week to 
perfect the synchronized swimming and 
water stunts to be used in "Island Inter- 
lude," a colorful cruise to the islands of 
the tropics. After intensive rehearsals 
as showtime neared, fifty swimmers 
performed for their audiences skillful 
Boat formations and intricate sw imming 
patterns while an expert trio and solo 
were also featured. Spectacular lighting 
and an island atmosphere complete with 
palm trees, coconuts, and grass skirts 
added to the lush, e.xotic pageant. 

K \ ( Ml ni\E Barrini^kr 
President, Nereidian Club 

The members of Nereidian form a geometric pattern in th 


lu- Moilcrn Dance Club af- 
iriis Its iiiL-nibers a chance 
iir rccriatinn and expression. 


lb improve dance techniques and to study chore- 
ography was the principal aim of the Modern Dance 
(^lub this past year. Working under president Beverly 
Sparkes, the group held tryouts tor new members 
each semester. The small nucleus of advanced 
dancers met weekly with the inexperienced initiates 
to help them develop poise and individual interpre- 


Dimlap, Hn 

Friday afternoons ar Parrish's Riding Srablcs found 
members of the Pegasus ('lub on hand to improve 
their riding technique. Under the leadership of 
"Bill" Bickett, the group met monthly to discuss 
horsemanship. The equestriennes rode in private 
shows under the Duke name while several showed 
horses for other owners. 


The officers of Pegasus: Bill 
Hickhart', president; Barbara 
Smith and Ahx Hawkins. 


riif inrrarnural program or- 
ganized b\' rhc Woman's Ath- 
Icric Associarirn offered coeds 
and nurses a multirude of di- 
verse athletic activities. 

Team tournaments in volley- 
ball, basketball, softball, and 
bowling were set up for inter- 
dormitory and intersororit>- 
competition. Individual tourna- 
ments included freshman and 
all-college tennis, badminton, 
table tennis, antl archery 

Pall and spring dormitory 
swimming meets served to 
round out the full schedule as 
well as participation in the 
National lelegraphic Bowling 

In addition to the team and 
uidividua! conipcritioii, the Bas- 
ketball, Unnis, and I lockev 

Improving co-ordination and reflexes are some of rhe purposes of fenc- 
ing cla.sscs taught by the F'^ast f/.impus physical education departnu-nr 


Ready . • . aim . . . fire . . . this is the female edition of Henry \"s 
archers practicing on the Fast (Campus green. Robin Hood had l>etter retire. 

Clubs were sponsored by the 
W.A.A. These groups were 
composed of Duke women par- 
ticularly interested in these 
sports who practiced together 
in order to challenge teams 
from other colleges in the state. 

Climaxing the year's activi- 
ties, trophies were awarded to 
the dormitory and sorority 
winner of each sport. Special 
trophies were presented to the 
dormitory and sorority accum- 
ulating the greatest number of 
points for taking either first, 
second, or third place in the 
various tournaments. 

Winners of individual com- 
petitions had their names added 
to a record ot previous winners 
on engraved plaques. On the 
basis of a point system, recog- 
nition of those demonstrating 
outstanding ability and partici- 
pation in athletics was given 
in the form of W.A.A. cer- 
tificates and gold keys. 

Two jealous women preparing for a duel . . . touche. 




Claire Burdick Marcom 
Berma Lucretia McDowell 
Tallulah Ann Brown 
David AlcKechnie Hay 
Charles Henderson Dickens 
Theodore Melvin Parker 
John Arthur Paar 
Donald Dwight Duffey 
Yvonne Madeleine Paulct 
Nancy Lucille Bowles 
Shirley Anne Davis 
Walter Victor Weyhmann 
Harry Stewart Havens 
Stephen Denio Baker 
Sally Louise Roberts 
Florence Theodora \'an Dyke 
John Roy Beck 
James W'illard \ aughan, Jr. 
Joe Grills 

Charles Clifton Richardson 
Barbara Bell 

Nancy \\'hanger Talman (Mrs.) 
Lynn David Ikcnberry 
Robert Schwalm Goudy 
William Cobb Lane 
Dorothy Flizabcth Miltecr 
Dorothy Ann Felson 
Dorothy Flizabcth Cobb 
Sandra Jean Smith 
Carl Harold Weber. Jr. 
Patricia Carver Page 
Jean FIder Virgin (Mrs.) 
Ann Salisbury Bates 
Virginia Claire Best 
Joan Shirley Moore 
Ballard Farnhardt Troy. Jr. 
Walter Robert Fallaw, Jr. 
Catherine Anne VWight 
Joseph Robert Godwin 

()fkk:krs I'Or 1956-1957 

Doctor Joel (i. Colton, President 
Doctor (>. R. Vail, \'ice-Fresiclenr 

Julia Drane Hart 

George Carol Schwarz 

Lawrence Diercks Decker 

Joan Louise Steves 

Martha Ann Mahancs 

J'Nelle Smoak (iibson 

Sidney Isabel Heizer 

Michael I. Sentlowitz 

Leland F'rnest Reaney, Jr. 

Frederick Gayle Sheppara 

.\nn Dixon 

Lee William McLain. Jr 

Robert Hull Smith 

Wade Hampton Penny, Jr. 

Nicholas Michael Krcdich 

Jane Marie Fberhardt Clark (Mrs.) 

Peter Tryon Nielsen 

Carolyn Leary Williams 

Gordon Hearst Rosser, Jr. 

Flinor Jane Perry 

Norman Doan Peterson 

Fdward Norval Fortson 

Martha Flizabcth Hester 

Wallace Craft Fallow 

Richard Carlyslc Bain, Jr. 

Phyllis Mary' Harriett 

Richard Louis Betts 

Barbara Beavers Chapman (Mrs.) 

Owen Link McConnell 

Nora Grant Alston 

Margelyn Patricia (Warrick 

FveKn Louise Keenan 

Susan Herron Richards 

Janet Marion Dean 

Nancy Carolyn Burns 

(-arolyn Ma\' Thomas 

Suzanne Latham 

Phoebe Lucille Anderson 

Martha Rae I larris 

Doctor James (laniion, Secret;u\ - I reasurer 
Doctor I loward Srrobel 
Doctor R. 1'. Durden 




Who's Who is a directory made up of outstanding 
college seniors who have contributed their leadership 
abilities for the improvement of their school. Forty- 
eight Duke students were chosen this year, including 
editorial heads, student government and class officers, 
and leaders of campus organizations. 

Ernest Brevard Bass, Jr. 
George Clinton Beacham, Jr. 
Frederick Jerome Beasley 
Barbara Jane Bickhart 
X'irginia Lee Brewer 
William Gray Bryant, Jr. 
Fdward Jay Carey 
Alary Louise Cofer 
John Patrick Cogan 
Donald Dwight Dutfey 
Harleigh Franklin Fatzinger 
Dorothy Ann Felson 
Edgar Beauregarde Fisher, Jr. 
Mary Ann French 
James Harman Gilbert, Jr. 
Joseph Dinson Glass, Jr. 

Robert Schwalm Goudy 
Joe Grills 

Peter George Hoadley 
Sarah Jane Hodges 
Bruce Clayton Hyldahl 
Michael Hodges Jackson 
Samuel Sigmund Jacobson 
Frank Belton Joyner 
Nicholas Michael Kredich 
Joseph Wallace Little 
Martha Ann Mahanes 
("laire Burdick Marcom 
Sylvia Dawn Mathis 
Lee McClement 
Sally Warren Mcintosh 
Lee William McLain, Jr. 

Allen Mead 

Anne Rhodes Nicholson 

Theodore Melvin Parker 

Wade Hampton Penny, Jr. 

John David Peyton 

Polly Ann Price 

Paul David Risher 

Mar\' Barbara Smith 

Wesley Fleming Talman, Jr. 

Richard Guy Ulrich 

Dolores Urquiza 

James Willard Vaughan, Jr. 

Nancy Whanger Talman (Mrs.) 

Thaddeus Alvin Wheeler, Jr. 

Susan Anne Whitener 

Robert Lassiter Young, Jr. 



President Wade Hampton Penny, Jr. 

Vice-President Theodore Melvin Parker 

Secretary William Jackson Griffith, III 

Treasurer Wesley Fleming Tolman, Jr. 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary fraternity consisting of senior men and 
elected members from the Duke faculty. The members are chosen for their contributions 
as leaders in the areas of scholarship, athletics, student government, and other college 
activities. Their services to the university are kept anonymous. 

Fredrick Jerome Beosley 
W. L. Brinkley, Jr. 
Harleigh Franklin Fatzinger 
Edgar Beauregarde Fisher, Ji 
James Harmon Gilbert, Jr. 
Robert Schwalm Goudy 
William Jackson Griffith, III 
Bruce Clayton Hyldahl 
Michael Hodges Jackson 
Samuel Sigmund Jacobson 

Lee William McLoin, Jr. 

Allen Mead 

Theodore Melvin Parker 

Wade Hampton Penny, Jr. 

John David Peyton 

Wesley Fleming Talman, Jr. 

Richard Guy Ulrich 

Charles Rowe Vail 

James Willard Vaughan, Jr. 

Robert Lassiter Young, Jr. 


Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary senior leadership fraternity of the Woman's College. Each 
year the organization taps the senior women who have given outstanding service to the 
Universit\- through campus activities. 


President Barbara Bickhart 

Vice-President Sarah Jane Hodges 

Secretary Claire Marcom 

Treasurer Rika Kohler 

Phoebe Anderson 
Barbara Bickhart 
X'irginia Brewer 
Anne ("orpening 
Sue Edgerton 
Dorothy Felson 
i\Iar\' Ann French 


(^arol Herndon 
Marilyn Hildreth 
Sally Hodges 
("arolyn Johnson 
Rika Kohler 
Shirley Lindquist 
Martha Ann Mahanes 

(;iairc Marcom 

Edna Mason 

Tim Mull 

Anne Nicholson 

Bun Springston 

Sharon Stokes 

Nancy W'hantjcr Tahnan (Mrs.) 


Beta Omega Sigma is a sophomore honorary composed of men who have shown excep- 
tional quaHties of leadership and scholarship. The members, rendering service to the 
college's various activities, are tapped during their freshman and sophomore years. 


President Winter Wright 

Vice-President Stephen Ludington Hammer 

Secretary Da\id William Austin 

Treasurer Richard \\'ile\' Bourne, |r. 

Jason Reid Aumaii 
David William Austin 
David lr\iiig Blaticharti 
Richard Wiley Bourne, jr. 
Thomas Anthon\ Calhoun 
Howard S. I'ldredge 
Donaki Klein l'"r\- 


Joseph ('hampion (ioodman 
William Darrell Cruhhs 
Stephen Ludington Hammer 
Linwood B. \ lollowell 
John (lollinson Kruse 
Henr\ McC^ormick Rouse 

Robert Bruce Sa\ age 
John Moriett Smith 
Ceorge Weber, ill 
Cecil I'. Whitaker 
Richard Austin Wood 
Winter Wright 
(Charles R. Vensist 


^ir-"-A -^^ 



President Mary Alice Child 

Vice-President Elaine Herndon 

Secretary Nancy Delong 

Treasurer Lou Ann Brown 

This honorary consists of twenty sophomore women who have displayed outstanding 
leadership and above average scholarship during their freshman year. The group con- 
tributes their service to the University throughout the year and in the spring choose 
freshman women to take their places. 

Lou Ann Brown 
Mary Alice Child 
Kay Davis 
Nancy Delong 
Mary Ann Davis 
Elaine Herndon 
Joanna Holloway 
Mary Ellen Jones 
Vivian Lcamer 
Claudia Liebrecht 

Connie Lucas 
Virginia Maclvor 
Penny Martin 
Margery Newton 
Betty Quillian 
Shade Marie Rushing 
Melissa Schuler 
Margaret Stennis 
Sarah Thomas 
Janet Wright 






President . . . 

..... Michael Taylor Malone 

Vice-President . 

James Pearce Johnson 

Secretary . . . 

Bob Winn Gaylor 

Treasurer . . . 

. . . . Thomas Pegram Graham 


Phi Eta Sigma is a scholastic honorary fraternity open to any freshman man who 
achieves o grade average of 3.5 or better his first semester at Duke. The organization 
serves the school by sponsoring tutoring sessions for freshmen who need help with mathe- 
matics, chemistry, or physics. 

" l^^tl 

Jason Reid Auman 

David Lee Green 


David William Austin 

James Pearce Johnson 



Fred Oscar Brownson 

Julian C. Jucrgensmeyer 


Jack Calvin Bunn 

Robert Hugh Kargon 

Charles Bryan Duke 

Michael Taylor Malone 


Donald Klein Fry 

Sheldon Richard Pinnell 

Bob Winn Gaylor 

Norman B. Ratcliff 

Thomas Pegram Graham 

Howard Allan Waldermc 

Richard James Wood 

I V Y 

Ivy is the scholastic honorary tor all freshmen girls who have obtained an average of 
3.25 either their first semester or their second semester at the Woman's College. The 
prospective members are tapped at honors assembly. 


President Margery Jean Newton 

Vice-President Margaret Blaisdell 

Secretary Madelaine Jud)' Brown 

Treasurer Anna Elizabeth Haney 

Sandra Addington 
Margaret Blaisdell 
Laura N'irginia Bole 
Lou Ann Brow n 
Madelaine Judy Brown 
Carol x\nnette Cleave 
Jean Gay Crossley 
Barbara Louise Danehowcr 
Jean Carnett Davis 
W^ilda Ann Davis 
Eleanor Theresa DeRienzo 
Harriet Jane Drawbaugh 
Susan Rebecca Dunlap 
Tolera Anita t^agle 
Priscilla Irene Edson 


Mary Lois Eskridge 
Hannah Flounders 
Frances Elaine Fowler 
Susan Ruth Friend 
Carolyn Lydia (irosz 
Elizabeth Baxter Hahn 
Anna Elizabeth Haney 
Billie Jean Holman 
Kay Howard 
Nancy Ann Keever 
Joan Birdie Know les 
Lucinda laylor Lusb>' 
Virginia Cox Maclvor 
Marion Louise Morris 
Carohn Faith Morse 

Margery Jean Newton 
Nancy Ann Nutter 
Mary Chauncey Persons 
Harriet Pickett 
Elizabeth Ellen Quillian 
Beldon Randolph 
Mary Josephine Reinhardt 
Winnie Davis Satterheld 
Eleanor Garner Sharp 
Margaret Jane Stennis 
Phyllis Ann Stevens 
Sarah Thomas 
Annette Waters 
Carole Jane Webb 
Janet Lawrence Wright 



\'irginia S. Atkinson 

X'lrginia L. Brewer 



S.,lls W". \lclii 

Nancy W iLinyer T.ilinan (Mrs.) 

Mary Ann I- rcncli 


Sylvia I), \lali 

JaiiK-s W. \-.uighn, J 

Harlcigh F. I'at/.injitT 

I haddcus A. Whcclcr. Jr 



L. \\".lli,im \kl. 

Edgar B. I'ishcr, Jr 

Fredrick J. B. 

Wade H. Penny, Jr. 



\-,rK,n,. .|ol,n.stn„ 




a^ tr^ C) 


|)m„.iI,1 l)iitl\ Michael Jacksoi 




\ i 

,inics Cilhcr 


1 ^3fc jet' 

I jK 




Robert Sigti 


W illiam Speaknian 

The Order of Saint Patrick in rhe 
School of Engineering is an organiziirion 
whose purpose is to recognize students 
showing a high standard of leadership and 
character in extra-curricular activities. Each 
semester a ceremonx' is held in which 
worthy students arc tapped. .Mter a brief 
pledgeship, they become members of the 
fraternity. This year the monthly meetings 
of the Order were under the direction of 
President Cieorge E. Bouse. 


Gcnrpc Kmisc 
President of the Order ot St. Patrick 


Tim Beta Pi, rhe Phi Beta 
Kappa of engineering, is a 
national honorary fraternity 
organized to give recognition 
to engineering students who 
are outstanding in scholar- 
ship and character. The 
honorar\- was founded na- 
tionally in 1885 and N. C. 
( ianima Chapter was or- 
ganized at Duke in 1948. 
Meetings are held bi- 

To qualify for membership 
one must be either in the 
upper one-eighth of the 

junior class or the upper 
one-fitth of the senior class. 
I'.ach October the chapter 
sends a delegate to the na- 
tional convention. In the 
spring and fall a joint initi- 
ation banquet is held with 
X. i.. State. Together with 
the Order of Saint Patrick, 
lau Beta Pi sponsers a series 
ot slide rule lectures. The 
society does specialized proj- 
ects for the (College of Engi- 
neering and also presents an 
annual award to an out- 
standing freshman engineer. 

Presuknt nt l.ui IVi.i Pi 


Tail Beta Pi, scholastic honorary for engineers, first rnti-: J. Little, D. Pcyt 
P, Hoadlcy, A. Mead, J. Vaughan, and R. Wasscr. Third ro-a-: J. Godwir 

1, F,. Rogers, and F. Fgli. SecnrtJ ro'a-: D. Copeland, 
H. Arcocha, T. Parker, H. Finol, and F. Jenkin.s. 



Pi Tail Sigma is an honorary trarcrnir\' tor mcclian- 
ical engineers. Members are selecred from the top 
fourth ot rhe junior class and rhe rop third ot the senior 
class on the basis ot scholastic achievements, char- 
acter, citizenship, and professional interest. Pi Tau 
Sigma purposes to develop in mechanical engineering 
students the attributes necessary for effective leadership 
and acceptance of responsibility, to promote the 
professional welfare of its members, and to foster the 
high ideals of the engineering field. The fraternir\ 
gives an annual aw ard to the outstanding sophomore in 
mechanical engineering and also to the senior who 
presents the best paper in class work or professional 
society competition and shows exceptional interest 
in the extra-curricular activities of the engineering 
college. Kach spring the members rake part in the 
I'.ntiineer's Show . 

J..C ( 

The membcr.s of the mechanical engineering 
liol. Wasser. and Larrv Decker, (h, the 

, Pi Tau Sigma, from left to right on the fir 
Al Mead. Joe Godwin, Jon Bankerr, T.ini 1 

on: are: Don Ware. Joe I.irrl. 
c, Himo Kinol and Hill Hove 

fur A n Ir. n 


l^il^ ■tL.ff'A 

Connie Wilson 
President of Sigma Delta Pi 


Sigma Delta Pi, Duke's Spanish honorar>' 
society, has three objectives: to create wider 
knowledge and deeper appreciation for Spanish 
contributions to culture, to work toward better 
relations among the Spanish and pjiglish-speak- 
ing nations, and to award those who ha\e 
shown special merit and interest in Spanish 
studies. Qualifications for membership include 
a "B" average in all Spanish courses and an 
overall "B" average. 

In addition to bi-monthly meetings and 
various lectures throughout the year, the club 
sponsors an initiation banquet, Christmas hesta, 
spring dinner, picnic, and dance. Under the 
direction of Dr. Castellano the group practices 
Spanish conversation. 

Robert Morgan 
President of Delta Phi Alpha 


The purpose of Delta Phi Alpha 
is to promote the study ot German 
language, literature, and civilization 
and to emphasize those aspects of 
Cierman lite and culture ot universal 
value. The ( Jerman honorary was 
headed this year hy Robert Mor- 
gan, president, and Professor Her- 
man Salinger, faculty advisor. At 
the ('hapel Hill dinner meetings 
held throughout the year, the stu- 
dents, striving to perfect the lan- 
guage, spoke only (ierman, much 
to the amazement of the other 
customers. A lecture by Dr. Wblf- 
gang Taraba on the culture of 
Munster, Germany, marked a high- 
light for the organization this )'ear. 
A student must maintain an overall 
"C" average, and have a "B" 
average in German studies to qualify 
for membership. 

ni;/(/ lire the fnllnii-ing: Garrison, Morgan, Spnngston, 
ncy. Johnson. 


Till Psi Omega, ruiv 1: Bringhurst, Halberstadter, Jack, Kipp, Tracy, Ke 
Bigeluu, Ncuth. Eagle. Ru-^- I. Dr. Dou-, Mnie. Uow, Gonzalez, Barnhart, like 

2: Richards, Cooper, Maxwell, Tyree. 
McConnell, Byrd, Jones, Rawburn, Saleh. 


Tau Psi Omega, Duke's French 
Honorary Society, stimulates inter- 
est in the PVench language through 
such media as conversations, lec- 
tures, meetings, open-houses, and 
moving pictures. Tau Psi Omega 
presented the annual French play 
and brought its members together 
in such activities as dramatic read- 
ings and productions. Those who 
have a "B" average in French, an 
interest in French culture, and are 
able to speak Huenth' are eligible 
tor membership. An initiation dinner 
at the home of the Dow s and 
occasional meetings in Chapel Hill 
at the Rathskeller were highlights 
of the year. Weekly dinner meet- 
ings were also held. 

Sherry Kearns 
President of Tau Psi Omega 

{J run left U, niihr) mil- I: Ntjiy Rosser Stcuj 
Gallic, Redmond, Hicks, Parker, Dr. Dresser, Hess. Ro-u 

Crackncll Wood Cjjnihk Kgglcston. Ron 2: Turnbull, Baker, 
Brandon, Jenkins, Pe\ton, Bodkcr. Finol, Little, .Mead, Connor. 

>knr nfl'i \lu Tps,!,, 


Pi Mil I'psilon, Duke L'ni\ crsit\ 's 
niiuhcmarics honorary fraternity, was in- 
•stallcd on campus in 19.^2. Its purpose is 
two-told: to promote scholarship, and 
to promote interest in the field of mathe- 
matics. Those who wish to join must pass 
membership re(|uirements, rei]uirinL! stu- 
tleiifs to ha\e a W a\erage in all mathe- 
matics courses through integral calculus. 
V\ Mu I'psilon meets twice each \ear, in 
the fall and in the spring. At each of" these 
meetings the club sponsers outstanding 
speakers in the mathematics field. Stu- 
dents who pass the entrance iei]uirements 
are initiated into the honorary in both the 
first and the secoml semester. Pi Mu 
I'psilon also tries to pre[iare the members 
for their future careers. 



Each spring at the annuiil awards as- 
asscmbh' seven rising junior and senior 
women are rapped inro Delta Phi Rho 
Alpha, honorary' athletic fraternit\'. Alem- 
bership is attained b)' actively participating 
in sports and consistently demonstrating 
good sportsmanship. The girls meet the 
requirements by taking part in both so- 
rority and dormitory intramurals. This 
year's group, led by its president, Arline 
Schmidt, has been occupied with pro- 
moting athletic interest on the campus. 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha does not hold regular 
meetings but encourages members to par- 
ticipate in school athletic programs. An- 
nually a gold "D" key is awarded to the 
senior w ho has done the most to promote 
interest and participation in athletics among 
Duke women. 

President of Delta Phi Rlio Alplu 

Ihe members of the Varsity D. Cluh, first row: B. Miller, T. Colmey (vice-president), 
E. Berger, N. Kerstetter, D. Peyton, D. Risley. Second row: R. Weitzman, E. Pace, 
J. Rarclitf, VV. Meffert, E. Gould, C. Cobb. Third row: V. SeGrasso, L. Banzek' 
R. Posthumus, R. Kline, B. Bottoms, R. Burton, D. Sedlack (president). 


I w ho havr become 
offieial lerrer winners in any 
Duke sport and are in good 
standing with the athletic de- 
partment are eligible for mem- 
bership in the Varsity "D" 
Club. Under the guidance of 
Coaches James Bly, Albert 
IJuehler, and Whit Cobb, the 
club has attained its goal of 
promoting unity among athletes 
and stimularinu student bodx 

interest in the sports program. 
The club meets every two 
weeks, and ir is the custom 
for the members to wear then- 
letter sweaters the da\' after \'v.suku, 
a meeting. X'arsity "D" Club 
sponsors the Blue-White football and 
Among the other social activities of the c 
party and the Fall and Spring l.etterman B 
athletic e\ents and presenting training films 
ol the clubs most iiii[)<)rrant ser\ ices. .At the e 
club presents the letters to those who have e; 


ot tiK \arMt> 

U C 





ub are a 



inquets. L 


■ing at 

.fall spoi 

rs a 

re two 

tul ol each 


•ion the 

inied then 



W %» %M, 

The business honorary. Alpha Kappa ¥s.'i, first roii: Wiiuten, Robcrtsc n, Welch, Uuffey, 
Center, Cht«nirg, Mull, Larese, Beverly, Raasch. Saoiut ran-: Bisuell, Burger, 
Boke, Bluedorn, Hensley, Oberhofer, Preston, Narger, Harris, ( :hoate. TliirJ roil-: 
Forrest, Barker, Hodge, Grills, House, Taft, Ulrich, Custer, Wright, Rau. 


Charles Chewning 
President of Alpha Kappa Psi 

Alpha Kappa Psi was 
founded at Duke University in 
1904. Its purpose is to further 
the interests and achievements 
in the field of commerce 
and business administration. 
The monthly dmner meetings, headed this year by Charlie 
Chewning, president, featured outstanding business and industrial 
speakers. Bi-monthly industrial tours are among the highlighted 
activities of the fraternity, along with campus surveys and assistance 
in the job placement bureau with student placement. The>' also 
participated in a national convention last September. 

A student must express a 
firm intention of securing his 
degree in the business field and 
maintain a "C" average to 
qualify for the honorary. The 
AKP Key is awarded to the 
male senior student with the 
highest average in the Depart- 
ment of Economics and Busi- 
ness Administration. A Civil 
Award is made to an outstand- 
ing person in the department. 



The Arnold Air Society is a nationally organized 
professional service honorary for advanced 
A.F.R.O.T.C. cadets who hope to become future 
leaders in the United States Air Force. The club, 
having been established only Hve years ago at Duke, 
is comparatively new. Besides being outstanding in 
leadership and scholarship, cadets have to show a 
great interest in the A.F.R.O.T.C^. unit and its 
objectives in order to quality tor membership in 
the society. 

Under the able direction of C^adet Lt. Clolonel 
Richard Ulrich, the group sponsored a little league 
football team in Durham during the fall months, 
and throughout the school year, they gave their 
strong backing to several local and campus charity 
drives. At their bimonthly meetings the chapter 
heard many interesting lectures and discussed the 
varied phases ot the Air Force program. 

1 he Arnold Air Society. Seated from left to n^ht are, on the first roiv: N. Harley, J. Pctcit, R. Moore, ,\Ia|. J. Barnhill, ( '.. Wendorf, L. tneveland, 
P. \'an V\yck. On the second row: L). (^opebnd, V\'. Springston, L. Alston, D. Peyton, R. Ulnek, J. ( inIK, \\ . \U Man, ( :. ( :he\vning. ( '.. ( Ihittum. 
On the third row: R. Deans, L. Boothroyd, B. Frizzell, R. Hankins, \V. Ruefer, J. Ciilp. 


appa kega Day 



Editorial Staff 

F. (BUCK) ' 



Assista/it Editor 


En u^r Liver 


Photo Director 








Associate Editor 






Office Manager 






Campus Foil 


Coed Editor 








Nurses' Representative 


Division Page Photographer 

General Staff 

Caption Staff 
Jean Farmer 
Jill Cjanr 
Nancy Jones 
Diana Loy 
Jean Whiting 

Photography Staff 
Leonard Kamsler 
Karen King 
Laird Slade 
I'niery Sniirh 
Lee Stewart 
Frank loia 

Fraternities Staff 
Anne (Jitihorn 
Evelyn (treason 
Pat Kimze\ 

Copy Staff 
Betty Claldwell 
Nean Lott 
Murty Sampson 
Eleanor Sharp 
Mary Shepard 
Viryinia Wilson 

Organizations Staff 
I ".lien Foseue 
Bill Franklin 
Sarah I lunter 
Fatt\ Murdoek 
Berr\' Tiniherlake 

Sports Staff 
Ed Berger 
Grey Carroll 
Bill Domhoff 
Shirley Moore 
Bob Noble 
Ruth Szekely 
Pete Yoars 

Administration Staff 
Polly Akin 
Mary McLaren 
Mike Miller 

Photo Direction Staff 
Kent Span 
Saiuh Suiimer 

Campus Poll 
Pat Cox 
Judy Elhs 
Sandra James 
Ka\' Kincaid 
Emmy Lou Smit! 
Pat Tyson 

Features Staff 
Karen Kenerich 
Mike May 
Kenneth Spair 

Office Staff 
Anne Massey 
Missy Siegling 

Classes Staff 
Delta Diertenbaeh 
Clara Ward 

Pat Jarmen 
C!athv Leonaid 


Business Staff 


Business Mivm^er 


Co-ed Business Manager 


Assistant Business Manager 


Assistant Business Manager 

Office Manager 

Beauty Queen Co-Chairman 



Publicity Director 

General Business Staff 

Tom Banton Jenny Grant 

Jim Bertch Ann Gunn 

Sue Bevans Joyce Harris 

Ann Blandford Gwen Heinie 

Loretta Bosw ell Geneva Hines 
Alargot Chamberlain Barbara Ivey 

Daniel F"oote Pat Jarman 
Sharon Gerckin 

Claudia Liebrecht 
Margie McFarlene 
Larry Peterson 
Martha Rizos 
Jack Sapolsky 
Don Singer 

Jean Stanback 
Sally Sfraub 
Suzie Sturdivant 
Nancy Urban 
Jim Wallace 
Janet Welther 
(]arl Wolfson 


No job, regardless ot how large or how insigniricant, would be complete unnl all 
who had contributed their time, their talents, and their patience had been heartiK 
thanked by the one to whom they had so unselfishly lent their assistance. 

lo sa>' that this the 1957 Chanticleer is a product of one mind \\f)uld be a most 
uninformed interpretation of the facts, for this year's annual truK' represents the 
combined efforts of man)- talented people. People like Karil Newman, mv secretary 
who so efhcienth' handled the details of the ofHce; Bernie Goldstein who finally 
mastered the proportion rule; Gay Wood who photographed the fraternity groups; 
Ginger Bowles who did an incomparable job with the captions (I never did figure out 
her filing system, but it was amazingly accurate); Billy jean Holnian whose copy 
worked out to the letter; Frank Preissle who, in my estimation, produced a sports 
section second to none in the history of the C^hanticieer; Joe Sears who compiled 
the information for the administration section; Jud\- Scatter who gave distinction to 
the honoraries; Lynn Dally, Tom Robins, and Barry Blechman who combined 
efl^'orts to see that all of the fraternities and sororities were properly represented; 
Julie Ba\ who did such an efficient job with the massive organizations section; Jo 
iMoore who completed the endless task of compiling the classes material in record 
time; Ron Mogcl who handled features; Bill Linton w ho put in many long hours with 
the new campus polls; and all of the staff photographers who worked so hard taking 
the pictures that make this book the pictorial review that it is. 

But the people to whom I am the most indebted are Marilyn Hildreth who labored 
so diligently purely for the love of the book in seeing that the copy and captions were 
properly coordinated; Laird Slade who doubled as photo director and head photogra- 
pher, and who did a most efficient job in these two departments; and last, but far 
from least, Jennie Holt and Marilyn Lyon who served both as advisors and builders 
of morale. It was they who kept me from going off on too many tangents and w ho 
offered the much appreciated encouragement when it was most needed. W ithout 
them the 1957 Chanticeeer would never have been published. 

While most of the photographs appearing in this year's annual were taken by Laird 
Slade and his staff, numerous others were derived from other sources. To Time Inc., 
and Bill X'andivert for the color shot of the interior of the chapel; to Thad Sparks, 
L'niversit}' Photographer, who placed at our disposal many pictures which were 
impossible for us to take; to Mike Pert)- for his opening photograph in the introduetor\- 
section; to Leonard Kamsler ff)r his sports coverage and disision page photograph\ ; 
to W'hitle)' and Scott for the sorority group pictures and the uidnidual photographs 
of the members of Santa P^ilomena and Old Trinity (>lub; and to the (nv/h't ivni BLnk, 
\earbook of the University of South Oarolina, I express my most sincere appreciation, 

There were man\' others without whom my task could not have been completed 
with such relari\e ease: Mr. Joseph Hardison and the Kdwards and Broughton (]o.; 
Mr. Walter Dargan and Miss Doris Leeper of the Southern Photo Process I'ngraving 
(lo.; Mr. Robert T. Wilson and the Kingscraft ("o\er Go.; Mr. James V. ('olonna and 
the Golonna Studios; Mr. G. G. Hendricksen, Dr. Herbert Herring, Mr. William 
(Griffith, and Mr. William Stra\horn. 

In order to complete this list of aeknow ledgements, nienrion must Ik' made ot m\ 
business manager Bruce I l\ Idahl and his exeeiienr staff; the brothers of Pi Kappa 
.Alpha fraternit\-; Ritz Ra\ , m\ parents; ami most of' all nn wife Nane\ , whose most 
kind understanding, constant eneouragement, and deepest dexorion stood as an uii- 
\ leklmg inspiration for which I am eternalK' gratef'ul. 

lo all I owe a debt which cannot be repaid except through feeble words of gratitude. 
W itli the deepest smeerifx , 1 thank nou. 

Bi (:i\ Iai new 

This book was printed in the year nineteen 
hundred and fifty-seven, in Raleigh, North 
Carohna, by the Edwards & Broughton Co. 
using Janson monotype, on Lustrogloss paper, 
manufactured by the S. D. Warren Paper C^o. 
at Cumberland, Maine. All photo-engravings 
were made by the Southern Photo Process 
P2ngraving Co. at Atlanta, Georgia, and it is 
bound in covers made by Kingsport Press at 
Kingsport, Tennessee. 


Yall From 


,Vrn l-livl'iiul 

Middle \icu 






l-iir Wc 


ArMMS. EII/ABHIH I UMSDEN. 2.^ (ircal Oak 1 anc, I'Icasa 

ville, N. Y.. I'oliluul Stinuc. IIH'I>; Hoof and Horn 2; Pre; 

man "Y" Council I ; I'an-Hcl C ouncil 3, 4. 

High Point. N. C IJcclrical Eiiaineerinx. 
ALBRECH. KENNETH LEWIS. 1015 Garfield Ave. Bclvidc 

111.. Polilical Science. H-A; Traditions Board ?. 4; Chrniihle 

MSGA 2: Junior Class Council 3. 
ALLEGOOD. HENRIAN S., Richlands. N. C . 
ALMOND, ANTHONY LEON, 3202 Cole Mill Kd , Diiiha 

N. C. 

Al MONO. JONIS 1 VANS. 501 Fairview Dr.. Lexington. N. C 

Meclumical EnuincerinK. KA. 
Al SION. NORA CiRAN r. 106 College Street.. I illlcton. N. ( .. 

CeneioL 'i'HK; Social Standards 1. 2: Ivy 2. 
ANDERSON. PHEBE LUCILl H. Westovcr Apts., Rockledge Rd.. 

Bronxville. N. Y.. English. KKI"; 'I'KA: Social Standards 2: 

Ivy 2: Pan-Hel Council 4. President 4; Glee Club 1; Student Co- 

ordin ite Board 1: Student Union 3. 
ANDREWS. I.EIl ANI RU.SSELL. c/o U.S. Naval Attache, 

A. P.O. 676. New York. N. Y.. LaiiKuaf-e. AT; XIW- T-l"..'; 

Nereidian Club 4. N.S.A. 4. 

ANGSTADT. RICHARD LEE. 2000 N. Iiulcpcndcncc Blvd.. 
Charlotte. N. C. 

ARCOCHA, HUMBERTO LAZARO. 21 #412 Vcdado, Havana. 
Cuba. Mcclniniiiil Engiiwerin},'. 

ton. N. C. Business Administration. Chaniici i IR 2. Glee Club 

ARMSTRONG. LOUIS WALKER. P.O. Box 29.^ Stanley. N. C. 

Business Administration. -.\lv 
ARNOLD. FREDERICK CHARLES. 4936 Fourth Ave.. N.. St. 

Petersburg. Fla.. Business Administration. 

P.vvi /lo/oijv. KX; Glee Club 1. 3. 4: Choir I. 3; FAC 4. 
ATHERHOLT. GEORGE THOMAS. 511 Mohawk Ave.. Nor- 
wood. Pa.. Business Administration. K-: Football 1. 2. 3. 4. 
ATKINSON. GEORGE B.. 525 Thornwood Ln.. Northfield. 111.. 

History. .^T!5; Varsity "D" Club 2. 3. 4; Hoof and Horn 2: 

Senior Class Council 4: FAC 2: Baseball 2. 3. 4; Secretary of 

Senior Class. 
ATKINSON. VIRGINIA STORR. 525 Thornwood Lane. North- 
field. III. KKT; White Duchy; WSGA 4; FAC 3: House Council 

3. 4; House President 4. 
AVIZONIS. PETRAS VYTAUTAS. 51 Maple Ave.. Bay Shore. 

N. Y.. Chemistry. 
AYERS. PATRICIA GUGG. 3924 Madison Ave.. Greensboro. 

N. C. ZT.\. 
AYSCUE. NANCY ELIZABETH. Ill Norris Rd.. Alapocas. 

Wilmineton. Del.. Accounting. 
AZAR. RAYMOND WAHID. 27 Edgerton St.. East Hampton. 

BACKER. STUART RICHARD. 1878 E. 14th St.. Brooklyn 29. 

N. Y. 
BADER. WILLIAM ANDREW. 13 Carroll St.. Thurmont. Md.. 

English. Pre-Med Society 2. 3. 4. 
BAILEY. WILLIAM F.. JR.. 840 W. Morgan St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
BAIN. RICHARD CARLISLE. JR.. 1319 Sanford Ct.. Falls 

Church. Va. 
BAKER. GEORGE BARNEY. 420 Maplewood Rd.. Springfield. 

Delco. Pa.. Mechanical Engineering. ASME 1. 2. 3, 4. 
BAKER. PHILIP BENTON. 2914 Clearview Ave.. Baltimore 14. 

Md.. Mechanical Engineering. Beil; Fraternity President 4; 

M.SGA 4: IFC 4: ASME 3. 4. 
BAKER. RALEIGH JAMES. 413 W. Hayes St.. Ahoskie. N. C. 

Religion. KA; Football 1. 2. 
BAKER, STEPHEN DENIO. 303 Swift Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Physics. *ME; *BK; 'tEi;: Hoof and Horn 3: Concert Band 

1. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Symphony Orchestra 

1. 2. 3. 4; Madrigal Chorus 3. 

BAKER. WILLARD FREEMAN. Lincoln Terrace. Woodlawn 

Ave.. Easton. Pa. 
BALLARD. CHARLES LEE. Box 354. South Hill. Va. 
BARBER. RICHARD FOSTER, 2614 Lawndale Ave.. Durham. 

N. C Accounting. 
BARHAM. HARRIETTE ANN, 1924 St. Mary's St.. Raleigh 

N. C. Education. AA^: Chronicle 1. 
BARKER. ROBERT BARRY. 204 Earl St.. Rochester. N. Y,. 

Business Administration. -ITA; Student Union 2. 3; Track 1. 
BARKLEY. DAVID SANFORD, Apt. 10. Trinity Apt.. Durham. 

N. C. 
BARNES. CHARLES HAYNES, 803 Demerius, Apt. H-1. 

Durham. N. C. 
BARTLETT. PHYLLIS MARY, 551 Bloomfield Ave.. Caldwell. 

N. J.. Botany. 
BATCHELOR. LINDA ANN. Box 333, Nashville. N. C, English. 

KA; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; FAC 4; Triple Trio 

2, 3. 4. 

BASS. ERNEST B.. JR.. 2609 Shenandoah Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
BATES. ANN SALISBURY. 3700 Underwood St.. Chevy Chase. 

Md.. Education. ZTA; *BK; KAII; Class Officer 3; Pan-Hel 

Advisor 3. 
BAUMER. ERWIN HENRY. 309 Blackland Rd.. Atlanta. Ga.. 

History. UK*; Hoof and Horn 3. 4; FAC 2. 3: Class Council 3. 
BEACHAM. GEORGE CLINTON. JR.. 6541 S. W. 57th Place. 

Miami 43. Fla.. Accounting. IIKA; HlJi;; Pub Board 3; Bench 

and Bar 2. 3: Fraternity President 3; MSGA 2. 3; IFC 3: 

FAC 2. 3; YWCA 2. 3; WDBS 2. Business Manager 3; Judical 

Board 4; Student Union Committee Chairman 4. 
BEACHER. JOAN DOROTHY. 425 Wa,shington St.. Frackville. 

Pa.. Nursing Education. 
BEALE. LLOYD L.. 4708 Westmoreland Terrace. Portsmouth. 

Va.. Electrical Engineering. K^; AIEE 2. 
BEASLEY. FRED JEROME. 213 Clark St.. Henderson, N. C. 

Business Administration. K.\. 
BEATY. WILLIAM DICK. 1507 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 
BECK. JOHN ROY. Highland Ave.. East Palestine. Ohio. 

Electrical Engineering. ATA; II ME; <J>E:!;; AIEE 3, 4. 
BEDELL. JOAN ELIZABETH. Hafmed, Navy 240. c/o F.P.O. 

New York, N. Y., Spanish. Chronicle 1, 2, 3; WDBS 2, 3. 

BEESON. WILLARD HUGH, 5500 S. W. 105th .St.. Miami, Fla., 

History. i:X; Golf 2, 3, Captain 4; Varsity "D" Club 3, 4; 

Bench and Bar 2, 3; Chronicle 2; Fraternity President 4; 

M.SGA 2. 3. 4; Marshal 3; WDBS 2. 
BEIDLER. CHARLES FREDERICK. 10 Krick Ave.. .Sinking 

Spring. Pa.. I'rc-Mcl. UK*; Pre-Med Society 2; Hoof and 

Horn 3; Concert Band 4; Marching Band 4; Symphony 2; Co- 
ordinate Board I. 
BELL. BARBARA. 2624 Forrest Way. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga., 

Spanish. AAA;i;AII; Duke Players 2. 3; Hoof and Horn 2; 

Ivy 2. 
BELL. JOHN HENRY. JR.. 565 Morse Ave.. Ridgefield. N. J.. 

C/i/7 Engineering. UK*; ASCE 2. 3. 4. 
BELMONT. JOE ELLIOTT. 2348 E. .Sergeant St.. Philadelphia 

25. Pa. 
BENSON. ROBERT JACKSON. JR.. 4017 Roxboro Rd.. Durham. 

N. C. Art. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2. 3. 4. 
BERRY. EDWARD LEWIS, Apt. 11. 906 Trinity Ave.. Durham. 

N. C. Geology. Varsity "D" Club 2; Football 1. 2. 
BEST. VIRGINIA CLAIRE, 1126 Buckingham Ave., Norfolk, 

Va.. Mathematics. KA; II. ME; Freshman YWCA Council; Ivy 

I; Glee Club I. 
BETTS. Rl( HARD LOUIS, 220 Parkland Ave., Glendale 22, 

Mo.. Sociology. 'I.k:^;.- Chrotucle 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; 

Choir I. 2. 3; FAC 3. 
BICKHART. BARBARA JANE. 2758 S. Peninsula Dr.. Daytona 

Beach. Fla.. History. II IW'; *KA: Social Standards 2; WSGA 4; 

Sandals 2: FAC 3; Class Ofticer 2. 
BIGGERS. WILLIAM HENRY. 109 W. 51st St.. Savannah. Ga. 
BISHOP. JANICE R.. 1319 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 

History. .\*; WAA Board 3. 
ham. N. C. English. KA; Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 
BLANEY. BERNARD FRANCIS. 1114'/2 Sixth St., Durham, 

N. C. Education. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. 
BLUEHOORN. BOB WILLIAM. 5318 32nd St., N.W.. Wash- 
ington. D. C. Busine.ts Administration. Hoof and Horn 4; 

AIEE 1; WDBS 2; IDC 3. 
BOLTE. KENNETH CHARLES, 9242 Springfield Blvd.. Queens 

Village. N. Y.. Busincis Administration. AKT; Men's Athletic 

Council 4; Soccer 1. 
BOOKER. THOMAS J.. Bit Island. Va.. Geology. HME; ASCE 

2. 3. 4. 
BOOTH. TRICIA ANN. 4300 Ingleside Dr., Greensboro, N. C, 

General. lIH<f>.- Social Standards 4; Symphony Orchestra I. 2. 3; 

Pep Board 2. 3. 
BOOTHROYD. EDWIN JOHN. 2519 Roxboro Rd.. Durham, 

N. C. Electrical Engineering. AIEE 2. 3. 
BOSCH. BRIAN JAMES. Sloestraat 10. Amsterdam. Holland. 
BOURN. JAMES DEWEY. 767 Water St.. Barboursville, W. Va. 
BOUSE. GEORGE ERLE. JR.. 122 Spruce Ln.. Louisville 7. Ky.. 

Civil Engineering. i:AE; Pub Board 4; ASCE 3. 4; Order of 

St. Patrick 3. 4. President 4; DukEngineer 3. 4; Engineering 

Student Council 4. 
BOWLES. NANCY LUCILLE. 121 Brixton Rd.. Garden City. 

N. Y.. Psychology. KAO; Nereidian Club 3; Ivy 1; Pan-Hel 

Council 4. 
BOYLE. ROSA COKE. 2404 Melonville Ave.. Sanford. Fla.. 

Sociology. AAA. 
BRADY. JAMES OWENS. 1521 Parkwood Ave.. Charlotte. N. C, 

Electrical Engineering. 
BRAUCHER, JANE ELLIOTT. 7315 College Station. Durham. 

N. C. Nursing Ediaation. 
BRAXTON. SHERROD LEE. JR.. 204 E. College St.. Whiteville. 

N. C. 
BRENNER. ALAN. 12 E. Granville Dr.. Silver Spring. Md.. 

Political Science. ZBT; Bench and Bar 3, 4; Hoof and Horn 4; 

WDBS 1. 2. 3. 
BREWER. DAVID LEE. 1804 W. 4th St.. Win.ston-Salem. N. C. 
BREWER. VIRGINIA LEE. 1416 Scotland Ave.. Charlotte. 

N. C. Religion. +KA; YWCA Cabinet 3: White Duchy 4; 

WSGA 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Freshman "Y" 

Council; Marshal 3. 
BRIDGWATER. SUSAN LOU. Oak Hill Rd.. Peninsular. Ohio. 

Spani.'ih. KKE; Glee Club 1. 2. 

Silver Springs, Md.. Political Science. ZTA; FAC 3: Rushing 

Advisor 4; Class Officer 3. 4. 
BROOKS. EUGENE H.. JR.. 61 Denham Rd.. Springfield. N. J.. 

History. -N; Football Manager 1; Bench and Bar 3. 4; Peer 

2. 3. 
ham, N. C. General. AE; Duke Players 1. 2. 3. 4: Social 

Standards 2; FAC 2. 
BROWER. MARILYN NANCY. 21 Bedford Ave. Rockvile 

Centre. N. Y.. History. KKE; YWCA Cabinet I; Glee Club I; 

FAC 4. 

BROWN. FREDERIC, 1442 E. 2 1st St.. Brooklyn 111. N. Y., 

Mcchankul Enmeerin^. ZHT, 
BROWN. KERNIT E., Chunn's Cove Rd.. Asheville. N. C 

Business Atlminislration. Hoof and Horn 3. 4. 
BROWN. TALI.ULAH ANN. 2216 Exmoor Rd.. Tampa 9. Fla. 
BROWN. WAl TER LOUIS. Box 244. Clarkton. N. C. 
BROWNE. NORWELL BRUCE. 4909 Interiboro Ave.. Pittsburgh. 

Pa., Etii-lish. IlKA: Archive 4: Shoe 'n Slipper, President 4; 

BROWNING. ROBERT ROSS. .^O."! Ordan Dr.. Greenville, N. C. 
Poliiiciil Scuiuc. A.\A; Bench and Bar 4; Marching Band 
1 '' ^ 4; Drum Major 4; Swimming 1. 

BRUBAKER. JOHN ROBERT, #4 N. Old Oak Dr., Patterson 
Hghts.. Beaver Falls, Pa.. Political Science. UhX; Marching 
Band 1, 2; Semper Fidelis 3. 4; WDBS 1. 2. 3, 4; Radio Council 
3. 4. 

BRUTON, DAVID ARO. Rt. 5, Box 536, Charlotte. N. C. 
Business Adminislration. Football. 

BRUTON, EMMA EVELYN, Junior Home, Lexington. N. C. 
Mathematics. WAA Board 2; Order of the Chair 4; Hoof and 
Horn 2. 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4, President 4; Choir 1. 2, 3, 4; 
Triple Trio 3, 4. 

BRYAN, BETTY RUTH. Rt. 5, Goldsboro. N. C. Sociology ami 
Psychology. Duke Players I, 2; YWCA Cabinet 4; Peer 2. 

BRYANT. JO ANN, 6644 Roosevelt Ave,, Charleston, W. Va.. 
Psycholovx. AX'.!; House Council 3, 

BRYANT, WILLIAM GRAY, JR.. 913 Pamlico Dr., Greensboro. 
N C Business Administration. MSGA 3. 4; Marching Band 
1. 2. 3; Student Union 3; IDC, President 4; Class Officer 4. 

BUCHANAN. JOHN WEST. 2009 Liberty Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Business Administration. K.V; LaCrosse. 

BURNS NANCY CAROLYN, 1010 Rozier St.. Lumberton. N. C. 
Elementary Education. ZT.V; YWCA Cabinet I; Peer 1; Pan- 
Hel Council 3; Glee Club I, 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3, 4. 

BURQUEST, BRET OWEN. Box 165. Sarasota, Fla., Pre-Med. 
IIK'I-; Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Choir 1. 2. 3, 4, 

BATTS, ROBERT GEORGE, Box 193, Earlville, N. Y. 

BYR[). CAROL. 2401 Castilla Isle, Fort Lauderdale. Fla., French. 
KKP; A<l>/..\; WAA Board 2: Ivy 2: Sandals 2. 

BRYNE, EDWARD BLAKE. 5167 Stonewood Dr., Riverside. 
Calif,, Economics. BHII; Freshman "Y" Council 1; Class Coun- 
cil 3, 4; Student Union 2, 3. Committee Chairman 3: Semper 
Fidelis 3, 4, 

CAREY, EDWARD JAY, 4272 Noble St., Bellaire, Ohio, Me- 
chanical Engineering. Order of St, Patrick; Engineer's Student 
Council, President 4; Class President 3. 

CARPENTER, ROBERT RHYNE. 403 Weaver St.. Cherryville. 
N. C. Mechanical Engineering. KA; Marching Band 1, 2: 
ASME 3, 4. 

CARR. CHARLES HARPER. 1529 Hermitage Ct., Durham, 
N. C. 

East Orange. N. J.. Spanish. K.\H; SAM; Social Standards 3: 
Hoof and Horn 1. 2; Glee Club 1: Modern Dmce Club I. 

CARROLL. NOEL, Woodland Rd.. Anchorage. Ky., General. 

CARROLL. WILLIAM ROYCE. Norcross. Ga.. History. 'I'AH, 

CARTER, MARY ELIZABETH, 1118 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, 
N. C, Sociology. A*, President 4; Freshman YWCA Council I. 

CARTWRIGHT. TOM L., 200 Crestway, Amarillo, Texas. 

CASON.' LUCINDA, 720 South Center St.. Thomaston. Ga., 
Sociology. A<l'; A<J>I>.\ 3, 4; Duke Players 3; WAA Board 4. 

CASTERLIN. HARRY RICHARD. 1123 Dorsey PI.. Plainfield. 
N. J.. Pre-Dentistry. K^; Varsity D Club 4; Sophomore Class 
Council 2; Junior Class Council 3: Wrestling 2. 3. 4. 

CASWELL. FRED WESTON. 18 Campbell Rd., Short Hills. N. J.. 

Engli.Kh. AT!!; MSGA I: Basketball I: Track I, 3. 4; Hoof and 
Horn 2; Chanticlkir 2. 

CATHBY. MARGARET ANNE. 405 S. Fayetteville Ave.. Dunn. 
N. C. English and Education. KA; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Choir 
I. 2. 3. 4. 

CELL, JOHN WHIT.SON, 3114 Darien Dr.. Raleigh, N. ( ., 
History. AT<>; Glee Club 1, 2: Choir 2. 3. 

CHALLENGER. JOHN HYSON, 456 Richmond Ave.. Maple- 
wood. N. J„ Business Administration. Kl; Baseball I. 2. 3. 4; 
Basketball I. 

CHAPMAM. BARBARA BEAVERS. 2206 W. Market St.. Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

CHAPMAN, EDWIN THOMAS, JR.. Quinton. Va.. Political 
Science. Hdi:; Bench and Bar I, 2, 3; Chronicle I: MSGA 2. 3: 
Freshman YMCA I; Concert Band I, 2; Symphony Orchestra I, 

CHAPPELLE, JANET, 7344 Dale Rd., El Paso. Texas. Religion. 

CHERRY, WILLIAM HIX. JR., 1415 Penn,sylvania Ave., Dur- 
ham. N. C. [Electrical Engineering. Ai;*; PukF.ngineer 2. 3; 
Marching Band 1, 2. 3, 4; AIEE 2, 3, 4. 

CHESSON. MARION REQUA. 2006 St. Marys St.. Raleigh. 

/ I I I I \ 

1 , 1 \ ,\ U 

Where Are Your Friends? 

In Your Own Dorm or .Section 43% 

In Other Dorms or Sections 13% 

At Other Colleges or Universities 21% 

Dont Have Any Friends 6% 

At Home 17% 

N. C. Accounting. Senior Class Council 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: 

Choir 1. 2. 3. 4: FAC 4. Student Union 2. 3; Class Officer 4. 
CHEWNING, OSCAR CHARLIE. JR.. Lilesville. N. C. Accoint- 

ing. AK>I'; Arnold Air Socictv 3. 4. President 4. 
CLAPP, JOHN SANBORN. 651 Fairmount Ave.. St. Paul 5. 

Minn.. History. <t>M). 
CLARK. KATHRYN ELIZABETH. Box 275. Elizabethtown. 

N. C. Primary Education. Duke Players 3: WAA Bo.ird 3. 4; 

FTA 3, 4. 
CLARK, KENNETH L.. 400 W. Church St.. Elmira. N. Y., 

Chemi.'.trv. ATA. 
CLIFTON. ROBERT CHARLES. 3303 Staunton Ave.. S.E. 

Charleston 4, W. Va.. Electrical Engineering. *Ki:; Manager 

Freshman Basketball 3: FAC 2; AIEE 3. 4. 
COBB. DOROTHY ELIZABETH. 811 Eighth St.. Erie. III.. 

Religion. Ivy 1: Glee Club 1. 2. 3: Choir 1. 2. 3: FAC 4. 
COBBLE. HERBERT DEAN. 46 Dixie Circle. Lupton City. 

Tenn.. Accounting. -N. 
COBLE. YORK DAVID. JR.. 561 Parkview Dr.. Burlington. N. C. 
COFER. MARY LOUISE. Tucker, Ga,. Duke Players 

3. 4; Archive 4; Glee Club 3. 4; Choir 3. 4. 
COGAN, JOHN PATRICK. 8 Oxford Heights. Oxford. Ohio. 

Civil Engineering. ATA; Publications Board 4; MSGA 2; ASCE 

3. 4; Semper Fidelis 3. 4. 
COKER. BETSY WHITE, 2515 Windsor Rd., Columbia. S. C. 

Education. AAA. 
COLMEY. THOMAS G.. 133 Ashland Ave.. River Forest. III., 

Pre-Med. ^X; A<t..\; Soccer, Captain 4; Varsity D Club 2, 3, 

President 4; Fraternity President 4; MSGA 4; FAC 3. 4: Mar- 
shal 3; Student Union 3. 4. 
COLVILLE. ELIZABETH ANN, 3103 W. Maritan.i Dr., Sf. 

Petersburg 6, Fla., Spanish. Chronicle 1. 2. 
CONNOR. WILLIAM CRAIG, 686 John Anderson Hwv.. Ormond 

Beach. Fla., Electrical Engineering. IIK+;llMi:: Hoof and Horn 

1, 2, 3; AIEE 3. 4. 
COOK. CARLISLE FURMAN. JR.. 210 Patuxent Rd.. Laurel. 

Md.. Civil Engineering. UKA; ASCE 2. 3, 4, 
COOPER, BRAINARD, JR.. 176 Ridge Ave.. Chattanooga. Tenn.. 

English. 't-KM'.- Chronicle 1; Glee Club I. 

Miami Beach. Fla.. Economics. AXA; Peer 2. 3: Fr.iternily 

President 4; MSGA 3, 4; IFC 3. 4; FAC 3. 4. 
CORPENINCi. ANNE HOIXiFS. Rt. 1, Granite Falls, N. C. 

P.mholo^'Y. Chronicle I. 2: Sandals 2; FAC 3; Class Council 1. 
COITON. SIMEON HENR'*'. JR.. 28 Idlewild. Clearwater Beach. 

Fla.. Electrical Em:ineerinv. ^>^: uyiK; Hoof and Horn 4; 

Engineers Club 1, 2, 3, 4; AIEE 2, 3. 4; LaCrosse 2, 3, 4. 
COUCHMAN, PATRICIA DAY, 5828 Joyce Way, Dallas 25. 

Texas. Elementary Education. Hoof and Horn 1. 2; Glee Club 

I. 2; Choir 1. 2. 
COURTNEY, CORNELIUS BYRD, JR.. 4814 Huntington. Ave.. 

Newport News, Va., Pre-Med. *Ivi;; Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 3; 

Chronicle 3. 4; Fraternity President 4; LaCrosse 2. 
COWI.ES. ALICE LARUE. 3915 Montevallo Rd., Birminghim 

9, Ala., /oology. .\KS.'; Hoof and Horn 2; Modern Dance Club 

1. 2; FAC 4. 
COX. CAROL MEYER, 2722 Brown Ave,, Apt. 245, Durham, 

N. C. 


What Is Your 

Intended Vocation? 


ncss 11% 




icine 9% 







COX. DANIEL BAKER. 2722 Brown Ave., Apt. 245. Durham 

N. C. Psvchology. *-if»; IPC 2; Football I. 2. ?,. 4. 
CRABTREE. ROBERT WAYNE. 1308 Liberty St.. Durham. N. C 
CRADDOCK, ARTHUR BRUCE. 415 Franklin St.. Mt. Airy 

N. C. Mathematics. K^: Basketball I. 
CRAFT. PAUL EDGAR. JR.. 2007 Enylewood Ave.. Durham 

N. C Phvsics. 
CROCKETT. WILLIAM GUILD. 509 Owen Rd.. Wynnewood 

Pa.. Accounting. .VX.\. 
CUMMING. LLEWELLYN. 720 Maupa,s Ave.. Savannah. Ga. 

Zoologw Chanticleer 1; WDBS 2. 3. 
CUMMINGS. JASPER RICHARD. 4026 Winchester Rd.. Louis 

ville. Ky.. English. -*K: Pre-Med Society 4; Glee Club 3. 4 

Choir 3. 4; WDBS 1. 
DALTON. WILLIAM LEE. 4848 Broadbrook Dr., Bethesda. Md. 

Accounting. K-; Bench and Bar 1. 2. President 3; Archive 2. 3 

Fraternity Pre^ident 4; IFC 4; FAC 2. 
DAN, CHARLES GEORGE. JR.. 440 W. Fifth St., Salem. Ohio. 
DARLING. JEROME W.. Scotland Ave.. Madison. Conn.. Ac 

counting. UK A, 
DAVID. DONALD G.. 1764 Greenwood Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. 

Civil Engineering. ASCE 2. 3. 4: Student Union Board of Gov 

ernors 4; DiikEngineer 2. 3. 4; Engineers Student Council 4 
DAVIS. ELIZABETH JANE. 2623 University Dr.. Durham, N. C. 

English. WDBS 1, 2, 4. 

DAVIS, LARRY JEAN. 1010 Gloria Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Spanish. Choir 2. 
DAVIS. LOUIS WIL.SON, JR.. 211 East Lake Ave. Baltimore. 

DAVIS. MARTHA CLYDE, Kenly, N. C, Nur.sing Education. 
DAVIS. RUTH ELMA, 17460 Kinsman Rd., Shaker Heights, 

Ohio, Business Administration. .\X<>; Duke Players 1.2; WAA 

Board I, 2: Hoof 'n' Horn 2, Secretary 3, President 4. 
DAVIS. SHIRLEY ANNE. 102 W. Woodridge Dr., Durham, 

N. C, English. Ivy I. 
DEAN. JANET MARION. 185 Main Street. E. Northfield, Mass., 

Political Science. -V*: Nereidian Club 2, 3. 4; Pan-Hel Council 

4; Student Union 3. 
DEAN. JARVIS GIBSON. JR., 307 Belvoir Ave., Chattanooga, 

DEANS. WILLIAM RONALD, Red Oak. N. C. Economics. 

Arnold Air Society 4. 
DEA.S, DAVID JOHN. 9 Hampton St., Canton, N. C. 
DECKER, LARRY D., 362 Park Ave., Apt. 2A, East Orange, 

N. J., Mechanical Envineerini;. KS; IIME; <J>ES; THII; BOi:; 

IITi); Varsity "D" Club; ASME. 

Tarboro. N. C. English. Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Choir 1, 2, 3. 
DERRICK, FRANKLIN LEE, JR., 851 Louise Circle, Durham, 

N. C. 
DICKENS. CHARLES HENDERSON. 502 Jarrelt St., Thomas- 

ville. N. C. Zoology. 'I'K.^; lidi;; TT!.); Pre-Med Society 1. 2, 

3. 4: Freshman "Y" Council. 
DILLIE. CHARLES WILLIAM. JR.. 691 E. Beau St., Washing- 
ton, Pa.. Political Science. AX.\; Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Peer 

DIXON, ANNE, 2300 Park PI.. Evanston, III.. Art History. -fr-M; 

Peer 3; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2, 3, 4. 
DIXON. ROBERT TILLOTSAN. 8 Knoll St., Riverside, Conn. 
DOUGLAS. ADDIE JANE. 2209 Whear St., Columbia, S. C, 

French. A*; TTU. 
DOWLESS, JOE WILLETT. 113 Chestnut St., Kannaoolis, N. C. 
DOWLING. MARY ANN. 148 Highland Rd., York, P.i.. English. 
DUFFEY. DONALD DWIGHT. 234 Merton Ave.. Glen Ellyn, 

III.. Business Administration. *KT: 4.BK; <l>Ei;: .\KT; HOi); 

MSGA 3. 4; IFC 3; FAC 2. 3; Student Union 4. 
DUNLEVY. BARBARA lONE. 2159 Lemay Ave.. Columbus. 

DUNNING. PETER B., Canterbury Rd.. Brooklyn. Conn.. 

ness Administration. SAE; Chronicle 1; Arch'.ve 2. 3; FAC 4; 

WDBS 1. 
EARLE. JOAN PONY, Naval Base. Newport. R. I.. General. 

WSGA 2; Sandals 2; Class Officer 1. 
EATON. JAMES WILLARD, JR.. 801 Underwood Ave.. Apt. 

2-B. Durham. N. C. Accounting. 2AE. 
EDGAR. JEAN BYERS. Woodlawn Farm, Elliott City, Md.. 

English. Transfer Advisor 4. 
EDGERTON. S. SUE. Box 1371. Asheville. N. C. Spanish. -I'M; 

■I'BK- Fraternity President 3; WSGA 4; Judicial Board 3. 
EGGLESTON. JOSEPH CARL. JR.. 2K Plateau Place. Green- 
belt. Md. 
EGLI. FREDRICK WILLIAM. 942 Lambeth Circle. Durham. 

N. C. 
ELLIS. THEODORE R.. JR.. 2959 Old Line Land. Hamilton. 

ELLISON, ANNE RANKIN, Quarters 19-A. Governors Island. 

N. Y.. Sociology. A<t>; Chanticleer 3: Peer 3; WDBS I. 3. 4; 

Pep Board 3. 
ELMORE. GEORGE ROY. 2501 Farthing St.. Durham. N. C, 

Enaineerini;. Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; 

ASCE 3. 4; WDBS 2. 
ERWIN. SUSAN ANN. 516 Denmore Dr.. Fairfax. Va.. Ac- 

counting. KA; WAA Board 2: Chronicle 3; WSGA 3; FAC 4. 
FALK. JAMES GARNET BAYNE. 415 6th .St.. Carlstadt. N. J. 
FALL. BOYD EDWARDS. Asheville School. Asheville. N. C. 

Religion. KA; Varsity "D" Club 4; Swimming: Golf. 
FALLAW. WALTER ROBERT, Rt. 3, Hillsboro. N. C. History. 

FALLS. RONALD MARSHALL. 1024 Barbee St.. High Point. 

N. C. 
FARMER. GARY CLAYTON. 615 Parkview Dr.. Lakeland. Fla.. 

General. IIK'1>: FAC 2. 
FARMER. LARRY LEE. 938 Cabell St.. Lynchburg. Va.. Zoology. 

Duke Players 1. 2; Chronicle I. 

tasauqua. Pa.. Geology. :^X; OAK; Varsity "D" Club 4; Red 

Friars 4; Baseball I, 2. 3. 4. 
FA YE. STANLEY E., 162-21 Powell's Cove Blvd., Beechurst. 

N. Y. Political Science. ZBT; Bench and Bar 4; Hoof and Horn 

FELSON DOROTHY ANN. 1533 Alexandria. PI.. Jacksonville, 

Fla.. English. AH*; 'I'KA; Order of the Chair 4; Chanticleer 

1; WSGA 4; Ivy 2; Pan-Hel Council 2; Glee Club I; FAC 3, 

Board of Ciovernors 3; 

100 First Ave.. Durham. 

Chairman 4: Marshal .V Student I'nii 

Cheerleader 2. .1. 4; Pep Board 1. : 

N. C. Economics. 
FEW. BENJAMIN FERGUSON, JR., Liggett & Mvers Tobacco 

Co.. 630 Fifth Ave.. New York. N. Y. 
FINOL, HUGO JOSE, Avenida 7A No. 12, Maracaiho. Ven- 
ezuela, Mechanical Engineering. riME; Tlill; \VV1\ Order of 

Saint Patrick; ASME 3, 4. 
FISCHER. MORTON PETER. 9733 Litzinger Rd.. St. Louis. Mo. 
lington. N. C. History. .\T!>: OJkK; HOI; YMCA Cabinet 2. 3; 

Red Friars 4; MSGA 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4; IFC 2; FAC 2; 

Marshal 3; Class President 1. 
FISHER, HILDA VIRGINIA. Box 553. Roxboro. N. C. 
FISHER. LEON HENRY. Apt. 3-D. Hart Manor. Marshlield. 

Wis.. Accounting;- Duke Players 2. 3, 4. 
FOARD. BARBARA RAMSEUR. 319 Woodside PI., Lenoir. 

N. C. Historv. A All; Social Standards 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Choir 

1, 2; FAC 4. 
FORBES. REDWELL KAY. 303 N. Martin St.. Elizabeth City. 

N. C. 
FOREMAN, CURTIS HOLMES, Rt. 5, Box 452. Durham. N. C. 

FRENCH, MARY ANN, 663 Maryland Ave.. N.E.. Washington, 

D. C. Political Science and Education. KKI"; YWCA Cabinet 

2: White Duchy 4; WSGA 2; Judicial Board 3; Sandals 2; Class 

President 4. 
FRIZZELL, BEN MILTON. JR.. 1320 7th Ave., Bristol, Tenn.. 

Electrical Engineering. -iTA; AIEE 3. 4. 
FULCOMER, JAMES MICHAEL. 215 Lorraine Ave., Mont- 

clair, N. J., Economics. *KT; Duke Players 2, 3; Marching 1, 2; 

Arnold Air Society 3; Shoe 'n Slipper Club. Vice-President 4. 
GAINES. KATHLEEN E., 15 Park Ave.. Brevard, N. C. 
GANTT, WILLIAM WRENN, 2403 Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C. 

Accounting. K.\; Class Council 2; Student Union 3. 

N. C. «;m//ic.v.v Administration. UK A; Varsity "D" Club 3; Glee 

Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 2. 3; Swimmina 2. 3; Tennis 1. 
GARDNER. STEPHEN C, 915 Laurel St.. Orlando, Fla.. Po- 

lilical .Science. -\.\A, 
CiARRARD. JANICE CAROLYN. 3378 Habersham Rd.. At- 
lanta 5. Ga.. Psychology. Glee Club 1; Choir 1, 4; Pep Board 2. 
GAY, MARJORIE ANDERSON, 6958 N. Tonty Ave.. Chicago 

30, 111.. History. .\1U\ Social Standards 2; Hoof 'n Horn 1; 

Sandals 2; Glee Club 1; FAC 4; Student Union 4; Foreign 

Student Advisor 3. 
GEBEL. EMILE LOUIS, 980 Lakemont Dr.. Pittsburgh 16. Pa. 
GENTER. DAVID LEE. 769 Larchmont Rd.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
GERMAN. RICHARD TRAVERS, 621 N. Augusta Ave.. Balti- 
more 29, Md., Political Science. AXA; Chanticleer 2, 3, 4; 

MSGA 1, 2, 3; Class Council 3, 4; FAC 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 

3, 4. 
GEROCK, HENRY WALTER, JR„ Box 186, Mayesville, N. C. 

Zoology. Pre-Med Society 2, 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2. 
GIBSON.' J-NELLE SMOAK. Route 2, Bennettsville, S. C. 

Zoology. AX!>; <l>liK; Ivy 1. 
GIBSON. MARGARET BAXTER. Sandy Ridge. N. C. Sociology. 

Chaniicleer I. 
GILBERT. JAMES HARMAN. JR.. 44 Royal Palm Dr.. Ft. 

Lauderdale, Fla., Business Adminislralion. -AK; Fraternity 

President 4; IFC 4; AKT 2, 3. 
GINSBURG, ROBERT STEPHEN, 2227 Crest Rd., Baltimore 9. 

Md., Political Science. ZBT; MSGA 2, 3; FAC 3, 4; Student 

Union 4; Tennis 1, 4. 
GLASS. HERMAN HARROLD. Taylor Dr.. Cos Cob, Conn., 

History. TK*; Social Standards 4; Student Union 4. 
GLASS, JOE DINSON, JR., S. Main St.. Kannapolis. N. C. 

Economics. -.N'; KOI; Bench and Bar 1. 2. 3, 4; Hoof and 

Horn 2; IFC 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Officer 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 
GLARBINGER, RONALD JAY, 45 Hampshire Rd., Rockville 

Centre, N. Y. 
GLENN, DORIS ELIZABETH, 816 Mangum St., Durham, N. C. KA; WSGA 3; Glee Club 1; Choir I; FAC 4; Co- 
ordinate Board 1; Marshal 3. 


Md., Economics. <I>I<-. 
GODFREY, DAVID B.. JR.. 282 Foster St., Lowell, Mass.. 

Electrical Engineering. <>X; Hoof and Horn 2, 3; Chronicle 1; 

Men's Athletic Council 4; Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; 

FAC 4; AIEE I, 2, 3, 4; IDC 2, 3; DukEngineer 1; Baseball 1; 

Track 3, 4; Gymnastics 2, 3. 
GODWIN, JOSEPH ROBERT, Rt. 5. Dunn. N. ( .. Mechanical 

Engineering. ASME I. 2. 3. 4. 
(iODDAI.I . JOHN COBB. JR.. 3260 I ake Shoic Dr., Chicago 

13, 111,, History. AT!.'; Cilcc Club 1, 2. 

1505 Fairidge Dr., Kingsport, 
Maryland (.ardcn's. Waldorf. 

GOOD.SON, RAYMOND EUGENE, Box 227, Canton, N. C 
Econ<miics. i:X; Hoof and Horn 1; Chronicle 1. 2. 3; Cilee Club 

1. 2, 3, 4; Choir I, 2. 3, 4; Marshal 3, 

GORDON. PATRICIA ORR. 1108 W. Front St.. Burlincton. 

N. C, Sociology. Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Student 

Union 3. 
GOUDY. ROBERT SCHWALM, 402 Kenan, Wilson, N. C. 

Engineering. IIME; OAK; <I>BK; TBII; Order of Saint Patrick; 

DukEngineer 4; Varsity "D" 4; Pub Board 4; ASCE 1. 2, 3, 4. 
GRADY, ANNE FAYNER, Box 382, Four Oaks, N. C. Political 

Science. A*; Ivy 1. 
GRANT. SALLY LOU. 6115 Louisville St.. New Orleans 24. 

La.. Zoology. ZTA; Glee Club 1. 2. 
GRAPER, ROBERT MILTON. Ill West View Rd., Upper Mont- 

clair. N. J.. Business Administration. *K'^: Chronicle 1; FAC 4; 

WDBS 2. 
GREEN, MARILYN HUXLEY, Old Force Rd.. Lima. Pa.. 

Education. UK*. 
GREENE. JUDITH. I 107 E. Broad, Statesville, N. C. Psychology. 

A<I>A; Chanticleer 1. 2. 3; House Council 3. 
GREENE. SANDRA ANN, 115 S. Clinton St., East Orange. 

N. J., Accounting. Duke Players I. 2. 3, 4: Hoof and Horn 

2, 3, 4; Chronicle 4; Glee Club I, 2. 

GREENE. WALTER EASTBURN, Ardmore and Pleasand Aves.. 
Philadelphia, Pa.. Mechanical Engineering. ASME 1. 2. 3. 4; 
Swimming 1; Golf 2. 

GRIFFITHS, DONALD C, JR., 1730 N. Washington Ave.. 
Scranton. Pa. 

GRILLS, JOE, Lackland A.F.B., San Antonio, Texas, Business 
Administration. ■t-KT; <t.BK; AKT; Bol; Duke Players 3; Fra- 
ternity President 4; MSGA 2, 4; IFC 4; FAC 3; Arnold Air 
Society 3, 4. 

GRIMSON. KEITH. 9419 Central Park Ave.. Evanston. 111.. 
Pre-Dental. 11 KA; Class Council 4; IFC 1. 2; Glee Club 1. 2. 

GRISSETT, PRISCILLA ANN, 11920 Union Turnpike, Kew 
Gardens 15, N. Y.. Political Science. Chronicle 3; Glee Club 1. 

GROVE, WILLIAM DAVIS, Box 196, Saluda, Va. 

HADLEY. ANN C. Box 291, R.R. 1, Danville, Ind.. Mathe- 
matics. AT; Student Union 3, 4. 

HAECKLER, WILLIAM KARL. 923 Jefferson St., McKecsporl. 

HAGEN. WARREN EDWARD. 320 Reillv Rd.. Cincinnati 15, 

HAGIE. WILLIAM JAMES, 708 Tipton St., Elizabethlon. Tenn.. 
Business Administration. Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HALL, ELEANOR HOAG, Box 67, Damascus, Va.. Physical 

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Sludv'J 

.S-KI Hoi 


10-1? Hoi 



l>-20 Hot 



2tl-.W Hoi 



.U)-40 Hoi 



More Tha 

; 40 Hours 


As /••<•..■ as 



Echicdtion and Biolovw WAA Board 3: Chronicle 2. 3; Transfer 

Advisor 4; House Council ?, 4. 
HAMMILL. TERRY IINGLH, Rl. 4, Concord, N. C. /'/•<-- 

Sfinislcriiil. K.\. 
HAMMOND. Wll.I.IAM IrlDWARD, Rt. 3; Hendcrsonville. N. C, 

KUcirual Emiinccrinv. Al*; CuANncLMR 3, 4: Chronicle 4; 
Kni;inccrs Club 2, 3. 4; AIEE 1. 2. 3. 4. 
HARDEN. GEORGE CYRUS. .IR.. Box 404. Sanlord. Ha. 
HARCiRAVE. EVA HACKNEY. 103 W. Eirst Ave.. I cxinulon. 

N. C. Art. AAll; Social Standards 1; YWCA Cabinet 4. 
HARl.E^-. NEIE H.. 4410 Jamestown Rd., Washington 16, D. ( .. 

Civil Envinccrinv. 1 1 K A ; A.SCE 2, 3. 4. 
HARRINGTON. Al FRED MERLE. Henderson. N. C. BnsincsA 

Administration. Baseball 1. 

N. C. Zoology. Pre Med Society 3, 4. 
HARRINGTON. S. JANE. 421 2nd St., Marietta, Ohio, Fsy- 

cholovv and Sociolovv. Hoof and Horn 1; Chronicle 1. 
HARRIS. EUGENE STARKE. 2005 Laurel .St.. Pine Bluff. Ark.. 

Political Science. K-; Bench and Bar 3; Hoof and Horn 1; 

MSGA 2; Concert Band 1: Marchinu Band 1; FAC 2. 
HARRIS. JAMES FREDERICK. 407 19th Ave.. Scranton. Pa., 

Pre-Minislerial. AT!>, 
HARRIS. MARTHA RAE. 754 Pee Dee Ave.. Albemarle. N. C. 

French. AAA; Chantici I KR 1; Fraternity President 4: Glee 

Club 1: Cheerleader 3, 4. 
HARRIS. WILLIAM EDWIN. 30 Wellesley Rd.. Swarthmore. 

Pa., Economics. IIK*: A+A; WDBS 1, 2, 3. 4: Radio Council 3. 
HART, JULIA DRANE, Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C. 
HART. ROBERT LEOPOLD. 45 Randolph Rd., Chestnut Hill, 

Mass., Economics. Swimming 1. 2. 
HATCHELL. RALPH EUGENE. JR.. 910 Brunwood Dr.. 

Florence. S. C, Psvchologw Hoof and Horn 3, 4; Concert Band 

2, 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2: WDBS 3. 

HATCHER. MARTIN ARMSTEAD. JR.. 404 Clay St.. Hamlet. 

N. C. 
HATERIUS, CARL J., 1 S. Broadway, White Plains. N, Y. 
HATTLER, BRACK GILLIUM, Box 1893, Panama City, Panama, 

French. ^'^■. TTO; Varsity "D" Club; Pre-Med Society; Swim- 
HAWKINS. ALIX MADGE. 127 Pocahontas PI.. Hampton. Va.. 

Engli.Kh. ^\^: Order of the Chair 3. 4: Hoof and Horn 3. 4; 

Archive 2. 3. 4; Peer 4; WSGA 2. 3; Class Council 2; Student 

Forum 3. 4; Sandals 2; Modern Dance Club 2; Pegasus 3. 4. 
HAVENS, HARRY STEWART. 2088 E. 14th St., Tuscaloosa, 

HAY, DAVID MeKECHNIE. 1410 Alabama Ave., Durham, 

N. C. Psychology. OME; 'i'E^; A*A; KX; MSGA 4: Symphony 

Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 
HAZEN. SALLY LEE. 439 Westover Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. 
HEADLEY, HOLLAND NEAL, 208 Atlas St.. Durham, N, C. 
HEARN. FREDERICK WILLIAM, 222 St., Dunstans Rd., Balti- 
more 12. Md.. History. -AE; Varsity "D" Club 4; Class Council 

3: IFC 2. 3; FAC 3'; LaCrosse I, 2, 3, 4. 
HEIL. ALAN LEWIS. JR., 664 Valley Rd., Upper Montclair, 

N. J.. English. Ai:*; A4.A; Pub Board 3; Chronicle I. 2, 3. 4: 

Fraternity President 4; MSGA 4; IFC 4; Glee Club I; Choir 1. 
HEIM. DONALD HORACE, 725 Broad St., Montoursville, Pa., 

Mechanical Eni;ineeriin'. AS't. 
HEIZER, SIDNEY ISABEL, 1320 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Spanish. AAII; lAII; <t>KK; Hoof and Horn I; Freshman "Y" 

Council; Ivy 1; FAC 3; Class Officer 2, 4; Student Union. 

Board of Governors 4. 
HENSEY. CHARLES McKINNON, Box 65, Maxton, N. C. Bii.u- 

ness A dininislration. 
HERNDON. A. CAROL. 223 Pineview Rd., Durham, N. C. 
HERR. URSULA SIEGER. 80 Elmwood Ave.. Waterbury, Conn.. 

History. YWCA Cabinet 2. 3: Student Union 4. 
HESTER. MARTHA ELIZABETH. 641 Forest Hill Rd., Macon, 

Ga.. General. *.M: Duke Players 2. 4: Chanticleer 1; Ivy 2; 

Glee Club 1. 2, 4: Choir 1, 2, 4; Triple Trio 2. 4. 
HICKS, JAMES MANSON, 1534 S. Court St.. Montgomery. Ala. 
HILDRETH. MARILYN JANE. Rodney Ct. Apts.. Wilminaton. 

Del.. Religion. AX!.'; ■J'KA; Chanticleer 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 

3. 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Triple Trio 1, 2, 3, 4. 
HOADLEY, PETER GEORGE, Carolee Apt. II, Durham. N. C. 

Civil Engineering. *KT; TIME; TBI!; Engineers Club 4; ASCE 

2. 3. President 4; DiikEngineer 3, 4; Basketball 1. 
HOCK, AUGUST WILLIAM, 16 Sommer Ave.. Maplewood. 

N. J.. History. :::X; Fraternity President 4; MSGA 4; IFC 4: 

Glee Club I. 
HODGES. SARAH JANE, 354 Kimberly Ave.. Asheville, N. C. 

Sociology. AAII; "frKA; Social Standards 3; Nereidian I. 2. 3; 

WSGA 4; Class Officer 1: House President 4. 
HOFFMAN. LARRY WILLIAM, Rt. 3. Franklin. Pa.. Mechanical 

Engineering. ASME I. 2. 3; Golf I. 
HOHNER. ROBERT ARTHUR. 711 N. Parkwood Rd.. Decatur. 

Ga., History. UK*. 

HOLBEN, CARL E., JR.. 1403 Second St., Durham, N. C, Bii.u- 

ness Administration. Varsity "D" Club I, 2, 3, 4. 
HOLLAND. WILLIAM LANGSTON. 831 Brightwaters Blvd., St 

Petersbiug, Fla.. Pre-Eaw. <t'A(). 
HOI ICIREN. BARBARA MARIA. 53(1 l-lm St.. Wcsltield N J 

History. Duke Players I. 2. 3. 
HOOVER. GEORGE OLIVER. 88 Park Ave.. Verona. N. J.. Administration. Ki;; Varsity "D" Club 2. 3: Baseball 
1, 2, 3, 4. 
HOUSE, DAVID WEI.DON, 911 Bragg St., Monroe, N. C, Ac- 

coiintinv. "tAO; AKT 1, 4. 
HOUSTON. JOHN THEODORE. 1908 5th .St., Riverview, Beaver 

Falls, Pa.. Business Administration. Duke Players 3, 4. 
HOWLETT. MARGARET ANN. Fancy Gap, Va., English. Duke 

Players 2, 4; Ivy 2. 
HUBBARD. JERRY GARLAND. 901c Edgewood Apts.. Gas- 

tonia. N. C. Accounting. Ki); Football 1. 2. 
HUBERT. RICHARD N.. 114 N. Woodland Dr., Marietta, Ga., 

Business Administration. .VT!.'; Bench and Bar 2, 3; M.SGA 
1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3. 
HUEY. MARION VIRGINIA. 501 S.E. 25th Ave. Ft I auder- 

dale. Fla.. Art. KAO; Student Union 3. 
HUFFMAN. DAVID IOLA.S, 550 E. Riddle. Ravenna, Ohio 

Psycholog. IIK.V; FAC 2. 
HUNSLEY. LLOYD ARTHUR, JR.. 2458 Amber St.. Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Pre-Ministerial. Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2, 3 4. 
HUNTER. ANN, 103 Ridgeway Dr., Greensboro, N. C, Religion. 

Glee Club 1; Concert Band 1. 2. 3; Madrigal Chorus 3 4 
HUNTLEY. REID DeBERRY. 2718 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C, 

History. UK*; Class Council 4; Freshman "Y" Council; FAC 2. 
HURM. WALTER DAVID. 115 Briar Lane. Newark, Del.. 

Mechanical Engineering. -AE; Varsity "D" Club 3; ASME 3; 

Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. 

chanicsburg. Pa.. Psychology. 
HYLDAHL. BRUCE CLAYTON, 39 Locust Grove Dr., Clark. 

N. J.. Business Administration. *KE; OAK; A*A; Pub Board 4- 

Chanticleer 2. 3. 4. Business Manager 4; Who's Who 4: Glee 

Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 
IKENBERRY. LYNN DAVID. 310 W. View St., Harrisonburg 

Va.. Chemistry. IIM-; .1.BK; ■i'V.^; Concert Band 1. 2. 3; March- 
ing Band 1. 2. 3. 
INMAN. JUDITH ANN. 7573 S.W. 47 Court. S. Miami Fla 

History. AAII. 
IVEY. THOMAS NEAL. 359 2nd St. PI.. N.W.. Hickory. N. C. 

Pre-Med. IIK<I>; ■t>E:;; Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 3. 4; Chanticleer 

1. 2. 3; Class Council 3. 4; Glee Club I; FAC 3. 4: Y-Man 4. 

Salle. Qta. Glorieta. Caracas, Venezuela, Civil Engineering. 

Varsity -D" Club 4; ASCE 4; .Soccer 1, 2, 3. 4. 
JACKSON. MICHAEL HODGES. 5081 S. Franklin, Englewood. 

Colo.. Economics. MSGA I. 2; FAC 2. 3; Student Union 2. 3. 4. 
JACKSON. THEODORE H.. JR.. 604 Arbor Rd.. Cheltenham. Pa. 
JACOVES. RICHARD BENJAMIN. 15 St. Pauls Rd.. N,. Hemp- 
stead. N. Y.. Political Science. ZBT; Varsity "D" Club 4; Order 

of the Chair I. 2. 3. 4; Bench and Bar 2. 3: Hoof and Horn 

I. 2. 3. 4; Head Cheerleader 3. 
JAEGER, BOI JON. 715 Vallevista Ave.. Pittsburgh 34 Pa 

Geology. IIKA; MSGA 2. 
JE.SSEE. AUDREY DALE. 1310 Radclitf Ave.. Lynchburg Va 

Education. ZTA; FAC 4. J fr ■ 

JOHNSON. ALICE GALE. 314 Moorfield Dr.. Talladega Ala 

English. .^.^.^. 
JOHNSON. CAROLYN. Wood Nymph Trail. Lookout Mt.. Tenn.. 

English. I\A; <I>KA; Judical Board 4; Glee Club 3; Choir V 

FAC 3. ■■ 

JOHNSON. CHARLES R.. 1007 W. Trinity Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

JOHNSON. DOROTHY JEAN, Box 269. Smithfield, N. C. 

Science Education. Glee Club I. 2. 3; Choir 2. 3. 
JOHNSON. WALTER ROYLE. JR.. 3 Fairway PI.. Biltmore. 

N. C. 
JONES. COLIN MASTIN, 321 13th St., Alexandria Va Elec- 
trical Engineering. AIEE 1, 2, 3, 4. 
JORDAN. ANNE RANKIN. Cedar Falls. N. C. Elementary 

Education. KA(i; Glee Club I. 2. 4: Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. 
JORDAN. HENRY HARRLSON. II. Cedar Falls. N. C, Bii.siness 

Administration. KA; Varsity "D" Club: Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4. 
JORDAN. LYNDON KIRKMAN. 309 N. Breayeale Ave.. Mt. 

Olive. N. C. Pre-Med. +K<I'; Pre-Med Society I, 2. 3, 4; Glee 

Club 1, 2; Choir 1, 2. 
JOYNER. FRANK BELTON. JR.. 316 E. Third St., Siler City, 

N. C. English. YMCA Cabinet 2. 3: M.SGA 2. 3; Freshman 

•Y" Council; IDC 2. 3; KX; Track 1. 2: Class Officer 3. 
JURGENSEN. CHRISTIAN A.. III. 504 S. 18th St., Wilmington, 

N. C. 

JUSTICE, HENRY ADOI.PHUS. 571 Ciiriboii RJ.. Asheville. 

N. C, Pre-Ministerial. 
KAMM. Stanley Brandon. .150 N. Boulevard. Petersburg. Va. 
KAMSLER. LEONARD MACON. 2121 Woodland Ave., Raleigh. 

N. C. Business Adininislnition. Chaniicleer 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Chronicle I: Peer 2. 3. 4; Order of the Chair 3. 4; AK>1' 2. 3, 4. 
KATZINSKI. JOHN. 17 Ronkodkoma Ave.. W. Hempstead. N. Y.. 

Civil Enaineerim;- UK*; Order of the Chair 3; Peer 3. 4; 

A.SCE 3. 
KAYI ER. CI.AUDETTE TAYI OR. 106 ,S. n.ilton St.. Gastonia. 

N. C. Philosophv. '^BK; Ivy 1; Concert Band I. 
KEARNS, ADALYN SHERWOOD. 907 Rockford Rd.. High 

Point. N. C. French. TM'<>; YWCA Cabinet 4: Sandals 2. 
KEENAN. EVELYN LOUISE. 905 Farragut St.. N. W.. Wash- 
ington. D. C. Historx. Chronicle I; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; 

Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. 
KEIM. WALTER HERMAN. 5006 Klingle St.. N.W.. Washing- 
ton. D. C. Political Science. *K>I': Glee Club 4; Choir 4. 

Prospect. 111., Political Science. ATs;; W.11; Bench and Bar 

I. 2. 3. 4; Hoof and Horn 1. 2. 3; Archive 3. 4; MSGA 2. 3; 

Freshman "Y" Council; Class Council 3; Transfer Advisor 2: 

Track I. 
KELLER. ANN BEESON. 22200 S. Woodland. Shaker Hts., Ohio. 
History. ZT.V. 
KEMPLER. DONALD. 142 Irving Ave.. South Orange. N. J.. 

Mechanical Engineer. ZBT. 
KENASTON, JAMES HAMPTON. Box 552. Cocoa. Fla.. Geol- 
ogy. ATSi. 
KEPHART. WILLIAM W.. JR.. 8900 Fairview Rd.. Silver Spring. 

KERSTETTER. NED M.. 520 E. Main St.. Louisville. Ohio. 

Socioloav. IIKA; Manager. Track. 2. 3. 
KESSLER. H. RICHARD. 1409 Sixth St.. Durham. N. C, 
KETCHAM. David Elliott. 608 Greenbrier Dr., Bellepoint. W. Va. 
KETNER. CAROLYN DEANE. 9 Woodland Rd.. Salisbury. N. C, 

Sociology. AAA; Social Standards 2; YWCA Cabinet 3; FAC 3: 

Student Union 3. 
KEYES. JEROME WILLIS, JR.. 6504 Duke St., Alexandria, Va.. 

Biisine.'^s AJministrution. AX.\; Peer 1; Fraternity President 3: 

Class Council 2. 3: IFC 3: FAC 2; Baseball I, 2. 
KIENLE. RICHARD WILLIAM, 1573 Sterling Rd.. Charlotte. 

N. C, Historv. KA; <t>Ei;; A*A; FAC 2. 3. 
KING. ARTHUR WARD. 1410 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C, 

Business AJminisiralion. 'I'Ati: Golf 2. 3. 4: Varsity "D" Club 4. 
KING. JOHN REID. 508 Sycamore St.. Weldon. N. C. 
KING JULIUS. 4633 Duke Station. Durham. N. C. 
KIRBY. MILTON RAY. 410 Newsom St., Durham. N. C. 

General. AXA; Bench and Bar I; Hoof and Horn 1; Peer I. 
KISTLER. HENRY EVANS. JR.. 1305 Lilac Road, Charlotte, 

N. C. 
KLATT, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Laurel, Del., Nursing Edu- 

KLINE. ROBERT L.. JR.. 1067 Pulaski Rd., I. Northport, L. I.. 
N. Y.. Electrical Engineering. Varsity "D" Club 2. 3. 4: AIEE 
4; Track 2. 3, 4; Cross Country 2. 

KOHLER. RIKA DOROTHY. 3323 Gallatin Rd., Toledo, Ohio. 
P.iychologv. KKT; .I.KA; Social Standards 1; WSGA 4; Pan-Hel 
Council 4; Glee Club 1; Choir 1; FAC 3; Student Union 2. 3, 
Secretary, Board of Governors 3. 

KOCOUREK. JEROME JOHN. JR.. 2402 S. Clarence Ave 
Berwyn. III. 

KONICEK. MILTON C, 205 Maynard Ave., Durham, N. C, ///.v- 
torv. Football I. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling I, 2; Track I. 2. 

KURLBAUM. SUSAN. Box 638, Bradalbin, N. Y.. English. HB'!.; 
Nereidian 1. 2; Fraternity President 4; Student Union 3. 

wood Park, 111. 

KRUEGER, RONALD PAUL, 224 Old Short Hills Rd.. Short 
Hills. N. J. 

LABOON. SARAH LANGI.Y. 5407 N. Eighteenth St.. Arlington. 
Va.. Elementarv Education. 

LAMPROS. LAMPROS CHRIS. 636 New Castle Rd., Farrell Pa 

LAND. C AROL JEANETIH. 2221 Eighth Ave.. Bradenton, Fla., 
Ecommucs. Duke Players 4; Hoof and Horn 2. 3. 4. 

LANDIS. MRS. RUTH GOWER. 435 Cutler St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
Nursing Education. 

LANE, WILLIAM COBB. 178 Adelaide St.. Belleville 9. N. J., 
Pre-Med. II-MK, Pre-Med Society 2. 3. 4: Freshman YMCA 
Council I; Sophomore YMCA Council 2. 

LARESE. EDDIE JOHN, Box 157 Kimball, W. Va.. Accounting 
i:.\; AK^l-; Senior Class Council 4. 

LARUE, JOY ANN, c'o .Standard Oil. Wauchula. Fla.. Ele- 
mentary Education. .\+; Pan-Hel Council 3; FTA, President 4. 

I.ASSITER, GAIL, 122 Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
English. K.\H; Duke Players 1. 2; Social Standards 3, 4, Presi- 
dent 4; WSGA 4. 

LATHAM, SUZANNE, 418 W. Second St.. Washington, N. C„ 
English. Ivy 2; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. .3. 4. 

LAVINER. ESTER MAE. Wayram. N. C. Nursuig Educuti.m. 

LEE. BLANEY EARL. Rt. 6. Box 77. Durham. N. C. 

LEE. WILLIAM SWAIN. 206 S. Broad St.. Middletown. Del.. 
History. :iN: Football Manager I. 2. 3. 4; Bench and Bar 3. 4. 

LEONARD. R. WEBB. 2 Chestnut St., Lexington, N. C, Al<l>; 
Chronicle 4; Fraternity President 2, 3; IFC 2, 3. 

I HRRO. MARGARET ANNE. 834 Manhattan Ave., Dayton 6. 
Ohio, /oology. Pre-Med Society 3. 4: Nereidian Club 3. 4: 
Hoof and Horn I: Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4. 

LEWIS. CLAUDE IRENIUS. 2802 Roxboro Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

LEWIS, FRANKLIN EDWARDS, 1701 N. 19th Ave.. Pensacola, 

LINDQUIST. SHIRLEY JOYCE. 252 State St., Albany, N. Y.. 

Political .Science. AAA; WAA Board 2; Nereidian I: Hoof and 
Horn 2; WSGA 3: Ivy 1; Glee Club I. 2: Choir I. 2; Madrigal 
Chorus 3. 4. 

Washington 16. D. C. Civil Engineering. *AH; ASCE 2. 3. 4. 

LINEKER, SIDNEY GEORGE, JR.. 12 Aspen Lane. Falls 
Church. Va.. Electrical Engineering. Ki); ll.ME; Freshman 
YMCA Council 1; AIEE 3. 4. 

LITTLE. JOSEPH WALLACE, JR., 502 4th Ave., Myrtle Beach. 
S. C. Mechanical Engineering. HME; TBII; IlTi:. President 4; 
ASME 4. 

LITTLER. THEODORE, 130 Academy St., Manlius, N. Y. 

LODEN. GEORGE BARNARD. JR., 2600 Woodward Way, 
N. W.. Atlanta. Ga.. Mathematics. HK*. 

LEOB. THEODORE F.. JR., 694 Glendale Rd., Wilbraham, Mass., 
Bii.siness Administration. -.Mx Varsity "D" Club 4; Semper 
Fidelis 4; Soccer 2. 3. 4; Track I. 2. 

l.OFQUIST. JUDITH. Avenida Rio Branco 18, Caixa Postal 
4373. Rio De Janerio. Brazil. 

l.OMAX. PHILLIP ASBURY. 609 Sixth St.. North Wilkesboro. 
N. C. Business Administration. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; March- 
ing Band 1. 2. 3, 4. 

LONG. JOHNNY LEE, 1000 N. Washington, Shelby, N. C. 
Sociology. KA; Varsity "D" Club 3, 4; Freshman YMCA Coun- 
cil 1; Baseball 1; Football I. 2. 3. 4. 

LOVETT. MRS. CAROL JOAN. 1020 Eustace Dr.. Dixon. 111.. 
KA; Pan-Hel. Officer 3: Glee Club 1. 2; Choir 2. 3. 

LOWE. THOMAS FRANCIS. 1626 Winford Rd.. Baltimore 12. 
Md., Mechanical Engineerimi. H<HI; IITi:; FAC 3; ASME 3. 4. 

sonville, Fla.. Pre-Med. Pre-Med Society 1. 2. 3. 4; MSGA 4. 

LYON. MARIANNA ELIZABETH. 1010 Dacian Ave.. Durham. 
N. C. Elementary Education. i:K; WAA Board 4; Glee Club 
I. 2; Choir 1. 

McARDLE. SHAUN, American Consulate General. Sao Paulo. 
Brazil. History. BX; Peer I, 2; Sophomore YMCA Council 2: 
WDBS 2. 

.sota, Fla.. Economics. Ben. 

McCLEMENT. LEE. 900 Palmer Rd.. Bronxville. N. Y.. Sociology. 
AAII; WAA Board 2; Social Standards 2; WSGA 4; House Presi- 
dent 4; FAC 3; Student Union 3. 

McCONNELL. RICHARD ARTHUR. Apt. 8-A. 801 Underwood 
Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Mccormick. MARY LOUISA. 78 Warwick Rd., Muncie, Ind.. 
English. KA; Duke Players 1. 3; Peer 3; Pan-Hel Council 4. 

McDowell. BERMA LUCRETIA, 3328 Runnymede PI.. Wash- 
ington. D. C. Chemistry. TTO; Ivy 1; Glee Club I, 2; Choir 

1, 2; Madrigal Chorus 3, 4. 

McGAUGHEY, ROBERT TRUSELL, 357 Arch St., Kittanning, 
Pa.. Business Administration. Ki); Semper Fidelis 1 "> 3 4- 
Football 1, 2, 3, 4. ,-,-.. 

MclLHENNY, JOHN BOYD. 751-B Aalapapa Dr.. Lanikai. 
Hawaii. Political Science. Ki.'; Varsity "D" Club 2, 4 Manager 

2, 3. 4; Semper Fidelis 3. 4. 

MclNTOSH. SALLY WARREN. Box 887 Savannah Ga Eng- 
lish. KA; TM'i;.- Chronicle. Editor 4. • •■ - ,^ 

McKEE. ROBERT COOPER. New Wilmington Pa 

McLAIN, LEE WILLIAM. JR.. 4192 Roberts Point Circle, .Sara- 
sota, Fla., Pre-Med. BOll; ().iK; <l>Ei;; Red Friars 4- IFC "i 3- 
Marshal 3; Judical Board 3, 4: Chairman 4. 

McLEOD. DON EVANS, 3414 .Shepherd St.. Chevy Md.. 
Ecotiomics. ■J'Ki:; Glee Club I. 2. 3; Choir I. 2. 

McMAN. WILLIAM DALE. 148 Courlland .St.. Elyria Ohio 
Engineering. i;.\K; AIEE I. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air .Society 2. 3, 4; 

McTAMMANY. JOHN ROBERJ. Box 134. Orange Park Fla 
Pre-Med. *Ki;; Pre-Med .Society 2. 3. 4. President 4; FAC 2; 

Mackenzie, CHARLES EDWARD. 960 E. Orange St., Lan- 
caster, Pa.. Zoology. DX; A>|..\; Pre-Med Society 2. 3. 4. 

MAHANES, MARTHA ANN, 925 E. Jefferson St., Charlottes- 
ville, Va.. Zoology. Duke Plaveis 3. 4; Pre-Mcd .Society 3. 4; 

Ivy I: Sandals 2; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir I. 2, ^, 4: Concert 
Band 1. 2. 3, 4; FAC .V 
MAHNS, HENRY LOUIS, Green Grove, Neptune, N, J.,^i- 

MAHR. MICHAEL STEPHEN. Um Kallslalt Rd., Baltimore |S 

MAINSEL, DIANA RAE, 2106 Hamill Ave., ( larksburg, W. Va.. 
All. .\'l>; Hoof and Horn I. 

MAIONE, ROBERT STEPHEN, 509 Frisco Rd., Edgewater, 
Pensacola. Fla., Puiholdt-y. Hoof and Horn 3; Glee Club 1, 2. 

MANNING. DONALD FRANKLIN, Willseyville, N. Y., Mc- 
clwniitil t:iif;iiicniiiu. Marching Band 1: ASME 3, 4. 

MARCOM. CLAIRE BURDICK. 4684 Ortega Blvd.. Jackson- 
ville. Fla. 

MARKS, MARVIN LEE, 3311 Labyrinth Rd., Baltimore 13. Md.. 
Business AcJmiiiislrtilioii. TK<t; Duke Players 3, 4; Peer I; Glee 
Club I; FAC 4; Shoe n Slipper 2, 3, 4. 

Orangeburg, S. C, Genend. <I>K-; Chronicle I: Fraternity Presi- 
dent 4: MSGA 4; IFC 4: Tennis 1. 2. 3. 

MARTIN, GRACE JEAN, 55 Woodland Park Dr., Tenafly, N. J., 
A/((v/< tUluculion. Hoof and Horn 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Choir 
4; Madrigal Chorus 3. 4. 

MARTIN. ROBERT LEE. JR.. 616 lOth St., Birmingham 4, Ala., 
Physics. Chanmclur 3. 

MARTIN, WILLIAM MARION, JR., 4210 Oakridge Lane, Chevy 
Chase, Md. 

What Are Your Hobbies? 

Outdoor Spo 



Indoor Sports 
Bird Watching 

MARVIN. HELEN REBECCA. 145 Wayne St.. Beaver. Pa.. 
Sociology. -i-\^; Glee Club 1. 

MASIUS, ALFRED GLENN. JR.. 3109 Guilford Ave.. Balti- 
more. Md., Sociology -.\1'>: Varsity "D" Club 3, 4; MSGA 1. 

MASON, EDNA CARSON, 1620 Hertford Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Religion. KA; *KA; WSGA 4; "Y" Council 1: Glee Club 
1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; FAC 3: House President 4. 

MASON, RICHARD FINLEY, 1405 Clarendon Ave.. Lakeland, 
Fla., Mechanical Engineering. *K2; Chanticleer 2, 3; Chronicle 
1, 2; ASME 1, 2, 3, 4; LaCrosse. 

MATTHEWS, LEWIS R.. JR., 7103 Oxford Rd.. Baltimore 4. 

MATHIS. SYLVIA DAWN. 725 Milledge Circle. Athens. Ga.. 
English. -i-iA; White Duchy 4; WSGA 1. 3. 4: Sandals 2: Co- 
ordinate Board. Chairman 4; Marshal 3; Class President 2. 

MAXWELL, SHERRY STROME, 836 27th Ave.. N.. St. Peters- 
burg. Fla.. Prc-Law. Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4. 

MEAD. ALLEN. Box 35. Leland. Mich., Mechanical Engineering. 
BHll; iimKiIIT::: ASME l, 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2. 

MEADOR. JAMES CARR. JR.. 527 Piccadilly St., Charleston, 
W. Va.. Econonucs. IIKA; IFC 2, 3. 

MEEKS, GEORGE WINSTON. 1017 Gloria Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

MELTZER. STEPHANIE WARREN. 2007 Wilson St.. Durham. 
N. C, P.svcholog\. 

MEREDITH. HOWARD P.. JR., 330 Maxwell Dr.. Pittsburgh 
36. Pa., Electrical Engineering. Ai;*; AIEE 4. 

MERRITT. REPTON HALL. 1618 Hillsboro St.. Raleigh. N. C. 
English. YMCA Cabinet 3. 4: Pre-Med Society 1. 2; Chanti- 
cleer 1; Peer 3, 4; MSGA 3: Class Council 3. 4; Student Union 
3. 4. 

METCALF, JADIE RICHARD. Rt. 2. Box 446. Bradenton. Fla.. 
General. Hoof and Horn 3. 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; March- 

ing Band 3; Symphony Orchestra I, 2, 3. 4; Cross Country ■> 
MEWBORN. HELENE, 570 1 akeshore Dr.. Atlanta 7 Cia 

Engli.^h. WAA Board 2. 
NEWBORNE. JONZENNIE. 715 ( hesapeake Ave.. Hampton 

Va.. History. A All; FAC 3. 
MILEWSKI. EMM FRANK. 2010 OakmonI, Philadelphia Pa 

MILLER, BRU( K WILKINSON, 153 Roxbury Rd„ Garden City, 
N. Y.. Political Science. Varsity "D" Club 4; .Semper Fidelis 
4: Football I: LaC rosse 1. 2. 3 4 
MILLER. CARL ANTHONY. JR., 1714 Washington Blvd., 

Louisville, Ohio, Zoology. BHll. 

Norfolk, Va., Hi.slory. Ivy 1; Sandals 2; FAC 3. 
MITCHELL. MARY MAY. Fairhills Farms. Matthews N C 

Religion. A All. 
MITCHELL. PETER RAYMOND. 301 Birdwood Ave.. Haddon- 

field, N. J, 
MOFFETT. DANIEL BRUCE. 4344 Hawthorne St.. N.W.. Wash- 
mgton. D. C, Psychology. Pre-Med Society 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2. 
MONTGOMERY. MARILYN DEE. 934 E. Essex. Glendale 22 
Mo.. Elementary Education. KAO; Pan-Hel Council 3: Sym- 
phony Orchestra 1. 2; FAC 4. 
MOORE. JOAN SHIRLEY. 44 Dunkirk Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md., 
English. i:AII; <1.BK; A*1'A; WAA Board 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 
4; Chronicle 3, 4; Ivy 2; Glee Club I, 2. 
MOORE. ROBERT LEE. Rt. 1. Box 40. Rutherfordton. N. C. 

Pre-Ministerial. Class Council 4. 
MOORE, ROY E., JR.. Canaan, N. Y.. Sociology. ATA; Duke 
Players 3: YMCA Cabinet 1; Arnold Air Society 3; WDBS 1; 
Sabre Flight 4. 
MOORE, TOMMY JOSEPH, 1616 E. Berry Ave.. Gastonia. N. C. 

History. Glee Club I; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 
MORENO. ALIRIO JOSE. Calle 89 E. #4-44. Maracaibo, Vene- 
zuela.. Mechanical Engineering. UTi:; ASME 3, 4. 
MORGAN. HELEN HOLMES. 216 Sheffey. Marion. Va.. Po- 
litical Science. Chanticleer 3. 
ham. N. C. 
MORGAN. WILSON A.. Rt. 4., Box 186, Hendersonville, N. C. 

Sociology. Glee Club 3. 4. 
MORIBER. LLOYD ALAN. 2260 8()th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
MORRIS. MARY ROSE. 211 Friendly Rd.. Burlington, N. C, 
Elementary Education. Chronicle 3; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2: 
FAC 3. 
MOY. DAVID. 500 Benson St., Camden 3, N. J., Chemistry. 
MUESER. ROBERT RANSON. 1518 Glendale Ave., Durham, 
N. C„ Civil Engineering. AX.\; YMCA Cabinet 1; Chronicle I; 
ASCE 3, 4; DiikEngineer 4. 
MULL. LAURA ISABELLE. 224 Forest Hill, Morganton, N. C, 
Business Administration. ZTA; "tKA; Pub Board 3, 4; Chanti- 
cleer 1, 2. 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Choir 3, 4; FAC 4 
MULL, WILLIAM H.. 140 Grandview Ave., Bausman, Pa., Ac- 
counting. HX; A+A; AK+ 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1. 
MULLINS. JERRY KENT. Madison. W. Va., Business Adminis- 
tration. K-\ AK*. 
MUNCH. CHARLES HERBERT. 62 Covington. Asheville. N. C. 

II K*. 
MURRAY. JOHN ARCHIE. JR.. 610 S. Rome Ave.. Tampa 6. 

NALL. MARTIN FRANKLIN, JR., 203 Ray St.. Greensboro. 

N. C, French. Class Council 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 
NEELY, ROBERT P.. 98 Murray Ave.. Port Washington, N. Y.. 

Bu.sine.ts Administration. Tennis 1. 
NELSON, DONALD NORMAN, 91 Waverly Ave., Tuckahoe 7, 
N. Y.. History. HX; IFC 3; Marching Band 1, 2. 3. 4: FAC 4. 
NEWTH. LEE CRANE. Nayatt Point. W. Barrineton. R. I.. 

History. ZT.\. 
NICHOLS. CREIGHTON RICE. Box 126. Brattleboro. Vl.. 
Business Admini; 

NICHOLSON. ANN RHODES, 1633 Beverly Dr.. Charlotte 

N. C. 
NIELSEN. PETER TRYON. 139 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Phvsics. Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4. 
NIESS. OLIVER K., 160 Jersey St.. Denver. Colo., HL^tory. BHll; 

Baseball 1. 2, 3. 
NITSBERG. MICHAEL BARRY, 750 Grand Concourse New 

York, N. Y. 
OTTER. RICHARD CHAPMAN, Green Hill Rd.. Cedars Pa 
OUTERSON. MICHAEL ST. JOHN. CO 8th Naval Dist.. New 

Orleans. La. 
OUTERSON. NANCY COARD. 304 Paddington Rd.. Baltimore 

OWEN. MARY JEAN. Lago Colony. Aruba. N.W.I.. Spanish 

Hoof and Horn 3. 4; Glee Club 1; Choir 1. 
PAGE. PATRICIA CARVER. W. Concord St.. Orlando. Fla.. 

English. .V*; Chanticleer 2; FAC 3: Modern Dance Club 2; 

WDBS I, 2. 

PALl.ANGE. JEAN ELLEN. Box 444, Quaker Hill. Conn.. 
Biisinesx Administration. KKl'; WDBS 1. 2. 

PAPE, WILLIAM R.. JR.. 4940 Oleander Dr.. Wilmington. N. C. 
Civil Engineering. *K-; Concert Band I. 2. 3; Marching Band 
1, 2. 3; Symphony Orchestra 1. 2: ASCE 2. 3. 4. 5: Duke Am- 
bassadors 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Leader 4. 5. 

PARKER. THEODORE MELVIN, 6019 7th PI.. N.W.. Wash- 
ington 11. D. C, Electrical Engineering. Hoof and Horn 2: 
Whos Who 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Choir 1. 2. 4; AIEE 3. 4. 

PARKS. PAUL BLAIR. 914 W. Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

PARSON. DONALD THOMAS. 113 Simmons Ave., William- 
ston. N. C. Accounting. UK*. 

PASCAL. NANCY WARE. 1901 N.W. 31 Ave.. Miami 35, Fla.. 
Historv. um>; Student Union 1. 2. 

PATE. DEVAUGHN LADIER. 4720 Wallace Ave.. Tampa. Fla. 

PATTON. CHARLES THOMAS. 311 W. Union St.. Morganton. 
N. C. Political Science. 

PATTON. WILLIAM RANKIN. N-3B University Apt.. Durham. 
N. C. 

PAUL. PEGGY SPENCE. #1 Reynolda Village. Winston-Salem. 
N. C. Primary Education. .\AI1; FAC 4; Pep Board 3, 4. 

PAULET. YVONNE MADELEINE. Apartedo 172. Maracaibo. 

PENNY. WADE HAMPTON, JR.. 1005 W. Club Blvd., Durham, 
N. C. History. <l'Ki;; OMi; *I5K; -tEi:; HSiS: YMCA Cabinet 
3; Red Friars 4; FAC 2. 3: Marshal 3; Student Union 3, 4; 
Class President 4. 

PERRIN. PATRICIA ELIZABETH, 194 Hilton Terrace, Warwick. 
Va.. English. .V*; WAA Board 3: Archive 2. 3, 4; Peer 2. 3, 4; 
Pegasus 1. 2. 3. 4. 

PERRINE. GEORGE ALDEN. JR., 161 N.W. 87th St., Miami, 
Fla.. History. i:X; Pre-Med Society \. 2: FAC 2. 

PETER. ROBERT HATTON. 134 Roxen Rd.. Rockville Centre. 
N. Y.. Zoology. .\'n>: Track 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain 4; Varsity "D'" 
Club 2. 3. 4:' Glee Club 2. 3. 

PETTIT. JOHN WHITNEY. St. Elizabeth's Hospital. Washing- 
ton. D. C. Political .Science. BHII; Hoof and Horn 2: Peer 1: 
Arnold Air Society 4: Shoe "n Slipper Club 2. 3. 4. 

PEYTON. JOHN DAVID, Rt. 1. Sewanee. Tenn.. Electrical 
Engineering. HMH; OAK; *Er:; TBII; DS.'S; Varsity "D" Club 
2. 3. 4; AIEE 2. 3. 4; Cross Country 1. 2, 3; Track 1. 2. 

PHILLIPS. MARY JANE. 615 W. Church St.. Laurinburg. N. C. 

PIERCE. ARAMINTA PUREFOY. 10 W. 6th St.. Weldon, N. C. 
Sociology. K-1; Fraternity President 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 
L 2, 3. ■ 

PIERRY. MICHAEL JOSEPH. JR.. 2611 Legion Ave.. Durham. 
N. C. 

POINDEXTER, ANN LACY, 704 Chesnut St.. Aberdeen. N. C. 

Sociology. /.T.\; Social Standards 2. 3 

FAC 3. 
POOL. ROY RANSOM. 1319 Mordec 

Zoology. .\T!!. 
POPE. WILLIAM S.. JR.. Little Rock. S. C 

Fraternity President 4; 

Dr.. Raleigh. N. C. 

•:ss ,4dminis- 

PORC.ES. GEORGE W.. 69-37 Ingram St.. Forest Hills. N. Y.. 

Chemistry. TIM'; Marching Band 1. 2: Tennis 1. 
POTTER. NIARY LOUISE. Rt. 3. Box 163. Plant City. Fla. 
PREWITT. RICHARD ALDEN, Central Dr., BriarclifT Manor. 

N. Y.. Hi.story. 
PRICE. POLLY ANN, 246 Gwyn Ave., Elkin. N. C, German. 

A4>.\; Duke Players 2. 3. 4; White Duchy 4; Order of the Chair 

1. 2. 3. 4: Hoof and Horn 3. 4; Peer 1. 2. 3; Whos Who 4; 
WSGA 4; Class Council 3; Sandals 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 
Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Marshal 3; WDBS 1, 2: Class OflRcer 3: 
President. WSGA 4. 

QUBEIN. FUAD RAJI. Beit Jala. Jordan. Civil Engineering. 

Music Study Club 4; WDBS 3. 4. 
RABIL. ALBERT. JR.. 1520 W, Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 
RABY. CLAUDE LAXTON. 351 7th Ave. PI. N.W.. Hickory. 

N. C. Pre-Dental. 'I'Ki:; Varsity "D" Club 3; Pre-Med Society 

2, 3: Chronicle 1; FAC 4; Gymnastics. 

RAILEY. MARGARET AVENT. 3545 Pine St.. Jacksonville. 
Fla.. UB*. 

RAIMONDO. GREGORY F., 4 Court St.. Bellmore. N. Y.. Ac- 
counting. <l'K-; Chanticleer 4; Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4; Cross 
Country 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 2; Varsity "D" Club 2. 3. 4. 

RAMSEY. CLYDE HARMON. JR.. 303 Pierce St.. Lynchburg. 
Va.. Business Administration. K.\. 

RAU. RONALD CHARLES. 3366 Nottingham Rd.. Winston- 
Salem. N. C. Business Administration. ■\-*: YMCA Cabinet 
1. 2. 3; Peer 2: Fraternity President 3; MSGA 1. 2. 3: "Y" 
Council I. 2, 3; Class Council 2; IFC 2. 3. 

RAY, RITZ CLYDE, JR.. Box 72, West Jefferson. N. C. Pre-Med. 
UKA; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2. 

REANEY, LELAND ERNEST, 107 E. George Mason Rd.. Falls 
Church. Va.. Political Science. Duke Players 1, 3. 4; Bench 
and Bar 1: Chanticleer I. 

REECE. JANE STEELE. 318 N. Laurel. Lincolnton. N. C. 
Spanish. ZT.\. 

wood. Memphis. Tenn.. Economics. Duke Players 2. 3. 4. 

RICHARDS. ROBERT FOX. Rt. 1. Ellwood City. Pa.. Chemistry. 
-Mi': "Y" Council 1; Glee Club 1. 2: Choir 1. 2. 3, 4; FAC 4. 

RICHARDS. SUSAN HERRON. 3506 Cameron Mills Rd.. Alex- 
andria. Va.. Political Science. -^AA; Hoof and Horn 2; Glee 
Club 1; FAC 3; Student Union 3. 


llcuilihd I ( 
Bcautijul E, 

What Do You Look Fo 

Personality or Clic 
Libidinous Impulsi 


Palm Beach. Fla., Mecluinicul Engineering. "^W.; ASME 4; I.a- 

Crosse 2, 3. 4; Swimming I. 
RIDER, ROBERT EDWARD, 2006 Walker Ave., Greensboro, 

N. C Political Science. ATA; Pre-Med Society 2. 3. 4; March- 

inu Band I, 2, 3. 4; Class Council 2. 
RIDLEY. JACK A., 2 Oakland PI.. Summit, N. J., English. .\T!!; 

Varsity "D" Club 4; Semper Fidelis 3, 4; Baseball 1,2; Soccer 

3. 4. 
RINALDI. ROGER EMERSON. 23 75th St.. North Beryen. N. .1.. 
RING. JANE LEE. 207 Marsh Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. 
RISHER. PAUL DAVID. 61.5 S. High St.. Huntington. W. Va 

Mechanical Engineering. *-iH. 
ROBER.SON. EARL LYNN. Box 104, Conetoe. N. C. Pre- 

Dental. *Ki:: Pre-Med Society 2. 3; Chronicle 2. 3: Glee Club 1. 
ROBERTS. SALLY LOUISE. 470 Prospect St.. Apt. 72. New 

Haven. Conn.. English. Student Forum 4; Ivy 2; Madrigal 

Chorus 3. 4. 
RODGERS. DIANNE LUCILLE. 34-37 8()th St., Jackson Heights, 

N. Y., Education. M' . 
RODGERS. EDWARD CLARENCE. 1311 N. Ode St., #634, 

Arlinsiton 9, Va.. Electrical Engineering. Ai'*; IIMli; <l>Ki;; TBII; 

Glee Club 1: Choir 1. 2. 3; AIEE 1. 2. 3. 4. 
ROHLF. HENRY CHARLES. 1968 S. Signal Hill. Kirkwood. 

Mo.. Economics. ATli; "Y" Coimcil I: Glee Club I, 2; FAC 3, 4. 
RONEY. ROBERT KELLY. 124 N. Ury. Union City. Tenn.. 

Pre-Mini.'iterial. A<t>.\. 
RONKANEN. GEORGE AARNE. 37 W. Notre Dame St.. Glens 

Falls. N. Y.. Mechanical Engineering. ASME 2, 3. 4. 
ROSE. ALLEN JAY. 407 N. Main St.. Mt. Gilead. N. C. 

Psxcholovx. 'I'l-:*: Duke Players 2. 3; Pre-Med Society 2: Hoof 

and Horn 1; Fraternity President 4; MSGA 4; IFC 2. 4. 
ROSENFELD, ARTHUR H.. 98-25 65 Rd.. Forest Hills. N. Y.. 

History. TK*. 
ROSSER. GORDEN HEARST. 1104 N. Gregson St.. Durham. 

N. C. 
ROTHERMEL. ROBERT DAVID, 143 W. Windsor St.. Reading. 

Pa., Business Ailministration. li^E. 

Orange. N. J. 
ROTNER, ARNOLD HERBERT. 16 John St., Spring Valley. 

N. Y.. TK*: A<t.\: Student Union 2. 
ROUSE. WILLIAM FRANCIS, 1212 E. Beach St., Goldsboro, 

N. C. 
RUBEL. MARK I.. 101 Pine St.. Woodmere. N. Y., Accounting. 

RUDDLE. HELEN ANN. 40 Hawthorne Ave.. Delmar. N. Y., 

.Sociology. IIIM': Hoof and Horn 1, 2; CiiANncitiK 1, 2; Glee 
Club I, 2: Choir I, 2: FAC 4. 

RUDOLPH. NANCY ELIZABETH. 240 Chelsea Dr.. Decatur. 

RUEFER. WARREN ANDREW, 889 Virgil Ave., Ridiiefield, 
N. J.. C/i/7 Envineerinv. DukEngineer 1, 3, 4. 

RU.SCYK. JOSEPH ALAN. 120 Smith St.. New Britain. Conn, 

RU.SSFI I . PARVIN MASILkS. JR.. 91 Tuscan Rd.. Maplewood, 
N. J.. Mechanical Ijianiccnng. IIMIC; THII; IITl- ASME 4 

SAMOJE, FRED LUIS. ( osmana. I ima. Peru, liasiness Adniin'.s- 
tralion. A KM'; MSGA 2; Junior Class Council 3: Senior Class 
Council 4; FAC 2. 

SAMPEDRO. DELORES V.. 921 Markham Ave., Durham. N. C. 

SAMPLE. JAMES PRESTON. Rt. 2, Carmel Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Pre-Minislerial. K-X; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. 

SANDERS. NANCY VIRGINIA, 103 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. 
N. C. Music. KKl': FAC 4. 

SANDULLI. JOEL CHARLES. 28 Nova Scotia Hill Rd.. Water- 
town. Conn.. Pre-Law. 

SCHARPS. ANDREW. JR.. 322 Heathcote Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y.. 
Hisiorv. Manager Swimming 2, 3. Asst. Manager 4; Varsity "D" 
Club 3. 4; Hoof and Horn 1; WDBS 2. 3. 4. 

SCHMIDT. ARLINF ROSE MARIE. 4(L3-B Library .St. Green- 
ville. N. C. Business Administration. AT; A<l>l'.\; Duke Players 
3; WAA Board 2. 3, President 4; Nereidian Club 1, 2, 3, Presi- 
dent 4. 

SCHUMACHER. SALLY ANN. 6 Sylvan Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
General. M\ 

SCHWARZ. LOUIS ANTHONY. 139 E. Church St., Bergenfield, 
N. J., Economics. A.XA; Pre-Med Society 4; Peer I; Senior Class 
Council 1. 

SEDLACK. DONALD CHARLES, 904 Old Oak Rd., Baltimore 
12, Md.. Economics. *K>I': AKM'; Varsity "D" Club 2. 3. Presi- 
dent 4; FAC 3. 

SELTZER. JOHN ROSS. 704 Shepherd St., Durham N C 

SENTLOWITZ, MICHAEL I.. 219 Bronx River R.. Yonkers. 
N. Y.. Accounting. TK<I>; <i>liK; Reynolds Investment Board; 
Duke Players 4. 

SEVERSON. PETER PUTNUM. 1412 Hamilton, Palo Alto, 
Calif., Economics. ATA; Bench and Bar 2; CHANTiCLh.tR 2. 3; 
Inter-Fraternity Council 2; WDBS 2; Freshman Tennis. 

SGROSSO, VINCENT LOUIS, 19 Timberline Rd., Hohokus, 
N. J.. Business Administration. K-; Varsity "D" Club 4; 
Varsity LaCrosse 2. 3. 4. 


SHARPE. WILLIAM GRAY. Box 97. Elm City. N. C. Political 
Science. Duke Players 3. 4; Peer I, 2; Glee Club 1. 

SHAVER. ROBERT VICKERS, Rt. 2. Badin Rd., Albemarle, 

N. C. General. Hoof and Horn 3. 4: FTA 3. 4. 
SHEPPARD. FREDERICK GAYLE. 726 Sheridan St.. N. W.. 

Washington, D. C. Civil Enf;ineering. K-; HME; 4>BK; Baseball 

1. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling 1, 2. 3, 4. 
SHIPPEE. HAMILTON. 70 Bingham Ave., Riimson, N. J., Eco- 
nomics. HH*. 
SHUE. RAY GENE, 353 North Main St„ Greensburg. Pa., Bn.u- 

ness Admini.slration. I^-. 
SIGMON. ROBERT LEE, 3117 Tuckaseegee Rd.. Charlotte 8. 

N. C, Religion. BOS 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Choir 1. 2; 

FAC 3; Marshal 3; Sophomore Class Council 2. 
SIMMONS, HELEN VARINA. 508 Park Ave., Opp. Ala.. Echi- 

cation. <MI. 
SIMMONS. LEE HOWARD. 86 Suffolk Lane, Garden City, N. Y.. 

Eni-Ush. IIK.V; Fraternity Pres. 4; MSGA 2, 4; IFC 4; Choir 1; 

Glee Club 1. 
SIMONS, RUTH JANE, 56 Conyingham, Ave.. Staten Island. 

N Y. SiHumh. -VK*; -M\\ Pan-Hel Council 3. 
SIMPSON. JOHN NEAL. 1406 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Historv. ^^*. 
SINCLAIR. VIRGINIA HUNTER, 1418 Montague .St., N.W., 

Washington, D. C. Nnrsini; Education. 
SINGLETON. WILLIAM LEE. 571 Mineola Ave,. Akron. Ohio. 
SLUSSER, ANNE. Route 5, Lexington. Va.. .Sociolony. -I'M: 

Sorority Pres. 4. 
SMITH. ELLWOOD KELLEY, 1305 Summit Ave.. Greensboro. 

N. C. 
SMITH. FRANCES ELIZABETH. 2236 Cranford Rd., Durham, 

N. C, Mii.sic Education. ZTA; Pan-Hel Council 3; Glee Club 

I, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1. 2; FAC 4; Triple Trio 2. 3. 4; House 

Council I, 2, 3, 4. 
SMITH, MARY BARBARA. 1017 Vernon Ave.. Winston-Salem. 

N. C. Religion. Ivy 2; Sandals 2; (ilcc Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 

I. 2, 3. 
SMITH. ROBERT HULL, 4700 Mystic Dr.. N.W.. Atlanta. Ga.. 

Historv. UK*. 
SMITH, SANDRA JEAN, Apgar Ave.. Gladstone, N. J.. Relinion 

and Socioloftv. Ivy I; WDBS I, 2. 3: Radio Council 2. 3. 

.Sociolof-Y. AT'..': Baseball Manager 3, 4: Varsity "D" Club 

3, 4: YMCA Cabinet 2, 3; Bench and Bar 3; MSGA I; Sopho- 
more "Y" Council 2; Senior Class Council 4: Student Union 2. 

SMITH. WILLIAM ANDREW. 5105 Orduna Dr.. Carol Gables. 
Fla., History. UK*; Fraternity Pres. 4: MSGA 1: Freshman 
"Y" Council I: Inter-Fraternity Council 4; FAC 4. 

SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES. P.O. Box 158. Bethel. N. C Pre- 
Med. *K:;; Pre-Med Society 1. 2; Chanticlekr I, 2. 

SMITH. WILLIAM RICHARD, 35 Great Oak Dr., Toronto, Ont.. 
Canada. Business Administration. ^-W.; Varsity "D" Club 3. 4. 

SNYDER. JAMBS MILLETT. 2306 Raleigh Lane. Louisville 6, 
Ky.. Business Administration. *AH.- Archive 4. 

SPANAGEL. JOHN DAVID. 110 W. Summit St.. Chagrin Falls. 
Ohio, Electrical Engineering. AXA; Hoof and Horn I, 3, 4; 
Freshman "Y" Council 1; Marching Band I. 2; AIEE 1. 2. 3. 4. 

SPARROW. WILLIAM WARREN, 331 E. Blvd.. Charlotte. N. C. 

Chattanooga. 11. Tenn.. English. i:N,- Chronicle 3. 4. Assist. 
Editor 4; Old Trinity Club 4. 

SPENCE. JILL B.. 297 Pinecrest Dr., Rochester 17. N. Y„ 
Math Education. ZTA; Student Union 3, 4. 

SPRINGSTON. ELIZABETH, 5403 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md.. 
General. CHANncLfciR I: Archive 4; Campus Chest. Chairman 
4; Student Co-ordinate Board 2. 3. 4. 

.STARNES, JACK EDWARD. Route 5. Monroe. N. C. 

STEPHENSON. RUTH EVELYN. 2817 Columbus Blvd.. Coral 
Gables. Fla„ Zoology. Duke Players 2. 3, 4; Ivy 2; Glee Club 
I, 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4; Pep Board 2; Class Pres 3: Union 
Committee 4. 

STEVEN.S. NELSON GOULD, JR.. 205 N. Slate St.. Westerville. 
Ohio.. Business Administration. OK; A KM'; Fraternity Pres. 4; 
MSGA 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4; Student Union 2, 3. 

STEVES. JOAN LOUISE. 476 Samoht Ridge Ave.. Cincinnati 
38. Ohio. Political Science. AAA; IIIA 3, 4. President 4; Chroni- 
cle 1. 2; Ivy 2; Pan-Hel Council 3. 

STEWART. JULIAN HARRIS. 406 Walton. Monroe. Ga.. Gen- 
eral. IN; Duke Players I, 2; Hoof and Horn 1. 2; Peer 3. 4; 
Glee Club I. 2: Choir 1. 2. 

STEWART. ROBERT PURDY. 31 William St.. Princeton. N. J. 

STOKES. MARTHA SHARON. 2514 4l,st N.W., Washinuton 7. 
D. C, General. KKl'; *KA; WSGA 3. 4; Marshal 3. 

an? (East Campus) 

STONE, LEANNE. 1652 W. Parkside Dr., Peoria, 111., Spanish. 
KKP; Duke Players 2. 3. 4. 

STONE, MARY EMMA, 106 Williams St., Franklinton, N. C. 

STOVER, DONALD HARRIS, 863 Park Ave,, Williamsport, Pa., 
Accoiintiiii;. -*E; Freshman Baseball. 

STUART, ROBERT DAVIDSON, III, 24 Sayles Ave.. Saylesville, 
R. I., Political Science. BHII; YMCA Cabinet 1; Chronicle 1; 
Peer 1; Freshman "Y" Council I: Pep Board 1, 2. 3. 4, Chair- 
man 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STUCKEY, HENRY JEFFERSON, 308 Church, Bishopville, S. C, 
Pre-Med. Pre-Med Society 3, 4: Chronicle 1: Glee Club 3, 4. 

STUTZ, CAROLYN FEY, 422 Edgemont Ave., Palmerton, Pa.. 
Zoology. .\X!>; Concert Band 3. 4; Chamber Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: 
Pegasus 1, 2. 

SUITER. OVERTON STOKES. JR.. 305 Sycamore St., Weldon, 
N. C. 

SUITS, BETTY JANE, 436 Heberton Ave., Staten Island 2, 
N. Y. C, N. Y., Zoology. WAA Board 3; Pre-Med Society 4: 
House Council 4. 

SUSKIND. STUART PAUL, 77 Murray St., Binghamton, N. Y., 
Chemistry. Duke Players 2. 

SWAIN, BARBARA JACQUELYN, 1012 Minerva Ave., Dur- 
ham, N. C. 

SWEAT. ROBERT EARLE. 401 N, E. 1st Ave., Mulberry, Fla.. 
Cliemislrx. Pre-Med Society 1; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 
1; IDC. 

SWEET, RICHARD PERRY, 116 Bennington, Rd., Akron, Ohio, 
Sociology. -N.' Chronicle 1; Glee Club 1. 

TALMAN; NANCY WHANGER, 13805 Shaker Blvd.. Cleve- 
land 20. Ohio. Psychology. 'I'HK; ^Ml; <I>KA; WSGA 3. 4; 
Judicial Board Chairman 4; White Duchy 4; Freshman "Y" 
Council 1; Ivy 2: Sandals 2; Student Co-ordinate Board 2; 
Marshal 3; H'Vio'j Who. 

TALMAN. WESLEY FLEMING. JR.. 106 Wembley Rd.. Ashe- 
ville. N. C. Accounting. IIK.V; (QK; .\K-V; Varsity "D" Club 
3; Pub Board 4; Order of the Chair 4; Chanticleer 3. 4, Editor 
4; Chronicle 1, 2, 3: Who's Who: Junior Class Council 3; 
FAC 3: Student Union 3: Semper Fidelis 3: Intramurals. 

TARLTON, JAMES WARREN, III, 310 Dexter Ave., Mobile. 
Ala., Pre-Law. -X; Bench and Bar 4; Freshman Tennis 1. 

TATEM, ROGER WILLIAM, JR., P,0. Box 600, Norfolk, Va., 

Electrical Engineering. AIEE 2, 4; Radio Council 3, 4; Senior 

Class Secretary 4. 
TATUM, SHERARD AUSTIN, JR.. 70 N. Main. Homer. La.. 

Geology. K.\. 
TAYLOR. SARAH ELIZABETH. 618 Elm St., Greenville. N. C. 

Psychology. Al'; Pan-Hel Council 4; FAC 4; House Council 4. 
TENNEY. RICHARD. 177 Prospect St.. Princeton. N. J.. English. 
TERRY, RANDALL BRYANT, JR.. 200 W. Farriss Ave.. High 

Point. N. C, Biisine.'is Administration. KA; AK^-. 
THOMAS, CAROLYN MAY. 335 Price St., West Chester, Pa., 

History. .\*; i;All; KAIl; Duke Players 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 

1. 2: Choir 2, 3. 
THOMAS. FRANK DEAVER. 808 Third Ave.. Albany. Ga. 
THOMAS. GEORGE TERRY. 51 S. Main St., Pittsford, N. Y., 

P.Kycholouy. ^X; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity "D" Club 

3, 4: Golf Team 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THOMPSON, JOHN CHARLES, 608 W. Cumberland St., Dunn, 

N. C, Sociology. KA; Varsity "D" Club 3, 4; Men's Judicial 

Board 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
THOMPSON, LEO CLIFFORD, 132 N. Main St., Roxboro, N. C, 

Pre-Ministerial. KX; MSGA 3. 
THORN, STUART V.. 3107 Wallcraft Ave., Tampa, Fla.. 

Economics. AXA; Intramurals: NROTC Drill Team 1. 2. 3. 4. 
son, N. J., Business Administration. V.~: Varsity "D" Club 3: 

Varsity Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Varsity Basketball 1. 2: Semper 

Fidelis 3. 4. 
TOBIN. PATRICIA DRECHSEL. 1912 House St., Durham, N. C. 
TIPTON, KAY, 439 N. Main St., Madison. Ga., English. AAII; 

Social Standards 4: Pan-Hel Council 3, 4; FAC 4. 
TODD. KATHERINE LEE, Hqs, F.E.A.F.. A. P.O. 925. San 

Francisco. Calif.. Zoology. AXSJ; Nereidian 2. 3. 4; Pegasus 

''3 4 
TOLMACH. DAVID MICHAEL. 11 Berry St., Lynbrook, N. Y.. 

Pre-Med. ZHT: MSGA 3; FAC 3: Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4. 
TORGESEN. BARRY WILLETT. 206 Rogers Ave.. Clarkston. 

Ga.. History. Marchina Band 1. 
TOWNSEND; ROBERT SCOTT. 44 Townsend Rd.. Newark. Del.. 

General. :iX. 
TRACY, FRANK WILLIAM. JR., c/o Arabian American Oil Co., 

Dhahran, Saudi, Arabia, English. -N; T-kSi; Duke Players 1; 

Piih Board 4; Hoof and Horn 2. 4: Archive 3. 4: Peer 2, 3, 4: 

Glee Club I. 3, 4; Class Council 3, 4. 
TRAPP. MARTIN VANKLEY, 3219 Ave. A.. West, Braden- 

ton. Fla., Lanuuin'cs. '!'>!' i); Concert Band 1. 2: Symphony 

Orchestra 2. 3. 
TRICE. THOMAS WHEELER. 6103 Blackburn Lane. Baltimore 

12, Md.. Business Adminislralion. --N; Swimming I: LaCrosse 

1. 2. 4. 

TROY. BALLARD EARNHARDT. JR.. 1311 Dollar Ave.. Dur- 
ham. N. C. PInsies. Ki;-. 4'.\1K; ■tKl. 

Business Adininistrution. Ki;, 
TURTLE, JAMES WILLIAM, 530 Conshohocken State Rd., 

Bala-Cynwyd, Pa., Accountina. Ki); Bench and Bar 2, 4; 

Wrestling 2, 
TUTTLE, BETTY JANE, 628 Colonial Dr.. High Point. N. C. 

Ecliaulion. Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 
TYREE. SALLIE VIRGINIA. 653 Grand Concourse. Miami 

Shores. Fla.. French. HIM': Ivy 2: Hoof and Horn 1. 
ULRICH. RICHARD GUY. 4926 3rd Ave. S.. St. Petersburg. 

Fla.. Accounting. 'I'-^H; OAK; .\KM'; Fraternity President 4: 

Arnold Air Society 3, Commander 4. 

Rd.. Asheboro. N. C. Elemenhiry Education. i;K; Fraternity 

President 4; Glee Club 1. 2; Choir 1. 2. 3. 
URQUIRA. DOLORES. .Skyland Dr.. Kingsport. Tenn.. Physics. 

>J>1I: II.MK; ^m\: A<1>.\: Duke Players I; Hoof and Horn 1; 

Chronicle 1 ; Ivy 1 : Pan-Hel Council 4. 
VAN DYKE. F. THEODORA. 289 Park Ave.. Newark 7. N. J.. 

General. 'tBK; Ivy I; Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; 

Class Officer 4. 
VAUGHAN. JAMES WILLARD. JR.. 141 1 Dollar Ave.. Durham. 

N. C. Electrical i:iii;:in'erinv. 'I'Ki;; II.MH; OAK; *BK; *Ki:; 

TIJII-YMCA ( ibincl 2. 3; MSGA 4; -Y" Council 1, 2; IFC 

2, 3, 4, President 4; I A( 2. 3; Engineers Club 2, 3. 4; AIEE 
1. 2, 3, 4, President 4; DukEuf^inccr 2. 3, 4. 

VILAS, JOHN M., Couch Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

VIRDEN. CYNTHIA. 2615 30th St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. 
Religion. TM'O; Hoof and Horn 3: WDBS 2. 3. 

VIRGIN. HERBERT WHITING. Ill, 3635 St. Gaudens Rd.. 
Miami. Fla.. Zoology. --X; LaCrosse. 

VIRGIN. JEAN ELDER. 807 Jackson St., Vidalia, Ga.. Chem- 
istry. <1'BK: Hoof and Horn 1; Ivy 1; Glee Club 1, 2. 

VIVONA. PHILIP ANTHONY. 103 South 21st St., Irvington, 
N. J., Business Administration. Bench and Bar 2; Baseball 

1, 2, 3. 

Miami. Fla.. History. -AE; Pub Board 4; Bench and Bar 3; 
Chronicle 3. 4; Archive 2, 3, 4; Peer 4; FAC 3; Student Union 

2, 3; Radio Council 3. 

WAGNER, BARBARA ANNE, 2406 Banner St., Durham, N. C. 
Elementary Education. Al'; WSGA 4. 

WAGNER. PHILIP MICHAEL. III. 309 Curtis Ave.. Point 
Pleasant Beach. N. J., Sociology. -N; Swimming 1. 

WALKER. JAMES CLIFTON, 2943 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, 
N. C. 

WALKER. WILLIAM CONWAY. 10 Arborvale Rd.. Asheville. 
N. C. Chemistry. -<1'E. 

WALTON, ROBERT ALDRIDGE, 910 Stanley Dr.. Fernundina 
Beach, Fla., Psychology. HHII; KX; Order of the Chair 3; 
Hoof and Horn 2: M.SGA 1, 2; Glee Club I, 2. 3; Choir I. 2. 3; 
Student Union 4. 

WARE. DONALD McEWEN, 2621 N. Florida St.. Arlington. 
Va.. Mechanical Engineering. AXA; Peer 2; ASME I. 4. 

WARE. HENRY HALL. Ill, 404 Blackland Rd., Atlanta 5, Ga.. 
History. .\T1!; Soccer 2. 

WARREN. HANNAH. 807 Demerius St.. Durham. N. C. 

WASER. ROBERT HAMLIN. Rt. 4, Old Salisbury Rd.. Winston- 
Salem. N. C. Mechanical Engineering. ASME I. 2. 3. 4: Stu- 
dent Union 3. 

Newark. N. J.. General. Tl■:<^; Order of the Chair 4; Chronicle 
I. 2. 3. 4; Peer I. 2. 3. 4; Class Council 2: Semper Fidelis 3; 
WDBS 2, 3. 4. 

WAY, JOHN ELWOOD, JR., 225 Moul Ave. Hanover. Pa.. /:<<.- 
iiomics. UK*. 

WEBB. ELIZABETH ANN. IS Gritting Blvd.. Asheville. N. C 
Education. AAIl; Nereidian 1. 2. 3; WSGA 3; Sandals 2. 

WEBB. FRED. JR.. 623 Temple. Hinton. W. Va.. Geology. 

WEBSTER. DONALD KNAPP. 372 Wastena Ter.. Ridgewood. 
N. J.. Philosophy. Pre-Med Society 3. 4; Peer 1; Glee Clim 

1. 2. 3: Choir 1, 2, 3; Madrigal Chorus 3, 4. 
WEIDMAN. RICHARD RAY. 1318 Pine Rd.. Rosemont. Pa.. 

History. l.\E. 
WEITZMAN. ROBERT WARREN. 22 Wansor Ave.. Bayville. 

N. Y.. General. UKA; Varsity "D" Club: Baseball 2, 3. 4. 
WELL. HENRY HERBERT. Ivywood Dr.. Rt. 4. Anthens, Ga., 

P.sychology. ^'M'-: Fraternity President 3, 4; MSGA 3. 4; IFC 

2. 3. 4: Concert Band I; Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4; Symphony 
Orchestra 1; Gymnastics 2. 

_ Philadelphia 

Park Slope, Mountainside. N. J.. 
; Fraternity President 4; Choir 


29. Pa.. History. KKT. 

Business .Administration. KK 

1. 2. 3; Student Union 4. 
WHYHMANN. WALTER VICTOR. 1634 Hampton Ave.. S.W.. 

Roanoke. Va.. Phy.ucs. II ME; +:::E; Glee Club 2. 

WHEELER, THADDEUS ALVIN, JR., 919 Englewood Ave.. 
Durham. N. C, Economics. ATI!; B<!1; YMCA Cabinet 2, 3. 4; 
"Y" Council 1: FAC 2; Marshal 3; Class President 3. 

WHITACRE. ROBERT EDWARD, 275 Engle St., Englewood. 
N. J.. Mechanical Engineering. K^; "Y" Council I; ASME 2. 3. 

WHITE. REBA. Lillington. N. C. English. 

WHITENER. SUSAN. 323 Hunting Towers. E.. Alexandria. Va.. 
.Sociology. KKP; Social Standards 2; WSGA 4; Class Officer 2; 
Sandals 2; FAC 3; Marshal 3; House President's Board. Chair- 
man 4; House Council 2. 3. 4; Joe College Steering Comm. 4. 

WIDENHOUSE. ERNEST C. Rt. I. Summerfield. N. C. 

WHITTED. MARGARET ALLINE. 1711 Queens Rd.. W.. Char- 
lotte. N. C. French. AAA; T-Vil- Pan-Hel Council 3: Glee Club 

2. 3. 

WILLIAMS. CAROL ANN. 1520 4th Court. Vero Beach. Fla.. 
English. -K; Duke Players 1. 2. 3. 4; Hoof and Horn 2; Pan- 
Hel Council 2. 3. 4. 

WILLIAMS. LILA CAY. Box 406. Tallahassee. Fla. 

WILLIS. ROBERT WAYNE. Box 374. Morehead City. N. C. 
History. Marching Band I. 2. 3. 4. 

lanta. Ga.. Spanish. A All; i:All; Chan riCLl FR 1. 2; Pan-Hel 
Council 3: Pega.sus 1. 2. 3. 4. 

WILSON. DOUGLAS NASH. 106 Rii;i;s Dr., Clemson. S. C, 
Envli.'ih. i;.V. 

WIRSHING, ARMANDO JULIO, 26 Hostos Ave., Ponce, Puerto 
Rico, Accounting. 

WOODLIEF, MILTON WAYNE. 7523 Virginian Dr., Norfolk, 

WOODWARD. ANN ALLAN, 1105 Cowper Dr.. Raleiah. N. C. 
General. *-M. 

WOOTEN. FRANK THOMAS. III. Chadbourn. N. C. Electrical 
Engineering. ASME 1; AIEE 3. 4. 

WRIGHT. CATHERINE ANNE. 410 Sinclair St., Norfolk, Va., 
Economics. ^All.- Chronicle 1, 2; Ivy 2, 3. 

WRIGHT, DONALD JEROME, 711 Central Ave.. Charlotte. 
N. C. 

N. C. 

YATES. CHARLOTTE HAZEL, 5415 Manning PI., N.W.. Wash- 
ington, D. C, P.'^ychology and S,ici,iU>gy. AX!!; Fraternitv 
President 4; Pan-Hel Council 3; Glee Club 1. 2; Choir 1. 2. .3. 

YOST. ELMER DON. JR.. 412 N. Cedar St.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Business Admiiustration. K.\; Senior Class Council. 

YOUNG. ROBERT LASSITER. JR.. 1226 Morningside. Morri.s- 
town. Tenn.. Pre-Med. 'I-Ki); OAK; W.ll; Pub Board 3. 4; 
YMCA Cabinet 2. 3; Chronicle 1; FAC 2. 3: Playhill. Editor 4. 

ZEIGLER. KATHARINE LOUISE. 1275 Norwich' Rd.. Jackson- 
ville. Fla.. Education. .\A1I; Social Standards 3; Chantici.iik 
2: Transfer Advisor 3; Student Union 4. 

ZIMMER. JOHN WENZEI L. 610 Topinabee Rd.. Niles. Mich.. 
English. ATA; Pub Board 4; Chronicle 3. 4; Cilee Club 3; 
Choir 3. 


How Many Faculty Members Do You 
Know Reasonably Well? 




Three to Five 

Six to Ten 

More Tluin Ten 


Acomb. Prof. Frances D C-1 B University Apts., Durham N C. 

Adams, Prof. Donald K 2508 Cornwallis Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Alden. Prof. John R. 2736 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Anderson, Carl L 2400 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Anderson, Prof. Lewis E 2020 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Arges, Prof. K. Pete 

915 Lambeth Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Artley, Prof. John L 1805 Forest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Aubery, Pierre 1400 Duke Univ, Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Aycock, Prof. Thomas M, 

University Apts,, D-IC, Durham, N. C. 

Bailey, Prof. Joseph R 2117 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C. 

Banham, Prof. Katherine M College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Barlow, Norman H 822 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Barnhill, Major James W 2005 Arbor St., Durham, N. C. 

Barry, LCDR. David C. 

Rt. 1, Box 107, Pope Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Bassett, Capt. Robert V. R 2101 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Bell, Prof. Gordon E. 

163 Hamilton Rd., Glenn Lennox, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Berry, Prof. E. Willard 1003 N. Gregson, Durham, N. C. 

Berson, Miss Elaine 806 Third St., Durham, N. C. 

Berstein, Eugene Westover Park Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Bevington, Prof. Helen S Guess Rd., Box 94, Durham, N. C. 

Bevington, Prof. Merle M Guess Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Bigelow, Prof. Lucius A 131 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Billings, Prof. W. D 708 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Black, Prof. Martin L 135 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Blackburn, Prof. William M... .402 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. 
Blackwell, Laurence A. 

Men's Grad. Center, Duke Univ., Durham, N. C. 

Blanchard, John B. 2626 Pickett Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Block, Prof. Martin M 2255 Cranford Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Blomquist, Prof. Hugo L 822 Demerius St., Durham, N. C. 

Bly, Prof. James R 2001 Ruffin St., Durham, N. C. 

Bolmeier, Prof. Edward C 217 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Bone, Prof. Allan H 2314 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Bookhout, Prof. Cazlyn G 1307 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Bookhout, Prof. Elizabeth C. 

Box 6037, College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Borstelmann, Prof. Lloyd J 305 Francis St., Durham, N. C. 

Bowen, Lt. Alva M., Jr 1403 Norton St., Durham, N. C. 

Bowman, Prof. Francis E 2114 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C. 

Boyce, Prof. Benjamin 1200 Dwire rlace. Durham, N. C. 

Bradley, Prof. David G 707 Hudson St., Durham, N, C. 

Bradley, Prof. Harold L 1903 Washington St., Durham, N. C. 

Bragg, Louis R. 1003 East Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Bradsher, Prof. Charles K 118 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C, 

Braibanti, Prof. R. J. D 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Buehler, Albert G 3401 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C, 

Brigham, Robert N 2312 University Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Brinkley, Prof. Florence College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Broderson, Robert M Cornwallis Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Brown, Prof. Frances C 1205 Dwire Place, Durham, N. C. 

Brown, Jesse H 311 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Bryan, Mrs. Anne-Marie.. 
Bryan, Prof. Paul R., Jr. 

.1003 S. Duke St., Durham, N. C. 

Duke University Apts., Durham, 

, Durham, 


1, Durham, 
, Durham, 
, Durham, 

, Durham, 
, Durham, 
. Durham. 



N. C, 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C, 
N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C, 
N, C, 
N. C, 

N. C. 
N. C. 
N, C. 

N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C. 
N, C. 

Buck, Prof. Roger C 1017"/2 Gloria Ave., Durham, 

Buckingham, Prof. Michael J Rt. 2, Durham, 

Budd, Prof. Louis J lOU'/: Dacian Ave., Durham, 

Byrnes, Mrs. Marguerite 1511 Woodland Dr., Durham, 

Calleson, Donald 803 Third St., Durham, 

Cameron, Edmund M. 

2818 Chelsea Cr., Hope Valley, Durham, 

Campbell, Sullivan G Box 4724, Duke Station, Durham. 

Canfield. Lt. Roy 1914 Arbor St., Durham, 

Carlitz, Prof. Leonard 2}0} C ranford Rd., Durham, 
Carlton, Prof. John W. .^1)2 Northwood Cr., Durham, 

Carpenter, Prof. David W 137 Pinecrest Rd., Durham,' 

Carpenter, Dewey K 820 Demerius St., Durham, 

Carr, Prof. John W 926 Monmouth Ave., Durham, 

Carroll, Prof. E. Malcolm 

Box 6635, Duke Station, 

Cartter, Prof. Allan M 1208 Dwire Place 

Cartwright, Prof. William H....2114 Myrtle Dr 
Castaneda, Prof. Hector N. 

Apt. 2, Fifth & Markham, 
Castellano, Mrs. Helen K. 2511 Perkins Rd. 
Castellano, Prof. Juan R.. 2511 Perkins Rd., 

Chak, A. M Math. Dept., Duke University, Durham, 

Cheek, Mrs, Roma S 210 Cottage Lane, Chapel Hill, 

Childs, Prof. Benjamin G. 

1019 West Markham Ave., Durham, 

Clark, Dr. Romane L Apt. 10, 5th & Markhar 

Clute, Robert E. .858 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts 
Clyde, Prof. Paul Hibbert ... 1311 Carolina Ave 

Cobb, P. Whit 412 Swift Ave., 

Cohen, Prof. Louis D 1605 Acadia St 

Cole, Prof. R. Taylor 7 Sylvan Rd., 

Colton, Dr. Joel G 2801 Dogwood Rd. 

Colver, Prof. Robert M 900 Dacian Ave., 

Connery, Prof. Robert H. 

1722 Duke University Rd 

Cordle, Dr. Thomas H 2420 Perkins Rd., 

Cox, Robert B 1107 Ninth St.. 

Cox, Prof. Robert C 1826 Guess Rd. 

Crum, Prof. Mason 912 Anderson St 

Culberson, William L 1001 Carolina Ave., 

Curtiss, Prof. John S. 

Rt. 2, Box 129, Guess Rd. 

Dai, Prof. Bingham 2404 Perkins Rd., 

Daniels, Boyd L 1840 Forest Rd., 

Davis, Prof. Gifford 2248 Cranford Rd., 

DeConde, Dr. Alexander 1515 Woodburn Rd. 

de Vyver, Prof. Frank T... 8 Sylvan Rd., 

Dewey, Prof. Donald 611 Watts St. 

Dickens, Prof. Robert L. 

Duke Univ. Apts., 5th & Markham, Durham, 

Dix, Keith 1912 House, Durham, 

Dow, Mrs. Marie. 2252 Cranford Rd. 

Dow, Prof. Neal 2252 Cranford Rd. 

Drago, Anthony C 1305 Carroll St. 

Dressel, Prof. Francis G 309 Francis .St 

Dukes, Charles A., Jr. 

707 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham. N. C. 
Duncan, Prof. Marion M. 

811 Louise Cr.. Poplar Apts.. Durham, N. C. 
Durden, Prof. Robert F. 

2812 Erwin Rd.. Poplar Apts., Durham, 

Easley, Prof. Howard Guess Rd., Durham, 

Eddy, Prof. Ruth B Box 6965, College Station, Durham, 

Elliott, Prof. William W. 

Box 4721, Duke Station, Durham, 

Ellis, Prof. Leon H 2428 Perkins Rd.. Durham, 

Elsevier, Prof. Ernest Rt. I, Hillsboro. 

English. Capt. Paul J Frazier & Denise St.. Durham. 

Fairbank. Prof. William 2016 Pershing St., Durham, 

Falcone, Prof. Carmen M, 

University Apts.. D-12 Durham, 

Fein, Prof. John M 2742 Circle Dr.. Durham. 

Fernanlez, Jack E 603-A Maplewood Ave., Durham, 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 























Ferguson. Prof. Arthur B Rl. 2. Guess Kd.. Durham. N. C. 

Fisher. John H 2836 Stuart Dr.. Durham N. C. 

Fhnt, Westow 1121 Anderson St., Durham. N. C. 

Fulton. Prof. C. Darby, Jr 1507 Pettigrew St.. Durham, N. C. 

Furbish. William J kt. 1. Hillsboro. N. C. 

Gallie. Prof. Thomas M... 1820 Forest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Gant. James O 1912 Glendale Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Gardner, Prof. William H., Jr 2108 Cole Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Garmezy. Prof. Norman 10212 Lynburn Ct.. Bethesda, Md. 

Gehman. Prof. W. Scott 1312 Shepherd St.. Durham. N. C. 

Gergen, Prof. John J 2803 Nation Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Gibbons. Gerald R 819 Second St.. Durham. N. C. 

Gilbert. Prof. Allan H.. 503 Compton PI.. Durham. N. C. 

Gillette, Mrs. Janet 509 North St.. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Glockler, Dr. George C 330 Darby Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Goffman. Irving 1011 Alabama Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Gohdes. Prof. Clarence 2737 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Goode. George E 2824 Erwin Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Gordy, Prof. Walter 2521 Perkins Rd„ Durham, N. C. 

Gottheil, Frederick 

Men's Grad. Center. Duke Univ.. Durham. N. C. 

Grant, Dr. Richard B 1013 Rosehill Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Graves, Dorset .1005 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C. 

Gray. Prof. Irving E 124 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Greuling. Prof. Eugene 2414 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Gross. Dr. Paul M 3816 Dover Rd., Hope Valley, Durham. N. C. 

Grout, Prof. Julia R Box 6266. College Station. Durham. N. C. 

Guttman, Prof. Norman 1802 Sunset Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Haines. Prof. Howard N 2732 Dogwood Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Hall. Prof. Hugh M 814 Watts St.. Durham. N. C. 

Hall. Prof. Louise Box 6636. College Station. Durham, N. C. 

Hallowell. Prof. John H 2709 Augusta Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Hamilton. Prof. William B 2255 Cranford Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Hanks. Prof. John K 1400 N. Duke St.. Durham, N. C. 

Hanna. Prof. Frank A 2239 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Hanson, Prof. Earl T 613 Swift Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Hardee. Arren Maynor 2707 Legion Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Harrawood. Paul 105 Woodridge, Durham, N. C. 

Harrison. Prof. Francis Parks 2722 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Hart. Prof. Hornell N Duke Sta.. Box 4653, Durham, N. C. 

Harth, Mrs. Dorothy 846 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Harwell, Prof. George C 2115 Wilson St., Durham, N. C. 

Hauser. Prof. Charles R 1020 Rosehill Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Heninger, Simeon K 101 Faculty Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Heron. Stephen Duncan, Jr 1506 Echo Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Hickson, Prof. Arthur Owen 

Box 27, W. Durham Sta.. Durham, N. C. 
Hill, Prof. Douglas G. 

Box 275, Rt. 2, St. Mary's Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Hobbs, Prof. Marcus E 115 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Holley, Prof. Irving B., Jr. 

6 Duke Univ. Apt.. 5th & Markham. Durham. N. C. 

Hollyday. F. B. M Apt. 4. 718 Underwood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Holton, Prof. Frances V. L. 

Box 6178, College Station, Durham, N. C. 
Hoover. Prof. Calvin Bryce 

1702 Duke University Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Horn. Prof. E. C 2509 Cascadilla St.. Durham. N. C. 

Howell. John C 1006 Demerius Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Humm. Dr. Harold J 920 Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Humphrey. Prof. Don D 2802 Legion Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Hunter, Prof. Wanda S 803 Second St.. Durham. N. C. 

Huntley. Patrick 1719 James St., Durham, N. C. 

Hurlburt, Prof. Allan S 112 Buchanan, Durham, N. C. 

Irving, Prof. William H 2707 Legion Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Jenkins. Prof. Marianna D College Station. Durham, N. C. 

Jensen. Prof. Howard E 143 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Joerg. Prof. Frederick C 2116 Pershing St., Durham, N. C. 

Johnson. Prof. T. W. Jr 944 Lambeth Cr., Durham, N. C. 

Jones, Prof. E. E 1705 Forest Rd.. Durham, N. ( . 

Jordan, Prof. Archibald C. 

Box 6006, College Sta., Durham, N. C. 

Jordan, Prof. Brady R 117 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. (. 

Kaplan. Howard 

Men's Grad. Center. Duke Univ.. Durham. N. C. 

Kenyon, Prof. Van Leslie Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Kimble, Prof. Gregory. 18 15 llillcrest Dr., Durham, N. C. 

King, Miss Elizabeth N. 

219 Fpworth lT\n. I ast Campus, Durham, N. C. 
Klein. 1 (MOk llicculorc G. 20! I Woodrow St.. Durham. N. C. 
KIcnt/, I'm. I Willi, ,iii I'. (). Uo\ 856, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Kiu.\. ( ;ipi I ,lw,,ul \1 . Ii. 3411 Dcnisc .St., Durham, N. C. 

Koch. I'm. I, Siumiirul Rt. 2, Durham, N. C. 

Kottler. Dr. Barnct 521 H. Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C. 

Kramer, Prof. Paul J 2251 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Krayhill. Prof. Edward K 2726 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Krcps. Dr. Juanita Morgan Creek Rd.. ( hapel Hill. N. C . 

Krigbaum. Dr. William R 2015 Woodland Dr.. Durham. N. C, 

Kuder. Prof. G. Frederic 2516 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

La Barre. Prof. Weston 1311 Alabama Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Landon, Prof. Charles E 1514 Edgevale Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Langford, Thomas A. 

913 Lambeth Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 
Lanning, Prof. John T. 

3007 Surrey Rd., Hope Valley. Durham. N. C. 

Leach. Prof. Richard H 1419 Dollar Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Lemert, Prof. Ben F 123 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Lewis, Prof. Harold W 2307 Sprunt St., Durham, N. C. 

Lewis, Prof. Ralph E 1401 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Lewis, Prof. M. Modena 

Box 6178, College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Livingstone. Prof. Daniel A 1010 Minerva Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Lodge, Prof. George T 804 Third St.. Durham. N. C. 

McDonald, Charles 227 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 

McHugh, Prof. Gelolo Box 6725, College Sta., Durham. N. C. 

McKeel, James T Smith Apts., Watts St., Durham, N. C. 

McKenzie, Prof. Lionel W 1026 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 

McLendon, Prof. Jonathon C. 

944 Lambeth Cr., Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C. 

McLeod, R. M 208 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

McNurlen, Dr. Lewis J 2713 Circle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Macduff, Prof. John N Dogwood Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Majesky. Lt. John E 2522 Hillandale Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Major, John M 1020 Urban Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Malinsky, Comdr. Frank 412 Carolina Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Manchester, Dr. Alan K 2016 Myrtle Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Manschreck, Clyde L 1022 Lakewood Ave., Durham, N. C, 

Markman, Prof. Sidney D 919 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Maturo, F. J. S D-10 Westover Park Apts., Durham. N. C. 

Ma,\well, Prof. W. Cary 142 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Meier, Prof. Otto, Jr 916 Monmouth Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Michalak, Prof. M. Victor 

854 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham. N. C. 

Miller, Gustavus H Rt. 1, Cedar Terrace. Durham. N. C. 

Mohat, J. T 1913 Essex Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Montfort. Prof. Robert J 3300 Cole Mill Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Morris, William 

88 Hamilton Rd.. Glen Lennox. Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Morrison. Major Clarence I 3415 Denise St.. Durham, N. C. 

Mueller. Prof. Earl G 1108 Watts St.. Durham, N. C. 

Mueller, Prof. Julia W 1108 Watts St.. Durham, N. C. 

Myers, Prof. Hiram E 141 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Nance, Prof. George W 2021 Pershing St., Durham. N. C. 

Naylor, Prof. A. W 881 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Nebel, Dr. Henry M., Jr. 

907 Lambeth Cr.. Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C. 

Negley. Prof. Glenn... 1700 Shawnee St., Durham. N. C. 

Nelson, Prof. Ernest W. 

Box 6065, College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Newson, Prof. Henry W 11 1 1 North Gregson St., Durham, N. C. 

Nielsen, Prof. W. M 139 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Costing, Prof. Henry J 2642 University Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Osborn, Robert T 216 E. Monmouth Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Owen, Prof. Harry A 1506 Woodburn Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Palmer, Prof. Aubrey E 2525 Highland Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Parker, Prof. Harold T 923 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Parsons, Dr. Oscar A 1702 Forest Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Parthemos, James 1112 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C. 


How Many Dates Do You Have Per Week? 

;V<./i<' 21'; Two 21% 

Patrick, Prof. Ransom R nh Pinccrcst Rd., niirliani, N. C. 

Patterson. Professor Robert L. 

Washington Duke Hotel, Durham, N. C. 

Patton. Dr. Lewis 614 Swift Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Peach, Prof. W. Bernard 920 Daclan Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Perry, Prof. Harold S 2302 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Persons, Prof. Walter S 612 Swift Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Peterson, Prof. James E. 

838 Louise Cr.. Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Petty, Prof. Olan L 2519 Shenandoah Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Phillips, Prof. James H 2517 Perkins Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Philpott, Prof. Jane 804 Fourth St., Durham, N. C. 

Pinsehmidt, William 

Men's Grad. Center, Duke University. Durham, N. C. 

Poirier, Jacques 2502 State St., Durham, N. C. 

Poteat, Prof. Mary 103 Faculty Apts.. Durham. N. C. 

Predmore. Prof. Richard L 2413 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Price. Prof. James L., Jr 2723 Circle Dr., Durham. N. C. 

Prioletti. Miss Vienna M. 

Box 7247, College Station, Durham, N. C. 

Quin, Louis D 814 Louise Circle. Durham, N. C. 

Rabin. David 538 Audubon Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 

Ratchford. Prof. Benjamin 133 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Reardon, Prof. Kenneth J 2821 Winton Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Reed, Prof. Frederick J 2203 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Reeves, W. Paschal 2626 Pickett Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Reichenberg-Hackett. Prof. W College Station. Durham. N. C. 

Reynolds. Dr. Thomas D 3712 King Street. Alexandria, Va. 

Rhine. Dr. Joseph B Rt. 3. Hillsboro, N. C. 

Roberts, Dr, Henry S., Jr. 

3507 Duke Homestead Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Roberts, Prof. John H 2813 Legion Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Robintson, Prof. Percival Faculty Apts., Durham. N. C. 

Rodnick. Prof. Eliot H 2806 Legion Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Rogers. Prof. Robert S 148 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Ropp. Prof. Theodore 302 Woodridge Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Rose. Prof. J. I 203 Maynard Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Rowe, Prof. Robert S 1107 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Roy, Prof. Donald F 604 N. Gregson. Durham. N. C. 

Rudisill. Prof. Mabel 1719 Roxboro Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Sales. Prof. Reames H 2800 University Drive, Durham, N. C. 

Salinger. Prof. Herman 

3404 Windsor Way, Hope Valley, Durham, N. C. 

Sandeen. Dr. Muriel 1 415 W. Laurel Ave.. Woodstock. III. 

Sanders. Prof. C. Richard 103 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Saville, Mrs. Eugenia C 1103 Anderson St.. Durham, N. C. 

Saville. Prof. Lloyd B 1103 Anderson St., Durham. N. C. 

Saylor, Prof. John H 2500 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Schettler, Prof. Clarence H 119 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Schmidt-Nielson. Prof. K 2402 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Schwerman, Prof. Esther L. 

909 Lambeth Cr.. Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C. 

Secor, Philip B .326 Clark. Durham. N. C. 

Seeley. Prof. Walter J 1005 Urban Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Settle, James N 205 Wilson Ct., Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Shawver, William R 1324 Vickers Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Shears, Prof. Lambert A 917 Green St., Durham, N. C. 

How Many Children Do You Want? 







More Than Three 


Hale Kids! 

1 3 7r 

•Shields, Prof. John H 1315 Vickers Ave., Durham, N. C, 

Shoenfield, Prof. Joseph R 2329 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Simmons, Prof, Edward C 2510 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Simpson, Prof. William H 1406 Dollar Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Smith, Mrs. Cynthia J. A. 

1204 W. Markham Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Smith. Dr. Grover C, Jr 1109 N. Gregson St.. Durham, N. C. 

Smith. Prof. Robert S 2236 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Spangler, Miss Dorothy 

Box 6966, College Station. Durham. N. C. 
Spencer. Dr. Christopher 

13 Duke Univ. Apts., 5th & Markham. Durham. N. C. 

Spengler. Prof. Joseph J 2240 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Spielburger. Dr. Charles 1710 Forest Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Sponer. Prof. Hertha D. E. 

3309 Avon Rd.. Hope Valley, Durham. N. C. 

Stars. William K 1916 Glendale Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Stevens, Prof. Harry R Box 5484, Duke Station, Durham, N. C. 

Stevenson, Prof. Lionel 3106 Devon Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Stewart, Prof. W. J 2413 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Stires, Lawrence A., Jr 1801 Lakewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Stone. Mrs. Hazel D 2501 W. Club Blvd., Durham. N. C. 

Strobel. Prof. Howard A 1510 Woodburn Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Stumpf. Prof. W. A 127 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Sunderland. Prof. Elizabeth R 6416 College Sta.. Durham. N. C. 

Taner, Turhan 2822 Erwin Rd., Poplar Apts.. Durham. N. C. 

Taraba, Prof. Wolfgang B-^A Univ. Apts., Durham. N. C. 
Taylor, Robert W. 1205 Si.xth St., Durham, N. C. 

Terrill. William A. 85 Hamilton. Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Tharp, Prof. Kenneth J. 2610 Acadia St., Durham, N. C. 

Thomas, Prof. Joseph M. 2215 Cranford Rd., Durham. N. C. 
Thompson, Prof. Eduar I. 138 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Thurstone, Robert L. 400 Laurel Hill Rd.. Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Tischendorf. Alfred 1017 Gloria Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Todd, Colonel Raymond P. 409 Edward St., Durham. N. C. 
Torre. Prof. Elias. 1121 Anderson St.. Durham, N. C. 

Trickey. Philip H. 112 W. Lavender St., Durham. N. C. 

Truesdale, Dr. James N. 105 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Turner, Prof. Arlin 1514 Woodburn Rd., Durham. N. C. 

Uhrhane, Prof. Luella J. 

Box 6446, College Station. Durham, N. C. 

Vail, Dr. Charles R 2730 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Van Fossen, Richard 619 Swift Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

von Zennen. Bruce W 1001 Lamond Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Vernberg, F. John. .854 Louise Cr., Poplar Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Vincent. Prof. Patrick R 1601 Bivins St.. Durham. N. C. 

Vosburgh. Prof. Warren C 2319 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Walker. Dr. Hallam 105'/2 Hardee St., Durham. N. C. 

Walton. Prof. Loring B 2235 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Ward, Prof. Calvin L 801 Third St.. Durham. N. C. 

Ward. Prof. Charles E 2429 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Warner. Seth L 920 Dacian Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Watkins. James M 704 Shepherd St.. Durham. N. C. 

Watson. Prof. Richard L.. Jr 109 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Way. Prof. Vernon E 918 Urban Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Weitz. Prof. Henry 2716 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C. 

Welsh. Prof. Paul 1102 Faculty Apts.. Durham, N. C. 

Wells, Harry W. 

Men's Grad. Center, Duke Univ.. Durham. N. C. 

Wetherby. Prof. Joseph C 2306 Prince St., Durham. N. C. 

White, Mrs. Marie A. Updike 107 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Whitehill, Prof. Arthur Coker Dr., Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Whitridge, Mrs. Eugenia R. 

Box 6935, College Sta., Durham. N. C. 

Wickes. George A 1012 Shepherd St.. Durham. N. C. 

Wilbur. Prof. Karl M 2404 Bruton Rd.. Durham. N. C. 

Wilbur. Prof. Leslie C Rt. 3. Hillsboro. N. C. 

Wilder. Prof. Pelham. Jr. 2525 Glendale Ave.. Durham, N, C. 
Will, Robert Men's Grad. Center, Duke Univ., Durham. N. C. 

Williams. Prof. J. Wesley 206 Swift St.. Durham. N. C. 

Williamson. Robert M 20 Meadowbrook Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Wilson. Prof. Frederick 1020 Demerius St.. Durham, N. C, 

Wilson. Prof. Kellogg V 1813 Hillcrest Dr.. Durham. N. C. 

Wilson, Prof. Robert R 717 Anderson St.. Durham. N. C. 

Winner, Prof. Thomas G c/o U. S. Educational Commission 

for France. 9. Rue Chardin, Paris XVL France 

Withers, Prof. Loren R 2741 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 

Woody, Prof. Robert Hilliard 

2648 University Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Woodyard, Miss Alma L. 

Box 6966, College Station, Durham. N. C. 

Wray. Mrs. Julia H Apt. E-1, 802 Green St., Durham, N. C. 

Young. Dr. Charles R. Rt. 1, Box 22, Durham, N. C. 

Young. David 801 Third St.. Durham, N. C. 

Zahn, Dr. Theodore C. 2708 Legion Ave.. Durham, N. C. 

Zener, Prof. Karl E. Sparger Rd., Rt. 2, Durham, N. C. 


Senior Students — Diploma Progriim 

Brawley, Frances Ervin Rt. 2, Mooresville, N. C. 

Chandler, Jane 34 Mason Croft Dr.. Sumter, S. C. 

Churchill, Nellie Yvonne 726 Falls Rd., Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Culver, Sarah Anita 12-U Lake Village, Wilmington, N. C. 

Curl, Floride Ernestine 320 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C. 

England, Dorothy Elizabeth Rt. I, Marion, N. C. 

Hager, Donna Vee 323 N. Church St., Burlington, N. C. 

Hoffman, Barbara 911 11th St. N., Naples, Fla. 

Howell, Nancy Louise 26 Morven Rd., Wadesboro, N. C. 

Hunt. Christia Elizabeth 1106 8th St., Durham, N. C. 

Ives. Sallie Page 2407 VanDyke Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 

Meyer, Gloria. 1068 Earle St., Elkins, W. Va. 

Myers, Marjorie Brewer 360 Hanover Dr., Graham, N. C, 

Pardue, Mary Ann 1009 First Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Parker, Jean Carolyn 1012 Fair St., Camden, S. C. 

Rush, Carolyn A 1109 Jefferson Davis H'way, Camden, S. C. 

Smith. Frances Maxine Rt. 4, Burlington, N. C. 

Speaker, Sharon Lynn 219 Oakleaf Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 

Sullivan, Eileen Hilary 148 Oak St., Hempstead, L. L, N. Y. 

Thain, Alma Marguerite Box 445, Rt. 5, Asheville, N. C. 

Thompson, Loretta Kay 506 Park Ave., Ayden, N. C. 

Tillett, Tayna Dawn Box 55, Kitty Hawk, N. C. 

Whitley, Anne Louise 815 Wilmar Dr., Concord, N. C. 

Worrall, Joan Rt. 1, Bath, N. C. 

Senior Students — Degree Program 

Bauglian. Jo Ann Beechwood St., Princess Anne, MJ. 

Bedell, Phyllis Meriden 707 Glen Ave., Westfield, N. J. 

Black, Marcia Caroline 224 S.W. 3rd Place, Dania, Fla. 

Blinson, Sybilene Box 563, Wendell, N. C. 

Brady Carol 7114 Woodland Ave., Takoma Pk., Md. 

Brown, Joan Claudette 344 22nd St.. Dunbar. W. Va. 

Chandler. Gayle Patricia 15 Bear Creek Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 

Chavis, Jo Anne 2535 Selwyn Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C. 

Cochran, Sarah Ellen 1630 Brandon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Conant, Linda A Box 67, Rt. 3, Durham, N. C, 

Craddock, Rus,selline Boone 

3440 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. t. 

Deichmann, Gretchen E, „, ^. 

818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C. 

Dewein, Sue Annette Box 303, Freeburg, 111. 

Edens, Mary Ann 2138 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C. 

Emery, Elinor Mae Box 166-A, Rt. 2, Deland, Fla. 

Gallienne. Nancy Helen 15 Boxwood St., Canton, N. C, 

Greenwood, Sue 528 E. Kingston Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Gregory, Mary Kathryn. .22 Woodbine Ave., Little Silver, N. J. 

Grier, Shirley Marion Rt. 1, Matthews, N C. 

Ingalls Mary Jo 524 Ann St., Rockingham, N. C. 

Jessup,' Virginia Rt. 2, Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

Johnston, Marcella Goldsmith 

848 Spring Rd., Charleston 7, W. Va. 

Johnston, Virginia Aooleby Victory Hgwy., Lafayette, R. I. 

Keller. Katherine Ann 313 Vine St.. Staunton Va. 

LaRue, Patricia Porter 1508 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Lawhon, Emma Jane Rt. 1, Timmonsville, S C. 

Lindgren, Patricia Anne .308 Philadelphia Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J. 

MacNary, Sue A 165 Roxbury Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 

Peck Clara 210 Highland Ave., Fairmond. W. Va. 

Rainey Erliene 588 Harpersville Rd., Warwick, Va. 

Raught, Carol Cynthia 2010 Bayview Ave., Lewes, Del. 

Reece, Beverly June 

118 E. 3rd Ct., Hibiscus Isle, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Reed, Dawn Irene 71st Ave., N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 

Reich, Mary Eleanor 611 Watts St., Durham, N. C. 

Schreiner, Margaret Avery 

428 Pelican Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

.Stark, Mary Ann 311 Eastern St., Greenville, N. C. 

Thomas, Kathleen 1101 Highland Ave., Salisbury, N C, 

Wayt Carol E 300 Patton, Morganton, N. C, 

Weed' Frances S 3305 Carolina Place, Alexandria. Va, 

Wooten, Lois Gertrude 85 Eunice Ave., Worcester 6, Mass. 

Young, Mary Anne 701 F. St. N.E., Washington, D. C, 

,Iunior Stuiliiits — Diploma I'rouram 

Apple, Nancy Lou M4 loncs .St., Burlington, N. C. 

Brady, Nancy Arnold 2(>07 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Burgess, Eleanor Sue Box 111, Benson, N. (. 

Cannon, Elizabeth Ann 

434 r. lillman Ave., lake Wales, Il.i. 

Clevenger, Sue Ellen 114 Smith St., Berryville, Va. 

Curran, Nancy A P. O. Box 853, Asheboro, N. C. 

Drake, Patricia Rodwell Raleigh, N. C. 

Hensley, Shirley 24 State St., Marion. N. C. 

Kersey. Linda Rhea 921 Carolina Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Knoph, Mary Rt. 4, Box 397, Aiken, S. C. 

Kornegay, Margaret Ann Box 1058, Donna, Texas 

Lloyd, Susan Ellen 410 N. Mildred St., Charles Town, W. Va. 

Manuel, Patricia Gay 8 Draper Lane, Warwick, Va 

Pennington, Nancy Lynn Box 206, Mt. Hope, W. Va. 

Register, Sandra JoAnn 

Rt. 1, Box 212, Middle Sound, Wilmington, N. C. 
Riddick, Sarah Elizabeth 

741 Westover Blvd., Elizabeth City, N, C. 
Robertson, Barbara Gay. .1005 Carolina Ave., Durham, N. C. 
Smith. Millicent Covington ...Box 438. College St.. Clinton. N. C. 

Tate. Jane Elizabeth 402 N. Cedar St.. Greensboro, N. C. 

Tuckwood, Gwen Elaine Rt. 1, Maryland, N. Y, 

Warren, Virginia Ann. 2905 Chamberlayne Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Whitley, Elizabeth Gray P. O. Box 72. Siler City, N. C. 

Junior Students — Degree Program 

Allen. Mary Elizabeth 188 Lookout Dr.. Dayton 9. Ohio 

Blum. Judith Julie 4042 Annellen Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md. 

Bond, Harriet 308 Beckford Ave., Princess Anne, Md. 

Bredenberg, Brita Marie 338 Plaza Rd., Fair Lawn, N. J. 

Brenan, Flora Evelyn... 3735 Grovedale Place. Cincinnati 8, Ohio 

Brown, Beverly 257 7th Ave. PI N.W., Hickory. N. C. 

Brueggeman, Ann B. 

2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati 11, Ohio 

Coen, Marilyn Ruth .1 Wilmont Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Crooks, Martha S 6910 Wake Forest Dr., College Park, Md. 

Davis, Janet Esso St., O.N.S.A., Apartado 4087, Havana, Cuba 

Davis, Nancy 210 Woodrow St., Columbia, S. C, 

Eld, Barbara Jeanne 402 Ramsey Ave., Hopewell, Va. 

Fennell. Molly 1901 Harper St.. Newberry. S. C. 

Finn, Jean 2868 W. Sulgrave Oval, Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Freeman, Elizabeth Rt. 2, Hendersonville, N. C. 

Gardner, Harriet Box 966, Balboa, Canal Zone 

Gardner, Julia Ann 2618 S. York St., Gastonia, N. C. 

Hanger, Barbara Ruth 1433 Windsor PI., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Henry, Marilyn Louise 193 Halsted Rd., Elizabeth 3, N. J. 

Hill, Sarah E Rt. 2, Smithfield. N. C. 

Hillow, Gail 3641 Van Ness St. N.W., Washington 8, D. C, 

Hutchison, Joe Ann 118 Portland St., Greensboro. N, C, 

Kerr, Rachel Jean 1207 Flora St., Durham, N. C. 

Lambert, Barbara L. 

4000 Mass. Ave. N.W., Apt. 123, Washington, D. C. 

Lambert, Joan Gray Rt. 4, Mebane, N, C. 

Logan, Agnes Wood 29 Highland Ave., Sumter, S. C. 

Love, Joyce Ann 310 Vanca, Laurinburg, N. C. 

McLamb, Patsy P 404 Grantham, Goldsboro, N. C. 

Mitchell, Katherine Lee 114 N, Church St.. Mt. Olive. N. C. 

Mullis. Carol Ann Rt. 1. Midland. N. C. 

Paul. Ellen Jean Sarasota. Fla. 

Pfeiffer. Frances Ann 34 Lincoln Hill. Quincy. 111. 

Register, Margaret Ruth 407 Main St., Clinton, N. t . 

Roper, Carol Ann... 10 Orchard Farm Rd., Port Washington, N. ^ . 

Scholderer, Ann Louise 18 Hamilton Dr„ N. Caldwell, N. J. 

Sheffey, Nancy Elaine 3908 Handy St., Lynchburg, Va. 

Shelor, Mary Alice 115 W. Calhoun St.. Sumter. S. C. 

Shepherd. Kay L 903 West End Blvd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Smithwick, Jo Box 487, Jamesville, N, C. 

Speight, Martha Kiddick 337 ( cdar Si.. Suffolk, Va, 

Sprague, Dale Parks Parksley, Va. 

Taylor, Terry 1 2108 Colonial Rd.. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 

Templeton, Mary Elizabeth Matthews, N. C. 

Thompson, Betty Frances 221 N. Fourth St., Wilmington, N. C. 

VanMetre, Nancy Lee 

511 South George St., Charles Town, W. Va, 

Whiteside, Sarah Jane 1506 Kent St., Durham, N. C. 

Wilder. Judy 117 Booth Ave.. Bcckley. W. Va. 

Wilson, Lucy Eugenia Frog Rock Rd., Chappaqua, N, Y. 

Wilson, Roberta E Brandywinc, Md. 

Yontz, Elizabeth Wood 334 Alabama St„ Chrisman, 111. 

Sophoniori' Students — Diploma Program 

loncs .St., Burlington. N. C, 
207 N. King Ave, Dunn, N. C. 

Bowling. Patricia Joan 342 3rd St.. S. Naples. Fla. 

Brayboy. Elowyn Nesbitt Rt. 1, Box 201. Pembroke. N. C. 

Frick, Anna Catherine 40 Sunset Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 

Hanford. Harolyn Jean Rt. 1, Graham. N. C. 

Jarrett. Barbara Anita 112 Jones Circle, Thomasville, N. C. 

Kenworthy. Edith Burton .1822 Robin Rd., North Augusta. S. C. 

Lariscy. Suzanne Sylvania. Ga. 

Leggett. Miriam Anderson 

2676 South Fletcher .Ave.. Fcrn;india Beach. Fla. 
McDonald. Anne Margaret 

715 Rivers Ave., Riverland Terrace, t harleston 43. S. C. 

Paberzs. Dagmara .^40 E. Main St.. Forest City. N. C. 

Padgett. Cordia E . Hayesville. N. C. 

Peoples. Jerry Anne Delmar Apts.. Elizabeth City. N. C. 

Potter, Jacqueline 655 Irving St.. Wihston-Saleni, N. C. 

Stehmeyer. Lillian Charlotte 1448 Heard Ave.. Augusta. Ga. 

Taylor, Barbara Joyce 323 E. Norfolk St.. Tampa. Fla. 

Wagoner. Loretta Mae Rt. 2. Elon College. N. C. 

Sophomore Students — Degree Program 

Anderson. Janet Marie 222 Bronx Ave.. Pittsburgh 29. Pa. 

Anthony, Judith 2804 Noyes Ave.. Charleston. W. Va. 

Barcy, Joan Lee 4219 2nd Rd.. N. Arlington. Va. 

Bidle. Leilani Jayne 304 Bickett Blvd.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Boggs, Elizabeth Dockum....861 Valleyview Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. 

Broadway, Patricia B 707 Westside Dr.. West Columbia. S. C. 

Buhler. Jeanette .1320 S. Venetian Way. Miami, Fla. 

Byl. Constance Louise 11 Midland Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Carney, Eleanor Ann. .1470 S.W. 18th Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 

Chapman. Joyce Ann 132 Landing Rd. S., Rochester 10, N. Y. 

Cheshire, Nancy Carolyn 

C.M.R. No. 332, Box 160, Charlotte, N. C. 
Colglazier, Sarah Jane 

5027 Glenbrook Rd., Washington 16, D. C. 

Collins. Doris Emmelyn 4101 25th St., N. Arlington. Va. 

Cox, Suella 2512 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville, N. C. 

Davis, Anne Wilson 3rd Main. Odessa, Del. 

Day, Jane Valentine 603 Blvd.. Westfield. N. J. 

Devol. Frances Ellen 9 Wisteria Dr.. Dayton 9. Ohio 

Durham. Jean Glendinning 

25 E. Cedar Ave., Merchantville, N. J. 

Embree. Eleanor Jane Rt. 1, Matthews. N. C. 

Ferguson. Virginia Lee 6654 Rutland St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fleming. Ellen York Rt. 2. Herndon, Va. 

Froneberger. Rebecca Dawn 1408 Jackson Rd.. Gastonia. N. C. 

Frye, Doris Edwina 1429 Pinetree Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 

Gamon. Helen Mae . Qtrs. 1. NAAS. Saufley Field. Pensacola. Fla. 

What Branch of the Service Do You Prefer? 

34*;^ Marine. 

i- 5% Const Giuinl 

•orce 23% Civil 

Gustavson, Dulcie Charlotte 

2921 Collier Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. 

Hedrick, Betty Jean 2323 Fairway Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Hester, Julia Glenn 1704 Liberty Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 

Houck. Doris Elizabeth 1221 Delaware Ave.. Wyomissing, Pa. 

Hunsche, Susan Miriam 

434 Hidden Valley Lane. Cincinnati. Ohio 
Hunsicker. Nancy Evelyn 5210 Bella Vista Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Jacoby. Eugenie Ruth 

Studio A. Dolphin Green. Port Washington. N. Y. 

Jeranko, Mary Beth 233 Woodlawn Ave., Clarkesburg. W. Va. 

Kinser. Patricia Louise 234 West Main, Danville, Va. 

Klingensmith. Louise McD....617 Zollinger Way. Merion Sta.. Pa. 

Lemperle, Bette Louise 58 Oakridge Ave., Nutley 10. N. J. 

Lippert. Norma Nell 2005 Woodbrook Dr.. Wilmington. Del. 

MacNicol. Margaret E 1606 Riverview Ave.. Wilmington. Del. 

Mallard, Carolyn 403 W. Whitaker Mill Rd.. Raleigh. N. C. 

Martin. Lyda Sue 530 Smith PI.. Ridgewood. N. J. 

Mattingly. Mary Mitchell 

3701 Cumberland .St. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C . 

Mazza, Norma Gail 207 N. Fast llth St.. Delray Beach. Fla. 

McCachren, Betsy Jane 312 South Summit Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 

Meacham, Carolyn Susan 311 Alexander Ave.. Durham. N. C. 

Meldgaard, Gail Mae 929 Lathrop. Racine. Wis. 

Newcomb, Gayle Barton 359 St. Andrews St.. Spartanburg. S. C. 

Nichols, Mary Ruth Oxford Orphanage, Oxford, N. C. 

Olsen, Frances 98-37 161 St., Jamaica 32. N. Y. 

Ott, Dorothy Ann 56 Greenhouse Dr.. Princeton. N. J. 

Parker, Anne Elizabeth 115 Lucky Dr.. Ormond Beach. Fla. 

Phelps. Rebecca Irene 204 Fairview Rd.. Cary. N. C. 

Pyle, Martha 89 Meriam St., Lexington, Mass. 

Rasmussen. Marilee 

39 Valerie Lane, Candleview Ridge, Danbury, Conn. 

Regen. Margot Ann 1106 Watts St.. Durham. N. C. 

Reynolds. Ruth Evelyn 523 Delaware St., New Castle, Del. 

Rissler, Nancy 179 Sheridan Ave.. Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 

Ritchie, Virginia Ida 

6616 Georgia Ave. N.W.. Washington 12. D. C. 
Robertson, Mary Ella. ..Box 740, Tryon Rd.. Rutherfordton, N. C. 
Rohrhurst, Barbara Louise 

537 Watchung Rd.. Bound Brook. N. J. 

Ross. Carol Jean 316 Walnut Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. 

Sayre. Mary Frances 334 Pear Ave.. Hampton. Va. 

Schaiberger. Anne Carolyn .1016 Citrus Isle. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 

Starling. Nancy Rebekah Mt. Ulla. N. C. 

Steinfeldt. Sally Ann 43 Harding Rd.. Rochester. N. Y. 

Sydow. Patricia Ann... 2730 Inverness Rd.. Shaker Heights. Ohio 

Vurgason. June Loree 44 N. Milburn Ave., Baldwin. N. Y. 

Waldeck, Gail Marie ...301 South St., Charleston, W, Va. 

Walker, Nancy Eldridge 

4 Bar Beachs Rd., Port Washington. N. Y. 
Weatherford. Rosalie Wooding 

Maplehurst Farm. South Boston. Va. 
Winfield. Frances Ann Rt. 1. Pinetown. N. C. 

Freshman Students 

Albin. Joan 1767 Cambridge Blvd.. Columbus. Ohio 

Alpert. Betty Eckhouse 89 Hillside Ave.. West Orange. N. J. 

Anderson. Lola Lee 12404 Colesville Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. 

Anderson. Wendy Sue 130 Greenacre Ave.. Longmeadow. Mass. 

Baker, Amanda Lee 801 S. Lafayette St.. Shelby. N. C. 

Baldwin. Edwyna Beverly 14 N. Wickdom Dr.. Westfield. N. J. 

Barber, Deanna Claire 

440 N. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach. Fla. 

Bass, Jane Gordon 2800 Rothwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C. 

Berry. Carolyn Anne P. O. Box 132. Walterboro, S. C. 

Bender. Sally Ann 4610 Amherst Rd.. College Park. Md. 

Billard. Sherry Lynn. 512 Stratford Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga. 

Black. Dixie Jean 102 Lambeth Rd.. Thomasville. N. C. 

Blake. Sara Lynn Glenridge Rd.. Schenectady. N. Y. 

Borcherdt. Margaret Louise Rt. 2. Newark. Del. 

Bowser, Beverly Ann Rt. 5. Box 707, Orlando, Fla. 

Brandon. Elizabeth Vernon McDonough. Ga. 

Bransford. Judith Harville.. Cohasset. Va. 

Brown. Lee Ann 6419 N. 28th St., Arlington, Va. 

Butcher. Carol Linn Box 774, Perrine. Fla. 

Cole. Lynne Williams 1219 Radnor Place. Falls Church. Va. 

Danielson. Harriet Clarke Box 4. Windham. Conn. 

Davey. Sandra Young 602 Wright Dr.. Lake Worth. Fla. 

Demarest. Helen Harned 359 Middlesex Ave.. Metuchen, N. J. 
Elliott. Anita Mae. 3715 Yuma St. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. 
Engel. Katherine Anne .23475 Lauredale Rd.. Cleveland 22. Ohio 

Fabian. Shirley Elva 140 Chester Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Falls. Nancy Jane 324 Grice St.. Shelby, N. C. 

Fink, Mary Adele Crossnore, N. C. 

Greasley. Jo Ann 2410 Poplar Dr.. Baltimore. Md. 

Green, Carol Elizabeth.. ..4506 Northwood Dr., Baltimore 12, Md, 

Hatch. Patricia Lee. .1602 Fort Bragg Rd.. Fayetteville. N. C. 

Horton, Dorothy Ann Box 1223. Raleigh. N. C. 

Hruby. Marcia Jane 19001 Lamond Blvd.. Cleveland 22. Ohio 

Ivey, Elizabeth Dorsey 17 Locust Lane. Bron.wille, N. Y. 

Joyner. Johnny Jane 303 N. Maria St.. Farmville. N. C. 

Kammerlohr. Diana May 

23 Colonial Rd.. Port Washington. N. Y. 
Kondur, Zoe Elizabeth. 10929 Longwood Dr.. Chicago 43. HI. 

Lane. Katherine Seidel 124 N. 20th St.. Camp Hill. Pa. 

Lee. Martha Jane 203 Church St.. Goodlettsville. Tenn. 

Losaw. Elizabeth Ruth 8 Cottage Ave.. Basking Ridge, N. J. 

Lusk. Linda Jane 3622 Buckingham St.. Norfolk, Va. 

Lutz. Brenda Anita 

Media & Bala Rds.. Colwick. Merchantville. N. J. 
Marston. Elizabeth Ann 4614 Doverdell Dr.. Pittsburgh 36. Pa. 

Mason. Kathryn Beryl 19 Cheverly Circle. Cheverly Md. 

McCalium. Margaret Ann 

Montehello Hospital. Baltimore 18. Md. 
McCready. Margaret French 

223 Moundale Ave.. Winchester. Ky. 
McDonald. Jean Peyton 200 W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria. Va. 
McDonald. Mary Corlev 200 W. Glendale Ave.. Alexandria. Va. 

Miller. Nancy Joan ' 110 S. Main St.. Hampstead. Md. 

Morgan. Audrey Louise 29 Carpenter Ave.. Mt. Kisco. N. Y. 

Muhl. Kathleen Joy 2206 Kenilworth Ave.. Wilmekle. 111. 

Painter. Katherine Elizabeth 

5307 29th St. N.W.. Washington \5. D. C. 

Patteson. Carolyn Lee Box 729. Mount Hope. W. Va. 

Penney. Christine Anne. .323 Northern Parkway. Ridgewood, N. J. 

Risch. Janie Shaw 70 W. Hunter St.. Logan. Ohio 

Saunders. Judith Burt .1 Kensington Terrace. Maplewood. N. J. 
Schoenly. Betsy May l.'i3 N. 9th Ave.. Highland Pk.. N. J. 

Schubkegel, Kay Lynn 504 McKinley Dr.. Belleville. III. 

Sechrist, Audrey Winona General Delivery. Pinnacle. N. C. 

Settle. Nancy Elaine 209 Hillside Ave., Glen Ridge. N. J. 

Shorrock. Gladys Ruth 412 Shelton Rd.. Nichols. Conn. 

Smith. Margaret Louise 601 4th St.. Palmetta. Fla. 

Strowd, Margaret Ellen Box 132. Pittsboro. N. C. 

Stump, Elaine Victoria 22 South Franklin. Red Lion. Pa. 
Vreeland. Maria Lee 3020 Heyward St.. Columbia. S. C. 

Walsh, Sandra Mildred 

2509 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 

What Magazines Do You Read? 


20'7r Pla\ho\ 31% 


17% Latiie.'^ Home Journal 4% 

New 1 

■oiker 10% Peer (Before Censoring)\17o 

Cant Read 1% 

Weddington. Dorothy Jeanne 344 Vance St.. Concord. N. C. 
Wilbur. Charlotte Jean Cornet Phosphorus Co.. Plant City, Fla. 
Wilson, Florence Jane 1218 Waverly Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. 

Wisler, Gayle Seidel 626 Centre Ave.. Reading. Pa. 

Wyman, Catherine Helene 

1317 Highland Ave.. Hendersonville, N. C. 


The following code is to be used to determine the classification 
of each student: 

I — Sopho 


Abbott. Frederick Clarke. 409 4th St.. Laurel, Del 2 

Abrahams. Stanley Leonard 

2407 Loyola Southwav. Baltimore. Md 3 

Abrell. John William 

222 North Georgia Ave.. Martinsburg. W. Va 3 

Adams. Dolph Oliver. Engram St.. Montezuma, Ga 1 

Adams, John Carl, 1006 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C 1 

Adcock. Kenneth Dan 

3019 .Second Ave. N.. .St. Petersburg. Fla 2 

Agnew. Harman Wilson. II. Box 93. Floyd. Va 3 

Akers. Douglas Neal. 303 Dwight Ave.. Endicotl. N. Y 2 

Akers. William Michael 

620 34th St.. West Palm Beach. Fla 3 

Aldridge. Allen Dowdee. 3322 Devon Rd.. Durham. N. C 3 

Alexander. Frank Howard 

168 Jeffer Court. Ridgewood, N. J 2 

Alexander. John Macfie. 168 Jeffer Ct., Ridgewood, N. J 3 

Alexander. Richard B.. Rt. 2. Kinston, N. C 2 

Alexander. William B.. Jr. 

8 Mallow Hill Rd.. Baltimore 29, Md 2 

Alexander, William Walker 

108 N. Dawson St.. Thomasvillc, Ga I 

Algary, William Page. 172 Wembley Rd., Asheville, N. C 2 

Allegood. Joseph Jordan 

116 Woodlawn Ave.. Cireenville. N. C 3 

Allen. Bruce Bozartha, Jr. 

3501 Seward PI., Charlotte, N. C 1 

Allen, Burwell A., Jr., 915 Demcrius .St., Durham, N. C 2 

Allen. Gerald. 153 Willard Ave.. Bloomfield, N. J 2 

Allen, Richard Fred 

2736 I ullinglon Dr., Winslon-Salem, N. C 2 


Allie. Deems Lee. 914 Shelton Ave.. Statesville. N. C 1 

Alliston. Weldon Dean. 1112 Van Buren. Hollywood, Fla 2 

Alster. Lawrence Jacob 

2916 Northampton St. N.W.. Washington. D. C 3 

Alvord. Kenneth Barnham 

1607 Pinellas Rd.. Belleair Estates, Clearwater, Fla 2 

Aman. John Reid, Rt. 5, Box 274, Clinton, N. C 2 

Amoroso. Lawrence John 

40 Chestnut Ave.. Torrington. Conn 3 

Amsler. John Hartman. 20 38th St.. Sioux City 3, Iowa 2 

Anderson, Douglas Gustav 

3332 Tennyson St. N.W.. Washington. D. C 2 

Anderson. Ernest Edward 

14 Harrison Place, Parkway Garden. White Plains. N. Y 1 

Anderson. Farris Furman 

100 First Ave. S.E.. Atlanta 17. Ga. 1 

Anderson. Richard Parker. Blewetl Falls. Illesville, N. C 1 

Anderson. Robert Doyle 

4120 Colwater Rd.. Ft. Wayne. Ind I 

Anderson. Robert William 

733 Cummings Ave.. Kenilworth. Ill 3 

Andrews. Frederick Franck 

1224 Brookland Parkway. Richmond, Va I 

Andrews, Neill Preston 

701 Chestnut St., Lumberton, N. C I 

Annis. Jerc Wright. III. 417 Waverly Place, Lakeland, Fla 3 

Applcton. Richard Francis 

20 Cooper St.. Bergenfield. N. J 3 

Applewhite. Henry F.rvin, Box 55. .Slantonsburg, N. C 1 

Applewhite. James W., Jr.. Slantonsburg, N. C 3 

Archer, Lee Lloyd, Mahopac, N. Y 1 

Armbruster, Alan Earl 

5 Salem Lane, Port Washington, N. Y 1 

Ashley, Roger Trabue, 261 Aberdeen St., Dunedin, Fla 1 

Askin, David James 

3936 Dalewood Ave., Pittsburgh 27, Pa 2 

Aston. James William. Jr.. 5000 Roval 1 anc. Dallas. Tex 2 

Atkins. James Murrey. Jr. 

1751 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte. N. C I 

Atkinson, William Wade. Campbellsville, Ky. 2 

Auman. Jason Reid, Jr.. Rt. 4. Durham, N. C. 2 

Austin, David William 

1128 Stillwood Dr. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga 2 

Austin, Joseph Harlan, Island Creek, Md 1 

Autrey, George Bailey 

104 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington. N C 3 

Aycock, Charles Brantley. 2156 Guess Rd , Durham, N, C . 1 
Baches, Pete James, 1701 Rhem Ave., New Bern, N C 1 

Bachtell, Clifton M., Jr. 

240.1 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 2 

Bailey, Lloyd Richard, Rt. 1, Burnsville, N. C 2 

Baker, William Atlas 

P-2A Cameron Ct. Apts.. Raleigh, N. C 3 

Balderacchi, Arthur E. 

3805 Friendly Rd., Greensboro. N. C 1 

Baldwin, Hobart E., Jr. 

4826 Sedgwick St., Washington 16, D. C 3 

Baldwin. Tom Akins 

2590 N. Moreland Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 20, Ohio 1 

Ballantyne. Bruce H. 

108 Euclid Ave., Waterbury 10. Conn 2 

Ballard. James Edward 

459 Shannon Dr. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 2 

Ballard, John Earl. Rt. 7. Box 401, Charlotte, N. C 2 

Ballow, Edward B., Jr. 

2227 20th St. N.W.. Washington, D. C 2 

Ballowe. Edgar Coleman. Jr. 

2500 Semmes Ave.. Richmond, Va 1 

Bandre, George. Ill, 41 Magnolia Dr., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.. 1 

Bankert. Jon Calvin, Jr.. 3509 Milford Ave.. Baltimore. Md 3 

Banta. Henry David, 100 Elliott Cr., Oak Ridge, Tenn I 

Banton. Thomas James, Jr. 

Amherst Pike. Madison Heights. Va 3 

Baraban, Harvey Morse. 5925 State Line, Kansas City, Mo 2 

Barker, James Dailey, Jr., 

2985 Nancy Creek Rd.. Atlanta. Ga 3 

Barklev. Frank Latimer, Jr. 

5000 Glenbrook Rd. N.W.. Washington, D. C 2 

Barnes. Marvin Lee 

415 N. Daughtry St., Rocky Mount, N. C 2 

Barnes. Ralph Willet, Jr. 

24 St. Pauls St.. Garden City. N. Y 3 

Barnhart, William Cole 

4038 Shorecrest Dr., Orlando, Fla 3 

Barrett. George Frederick. Rt. 5, Wabash, Ind 2 

Barrier. Robert Charles 

nil Hudson Dr. N.E.. Atlanta 6. Ga 1 

To Which Party Do You Belong? 


29% Socialist 

23% Communist 

Beer and Cabin 35% 


Barry. James Richard, King St. RFD, S. Windsor, Conn 2 

Bartal, James Edward, 1208 Garfield St., Gary, Ind 3 

Barton, Alexander C. 

Union Valley Rd., Rt. I. Newfoundland, N. J 3 

Barton, James Newcomb 

958 Gladstone S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich 1 

Bass, Thomas Langston, Box 188, Melbourne, Fla 1 

Bassett. Charles Leland, 719 16th Ave., Prospect Park, Pa 2 

Baylis. Thomas Arthur 

601 E. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C 3 

Bazemore. Thomas R.. Jr., Kelford, N. C 1 

Beal. Jay Edwin, 31 Church St., Wethersfield, Conn 1 

Beall, Anthony Frederick 

Dartmouth St., Garden Apt. 56, Forest Hills, N, Y 2 

Beamer, Harold Lee, 112 Eleventh St., Pulaski, Va 2 

Beane, Robert Daniel, III 

Box 5285. 2009 Orient Rd., Tampa, Fla... 3 
Beard, John Nichols 

2539 Chesterfield Ave., Charlotte 5, N. C 1 

Beard. John Quincy, 404 East H. St., Erwin, N. C 3 

Beaty. Robert Carroll. Box 432, Belmont, N, C 2 

Beck, Donald Edward 

1511 English St., Winston-Salem, N. C 2 

Bedford, Jerrell Stephen, Rt. 2, Ellenboro, N. C 2 

Beeker, William Arlen, 916 Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C 2 

Bell, Floyd Alexander 

347 George St., Rocky Mount, N. C 1 

Bell, Frank Mebane, Jr. 

335 Clement Ave., Charlotte. N. C 2 

Bell, John Mitchell, 3042 Campbell Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 2 

Bell. Luther Edward. Jr.. 807 S. Lee St., Americus, Ga. 2 

Bell, Robert Barnard, Box 4317, Duke Sta., Durham, N. C. . 3 
Bender. Michael Swift 

1244 Winthrop Dr.. Rock Hill. S. C 2 

Bender. Nathan Judson, Jr. 

743 Monrovia PI., Shreveport, La 1 

Bennett. Lawrence William, Box 233, Shrewsbury, N. J.. 2 

Benson. John Frank, 34 Hillman St., Pittsburgh 27, Pa 2 

Berger. Edward Paul 

140 Van Houtem Ave., Passaic, N. J t, 

Bergesen, Richard Nelson, 196 State Rd., Princeton, N. J 2 

Berman, Howard Hillell 

Walter Reed Army Hosp., Washington. D. C 3 

Bertch. James Frank, 76 Kilbourn Rd.. Rochester, N. Y. 2, William Joseph, 2220 Aldo Blvd., Quincy, 111 2 

Beverly, George Wesley, Ir. 

Beverly Apts., Asheville, N. C 2 

Bevis. Richard Wade, 45 Bush Ave.. Greenwich, Conn 2 

Bigger, John Franklin, Jr. 

1008 Cynthia Crescent, Anniston, Ala 1 

Biggers, Robert Price 

2810 Chelsea Circle. Durham, N. C 1 

Biggs. Charles Thomas, 2116 Club Blvd., Durham, N, C 2 

Bimestefer, John David 

3006 Dunmore Rd.. Dundalk 22. Md. 2 
Biswell. Charles David 

Chestnut Dr.. Rt, 1, Woodstown, N. J 3 

Bjontegard. Arthur M., Jr. 

201 Overlook Terrace, Hendersonville, N. C 2 

Black. Leonard Cole 

Thalia Gardens, Rt. 2. Lynnhaven, Va 3 

Black, Thomas C, Jr.. VA Hospital, Alexandria, La. 2 
Blackburn. A. Maxwell, III 

180 Prospect St., Apt. E-7, E. Orange, N. J. 1 
Blackburn. Harry Lee, Jr. 

122 A. P. Hill Ave., Highland Springs, Va 3 

Blackstone, David L. 

4316 Willow Lane, Chevy Chase, Md 3 

Blackwell, Billy Ray, Rt. 2, Hartsville, S. C 1 

Blackwood, Walser A.. Jr. 

230 Plymouth Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 1 

Blanchard. David Irving, 1215 30th St., W.. Bradenton, Fla.. 2 

Blatt. Daniel Harry, 61 New Main St., Haverstraw, N. Y 2 

Blattner. Peter W., Jr. 

313 Concors PI., New Milford, N. J 2 

Blazer. Edward Patrick 

6629 Kindred St., Philadelphia 49, Pa. 2 

Blechman, Barry Kent 

5034 Reno Rd. N.W., Washington 6, D. C 3 

Blevins, James Lowell 

1307 Azalea Garden Rd.. Norfolk 2, Va 3 

Blizard, Victor Paul 

733 Washington Lane. Jenkintown, Pa 2 

Block, Byron Barclay, P. O. Box 549, Tallahessee, Fla 2 

Block, Howard Ruben, 2908 Argyle Dr., Alexandria, Va 3 

Blood, Fred Murray, Rt. 2, Woodstock, Vermont 1 

BIylh. John Richard 

24.10 Kensington Dr.. Columbu.s 21, Ohio 1 

Boggs. James Preston, 311 Pearl St., Fayelteville. N. C. 2 

Boggs. John Hunter 

3908 Kanawha Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va.... 1 

Boggs, William Wayne 

1659 Ardsley Ct., West Englewood. N. J 3 

Boles, Steven Howard, Rt. 1, Liberal. Kansas 1 

Bolinger. Donald Servis 

2700 Oak Park Ave.. Dayton, Ohio 3 

Bollman, Paul W., Jr., 301 Chestnut .St., Shillington, Pa 3 

Bolt, Stanley Edward, 525 Dewey Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 2 
Bomze, Richard Mark, 840 Bryant St., Woodmere, N. Y. 2 
Bonczek, Lonegan F., Jr., 160 N. Main St., Webster. Mass. 3 
Bonham, Arthur Erwin, YTD 8001st Au, 

APO 503, c/o P.M., San Francisco. Calif 3 

Bonin. William Naylor 

1795 Robin Hood Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. I 

Booher. James A.. Jr., Bo.x 13, Elkin, N. C 2 

Boomer. Walter Eugene, Rich Square, N. C 1 

Boone, Stephen C, 3123 Conway, Houston 25, Texas 1 

Boos, John Donald 

221 15 113th Dr., Cambria Hts. II, N. Y I 

Boothby, Herbert Stanley 

555 Moreno Rd., Wynnewood, Pa 1 

Boozer, Frank Vernon, 159 Orleans Cr., Norfolk, Va! 2 

Borbely, Jeffrey Allen 

4300 River St., Willoughby, Ohio... l 

Boris, Stanley Emil, 37 Warren St., Salem, Mass 3 

Boro, Ira Michael 

75 So. Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, N. Y.. 3 

Borsuk, Gregory Michael, 19 Little St., East Orange, N, J. 3 

Bostian, Ronald Edward, 1525 S. Main St., Salisbury, N. C. 1 
Bostic, Wayne Milford, 321 Central Parkway, Warwick, Va. 2 

Bosworth, Anthony, 8 Vassar PI., Scarsdale, N. Y 3 

Bottoms. Alton Bruce, 40 Pennsylvania Ave.. Canton, N. C... 3 

Bourne, Elliott Grayson. Rt. 4, Reidsville, N. C. .'. [..'. 2 

Bourne, Richmond Wiley, Jr. 

Washington Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 2 

Bowers, Alfred George, 258 Moore St., Princeton, N. J. 3 

Bowers, Glen Wilson 

423 Chesterfield Rd., Raleigh, N. C. "> 

Bowers, Thaddeus Ray, 1118 .Seventh Ave., Bristol, fenn! " 1 
Bowles, Charles P., Jr. 

2100 West Market St., Greensboro. N. C 2 

Bowman. Jack Bletz, Jr., 

2822 Johnson St.. Hollywood. Fla 1 

Bowman. Richard Gerard 

11 Hampton Rd., Westmont, N. J | 

Boyd, John Winfield, 1029 Duncan Ave., Yeadon, Pa.' I 

Boyd, Joseph Lawrence 

67 Hornbeam Hill Rd., Chelmsford. Mass I 

Boyd, Philip Howard 

1304 Chickering Rd., Nashville. Tenn | 

Boyer, William Mercer 

2005 Elizabeth Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C, 3 

Boys, William Waring 

33650 Hillcrest Dr., Farmington, Mich i 

Bracey, Daniel Gilford, Pembroke, N. C... I 

Bradford. Alan Taylor. 2233 The Circle, Raleigh, N. c!'! . .7 3 
Bradford, Gary Wayne, 2575 Brown St., Gary, Ind 1 

Bradford, William Hollis 

6704 Fairfax Rd., Chevy Chase, Md i 

Bradsher, Thorston T.. 118 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. I 

Brandon, Craig Arnold, Box 133, Stanley, N. C 3 

Brannan, George King, 19 Hawthorne Dr., Durham, N. C 3 

Braun, Harvey Henry, 36 Rutledge Dr., Redbank, N J 3 

Breslow, Harry Lee. 184 20 Cambridge Rd., Jamaica, N. Y. -> 
Brewer, Philip Lee, 1326 Elmwood Dr., Columbus, Ga 3 

Bridenbaugh, Charles, III 

3202 6th Ave., W. Bradenton, Fla T. 

Bridges. Benjamin. Jr., 300 W. Loudoun .St., Leesbure, Va 3 
Bright. Arnold Philip 

Rt. 2. Guess Rd.. Box 123, Durham. N. C. | 

Bright. James Lee, 2605 C hapel Hill Rd., Durham. N, C, 3 
Brinkley, William McCall, Box 185, N C 1 

Britt. Alton Alfred, Jr., Box 427. Valdese, N. C. -> 

Britt, Harry Greer. 4705 Evergreen Dr., Port Arthur, Texas T 
Britton, William Moses, 230 S. Maple St., Ahoskie, N. C 3 

Brockelhank, John Elliott 

851 Springfield Ave., Simimit. N. J 2 

Brockelt, Belmont Sammons 

3661 Piping Rock Lane, Houston 19. Tex. | 

Brockett, William H., Jr., Elizabeth City, N, C, 1 

Brockwell, Arlick 1.., Jr.. 1 15 N. Market .St., Peter.sburg."Va.' "" 3 

Brodhcad. Robert Edgar, Rt. 3, Kiltanning, Pa -> 

Brooks, Irwin l.ukcns, N. Main St.. North Wales. Pa 2 

Brooks. Linton Forrestall 

509 Capitol PI., Columbia. S. C 2 

Brooks. Marshall Heindel 

2366 N. Oakland .St.. Arlington 7, Va | 

Brooks, William Ward, 61 Denham Rd., Springfield N J ■• 

Broughton, Joseph O., Jr. 

2924 hyurangea PI., Wilmington, N. C l 

Brown, Gary Holmes, Rt. 1, Randleman, N. C. t 

Brown. James Robert 

2780 N.E. 24 Terrace. Pompano Beach. Fla I 

Browne, James Wilburn, Jr. 

1248 W. Woodlawn Ave., Norfolk 2, Va. I 

Brownell, Robert Burton 

Rt. 3, Parker Rd., Morristown, Tenn 3 

Browning, Arthur Lee, 721 Madison St., Portsmouth, Va! I 
Brownson, Fred Oscar 

1130 Monroe St.. Wenatchee, Wash 2 

Broyles, Rowan Manning 

19 West Locust St., Bethlehem, Pa -> 

Bruton, John Macaulay 

2412 Longest Ave., Louisville, Ky.. 

Bryan, Edward Lewis, 179 S. Oliver St.. Elberton, Ga I 

Bryson, Edwin Constant, 818 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 3 
Buchholz. Robert Burman 

5735 Anthony Wayne Tr., Maumee. Ohio -> 

Buckley. Peter Martin. 67 Newtown Ave., Norwalk, Conn. I 
Bulkley, Edward Everett 

Lincoln Rd., South Lincoln, Mass 3 

Bullard, Lawrence Dawson 

603 Colonial Dr., Wilmington, N. C 3 

Bullock, David Orren, 3 1 1 Bost St., Kannapolis, NrC I 

Bullock, John Alfred, Jr., 6 Sunset Dr., Summit. N. J... 3 

Bumgarner. Arthur D. 

1521 Winston Rd., Lexington, N. C 1 

What Sports Do You Follow? 













Bunch, Willis A.. 111. ChaJhoiim. N. C 3 

Biinn, Jack Calvin. .VslO Charlcolc Rd.. Bclhesda 14, Md 2 

Bunn, Spruill Gilmore 

Gold Leaf Farms, Spring Hope. N. C 2 

Biiohl, Edward Allan, 117 Scenic Dr.. Dohbs Ferry, N. Y .1 

Biirdick. Donald Smiley 

7 Chestnut Dr.. Huntington. W. Va .3 

Burger. Joseph Charles. Jr. 

MOg 2000. Camp l.ejeune. N. C 3 

Burns, Robert Fnoch, Box 36«. Ma.xton. N. C 1 

Burton. Richard Greene 

52 Alumni Ave.. Providence. R. 1 3 

Buteau. Bernard F., Jr.. Marion Ave.. Plantsville, Conn 2 

Buttry, Alton N.. Jr., 1109 First Ave.. Durham. N. C I 

Byers, Robert Maxwell, 106 Elkton Blvd., Elkton, Md 2 

Byrd, Carl Leslie, Jr., Box 546. Erwin, N. C 1 

Bvrd. Wade Rupert, Box 564, Spindale. N. C 2 

Byrne. William D., Jr., 10 Avon Rd.. Larchmont, N. Y .. 2 

Campbell. William Lowell 

2604 Liberty St., Parkersburg, W. Va I 

Caison, Christopher H., Parker Dr., Clinton, N. C. 1 

Caldwell. Herschel A.. Jr.. 3100 Devon Rd., Durham. N. C. 3 

Caldwell. Norman Donald. 290 Boyd Dr., Sharon, Pa 1 

Calhoun, Thomas Anthony 

Ft. McNair. Washington 25, D. C 2 

Callcott. Thomas Anderson 

1718 College St.. Columbia, S. C 3 

Calton. Kenneth Javan. 3205 Clark Ave., Raleigh, N. C 1 

Calvert, John Frederick 

4 Windermere Rd.. Auburndale, Mass 3 

Calvin. James Frank, Jr.. Box 906, Santa Fe, New Mexico... 1 
Camp. Thomas Frank, Jr. 

892 Rosedale Rd. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga 3 

Campbell. John Thomas O. 

9 Edgewater Dr.. Old Greenwich. Conn 1 

Candler, William Love, Jr. 

5053 Horseshoe Trail, Dallas 9. Texas 2 

Canney. Frank Douglas 

2049 Monroe Ave.. Belmont, Calif 2 

Cannon, Kim Colladay. Rt. 4, Box 25. Vienna, Va 2 

Capello, John Joseph 

146 Catherine St.. Bridgeport. Conn 2 

Garden. Norman F., Ill 

Box 3139, Duke Hosp., Durham, N. C 1 

Cardoze, Fernando 

Calle Colombia 4, Panama Rep., Panama 2 

Carlisle, James Mallory. 741 Carleton Rd., Westfield, N. J 3 

Carlson. Clifford Arthur. 122 West Ninth St., Hinsdale, 111 1 

Carlton, Linwood Wray. Wallace. N. C I 

Carlton. Terry Scott. 703 Piedmont St., Reidsville, N. C 1 

Carlyn. Robert Henry, 1517 East 23 St., Brooklyn 10, N. Y 1 

Carpenter. Ronald D., Springfield Farm, Rock Hall, Md 3 

Carr, Donald Richard 

3501 High Point Rd., Greensboro. N. C 2 

Carrol. Gordon Slade 

4606 Harvard Rd., College Park, Md 3 

Carroll. Herman Grey. Jr. 

1801 Glen Echo Rd., Nashville, Tenn 2 

Carswell. William A.. Jr. 

4846 French St.. Jacksonville, Fla 1 

Carter. Alan Bruce. 26 Iriquois Dr.. Clarendon Hill, 111 3 

Carter. Charles B., Jr. 

124 South Woodrow. Little Rock. Ark 1 

Carter. Charles Edwin 

205 Hartwell Ave., Littleton. Mass 2 

Carter, David Michael, 1703 Norlina Rd., Henderson, N. C. . 2 
Carter, James Anderson. 131 Dixon Dr., Gainesville, Ga.. . 1 

Carter. John Thurston, 2115 Woodrow St., Durham, N. C 1 

Carter, Robert Edward. 910 E. 28th St., Norfolk 4, Va 1 

Carter, William Alvin. 910 E. 28th St., Norfolk 4, Va 1 

Cary, Allan Parks 

29 Whitehouse Ave.. Poughkeepsie, N. Y 1 

Cases, Hector Jose, 04 Caribe St., Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 1 
Casey. Stephen Huntley 

2707 Edgewood Ave., Anderson, S. C 1 

Cash. William Thomas. Jr. 

507 N. Driver Ave.. Durham. N. C 1 

Cassidy. Samuel M.. 811 Green St., Durham, N. C 3 

Caswell. Fred Weston. 18 Campbell Rd.. Short Hills, N. J 3 

Caudle. Carl Ray 

Oak Summit Rd., Rt. 7. Winston-Salem. N. C 1 

Caviness, Lewis Lynn, 1809 Sunset Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 3 

Cedarstrand. Theodore C. 

515 Heights Rd., Ridgewood, N. J 3 

Chafin. Robert Neil 

125 Rosedale Circle, Winston-Salem, N. C 1 

N. C. 

N. C. 

Chambers. William Forrest 

Box 14. High Rolls, New Mexico 

Chang, Wallace Han Jen 

210 Oak Tree Ave., S. Plainfield, N. J 

Chappell, Jack Lee, 603 Ramseur .St., Durham, N. C 

Charneco, Dale Rafael, .Sup. Off. Hqtrs. 10th Naval 

San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Chatterton, Allan Bruce 

14 Galway PI., W. Englewood, N. J 

Cheney, Willoughby G., Jr. 

2812 Columbia Ave., Wilmington, N. C 

Cherin. Arnold Robert, 10 Edgewood Dr.. Freehold, N. J. 
Chittum. Charles Herbert 

612 S. Terrace, Huntington, W. Va 

Choate. Craig Dexter. 401 Park Place, Pittsburgh 9, Pa. 

Chritton. John Evans. 2000 Jersey Ave., Durham, N. C 

Chu, Daniel Jen Dean. 112 Tsat Tse Mui Rd. 

2nd Floor. North Point. Hong Kong 

Church, Malcolm Emery, 23 Swan Lane, Levittown, N. Y. 

Clancy, Wendell White. 710 Shady Ave., Geneva, 111 

Clark, Anthony Wayne, 912 N. Larrimore, Arlington, Va. 
Clark. Newton Thomas 

1604 E. Main St., Spartanburg, S. C 

Clark, Richard Edward. Box 198, Tice, Fla 

Clark, Robert Lee. 1432 Montana Ave., Orlando, Fla 

Clarke. Lewis Ryland. Ill 

6104 Sefton Ave., Baltimore 14, Md 

Clayton, Jerry Maynard. 214 Lamar St., Roxboro, N. C... 

Clayton. Joseph Coy, Jr., Box 184. Haw River. N. C 

Clayton. Joseph Edward 

Guaranty Bank & Trust Co., Williamston, N. C 

Clayton. Robert F. 

57 Northwood Ave. N.E., Atlanta, Ga 

Clayton. Thomas Willets 

1900 Ridgewood Dr., Chattanooga 4, Tenn 

Cleaveland, Clifton Ranee 

823 Albion Rd., Columbia. S. C 

Cleaveland, Stuart Jeremy 

820 Wilkerson Ave., Durham, 
Clement, Donald Hayes, Jr. 

2107 Grace Ave., New Bern, 
Clemmons, Joseph B., HI 

Box 193, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone 

Cleveland, Lee Crowell 

53 Francisco Ave.. West Caldwell, N. J 

Clinard, Ralph H., Jr., 1013 Eighth St.. Durham, N. C 

Cline, Robert Edward 

565 Valley Rd., Southern Pines, N. C 

Cloniger, Gerald T., Box 155 or 461, York S. C 

Cobb, Curtis Edgar 

65 Ivy Way, Port Washington, L. I.. N. Y 

Coffey, John Harold. 6704 Barr Rd., Fairway Hills, Md... 
Cohen, Alan Bernard, 2708 Whitney Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Cohen, Barry Marvin, 101 E. Main St., Clear Spring, Md. 
Cohen, Peter Edward 

151 Central Park West, New York 23, N. Y 

Cohen. Richard Louis 

3505 Seven Mile Lane. Baltimore 8. Md 

Cole, James Leo, 102 Legrand St., Rockingham. N. C 

Cole, John Oscar, 25 Marshall PI.. Webster Groves. Mo. 

Colley, Roger Joel, 55 Ferguson Ave., Broomall, Pa 

Collins, Dannie Joe 

7108 Rockridge Rd.. Baltimore 7. Md 

Collins, Donald, 2605 14 Street. Astoria 2, N. Y 

Collins, Harold Arthur, Jr. 

Pickridge, Southern Pines. N. 
Collins. Richard Hollen 

7108 Rockridge Rd., Baltimore 
Colwell, Samuel Campbell 

174 Arbor Dr., Southport. Cc 
Comp. Heinrich Otto. Jr. 

610 Summit Dr.. Greenville. 
Conant. Marcus Augustine 

404 N.E. 10th Ave., Gainsville, Fla 

Connelly, James Joseph 

3338 Dudley Ave.. Baltimore 13. Md 

Connor. Bruce Augustine. 225 S Boulevard. Salisbury. Md. 
Constable, Thomas F.. Jr. 

217 East Cameron Rd.. Falls Church. Va 

Constantine, Victor Simon 

Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa. N. C 

Cooke, Cecil Edwards. Jr. 

710 Morehead Ave., Durham. N. C. 

Cooke, George Waylon 

906 E. Trinity Ave.. Durham. N. C 

Cooke, Maxwell F.lwood 

804 Green St., Piedmont Apts., Durham, N. C 



S. C. 

Cooper, William Joseph. Jr. 

33 Jesswig Dr.. Hamden, Conn 1 

Copeland, Darryl Wade 

1003 Eastport Ave., Uhrichsville. Ohio 3 

Copeland, Earl Leonard 

7811 Mohawk Dr., Dallas 19, Texas 1 

Copeland, Edward M., Ill, 94 Macon St.. McDonough, Ga. 2 
Corn, Charles McCutchen 

1590 Ocoee St., Cleveland, Tenn 2 

Cornwell. Kenneth Leroy 

81 Tobin Ave., Great Neck, N. Y 2 

Cornwell, Richard Guy, 2000 Winter St., Charlotte, N. C 2 

Correll, John Christopher 

900 S. Johnson St., Monroe, N. C 3 

Cottingham, Andrew Jackson, Jr. 

102 W. Covington St., Laurinburg, N. C ■> 

Couch, Jon William, 3411 Hillsboro Rd., Durham. N. C. 3 
Coulter, Thomas Brett 

810 Delaney Park Dr., Orlando, Fla 1 

Council, John C, Jr., 108 McQueen St., Sumter, S. C 3 

Council, Waldo Lawrence, 328 Clark St., Durham, N C 3 

Courie, Mittrey Amon, Box 217, Kinston, N. C. 2 

Cowie, James Donald 

17 Manchester Rd., Tuckahoe, N. Y 3 

Cox, Seth Thomas. Jr., 2006 Lee Ave., Sanford. N. C. 3 

Cox, Thaddeus Chandler. Box 44, Farmville, N. C 1 

Coxe, James Oliver, Box 1066, Laurinburg, N. C 3 

Cozart, William Hoyl. Jr., 814 4th St., Durham, N. C 3 

Cracknell, Terry Alfred 

2085 Western Ave., Alliance, Ohio 3 

Cranford, William E., Jr. 

2802 Chelsea Cr., Hope Valley, Durham, N. C 1 

Craven, Carlyle Colbert 

514 N. State St., Lexington. N. C 3 

Craven, Jesse Clarence, Jr. 

807 Raleigh Rd., Ramseur, N. C 3 

Craven, Nicholas Scott, 19 W. 3rd St., Lexington, N. C. ^ 

Crawford, Robert C, 1212 S. Duke St., Durham, N. C. 1 

Crawford, Robert Coy, 975 Winall Down Rd., Atlanta, Ga 3 

Creasy, Albert Henderson 

2314 Metis Ave., Wilmington, N. C 3 

Crews, Lyen Connor, 290 Lexington St., Versailles, Ky 2 

Crews, Robert Joseph 

2220 Queen St., Winston-Salem, N. C 3 

Crihfield, Glenn S., Rl. 3, Box 372, Greensboro, N. C. I 

Crocco, Charles Anthony. 775 Central Ave.. Dover. N. H 1 

Crocker. Jon Christopher. Human Research Unit 1. 

The Armored School, Fort Knox, Ky 1 

Crooke, Richard Robert, 65 The Oaks, Roslyn. N. Y 3 

Crowell, William Groce 

Rocky Hill Rd., Plymouth. Mass.... 1 

Cruikshank. Robert A. 

2676 Sharondale Dr. N.F.. Atlanta, Ga 1 

Crum, Roger Duane 

35209 Euclid Ave., Willoughby, Ohio 1 

Crummie, Robert Gwinn. 302 Warsaw Rd., Clinton, N. C. I 

Culp, Charles Harrison. 2000 Arbor St.. Durham, N. C 2 

Culp, Harry Richmond. Jr. 

710 Peachtree St. N.F... Atlanta. Ga I 

Culp, James Stanley 

2825 Northampton St. N.W., Washington. D. C 3 

Culp. Julian Martin, 3 I 1 S. Broad St., Mooresville, N. C. 2 

Cunningham, Kevin F. 

5863 Chevy Chase Parkway, Washington 15, D. ( . 1 

Curran, Rollin Thaddeus, Box 684, Reidsville N ( 3 

Custer. Henry Lewis, Jr.. Box 37. Lancaster, Ohio 2 

Cutler, Richard Edwin, Preston. Minnesota 3 

Cuyar, Robert Alexander 

286 Ncal Dow Ave., Staten Island, N. Y 3 

Dale, Ben Nolan, Houser Pines. Cherryville N C I 

Dale. Richard Peck 

1 101 Salt Springs Rd.. .Syracuse. N. Y. 1 

Danford. Jerry Lee. 3011 Collier Dr.. Greensboro. N C I 
Dangelo, John Matthew. 91 Prior Ct., Oradell, N. J "> 

Daniel, James W. C, Jr., 104 Vance Apts., Raleigh N C "> 

Darling, Alfred Kenneth 

4021 South 19th St., Arlington 4, Va. 1 

Daugherty. Herbert Hoyle, 34 Winthrop Rd., Nixon, N. J I 

David, John Philip, 3408 Fallstaff Rd., Baltimore, Md. I 

Davidon, Ronald Edward 

228 W. Highland Ave., Fbensburg. Pa 1 

Davis, Clarence Boylan 

1812 Perry Ave., Wilmington, N. C 3 

Davis, Jack Rex, 1898 Haywood Rd., Asheville N C 3 

Davis, Jimmy Frederick, 3310 Duke Lane, Durham, N. C. 3 
Davis, Keith Eugene 

Rt. I, Box 12, Guilford College, N. C 3 

Davis. Keith Thorngate. Jr. '^'^^ 

218 Haddonfield Dr., De Witt. N. Y. t 

Davis, Shelley Carter, Jr " 

1259 Peachtree Btl. Ave. N.W., Atlanta 5, Ga. | 

Dawson, Ferdinand D., IH, Dieu St., Port Neches, Texas 2 
Dawson, Robert Grandy, Jr., 1913 Reid St., Raleigh, N. C 3 
De Angehs, Joseph A. 

340 Billings Ave., Paulsboro, N. J -> 

Dean, Norman Wilton, 185 Main St., E. Northfield, Mass ^ 

Deas, David John, 9 Hampton St., Canton, N C 4 

Debrovner, Steven Henry 

10 Shore Blvd., Brooklyn 35, N. Y 1 

Debruhl, Arthur Marshall, 66 Frances St., Ashevilie" N C 3 

Decker, John Parker, 1335 Valley Rd.. Deerfield, 111. 1 

Dellinger, Clyde James 

4218 Blackwood Ave., Charlotte, N. C i 

Deloatch, Sidney C, Jr. 

1221 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, N C 3 

Demonterice, Bruce D., Jackson Ave., Fishkill N Y 3 

Denise, Robert Phillips, 611 S. Best St., Goldsboro', N C ■- 

Denius, C. Frederick, Box 1435, Melbourne. Fla I 

Denker. Peter John. 153 E. 61st St.. New York, N Y 3 

Denne, Donald Ralph 

3524 Lindberg Way, Weirton. W Va -> 

Denton. Donald H.. Jr. ~ 

3827 Abingdon Rd., Charlotte 7. N. C. -> 

Depersio, Gerard John " 

116 Orange Lane, Oak Ridge. Tenn. 1 

Depuy. Robert Ward. 13331 N.W. 1st Court, Miami, Fla. 3 
Derecki, John Jeffrey 

55 Donaldson Ave., Rutherford. N. J. 1 

Deschler, Ralph Joseph 

1035 Park Ave., New York 28. N. Y. "> 

Dewey, George, Jr. " 

4331 Forest Lane N.W.. Washington 7, D C 1 

Dhuy. Gerald Joseph, 310 Eighth Ave.. Bethlehem. Pa 
Dicio. Donato Anthony 

333 Hawthorne St.. C anonsburg. Pa 1 

Dickey. Crawford Marshall 

1447 N Englewood .St.. Arlington, Va. -> 

Dickinson, Gary Weller. 1294 Hillside Dr.. Lancaster Pa I 

Dickson. James Mcintosh. 2 Sage Court. Utica N V 1 

Dieffenbach, Rix A., Jr. 

1013 Boyce Ave.. Towson 4. Md 1 

Dietrich, Carl Phillip. 3795 Granger Rd.. Akron. Ohio 3 

Dillard. Guy Jackson. Jr. 

1919 Flournoy Dr.. Columbus. Ga. 3 

Dilhe. Harry Duane. 691 E. Beau St.. Washington Pa ^ 

Dingwall, Robert Watson ' 

1706 N.E. 7th Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 3 

Dinwoodie. John Franklin 

2401 17lh St. S.. St. Petersburg, Fla. -> 

Dobbs. Frederick Henry. II 

1507 Bedford Rd.. Charleston. W. Va "> 

Dobbs, Larry Mason " 

1146 Cumberland Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga | 

Dobson, John Morehead 

Westover Farm. Rt. 5. Franklin, lenn. ? 

Docktor. Franklin M. 

National Pike. U. S. Rt. 40. Scenery Hill. Pa. I 

Dodd, Dennis George, 1617 Orange St., Muscatine, iowa 1 
Dodd, William Francis G. 

Mistletoe Villa, Henderson. N. ( 3 

Domhoff. George W.. Jr. 

20096 Bonniebank Blvd.. Rocky River. Ohio 3 

Donley. James Duncan 

6445 Lawrence Dr., Indianapolis, Ind 3 

Donovan, Gerald Frank 

107 Jefferson Ave., Valhalla. N. Y 3 

Dorrity, Floyd Odel, Jr.. 2111 Hart St., Durham, N. c! 1 

Dorsey, James Barber, Rl. 2. Creedmoor. N. C. 1 

Dosh, .Sidney Perry. Jr., I Oakleigh Place, Ocala, Fla. I 

Doss, Donald ( lements, 73 Fairfield Ave., Danville, Va. 1 

Dolson, Ralph Gene, Box 7, Kure Beach. N. C .' 2 

Doughtie, Edward Orth, 1106 Brown, Columbu.s, Ga 3 

Dow, Stuart Edward 

43 Church Ave., Islip, Long Island. N. Y 1 

Dowling, William Laine, 605 East 3id .St., Hinsdale, III. 2 

Drake, David Alan 

5027 Morenci Lane, Little Neck, I . I.. N. Y 3 

Drummond, David Donald, Jr., Rl. 4, Cirecr, S. C I 

Drummond, William King 

2406 Boyce Ave., Anderson, S. C 1 

Drye, Carl Allen, Box 466, China Grove, N. C '. 1 

Duckworth, Daniel A. 

225 20th St. N.E., Cleveland, Tenn 1 

Dudley, Alden Woodbury, Jr. 

75 Margaretta Ct., Staten Island 14, N. Y 3 

Dudley, Robert Lusk 

201 Belle Meade Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn 2 

Duke. Charles Bryan. 313 Burns Lane, Williamsburg, Va 2 

Duncan, David Garrett 

79 San Juan Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla 2 

Dunlap, George Emery, Box 367, Orange Park. Fla 1 

Dunlevy, Charles Winston 

2356 Huron St.. Durham, N. C 1 

Dupler, Phil Joseph, 500 Catterlin St., Frankfort, Ind 3 

Durner, John Augustus. 111. Box 338, Burgaw, N. C 1 

Durret, Ray Robert 

3911 Virginia Ave.. S. Charleston 4, W. Va 1 

Dusek. Lowell Michael. 829 West Mill. Alliance, Ohio 3 

Dutrow, George Ferrell 

2826 27th St. N.E., Washington 18, D. C 2 

Duval, .Mien Edward, 455 N.E. St., Miami, Fla 1 

Duvall, James Edmund 

41 Prospect St., Garden City, N. Y 3 

Dwiggins. Lattie Ralph 

901 Walnut St.. Winston-Salem. N. C 3 

Earley. George Jacob. 213 North Cherry St.. Eaton. Ohio 1 

Eaton. George Theodore 

312 E. Eleventh St.. Greenville, N. C 1 

Eaton, Stanley Boyd. Front Royal. Va 1 

Eberdt. Arthur Jackson S. 

2607 N. Quincy St.. Arlington, Va 2 

Eberlein, William Philip 

2497 Rockville Ctr.. Pkwy., Oceanside. N. Y 2 

Edgar, Richard Byers 

Woodlawn Farm. Ellicott City. Md 2 

Edmondson. Michael W., Rt. 1, Bethel, N. C 1 

Edmundson, Ronald Gene. Stantonsburg, N. C 3 

Edwards, James Allen, Jr. 

2321 Lynhaven Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 1 

Edwards, John William 

1118 S. Park Ave., Burlington. N. C 2 

Edwards. Oliver J.. Jr. 

106 Hawthorne Rd.. Birmingham 9. Ala 2 

Edwards. Robert Cook. Jr. 

201 Strawberry Lane. Clemson, S. C 3 

Edwards, Robert Earl. Box 611. LaGrange. N. C 1 

Edwards, Roger Niebling 

308 Colony Rd., Lexington. Ky 2 

Edwards, Roy Columbus. 123 Hill Crest Dr., Mt. Airy, N. C. 3 

Edwards. Sidney Ervin. 1604 B St.. Durham. N. C 2 

Egerton, Frank Nicholas 

411 N. Gregson St.. Durham, N. C 3 

Eggleston, Joseph Carr 

920 N. Barksdale St., Memphis, Tenn 3 

Elder, Jon Clements, 807 Jackson St.. Vidalia. Ga ... 2 

Eldredge. Howard S.. 600 Vaquero Rd.. Arcadia. Calif 2 

Elliott. James Henry. 433 Sunset. La Grange. Ill 2 

Ellison, Floyd Edwin, Jr.. 400 North A St.. Easley, S. C 1 

Elsey. Edward Crawford, Jr. 

7149 Meadowbrook Dr., Cincinnati 37, Ohio 1 

Embley, Roger Larison, 433 Cuyler Ave., Trenton, N. J 3 

Embry. John Hutcheson 

607 Bellaire Ave.. Lexington. Ky 2 

Enck. Thomas Emery. Rt. 2. Ashland. Ohio 2 

Eppley. Richland Michael 

474 Eleventh St.. Cramerton, N. C 1 

Ervine, Harold Clayton. 67 Elm St., Tunkhannock, Pa 3 

Erwin. David Brown. 613 Oak Ave.. Clearwater. Fla. 2 

Erwin. Marion Frank. 3414 Dover Rd., Durham, N. C. . 1 

Esposito, George Mario, Amwell Rd., Millstone. N. J 2 

Espy. Chris Burhman. Box 246. Abbeville. Ala 1 

Etheridge, Ransom Wooten 

6239 Tidewater Dr., Norfolk 9, Va 1 

Eure, Hilliard M.. Ill 

28th St.. Hwy 70, Morehead City, N. C 3 

Evans, Daniel Lee. Box 3329, Corpus Christi. Texas 1 

Evans, David Tea, 429 Sleepv Hollow Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. ... 3 

Evans, Geoffrey, 2735 Richmond Hwy., .Mexandria, Va 3 

Evans, John Platter, 787 Woodhill Rd., Mansfield. Ohio 1 

Everett. Ronald Wilcox 

2605 University Dr.. Durham. N. C 3 

Faber, Roderick Mason 

310 Hippodrome Bldg., Cleveland. Ohio 3 

Fabian. E. Larry 

170 Chester Rd.. Sherwood Forest. Winston-Salem. N. C 2 

Faggart, Jimmy Richard 

Box 417, Liberty St., China Grove, N. C 3 

Falkenberg. Frederick 

220 Woodside Dr., Hewlett B Park. N. Y 2 

Fallaw, Wallace Craft, Rt. 3, Hillsboro, N. C 3 


Faris. James John. 801 University Ave.. Muncic. Ind 1 

Farmer. Joseph C. Jr.. 217 Granite St., Henderson, N. C 2 

Farmer. Phillip W.. Rt. 5. Box 98A. Goldsboro, N. C 1 

Farmer. Wayne Pierce 

220 Old Edgefield Rd.. N. Augusta, S. C 3 

Farris, Robert Linsy, 626 Moravian Lane, Charlotte, N. C 3 

Featherston. Robert Dean 

Rt. 3. Box 33, Forest City, N. C 2 

Feigenbaum. Irwin. 3318 C hauncey PI.. Mt. Rainier. Md 2 

Feldman. Stephen Robert 

1349 Lexington Ave.. New York. N. Y 2 

Fell. Edward Lawrence. 348 Maple Ave., Doylestown, Pa 1 

Fetner. Charles James. Box 237. Carrboro, N. C 2 

Ferguson, John Carruthers 

1102 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill 2 

Ferro, Angel Manuel 

Oficios 152, ESQ Amargura, Havana, Cuba 2 

Fetsko, Robert James. 100 Gable St.. Johnstown. Pa 2 

Fidler. Paul Perry. 2247 Overton Rd., Augusta. Ga 3 

Fidler, William Kemp, 2247 Overton Rd., Augusta, Ga 1 

Fife, Stephen Edward, Box 717, Hinton, W. Va 1 

Findlay, Andrew Morrison 

3010 26th St. N.E., Washington 18, D. C 2 

Finch, Brown Baucette 

212 E. Markham Ave., Durham. N. C 

Finke, Jay Elliott, 638 Poplar St., Spartanburg, S. C 2 

Firth, Gordon Neal, 1662 Round Hill Rd.. Baltimore, Md 3 

Fischer. Fred Paul. Jr. 

3407 Highview Terrace S.E., Washington 20. D. C 1 

Fisher. Earl Elliott. Jr.. 101 Ivey St.. Fairmont, N. C 2 

Fisher, Howard T 

3 Penhurst Rd.. Ben Avon Heights, Pittsburgh 2, Pa 2 

Fisher, William Henry, Jr. 

P. O. Box 767, Albemarle, N. C I 

Fisher, Zane Bell, Box 656. Enfield, N. C 2 

Fiske, Clifford David, Bemus Point, New York 1 

Flanagan, Latham, Jr. 

915 South Washington St., Alexandria. Va 3 

Fleming. William Lewis. Jr., Rt. 2, Henderson, N. C 3 

Fletcher, Frank Utley, Jr. 

6001 Namakagan Rd., Washington 16, D. C 1 

Fletcher, Lindsay Carl, Jr. 

852 14th Ave., Prospect Park. Pa 2 

Fletcher, Tucker McLane 

2171 River Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla 3 

Flicker. Jon Richard, 43 Clinton Ave., Arlington, N. J 2 

Flynn, Douglas Sherman, 53 Secor Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 2 

How Often Do You Attend a Concert or a Play? 

Less Than Once a Week 43% More Than Once a Week 1 % 

About Once a Week 5% About Once a Month 20% 

What's a Concert.' 3 1 ^i 

Folger. William H., Jr. 

618 West 31st St.. Wilmington, Del 1 

Foote, Daniel Davies 

16 Castlewood Rd., West Hartford. Conn 1 

Forbis. Fired Washington 

2439 Birchwood Lane. Wilmette. Ill 1 

Ford, Richard lee. 9 New County Rd.. Aberdeen. Md 1 

Ford, Robert Charles 

US.S Arcadia, Fleet P. O., New York, N. Y 3 

Ford, Thomas Howard, Bell Ferry Rd.. Rome Ga 2 

Forrest. Jerome Beckworth 

500 Betty Lane. Clearwater. Fla 3 

Fortescue. William N.. Jr. 

Kanuga Rd.. Hendersonville. N. C 3 

Fortson. Edward Norval, 5457 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, Ga 3 

Forwood, William Charles 

Rt. 14. Box 92. Baltimore 20. Md 3 

Foster. Michael James 

62 Bar Beach Rd.. Port Washington, N. Y 1 

Foster, William Thomas. 109 Hilton Ave.. Durham, N. C 3 

Fountain, Vinton E., Jr. 

Apt. H-2B, University Apts., Durham. N. C 3 

Fouse. Ramon Paul. 1380 Navahoe Dr.. Pittsburgh 28, Pa 1 

Fox, John Davis, 206 Rodman Ave., Jenkintown, Pa 3 

Fox, Wayne R., Rt. 1, Mercer Rd., New Brighton. Pa 1 

Frahm, Barry Hirsch, 3816 Kirby Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 1 

Frank, Michael David 

229 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y 1 

Franklin, Arthur Howell 

1632 Clayton Ave.. Lynchburg 9, Va 1 

Franklin, William Ernest 

6 Shelton Rd., Moreland. Charleston, S. C 1 

Franko. Layton William 

10 Hartley Ave.. Mount Vernon. N. Y 1 

Eraser. Edmund Robert 

90 Atwater St.. West Haven, Conn 3 

Frazier, William Francis, 298 Gary St., Henderson, N. C 1 

Frederking. Richard D. 

2231 N. MacGregor, Houston 4, Texas 1 

Freund, Curtis Arthur 

320 Central Park West, New York 25, N. Y 3 

Freund. Peter A. 

320 Central Park West, New York 25, N. Y 3 

Frfy. James H., 603 Hastings Rd.. Towson 4. Md I 

Friday. David Lynn. 5505 Lambeth Rd., Bethesda, Md 1 

Friedel. Robert Oliver 

14 Nottingham Rd., Ramsey. N. J 3 

Friedman. Ira Sheldon. 605 Standish Rd.. Teaneck. N. J 2 

Friedman, Joel Lionel, 605 Standish Rd.. Teaneck, N. J 3 

Fry, Donald Klein. Jr. 

2701 Hazelwood Dr., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Fry, Richard Allan, Rt. 2. Hinsdale, 111 2 

Funderburk, Lance Harmon, Box 27, Hamer, S. C 

Fuqua. William Drewry. Surry, Va 

Furman, Sherwood Murray 

770 Bloomfield .St., Jackson. Mich 

Fye. Charles Conrad 

30 Preble Gardens Rd., Belmont 78, 

Gabel, Frederick Daniel 

Peaceable Hill Rd., Ridgefield, Conn 

Gable. Richard Edward 

Box 21, Rt. 1, Cornwallis Rd.. Durham. N. C 3 

Gaiero, Francis Edward, Jr. 

5 Lexington Ave., Haverhill, Mass 

Gait. William Weston 

908 Lilly St.. Box 101. l.eesburg. Va 

Gamble. Robert Oscar 

2316 Lawndale Dr., Greensboro. N. C 

Gamble. William Christie 

Bogerts Mill Rd.. Harrington F'ark. N. J 

Gardner, James Bell, 111 

2112 Summit, Portsmouth, Ohio 

Garrison, Robert Morgan, Box 831, Burlington, N. C 

Garrison, William C, III 

510 New York Ave., Oak Ridge, Tenn 3 

Garvin, Jay Earle, Jr., 805 Sunset Dr., Greensboro, N. C 3 

Gary, Perry Edward, 1440 N.W. 27th St., Miami, Fla 2 

Gatrell, James H., IV 

1573 Greenfield .St.. Kingsport, Tenn 3 

Gattis, Thomas Howland 

1308 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C 1 

Gauld. Edwin .Stuart. 115 Glen Ave.. .Sea Cliff, N. Y 3 

Gavlak, Albert Joseph 

13701 Cormere Ave., Cleveland 20. Ohio 3 

Gay. William Carl, Rt.. 2, Walstonburg. N. C 1 

Gay. William Jan. Rt. 4. Box 27. Vienna. Va 1 

Gaylor. Boh Winn. Rl. I. 1132, lake Worth. Fla 2 

W. State St., Olean, N. Y. 

. 1 

Geer, James David. 10 
Geilich. Peter Norton 

Carmel Country Club, Carmel, N. Y 3 

Gentry, Paul Cullum, Rt. 3, Maxton. N. C 3 

George. Richard John. Jr. 

1316 Pelhamdale Ave.. Pelham. N. Y 2 

George, Terence Douglas. 278 Burnt Ash Hill 

Lee London, SE 12, London. England 3 

Gerber. Norma Allen. 97 Salem Rd.. Roslyn Heights. N. Y. 2 

Gerdel. David Holland. 1 1 1 W. Beresford. DeLand, Fla 2 

Gergen. Stephen Lermond 

2803 Nation Ave.. Durham, N. C 1 

Gerlein. Roberto Victor 

Carrera 59 59 121 Barranquilla, Colombia, S. A 1 

Gerson. Marshall Irvin, 1901 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa 3 

Gerwe, Roderick Daniel 

2326 Eden Parkway, Lakeland, Fla ! 

Gilbert, Ernest Penn, Jr., 3330 Eubanks Cr., Durham, N. C 3 

Gilleland. Walter H., 1611 West Ninth Blvd., Lorain, Ohio... 1 

Gillette. Allen Kenneth. 113 Glen Ave., Elmira, N. Y 1 

Gilley, William Fisher, 223 High St.. Carlisle, Ky 1 

Gillies, Willard M.. Jr. 

1598 Sorrento Dr.. Pacific Palisades. Calif 2 

Giltz. Chester Stoner 

886 Phillips Rd. N.E.. Massillon. Ohio 2 

Girand, James Fields. 268 Canterbury Rd.. Westfield. N. J 2 

Givens, Harrison Crandall 

2 Highpoint Cr., Chappaqua, N. Y 

Glaser, Joel Stephen, 1609 Flamingo Dr., Orlando, Fla.... 
Glass, Simon David, 202 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, Md 
Gleason, Jack Arthur 

Woodcrest Cr.. Col. Crest, Rt. 2. Harrisburg. Pa 

Gleaves, Jerrell Rosamond 

1702 Wilbur. Dallas 24, Texas 

Gnuse, Harmon Thomas, Box 390, Franklin, N. C 

Godt. Michael Harvey 

358 Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y 

Godwin, Homer Cotton 

8844 87 St.. Woodhaven 21. N. Y 

Gohrbrand. Allan Lee 

3524 Arlington Blvd.. Arlington County. Va 

Goldman. Herbert Phillip 

405 Ocean Point Ave.. Cedarhurst, N. Y 

Goldman. Ralph Rust 

Severs Hotel. Muskogee. Oklahoma 

Goldstein, Bernard S.. 2116 Lenox Rd.. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga, 
Goldstein, Richard Lee, 18 Arleigh Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. 

Gonzales, Serge, 562 Pierson St.. Westfield. N. J 

Gonzalez, Antonio Carmelo, Box 71, Lares, Puerto Rico 
Goodman, Joseph Champion. Rt. 2. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Goodman, Timothy Clarke 

114 Wedgedale Rd.. Greensboro, N. C 

Gorham. Alonzo Dumay, Jr. 

Box 140. Wrightsville Beach. N. C 

Gorham, Lewis Atwood, Jr. 

Ten West Elm Studio C, Chicago 10, 111 

Gotthardt, Forest E.. Jr.. 2285 SW 1 0th St., Miami, Fla 

Gottschalk. W. Bradley 

90 Fordham Rd.. West Newton 65. Mass 

Gow, Alexander, 111, Box 56, Marathon Shores, Fla 

Grae, Fredric R.. 65 Penbroke Ave.. .Staten Island, N. Y... 
Graham. Leonard Shaw. Jr. 

1618 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C 

Graham. Thomas Pegram, Jr. 

815 Lamar Ave., Charlotte, N. C 

Granoff, Paul Dennis, 73 31 1 87th St., Flushing 66. N. Y. 
Grant. Carroll Douglas. 166 Columbia St., Chester, S. C. 
Grant. George Redd. Jr. 

1109 Arsenal Ave.. Favetleville. N. C 

Grant, Robert Neil, 1814 Madison Ave.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Grant, 1 homas William 

354 Old Mill Rd.. Fairfield. Conn 

Green, David Lee, 206 Joseph .St.. S. Charleston. W. Va 

Green. Edward Graham 

1760 .Sterling Rd., Charlotte, N. C 

Green. Hiram Stephen. Maxwelton, W. Va 

Greene, Edmund Biiell 

10 Buckland Rd., Wethersfield. Conn 

Greene, Robert Henry 

225 N. Galveston .St.. Arlington 3. Va 

Cireene. Thomas Edward. Box 253. .Aberdeen. N. C 

Greenhill, James Merle 

2118 S. Alston Ave., Durham, N. C 

Greenspon, Stuart Prince 

1410 Chesapeake Ave.. Hampton, Va 

Greenwood, Joseph Albert 

UIOI Sleuhcnville Ave.. Cambridge. Ohio 

Greer, Charles Louis, Ridj-e St., Brookside. Rye, N. Y 

Gregersen, Norman Charles 

2845 Granada Blvd., Apt. 3C, Coral Gables, Fla 

Gregg, John Robert, Jr., Box 56, Cannondale, Conn 

Grenell, Robert Leiand, 26 Corona Ave.. Dayton 9, Ohio 

Griffin, Jimmy Wayne, Box 692, Albemarle, N. C 

Griffin, John 1 homas, Rt. 3, Rocky Mount, N. C 

Grigg, Claud McNeill, 2558 N. 4lh St.. Albemarle, N. C. 
Grimm, Fdward Anthony 

S11S Worthington Dr., Washington 16, D. ( 

Grinnell. Peter Francis. Box .330, .Southern Pines, N. C 

Griswold. Robert Nelson 

1804 Huntington Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 

Gronert. Roger Allen. 6908 40th Ave.. Hyattsville. Md.... 
Ciroome, Henry Houston, Jr. 

3212 Edgewater Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 

Grover, Frederick Lee. 2323 N. Utah St.. Arlington 7, Va.. 

Grubb. John Hildt. Jr.. Purcellville, Va 

Grubbs. William Darrell 

2159 Strathmoor Blvd.. Louisville, Ky 

Grube, James Robert, 1820 N. Fayette, Saginaw. Mich 

Grybowski. Kirk Rient 

1016 Alameda Padre Serra, Santa Barbara, Calif 

Guest, Franklin Delano 

109 S. Prevost St., Anderson, S. C 

Guy, Melwood Norman 

Box 4434, Ellwood Rd., New Castle, Pa 

Haag. Eugene Paul. 570 Fifth Ave., New Rochelle. N. Y.... 

Hagey, King Albert. 320 Maryland Ave.. Bristol. Tenn 

Hahn. Richard Alan 

1359 Chetwynd Ave., Plainfield, N. J 

Haines, Howard Palmer 

2732 Dogwood Circle. Durham. N. C 

Halbertstadter. Harvey S. 

301 W. Jersey St.. Elizabeth. N. J 

Hamilton. Martin Chesly. 1810 Bivins St., Durham, N. C. 
Hammer. Steven Ludington 

2920 West Main St., Muncie. Ind 

Hand, Hugh Walton, 11, 5007 Evelyn Dr., Tampa 9, Fla. ... 
Haney, James Edward 

91 Washington Park, Newtonville 60, Mass 

Hankins, Charles Stephen 

629 S. Jefferson. Hastings, Mich 

Hankins, Robert Wilbur 

32-C College Village, Winston-Salem, N. C 

Hansen, Richard Erling 

1800 Westwood Ave., Richmond 27, Va 

Hanson, Wesley T., Ill 

364 Antlers Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y 

Hardin, Edward Reel 

3860 Glencoe Dr., Birmingham, Ala 

Hardin, Jabie Sanford 

4585 Barfield Rd., Memphis, Tenn 

Hardymon, Glen Bowers 

1999 Arlington Ave.. Columbus, Ohio 

Hargett. John Thorpe. Jr. 

2243 Camellia Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 

Harkey. Erskine Lee, Jr. 

1216 Elizabeth Rd., Wilson, N. C 

Harney, Gregory Newton 

6007 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. Va 

Harp. James Robert. 1115 Cline St.. Pikeville, Ky 

Harper, Andrew Naurain, Jr. 

80 Vance Crescent, Asheville, N. C 

Harper, James Weldon, 111 

Rt. 4, Jefferson Rd., Frederick, Md 

Harrell, Havwood Howard 

Box 583. Roanoke Rapids, N. C 

Harrell, Herbert Hathaway 

Box 191, Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Harrelson, Wallace Claude, Rt. I, Cherryville, N. C 

Harrington, Paul John. Jr. 

1147 N.W. 2nd Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 

Harris. Benjamin S. H.. 111. Box 93, Greenville, S. C 

Harris, Bobby Joe, Box 122, Rural Hall, N. C .. 

Harris, Jacob George 

204 S. Cansler St.. Kings Mountain. N. C 

Harris. Larry Kent, 1518 N. Duke St.. Durham, N. C 

Harris, Lee Scranton, Yamaw Drive, Sarasota, Fla 

Harrison. James Yown 

619 Chatham Ave.. Columbia. S. C 

Harrison. Robert Brent 

407 W. Poinsett St.. Greer. S. C 

Harrison. William H.. Jr. 

15 Elizabeth M.R. 97, Binghamton, N. Y 

Harrison, William Lee 

3661 Hildana Rd., Shaker Hts. 20, Ohio 

14 W. nth .St., Do 


1 Harslinc, Williard Roy, 1 

Hartwig. Charles Byram 

3 248 Orchard Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa 

3 Harvey. Miles Hawkins. 5 Ferncliff Rd.. Scarsdale, N. Y 

1 Hathaway. David Philip, 27 Elm St., Butler, Ohio 

3 Hayes, David Ryan, 816 W. Johnson St., Raleigh, N. C. 

3 Hayes, Michael Gilbert, Box 350, Rt. 1, Accokeek, Md. 

3 Hayes, Thomas Edwin, 27 Jouett St., Portsmouth, Va. 

Hayne, James Adams. III. Hampton. S. C 

2 Haynes. Ronald Austin. Rt. 2. Box 338. High Point. N. C 

3 Hean. Richard Andrew. Rt. 3. Box 22. Durham. N. C 

Heath. Paul Edward. Jr. 

2 1432 Shelton Ave.. Norfolk. Va 

1 Heberlein. Gustav Walter 

1120 Midwood Dr., Rahway, N. J 

1 Hefelfinger, David C, 1940 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C. 

1 Heffelfinger, Thomas B., Jr. 

1 8310 Thoreau Dr., Bethesda 14, Md 

Hefner, Joseph Wiley, 48 Oakland Cr., Canton, N. C 

2 Heineken, Theodore S., Ill 

1 17 Park Place, Bloomfield, N. J... 

Helms, Glenn, Box 416, Elizabethtown, N. C 

2 Helms, Hugh William. 1520 N.W. 4th St.. Gainesville, Fla... 
Helton. Ronald Lamar. 10 Eagle St.. Belmont, N. C 

3 Hemingway. John Alden. Elizabethtown. N. C 

Henion. Alan Martin. 435 N. Central Ave.. Ramsey, N. J... 
Henry. Arthur Richmond 

1 1 1 S. Jerome Ave.. Margate. N. J 

Henry. Hector Himel. Jr. 

2352 Barringer Dr.. Charlotte 8, N. C 

Hensley, George Leslie, Jr., Burnsville, N. C 

Herman, Jerome Stanley 

1001 7 Street, Miami Beach, Fla 

Hermann, Nicholas Alois, Box 157, Asheville, N C 
Herndon, David Hale, White Stone, Va. 
Herring, Herbert James, Jr. 

2010 Myrtle Dr., Durham, N. C 

Hess, Walter Eugene, 11 

4324 Verplanck PI., Washington 16, D C 
Hester, Carl Egbert, III, 18 Davis St.. Portsmouth Va 
Hester, Stephen Liddon, 210 Riverside Dr., Edgewater, Fla... 
Heward, Henry Weidler 

3730 School Lane, Drexel Hill, Pa 

Hickey, Carl Ray, 315 Mason Ct., Baltimore 31, Md 

Hickey, Kieran Quinn 

53 Weed Hill Ave., Springdale, Conn 

Hight, Bernice Boyd, Jr. 

1624 Statesville Rd., Salisbury, N. C 

Hildreth, Andrew Roger 

76 Ellington St., Longmeadow, Mass 

Hill, David Siehl, 3470 Whitfield Ave. 20, Cincinnati, Ohio.. 
Hill, James Wallace. Ill 

113 Birchwood Ave.. Frankfort. Ky 

Hill. John Davis, c/o Charles Bernards. Earle, Arkansas 

Hill. Johnny Ferguson 

509 E High St.. Murfreesboro. N. C 

Hill. Zeb Bryan. Rt. 2, Smithfield. N. C 

Hillard. Jerry Wayne 

502 E. Lafayette St.. Salisbury. N. C 

Hilty. Robert Butler. 2201 Coolidge Dr., Dayton, Ohio 

Hinely, Elliott P., 227 N. Edison St., Arlington 3, Va 

Hines, Ralph Earle 

2 Edgewood Gardens, Springfield 9. Mass 

Hines, Willis, Jr., Walker Dr., Kinston, N. C 

Hinkel, Jay Ernest. RED Anclote. Tarpon Springs, Fla 

Hinkle, William Sandberg, Box 632, Balboa, Canal Zone 

Hirsch, Donald Brinton, 955 1 Ave., Coronado, Calif. 

Hobbs, John Earl, 1 St. Andrews Dr., Clayton, Mo 

Hoch, William Kenneth 

230 S. Jefferson Ave., Canonsburg, Pa 

Hockert, Lorance, 8116 Chevy Chase St., Jamaica, N. Y 

Hodge, Hugh Lenox 

XSX Ranch, Box 860. Silver City. N, M 

Hoffler, Henry Durwood 

576 Merrimon Ave.. Asheville. N. C 

Hogan. Jackson Willard 

2025 1 St. N.W.. Apt. 820. Washington. D. C 

Holcomb. Alfred Smith 

1201 Crescent Dr.. Mount Airy. N. C. 

Holleman. Richard Parker 

1906 S. Atlantic Ave.. Daytona Beach. Fla 

Hollengreen. Jon Fisher 

205 Clayton Ave.. Waynesboro. Pa 

Holler. John Walker. 907 N. Gregson St.. Durham. N. C 

Hollifield, Henry C. 4911 Atterbury St.. Norfolk 13. Va 

Holloman. Richard Vann 

2019 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C 


Hollowell, Linwood B., Jr. 

309 W. Sixth Ave.. Gastonia. N. C 

Holme, Justus Mitchell. Jr. 

16 N. Glen Ave., Annapolis, Md 

Holmes. Elbert Carmack, Jr. 

201 Grimmersburg St., Farmville, N. C 

Holsinger, Maurice P., Jr. 

441.3 Beechwood Rd., Hyattsville, Md 

Holt, Edwin C. 9 Colt Rd., Summit, N. J 

Holt, John William. 803 Sa.xman St., Barrackville, W. Va... 
Honeycutt. Robert Gerald 

500 N. Guthrie Ave., Durham. N. C 

Hood, Donald Wayne, 2618 Elgin St., Durham, N. C. 

Hook, William Gilbert, Jr., 45 Pine St., Danvers, Mass 

Hooks, James Calvin, 648 Morven Rd., Wadesboro, N. C. 

Hopkins, Alton Hunter, 19 Glynn Ave.. Brunswick. Ga 

Hopkins. James Richard 

1508 Berkshire Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio 

Hord, Ambrose Roy, Jr.. 221 Walnut Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Hord, Robert Eugene, 221 Walnut Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Horin, Robert Gerard, 148 25 89th Ave., Jamaica, N. Y... 
Horwitz, Norris Leonard 

1618 Academy St., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Hotelling, William E.. Box 168. Chapel Hill, N. C 

Houck, Charles Lynn, 261 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa 

Hough, Steven Hedges 

33075 Woodleigh Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

House, Richard Earl, 801 N. Elm St.. Durham. N. C 

Howard, Donald Lee 

13 D Copper Dr. MCTC, Twenty-nine Palms, Calif 

Howard, Henry Lynn, Duke St.. Durham, N. C 

Howe, Lyman Harold, III 

2811 S. Atlantic Ave.. Daytona Beach, Fla 

Hower, Thomas Rogers, 1207 College St., Shelbyville, Ky.. 
Hoyle, Lawrence Truman, Jr. 

505 Northridge St., Greensboro, N. C 

Huang, Gerald Ming Chiang 

Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham, Va 

Hubbell, Philip Hamilton 

230 Huntington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y 

Huber, William Richard, 430 Locust St., Pittsburgh 18, Pa 2 

Huckabee, Cameron Harris 

1005 Demerius St., Durham. N. C 2 

Hudson, George C. Jr. 

708 Hillsboro St.. Apt. 3, Raleigh, N. C 2 

Huff, Philip Andrew, Gatlinburg, Tenn 2 

Huggin, Gerald Carlisle 

7 Glenside Ave., Hagerstown, Md 1 

Hughes, John Isaac, Jr. 

1010 Collings Rd., Camden 4, N. J 2 

Humphrey, James S., Jr. 

2602 Broad .St., Parkersburg, W. Va 1 

Hunt, Donald Frost, 12 Concord Parkway, Pittsfield, Mass 3 

Hunt, Ruskin Henderson, Jr., Rt. 2, Grifton, N. C . 3 

Hurd, Frederic Lawrence, Nottingham Rd. 

Rt. 4, Huntington Woods, Spartanburg, S. C 1 

Hurry, Robert Otis, 107 Kildare Rd., Garden C.ty, N. Y 1 

Hurt, Arnold Worthington 

4733 Bradley Blvd., Chevy C base, Md 3 

Hurt, John Marion, 2219 Winter St., Charlotte, N. C 3 

Huss, John David, 500 Pinckney Ct., Spartanburg, S. C 3 

Huster, Richard Hudson 

1361 Challen Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 2 

Hutchinson, Ferrell L., 308 Terry .St., Hamlet, N. C 1 

Hutchinson, Thomas Putnam 

Moultons Ridge, Exeter, N. H 2 

Hutchison, Charles Howard 

1045 Vernon Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 2 

I'Anson, Lawrence W., Jr., 214 West Rd., Portsmouth, Va 3 

Ingling, Carl Raymond, Jr., Box 72, St. Petersburg, Pa 3 

Irvin, Henry Clarence 

3043 S. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va 2 

Irwin, Charles P., Ill 

724 Flamingo Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 1 

Irwin, Thomas Bailey, 2945 Primrose Cr., Nashville, Tenn 2 

Ives, Donald Arthur, 119 Berwyn Ave., Syracuse, N. Y 3 

Ivey, David Parker 

23 Buena Vista Rd., Biltmore Forest, Asheville, N. C 1 

Ivey, George Elbert 

23 Buena Vista Rd., Biltmore Forest, Asheville, N. C 2 

Ivey, James Frederick, Jr. 

1115 Shorcwood Dr., Orlando, Fla 1 

Jack, Claude Kress, Belle Haven, Greenwich, Conn 2 

Jackson, Albert C, Jr.. 702 Ninth Ave., Jasper, Ala. 

Jackson, James, 101 .Scoll .Si.. Kinystree. S. C 3 

Jacobson, Lyn Eduard 518 1 isdalc PI.. Woodbridge, N. J. 1 
Jacobson, Samuel Sigmund, 220 Scott Ave.. Sanford, Fla 3 

What Is Your Means of Transportation? 

Automobile }0% Skates \% 

BUycle 3^c Pogo Stick 2% 

Duke Power Company 64% 

Jacobus, Dwight William 

5508 S. Bend Rd., Baltimore 9, Md 1 

Jamason, Barry Wayne, 28 Bancker St., Albany, N. Y 1 

Jamison. Carol Randall 

1707 Orange Ave. N.W.. Roanoke, Va 2 

Jarrell, Ronald Ernest 

1307 Maryland Ave., Durham, N. C 3 

Jarvis, Robert Wayne 

612 Ashland Dr., Greensboro. N. C 1 

Jarvis, Thomas Albert, 1140 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111 3 

Jaspert, George Henry, III, 35 Alden Rd.. Andover, Mass 2 

Jeffers, Carl Milton, 6 Dayton Rd., Asheville, N. C 2 

Jenkins, John Edward, Jr. 

920 Westbrook Dr.. Charlotte 6. N. C 3 

Jenkins John Thomas 

3215 Coquelin Terrace, Chevy Chase, Md 1 

Jennette, David Lister, 2507 Park Dr., Elizabeth City, N. C 3 

Jett, George William, 301 West Hickman, Winchester, Ky 1 

Jett, Harriman Harding, Box 708, Mt. Pleasant, S. C 2 

Jewell, Robert William, Box 308, Norwich, N. Y 3 

Jibilian, Gerald Arsen, 5514 W. Bancroft, Toledo, Ohio I 

Johnson, Brian Lindland 

3054 Hopewell PI., Toledo 6, Ohio 1 

Johnson, Chapman Gordon 

1424 Seventh St., New Orleans, La 1 

Johnson, Charles Allen, 1438 Seventh Ave.. Hickory, N. C 2 

Johnson, Edward Clarence 

2898 Spencer St., Jacksonville, Fla 

Johnson, Herbert Michael 

19 Hewitt Ave., Bronxville, N. Y 3 

Johnson, James Evans, Jr. 

2001 N. Elm St., I.umberton, N. C 3 

Johnson, James Pearce 

808 Chesterfield, Birmingham, Mich 2 

Johnson, Richard Gibbs 

5071 Sedgwick St. N.W., Washington, D. C 3 

Johnson, Robert Lee, Jr. 

1438 7th Ave. S.W., Hickory, N. C 3 

Johnson, Robert Thomas, Jr. 

1125 Aycock Ave., Burlington, N. C 3 

Johnson. Walter Albert 

4704 Glenbrook Pkwy.. Bethesda 14, Md 2 

Johnson, Walter laylor 

1721 McDaniel St., Portsmouth, Va 3 

Johnston, William Edward 

1324 Byberry Rd., Huntington Valley. Pa 3 

Johnston, William McKay 

208 E. Front St., Lillington, N. ( 2 

Jolls, Kenneth Robert, Box 6368, Raleigh. N. C 2 

Jones, Carroll Ellis, 313 W. Washington, Glasgow, Ky 1 

Jones, Charles Kirkendall, Rt. 1, Box 48-D. Waco. Texas 3 
Jones, Danny Brigman 

1312 Williamson Dr., Raleigh. N. C 3 

Jones, Frederick O'Neil 

2106 CirecMua\ Ave.. ( harlotte. N. C 3 

Jones. Herbert W.itsoii 

1621 Slalcsville Rd.. Salisbury, N. C 1 

Jones, James Marvin, 2730 University Dr.. Durham. N. C. 1 

How Many Classes Do You Cut Per Week? 
(Juniors and Seniors) 

None 2% Three lo Four '. 

One lo Two 55% Five or More 

Never A lien J Chisx 5% 


Jones, Leonidas John. 211 Battle Ave., Warrenton, N. C 3 

Jones, Perry Thompson 

1066 SheriJan Rd., Winnetka, 111 2 

Jones, Robert Alston, 38 Peachtree St., Charleston, S. C 1 

Jones, Thomas Alban 

1607 Waltham Rd., Columbus, Ohio 1 

Jordan, David Lewis 

3816 River Oaks Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 2 

Jordan, Frank, Jr., 1100 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C 2 

Jordan, John MacLean, Sa.xapahaw, N. C 3 

Jordan, Macon Theodore 

2267 Mimosa Place, Wilmington, N. C 1 

Jory, William Henry, Magothy Rd., Gibson Island, Md 1 

Joseph, John Bradford 

1628 Cardiff Rd., Columbus, Ohio 1 

Joyce, James Bardin, Box 328, Logan, W. Va 3 

Joyce, Johnie Leroy, Jr. 

241 Kenneth Cr., Havelock, N. C 1 

Joyce, Martin Joseph 

3063 Aramingo Ave., Philadelphia 34, Pa 1 

Juergensmeyer, Julian C. 

329 Riverside Dr., Logan, W. Va 2 

Jules, Arnold Jay, 3534 Lynchester Rd., Baltimore 15, Md 2 

Justice, James Michael 

2507 Marlowe Ave., Charlotte, N. C 1 

Justus, Jerry Thomas, Bo.x 1335, Hendersonville, N. C 1 

Kaganov, Alan Lawrence 

715 Fairway Dr., Miami Beach, Fla 1 

Kann, Herbert Ellis 

3818 Westcliff Rd., S. Ft. Worth, Texas 1 

Kapp, John Paul, 406 N. Main St., Galax, Va 1 

Kargon, Robert Hugh 

19 Parkwood Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y 2 

Katz, Richard Irving, Peninsola Farms, Arnold, Md 1 

Kauffman, Richard Karl 

1421 Washington Blvd., Huntington, W. Va 2 

Kauflman, Edeard Stetn, Jr., 742 S. George St., York, Pa 1 

Kaufman, Edward Emmett 

6647 Wayne Ave., Philadelphia 19, Pa 1 

Kaufman, Peter Chilton, 128 Dupee Place, Wilmette, 111 1 

Kautz, Peter Ernest 

93 33 64 Ave., Forest Hills, Long Island, N. Y 2 

Kay, Robert Frank, 800 Bridlewood Rd., Northbrook, III 3 

Kearns, Amos Ragan, Jr. 

600 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C 3 

Keffer, David Brooks, 23 Lovig Lane, Hamden, Conn 2 

Kehlmann, Seymour Jay 

2432 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn 29, N. Y 2 

Keifer, Robert Bruce, Jr. 

1501 Grosscup Ave.. Dunbar, W. Va 3 

Keim, Robert Mahlon 

5006 Klingle St. N.W., Washington, D. C 1 

Keith, John Matthew, Jr., High St., Canton, Ga 1 

Kelly, Clinton Wayne, 93 Warrior Rd., Louisville 7, Ky 2 

Kemp, David Edward 

394 Golf Blvd., Daytona Beach, Fla 3 

Kempler, Roger. 142 Irving Ave.. South Orange. N. J 2 

Kendall. William Thomas 

908 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky 1 

Kenion. I homas .Shaw. Box 1 38. Hillshoro. N. C. 

Kenyon. Van Leslie, 111, Rt. 2, Hillsboro, N. C 

Kerchner. John Franklin, 314 N. Mill St., Louisville, Ohio 

Kersey. John Nelson, 303 Union St., Bluefield, W. Va 

Ketner, Glenn Elwood, Jr. 

9 Woodland Rd., Salisbury, N. C 

Keyser, James Robert, 111 

1614 Bedford Ave., Lynchburg, Va 

Kiehle, George Austin 

2645 Fort .Scott Dr., Arlington 2, Va 

Kim, James K. S.. 106 Haven Rd.. Syracuse, N. Y 

Kim, Kun Ha. 60 3 KA Myung Ryun Dong, Seoul, Korea 
Kimball. Hugo Brown. 523 Walnut St.. Statesville, N. C. 
Kimble. Clayton Farl. 835 Jefferson St., Wilmington, Del. 

Kimmich, Walter C riss, 138 96th St., Brooklyn, N. Y 

King, Charles Conaway, ( rockett, Va 

King, George Homer, Jr., 310 Park Ave., Florence, .S. C 

King. James Edwin, 1507 Robin Rd., Maryville, Tenn 

King. Joseph Warren. King Ave., Kings Mills, Ohio 

King, Larry Brant, Rt. 4, Box 78, Durham, N. C 

King, Le Roy Harry, Jr. 

808 North 25th .St.. Paducah. Ky 

King. Phillip Harry, Jr., Jackson Motel, Ripley. W. Va 

King. William Wilkinson 

15 Beverly Rd.. Windermere. Charleston 50. S. C 

Kinyon, Brice Wayne, 122 E. Price Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 

Kirkland. Frankie. Rt. 1. .Scotland Neck. N. C 

Kirkman. Robert Cleveland 

P. O. Box 163. High Point, N. C 

Klein, John Frederick 

1410 Orchard Rd., Wyomissing, Pa 

Klinger, Charles Vincent, 4 Chatham Ave., Oakhurst, N. J.. 
Kloman. William Charles 

6310 33rd St. N.W.. Washington. 15. D. C 

Kloppman. Bruce 1 homas 

3715 Traynham Rd.. Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 

Klug. Harold Henry. Jr. 

939 Greyton Rd.. Cleveland Hts. 12. Ohio 

Knapp. John Franklin 

414 Prince George Ave.. Hopewell. Va 

Knapp. Roger Bernard. 2 Lowell PI.. West Orange. N. J. 
Knight. Robert Hill 

Apt. 2D. Few Gardens. Durham. N. C 

Knotts. John Douglas. 304 E. Main St.. Albemarle, N. C. 

4023 Spring Hill Rd., Louisville 7, Ky 

Koernner, John Stanton 
Kohl, Robert Edson 

4320 Seagrape Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Knoefal, Walter Albert. 83 Hobart PI.. Garfield. N. J 

Koop. Fred William 

109 22 217th St., Queens Village 29, N. Y 

Korotkin, Michael Paul 

Rosemont Farm, Wilmot Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 

Koskey. Richard Paul 

1671 Chapbell .Ave.. Schenectady 6. N. Y 

Kramer. Richard Spencer 

3692 Rawnsdale Rd.. Shaker Hts.. Ohio 

Kramer. Richard Vance 

2251 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C 

Kramer. Robert Arnold. Jr. 

2712 Hillside Ave.. Dayton 9. Ohio 

Krause. Richard George 

132 West Elm St., New Haven. Conn 

Kreider. Donald Edward. 425 E. Oak St.. Palmyra. Pa 

Kreidler. David Bell 

603 Blanchard Pkwy.. W. Allenhurst. N. J 

Kreps, Arthur Emmet, 51 Bowdoin St., Maplewood, N. J 

Kreps, Donald Arthur, 51 Bowdoin St., Maplewood, N. J 

Kretchman. Graham Barth 

116 Landing Rd.. N. Rochester 10. N. Y 

Krupp. Carl Emil 

42 Magoun Rd.. W. Islip. Babylon. L. I.. N. Y 

Kruse. John Collinson 

1016 Wagar Rd.. Rocky River 16. Ohio 

Kuebler. Charles Herman 

2527 Tanglewood Lane. Charlotte. N. C 

Kullman, Joe Landauer. 300 Vincent Ave., Metairie, La 

La Hurd, Neil Joseph, 229 S. Lime Ave., Sarasota, Fla 

Labone, Kenneth Richard, 3 Haskell Dr., Lancaster. Pa 

Lacy. Alexander B., Jr.. Clover. Va 

Lambert. Boyd Lee. Rt. 6, Box 178, Durham, N. C 

Lambert, Thomas Kayes 

32 Central Dr., Bronxville 8. N. Y 

Lambrakos. George Louis 

285 Prospect PI.. Brooklyn. N. Y 

Lammert, John Harold, 24 N.W. 58th St., Miami, Fla 

Lane, Gary Clyde, 626 St. George Rd., Raleigh, N. C 

Lane, Robert Garrett. 715 Valley Rd., Glencoe, 111. I 

Lang, Gordon Roger. 345 Magnolia St., Rochester, N. Y 3 

Langer, Guy Lewis, 686 Beverly Dr., Sarasota, Fla 2 

Langston. William D.. Jr. 

305 S. Pineview Ave., Goldsboro, N. C 1 

Lanier, Walter Gregory 

1929 Avondale Ave., Charlotte 3, N. C 1 

Lanning, John Tate. Jr.. 3007 Surrey Rd.. Durham, N. C 2 

Lanning. Joseph Richard. 3010 Mohawk Dr.. Aiken. S. C 1 

Lanzl. James Stewart. 214 lavlor Rd.. Mansfield. Ohio 1 

Larabee. John Edgar. 160 Sherwood Dr.. Akron 3. Ohio 1 

Larese. Ricci Joe. Bo.\ 157. Kimball. W. Va 3 

Lassiter. Kenneth R. Lee. 3715 Decatur St.. Richmond, Va 3 

Lattimore, Rudolph Burton, Bostic, N. C 3 

Lauber. Raymond Clarence 

M. O. Apts.. 205 Maynard Ave., Durham. N. C 

Laughinghouse, Edward Lee 

102 Marshall Ave., Williamston, N. C 1 

Laverty, Robert Oscar, 1008 N. Clay. Frankfort, Ind 2 

Lawrence, Robert, III 

185 E. Palisade Ave., Englewood, N. J 2 

Layson, Zed Clark, Jr., Millersburg, Ky 2 

Leake, Graydon Boyd, Jr. 

2811 Lenox Rd., N.E., Atlanta 5, Ga 1 

Lebauer, Eugene Shaner 

910 Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C 1 

Lebauer, Sam Morgenstern 

910 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 1 

Lee. John Daniel. Rt. 1. Sarver. Pa 1 

Lee. Joseph Day, III 

Morningside Lane, Rt. 1, Concord, Mass 1 

Leister, Howard Jack. Black Rock Rd., Hampstead, Md 1 

Leonelli, Frederick, Buena Vista Ave., Landisville, N. J 1 

Lepage, Fred Roberts 

63 Seven Bridge Rd.. Chappaqua, N. Y 3 

Levin, James Steckler 

4425 N. Maryland Ave.. Milwaukee, Wis 2 

Levine, Michael Victor, 6 Sealey Ave., Hempstead, N. Y 3 

Lewis, Charles Vance 

1516 E. Worthington Ave.. Charlotte, N. C 2 

Lewis. Clayton Wilson. 910 Malvern Ave.. Ruxton 4, Md 3 

Lewis, David Parks, Lonas Addition, Maryville, Tenn 3 

Lewis, Frank Sherwood, 5 Hamilton Rd., Chapel Hill, N. C 2 

Leyens, Jon Francis, Leatrue Lane, Vicksburg, Miss 1 

Libby, Bruce John 

1434 N. Franklin Ave., River Forest, 111 3 

Lidz. Edward, 1 Ross Lane, Woodmere, N. Y 3 

Lightner, Theodore McGraw 

C-2 Piedmont Apts., Durham, N. C 3 

Linden, John Edward 

1501 W. St., S.E., Washington 20. D. C 2 

Lindenmeyer, James W. 

42 Harwood Rd., Louisville 7, Ky 2 

Linder, James Hugh, 27 Ridge Dr., Birmingham, Ala 2 

Lineback, James N. 

1825 Robin Hood Rd., Winston-Salem, N, C 3 

Lineberry, Lucas Rodney 

902 N. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa 3 

Link, James Douglas, 320 Third Ave. E.. Cullman, Ala 2 

Linton, William Robert, Jr. 

4605 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 10, Fla 2 

Lintzenich, Joseph W.. 44 Fair Oaks, Clayton 17, Mo 3 

Lipman, Millard M., 4109 Rollins Ave.. Baltimore 7, Md 1 

Lippincott, Milton S., Jr.. 820 W. Burke St., Easton, Pa 2 

Litaker, Daniel Milton II 

1600 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte 7. N. C 1 

Little, Frederick Booker 

804 W. Market St., Anderson, S. C 2 

Little, Thomas Franklin 

3214 Forest Rd., Charlotte 5. N, C 1 

Livingston, Lewis, Box 614, DeBary, Fla 2 

Locke, Clyde Ronald. 321 1 29 .St., Long Island City, N. Y I 

Loff, .Sanford Arnold. 19710 N.W. 2nd PI., N. Miami. Fla. I 
Logan. I.conaril Gilmore. Jr. 

2-C Lakeside Apts., Melrose Park 26. Pa 2 

Long, George Iruett 

1021 Richmond Dr.. Rock Mill. S. C 3 

Long. William Morris. 809 Vanccy .St.. Durham. N. C 2 

Longdon, Robert Stephens 

2310 S. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach, Fla 1 

Longsworth, Robert Morrow, Rt. 1, Carrollton, Ohio 3 

Losasso, Alvin, 1628 Hillman St., Youngstown, Ohio 3 

Losee, Wilmot Hurst, Jr. 

103 Third St.. Garden City. N. Y 3 

Love, James 1 homas, Jr.. 310 Vance St.. l.aininburg. N. { . I 
Lovejoy. John Fletcher. Jr. 

6408 Jose Blvd.. Jacksonville, Fla 1 


Lovitt, Ronald, 345 Fairwav Dr.. Miama Beach, Fla 2 

Lower, David Allen 

11 Sunset Terrace, Baldwinsville, N. Y 2 

Lushis. Donald Vladis. 1247 Jackson .St.. Easton, Pa 3 

Luce, William Paterson 

4391 N. Venice St.. Arlington 7, Va 2 

Lutz, Robert Agner, 1206 Oval Dr., Durham. N. C 2 

Lyman, David, 135 Polo Club Lane, Bangkok, Thailand 3 

Lynch, John Chaplian, 711 Mulberry St., Beaufort, N. C 3 

Lynch. John David. Jr.. 201 N. 1st St., Mebane, N. C 2 

Lynch, Wayne Montgomery 

Rt. 1, Box 639, Annandale, Va 2 

Lyon, Edwin Robert, Box 867, Laurinburg, N. C 2 

Lyon. Peter. 1810 Rittenhouse ,Sq., Philadelphia. Pa 1 

Mac Ewen. Richard Alan 

4825 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda 14, Md 2 

Machesko, Michael R., Jr., 220 Muir Ave., Hazleton, Pa 2 

MacArthur, William J., Jr.. Rt. 4. Gaffney, S. C 1 

Mackenzie. Duncan A., Jr. 

1106 Englewood Ave.. Burlington. N. C 1 

MacKenzie. William Brent 

110 Duncan House, Dolphin Sq.. London SWl, Eng 1 

MacKinnon, William Bruce 

121 N. Gaston Ave.. Somerville. N. J 1 

MacMillan, Jack Fuller. 1414 Dollar Ave.. Durham, N. C 3 

What Is Your Favorite Color? 

I! 1,1,1. 

IU,H„I lid 

MacPho^^on, Douglas Hunt 

28 Sunset Bay Dr., Largo. Fla. 
Magee, David Albert, 142 Joralemon St., Hrooklvn. N. 'i'. 
Malone. Michael Taylor, 319 W. Queen St., h\lenlon, N. C . 
Maloof, Thomas Mitchell, 10 Thayer St.. Millorel, Mass. 
Marcovecchio, Joseph 

224 Franklin Rd. N.E.. Atlanta, Ga 

Marcus, Elliott Lee. 917 Golfview Ave.. Tampa, Fla 

Marquis. Dean Anthony, 11 Park PI., Short Hills, N. J 

Marr, John Michael 

404 Cape Fear Ave., Fayetteville, N. C 

Martin, Robert Drake, 155 Brixton Rd., Garden City, N. Y. 

Marx, David Clyde, Rt. 2, Box 1728, Cheyenne, Wyo 

Massey, William J.. IIL Raleigh Rd., Smithfield, N. C 

Matheson, Joe Kenneth, Jr. 

2219 Club Blvd., Durham, N. C 

Matthews, James Erdman B. 

7103 Oxford Rd., Baltimore 4. Md 

Matthias, Paul Wilson 

5811 Sixth St. N.W., Washington II, D. C 

Mattson, James Eric 

8108 Kerry Lane. Chevy Chase 15. Md 

Mauney. Harold Carl. Jr. 

534 Audubon St.. New Orleans. La 

Maunz. Don Loren 

Interstate Parkway Ext., Bradford. Pa 

Mayes. Otto William, Jr. 2013 Erwin Rd.. Durham. N. C... 
Mayfield, Richard Coombs 

500 W. 36th St., Wilmington, Del 

Maynard, David Lee, 1 14 N. Central Ave., Belmont, N. C. 
Maynard, Peter Harrison, Loomis School, Windsor, Conn.. 
Mazzotti, Richard Rene 

615 W. Main Cross, Taylorville. Ill 

McAnally. William J.. Ill 

120 Fontaine Dr.. Thomasville. Ga 

McBee. Michael James 

1401 N. Inglewood St.. Arlington 5. Va 

McCahan. David Stanley 

7100 Supp. WG, APO 633, New York, N. Y 

McCammon, George Arthur, Creole Petroleum Corp. 

Apartado 889, Caracas, Venezuela 

McClain, Philip Wade 

218 Webster St. N.E., Washington, D. C 

McComas, Robert Meredith 

403 Fifth Ave.. Huntington. W. Va 

McConchie. John Lewis 

25 Hundreds Circle. Wellesley Hills. Mass 

McConnell. Daniel Edward 

202 Waverly Way. Greensboro. N. C 

McConnell. John Cameron 

3423 Coleman St., Columbia, S. C 

McConnell. Owen Link 

1212 E. Mohawk Ave., Tampa, Fla 

McCormack, John Newton 

314 Pleasant St., Spindale, N. C 

McCormick. James M.. Ill, 906 B St., St. Albans, W. Va 

McDermott, Thomas Joseph 

517 N. St. George St., Allentown, Pa 

McDonald, Warren Randolph 

HQS hucom APO 128, c/o PM. New York, N. Y 

McDorman, Clarence Leslie 

1815 Kensington Rd., Birmingham, Ala 

McElhaney, Harold Norbert 

19 Main St., Burgettstown, Pa 

McElhaney, James Wilson 

915 E. Calumet Rd., Milwaukee 17, Wis 

McElroy, John Harper, Jr. 

3105 Valley Dr.. Alexandria. Va 

McFadden. Don Calvin. Jr. 

340 N. Maysville St.. Mt. Sterling. Ky. 

McFarland. Robert Bruce. 2905 Catawba St.. Aiken. S. C. 
McFee. Charles Bond. Ill 

4707 Calumet Rd.. Richmond 26. Va 

McGee. Gerald Morrison 

721 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City. N. C 

McGee. Michael Burnette 

721 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City. N. C 

McGraw. Ralph. Jr.. 1223 Main St., Follansee, W. Va 

McGregor, Frank H., Jr., Millwood Rd., Mt. Kisco. N. Y.. 
Mclntyre. Fred H., 909 Berkeley Ave., Charlotte 3, N. C. 
McKnight, James Samuel 

421 Gaston Ave., Belmont, N. C 

McLean. Wellen Brown, Jr. 

713 W. Warren St., Shelby, N. C 

McMath, Herbert Kent 

405 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, Ky 


Kingsport, Tenn. 

McMillan. William Owen. Jr.. 

5010 Kanawha Ave.. Chariest 
McNabb. William Ross 

4175 Lyons View Rd.. Kno.w 
McNally. Michael, Rosepoint Rt. 
McNeary, John Maxwell 

2026 Beverly Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C 

McNeely, Robert Lewis, Box 222, Drexel, N. C 

McRae, Donald Terry, 2306 Roxboro Rd., Durham, N. C... 
McWhortcr. Neil Edwin. 15458 Ward. Detroit 27. Mich.. 
Meffert. William George 

2610 Country Club Pkwy.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa 
Meier. William David 

916 Monmouth Ave.. Durham. N. C 

Menaker. Jerry Thomas. 2941 N. Sixth .St.. Harrisburg. Pa. 
Menefee. Samuel W.. Ill 

939 Salisbury Ct.. Lancaster. Pa 

Merritt. James Edward. 358 8th St. N.W.. Hickory, N. C... 
Messer. James Elliott 

1574 Cristobel Dr.. Tallahassee. Fla 

Mesta, Edward Hugh 

Sunset Acres. Rt. 2. Canonsburg. Pa 

Mewborne. William Burke 

102 Virginia St.. Roxboro. N. C. 

Meyer. Gordon Barclay. Harbor Rd.. Sands Point. N. Y 

Meyer. Herbert Fred 

187 S. Middletown Rd., Pearl River, N. Y. 

Michael, Alan Sydney 

291 Highland Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J 

Michaud. John Camillus. Jr.. 78 First St.. Hodge. La 

Mikesell. Michael Patrick 

2264 Pennobscot Blvd.. Detroit. Mich 

Milby. William Elvin. Stormont. Va 

Miller. Cledith Aten. Jr. 

17 W. Union St.. Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 

Miller. Donald Ira. 205 Fairway Dr.. Miami Beach. Fla 

Miller. Fred Hayes. 305 McGlohon St.. Ahoskie. N. C 

Miller. James Eugene. 760 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield, N. J.. 
Miller. John Merrimon 

Rt. 3. Wye Way Rd.. Knoxville. Tenn 

Miller. Leiand William 

5116 Moorland Lane. Bethesda 14. Md 

Miller. Michael Clendenin 

2727 Coventry Dr.. Lakeland. Fla 

Miller. Robert Cosner. 928 Detroit Ave.. Denver. Colo 

Miller. Thomas Ogden 

152 N.E. 82nd St.. Miami 38. Fla 

Miller. William Eugene. II 

4910 Loughboro Rd. N.W.. Washington. D. C 

Millhauser. Robert Louis 

3511 Overbrook Rd.. Baltimore 8. Md 

Millner. Pryor R., IV, 303 Randolph St., Danville, Va 

Mishoe, Billy, Rt. 4, Conway, S. C 

Mitchell, Arthur Rock, Jr. 

3833 Wieuca Terr. N.E., Atlanta 5. Ga 

Mitchell, William Robert 

1454 Lorraine Blvd. S.W., Atlanta, Ga 

Mitschele, George K. F., Rt. I, Freehold, N. J 

Mize, Jan Lee, 202 W. Dodson St., Americus, Ga 

Modates, Robert Franklin 

803 Wingate Circle, Homewood, Ala 

Mogel, Ronald David, 5121 Sunset Rd., Baltimore, Md 

Mogol, Louis Melvyn, 80 Elwood PI., Staten Island, N. Y. 
Moneymaker, Thomas A., Jr. 

2315 Fort Scott Dr., Arlington, Va 

Montgomery, Charles J. 

108 Seyfert Ave., Circleville, Ohio... 

Montgomery, David P., Jr., 1014 Knox St., Durham, N. C... 
Moody. Thomas Watson 

718 W. Chapel Hill St.. Durham. N. C 

Mooney. Timothy Cooper 

3130 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C 

Moore. Alton Vaughn 

Box 357 Armour Rd.. Columbus. Ga 

Moore. Bradford Layton 

51 Woodward Ave.. Asheville. N. C 

Moore. Calvin Thomas, 2712 Circle Dr., Durham, N, C 

Moore, James Edward, 526 Wilson St., Greenwood, S. C 

Moore, James Henry, Jr. 

3729 Elkader Rd., Baltimore, Md 

Moore, John Foster, 1170 Via Salerno, Winter Park, Fla 

Moore, Randall Bradley 

Hiawatha Trail, Indian Hills, Frankfort, Ky 

Moore, Richard Ingram 

16 Split Rock Dr.. Kings Point. N. Y 

Moore. Robert Thompson 

5217 Shadywood Lane, Dallas, Texas 

Moore. Terry Churchman 

1537 Henry Clay Ave.. New Orleans, La. i 

Moore. Wilburn Lee. Box }\5. Merrifield, Va ""' 2 

Moorman. James Watt 

801 N. Washington .St., Rutherfordton, N. C. -> 

Morey. Samuel Winchester 

90 N. Hancock St.. Lexington 73. Mass. -> 

Morgan. Merrill Smith 

18 Fairmount Ave.. Montclair. N. J 1 

Morgan, Richard Leroy, Jr. 

Quarters 5\. Ft. Belvoir, Va 2 

Morgan. Richard Wood 

1006 Lamond Ave., Durham. N. C... 3 

Morgan. Ronald Dennis 

848 S. 77th Way. Birmingham 6. Ala... 1 

Morgan. Walter Clinton B., 801 W. Broad St., Wilson. N. C ■• 

Morin, Max. Jr.. .'5813 Willowton Ave.. Baltimore 14 Md •> 

Morrell. Prior Stuart, 62 Dwight St.. Brookline, Mass 2 

Morris, John D., 119 Academy St., Roxboro N C 1 

Morris. John Edgar, Jr., 72 Front St., Hertford, N. if. " 3 

Morris. Leon Herbert. Jr. 

General Delivery. Yankeetown, Fla. 1 

Morris. William C. Jr. 

I2.<>l Mayfield Ridge Rd.. Cleveland 24, Ohio 3 

Mosrie. Azett, 837 Mercer St.. Princeton, W. Va 3 

MotI, George Edward 

900 Norfolk Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 3 

Motlershead, Cheston V.. Jr. 

212 Tarawa Blvd.. Tarawa Terrace. N C 3 

Mulford. Thomas Webb 

292 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio.. . I 

Mulholland, Alfred D., Jr. 

1301 Winston Ave.. Baltimore 12. Md 2 

Mullis. Oscar Lee. Jr. 

139 Cottage Place. Charlotte 7. N. C. i 

Munson. Charles Terry 

117 W. Magnolia Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 1 

Murphy. Ted Daniel. Rt. 1, Stanley, N. C... 3 

Murray, Guy Allen. Box h55. Kings Mountain. N C 1 

Musselwhite. Marvin D., Jr.. Box 110, Clinton, N. C. 1 

Nash. James David. Jr. 

1140 .Sth Ave.. Huntington, W. Va 1 

Nash. Martin Alphon 

701 Roslyn Rd., Winston-,Salem, N. C. 1 

Neal. David Bushnell 

1740 Addison Rd., Palos Verdes Est.. Calif | 

Neal. Jerry William. 612 Walnut Ave., Charlotte, N. C.' 3 

Neal, Rodney Daniel, 7704 Illinois Ave.. Little Rock Ark 3 
Nealy. David Lewis. 2243 Valencia Dr., .Sarasota, Fla. 3 

Neels. Howard Edward 

2802 Oakcrest Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md ■> 

Newhurg. Carl Arthur " 

3036 Lavender Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md. 3 

Newcome. James Henry. I.S.S4 Taney Place, Gary, Indiana"' ' 2 
Newell. Roger tranford, Rt. 2, Box 820, Charlotte, N. C 1 
Newsom. John Branch, Jr. 

1401 Lancaster Dr.. Orlando. Fla. 1 

Ney. Edward Ash. 88 Maplehurst Ave., Harrisonburg, Var ' ■> 
Nicholas, James Herries 

Armed Forces .Staff Coll.. Norfolk 1 L Va -> 

Nickey. Samuel M., Ill " 

410 Goodwyn Ave.. Memphis, I enn 1 

Nightingale. William O. 

112 Hillside Ave.. Charlotte, N. C I 

Nitsberg. Bruce Jay 

7.'iO Grand C oncoursc. New York. N. Y. | 

Noble. Robert Earl, 24 Maplewood Dr., Oeiwein, iowa 3 

Noe, James Robert, II, 2.S33 Davis Blvd.. Sarasota. Fla ] 

Nolan. Charlie Claybrook, Box 61. Welcome N C I 

Nordlie. Robert .Spurlock 

5} Heatherdell Rd., Ardsly. N. Y y 

Norris. Jesse Allen, Jr., 2733 Anderson Dr., Raleigh N( "■> 

Northrop, William Harriss 

2003 E. .Sth St., Greenville, N. C I 

Norton. Allyn Sumner, Jr. 

140.S Penn. Ave., Durham, N. C ■> 

Norton. Earl Douglas, Jr. 

3020 Victoria Ave.. Cincinnati 8. Ohio.. 1 

Norton. Jerry Ralph. Otto. N. C f 

Noycs, Eugene William. 41.'i Birch St., Roselle Park, N. j! 3 
Oakes, Claude Raymond, 4.S1.S 31st St. S., Arlington 6. Va. 2 
C:)berhofer. Andrew O., Jr. 

49.S Petree Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 3 

O'C onnell. James Henry. 69.S Ramapo Rd., Teaneck N J 3 

O'C onnor, William E., Jr. 

164 E. Dclavan Ave.. Buffalo 8, N. Y 1 

Odom. Guy I.eary. Jr.. 2812 Chelsea Circle. Durham. N C 1 

Oeben. Rudolph Wilhelm 

22 Sunnyside Blvd.. Plainview. N. Y 1 

Oldham. George E.. III. Box 1060. Johnson City, fenn 1 

Olejar, Peter Paul D. 

2207 Louise Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md 2 

Olinger. Robert Joseph 

440 Broadmoor Blvd. S.. .Springfield. Ohio 3 

Oliva, Philip Baird. 328 Gaston Ave.. Garfield. N. J. 1 

O'Neal. Robert Monroe. Rt. 4. Box 45S-C. New Bern N C 1 

Oppolzer. Robert. 10 West 76th St.. New York 23, N. Y 1 

Osborne. Harry Albert 

2014 Wood Dale Terrace. Charlotte. N. C. t 

Overley. Harry Clark ~ 

.'i06 S. MacDade Blvd.. Glenolden, Pa. 1 

Overman, Donald E.. Jr.. 120 Church St.. Henderson. N. C. 2 
Owen. Robert Edward. 44 Kinship Rd.. Baltimore 22 Md 3 
Owens, E. Dixon. 3605 Old Orchard Dr., Ashland, Ky. i 

Owens. James Cleatus 

3114 Lakewood Ave.. Columbia. S. C 1 

Oxner. Glenn Ruckman 

407 Belmont Ave.. Greenville. S. C. I 

Pabst. Robert William 

202 S. Highwood Ave.. Glen Rock, N. J 1 

Pace. Emmett Herbert. Jr. 

6 Springhaven Rd.. Wheeling, W. Va 3 

Padgett, Douglas Morgan, Box 481, Spindale, Sj. C. 2 

Page. David Anderson, Rt. I, Box 177, Morrisville, N. C 2 
Page. John Gibson. Jr.. 316 Frances Place, Kin.ston, N. C. I 
Page. Richard Charles 

415 Friar Rd.. Chattanooga II. Tenn 2 

Page. Richard Gregory. Ill 

2420 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 1 

Parish. Charles Wesley, Jr. 

119 Park Dr.. San Antonio. Texas 1 

Parker. Charles Harry. Windsor Rd.. Pittsburgh 15. Pa! 1 

Parsons. Larry Edwards 

1028 Knoll wood Rd.. New Kensington. Pa. 2 

Parsons. William E.. Jr., 91 Goodridge St., Lynn, Mass. 3 

Paterson, Hugh Humphrey 

25 Standish Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2 

Patrick, Rembert W.. Jr. 

2115 N.W, 7th Place, Gainesville, Fla 1 

Patterson. Robert Allen 

8 Glenwood Lane. Greenville. S. C 3 

Patton. Matthew Henry. Jr. 

80 Newman St.. Carrollton. Ga... 3 

Paul. John Rhodes 

1620 Westwood Ave.. Columbus. Ohio 1 

Paulson. David Freeman 

3 Lake Drive Bay Ridge, Annapolis, Md 1 

Peacock, Albert, Jr. 

14 West Bellefonte Ave.. Alexandria. Va 1 

Peacock. Jack Ba.xter. 302 W. Boulevard, Laurinburg, N. C. 1 
Peacock, James Lowe, III, 2021 College Ave., Tifton, Ga. 2 

Pearl. David William. 502 S. Aurora St.. Ithaca, N. Y 3 

Pearson, Harry Hall, Jr. 

800 Kenilworth Ave.. Charlotte 3. N. C 2 

Pearson. Wright Leroy. Jr. 

1410 Sopera Ave.. Coral Gables. Fla. 1 

Penny. Donald McDuffie. 1005 Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C 2 

Pepper. Jack Ezelle. Rt. I. Wauchula. Fla. 2 

Perkins. Robert Eugene. Rt. 2. Rockingham. N. C 1 

Perkinson. Leiand Jasper, Box 93, Wise, N. C 2 

Perrine. Kenneth Pigford 

161 N.W. 87th .St.. Miami 50, Fla 1 

Perry, Jerry Max, Rt. 2. Bailey, N. C 3 

Peters. William Thomas 

822 Quaker Lane. High Point. N. C . 2 

Peterson. Karl Bock. 109 Beverly Rd.. Rockville. Md. 2 

Peterson. Laurence Ivan. 4279 Kent Rd.. Stow. Ohio 1 

Peltitt, Robert Dunlop. Jr. 

2420 Sedgwick Ave.. New York 68. N. Y 3 

Pfeiffei. Carl John. 34 Lincoln Hill, Quincy, Ili 2 

Phil. Leonard Fred. Box 326. Stanley. N. C. 2 

Phillips. George W.. Ill, Box 68, Lake Park. Fla I 

Phillips. Henry Frank. .Seven Springs, N. C 3 

Phillips. John Pugh. 554 Grant .St., Hazleton. Pa. 3 

Phlilips. Richard Craft 

c/o P. O. Saunders. Rt. I. Box 157. Chester. Va. 3 

Phillips, Robert Wade, Jr. 

3609 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 3 

Phillips, Russell A., Jr., Rt. 2, Charlotte, N. C 2 

Pickens, James Elliott, 137 Granda St., Fort Myers, Fla 2 

Pickett, James Daniel, 512 Fordham Dr.. Alexandria, Va 3 

Pickett, Thomas Ernest, I I lerracedale C t.. Griffin. Ga 2 

Pinnell, Sheldon Richard 

208 W. Dayton Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 

Piper. Michael Lewis 

Qtrs. Ml, U. S. Nav. Gun. Fad., Washington 25. D. C. 
Pittman, Kenneth Arthur 

6220 Mossway, Baltimore 12, Md 

Pless, John Glenn, Galax, Va. 

Poe. William Martyn. Box .'>84. Thomasville, N. C 

Polack. Ernest Henry, 111 

Washington Farms. Wheeling, W. Va 

Pontz, Jack Bradford, 80 Jackson Dr., Lancaster, Pa 

Poole, James Wayland, Rt. 2, Raleigh, N. C 

Poole, Thomas Howard, 900 Morton Rd., Durham, N. C. ... 

Poor. Bennett Osborne. Box .''6. Assimippi, Mass 

Poore, Rav Vaughn, Munfordville, Ky 

Pope, Henry Davis, Box .^44, Enfield. N. C 

Pope, Richard Jerome. 300 S. Orange Ave., Dunn, N. C 

Porter, Hugh Omega. Jr., 416 Oak St., Richmond, Ky 

Porter, John Marshall, 256 Sunset Dr., Concord, N. C 

Posthumus. Robert Kenneth 

12512 Atlantic Ave.. Beach Haven Terrace, N. J 

Powell. Ike Garber. Fourth Street, N.W., Cairo, Ga 

Powell, Larry Vance, 1810 Beach St., Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Powell, Richard Michael 

2004 Cleburne St., Greensboro, N. C 

Powell, Robert Calvin. Ill 

1862 Queens Rd., West Charlotte 7. N. C 

Power, Garrett, J. M.. Peace Rd., Monkton. Md 

Pratt, Charles O., Ill, 25.^4 N. Vermont. Arlington, Va.. . 
Pratt, James Dallas 

756.3 Alaska Ave. N.W., Washington 12, D. C 

Pratt, Michael Bruce 

12250 Magdalena Rd., Los Alles, Calif 

Preacher. Charles Edward 

295 Cooper St.. Kingstree, S. C 

Preissle. Frank Paul 

1402 N. Overlook Dr.. Greenville, N. C 

Preston, Robert Edward. .3 7.3 Atkins Ave., Lancaster, Pa.... 

Prettyman. William Elwood, Laurel, Del 

Prevost, Stephen McCully 

1905 Princess St.. Wilmington, N. C 

Prichard. John Arthur, 19 Alpern Ave., Elberon, N. J 

Prizzi. Anthony Richard 

9403 First View St., Norfolk, Va 

Probert, James Lewis, Kingsville, Md 

Probes, Harold Burdett 

227 Howell St., Schenectady 3, N. Y 

Pruner, John Shults. 41 Seward, Dansville, N. Y 2 

Where Do You Prefer to Date? 
(West Campus) 

East Campus 407o 
Hanes House 5% 

Raleigh 8% 

Greensboro 9% 

Walts Hospital 12%. 

Other 26% 


Piigh. Cieorgh Winston 

Apt. C-12, Pres. Gdns., Alexandria, Va 2 

Pugh, Marcus William, Jr. 

3222 Quesada St. N.W., Washington, D. C 2 

Purdy, James Lewis, 321 E. Morgan St.. Raleigh. N. C 2 

Pyle, Gordon Douglas, 919 Exum St., Durham, N. C 3 

Quattlebaum. David A., Jr. 

69 S. Main St., Bishopville, S. C 3 

Quigley, Allan Scott, 1587 Cardiff Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio... 1 

Raasch, Henry David, 294 7th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 3 

Radeker. Walter Scott. Ill 

6629 Sampson Lane. Cincinnati 36. Ohio 2 

Rainey. Reuben McCorkle 

Deshong Rd.. Stonemountain, Ga I 

Rao. Carl David, 1 17 W. 13th St., New York II. N. Y 2 

Rappoport, Kenneth F. 

3114 Oakley Ave., Baltimore 15. Md 3 

Rasberry, Phillip Parker, 709 Sixteenth .St.. Durham, N. C. . I 

Rast, James Brailsford, Futawville, S. C 3 

Ratcliffe, George Jackson 

504 Highland Ave.. S. Charleston, W. Va 3 

Rathmell, Jack Edward 

1500 N. View Dr., Miami Beach. Fla 2 

Ratliff. Norman B.. Jr. 

227 W. Hickman St., Winchester, Ky 2 

Ravenel, Samuel Dubose 

106 Fisher Park Circle. Greensboro. N. C I 

Ray. Herbert Barth. 56 Bennett. Binghamton. N. Y 3 

Raynes, William Joseph. 3463 S.W. 8th. St.. Miami 35. Fla I 

Reade. Rhodney Bailey, Jr. 

907 Englewood Ave., Durham, N. C 2 

Reading. James Lilburn. II 

334 W. Vanderbilt Dr.. Oak Ridge. Tenn 1 

Recinella. William Edward 

539 Union Ave.. Steubenville. Ohio 2 

Redding, James Oscar 

341 E. Salisbury .St., Asheboro, N. C 2 

Redding, Marshall Simms 

Rt. 1, Box 386, Gibsonville. N. C 3 

Redmond, James Webb. Jr. 

Rt. 3. Proffitt Circle. Taylors. S. C 3 

Redmond, William Gilmer. Rt. 3. Taylorsville, S. C I 

Reed, George I.indmiller 

2011 WaWa Ave., Durham. N. C 2 

Reese. Herbert Sanford 

37 W. Montorest Dr., Birmingham, Ala 1 

Reese, Sidney Warren, Jr. 

37 W. Montorest Dr., Birmingham, Ala 2 

Register, Leon H., Jr., 202 Carver St.. Durham. N. C 3 

Reiber. Elmer William. II 

316 Clen Moore Blvd.. New Castle. Pa I 

Reid. Robert James, 69600 N. Main, Richmond, Mich 3 

Reynolds, Walter Arnold 

il5 Ridgewood Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y 1 

Rhett, Thomas Hughes. 18 Montague St.. Charleston. S. C 2 

Rice. Frederick Leon. 108 King St., St. Augustine, Fla 3 

Richards, Theodore Tyson 

10815 Pearson St., Kensington. Md 1 

Richardson. James W. 

14 Pleasant Ridge Ave.. Greenville. S. C 3 

Ricks. Charles Vernon. 1206 Eva St.. Durham. N. C 2 

Riddick. Joseph H.. Jr.. 3413 Daniel Ave.. Lynchburg. Va 2 

Ridout. Edward Martin. 403 Edward St., Durham, N. C 1 

Riester, William R.. Jr. 

600 Russell Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 2 

Riley. John Dwight. Rt. 6. Box 580. Bessemer. Ala... 1 

Rippel. Robert Ross, Jr. 

7829 Bellona Ave., Ruxton 4, Md 2 

Risley, Richard, 3712 W. Lincolnshire Rd.. Toledo. Ohio 3 

Ritchie. Marvin Banks. Jr. 

1209 Madison Ave.. Greensboro. N. C 1 

Robbins. Alan Clair. 2614 Augusta Dr.. Durham, N. C 2 

Robbins. Chandler. III. Rt. 4. Box 915. Sarasota. Fla 1 

Roberts, David Burton, 12 Bacon Ct., Bronxville 8, N. Y 2 

Roberts, John David, 181 Willow Breeze, Kenmore, N. Y. . 2 
Roberts. Michael James 

1017 E. Church St.. Salisbury. Md 3 

Robertson. Battle Moore. Lombard St.. Clayton, N. C 3 

Robertson. Jerry Ray. 604 Cameron St., Burlington, N. C 2 

Robertson. Marion DeB.. Jr. 

1008 Monmouth Ave., Durham. N. C 1 

Robertson. Thomas Lew 

1413 Sunnyhill Lane. Havertown. Pa 3 

Robertson. Virginius. Ill 

3707 Manton Dr.. Lynchburg. Va 3 

Robins, Herbert Thomas, 317 E. 11th St., Rome, Ga 3 

N. Y. 

illc «. N. Y.. 

Sargolini, Fred Anthony. .16 Fourth St., Hamden 14, Conn. 
•Saucr, Robert Craig, 22.'! Crosby Ave., Kenmore, N. Y. 
Savage, Robert Bruce, Jr. 

1620 Lafayette Ave., Rocky Mount. N. C 

Sawyer, Floyd Daniel, 1010 Park Ave.. Durham. N. C 

Sayre, Robert Baker, Jr. 

7 Beechwood Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 

Scaile. William Oliver, Jr. 

1418 Donald St.. Jacksonville. Fla 

Schaaf. William Idward. 24} Ruth Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 

Robinson, Donald Edward 

.'i225 Redfield St.. Douglaston 62. 
Robinson, Russell Curtis 

115 Clearview Dr.. Rt. 1, Library, Pa I 

Robison. Michael Lee. .^19 E. 6th St., Anniston, Ala 2 

Rochelle, Vernon Haskins 

1309 N. Queen St.. Kinston, N. C 1 

Rodes. George Olmstead. Box 1077. Melbourne. Fla 1 

Rodwell, Roy Oscar. Jr. 

133 Cooper Ave.. Henderson. N. C 3 

Roe. Charles Ruzicka, 1500 Malvern Ave., Ruxton 4, Md. . 2 
Rogers, Russell Junius, Jr. 

2857 Rosalind Dr. N.E., Atlanta 6. Ga 3 

Rohn, William James A., 609 Penndale Ave., Reading, Pa 2 

Rollinson, Mark, 3423 Clayton Ext., Chattanooga, Tenn 3 

Romhilt, Donald Wade 

619 Floral St., Terrace Park, Ohio 3 

Rosenblatt, Leonard, 3 Pamrapo Ct., Bayonne, N. J 2 

Rosenthal. Richard W. 

310 E. Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C 3 

Ross, John Bowen, Jr.. 209 E. 17th St., Lumberton, N. C I 

Ross, Thurman Johnson, Jr. 

910 Green St., Durham. N. C. 1 

Rossman. Herbert A.. 1629 Ralworth Rd., Baltimore, Md 2 

Rountree, Wallace Daniel 

29 Oakwood Dr.. Chapel Hill, N. C 3 

Rouse, Dorland Freitag, 1522 Walnut St., Williamsport, Pa 2 

Rouse, Henry McCormick 

30 Hartford Terrace, New Hartford, N. Y 2 

Rowe. David Franklin 

4300 S. Main St. Ext., Winston-Salem, N. C 1 

Royal. Ronald David, Box 168, Aiken, S. C 3 

Royal, Theodore S., Jr.. 221 Beaman St.. Clinton, N. C .. 2 

Royster, James Burney, Jr. 

1177 S. Main St.. Henderson, Ky 1 

Ruben, Frederick Leon 

223 W. Thomas St., Rocky Mount, N. C 1 

Rudd. James Francis, 13310 Central Ave., Compton. Calif 1 

Rudd, Robert Newman, Rt. 5, Greensboro. N. C 3 

Rude. Edward Theodore 

302 Carlton Terrace, Teaneck, N. J 2 

Rudisill. Stephen Gary. 800 Broadway. Hanover, Pa 2 

Rudy, Oliver Duane, 926 Dacian Ave., Durham. N. C 3 

Ruffner. B. Winfred, Jr. 

4420 N. 18th St., Arlington 7, Va 1 

Rundgren. Charles Edward 

2725 Brown Ave., Durham, N. C 2 

Rundle. Allen Garfield. 620 Caldwell St., Piqua, Ohio 1 

Rusch, Kurt Berner 

16033 Brewster Rd.. Cleveland 12. Ohio 2 

Rushton. Edward Watson 

1819 Warrington Rd. S.. Roanoke, Va 3 

Russell, Thomas Ewing 

201 Alexander Ave., Montclair, N. J 3 

Rust, Henry, Rt. 3. Thomasville, Ga 2 

Rusta, Douglas Wayne, 1 152 Third Ave., New York, N. Y 3 

Rutishauser, Richard G., 23 Ridge Rd.. Canajoharie, N. Y 2 

Rulledge, John Hoyle, III 

209 S. Ridge .Ave., Kannapolis, N. C I 

Saari, John William Jr. 

1928 Winona Ave., Montgomery, Ala 2 

Sadler, Clint Denomore, Box 506, Ellsworth, Maine 2 

Sadler, Lewis Edward, Box 506, Ellsworth, Maine 1 

Safrit, Henry Faison, Front St. Extension, Beaufort, N. C 2 

Saint, Amand Nathan E. 

222 S. Limestone St.. Gaffney. S. C 1 

Salomon. Roy B., 36 E. 36 St., New York, N. Y 2 

Saltz, James Fdwin, Jr. 

1001 28th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Fla 3 

Sand, Robert l-dward. Star Rt.. Glens Falls. N. Y 2 

.Sanders. Charles R., Jr., 103 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 3 
.Sandmore. Philip Sigurd. 180 Lyons Rd.. .Scarsdale, N. Y. 1 
Santo, Domingo Arturo 

51 Tanglewylde Ave.. Bronx 
Sapolsky, Jack Louis 

1484 Monticello Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla 


■Schaeffer, Stephen Jay 

450 .Seventh Ave., New York I, N. Y 

Schafer, Conrad Fritz B. 

24 Miami Manor. Maumee. Ohio 

Scheper. George Louis 

86 19 76th St.. Woodhaven 21. Queens, N. Y 

Schieke. Herman Edward. Jr. 

Rt. 2. Box 137. Edgewater. Md 

Schlag. Jay Henry. 1402 Seminole Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 

Schlee. Frederick Andrew 

24 C. Fenway South. Baltimore 21. Md 

Schmidt, Francis Paul 

738 Menoher Blvd.. Johnstown 1, Pa 

.Schoeb, John William 

1908 Powhattan Ave., Petersburg, Va 

.Schuler. Hubert Charles, 1840 Oak Lane, Orlando, Fla 

Schull, Edwin Gunner 

Office of Lt. Governor, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone 

Schulman. Abbot Jay, 555 N.W. 115 St., Miami, Fla 

.Schultz, Andrew Johnson, Box 1, Leroy, Ohio 

Schultz, Terrence Eugene 

283 Crestwood Ave., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Schultze, Richard G. 

3254 Arcadia Place. N.W., Washington 15, D. C 

Schweitzer, Peter J. 

1220 Cedar Ave., Hewlett, L. I.. N. Y 

Schwoebel, Louis H., Ill 

615 Roslyn Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 

Scott, Charles Herbert, Kintnersville, Pa 

Scott. John McDougall. Jr.. 50 George St., Freehold, N. J 

Scott. Shuping Alexander, Box 14, Fairforest, S. C 

Scott, Warner Curtis, 633 E. Franklin St.. Macomb, 111 

Scudieri, Philip Frank, 1231 S. 58th St., Cicero, 111 

Sears, William Joseph, Jr. 

711 Florida Title Bldg., Jacksonville, Fla 

Sebeck, George Edward 

1922 Perlman PI.. Baltimore 13. Md 

Seifred. Ronald Henry. 300 Maynard Ave.. Durham, N. C 

Selby, James Edward 

1034 W. Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount. N (. 
Sell, William J. B., Jr. 

580 Wilkesboro St.. Mocksville, N. C 
Sherafin, Donald, 6103 Dahlia Dr.. Orlando. Fla. 
Shackford, Joseph Temple, Walkertown, N C. 
Shaffer. Stephen Roger, Box 343, Tryon. N. C. 
Shaner. Robert Luther 

3310th TT Wing. Scott AFB. Ill 

Shank, George Edward, 6710 44th Ave., Hvattsville, Md. 
Shanklin, Richard V.. Ill 

230 Woodlawn Dr., Panama City, Fla 

Shannon, Russell Delbert 

2113 Eden Parkway, Lakeland, Fla 

Shannon. Thomas Hubert 

1801 Ann St., Wilmington. N. C 

Sharpe, John Lloyd, P. O. Box 233, Elm City, N. C 

Sharpe. Ralph McDuffie, Jr. 

7716 14th St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C 

Sheheen, Fred Roukos, 169 Chestnut St., Camden, S. C 

Sherman. Russell Edsel 

Manor House Lane, Huntingdon Valley, Pa 

Shields, Malcolm Kay 

2121-D Pearson Ave., S.W., Birmingham 11, Ala 

Shimm, Stephen Jay, 3060 S. W. 16th St., Miami, Fla 

Shinn, James Franklin, 75 Brumley St., Concord, N. C 

Shirkey. John Adams 

1330 Holly St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C 

Shockey, Howard Halley, 348 Miller St.. Winchester, Va 

Shore, Clement Wayne 

1216 N. Main St., High Point, N. C 

Short, Thomas Donald 

527 E. Livingston St.. Celina. Ohio 

Shutt. George H. C. Ill 

618 N. Main St., Mocksville. N. C 

Siderowf, Richard L. 

54 Eddy Glover Blvd., New Britain, Conn 

Siegel, Harold Jay, 8621 Granby St., Norfolk, Va 

Siegel, Sidney 

Apt. G-15. 1203 F. Broadway. Hewlett, N. Y 

.Siegel, .Stephen Robert, 8621 Ciranby St., Norfolk, Va 

.Silber. Alan, 764 .Scotland Rd.. .S. Orange, N. J 

Siler. Robert Frederick, Box 93, Franklin, N. C 

Simc, David William, 100 Whitehall .St., Fair Lawn, N. J 

Simmons, John Middlcton 

Elberta Crate & Ho\ Co.. Bainbridge. Ga 

Simms, Edward Joseph. Box 572. Monroe, N. Y 

Simon, Carl Gcoffrc\ 

907 Maryland Ave.. N.l .. Washington 2. D. C 


Simpson, William Robinson 

:iO Orange St., Rock Hill, S. C 2 

Sims, David Melton, Box 507. Douglas, Ga 2 

Singer, Don .Allen. 959 Midwood Dr., Rahway, N. J . I 

Singleton, Charles M. 

2 Tappan Landing Rd.. Tarrytown. N. Y I 

Sink, Joseph Stanford, 120 W. 1st Ave., Lexington, N. C I 

Sink, Robert Clyde, 2715 Anderson Dr., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Sinkway, Jon Garrett, 60 Ravine Ave., Wyckoff, N. J 2 

Skeel, Jay Earl, 957 Mason Ave., Joliet, III 1 

Skinner, .Mton, 111, 1202 Vickers Ave.. Durham, N. C 1 

Slade, Arthur Laird, Box 896, Aiken, S. C 2 

Slocum, Richard Wilson. 601 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, N. Y I 

Slye, John Shaffner 

1445 Edgewood Circle, Jacksonville, Fla I 

Smallwood, Horace Rector 

1420 42nd St. S.E., Washington 20, D. C 3 

Smathers, Robert Henrv, Rt. 4, Matthews, N. C 3 

Smiley. Karl, 5985 S.W. Montgomery Dr., Miami 43, Fla 2 

Smilev, William M., Jr.. Court House, Bradenton. Fla 3 

Smith, Bernard Roddy, Jr. 

102 Cotswold Rd.. Baltimore 10, Md I 

Smith, Emery. Ill, 540 N. May St., Southern Pines, N. C I 

Smith. Gary Lee, Jacobus, Pa 3 

Smith, James Gordon, Jr. 

312 Seymour Ct., Leaksville, N. C I 

Smith, Jerry Arlen, 922 Second St., Durham. N. C 3 

Smith. John Moffett. 1352 College Ave.. Bluefield. W. Va 3 

Smith. Linden Brison 

208 Kings Mountain St.. Clover. S. C I 

Smith. Lynn Alynn, Box 2821, East Flat Rock, N. C 2 

Smith, Powell Sterling, 24 Ontario St., Edinboro, Pa 2 

Smith, Ray Stallings, Jr., Box 22, Pikeville, N. C 2 

Smith, Robert Eugene 

610 E. Main St., Washington. N. C 3 

Smith, Robert Harold 

1625 Furman Rd., Jacksonville 7, Fla 1 

Smith, Ronald Herbert 

4140 Parsons Blvd.. Flushing 65, N. Y 1 

Smith, Roswell Earle 

714 Cumberland Rd. N.E., Atlanta, Ga . 1 

Smith, Warren Quinn, 71 Green St., Oakland Md. 2 

Smith, William Joseph H. 

3651 Suitland Rd., S.E., Washington 20, D. C 3 

Smith, William Paul. 536 Park Ave., Birmingham, Ala 3 

Snow, Peter Denman 

2900 St. Andrews Lane, Charlotte 5, N. C 2 

Snyder. John Norton, Jr. 

29 Orchard Lane. Norristown. Pa 3 

Sobocinski, Robert Walker, 48 Hill St., Swoyerville, Pa 1 

Sokol. Ronald Peter 

5486 North Lake Dr., Whitefish Bay 17, Wis 1 

Soule, Bruce Williamson, 1430 Asbury, Evanston, 111 2 

Sowder, Gene Judson. Elberon, Surry County, Va 2 

Spada, Robert Joseph 

510 Broadlawn Terrace, Vineland. N. J 1 

Span, George Kent. 10403 Ewell Ave., Kensington, Md. 1 

Spann, William Charles, Box 299, Ada, Okla 3 

Sparks, Edward Delancy 

1400 Port Jefferson Rd., Sidney, Ohio 1 

Sparrow. Robert Wayne 

408 Orchard Dr., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. 3 

Spector, Lawrence David 

72 Parkway East, Mt. Vernon, N. Y 2 

Speer, Larry Lewis, 1 Wilcox Place, Fairlawn, N. J 2 

Spence, Winthrop Jones, Jr. 

Hambrooks Blvd., Rt. 2, Cambridge, Md 2 

Spencer, Michael Gilmore 

19 Strawberry Hill. Stamford, Conn 3 

Spencer, William Clark, Jr. 

1145 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount. N. C 3 

Spencer. William Joseph 

2434 Rosewood Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 3 

Spicker, Webster Smith. 504 Roxboro St.. Durham. N. C 1 

Spielman. Warren Roy 

138 National Dr.. Pittsburgh 36. Pa 2 

Spillar. Robert Joseph, 840 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C 2 

Spitler. David Robert 

2114 Miller Rd., Huntington, W. Va 2 

Springston, Wendell Lee. Wilsons, Va 3 

Sproles, Elijah T., HI 

173 W. Sevier Ave., Kingsport, Tenn 2 

Sprotte. Robert Michael 

11656 232nd St.. Cambria Heights, N. Y 2 

Spruill, Frank Craven, Jr., Box 228, Blackstone, Va 3 

Stabell. Richard Norman 

419 Ocean Dunes Rd., Daytona Beach, Fla 1 
Stacey, John Richard, 131 Atlanta Rd., Oak Ridge, lenn. 1 
Stagner, Howard Robert 

5516 Northfield Rd., Bethesda 14, Md 1 

Stahleker, Carl, 12 Sunset Rd., Wellesley, Mass 3 

Staley, William Cressler 

Rt. 2, Redland Rd., Rockville, Md 2 

Stamey, Enoch La F.. Ill 

L-IA Cameron Ct. Apts, Raleigh. N. C 2 

Stanley. Buddy Roger, 529 S. Main St., Asheboro, N. C 3 

Stapleford, Richard W. 

338 Columbia St.. Woodbury, N. J 1 

Stapleford, Thomas Carvel 

338 S. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. J 3 

Staples, John Ed, 183 N. Cherry St., Kernersville, N. C 3 

Starnes, Walter Byron 

832 Montlieu Ave., High Point, N. C 1 

Starr, Richard Albin, 209 Darwin Dr., Snyder, N. Y 3 

Stattenfield, David Boyce 

49 Hedges Ave.. Chatham, N. J 1 

Stayskal, Joseph Edward, 130 Pershing Rd., Clifton, N. J 1 

Steele, Robert Gary, 5 Yancey St., Lancaster, S. C 1 

Steer, Michael Lewis, 4105 Glenrose St., Kensington, Md. 1 

Stein, Benjamin Gerald, Box 547, Cartersville, Ga 1 

Steinmetz, William J., Box 1359, Sarasota, Fla 2 

Stephens, Laurence Alan 

5410 Big Tyler Rd., Charleston 2, W. Va 1 

Stevens, Samuel .Scott, Rt. 1, Swannanoa, N. C 1 

Stewart, Carl Jerome, Jr. 

1207 W. 2nd Ave., Gastonia, N. C 3 

Stewart, Henry Lee 

Box 33, East Carolina College, Greenville, N. C 3 

Stewart, Robert Welton 

829 Woodburn Rd., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Stewart, Wilber Clarence 

210 Smithwick St., Williamston, N. C 3 

Stiles, Lawrence Webster 

1316 Nottingham Ave.. Orlando, Fla 1 

Stimple, Richard Barton, 117 Lincoln Ave., Geneva, 111 2 

Stinespring, John A., 1107 Watts St., Durham, N. C 3 

Stitely, Dennis Berry, Rt. 1, Felton. Pa 3 

Stone. Albert Earl. Jr.. 2501 W. Club Blvd.. Durham. N. C 3 

Stone. Richard Cole. 308 Monticello Ave.. Durham. N. C 3 

Stoops. James King. 364 Fairview Dr.. Charleston. W. Va. 1 
Stout. Merrell Langdon, Jr. 

Warrington Apts., 3908 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 3 

Stowe, Deryl Grant, 1502 Durham St., Burlington, N. C. 3 

Strange, Frederick H. 

3643 Olympia Dr., Houston 19, Texas. 1 

Strange, John Hadley, 120 Willow Lane, Decatur, Ga 1 

Straub, Karl David, 504 Kinglan Rd., Louisville 7, Ky 2 

Straus, Benjamin G. 

180 Philadelphia St., Saratoga Sprgs.. N. Y 3 

Strawther, Richard, 301 W. Leamy Ave., Springfield, Pa 2 

Strayhorn, Carl Vernon, Jr. 

309 Vallev Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 2 

Strickland. Anthonv Reid. Wade, N. C 1 

Strickland. Gerald C., 68 Egbert St., Bay Head, N. J 2 

Stuckey, Lewis Neilson, Jr. 

1032 N. Hampton, Dallas, Texas... 2 

Stumpf, Karl John. Box 6126, College St., Durham, N. C. 2 
Stupple, Alexander James 

Chicago Golf Club, Wheaton, 111 1 

Styers, Thomas Russell, Jr. 

Rt. 3, Oak Summit Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C I 

Suddith, William Douglas 

2447 E. 6th St., Montgomery, Ala 2 

Suiter, William Oran, Jr., 408 Stacy St., Raleigh, N. C 3 

Sulzbacher, Charles A., Jr. 

31 The Serpentine, Roslyn, N. Y... 1 

Summers, George Perry, c/o Lock Joint Pipe Co. 

150 Rutledge Ave.. East Orange. N. J. 1 

Sutan. Tanon Nipit. Students Dept., Royal Thai Embassy 

2701 Woodley PI., N.W., Washington 8, D. C 1 

Swanson, Robert Archer 

711 Anneslie Rd., Baltimore 12. Md 1 

Sweet. Richard Perry 

116 Bennington Rd.. Akron 13. Ohio 3 

Swenson. Edwin Albert 

106 Norman St.. New Hyde Park. N. Y 2 

Swindell. William H.. Jr. 

322 Clarke Ave.. Palm Beach. Fla 2 

Swofford. Frank Wood 

443 N. Vacation Lane. Arlington, Va 2 

Swofford, James Emory. Finley Park. N. Wilkesboro, N. C 2 

Sykes. Waverly Edmond, Jr. 

Qtrs., 167, NNSY, Portsmouth, Va. I 

Tabari, Keyvan, Farhang Ave.. Tehran, Iran 2 

Tabor. Gary Richard, 1 1 Whittier Ave.. Pitlsfieki. Mass, _. 2 
Taft, William Holston. Jr. 

1707 E. 5th St.. Greenville, N. C .^ 

Taggart, Peter Beatty. 126 Mapleview Rd., Buffalo. N. V. .. 3 

Taggersell. Carl Winfield. 110 Tenafly Rd., Tenafly, N, J 3 

Tanner, Joseph William 

1302 Lakewood Ave.. Durham. N. C 

Tarleton. Robert William. 919 Lambeth Cr., Durham. N. C 

Tate. Thomas Richard, 917 26th .St.. Parkersburg, W, Va 3 

Taylor, Herbert A.. Ill 

1811 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 2 

Taylor. James At wood. Jr. 

1927 S. Peninsula Dr.. Daytona Beach. Fla 3 

Taylor. Joseph Marion. 18 Lebby St., Pelzer, S. C 3 

Taylor, Thomas Roger 

200.S Center .St.. Trent Park, New Bern, N. C 2 

Taylor. Thomas William 

1010 Cambridge Rd.. Coshocton, Ohio 2 

Taylor, William Miles. 1610 Brassie. Flossmoor, 111 2 

Taylor, Willie Murchison 

426 Irving St.. Winston-Salem. N. C 1 

Teller, Donald Edward. 22 Ferneliff Rd., Bloomfield, N. J 2 

Temko. Michael Hart. 411 Victoria St., Greensboro, N. C 3 

Temple, Jim Josey, Rt. 2. Scotland Neck, N. C 2 

Temple. Peter Livermore 

1621 Brandon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 2 

Tennant. James Joseph. Jr.. Box 8. Lake Park, Fla 

Tenney. Thomas Harold 

SS.-sg Indian Rd.. Toledo 6. Ohio 
Terry, Lewis Newman, Jr. 

410 Forest Ave.. Spartanburg. S. C 

Tew, William Alton. Jr.. 909 Askew St., Burlington, N. C. 
Thebaut. Anthony Lennon 

2361 Spalding Dr.. Dunwoody. Ga 

Thelen. Gilbert Carl. Jr. 

1204 E. Dean Road. Milwaukee. Wis 

Theriot. Edward Dennis. Jr. 

1981 Hood Ave.. Baton Rouge. La 

Thiessen. Brian David 

Rt. 2. Bo.\ 60-A. Fernandina Beach. Fla 

Thomas. Edward Morgan. Jr. 

1848 Fifth Ave.. Youngstown 4. Ohio 

Thomas, John Byron. 3 Pooks Hill Rd., Bethesda 14, Md 2 

Thompson, Charles Allen 

2624 S. Jennings Ave.. Ft. Worth. Texas 2 

Thompson. Dan Stuart. Burgaw, N. C 3 

Thompson. James Russell 

Apt. 108, 3440 Avalon Rd., Shaker Hts. 20, Ohio 1 

Thompson. Robert Kirk. Jr. 

8011 Glendale Rd.. Chevy Chase 15, Md 2 

Thompson. Thomas Moore 

515 McCubbing Dr.. Le,\ington. Ky 2 

Thore. Robert Elliott 

9809 E. Bexhill Dr.. Kensington. Md 2 

Thornhill, Edward, 111. 1086 Ocean Ave.. Brooklyn. N. Y 3 

Thrasher. Randolph H.. Jr. 

2910 Onyx Rd.. Baltimore 14. Md 2 

Thulander. Odin Alan. 3504 Alpine Trail, Sparta. N. J 2 

Thunberg. Rudolf. 108 Parkview Ave., Fayetteville, N. C I 

Thuss. Robert Wilkey 

2837 .Southwood Rd.. Birmingham, Ala 3 

Tibbitts. John Weldon, 315 Perry St., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Tierney. David Iravers 

637 Prospect Ave.. West Hartford, Conn 3 

Tilbury. George R.. Jr. 

49 Hawthorne Terrace. Leonia, N. J 2 

Tilley, George, 2001 S. Alston Ave.. Durham, N. C 1 

Tillou, Dana Eller, 176 Woodward Ave.. Buffalo 14, N. Y. 2 
Timbcrlake, Byron Burton 

620 Harmon St.. North Canton, Ohio 2 

Tipton, Donald Curtis, 1009 W. High St.. Petersburg. Va 3 

Todd, Merwin Armel, III 

908 S. Beach Ave., Beach Haven, N. J 1 

Todkill, Burton James. Pallister Ave.. Barker. N. Y 2 

Tonia, Frank Phillip, 601 Locust Place. .Scwickley. Pa 2 

Tompkins, Grover Robert 

1326 Summit Dr.. Charleston. W. Va. 2 

Toms. Clinton White. Ill 

914 Vickcrs Ave.. Durham. N. C 3 

Topping, John Thomas 

236 Charlotte St.. Roanoke Rapids, N. C 3 

Torrey, Richard Calvin 

410 W. Markham Ave.. Durham, N. C 3 

Toth, Daniel. 82 40 Austin St.. Kew Gardens 15. N. Y. 3 

Tottey, Alfred George, 113 E. Fall St., Ithaca. N. ^. 2 

Towe. Rolf Harvy. Lake Ave. Greenwich. Conn. 2 

Trantham, Harry England. Green .Acres, Brevard, N. C 3 

What Wa.s Your Impression of Duke Before Coming Here".' 

Educational Utopia 
Academic Prison 
Big Party School 



Troy. Michael Clark. 1311 Dollar Ave.. Durham. N. C 1 

Truax. David Muir. 1000 Berkeley Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 1 

Tschinkel. Heinrich M.. 115 N. Plymouth. Huntsville. Ala 2 

Tunmore. Gary Edward 

308 Ruskin Rd.. Eggertsville 21. N. Y I 

Tunstall. William Harry 

706 W. Colonial Ave.. Elizabeth City. N. C I 

Turner. Henry Brown. IV 

520 Raymond St.. Westfield. N. J 3 

Turner. James Witcher. Jr. 

Hillcrest Dr.. Great Falls. S. C 1 

Turner. John Marvin. Jr. 

3119 Madison St.. Hyattsville. Md 2 

Turner. Lewis John. Jr.. Washington, Va 2 

Turner, Mebane Ewing, Jr. 

814 Roslyn Rd . Winston-Salem, N. C 2 

Turner. Robert Russell 

Box 4344. Duke .Station. Durham. N. C 3 

Turner. Webb William. 347 Cassidy Ave.. Lexington. Ky 2 

Turner. William Heyward. 93 Jane St.. Hartsdale. N. Y 2 

Turton. Michael Hodges 

2894 F. .Sunrise Blvd.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 2 

Tyndall. Albert Forbes. Jr. 

109 East Grainger Ave.. Kinston. N. C 3 

Tyndall. Robert Wilson. 212 Grace St.. Mt. Airy. N. C I 

Tyree. Fred Long. 610 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C I 

Tyson. Bruce Carroll. Jr.. Rt. 2. Box 475, Greenville. N. C 3 

Underwood. Earl Tyson. 1 1 1 W. Fisher St.. Salisbury, N. C 3 

Upmeyer. Ernest Arnold. Ill 

1333 Indian Rocks Rd.. Bellair, Clearwater, Fla 2 

Valentine, Heath Eugene 

115 Melbourne Ave.. Akron. Ohio 3 

Van Curen. Gene Lewis. 3 Beech Place. Valhalla. N. 'l' 3 

Van Everv. William H., Jr. 

2220 Wellesley Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 1 

Van Metre, John Lee. Jr. 

311 S. George St.. Charles Town. W. Va 2 

Van .Schoick, Gary Lee 

Box 20. Rt. 2, Hillsboro Rd.. Durham. N. C 3 

Van Vleet. David Edward. 124 Parker St., Henderson, N. C 3 

Vance, Richard Allen 

2719 Oleander Dr.. Wilmington. N. ( . 1 

Vanderbcck. Randall B. 

1405 Ouarricr .St., Charleston. W. Va. 2 

Vanwyck. Paul Rodger. 381 Dorothy Lane. Wvckoff. N. J. 3 
Vardakis, Anast C harles, 5820 Avenue N.. Brooklyn. N. >'. 2 

Varncr. Roy Van. 317 Ridgewood Dr.. 1 cxinglon. N. C 3 

Vaughan. Roswell F., Ill 

3630 Del Monte. Houston, Texas 1 

Vaughan, Charles Sidney 

309 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C 1 

Vcnable, John Heinz, Jr. 

2418 Howell Mill Rd. N.W.. Atlanta. Ga 1 

Vermillion, .Stephen T., 103 Druid Ave.. Beckley, W. Va I 

Vernon. Robert Louis 

303 Cleveland Ave.. Riverside. N. J 2 

Victor. Jack Robert. 2125 S. Dollison. Springfield. Mo 3 

Viclh. Charles Ernest, 12714 Arliss Dr., l^akcvvooJ 7, Ohio. 1 
Virgin, Charles Edward 

36.VS St. Gaudens Rd., Miami ^i. Fla 1 

Voegtlen. Robert S.. Jr., Lebanon, N. J ?■ 

Vrceland, Jay Smith, 19 Vinton Rd., Madison, N, J 1 

Waddell. James Earl, Rt. 3, Box 498, St. Albans, W. Va I 

Wandiisks, Geon;e Stephen 

4047 N. 6lh St.. .-Mlentoun, I'a ..- 1 

Wagg, Jhomas Eugene, III 

P. O. Drawer U-2, Greensboro, N. C 2 

Wagner, David Walter 

Box 6071. Sta. A., Charleston 2, W. Va 1 

Wagner, Mark William, 28 N. Wise Ave.. Freeport, 111 1 

Wagner, Nicholas, RD ,^, York, Pa 2 

Walderman, Howard .Allan 

.361.S Rosedale Rd.. Baltimore 15, Md 2 

Walker, Clarence Elmer, Jr. 

2019 Enelewood Ave., Durham. N. C 2 

Walker, Da\'id Frederick 

46 Hoodridge Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa 1 

Walker. Myers Bonner, 2.M)9 F. Main St.. Durham. N. C 3 

Walkley, Thomas Mervin 

30 Stoner Dr.. West Hartford. Conn 3 

Wall, Emerson Douglas 

850 Watson Avenue. Winston-Salem, N, C 1 

Wall. Frank Privette. Jr. 

2707 Lochmore Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 3 

Wallace, James Benjamin 

12 Glenwood Ave., Foxboro, Mass 1 

Wallace, Terry Parker, Smyre Station, Gastonia, N. C 1 

Waller, Robert Rex, 5440 Fifth Ave,. Pittsburgh, Pa 3 

Walrath, David, Rt. 2, Box 143, Durham. N. C 3 

Walton. Benton Hair. Box 345. Chadbourn. N. C 3 

Walton. Thomas Malvern 

1464 Cumbie Ave.. Orlando. Fla 1 

Waltz. Kenneth Paul 

21200 Bayside. St. Clair Shores. Mich. 1 

Wanglee. Vorawee, 100 Sathorn Rd., Bangkok, Thailand 3 

Warburton, Frederick B. 

Valley View Rd., Hudson, Ohio 1 

Ward. Craig Bloss. 350 Sylvan Blvd.. Winter Park, Fla 1 

Ward, John Robert, Box 146. Bucyrus, Ohio 1 

Ward, Mitchell Emmett, Jr. 

1415 Baum St., Vicksburg, Miss 1 

Ward. Otis Byron, Jr.. Box 914. Amelia, Va 2 

Warden, William Steele, Rt. 1, Box 325, Melbourne. Fla 2 

Warner. David Joseph. 66 S. Mercer St.. Greenville, Pa 1 

Warren. Charles Thomas, Jr. 

Rt. 5, Box 13, Old Oxford Rd., Durham, N. C 3 

Warren, Glenn Lambeth, Box 166, Gibson. N. C 3 

Wasson, Donald Gray, 786 Ras Tanvra. Saudi. Arabia 3 

Watov. Kenneth. 1002 Buckingham Way. Morrisville, Pa 1 

Watson. .Andrew Akin 

134 Montford Ave.. Asheville. N. C 1 

Watson. Herbert Edwin 

16 Nuelist Ave.. Port Washington. N. Y 3 

Watson, Judson Durward, Jr. 

280 Cloverhurst Ave.. Athens, Ga I 

Watson. Richard Frank 

21 Chelfield Rd.. NorthwooJs. Glenside, Pa 2 

Watson. Theron Paul. 501 E. Main St.. Forest City. N. C. 2 
Watson. William Thomas 

1808 Crestmont Dr.. Huntington. W. Va 2 

Watts, David Mclver, 3704 St. Germaii.e, Louisville. Ky. 1 
Wayand, Robert Francis 

117 Alexander Ave., Scotia 2, N. Y I 

Weaver, Robert Earl, 4307 Kelnepa. Dr., Jacksonville. Fla 3 

Weaver. Robert O.. Jr., 611 Dorsey Ave., East Point, Ga I 

Weaver. Thomas Henry 

1003 E. Trinity Ave.. Durham, N. C 1 

Webb, George Walter 

1059 60th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, Fla I 

Weber, George. Ill 

Rt. I. Box 144. Conway Rd.. Creve Coeur, Mo 2 

Weed. Richard Lowrey, 35 High St.. East Haven, Conn 2 

Weems, Wade Scott. Box 680, Bookerdale, Waynesboro, Va 3 

Weidman, Frank Cross, 1318 Pine Rd., Rosemont, Pa. 3 
Weinberg. Charles P. M. 

Cherry Hill. Rt. 4. Roanoke. Va. 2 

Weir. Anthony. 304 W. Fairview Ave.. Langhorne. Pa. 3 
Weisiger. Cary Nelson. IV 

351 Jefferson Dr.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa. 1 

Weisner, Morris Clinton. 2701 Ashe St.. Durham. N. C. I 
Welch. Bertrand C. Jr. 

2804 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15. Md 2 

Wellons, Jesse Davis, III, 2703 Augusta Dr.. Durham, N. C... J.-, 

Wells, Henry Alfred. Jr. 

1170 llermilage Rd.. Rock Hill. S. C 3 

Wells, Joseph Alexander 

314 College Park Cr., Staunton, Va 2 

Wellher, Frederick, Jr. 

4019 St. Ives Ct., Louisville 7, Ky 1 

Wendorf, C harles James 

Chippavva Trail, Medford Lakes. N. J 3 

Wesley. Robert John, 247 Sussex Dr., Manhasset, N. Y I 

West, Robert Michael, 11 Whittier St., Lynbrook, N, Y 2 

West, William Kibler 

1420 Adirondack Trail. Dayton. Ohio 2 

Westmoreland, Donald Ray 

2790 Smyer Cr.. Birmingham 9, Ala 2 

Westmoreland. Richard G.. Rt. 1. Rural Hall, N. C 1 

Wetzler, Philip Hamburger 

3504 Pinckney Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md 2 

Wheeler. Frederick Joseph 

Box 150. Port Washington, N. Y 

Whetstone, Arthur Fairey, Box 485, .St. George, S. C 

Whicher, John Clinton, Jr. 

9315 Ft, Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn 9, N. Y 

Whisnant, Edward Jackson, 1 1 I Hudson St., Shelby, N. C. 

Whitaker, Cecil F., Jr., 336 Hines Terrace, Macon, Ga 

White, Robert Lee, 521 S. Church St., Florence, S. C 

Whitehead. Kenneth Leslie 

141 Dana Way. Winter Park. Fla 

Whitford, William Edward 

146 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 

Whiting. Peter Day. 41 N. Broadway. Irvington, N. Y 

Whitlow. Weldon Andrew. 1712 Ruth Dr., Garland, Texas.. 
Whitney. Kenneth L.. Jr.. 702 Vickers Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Whittier. Arthur Allen 

LCDR U. S. Navy Ret.. 869 MaymonI Ave.. Norfolk. Va. 
Whyte. George Kenneth, Jr. 

200 Blackmer PI., Webster Groves, Mo 

Wick, Frederick Carl, 619 W. Club Blvd., Durham, N. C... . 
Wickersham. Ralph Read 

1607 E. Cervantes, Pensacola, Fla 

Wickersham, Warren George 

528 N.E. 3rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Widenhouse, Richard Lee 

1401 Greenwood Ave., Charlotte, N. C 

Wiegerkink, James Gerald, 319 Tasker St., Ridley Park, Pa... 
Wiethe, Dale Richard 

2606 Fair Oaks Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Wileman, George Robert, 2106 S. 10th St., Ironton, Ohio 
Wilkes, Richard Patterson 

2374 Sebring Place, Wilkinshurg, Pittsburgh 35, Pa 

Wilkin, William Winston 

307 Pineland Rd.. N.W.. Atlanta, Ga. 

Wilkins, George Michael 

261 Delaware Ave., Melrose Park, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla... 
Wilkinson, Thomas George, 1613 Kent St., Durham, N. C. . 
Wilks, Jay Frederick 

4012 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton, Va I 

What Is Your Impression of Duke Now? 

Educational Utopia _' :. 15% 

Academic Prison •*■ .''■ 77% 

Big Parly School "" - 8% 

Williams, Jack Caldwell 

P. O. Box 4503. San Juan. Puerto Rico 

Williams. Jack Dean, 215 Mercer St., Beckley, W. Va 

Williams. John Cornelius 

1336 S. Churchill Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 

Williams. John Lewis. Box 5955 Duke Sta.. Durham. N. C. 
Williams, Lyman Neil, Jr. 

520 Walnut Ave., Charlotte, N. C 

Williams, Paul Randolph 

6447 Lehnert St.. Baltimore 7. Md 

Williamson. George Arthur 

1522 Biltmore Dr.. Charlotte. N. C 

Wills, Charles William 

9941 211th St.. Queens Village 29. N. Y 

Wilson. Ale.\ander E.. Ill 

2066 Ponce De Leon Ave., N.E.. Atlanta. Ga 

Wilson. Alexander M., Ill 

1870 Dixie Hwy., Ft. Mitchell. Ky 

Wilson. Charles Marion, 236 Sycamore Dr.. Paducah, Ky.. 

Wilson, Peter Frank, 14 Crest Rd., Rowayton, Conn 

Wilson, Thomas. RFD I. Haw River. N. C 

Windley. David Carlyle. Jr.. Box 128. Pantego. N. C 

Wine. Charles Joseph. 4217 Schrubb Dr.. Dayton. Ohio 
Winecoff. Herbert Larry 

1405 Brookstown Ave. N.W.. Winston-Salem. N. C 

Wingerter. David Lawrence 

149 Mt. Pleasant Ave.. West Orange, N. J 

Wingfield, Jefferson D., Jr. 

3512 Whitechapel Rd.. Norfolk 9. Va 

Winslow. Wade Daniel 

110 Short Hills Ave.. Springfield. N. J 

Whittenstein. Myles F. 

383 Hempstead Ave.. Rockville Centre. N. Y 

Wolfe. Lawrence Eugene. 417 Wall St.. Lexington, N. C 

Wolfson. Carl Schwartz, 284 Central Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y 2 

Wood. David Michael. 29 Calvin Rd.. Newtonville. Mass 1 

Wood. Gaylord Ashlyn. Jr. 

725 Isle of Palms. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 2 

Wood. Richard Austin. Jr. 

18 Buckingham Ct.. Asheville, N. C 2 

Wood. Richard James. Box 368. Marietta, Michigan 2 

Woodall, James Malone. 1620 Alcott St., Durham, N. C 3 

Woolery. James Godfrey 

2017 Glenwood Ave.. Raleigh. N. C ... 2 

Woolsey. Bertram Fred. Jr. 

1143 Lakewood Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla 3 

Wooten. John Carlyle. 314 West Elm St., Graham, N. C 3 

Wootten. Robert Linford. Rt. 2. Laurel, Del 1 


Wright. Gary Gene. Steele St.. Pikeville, Ky 3 

Wright. George Frederick. Rt. 1. Yoder, Indiana 1 

Wright, Richard Allen 

23825 Hedgewood Ave.. Westlake, Ohio 2 

Wright. Thomas Treanor. 443 73 St., Brooklyn, N. Y 3 

Wright. Winter. Rt. 8. Box 221. Kingsport. Tenn 2 

Wuensch. Richard David 

1090 East 22nd .St.. Paterson. N. J 3 

Wyant. Everett Wilson. 57 Albion St., Holley, N. Y. 2 

Wynn. John David. 3714 S. Victor. Tulsa. Okla 2 

Yarborough. John Exum. Box 398. Cary. N C 1 

Yarbrough. Cecil Moore. Jr. 

102 Rolling Rd.. Burlington. N. C 1 

Yarger, Noel Henry, 209 East Pokagon, South Bend 17, Ind. 2 

Yeakel. Paul Mann. 101 Roycroft Rd.. East Syracuse, N. Y 1 

Yelton, William Wyman, 402 Ohio St.. Spindale, N. C 2 

Yengst, Charles R.. Jr.. 401 Byllesby Ave.. Meadville. Pa 2 

Yoars, Peter Wright, Lawrence Farms, Chappaqua, N. Y 3 

Yoh, Harold Lionel, Jr. 

King of Prussia Rd.. Radner. Pa 3 

York. Richard Edward. 210 Bond St.. Elizabeth. N. J 3 

Young. John William 

1216 Richardson Dr.. Reidsville. N. C 2 

Young. Leon Robert 

104 Buckingham Ave.. Trenton. N. J 1 

Young. Noel William. Jr. 

115 W. Seeman St.. Durham. N. C 2 

Young, Stephen Grant, 23 Meade St.. Buckhannon. W. Va 3 

Young. William Arthur 

207 E. Broadway. Maumee. Ohio 1 

Youngkin. Carroll Wayne 

Rt. 6. Gumtree Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 1 

Yudt. Henry John, Jr. 

159 Laurel Dr., New Hyde Park, N. Y 2 

Yura, Joseph Andrew, 629 N. 23rd St.. Allentown. Pa 2 

Zaffiro. William Richard 

1290 Vestal Ave.. Binghamton. N. Y 2 

Zaientz. Joseph Richard. 40 Monroe St.. Meriden, Conn 1 

Zellers. Ronald Albert 

304 E. Railroad St.. Columbiana. Ohio 2 

Zenda. William George 

30 Mayflower Ave.. Williston. N. Y 

Zimmerman. Robert Frank. 756 Audubon, Jackson, Mich. 
Ziolkowski, John Edmund, 98 Nabors St.. Montevallo, Ala.. 
Zoller. Bernard U.. Jr. 

1621 Seventh Ave.. West. Bradenton, Fla 

Zoole. Jon Leonard 

715 Annadale Rd.. Staten Island 12. N. Y 


Aber, Mary Dean. 87 Hoodridge Rd.. Pittsburgh 28. Pa.. 
Adams. Jeanne Marie 

1006 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C 

Adams. Marjorie Ann. Rt. 4. Box 376. New Bern, N. C 

Adams, Mary Ellinor, 320 Adams St., Milton 86, Mass 

Addington, Sandra Dee 

2761 Lincolnwood Dr.. Evanston, 111 

Aiken, Ann, 559 First St. N.W.. Hickory. N. C 

Ainslie. Judith Ann, 641 N. Chester Rd., Swarthmore, Pa.. 

Akin. Polly Vance, P. O. Box 167, Franklin, Tenn 

Alexander, Sally Mann 

7200 N. Dean Rd., Indianapolis, Ind 

Alexander, Susan Jane 

3416 Clarendon, Cleveland Hgts., Ohio 

Alfriend, Esther R., 281 Linden Dr., Danville, Va 

Alger, Elizabeth Anne, 532 Dudley Court, Westfield, N. J.. 
Allen, Pauline Wynn 

4101 Bronson Blvd.. Kalamazoo. Mich. 

Allen, Rae Fruth, 304 Montrose Dr., S. Charleston. W. Va. 

Almy, H. Sandra, Foreman Hollow Rd.. Bolivar. N. Y 

Alston. Grace Jackson. Box 546. Warrenton, N. C 

Altvater, Kathleen B.. 771 York Ave.. Denver 6, Colo 

Amend, Elizabeth Clara, Box 3815, Greenville, Del 

Anderson, Beverley Archer 

428 W. Second St.. Washington. N. C 

Andes. Alice Minott, 396 Colonial Ave., Worthington, Ohio 

Andress, Janet Mary, Rt. 2. Box 65, Leesburg. Fla 

Andrew, Mabel Winnifred 

604 Bellwood St., Lexington, N. C 

Andrews, Faye Rich, F-2-A Univ. Apis., Durham, N. C. 
Anspach. Carol L.. 171 Bloom St.. Highland Park. Ill 

.■\pplebee. Margie Ann 

3007 Park Ave.. Apt. 5, Richmond, Va 3 

■Arendell, Helen McCrary 

1515 Saint Mary's St., Raleigh, N. C 1 

Armfield. Virginia Anne 

221 Hillcrest Ave.. High Point, N. C. 2 

Armstrong. Alice Ann 

450 S. Wisconsin Ave.. Villa Park. Ill 1 

Am. Shirley Jo. 258 Greenmount Blvd.. Dayton 9. Ohio 3 

Arthur, Nancy Porst. Oak Lane. Box 162. Halifax. Va. 1 

Ashley. Martha Lam. Box 186. Gaulev Bridge. W. Va 1 

Atkins. Claire Stewart. P. O. Box 346. Gastonia. N. C I 

Attwood. Jean Morrill 

1905 Robinson Rd., S.E., Grand Rapids 6, Mich 1 

Atwood, Gail Virginia, Rumson Rd.. Rumson. N. J I 

Avera. Patricia Ann. 927 Dartmouth Ave.. Orlando, Fla 3 

Babb. Donna Kay. 311 W. Central St.. Sweetwater. Tenn 2 

Babcock. Betsy Main. Reynolda. N. C 2 

Baggs, Beverly Eugenia 

3857 Ortega Blvd.. Jacksonville. Fla 2 

Bagley. Martha May. 3520 Gilmer A\e., Montgomery, Ala 2 

Bailey, Judith Anne, 1312 East Dr.. S.W.. Roanoke. Va 3 

Baker. Ardis Anne 

4430 Nichols Ave.. S.W.. Washington 24. D. C 2 

Barksdale, Barbara Ann, 237 Woodlawn Ave.. Decatur. Ga... 3 
Barnlhouse. Dorothy .\nne 

11 o'clock & High Noon Rd., 6 Weston. Conn 1 

Barringer. Kathcrine C . 

19S6 Underwood ,\ve.. Huntington. W. Va 3 

Barrington. Marjorie C, Box 449, Dillon. S. C 2 

Batten, 11a Kathryn 

222 W. Grand Ave.. Rocky Mount, N. C 1 

Baty, Larilee, 24 Penataquit Place, Huntington, N. Y I 

Baxter, Kathleen Mary 

1803 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C I 

Bay, Julia Margaret, 300 East 12th St., Dover, Ohio 3 

Beamer, Elizabeth Howard, 112 11th St., Pulaski, Va 2 

Beattie, Margaret Fay, 1304 Duplin Rd., Raleigh. N. C 2 

Becker, Alethia, Mt. Hermon Rd., Rt.l, Durham, N. C 2 

Becker, Barbara Ellen 

5110 Allen Rd., Westgate, Washington 16, D. C 3 

Beddoe, Mary Inglis. 1309 Bath Ave., Ashland, Ky 1 

Bell. Carolyn Kendra 

426 Potomac Ave.. Hagerstown. Md 1 

Beman, Frances Whitaker 

402 E. Church St.. Laurinburg. N. C 2 

Bennett, Barbara Mimi Ann 

235 Rubicon Rd.. Dayton 9, Ohio 2 

Berney, Deborah Boyles, 15 Colonial PI., Asheville, N. C 1 

Bevans, Sue Marlene, 2221 N. Madison St., Arlington, Va 3 

Bickett, Carolina P., 1821 Gleen Ave., Raleigh, N. C 3 

Bierbaum, Janice R. 

1099 N.E. 96th St.. Miami Shores, Fla 3 

Bigelow, Mary Elizabeth, 131 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 2 

Biggers, Helen Patricia, Margaret St., Hertford, N. C 2 

Bishop, Betty Gayle 

1300 Whitehorne St.. Bluefield, W. Va 3 

Black, Cynthia. Nelsonia. Reynoldsburg. Ohio 3 

Black. Karen Lee. 3586 Lytic Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio "• 

Blackard, Ohiyne, 3531 Hedrick St., Jacksonville, Fla .. 1 

Blackerby, Linda Lee. 108 Danville Ave.. Stanford, Ky 1 

Blaisdell, Margaret, 115 Coleman Ave., Asheville, N. C 2 

Blandford, Elizabeth Anne, 302 Linden Ave., Easton, Md 1 

Blankenship, Jean Walker 

1201 Madison Ave., High Point, N. C 1 

Blanton, Lillian Joan, Crozer Campus, Chester, Pa 2 

Bloom, Nancy, 1050 N.E. 86th St.. Miami. Fla 2 

Blount, Florence Nelson, Bo.x 834, Greenville, N. C 1 

Boaz, Katherine Slaughter 

Naval Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas 3 

Bole, Laura Virginia. 7111 Fairfax Rd., Bethesda, Md 2 

Bolich, Barbara McMahan 

3724 Hope Valley Rd., Durham, N. C 2 

Boling, Emily Grace, 405 West Elk St., Siler City, N. C 1 

Booker, Margaret Ann. Rt. 1, Danville, Va 1 

Boone, Ann Elizabeth, 3822 N. Vernon St., Arlington, Va 1 

Boothroyd, Gail Ann, 2519 Roxboro Rd., Durham, N. C 1 

Bordeau, Elizabeth Ann 

819 Widsor Dr., Wilmington, N. C 3 

Boswell, Loretta Gertrude 

171 Blackland Rd., N.W., Atlanta, Ga... 2 

Bowden, Anne Moseley. Faison, N. C 2 

Bowden, Mary Frances, 210 Winston Rd., Portsmouth, Va 3 

Bowen, Hester Kay, P. O. Box 357, Lake City, S. C 2 

Bowersox, Carolyn Joan 

4831 Ft. Sumner Dr., Washington 16, D. C 3 

Bowman. Barbara Anne 

2114 Woodrow St.. Durham, N. C 1 

Bracey, Frances Louise, 8 North Road Cr., Salisbury, N. C 3 

Bradley, Ellen, 1608 Oakrest Dr., Alexandria, Va 3 

Bradley, Josephine S., 20 Wyman St., West Medford, Mass 3 

Bradley, Lena Margaret, 208 Hillcrest Dr., Sanford, N. C 1 

Braudwell. Mary Alice. Box 187. Wendell. N. C 2 

Brian. Betsy Blanche. 2111 White Oak Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 2 

Brimley, Carolyn May 

1102 Monmouth Ave.. Durham. N. C 3 

Bringhurst. Elisabeth 

108 E. Tallulah Dr., Greenville. S. C. 3 

Brinkley. Bettie Grier. 9 Helmar Dr., Lexington, N. C 1 

Brinn, Marjorie O.. 19 Front .St., Hertford, N. C 1 

Broadfoot, Helen G. 

1456 Elkton Place, Cincinnati 24, Ohio 1 

Brokenshire, Dartha Cabot 

1220 Martin Ave., Palo Alto, Calif 2 

Brooks, Carolyn, 1320 N. Lake Way, Palm Beach, Fla 2 

Brooks, Laura Louise, Apex, N. C 2 

Broomfield, Sandra C. 

411 S. Arden Blvd., Los .Angeles 5, Calif 1 

Brown. Ann Kimbrough 

4409 Glenridge St., Kensington, Md 3 

Brown. Constance Ann. 112 Galveston St., Arlington 3, Va 2 

Brown, Lou Ann, 222 Burnham Place, Evanston, 111 2 

Brueggeman, Margaret L. 

2614 Fleetwood Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 3 

Brugh, Judith Elizabeth 

82 Quinby Ave., White Plains, N. Y 3 

Bruton, Alice Burt, Junior Home, Lexington, N. C 3 

Bryan, Rosalie Blanche, 1104 Elizabeth St., Durham, N. C. 

Buder, Carol Lillian, 59 Carman Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 

Buening, Barbara Gretchen 

255 C hcrokcc Rd., Charlotte, N. C 

Buggeln. Linda Ann. 1515 Sarria Ave., Coral Gables, Fla.. 

Bunch. Ruth Dyeann. N. Center St., Statesville, N. C 

Burdick, Susan Gail, 7 Chestnut Dr., Huntington, W. Va. 
Burns, Patricia Lee 

220 Aberdeen Dr., Middletown 20, Ohio 

Burton, Kathleen Inez, P. O. Box 124, Sparr, Fla 

Butt, Mary Angela, Box 268, Greensboro, N. C 

Byrd. Betsy Rebecca, 2831 Stuart Dr., Durham. N. C 

Caldwell, Ann White, 38 Hillside Rd., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Caldwell, Elizabeth Boyd 

1009 Nashville Trust BIdg., Nashville 3, Tenn 

Callaghan. Nan, 16 E. Walnut St.. Richwood. W. Va 

Campbell. Julie Lynne 

445 Pine Manor Dr.. Wilmetle. III. 

Campbell, Nancy Lee, 306 Kincaid Ave., Wilson, N. C... 

Campbell, Sheila Perry, Sunset Ave., Clinton, N. C. 

Cannon, Laura Lee, 86 E. Milton St., Freeport, N. Y 

Cantey, Jean Lee, 207 Houston St., Monroe, N. C 

Caracristi, Judith Z.. 172 Midland Ave., Bronxville, N, Y. 

Carle, Carol Mary, Jones Beach, Wantagh, N. Y 

Carlyle, Mary Irving 

809 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Carmichael, Judith, Four J Hill Farm, Leesburg, Va 

Carraway, Emily Lively 

711 Hillcrest Ave., Tallahassee, Fla 

Carson, Jenny White 

820 Soundview Dr., Mamaroneck, N. Y 

Cartwright, Eleanor Wrae, Rt. 4, Elizabeth City, N. C 

Cashwell, Dava Agnes 

2601 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C 

Caviness, Elizabeth K., 913 Vance St., Raleigh, N. C 

Chamberlain, Margot, 5 Douglas Lane, Kirkwood 22, Mo. 
Chambers, Sally Ann. 1 12 E. 74th St.. New York 21. N. Y. 

Chaney. Jane Elliott, P. O. Box 686, Rock Hill, S. C 

Chedester, Nancy Lynn, 809 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va.. 
Child, Mary Alice, 2 Winter Quarters Dr., Pocomoke, Md.. 
Childs. Judith Anne 

33 Walnut Rd.. West Barrington. R. I 

Church. Mary Eltinge. Southgate. Bronxville, N. Y 

Clapp, Julia Edwards, 309 E. Raleigh St., Siler City, N. C. 
Clark, Adri Marijke, 912 N. Larrimore St., Arlington, Va. 
Clark, Catherine B., 244 Conlee Place, Memphis II. Tenn. 
Clark Nancy Sarah 

3904 Legation St., N.W., Washington, D. C 

Cleave, Carol Annette, 303 17th St., Wilmette, III 

Cole, Janice Carmen, 539 Center St., South Boston, Va 

Collins, Jeanne Goodall, Rt. 2, Cedartown, Ga 

Coltrane, Mary Elizabeth 

County Club Dr., Lexington, N. C 

Cone, Carolyn Nail, 335 Manor Dr., Douglaston, N. Y. ... 

Cone, Julia Ann, Saluda, S. C 

Cooke, Gwendolyn D., 110 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 

Cooper. Carol Ann. 13 Cottage Place, Nutley, N. J 

Cooper, Elizabeth Gayle 

240 Charles St., Henderson, N. C 

Cooper, Tamra Irvin, 1 1 1 W. Evans St., Norfolk, Va 

Corder, Carol Anne 

P. O. Drawer 1734 N. Ave., Atlanta, Ga 

Corney, Elizabeth Blair 

246 Audley St., South Orange, N. J 

Cox, Patricia Anne, 325 Market St., Madison, N. C 

Crain, Barbara Jean 

2744 Brandywine St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C 

Cranston, Frances G.. 66 Aberdeen Place. Clayton 5. Mo.. 

Craven. Faith. 600 Fairview Dr.. Lexington, N. C 

Crawford. Margaret P. 

421 W. Walker Ave., College Park, Ga 

Crawford, Nara Lee. 1412 Conway Rd., Orlando, Fla 

Creadick, Anne Elizabeth 

1200 Anderson St., Durham, N. C 

Creel, Sallie Ruth, 1444 Mantua Ave., Coral Gables, Fla.. 
Crinkley, Mildred Stewart, Bragg St., Warrenton, N. C. ... 

Cross, Melissa, 5950 Park Rd., Cincinnati 27. Ohio 

Crossley. Jean Gay 

19339 Riverview Ave., Rocky River, Ohio 

Culton. Gladys Cater, 2323 Sharon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 

Currence, Nancy Ward, 15th Ave., Marlinton, W. Va 

Cushman, Nancy Ruth 

109 Bay Point Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla 

Cuttino, Sarah Hammond. 713 S. 26th St.. Arlington, Va.. 

Dally, Carolyn Ann. 45 High St.. Monroe. N. Y 

Danehower. Barbara Louise 

6220 Fairhill St.. Philadelphia, Pa 

Darrah, Frances 

1547 Nat'l Bank Comm., New Orleans, La 1 

Davidson, Sally Ann, 42 Aberdeen Dr., Greenville, S. C 2 

Davis, Elizabeth Bailey 

4006 Underwood St., Chevy Chase, Md 3 

Davis, Jean Garnett, 2921 Seminary Ave.. Richmond, Va. 2 

Davis, Wilda Ann. 419 E. Ward St.. Douglas, Ga 2 

Davis, Willene Catherine 

Sandavis Bo.\ 247, Southern Pines, N. C 2 

Day. Betty Winslow 

304 Karen St., S. Charleston. W. Va 2 

Day, Lee Frances. P. O. Bo.x 1139. Bradenton, Fla 1 

Deckert, Deanna Vicki. 529 N. Euclid St., Oak Park, 111 2 

DeHart, Jane Sherron, Box 61, Bryson City. N. C 3 

DeLegal. Mary Elizabeth. 504 E, 52 .Street. Savannah, Ga 1 

DeLong. Nancy Kate 

180 Wildwood Ave., Upper Montclair. N. J 2 

Derienzo. Eleanor T., 58 Tenafly Rd., Englewood, N, J 2 

Dickinson, Jean 

2555 Third Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla 3 

Dieffenbach, Delta Ann, 3700 S. Sixth St., Arlington 4, Va 1 

Dill, Diane Patricia 

4947 Oakland Ave., Cleveland 24, Ohio 1 

Doane. Sara Elisabeth 

64 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow 6, Mass 3 

Dobson. Wendy Durand 

1704 Baldwin Place, Ann Arbor. Mich 1 

Dodge. Darlene Rae, 3250 Chase Ave.. Miami Beach. Fla 1 

Doughton. Jo Custis, 402 D. St.. N. Wilkesboro. N. C 3 

Do.xey. Mary Frances, 1004 Broad St., Durham, N. C 1 

Doyle, Jamie Laura, Qtrs. I, Naval Air Sta.. Pensacola. Fla 2 

Drawbaugh, Harriet Jane 

30 Cedar House, Tremont Apts., Allentown. Pa .. 2 

Dunningan, Patricia Anne 

414 New York Ave.. Oak Ridge, Tenn I 

Dunlap, Elinor Ragland 

5 Edmandson Ave.. Lexington, Va 2 

Dunlap, Susan Rebecca 

2211 Fairmont Ave., St. Paul, Minn 2 

Dunn. Musette Kitchin, 109 N. Church St., Enfield, N. C 2 

Dunning, Marcia Sue 

115 Tullamore Rd., Garden City, N. Y 1 

Dursline, Joan Marie 

HI W. Hawthorne Dr.. Birmingham 9, Ala 1 

Dyer, Carolyn Elizabeth. 22 N. 25th St., Camp Hill, Pa 1 

Eagle, Ellen Watt, 804 Anderson .St.. Durham, N. C 2 

Eagle, Tolera Anita 

3001 B. North Main St., High Point, N. C 2 

Eason, Patricia Blanche 

54 Holmehurst Ave., Baltimore 28, Md 3 

Ebsary, Patricia Lee, 319 Mendoza Ave., Coral Gables, Fla. 3 

Edson, Priscilla Irene, 4520 31,st St., S.. Arlington 6, Va. 2 

Elliott, Diane Sullivan, West View St., Forest City. N. C. 3 

Ellis, Judith, 949 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C I 

Ellis, Louise Ford, 5118 Longfellow, Tampa, Fla. I 

Ellis, Martha Louise, 512 Lawrence Ave.. Westfield, N. J 3 

F.rvin, Dorothy Diana 

2035 Sharon Lane, Charlotte 7, N. C 2 

Eskridge, Mary Lois, 2054 Hastings Dr., Charlotte, N. C 2 

Evans, Mary Ann, 1910 Court St.. Pueblo, Colo 2 

Fairgrieve, Nancy Jane, 222 Birch Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa 3 

Fant, Julie Beville 

4619 Algonquin Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 2 

Farmer, Georgia Ann. Box 25, Elm City, N. C 2 

Farmer. Jean Sullivan 

903 Marshall Ave., South Boston, Va 1 

Faulkner, Frances Jean, Little Hotel, Henderson, N. C 3 

Fennell, Nancy M.. 354 5th St.. N.W., Hickory, N. C 1 

Fernando, Marion Bruce 

Box 128, Lago Colony, Netherlands. West Indies 3 

Fields, Claudine Evelyn, 1008 Yadkin St.. Kingsport, Tenn I 

Finnegan, Dorothy Ann 

2408 Sanford St., Alexandria, Va 3 

Fisher, Joan Elizabeth 

5122 Wessling Lane, Bethesda 14, Md i 

Fitzkee, Archie Lou, 522 Lancaster Ave., York, Pa 2 

Flanagan, Clara Belle, 207 East Church. Farmville, N. C 2 

Flannery, Ellen French 

3701 Durango Ave., Coral Gables, Fla 3 

Florence, Jane Carroll. Crombie Heights. Paris. Ky 1 

Flounders. Hannah E. 

605 Cloverly Ave., Jenkintown. Pa 2 

Flude. Susan Priscilla. 6 Shadder Way, Houston, Texas.. 1 
Flynn, Kathleen Elizabeth 

Quarters E., Boston N. S.. Boston, Mass 2 

High Point. N. C 

II S. 18th St.. Wilmington, N. C. 

Folknian, Betty Ann 

1442 N. Hamilton .St., 
Forrester Sherri Rhoda, - 
Forte, Sarah Frances 

2209 Pembroke Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 2 

Fortune, Barbara Lynn 

204 Northwood Cr., Durham. N. C 1 

Foscue, Ellen Valworth 

1307 Woodland Dr., High Point. N. C 1 

Foster, Gail Elizabeth. P. O. Box 203, Seaford, Del 1 

Foster, Julia Adair 

303 S.E. 13th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 3 

Fowler, Frances Elaine. P. O. Box 116. Rockledge, Fla 2 

Fraley, Frances Prudence 

501 Walnut St.. Statcsville. N. C 1 

French, Anna McLester 

3005 Highland Ave., Birmingham, .Ma 3 

Friend, Susan Ruth 

710 East 71st St., Indianapolis 20. Ind 2 

Fries. Suzann Laura. 32 Redfield Parkway, Batavia, N. Y.. 

Fuqua. Flora Lee, 3018 Oberlin .St., Orlando. Fla 

Futrell. Patricia Ann, Blandville Rd.. Rt. I, Paducah, Ky.. 

Calvin. Shirley Mae, Rt. 3. E. Grand Forks, Minn 

Gant. Barbara Jill, P. O. Box 7282, Karachi, Pakistan 

Garratt, Joan, Box 133, Rt. 3. Marion, N. C ... 

Gaston, Sarah Ruth, 1100 E. Broad St., Statesville, N. C... 
Gauld, Diana Eleanor, 115 Glenn Ave., Sea Cliff, N. Y... 

Gavitt, Joan, 12 Hamilton Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 

Geitner, Martha Hardin, 520 5th St., N.W., Hickory, N. C. 

Gerard. Jean, 104 Virginia Ave., Roxboro, N. C 

Gercken, Sharon Marie, Rt. 2, Box 907 K. Lakeland. Fla. 
Gibbons. Elizabeth Lynn, 610 Ott St.. Harrisonburg, Va. 
Gibbons, Virginia Anne, 415 Entwistle St., Hamlet, N. C. 
Gibson, Alice Dunlap, 4300 Monroe Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 
Gibson, Jeanne Craig 

629 Hamilton St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 

Giddings. Marie Estelle, 327 Swan St., Harrisburg, Pa 

Giffhorn, Ann, Rt. 4, River Rd., C hagrin Falls, Ohio 

Gilbert, Jo Ann, 3330 Eubanks Cr.. Durham. N. C 

Gilbert, Lillian, East Marion. N. C 

Giles, Judith Virginia 

13 Oakland Park Blvd., Pleasant Ridge, Mich 

Gill, Joanne Weekes 

803 Rivershore Rd., Elizabeth City, N. C 

Gilligan, Patricia Alice 

Glenwood Gardens. Yonkers 2, N. Y 

- ■-^-»- -^^ - 


(West Campus) If the United Stales Went to 

War lomorrow. Would ^ ou: 

l-.nlisl IniineclUilcly: 


l-.ntist at lite End <>/ llic Si-m.sler:' 


iVail lo He Drufle,!:' 


Remain a Member oj the ROTC 


1 rv lo del a Commission? 


(lei an Essenlial JoK' 


liv Hv Any Means lo lie Dejerreil as Lorn; ( 



Where Do You Prefer fo Date? (East Campus) 

II csY CiDipns 46 ''c N. C. Stale 6% 

f'A'-C. ZSrc Hake Forest 3% 

Other 20% 

Gilliland. Elizabeth 

4930 Morven Rd.. Jacksonville 10. Fla 2 

Glass. Mary Anna. 85 Grove St., Concord, N. C 1 

Gleason, Joan Margaret 

1612 Clio Ave., Cincinnati iO. Ohio 2 

Glidewell, Susan Terry 

1101 Courtland Ave.. Reidsville, N. C 1 

Glover, Patricia Augusta 

-•iOg E. Center St.. Nashville. N. C 2 

Goebel. Marjorie Lee. Fort Hood. Texas 3 

Going. Mary Annie 

2626 McGregor Blvd.. Fort Myers. Fla 3 

Goldstein. Suzanne B.. S."; Alleghany Rd.. Hampton, Va. 3 

Goodman, Beverly G., 19 South Rd.. Harrison. N. V 1 

Grady. Margaret Camilla. Box 382. Four Oaks. N. C 1 

Graham. Susan Elizabeth 

7 Ingersoll Rd.. Wellesley. Mass 2 

Grandt. Marilyn Ann 

28 Huntington Rd.. Garden City. N. Y 3 

Grant. Elizabeth Clark. 910 Lancaster Dr.. Orlando. Fla. 2 
Grant, Virginia Banks, 354 Old Mill Rd.. Fairfield. Conn. 1 

Gray, Elizabeth Dial, P. O. Box 94. Laurens. S. C 2 

Greason. Evelyn Drysdale 

2603 Oak St.. Jacksonville 4. Fla... I 

Green. Nancy, 20 Dickinson Rd.. Darien, Conn 2 

Greene. Frances Metzer 

208 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham, N. C 3 

Gregory. Jacquelyn May 

809 Brightwaters Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla 2 

Grosz. Carolyn Lydia 

1416 Dorset Lane, Philadelphia 31. Pa 2 

Groth, Karolyn Jean. 2143 Sycamore St.. Bethlehem, Pa 3 

Gruber, Janet Suzanne, 111 Cedar St., Jenkintown. Pa 2 

Grueninger. Susana Beaird 

23 Prospect Ave.. Valhalla. N. Y. 2 

Gudger. Marie Theresa. 192 Wembley Rd., Asheville, N. C 1 

Gunn. Ann Newman. Box 128. Yanceyville, N. C. 3 

Guyer. Mary Elizabeth, 3845 Beech Ave., Erie, Pa 3 

Hagler, Sarah Swann, 220 Forest Wood Dr., Durham, N. C. . 2 

Hahn. Elizabeth Baxter, Box 255, Ft. Hancock, N. J 2 

Hale, Clara Katheryne 

2106 Iverson St.. S.E.. Washington 21. D. C. 3 

Hale. Wanda Eileen 

1226 Fifth Ave.. N.. Texas City, Texas 7 

Hall, Grace Arlyne 

10 Dunbarton Rd.. Wollaston 70. Mass 3 

Hammond Martha White 

4108 N. 35th St.. Arlington 7. Va 1 

Hamrick, Barbara Virginia, P. O. Box 757, Gaffney, S. C 2 

Hancock. Sue Ellen 

4701 Virginia Ave.. S.E., Charleston, W. Va 2 

Haney. Anna Elizabeth. 430 Boulevard Dr., Decatur, Ga 2 

Hanford. Mary Elizabeth 

712 S. Fulton St., .Salisbury, N. C 3 

Hansen, Patricia Annora 

2113 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, Md 1 

Hardcastle, Beverly, 715 S. Price Rd., Clayton 24, Mo. 1 

Hardwick, Margaret F., Health .Springs, Clover, S. C. I 

Harrill, Patsy Elizabeth, Polk St., Pinevillc, N. C. 2 

Harris. Jessie Moffat, Rt. 1, Wheeling, W. Va 2 

Harris. Joyce Anne 

207 Forest Hill Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C 1 

Harl, Alice Elinor, 3558 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio 2 

Hart. Elizabeth Frances 

1930 Georgia Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 3 

Hart. Mary Frances, Box 765, Elkin, N. C 1 

Hastings, Jane Ogle 

1192 Beverly Hills Dr.. Cincinnati 26, Ohio 1 

Hatcher. Nora Susan, 404 Clay St., Hamlet, N C 2 

Heckroth. Judith Anne 

2405 W. 17th .St.. Wilmington. Del.. 1 

Heinle, Gwenfred Rusk 

430 E. Wheeling St., Washington, Pa 1 

Helmet, Elizabeth Roberts 

17 Wakeman Rd., Darien, Conn 2 

Henderson, Harriet W., E. Shawmont Ave. 

Valley Green Farm. Philadelphia 28. Pa 2 

Hendrix, Muriel LeGrand 

144 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 2 

Herb. Barbara Arundel, 128 Halsey Ave., West Lawn, Pa. 3 

Hermes, Doris Jean, 905 Jefferson Cr., Martinsville, Va 3 

Herndon. Elaine. 223 Pineview Rd., Durham, N. C 2 

Hess, Carol Margaret 

3807 Kanawha St., Washington 15, D. C 3 

Hester. Betty Letitia, Post Chemical, Ft. Carson, Colo 2 

Hewitt. Cornelia Dianne 

303 Adelairde Dr.. Wilmington, N. C 1 

Heyse, Karol Ann 

9022 N. Greenvale Rd., Milwaukee 17, Wis I 

Hicks. Lou Ella. Moorhead, Miss i 

Hicks, Margaret Ann 

117 Rockwood Ave., Rockwood, Tenn 3 

Highsmith, Linda Way, 10 Ivy Lane, Baxley, Ga. 2 

Hill. Nancy Kent. 1000 Arbor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 2 
Hill, Roberta Susan 

3470 Whitfield Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio 3 

Hine. Patricia Ann, Guilford Rd.. Jamestown, N. C 1 

Hines. Geneva Anne. Rt. I, Belcross, N. C I 

Hinnant. Judith Ann 

3380 Norwood Rd.. Shaker Heights, Ohio 2 

Hinternhoff, Marv Trabue 

219 College St.. Leaksville. N. C 2 

Hiss. Nancy Leah. 50 Cumberland Ave., Asheville, N. C 2 

Hochreiter. Mary Grace 

108 University Ave.. Buffalo 14. N. Y 2 

Holloway, Joanna Martin 

1102 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C 2 

Holm. Roberta. 640 S. Highland Ave., Merion, Pa. 2 

Holman. Billie Jean. Box 105. Rt. 1, Le.iksville, N. C. 2 

Holsclaw, Lynn Lovell 

3900 Virginia Ave.. Charleston. W. Va . 2 

Holsinger, Carolyn Ruth 

II W. Wheeler Dr.. Ft. McPherson, Ga 3 

Holt, Jennie, 3714 Vermont Ave., Atlanta. Ga 3 

Holt. Susan. 40 Moulton Dr.. Alherton, C alif 1 

Hood, Elizabeth 

476 Wheaton Rd.. Ft. Sam Houston. Texas 3 

Home. Flora Graham 

134 S. Churchill Dr., Fayetteville, N. C I 

Howard, Kay, 316 Montrose Dr.. S. Charleston 3, W. Va. 2 

Huck. Judith Ann, 201 Vestavia Cr.. Birmingham 9, Ala I 

Huffman, Anita Marie 

1040 Twelfth Ave., N.W.. Hickory, N. C. 1 

Huggin. Elizabeth Anne, 606 S. York St., Gaslonia, N. C 3 

Hull, Barbara Ann 

Cedar Cliff Dr., Rt. 1. Camp Hill, Pa 1 

Humphrey. Christian C. 

2271 Mimosa Place, Wilmington. N. C 2 

Humphrey, Sally Reed 

3710 Garden Dr.. Fountain City. Tenn | 

Hundley. Margaret E., Rt. 4. Newbern, Tenn 1 

Hunter, Sarah Harriette, 504 Harding St.. Raleigh, N. C. I 

Huskins, Mildred Amburn. Box 1071. Statesville N C 1 

Hyman, Carol Ann. 1 1 7 W. Rose St.. Wilkes-Barre, Pa ■• 

Ikenberry. Jean K., 310 W. View St.. Harrisonburg. Va I 

Ingram, Elizabeth Ruth, Box 116, Kenansville, N. C. 1 


Irons, Marian Frances 

160 Summit Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J 

Ivey, Barbara Lynne, 359 Second St., N.W. Hickory, N. C 

James, Marilyn Margaret 

110 Johnson Ave., Malverne, N. Y 

James, Sandra Heath. 306 E. Farriss. High Point, .N. C 

Jarman, Patricia Grain 

1802 N. Danville St., Arlington. Va 

Johnson, Elizabeth Patton. 5201 Carillo Ave., Norfolk, Va 

Johnson. Frances Faison 

421 Transylvania Ave.. Raleigh, N. C.^ 

Johnson, Joanna, Box 236, Varina. N. C 

Jones. Anne Holcombe. Carbon, W. Va 

Jones, Elizabeth Anne, 71 Barnard Ave., Watertown, Mass 

Jones, Juanita Nile, Box 233, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone ... 
Jones, Judith Hannah Lee 

6354 Grand Vista, Cincinnati, 27. Ohio 

Jones, Julia Marion, 120 Jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa.. 

Jones, Margaret Virginia 

25 W. Club Blvd., Durham. N. C 

Jones. Mary Ellen, 2338 Riverview Ave.. McKeesport. Pa 

Jones. Nancy Annara. The Hilltop, Watson. W. Va 

Jordan. Elizabeth Leigh, 813 Vickers Ave.. Durham, N. C. 
Jordan. Gladys Mona 

828 The Parkway. Mamaroneck. N. Y 

Judell. Anne Marie. 1 1 Mason Ave.. Webster Groves, Mo 

Kearns, Ann English, 907 Rockford Rd., High Point, N. C 

Kearns, Jane Edgerton 

600 Hillcrest Dr., High Point, N. C 

Keeny, Linda Louise, 351 Smyser St., York, Pa 

Keever, Nancy Ann, 140 Bost St., Statesville. N. C 

Keim. Charlotte Sue 

643 North Blvd.. Cape Girardeau, Mo 

Keister, Virginia Dare, 711 Castle St., Wilmington. N. C 

Kelley. Sarah Campbell 

34 Exeter St.. West Newton. Mass 

Kelly. Jeanne Alice 

2021 Southwood Rd., Birmingham 9, Ala 

Kendall, Shirley Marlene. Box 33. Kipling. N. C 

Kenerick. Karen Jeanne 

6917 Woodside Place. Chevy Chase 15, Md 

Kennerly, Anne Robertson 

Ragland Rd., Newtown, Ohio 

Kern. Kathryn 

3625 Dover Rd., Hope Valley. Durham. N. C 

Kerns, Patricia Ann 

197 Royal Palm Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

Ketner, Janet Stokes 

185 Washington Lane, Concord, N. C 

Keyes, Harriet Linnie, 29 Golf Rd., Plymouth, N. C 

Kimzey, Patricia Ann, 113 Park Ave., Brevard. N. C 

Kincaid, Kay Dover, Country Club Rd., Gastonia, N. C 

King, Karen Wells 

1120 S.E. 5th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 

Kinneman, Kay Ann, 209 Penn St., Greenfield, Ind 

Kirkman, Caroline E., 501 W. High St., High Point. N. C 

Kirkpatrick, Mary Lynn 

MOQ 2101 Paradise Point, Camp LeJeune, N. C 

Kittrell, Winifred E., 3826 S. St. Louis Ave., Tulsa, Okla 

Knappenberger, Sue Carol 

24616 Winona, Dearborn, Mich 

Knight, Mary Elizabeth 

P. O. Box 817. Safety Harbor, Fla 

Knight, Nancy Lee, 3 Oglethorpe Rd., Charleston, W. Va 

Knowles, Joan Birdie, 312 Margaret St.. Key West, Fla 

Kopf, Hildegard Gertrude 

Box 256, Rt. 1. Swannanoa, N. C 

Kraus, Sally Ann, 2930 Parkside Lane, Harrisburg. Pa 

Kristunas, Lucille Mary 

Apt. 10, Bel Air Apts., Durham, N. C. 

Laliberte, Leila Marie 

6980 Carlyle Ave., Miami Beach, Fla 

Lang, Joan Elizabeth 

43 Oxford Blvd.. Pleasant Ridge. Mich 

Langworlhy, Gladys Jean. 654 Elizabeth St.. Elmira, N. Y. . 
Lanpher, Jean Ann 

17519 Daleview Dr., Lakewood 7, Ohio 

Lasitter, Jeri Wynne. Box 547. Morehead City, N. C 

Lassitcr. Billie Frances 

1207 Park Ave., A., Goldsboro, N. ( 

Latimer, Ellen Jones, McCrea Lane, Darien, Conn 

Lea, Roberta Edna, Box 825, Lynn Haven. Fla 

League. Elizabeth Anne, Box 661, Warrenton. N. C 

Learner. Vivian Gaye 

21 Canoe Brook Pkwy., Summit. N. J 

Leardi, Jacqueline Marie, Ferry Rd., Old Sayhrook. ( onn. 

Lee, Carolyn Powell, 811 Third St.. Durham, N. C 

Lee, Marv Frances 

Apt. 3, 3 16 S. Gregson St., Durham, N. C 

Lee, Patricia, 80 Sagamore Rd., Bronxville, N. Y 

Leibowitz, Roslyn Leigh. 1010 Palm St., Ocala, Fla 

Leonard, Katharine D. 

504 Northridge St., Greensboro, N. C 

Levenson, Sandra Joyce 

414 Lowell Ave.. Newtonville. Mass 

Lewis, Sara Hawthorne, 1 Park Lane. Staten Island, N. Y.... 
Liebrecht. Claudia A. 

255 Elderfields Rd.. Manhasset, N. Y 

Lightner. Marian Takemoto 

808 Green St., Apt. C -2, Durham. N. C 

Lindsay. Sarah Ann. Box 621. Lewisburg, W. Va 

Linsert, Marguerite H.. E. Pepperell, Mass 

Locke, Helen Spindler 

1 1 Pine Forest Cr., Houston 27, Texas „ 

Locke, Margaret Jean 

911 N. Hamilton, High Point, N. C 

Locke, Marjorie, 909 8th St., Apt. B2, Alexandria, Va 

Long, Suzanne Stuart, 320 S. Lamar, Roxboro, N. C 

Looper, Shelbia Jean, 515 Main St., Charleston, W. Va 

Lott, Adajean, 2902 Parkland Blvd., Tampa, Fla 

Love, Martha Elizabeth, 1025 Dacian Ave., Durham, N. C... 
Loy, Diane Elizabeth, 212 S. Maple St., Graham, N. C... 

Lucas. Alice Conway. 830 Queens Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 

Lundberg. Gail Karen. 620 Kittredge Dr.. Orlando. Fla 

Lundmark, Karen 

2016 Southwood Rd.. Birmingham, Ala 

Lusby, Lucinda Taylor, 2809 Erie Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio.. 
Lyon, Marilyn Jean, 72 Gables Court, Quebec, Canada. .. 
Lyons, Robin 

1503 Manoa Rd., Penn Wynne, Philadelphia 31, Pa 

Maclsaac, Carol Jean, Country Club Dr., Spray, N. C 

Maclvor, Virginia Cox, 804 W. 7th St., Marysville, Ohio .... 
Maddry, Mary Althea, 1405 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C. 

Maki, Wilma Lee, 1511 Duplin Rd., Raleigh, N. C 

Mallonee, Patricia, L., 

131 E. Maujer St., Valley Stream, N. Y 

Malmar, Constance M., Rt. 1, Rapidan, Va 

Malone, Mary Helen, 24 Gerald St., Sumter, S. C 

Mann, Beverly Dwire, Rt. 2, Box 63, Durham, N. C 

Manning, Marie Joyce, P. O. Box 421, Williamston. N. C 

Margulies, Karen Ina 

BP 4104 Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire, French, West Africa. . 

Markwardt. Gretchen. 130 Clearview Dr.. Belleville, 111 

Marshall. Ann Rosecrans 

956 Elder Lane, Jacksonville. Fla 

Marshall. Virginia Hunter 

432 Elmwood Ave.. Lynchburg. Va 

Martin, Barbara Kay, Cong. Club, Rt. 3, Bethesda, Md... . 

Martin. Elizabeth P., 215 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, N. C 

Martin, Elsie G., 2229 Marietta Ave., Rohrerstown, Pa 

Wha» Is Your Fav(»rile Comic Strip? 

Pcanul.s 46% Blomlie 5% 

Pof-o 10% Steven Canyon 5% 

niik Trticy 8% Dennis the Menace 5% 

in Ahncr 10% Other 11% 

Martin. Sophie Mvcin. 215 Pittshoio St.. C hapcl Hill. N. C. 

Mason, .Ann Efird. 2137 Queens Rd. F.. Charlotte. N. C 

Massey. Anne Amelia, 4.300 23rd Rd. N., .Arlington, Va. 
Matthews, Janice Ann 

203 N. 14th St., Bessemer City. N. C 

Mauch, Jeanine Marie 

802 N. Overlook Dr.. Alexandria, Va 

May, Michael Marian, 1202 Oval Dr.. Durham, N. C 

Mayers. Judith Drayton. Box 1206. Clearwater, Fla 

McAnallv. Wanna Mary 

1020 Ferndale Dr., High Point. N. C 

McBroom, Bettv Ruth 

923 Buchanan Blvd.. Durham. N. C 

McCall, Dorothy Robbins 

318 Sunset Cr.. Lookout Mtn.. Tcnn 

McCamey, Meade 

Standard Vacuum Oil Co., Karachi, Pakistan 

McConnell, Amanda Lee 

2022 Waverly Way, Greensboro, N. C 

McConnell, Hilda Ann, 441 Crest Dr., Birmingham 9. Ala. 
McCulla. Jean Cagley 

2031 Elm Brook Lane. Pittsburgh 16. Pa 

McDougal. Charlotte Ann 

807 Pennsylvania Ave., Spindale. N. C 

McDougle. Jean Irwin 

1820 Sterling Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 

McDowell, Jessie. 4319 Cliff Rd.. Birmingham, Ala... 

McFaddin, Judith Virginia 

ESSO Gebouw, The Hague. Holland 

McFarlane. Margaret Anne 

753 Concord Ave., Belmont 78, Mass 

McGee, Louise Elizabeth 

811 N. Elm St.. Greensboro. N. C 

McGranahan. Julia Eileen 

1205 Holloway St., Durham, N. C 

Mclntire, Diane Rush. 33-18 85 St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y.. 
Mclntyre. Margaret Jean 

627 Cottage Grove Ave.. S.E.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa 
Mclntyre, Susan Marie 

627 Cottage Grove. Cedar Rapids. Iowa 

McKay. Judith Lynn 

312 Pinecrest Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 

McKee. Alice. 1328 Seminole Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 

McKeel, Betsy Ann, 408 Warren St.. Greensboro, N. C 

McClaren, Mary Ann, 204 Second St., Tomahawk, Wis... 

McLawhorn, Joanne, Winterville. N. C 

McLean, Margaret, 13 Cambridge Rd., Glen Ridge, N. J. 
McQuilkin, Marguerite L. 

206 E. Park Ave., Wheaton. II! 

Medley, Janice. 1716 N. Danville St., Arlington 1, Va 

Merchant, Margaret Ann 

94 Marlborough Rd.. Asheville, N. C 

Messick, Ardis Maureen, Box 415, Washington, N. C 

Metts. Ruth Mauldin, 303 Anderson Ave.. Savannah. Ga.. 
Meyer, Betsey Antonia, 1002 Cleveland St.. Durham, N. C. 

Midgett, Martha Jane, Engelhard, N. C ... 

Mild, Marcia Lavona, 281 Parkland, Glendale 22. Md 

Miles, Margaret Rowland 

58 Oaklev Rd.. Biltmore. Asheville. N. C 

Miller, Margaret Jean, 2649 Pine St., Jacksonville, Fla 

Miller, Sally Lou, Box 2650. Rt. 5, Sarasota, Fla 

Milliken, Anne, Rt. 1. Robesonia. Pa 

Millwee, Emily Anne, 129 Thayer St., Little Reck, Ark... 
Milus, Mary Michael 

3214 Madison St., Wilmington, Del 

Minder, June Gertrude 

139 Fairfield Rd., Short Hills, N. J 

Mokler. Lynne E., 132 Tuscaloosa, Atherton, Calif .. 

Monahan, Elizabeth Nora 

400 Clement Ave., Charlotte, N. C 

Moody, Mary Lynn, 1413 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C 

Moore, Elizabeth P., Walnut Lane, Vienna, Va 

Moore, June Hazel. 830 Bryan St., Raleigh, N. C 

Moore. Katharine Chapin 

1170 Via Salerno. Winter Park, Fla 

Moore, Margaret Jo. 410 Tatum Ave., McColl, S. C 

Moore, Pamela Jean 

302 W. Englewood Ave., West Englewood, N. J 

Morck. Gretchen Dudley. 205 W. First St., Oil City, Pa 

Morgan, Anne Whittelsey, 504 N. Main St., Farmville, N. C. 
Morris, Anne Carolyn 1215 N. Sedeeva Cr., Clearwater, Fla. 

Morris, Marion Louise. 78 N. Dixie Dr.. Vandalia, Ohio 

Morrow, Sue Brown, 1009 S. Kinney, Mt. Pleasant, Mich... 
Morse. Carolyn Faith. 3 Newhall St.. Springfield. Mass... 
Moses, Judith Ann 

5515 Wissahickon Ave., Philadelphia 44, Pa 

Mosteller, Mary Elizabeth, 525 W. Yale Ave., Orlando, Fla. 

Mote. Dcana Jean. 169 Elm St.. L. l.ongmeadow, Mass. 

Motley. Sandra Jean. 312 Edward St.. Durham N. C 

Mott, Carlese Carolyn, 1826 Rose St., Sarasota. Fla 

Mullins, Carol L.. Box 165. Rt. I. Lorton. Va 

Murdoch, Elizabeth P.. 219 S. Woodlyn Ave.. Tampa, Fla... 

Murray, Carolyn, 2106 Myrtle Dr. Durham. N. C 

Murray, Patricia Ann, 533 Parkway, High Point, N. C 

Myers, Sarah Anne, 40 Homewood Dr.. Manhassett. N, Y... 
Nachman, Charlene Joan, 1 135 16th St.. Newport News. Va.. 

Nash, Ann Willett. 3109 Tremont Dr.. Louisville, Ky 

Nasser. Yvonne, 610 Fifth St.. Huntington. W. Va 

Nelken. Leona Jo, 805 Kirkwood Cr.. Camden. S. C 

Nelson. Barbara Larssen 

612 33rd St. Court. Stamford, Conn 

Newcombe, Barbara Seaman 

1525 Palancia Ave.. Coral Gables, Fla 

Newell, Kathleen Bernard 

1407 Hillsboro St., Raleigh, N. C 

Newell. Sylvia Jane, Lake Junaluska, N. C 

Newman. Karil Linda 

646 Washington St.. Cumberland, Md 

Newton. Margery Jean. 1309 W. Nash St.. Wilson, N. C... 
Nichols. Judith L. 

130 Richniar Dr.. Birmingham 9, Ala 

Nicholson. Mary Hines 

1300 W. Vernon Ave.. Kinston, N. C 

Nickel. Laura Frances 

32 Berkley Rd.. Avondale Estates. Ga 

Noble, Mary Jane, 487 Lake Ave.. Greenwich, Conn. 

Noggle, Carol Ann. 7595 S. W. 53rd Place. Miami, Fla 

Nolan, Patricia. Rutledge. Ga 

Noller. Leslie Anne 

11406 Clovercrest Dr.. Tacoma 99. Wash. 

Norby, Hancy Ann. 341 Park Blvd.. Glen Ellyn. ill 

Norris. Jane Kay, Aruba. Netherlands. Antilles 

North. Barbara Ann 

Riverdale Crescent. Elizabeth City. N. C 

Northington, Sarah J.. 2148 Malvern Rd.. Charlotte, N. C... 
Nutter, Nancy Ann 

339 Hawthorne Dr., Charleston, W. Va 

Oliver, Margaret E., 329 Confederate St.. Fort Mill, S. C 

Olmsted. Mary MacNiel. Rt. 1, Hanover Courthouse, Va... 
Otstot, Roberta McBeath 

Rt. 4, Fairfield Pike, Springfield, Ohio 

Oudshoff, Judith Lee 

Box 36, Country Club Rd., Melbourne, Fla 

Overing. Joanna Adrienne, Rt. 4. Raleigh. N. C 

Owens. Carolyn Patricia 

421 Churchill Rd., N. Charleston, S. C 

Page. Frances Louise. 1421 Dollar Ave.. Durham, N. C 

Page. Virginia Rose. 704 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 

Parks. Linda Ann. Rt. 1. Graham. N. C 

Parrott. Anne Turner. 904 Rountree St., Kinston, N. C 

Parsons. Susan Paige, 4301 S. High St., Englewood. Colo. . 
Partlow. Virginia Ann 

153 Lakeside Place, Highland Park, 111 

Peeler, Susan Louise, State School for Blind. Raleigh. N. C. 
Penfield. Laura Louise 

34 Riggs Ave.. W. Hartford. Conn. 

Perkins. Gail Elizabeth, Crest Rd.. Thomaston, C!a. 
Perry. Elinor Jane. 2302 Cranford Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Perry. Margaret Faye. Infinity Rd.. Rt. 5, Durham, N. C. 
Persons. Mary Chauncey, 723 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 
Petch. Helen Margaret 

908 Shepherd St.. Durham, N. C 

Peters Carolyn, 1606 W. First St.. Apt. 4, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Pickett, Harriet Miller 

1700 Duke University Rd.. Durham, N. C. 

Piatt, Jane Hamilton, 227 Hillside Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. C. 
Pollock, Linda Longley 

11 Hampton Court. Port Washington. L. I.. N. Y. 

Pope, Margaret Carlton 

55 Dolphin Dr.. St. Augustine, Fla 

Pope, Nancy Elizabeth. Drewryville, Va 

Pratt, Janine, 1367 Chapel St.. New Haven, Conn. 

Priddy, S. Anne, 7 Harbor Cr.. Baldwin, N. Y 

Prince, Bessie Alice. 309 W. Divine St., Dunn, N. C. 
Proctor, Patricia Vaughn 

314 S. Third St.. Sanford. N. C 

Pruette. Marilyn Camilla 

320 Montleiu Ave.. High Point. N. C 

Puett, Amy Elizabeth. Box 153, Dallas, N. C 

Purdy. Judith Ann. Rt. 1, Dorsey Lane, Anchorage, Ky 

Quillian, Elizabeth Ellen 

782 Chesterfield. Birmingham. Mich 

Rabil, Janet Spain, 618 Avent St., Rocky Mount. N. C 


Raeburn, Sandra Bird 

823 Queen Anne Rd., Teaneck, N. J 2 

Ragland. Helen Eve, 200 Mosby Ave., Littleton, N. C 2 

Rambin. Barbara Jean 

18 Sunset Hill Rd., New Canaan, Conn I 

Randolph. Belden, Rt., Colrain, Mass 2 

Rankin, Dorothy Battle, 1227 Vickers Ave., Durham, N, C 2 

Raper, Marilyn Jane, 2821 Fowler Ave., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Ratcliff, Sandra, 612 Franklin Ave., River Forest, 111 3 

Ratts, Nancy Sue, 207 S. Walnut St., Osgood, Ind 3 

Rau, Lillian Janice, 335 Coconut Isle, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 3 

Rawlings, Ann Barr, 256 S. Greenwood St., Marion, Ohio . . 1 

Ray, Diana Katherine, 717 S. Willow Ave., Tampa, Fla I 

Raynor, Betty Gayle. 306 E. Ninth St., Greenville, N. C 3 

Reasor, Carolyn Sue. 830 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio 2 

Reed. Henrietta Huggins 

306 N. Mendenhall St., Greensboro. N. C 3 

Reed, Martea Helen, 5400 Montrose Dr., Dallas 9, Texas 1 

Reed, Tallulah Ellis, 1793 Flagler Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga I 

Regan, Dorothy Douglass 

Oxford Orphanage, Oxford. N. C 1 

Register. Elizabeth S., Rt. 9, Box 466, Charlotte, N. C 1 

Reinhardt, Mary Josephine, Box 293, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Reise. Nancy Jean. 1323 Ashland Ave., Wilmette, III 2 

Rhamstine, Mary E. 

130 White Plains Rd., Bronxville. N. Y I 

Rhodes, Helen Kelso, 315 Euclid Ave., Dravosburg, Pa 3 

Rhodes, Sally Holt, 927 Euclid Ave., Lynchburg, Va I 

Rice, Marian Ruth, United Christian Hospital 

F. C. College. Lahore. W. Pakistan 1 

Rich. Mary Janet. 212 Colville Rd., Charlotte. N. C. 3 

Richardson. Nancy G. 

25 Nicholson St., N.W. Washington, D. C 1 

Rickard, Carol Ann, 166 Winding Way, Dayton 9, Ohio I 

Riffle, Kay Lovell, 432 S. Wayne St., Fort Recovery, Ohio.... 1 

Riley, Penelope, 222 W. Bayview Blvd.. Norfolk 3. Va 3 

Risien. Diana 

3644 Meadow Lake Lane. Houston 19, Texas 3 

Rives, Sally Anne 

Randolph Macon Academy, Front Royal, Va 2 

Rizos, Martha Wriston, 73 S. Central Ave., Fairborn, Ohio . I 
Robinson, Isabel D. 

708 Coverdale Rd., Wilmington 5, Del 1 

Rockwell, Pamela Joan. 113 Sky Trail Cr.. Bristol. Tenn I 

Rodgers. Rebecca Hearne. Box 1106. Canton. N. C 2 

Rodhouse. Nancy Anne 

2606 C Avenue. N.E. Cedar RapiJs. Iowa 3 

Rogerson. Betty Ann. Rt. 1. Box 108, Robersonville. N. C 1 

Romberg. Anne 

Quarters C, Norfolk Navy Ship. Portsmouth. Va 3 

Ronson, Kathleen Anne 

2019 Wyandotte Rd.. Columbus. Ohio.. 2 

Rooker. Edwina. Box 31. Warrenton. N. C 3 

Roth. Lynn Janet. Stratford Rd.. Harrison. N. Y 1 

Rubendall, Linda D. 

Mt. Hermon School, Mount Hermon, Mass I 

Rushing. Shade Marie. 520 E. 8th St.. El Dorado. Ark 2 

Russ. Jacquelyn Anne. Box 1902. Myrtle Beach, S. C 2 

Ryan. Rosemary Amelia 

109 Randall Ave.. Freeport, N. Y 2 

Sale, Jane Lewis. 122 .Sheridan Cr.. Charleston. W. Va 2 

Sampson. Martha. 81 Davis Ave.. Auburn. Maine I 

Sanders, Eleanor Bell 

Beaver Valley Rd.. Rt. 2, Wilmington, Del 1 

Sanders, Mary Elizabeth, 53 Park Ave., Tiickahoe, N. Y 1 

Sapp, Margaret Ann, 801 Seville Place. Orlando, Fla 1 

Sapp, Marian L., 2511 Lee St., Columbia, S. C. 1 

Satterfield, Winnie Davis, Rt. 2, Timberlake, N. C 2 

Saunders, Catherine L., 1711 Parkland Dr., Lynchburg, Va 3 

Schauman, Melba .Sally 

107 N. Commerce Ave., Sebring, Fla 2 

Schlag. Nancy Claire 

1402 Seminole Dr., Greensboro, N, C 3 

Schmitt, Thelma Small, 311 Rua Timoteo Da 

Costa Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 3 

Schneider, Eleanor Jane 

1071 Maple Cliff Dr., Lakewood. Ohio 3 

Schwartz, Diane Regina 

305 Kemp Rd. W.. Greensboro. N. C... I 

-Schwertfegcr. Ann F.. 2513 Highland Park Dr., Aiken, S, C 1 

Scatter, Judith Christine. 136 Scottswood, Riverside, III 2 

Segal, Arlenc Esta. 544 Aritani Place. Teaneck, N, J 3 

Seifert, Patricia Burns. Dixie Trailer Park. Durham, N. C 3 

Senff. Diana, 3738 Beverly Dr., Toledo, Ohio 3 

■Sexton, Elaine Marguerite 

2 Waltonway Rd., Belle Haven. Alexandria. Va I 

Sharp. Eleanor (iarner. Coppcrhill. Icnn 2 

What Is Your Opinion of the Food Served at Duke? 

ExcellciU 11% Fair 21% 

Good 53% Poor 9% 

Loiisx 6% 


Sharpe, Kathryn Wagner 

Box 377, Rt. I, Durham, N. C 

Shehadi, Florence Gail 

21 New England Rd., Maplewood, N. J 2 

Shepard, Mary Cowell 

323 W. University Dr., Chape! Hill, N. C 1 

Sherer, Judith, 984 Myrtle Dr.. Rock Hill. S C. 3 
Shiossberg. Harriett J. 

7 Armcrescent E., Halifax. Nova Scotia 2 

Shoe. Janet Allen, 18 Cherokee. Portsmouth. Va. 3 

Short. Betty Joan, S. Main St.. Norwood. N C 2 
Shuler, Melissa Bronson 

2650 University Dr., Durham. N. C... 2 

Shultz. Elizabeth Lee. 72 Dean Dr.. Tenafly N J. I 

Siegling. Magdalen M.. 80 Trade St.. Charleston, S C, 2 
Simmons, Mary Ann 

125 S. Bloodworth St., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Simmons, Sally, 2031 Locust St., N.E, St. Petersburg 2, Fla 1 

Simpson. Gail Jeanne 

U. S. Naval Sta. Dispensary, Tongue Point. Astoria, Ore... 1 

Sims, Alice Elisabeth, Box 31, Harrisburg, N. C I 

Skillin, Carol Janet, 2 Stetson Rd., Natick, Mass 3 

Slane, Patsy Virginia, 422 W. End Ave., Statesville, N. C 1 

Smith, Barbara Harrington 

2108 S.W. Laurel St., Portland 1, Ore 2 

Smith, Cary, 25 Shaw Lane, Ft. Thomas, Ky 3 

Smith, Dorothy Lasseter, S. Georgia College, Douglas, Ga 2 

Smith, Elizabeth Anne 

7332 N. Illinois .St., Indianapolis, Ind 2 

Smith, Emmy Lou, 234 Estado Way, St. Petersburg, Fla 1 

Smith, Joyce Virginia, Box 290, Camden, S. C 3 

Smith, Laura Jean 

4707 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md 1 

Smith, Sarah Leuna, 1305 Summit Ave., Greensboro, N, C 1 

Snow, Joanne Bennett 

Apt. C-3, Country Club Apts.. Greensboro, N. C 3 

Snyder. Siisannc ( :iic>l. Box 758, Hickory. N. C 2 

Soto. Irene t hll^lln.l, 6 Ave. 8 28. Zona 9. Guatemala 2 

Southard. I h-Mlxili 1 .. 6909 Hillmead Rd.. Bethe.sda. Md 2 

Sparkcs. Bc\ciici Lee, 910 6th St.. Charleston. W. Va 3 

Spear. Frances Cornelia, 402 Hill St.. Waycross. Ga 3 

Speed, Lois Ann, 4411 Sedgwick Rd., Baltimore 10, Md 1 

Spikes, Etta Baldwin 

1023 W. Markham Ave., Durham, N. C 2 

Spruill, Myria Dian, Box 96. Roper. N. C I 

Sprunt. Alice Hamilton 

191 E. Parkway S.. Memphis. Tenn 2 

Spurrier. Carol Stanley 

800 Woodruff Place. Charlotte. N. C. I 

Staats. Ann Evans. 612 Stonewall Dr.. Charleston. W. Va. . 3 
Staley. Judith Jane 

18-B College Village. Win.ston-Salem, N. C 1 

Stanback, Nancy Jean 

241 Confederate Ave., Salisbury, N. C 3 

Starr, Virginia Joan, 400 S. Crest Rd.. Chattanooga 4, Tenn. I 

Stauffcr. Julianno. 353 Oakridge Dr., Rochester 17. N. Y. I 


Steeiiken, Patricia, 579 Scrantoii Ase., Lyiibrook, N. Y 2 

Stcnnis, Margaret Jane 

Rm. 453 Senate Office, Washington. D. C 2 

Stephenson. Ann Marie 

1803 Westchester Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 2 

Sterba. Charlene Beth, 24 S. Bodin St., Hinsdale, 111 1 

Stevens, Phyllis Ann 

12 Lakehill Rd., Ballston Lake, N. Y 2 

Stevenson, Edith Page, 121 S. Sixth St., Wilmington, N. C 1 

Stewart, Kay 163 Winding Way, Dayton 9, Ohio 3 

Stewart. Mary Caroline. 865 Summit Ave.. Westfield. N. J 2 

Stober. Cynthia Ann 

1408 Walnut St.. Newton Highlands. Mass 1 

Stokes. Cynthia Anne. 424 N. Main St.. Madisonville, Ky 1 

Stone. Sarah Elizabeth. Rt. 4. Raleigh. N. C 3 

Straub. Sarah Anne, 115 Trevillian. Kirkwood 22, Mo 1 

Straw, Paula. 1938 Miller Rd.. Huntington, W. Va 1 

Strickland. Mary Frances 

452 Parkview Dr.. Burlington. N. C 3 

Strite. Claudia Toy 

1148 Hamilton Blvd.. Hagerstown. Md 2 

Sturdivant. Susie Marie. Box 85. Sparta. N. C 2 

Suesens. Dorothy Anne. 200 Hill St.. Southampton. N. Y 2 

Sullivan. Luta Bewley. 1905 N. Main St.. Anderson, S, C 2 

Summers, Virginia Gayle, 100 Main St.. Conyers. Ga 2 

Sumner. Sandra June. 950 Arlington Ave.. Plainfield. N. J 1 

Swain. Nancy Elizabeth. Meadow Rd., Riverside, Conn 3 

Swan, Helen Hollister, 613 Broad St.. New Bern, N. C 2 

Swany, Miriam Anne 

1125 W. Broadway. Box 126, Maryville, Tenn 1 

Swartley, Marian Carol, 17 Bridge St., Stroudsburg, Pa 3 

Swecker. Betty May 

Apt. B-4. Westover Park. Durham. N. C 2 

Sweet. Joan Marie. 1916 Walmann Rd., Roanoke, Va 1 

Sydenham, Barbara Mona 

491 Ocean Blvd., Atlantic Beach. Fla .. 2 

Szekely, Ruth Elaine, 9 Euston Rd.. Garden City. N. Y 3 

Tafe, Patricia Dee 

144 N. Bristol Ave.. Los Angeles 49. Calif 2 

Talcott. Nancy Janet. 167 Hazel Ave.. Glencoe. Ill 2 

Taylor. Judith Lynn. 318 Fairview Dr., Lexington. N. C 1 

Taylor. Mary Valliere. Poplar Hill. Va 3 

Thomas, Anne Townsend 

9637 Sherwood Place, Norfolk, Va 3 

Thomas, Emily Carol, P. O. Box 35. Biloxi, Miss 1 

Thomas. Sarah, 28 W. Forrer Rd.. Dayton 9, Ohio 2 

Thomas. Sarah Jean. 718 Coleman Place. Westfield. N. J 3 

Thompson. Alma Lee. 138 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C 2 

Thompson, Anne B.. 222 Doyle Ave.. Paris, Ky 1 

Tilley, Diana, 106 N. Ardmore Rd., Columbus 9, Ohio 1 

Tilley. Nancy Thomas 

C-25 Woodmont Dr.. Durham. N. C 2 

Timberlake. Elizabeth M. 

1287 Jackson Springs, Macon. Ga 1 

Todt. Nancy Work. 71 Summit St.. Monroe. N. Y 2 

Townsend. Ruth Carolyn. Rt. 2, Box 122, Roanoke, Va 1 

Trammell, Johanna, 194 W. Leicester Ave.. Norfolk 3, Va... 1 

Trickey. Janice Mae. 112 W. Lavender St., Durham, N. C 1 

Tsamas. Andronike C. 602 Jackson St., Durham. N. C 1 

Tucker. Hilda Hunt. 1407 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C 3 

Tucker. Susan Arden, 1305 E. Fourth St.. Greenville, N. C 2 

Turlington. Virginia O., 201 W. Pope St.. Dunn. N. C... 1 

Turnbull. Nancy Margaret 

1804 Crestwood Dr.. Chattanooga. Tenn 3 

Tuttle. Marcia Lee 

1520 Lynwood Ave.. N.W.. Charlotte. N. C 2 

Tyler, Barbara Regenia, 145 S.E. 25th Rd.. Miami, Fla 2 

Tyndall, Margaret Dorcas 

413 Harding Ave., Kinston, N. C 1 

Tyson, Patricia Jane 

I0I2 Wellington Rd., High Point. N. C I 

Uihlein. Gillian Archer 

8365 N. River Rd., Milwaukee, Wis 2 

Urban, Nancy Louise, 1017 Terrace Blvd., Orlando, Fla 2 

Valentine. Patricia Ann 

Mt. Horeb Rd., Martinsille, N. J 3 

Varney. Judith Ann. 521 E. Prospect St.. Kewanee. Ill 3 

Vaughan. Janet Marie. 140 Park Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y 3 

Vinson. Virginia Kathleen 

1061 Holmesdale Rd., Jacksonville. Fla 3 

Visco. Linda Baldwin, 924 42nd St., West Palm Beach, Fla I 

Vreeland, Eleanor Lee 

9 Westwood Blvd.. Connersville, Ind I 

Wachtcr, Sara Ann, 207 Grove Blvd., Frederick, Md I 

Wade, Mary Irma, Rt. 1, Spring City, Pa 3 

Wadsworth, Grace Anne 

Silver Brook Rd.. Westport. Conn 3 

Wagman. Louise Irene. 570 Calvin St., Westwood, N. J I 

Wagner. Bcllv Lvnnc. 1100 Lakeside Dr.. Statesville, N. C 3 

Walker, Judith Louise, 2522 Selwyn Ave.. Charlotte, N. C 1 

Walker. Katherine Badger. 1520 Carr St., Raleigh, N. C 1 

Walker, Mary Leora 

1065 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem, N. C 1 

Walters, Violet W., 124 Basnight Lane, Chapel Hill, N. C... 2 
Ward, Patsy Jean, Rt. 1, Clarendon, N. C. 2 

Ward, Susan L., 1275 Zimmer Dr.. N.E., Atlanta. Ga. 3 

Waters, Annette, Rt. 1. Box 308. Sylvania. Ga. 2 

Walters, Clara Gertrude, 429 lona St.. New Orleans 211. la. I 
Ways, Diana Jeanette, 747 Livingston Rd., Elizabeth. N. J. 2 
Weaver. Ann Amanda 

15 Biiena Vista Rd., AsheviUe, N. C 3 

Weaver, Nancy Jean, 981 W. Jefferson St., Franklin, Ind 3 

Weiss, Sandra Jean, 104 N.W. 20th St.. Homestead, Fla 2 

Wells, Joan Carolyn 

801 E. Hillwood .^ve.. Falls Church, Va 3 

Wells, Mary Alice, 20 Berkeley Rd., Maplewood, N. J 3 

Welsh. Valerie Draper 

3109 W. Penn St.. Philadelphia 29. Pa I 

Welt. Deborah. 602 Fifth Ave.. Iowa City, Iowa... 3 

Welther. Janet Lou 

4019 Saint Ives Court, Louisville 7, Ky I 

Wenberg. Julia Lewis, 140 Colonial Dr., Wilmington, N. C. 2 
Werner, Barbara Jane 

3028 Sunnycrest Lane. Dayton, Ohio 2 

Werner, Susan Elizabeth 

316 Newport Ave.. Webster Groves. Mo 1 

Weston. Amy. 1326 Madison Ave.. Florence. S. C 3 

Wheeler. Sally Clayton 

5011 Lowell St.. N.W., Washington 16. D. C 3 

Whitaker. Eleanor G., 1201 N. Queen St.. Kinston, N. C 2 

White. Miriam Nickel 

2001 Bayshore Dr.. Brigantine, N. J 1 

Whitehurst, Frances Carol 

2011 Wroxton Rd., Houston 5, Texas 3 

Whiteside, Mildred K.. University of the South 

AFROTC Det. 795. Sewanee. Tenn.. 2 

Whiting. Jean Cameron. 7811 Exeter Rd.. Bethesda, Md 2 

Whitley, Ruth Irene, 609 Parkway, High Point, N. C I 

Whitney. Sue Wolfson. 40 E. 39th St., Bayonne, N. J 2 

Whyte. Lelia Nan. 2316 Marcy St.. Evanston. Ill 3 

Wichterman. Darlene A. 

Rt. 3, Box 380. W. Palm Beach, Fla 2 

Wilkalis, Ruth Mary 

95 Bentwood Rd., W. Hartford 7, Conn.. 3 

Williams. Sylvia, Fourth and Buckner, Munfordville, Ky 1 

Wilson, Beverly Waugh, Box 677, Lenoir, N. C 3 

Wilson. Virginia Elaine 

716 8th Court W., Birmingham 4, Ala 2 

Winton, Elizabeth Love, 3007 Mayview Rd., Raleigh, N. C 2 

Wolfe, Mary Alice, 1928 S. Sixth St., Ironton, Ohio 2 

Woltz. Mary Joann, 444 Hardee Rd.. Coral Gables, Fla 1 

Wood, Barrett Trotter 

89 Summit Rd., Port Washington, N. Y 3 

Wood. Peggy Anne. 204 N. Person, Raleigh, N. C 3 

Woodall. Joan Elizabeth 

138 Chesterfield Rd.. Hampton. Va.. 3 

Wooten. Christine Godwin 

104 Church St., Whiteville, N. C 3 

Wright. Hazel Elizabeth. 12 Churchill Cr.. Durham, N. C 3 

Wright. Janet Lawrence. Isle of Hope. Savannah, Ga 2 

Wright, Mary Lu, Greenville Rd.. Madisonville, Ky 1 

Wright. Nancy Lee, 10 Sage Terrace, Scarsdale, N. Y 1 

Wright, Shirley Faye. Box 158. Grundy. Va 3 

Young, Joan Ellen. 5530 Riviera Dr.. Coral Gables 46, Fla 1 

Zucker, Sandra Gail, 1415 N. Taft St.. Arlington, Va.. I